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September 26, 2018

Europe Can Go To H&ll


Imagine any of the following headlines and what the world’s reaction would be to them. The first is, ‘Israel warns against Austria demolishing Roma camp outside Vienna.’ Another might be, ‘Israel warns against France demolishing Basque camp outside Bordeaux.’ You are probably getting the idea, but allow us one last one for good measure, ‘Israel warns against Germany demolishing Muslim enclave outside Frankfurt.’ In each of the above titles and ensuing articles would be met worldwide with derision and outright rejection. ‘Where does Israel get off making demands of other nations,’ would be the common theme of the responses from across Europe and the world. Such an offense would be sufficient for the recalling of Ambassadors for counseling on relations and potentially expelling the Israeli ambassador for a period of some weeks. There would be motions for sanction brought before the United Nations and even in the Security Council, such would be considered to have been a serious breach of protocols and any measure brought against Israel would likely not be blocked by the United States because Israel would have earned sanction for such a breach of international norms. But if such is the case, then please explain why this headline, ‘Eight countries warn Israel against demolishing Bedouin outpost ,’ is met with not even a single rebuke or claim that such is beyond international protocols? We all know why despite not wanting to air the reason that eight European countries at the United Nations, including five Security Council members, who were Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Poland and the Netherlands were allowed without objections voiced a warning that the demolition of the village “would severely threaten the viability of the two-state solution.” Well, the Netherlands makes sense, as they were the tool used by the United States State Department in concert with a select group of largely unelected leftist activists from Israel headed by Yossi Beilin and Simon Peres that brought on the ‘Two State Solution’ turning the arch terrorist Yassir Arafat into an internationally recognized hero and statesman. The rest have acted in any way possible to attempt and put in place conditions which could only lead to the destruction of Israel and have often voted to censure Israel for anything even approaching a perceived slight and were gladly part of the Obama initialed United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 which all but forces the 1949 Armistice Lines upon Israel which is an equation for the destruction of Tel Aviv within fifteen minutes of the first volley of rockets fired from such an Arab hostile state.


There is a simple reason why Israel is the center of contention, the recipient of universal bile and the most talked about nation in the United Nations, European Union and in many of the world’s capital cities. The war in Syria, no, we need to get Israel picked apart first. China’s having swallowed an entire nation, Tibet, and then forcefully transferred Tibetans from their homes to remote areas all over China and forcibly transferring Chinese into Tibet, which is a direct violation of all international norms, but Israel is much worse as they announced a potential to add an apartment building to Beit El. Russia simply militarily takes parts of Georgia and simply annexed the Crimea from the Ukraine, but Israel added a house to a ‘settlement’ yesterday. There is not a single item which can deter the world from their obsession with Israel and it is time for the world to simply look away and get real. Israel is not the cause or at the root of most of the great problems facing the world. If anything, it will be Israeli technologies such as their agricultural developments including but not limited to drip irrigation, crops able to grow in arid regions, plants which grow with poor quality water which will help nations whose rivers and irrigation systems are polluted, new hybrid fruits and vegetables, thermal imaging is used for water status mapping of crops, breeding of beneficial insects and mites for biological pest control, bumblebees for natural pollination in greenhouses and open fields, and sterile fruit flies to control this major pest in fruit trees, development of strains of potatoes that thrive in hot, dry climates, and can be irrigated by saltwater, the use of algae culture for fodder algae, dietary supplements, veterinary pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, bio-plastics and fertilizers plus fish farming in the desert and much, much more. The expertise of Israel in software development is already seen as a world renowned with specialties such as cyber protection, apps and R&D headquarters for numerous worldwide companies including but not limited to Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Dell and many, many more. If the world would simply meet the promises made after World War I given to the Zionist Congress and the Jewish People, then once peace is established, or at least a state of non-belligerence, imagine how much more Israel would be capable of giving the world. Instead, we face threats and demands from every corner of the world in addition to the threats on every border.


There are two bodies in the world which have gone above and beyond any measure of reason concerning Israel. The most obvious one is the United Nations but not far behind is the European Union and its partner nations. One might look at Europe and wonder, do they not have sufficient problems of their own that they have to go and meddle in Israeli problems. But the problem becomes clear and obvious once one takes a closer look into one of the fastest growing problems in the European continent from Britain to Greece. That problem is anti-Semitism, the same old anti-Semitism which has plagued Europe since around the sixth or seventh century BCE. Europe birthed its anti-Semitism with the Greeks when after their conquest of the Holy Land from the Persians decided that the Jews were barbarians largely due to their, according to the Greeks, disfiguring of the male human body by barbaric cutting of the foreskin, circumcision. The vicious anti-Jewish statements presumably began with Manetho about 270 BCE. Manetho’s anti-Jewish writings may have originated in Egypt and been spread by Greek retelling of Ancient Egyptian prejudice against the Jewish People. The beginning of Greek anti-Semitism is traceable to the time soon after their conquest of Alexandria and their mixing with the Egyptian culture with which there was an existing animosity. The Greeks decreed that circumcision would meet with the death penalty, both the Mohel for conducting the act, the father for allowing the act and the child for the disfigurement, the deformation the act caused. The rule was also an attempt to make Judaism impracticable allowing for conversion of the Jews. The Greeks were not the first to use this method as it had been ordered by the Babylonians though it was not rigorously enforced. The Romans soon adopted the same views of the Greeks even going to the point of banning circumcision. Another practice was to ban the reading of Torah or teaching the Torah which began the practice of reading the other books in the Bible, namely the Prophets and Judges. These were often read in Arabic or Aramaic which were languages not often known to the Romans and Greeks. Europe, when it became Christian under the Roman Emperor Constantine after he saw a sign in the form of the cross before he won a decisive battle, continued with their hatreds against the Jews who were now labeled as the Christ Killer making them guilty of the crime of Deicide. Europe’s history reaches back long into its formative history and appears to have had origins from out of Ancient Egypt who were still upset over that whole Moses episode.


Burning Israel Star of David


One might hope that Europe could finally put anti-Semitism behind them just as they have put so many other things down from their past. The Romans replaced the Greek gods and the adopting of Christianity soon put an end to the Roman gods. Then there was the Reformation which split Christianity into several different branches, all of which claim to be the sole truth, but somehow they got beyond hating and warring with one another; then there were the wars of nationality and empire with the likes of Charlemagne and Napoleon. The wars between the French, British and Spanish, as for seemingly centuries these three paired off and fought between themselves and they got over that; and the two great wars for which Germany was blamed along with Austria-Hungarian Empire in the first which included the Ottoman Empire in that war after which came the Mandate System from which Israel was reborn; and this last point is the one Europe just does not seem to be cap-able of getting past and allowing it to simply be. The European anti-Semitism has ancient roots but for centuries was inflamed and enraged by the Church and after the Reformation, many of the Protestant faiths appeared to actually compete to see which one could spew and act violently upon the Jews. There was this hatred from Spanish Inquisition on through Nazi Germany and still Europe does not appear to have found their way around this affliction. Europe has even largely put the entirety of Judeo-Christian ethic behind them adopting this new religion of secular-humanism. The claim is that secular-humanism cannot be a religion because it has the word secular in it which has as one of its meanings anti-religious. The reality is that it is only anti-religious against those religions which have a Judeo-Christian heritage. But the dogma which makes up the cannon, the religious dogma, for secular-humanism begins with socialism and then follows the litany of approved leftist causes such as feminism, ecology (even to the point of accepting Gaia as a god), anti-war, LGBTQIA, anti-Trump, BLM, BDS and all the rest which are included into intersectionality. What also is obviously apparent is that anti-Israelism, anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are also included, though often denied, as instrumental in defining those causes included amongst intersectionality. This is the forthcoming new religion of secular-humanism as defined by intersectionality which is alive and well and in the United States is also inclusive of “The Resistance” which is dedicated to the impossible dream of pushing Trump from the Presidency and placing Hillary into the White House as the actual, correct, honest and true winner of the last election. Europe has been a socialist, leftist so-called paradise for years with an ever leftward flow with an occasional rightward jerk towards the center about once every decade or two in each member nation. Britain has currently held the longest streak for moving to the right and getting ever closer to the center, but this correction has been predicted to end with the election of Jeremy Corbin to the Prime Minister position when the Labor Party joins together the next ruling coalition. Meanwhile, Germany has had one of the longest slow-drifts leftward with the leadership of Angela Merkel as Chancellor with Italy also vying for the top spot.

These political realities have brought to the fore in Europe an inherent anti-Semitism which is displayed through their anti-Israel biases. Their preoccupation with even the smallest acts within the government of Israel even to the enforcement of building codes and the removal of structures which were built without permits, which are basically deficient and uninhabitable; lack utilities such as electricity, gas, water, sewage or even trash removal; lack roads connecting them with the remainder of the country and were illegally constructed on lands where there already existed building plans approved by the government. This specific ‘outpost’ or ‘Bedouin village’ as it has been misrepresented, has been ordered for destruction numerous times over the past two and a half decades but every time either the Palestinian Authority or some NGO has petitioned the Israeli Supreme Court to prevent the demolition and the court has refused every time. The problem is it cannot be demolished as long as there is a petition before the Supreme Court and the Arabs and their friends know this which is why they would probably invent a new NGO just to file again. There has even been a movement now to take these petitions to a higher court, namely the International Criminal Court. The sole reason for this uninhabitable outpost or village or collection of useless buildings without even the most basic necessities was to prevent Israel from building between Kfar Adumim and Jerusalem as such construction would presumably make the Israeli claims to Jerusalem stronger. We have some bad news for the Palestinian Arabs on this front, Israel has already annexed the entirety of Jerusalem and the Arabs residing within the city have a form of Israeli citizenship allowing them votes in city-wide elections, any even more localized elections, healthcare, and all other rights with the exception of voting in national elections, and this limitation will end in the future and this will finalize their formal acceptance into mainstream Israeli society. But anything to poke a finger into Israel’s eye could be the new motto for many of the European governments.


Bronze Star of David


As we stated with our initial question, what would the world’s, and particularly the European’s, reactions be to headlines reading, ‘Israel warns against Austria demolishing Roma camp outside Vienna.’ Another might be, ‘Israel warns against France demolishing Basque camp outside Bordeaux’ or ‘Israel warns against Germany demolishing Muslim enclave outside Frankfurt?’ Israel would become the laughing stock of the world and jokes would abound, and rightfully so. Israel has absolutely no right to insist on anything concerning such internal matters of a European country. But for some reason when the title is ‘Eight countries warn Israel against demolishing Bedouin outpost,’ then the world sits up and screams hearings, hearings, this must be denounced as inhuman. The only thing inhuman about this is the housing Israel is attempting to replace. The truth is that the way the Europeans are fighting this, one might come to the conclusion that this is amongst the ‘villages’ built by the European Union presumably for the Arabs in the region legally belonging to Israel. The complaint they claim which forces them to build without utilities or legal permit is because it is very difficult to get building permits for Palestinian Arab construction in the Israeli controlled areas. Well go figure. We bet it is difficult for someone from Greece to build housing for Greeks in Spain or for Germans to build a German village in the Czech Republic. Imagine that it is difficult to obtain permission to build in a foreign controlled region. We will state this once again, Areas A and B are for Arab construction and is where over 90% of the Palestinian Arabs reside, since the ones in Jerusalem are actually more Israeli than Palestinian, and Area C was denoted for Israeli control, building and security. If this is unclear to the Europeans, they can only blame their adding pressures for the Oslo Accords and perhaps they should read them again to familiarize themselves with who received rights to what. Perhaps, while they are looking up documents as to who gets what, in the end, the land west of the Jordan River belongs to Israel until she actually signs away her rights such as she did mistakenly with Gaza. Israel is not about to allow for another Gaza to be placed overlooking the Tel Aviv region and within range of even the most simple of rockets as displayed below in the map of Katyusha Rocket Range by Mark Langfan. The Katyusha Rocket is a simple rocket which is mass produced in Gaza and in Lebanon and has been a favorite rocket of Guerilla fighters around the world. It was first used by the Soviet troops against the Germans in World War II and was widely distributed by the Soviet Union to their surrogate forces around the world including the Arab nations surrounding Israel. But that is only the least dangerous of rockets as once Hamas would take over any Palestinian Arab state, then the manufacture of rockets would improve significantly and would easily include all the rockets indicated in the chart below, and possibly more.


Katyusha Rocket Range by Mark Langfan Depicting the Near Complete Coverage of the Heart of Israel by Even the Smallest Home-made Rockets Both Hamas and Fatah Are Capable of Producing in Bulk

Katyusha Rocket Range by Mark Langfan
Depicting the Near Complete Coverage
of the Heart of Israel by Even the Smallest
Home-made Rockets Both Hamas and Fatah
Are Capable of Producing in Bulk


Hamas Rockets and Missiles Nomenclature, Ranges and Payloads


Of course, the European governments are fully aware that as soon as any Palestinian Arab state would be formed out of any region of the Shomron (West Bank), Hamas would either take over in the first election and barring an election, then simply through killing anyone who thought they were in charge. That was how they took over Gaza and any new area granted to the Palestinian Arabs would not be one slight bit different. When Hamas took control of Gaza they were supported only by the Muslim Brotherhood. Now they have added a new friend to the list, Iran. We thought it strange that Iran, a Shiite state, would support Hamas, a Sunni revolutionary state, but hating Israel is a strong bonding agent, as we have witnessed in Europe as well. Hamas, once they take control in whatever area might be gifted to the Palestinian Arabs and Mahmoud Abbas, they would start importing heavy weapons from Syria including Hezballah troops and IRGC units. Israel would be facing a fully armed Iranian proxy on three fronts, Hezballah in Lebanon, Syria, Hezballah and IRGC from Syria and Hamas with Hezballah and IRGC in the Shomron. This is a guaranteed formula for a massive war which could escalate even further should Iran decide to launch ballistic missiles into Israel from within Iran or Iraq as they pleased and those weapons from Iraq could be topped with nuclear warheads as well as chemical warheads from Iran or Syria. These are not situations the world should be encouraging. If the world desires to avoid such a confrontation, then the best course is supporting Israel, but supporting Jewish things is so difficult for so much of the world as depicted here.


Beyond the Cusp


September 8, 2015

One Simple Statistic Defines the Termination of the Culture War


When editorialists, columnists and reporters cover the culture war they almost always look at Europe and explain that compromises and accommodations will be required as Europe must rely on immigration to continue the engines of the economy to pay for the aging indigenous populations. Recently a study in Germany flat stated this but nobody dared to discuss the reality which would follow. The report stated that Germany would need two million new workers annually to continue to pay for the retirement of the older German population. What was not explained was why Germany would need to turn to immigrants to provide the manpower for the production machinery. The same would be presented in France, Britain, Netherlands, Poland and everywhere else in Europe. The same is true in the United States but in America their immigrants bring a different mindset while in Europe the immigrants bring an antisocial culture which relies on supremacism, and there lies the main problem though it is not the cause but rather the main symptom of a far bigger problem. The one simple statistic came from a study of the black minority population in New York City. The report found that over fifty-percent of all pregnancies in the black neighborhoods resulted not in a new hope for the future but instead an abortive end to any hope for the future. More Black pregnancies amongst the black population were terminated voluntarily than were brought to term producing a baby. This results in only one truth going forward; there will be a reduction in the number of individuals and a slow death in any culture where there is not growth. This has been the case in all of the formerly Judeo-Christian areas which have adopted multi-culturalism and try so hard to believe that all cultures are equal and no one culture has a right to succeed or triumph over other cultures. The demographics are telling another story.


When multiculturalism takes hold in a society it replaces the society as there is no longer any reason to procreate in order to continue the indigenous culture as there is none, there is a void where the indigenous peoples claim that there is equality of all cultures and that all cultures are welcome and given equal acceptance and allowances. This is a noble but really ignorant idea. All Europe need do is look to its own past, and not all that far back into its past, and see that there was a culture under the Nazis which needed eradication before its evil, and back then the people believed in evil as they saw its grim face every day, before its evil snuffed out the light of hope and freedom in Europe and potentially the world. Looking back a little further and one could see what happens when a belligerent and proselytizing culture meets one which is either passive or simply not as advanced militarily in the spread of Christianity throughout the Americas by the Spanish, Dutch, British, French, Portuguese and other Europeans. Oddly enough, it was as a result of the death of the colonization that was the initial result of the loss of purpose and the cultural stagnation of Western civilizations. No longer was there a belief in a higher and greater meaning to life, life just was and the aim of life was to gather as many pleasures as one could as well as the best and largest collection of toys, you know, Mercedes, Porches, Lamborghinis, Bang and Olufsen stereos and flat screen monster TVs. There is one very important item which does not make the list in a society where there is no defining culture, children. There is a reason children do not make the list of essentials in such a hedonistic society, children are hard work and a kind of work that does not produce great amounts of fun, at least not from the perspective where the real ethos of your society is to party till the wheels fall off. Well, in Europe and Western civilization itself the wheels have come off and your culture will not continue into the future because you refuse to procreate and instead choose birth control or abortive procedure; they are not murdering a fetus, they are abortive procedures, that sounds so clinically inoffensive making it acceptable.



Culture War New Normal versus Old Normal Future determined by Tradition or Radical Change

Culture War New Normal versus Old Normal Future determined by Tradition or Radical Change



The result of this New Age cultural malaise, whose number one symptom is the death of that society and the end of all it holds as dear. This New Age culture claims that all cultures are equal and in this advanced age must all be as accepting as are the Europeans and other Western cultures which have reached this ultimate point. The problem is the lack of desire to press forward and produce the next generation of New Age culturalists leaves a growing void which requires that the society import replacements in place of producing offspring. The problem with offspring is that they require a lot of our time which could be spent seeking pleasures and collecting toys which enhance our never ending party. Children also require standards, an antiquated concept which we have done away with in our New Age society. We are so advanced and all that because we have discarded Judeo-Christian ideals for pleasure pots. I know; it seemed like a good idea at the time. Well, the price of such is coming due and it is coming due very rapidly. You see, it really does matter what your culture is because if it is not worthy of imparting to your children, then there is no need for children and your culture is doomed. Well Europe, Western way of life, meet your replacement. Europe will inherit Islam and the United States the question remains unanswered at this time but it may be that the United States will import Christianity, or even more specific, Catholicism. Time will tell and it will not take long to do so. Meanwhile, what is in the future for Europe?


Well, initially the demographics do not favor Europe going forward. This new culture Europe is taking in has two distinct drawbacks, first is they are untrained which means more of them will be required to meet production quotas, and second they bring a primitive tribalism which is contemptuous of all other cultures including your beloved multiculturalism where all cultures are equal. You see; the main problem with multiculturalism and the concept that all cultures are equal only works when everybody accepts that critical thought which is the central core of your society. When all cultures are created equal and no one culture deserves to be dominant over others meets a tribal people who believe that their culture must be dominant, well, take a guess whose culture comes out the future. Yep, you guessed it; their tribal and domination culture will simply gobble up your multicultural accepting culture, and eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


There is one thing else that Europeans have mastered over the past few thousand years; Europe has mastered dealing in death. When pushed to the wall Europeans regress to a more primeval attitude which can be basically defined as it is an us or them and we choose us over them attitude. Once this attitude starts to spread as more and more Europeans come face-to-face with an Islam that demands that all bow with them or else, Europeans in numbers will choose else and therein lies the problem. You see, the Europeans will reach a point where somebody will start taking over political powers which will leave them in charge of the laws and their enforcement. This will result in the implementation of Sharia and that is where the conflict arises. Sharia does not permit certain items as drinking, dancing, the cinema, plays, European culture as a whole, and this will be brought down like a ton of bricks. This will be a principle being snapped by the immigrants which have been working to reach numbers to implement this end and this will be their declaration that not all cultures are equal and that theirs is vastly superior to yours and that is final. That is when a rebirth of a previous European culture will also come into play, the European culture of ‘you wouldn’t like to bet on that now, would you?’ And of course they will be all ready to discuss that just as the Europeans will be ready to destroy that which is messing with his calm, his peaceable contemplation on is there a Higgs Field and do poppies grow in a Higgs Field, and if not, why?





This will turn real ugly, real fast and the fur will fly. The immigrants who believed that this European all acceptance policy would mean they could walk in and make it now that all cultures are created equal but Islam developed into a superior culture. They will then double down when challenged with the, ‘What the H-E- double-hockey sticks do you mean we have to suffer you a position culturally superior and we need to bend to your culture? What part of equal did you misunderstand?’ Equal means that as long as you do not upset our apple cart we will get along real good and the minute that changes, so does all cultures are equal and we choose ours and so will you. After this the gloves come off and it is every culture for itself. Our prediction sticks with the Europeans as they can bring a whole load of culture to the fight. The truth will finally have awakened the Europeans to the necessity to procreate in order to continue to have an acceptive all-inclusive culture otherwise you will eventually import those who are willing to spill blood to impose their culture over your all-inclusiveness. That is the problem; when an all-inclusive society meets another which believes itself to be stronger because of their aura of cultural strength meaning they can force their beliefs upon what they view as the weaker societal structure, they are likely to find a sudden and completely different societal willingness to use whatever it takes to continue to be that all-inclusive society, even at the cost of destroying any society refusing to play by the rules.


Fortunately for the Europeans, they have not lost their core principled people who actually have society based on equality and have the spine to enforce such a societal structure. The really good things about Europeans is often they do not take themselves all that serious much of the time but that does not extend to others making fun of the European ability to go forth and completely obliterate any society which disturbs their so equal and tranquil society. This do what it takes had in the past often required American might in order to continue their all-inclusiveness, and they will fight to make all equal or else. Perhaps these rules should have been explained at the outset as they are apparently not as understandable by simple observations as first thought. Maybe a sign on some form declaring that the immigrant accepts and understands that all are equal means exactly that and it will not be tolerated that proselytizing or pretenses of superiority will be dealt with forthwith. Where such is not likely to produce any difference, at least then they could not claim they had not known or realized that the Europeans will fight and fight quite hard to continue to believe in nothing. Well, not exactly nothing, they believe in science cosmology and physicists who claim they can prove that the universe was not created by Hashem because before the big bang there was nothing and that is what Stephen Hawking had told them on the Discovery Channel and that ends the discussion, period. Stephen Hawking also believes in the rightfulness of the anti-Zionist, anti-Semitic and anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement which just goes to show you how when you believe in nothing (Hashem or another supreme being) then you will fall for anything.


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June 17, 2015

Abbas & Palestinians Kill Two State Solution

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Abbas has once again slow-walked the Arab Palestinian Authority to the great chasm and threatened to throw the unity governance agreement Fatah made with Hamas unifying the Hamas run Gaza Strip with the Fatah run, taking the name of the Palestinian Authority, Judea and Samaria over Abbas being unable to press his vastly lacking political will, influence or any form of security or governance which remained dependent and controlled by Hamas and Islamic Jihad despite claims that the Hamas government had resigned. This information came from Amin Maqbul, the Secretary General Fatah’s Revolutionary Council, who reported to AFP that in the meeting of the Council, Mahmoud Abbas had threatened to dissolve, according to Amin Maqbul, “The government will resign in the next 24 hours because this one is weak and there is no chance that Hamas will allow it to work in Gaza.” Maqbul additionally stated, “After the government resigns, we will start consultations to form a new government.”


An official from the Palestinian Authority reported to the media that the overt action was going to be taken as a result of the Palestinian Authority’s, and particularly Chairman Abbas, being unable and likely to continue to face an “inability to act in Gaza.” This seemingly drastic action did not come out of the sky like a thunderbolt from the heavens; but rather had been discussed at length and according to this sources statement, “There have been discussions inside the government about resigning if they are unable to do anything for Gaza.” There had been numerous fundamental facets utterly failing such as the inability to impose their will such that there was too little governing authority to even set-up for elections which were promised to be held within the first six months and was a stipulation in the agreement which was enacted and signed by all the responsible parties about a year ago. This was made highly evident when the Arab Palestinian Authority reacting to complaints that many of the workers from the former government and who had continued to work to provide services to the people of Gaza but has not been officially added to the Palestinian Authority payroll and thus had not been paid since the signing of the agreement, Mahmoud Abbas sent a small committee to Gaza for a week to gather the names and make a register from which to start payments and take down and record other statistics which were required in order to remit to their salaries met with such hostility and violence that they never once left their hotel nor hold interviews nor even catch a single name rushing back to Ramallah exquisitely dejected and haplessly downcast from their experience.


Even if the reconciliation between Fatah and their opposition, Hamas, completely fails, there will still be some good to come from the efforts, a knowledge that there is definitely more than one head on this snake and with the addition to ISIS vying for power we can easily make the case for three heads if not four counting Islamic Jihad, or five as I am sure that al-Qaeda which operates in Gaza would be more than put out if they were neglected, or if we additionally include vying for control we would need 13 heads on the asp in order to include the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP ), Palestine Democratic Union (PDU), Palestinian National Initiative (PNI), Palestinian Arab Front (PAF), Palestinian Popular Struggle Front (PPSF), Palestine Liberation Front (PLF), and lastly the ever so alliterated Palestinian People’s Party (PPP). There may be even more because every so often a coalition, if that is what we can call such, of terror groups plan and cooperate in a kidnapping but they do not present their demands immediately, then, without any warning, one group we have never heard of announces they did the kidnapping and then another from the mists there is another group and then the known groups jump in and before you know it the Europeans and Israeli leftist start their pressuring the government to capitulate so that the kidnapped victim is returned without harm.


That brings us to what might just be the root of the problem with the peace process, neither side is anywhere near unified on what the result should look like. Adding to those woes are the expectations of the United Nations, the European Union and the United States along with the Arab League and I’m sure Reverend Tutu, just to pick a name out of the air, has an few suggestions, none of which are helpful or consider Israel’s safety. The easiest way to prove this point would be to start with the presumed main two Palestinian leaderships, Hamas and Fatah. Fatah is secular though they have been slowly sliding to the Islamist end of the spectrum while Hamas is and always has been Islamist though they tend to be confused as to whether they will serve Iran or the Sunnis and have attempted to play the two off each other in an absurd and morbid bidding game in which Israel is the largest loser, probably the motivation behind the whole affair. Then there are their stated goals where Fatah simply wants to displace Israel and make it free of Jews who do not know how to be Dhimmis which is pretty much all the Zionists and many middle of the spectrum Jews who are accustomed to Western society which comes with built in human rights, freedoms and few constraints beyond respect for others as you would desire to have your desires and actions respected while Islam demands that even its adherents completely surrender and have little to no freedom of action. Hamas not only wishes to destroy Israel but once that is completed and every Israeli Jew has been slaughtered move on to murdering every Jew across the globe and then while this is being accomplished conquering the entire world and converting or killing every person who does not observe Islam and are not exactly the kind of Muslim they define.


What is unsettling is that these pursuits are exactly the same as those of ISIS yet ISIS claims they are going to take over the Palestinian fight against Israel and has flat out stated they desire to replace Hamas first and go through the ranks of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and whomever else they find and pass judgment on which meet their standards for being Muslim and thus permitted to live for now. Then ISIS has pledged to do the same with Fatah and the rest of the Palestinian Authority in Judea and Samaria and finally, after all that exercise, they plan on not even taking a break before attacking Israel.


Even without ISIS the Palestinian case is ridiculous. They are already two states without a solution as they cannot even find sufficient grounds on which to agree and work together. From every last attempt at making a joined effort for the sake to forging ahead and gaining international recognition and thus moving their designs and demands forward we have witnessed a clash of monumental proportions and a compete inability to agree on even the simplest of terms. It is almost as if when one would say up, the other would demand down or even right, left, forwards or backwards but just anything but up. And should the other agree to that their opposite would simply change to a different definition as it seems required for them to act and be contrary in all matters. The sole thing they can agree upon is that both sides feel strongly that only through their leadership will any good results be produced and thus they must never allow the other even the slightest victory without them tuning around and toppling that victory. They would likely be unable to meet on the beaches of Gaza and work together long enough to build a decent sand castle and the world wants them to run a nation.


So, which side is Israel supposed to form two states for two peoples? As things stand it would be more like three nations for two people but one of them is so fractured they cannot even sit in the same room, let alone run a nation together. Wait, here’s an idea, as Gaza is already completely made Judenrein, how about they prove they can run just Gaza for three whole years without any outside charities, making a budget, actually running a functional society and without launching or permitting the launching of a single projectile at Israel. The world can assist by finding some way for the two to cooperate and work towards a common goal. It will not be easy and will probably take a team effort from mostly the Leftist Europeans, ones who are so sure that the Palestinians are the noblest rag-tag groups on planet Earth, and then see if they have the infinite patience and intestinal fortitude to make this all happen without them actually taking on the responsibilities themselves as the aim is to produce a group of Arabs out of the self-proclaimed Palestinians and have everyone at least appear to work together without any serious violence. The one thing that I can be assured of is that any such effort will fail. The people, especially the youths, have been fed so much hatred and to love violence and the kill for the sake of the kill, not even desiring a trophy to hang on the wall as relating the story, with added embellishment with every telling making it unrecognizable within a week of any telling. This is the society they have built in both Hamasistan and Fatahistan and there will be no such idea of peace with Israel as I am pretty sure most could not even bring themselves to say the word Israel as their minds would immediately translate it to Zionist colonial occupiers who have delusions of ethnic cleansing and are responsible for the coming genocide of the Palestinian people any minute now so they must be destroyed and all their kind removed; well, you get the idea, just asking them to say Israel would produce an ever escalating rant filled with references to violence, either theirs or perceived as Israeli. Then when anything would go wrong, other than attacks on Israel where both would try and grab the credit, but any governance failure such as the stealing of monies at unconceivable rates and amassing great wealth, then there would be the innocent why are you looking at me act.


Still, when the vast majority of the building supplies provided for the rebuilding of Gazan housing for the people whose homes were destroyed as they had been used as shields for rockets or other military uses and using the building materials to expand the underground terror tunnels and bunkers as well as rebuilding the tunnels destroyed by Israel before they could be utilized for their planned mass assault on Israeli towns and Kibbutzim closest to Gaza for the purpose of taking a half dozen or so hostages and murdering as many others as they would be able of achieving, that would be solved in a game of finger-pointing with flying denials and accusations. That is the kind of governing under Hamas and/or Islamic Jihad. One trait both sides have in common is the stealing and corruption which only grows becoming greater and of unbelievable levels of graft and outright stealing of funds. Abbas, believe it or not, is the pauper in this department only having achieved an estimated few hundreds of millions of dollars while both Ismail Haniyeh and Khaled Mashal are both multi-billionaires. Whoever claimed that terror does not pay did not understand the methods of Yasser Arafat who may have been the greatest artist of mishandled funds ending up in Swiss and Cayman banks in numbered accounts as his worth at the time of his death was known to be so unbelievably and ridiculously high that Fatah, the PLO and every other person or entity which could claim a tie to the money went to numerous European courts in efforts to pry even a small percentage, which would still represent a king’s ransom, away from Suha Arafat without any success.


That is an additional reason that there will never be any compromise or even outright solution reached, the top ranks of the leadership are nothing more than petty tyrants whose grasp on power includes severe cases of kleptomania, a mental disorder which overrides all forms of compassions, common sense, rationality, and self-preservation gets tossed aside as this level of theft eventually angers the masses to the point that they grab these grubbing malcontent poseurs and the result is their being given the Il Duce or Nicolae Ceaușescu treatment, and trust me, what happened to those two tyrants may have been what they deserved, but how driven to madness and anger had they driven the people they were presumed to care for. The same virus has infected much of the Palestinian leadership and to some extent this can be seen in their actions as they say things which are patently ridiculous, complete void of reality or truth and so completely lacking in logic that often even their most devoted leftist supporters are caught simply throwing up their hands and asking, ‘What was he thinking?’ That was the problem; these thieves are so intolerably lost from reality it is surprising they can even be coherent much of the time. Anyone remember Arafat towards the end of his life where many times one would have trouble even discerning the works, and if that were possible their relation to each other in what was passed as a sentence made no sense. Israel cannot make peace with these Palestinian leaders as they do not desire to rule over a country and have to provide for their people, they wish to lord over their domains taking whatever they desire and allowing the crumbs and drippings to flow to their unfortunate citizens.


Hamas and Islamic Jihad are so despised by the average Gazan with a family as their disregard of and threat to these people’s children is beyond any human’s imagination as they have witnessed an Islamic Jihad or Hamas terrorist grab the closest child, from their mother’s arms if need be, and hold the child to their chest as they cross a firefight to position themselves in a better vantage point with more secure defenses and a better angle to shoot and kill IDF soldiers with the assured knowledge that by taking the child he need not worry, the Israelis are too weak and beloved of life to shoot him carrying the terrified child stolen from a horrified mother. Imagine the mother’s conflicted thoughts as she knows the Israelis will even stop shooting entirely allowing the child to be released as the terrorist reached his desired position and fearing that the terrorist is partially concealed and the Israelis may not see the child until it is too late. Imagine the terrorist considerations as he can no longer fight while holding the child so he might well try to convince the child to sit beside him to assure only the finest Israeli sniper would even consider taking the shot on him with a child next to him.


The problem is the world’s leftist Israel and Jew haters do not ever open their eyes and see the terrorist holding the child as if it was a magical shield, which against the IDF it is exactly that, and only envisions the freedom fighter in a league of one of the underground forces against the Nazis. These demons in human form are not the Polish, Czech, Romanian, or French underground fighters from World War II; they are far more aligned with the likes of Che Guevara. I bet if somebody started selling Yasser Arafat t-shirts and sweatshirts they would make millions just placing it on the internet as Yasser Arafat Tees, $25.00. If you do I would like a mere 5% fee for the idea and then if you expand into Sheikh Ahmed Ismail Hassan Yassin or other Palestinian faces of terror I would expect only a mere 3%, thank you. Making peace with leaders who have an unrestricted inflow of funding that they are able to steal over half the funding and still make salaries with only a scream or two every fourth month that they are cash-strapped and cannot pay the ‘government’ workers (or pay for more terrorists families stipends because they have a terror relative in prison where the stipend is determined by the number of Israeli civilians murdered) and the European government and European Union immediately pony-up sending billions or trillions of Euros yearly and it ever escalates. I have a radical idea, why don’t the European Union and all the European governments stop funding UNRWA, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah and the Palestinian Authority directly or through deceptive back channels and simply not even bother with the Israeli and Palestinian area of the Middle East and we can get on with finally making peace as they will then have an incentive to actually form a workable society or face instant democracy of the masses. You would be surprised how quickly such a policy adopted would show fantastic results and then there might even develop that Palestinian State you claim to want so badly, honest; come on, try it.


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