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April 20, 2012

Duplicity of the United Nations on Israeli Evictions

UN humanitarian coordinator Maxwell Gaylard said, “Evictions of Palestinians from their homes and properties in occupied territory contravene international law, including the Fourth Geneva Convention, and should cease.” There is a lot wrong in this simple sentence of which its hypocrisy is probably the most alarming. Where was Mr. Gaylard when the Israeli IDF supporting other enforcement personnel of the Israeli government used extreme and abundant violence against unarmed Jewish protesters and Jewish residents in Amona and Gush Katif? The only thing remarkable from the United Nations is the complete and total silence each and every time Israeli Jews are dispossessed of their homes which they very likely built on land or bought and have valid deeds such as the recent eviction of Beit Machpelah House recently where fifteen Jewish residents were evicted from their recently legally purchased building simply because Defense Minister Barak decided that to allow them to remain might cause the Arab residents from the neighboring areas to riot or protest. But let Palestinian squatters who have taken up residence inside a residence which is legally owned, as validated by a court of law, be removed by law enforcement enacting a court order almost a year after the decision had been passes down and using the most gentle care not to harm or even unnecessarily cause distress to the law-breaking squatters and the United Nations suddenly finds their voice and vociferously denounce this, by their judgment, violation of international laws by the racist and violent occupying Jews. The disparity between the reactions is beyond belief.

The next disparity is the use of the false term “occupied lands” to describe the areas of Judea and Samaria. Let’s take a quick look at the legal definitions and the history which will reveal the lie to the claims of occupation of Judea and Samaria and reveal their actual standing. We will not go to the extremes of perusing the ownership of the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea from before the roman empire though for most of the 3000 years before Rome that land was known as the land of the Hebrews or the Judean which was the name of one of the tribes of Israel, Judah. Rome held this land until it passed into the hands of the conquering Muslims out of the Arabian Peninsula. The land then passed back and forth between the Muslims and the Christians during the ages of the Crusades finally residing as wastelands within the Ottoman Empire where much of the lands were owned by absentee landlords as nobody who could afford to leave the barren rocky lands interspersed between swamplands and the Negev Desert in the south.

Every written account of visits to the area described a land suffering from lack of attention with a few subsistence farms and half deserted cities. Jerusalem was the largest of the cities in the area and was possessed by a Jewish majority for much of these years with the exception of periods when either the ruling Muslims or Christians forced the Jews out from the city, yet they always returned. Even during the short period when the Umayyad Caliphs declared that Muslims could make the Hajj by traveling to Jerusalem to the Mosque there when their rivals blocked their access to Mecca, Jerusalem with its undesirable climate proved to be a poor replacement and it never gained much acceptance. Jerusalem has never been the capital of any nation other than for the Hebrews followed by the Judeans.

After World War I the lands from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea as well as between the Jordan River to the western borders of Iraq became the British Mandate Lands which, according to the Balfour Declaration, clauses in the Treaty of Versailles, the Peel Commission, Article 22 of the Covenant of the League of Nations, and other treaties establishing the British Mandate Lands as held in trust to be turned over to a Jewish State once sufficient Jews could be admitted into the area to constitute a viable governance. This included the land that is today known as Jordan. Since all of the land was set aside as a trust for a Jewish state, Israel has actually allowed the Arabs to have 78% of the lands originally set aside for the Jewish State. The only nation to have been granted a right to political ownership and governance over all of the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea is Israel. This means that Israel cannot be an occupying power but is actually a liberating entity.

After the suggested but nonbinding resolution of the United Nations to divide the remaining mandate land forming a second Arab state within the British Mandate was accepted technically by Israel but rejected and thus voided by the Arabs, Israel declared their independence as granted by many previous treaties and documentations and blessed by the United Nations in a vote taken in November 30, 1947. In the ensuing war when at least five Arab nations mobilized to exterminate the nascent Jewish State, Israel managed to retain most of their granted lands with Gaza occupied by Egypt and Judea and Samaria being occupied by Jordan. Egypt never claimed to include Gaza as part of Egypt and never attempted to grant Gazans citizenship nor would they allow them to vote in Egyptian elections. Jordan attempted to annex Judea and Samaria and referred to them as the West Bank so as to disguise the Jewish nature of these lands. The United Nations never recognized Jordanian ownership of these lands but two nations, Pakistan and Britain (neither one a close friend of the Jews or Israel), recognized the annexation. Resultant to the Six Day War in June of 1967 Israel reacquired Gaza and Judea and Samaria as well as the Sinai Peninsula. These properties were gained from a defensive war and thus could have legally been retained by Israel under International Law. Despite having the legal claim to all of the lands gained, Israel offered to return them to the control of Egypt and Jordan respectively in exchange for a peace treaty.

What comes next is important, so please read with care. Israel made peace with Egypt and Egypt took control over the Sinai Peninsula and Israel removed the twenty or so townships and other Jewish sites in order to allow full restitution of the Sinai to Egypt despite the fact that under International Law Israel could have demanded to retain these areas. Egypt refused to take back Gaza surrendering all of Gaza to Israeli control. Subsequently, Israel and Jordan also made peace and as part of this treaty the Jordanians refused their rights to any of Judea and Samaria and surrendered these lands to Israel. By the conditions of the treaties with Jordan and Egypt and all the resolutions from the ending of World War I, the series of treaties and declarations which set up much of the borders and countries present today in the Middle East, and reaffirmation of these terms by the United Nations when they accepted all treaties and agreements made under the League of Nations, and all other related papers the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea belong to Israel by rights of all these documents.

In all the documents which have achieved binding status which mention the Palestinian Arabs originally was refuted by some nations because it violated numerous other treaties, agreements and other binding documents was the establishment of Transjordan, known today simply as Jordan. Transjordan was established as a reward to the Hashemite Arabs who originated in the Arabian Peninsula from the areas that included Mecca and Medina. After the Hashmites were pushed from their ancestral lands by the Family Saud, the British rewarded their support from the fight against the Ottoman Turks during World War I and placed them as the Monarchy over the Palestinian Arab State of Transjordan. When the Jews agreed to forfeit any claim to Jordan for assurances they were promised that the remaining British Mandate lands would be left unchanged for the Jewish State. During the entire history of these lands since they were conquered by the Hebrews from the Canaanites they have never been an independent country other than a Jewish State. They have been conquered by numerous Empires and Countries through the ages but were never established as an independent land. When Israel liberated Judea and Samaria from Jordanian occupation, an occupation that was defined as such and condemned by the United Nations, they did not take them from any Palestinian independent country called Palestine. There has never throughout history been a country called Palestine. Palestine is the name of a geographic area using a Roman denotation used to deny any recognition to the Jewish People meant to assure that the Jews would never return to their ancestral homelands. Palestine is a similar notation of a geographic area as is sub-Saharan Africa or the Brazilian Rainforest. Nobody would recognize any group claiming to be the country of sub-Saharan Africa and people recognize that the Brazilian Rainforest spans the boundaries of other countries which neighbor Brazil. The only alternative one might make to deny that Judea and Samaria belong to Israel would be by referring to these lands as contested lands or disputed areas. And one last point, if we would just refer to the “West Bank” by the two areas which make it up by their actual names, Judea and Samaria, and call Jerusalem by its historically recognized name and not al-Quds, then the Jewish nature of these history filled lands becomes not solely evident but obvious. Perhaps we should begin to refer to Spain, Portugal and southernmost France as Andalusia and return it to Muslim rule, that would be equally as fair as denying that Judea, Jerusalem and Samaria are Muslim lands belonging to a people named after an insult invented by the Romans to aggravate the Jewish People, Palestinian, and not part of Israel.

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April 6, 2012

The Other Side of the House in Hevron

If you follow the Middle East, Israel, the Arab-Israeli conflict or read this site regularly, you have heard about the house and the expulsion of its new Jewish residents by the Israeli government in Hevron. For those who need, here is the story in a nutshell. A group of fifteen Jewish families bought a small multi-floor apartment building from its previous Arab owner in Hevron close to the Machpelah, the Cave of the Patriarchs, where Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, and Leah, the Jewish Patriarchs and Matriarchs, are all buried. This house is close to one of the holiest locations in all of Judaism. These Jewish families moved into their newly purchased home as it was vacant and by not taking residence immediately could result in squatters taking up residence which would then require weeks, months, or even years to challenge and get action taken through the courts. Minister of Defense Ehud Barak took upon himself the decision to force the families’ eviction from their newly and legally purchased home quoting the fact they had not received authorization to inhabit their new home from the appropriate Ministry. By the way, the appropriate Ministry just happens to be the Defense Ministry and is received by getting the signature of Defense Minister Ehud Barak. So, he denied simply signing a permission form and instead signed an order to evict the families. Now let us discuss for the rest of this story including one really sad and much overlooked sides of the story.

Within hours after the eviction had been carried out by the Defense Civil Authority Police there was an altercation at the house when a group of leftist and Arabs attempted to take up squatting in the house in order to prevent the Jewish families who bought the house from being able to reside in the house once they were able to get Ehud Barak to sign the necessary papers, no easy feat in itself. Fortunately, the Civil Authority Police had remained at the house to prevent the reoccupation by the evicted families and thus were able to prevent the Arabs and activists from taking up squatting and stealing the property. Whether the Defense Ministry and Ehud Barak will allow these forces to remain at the house in order to protect the rights of the owners is something that remains to be seen. My best bet is that within a week the families who legally purchased this apartment building will still be futilely attempting to gain the approval along with Ehud Barak’s signature on a simple permit. The Israeli Defense Minister acts and very likely is excessively averse to allowing any Jews to take up residence anywhere past the Green Line in the areas of Judea and Samaria, also referred to by the non-judgmental name the West Bank. The one positive which may arise from this travesty and abuse of power by the Defense Minister would be a reckoning that results in his replacement at long last.

I told you all of this just to get to the real tragedy which likely will result from this entire fiasco. The Arab who sold the building to the Jewish families currently sits in detention, jailed for the crime of selling property to a Jew. Just as it is in Jordan, so it is with the Palestinian Authority who chose to continue to enforce the law which punishes any Palestinian who sells property to a Jew with the penalty of death. That’s right; sell land or property to a Jew and you will be hung from a crane in the town square or lynched by a mob, simple as that. This unfortunate person’s guilt is a fait accompli. There may be a trial, though such a formality has not always been found necessary in the past, but such a formality would only be performed should the persecutors of this inquisition believe they are being observed by the outside world, otherwise they will proceed straight to the execution. The execution will likely be taken after a mob has been gathered and roused to the point of bloodlust and then turned loose on this person who simply entered a transaction to sell an abandoned apartment building. The fact he sold it to Jews is sufficient proof of his having committed a horrendous crime against the whole of Palestinian society and the entirety of Islam, meriting death.

Yet, despite this despicable mutilation of justice, which will be sanctioned then carried out by the Palestinian Authority, it will be ignored by the elites in the West. These same elites will be busy condemning the fifteen Jewish families for attempting to steal a piece of Hevron and Judaize this sacred Palestinian area. Never mind that Hevron was home to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; never mind that Hevron was King David’s original Capitol City before he moved it to Jerusalem; never mind that the Machpelah sits on the edge of Hevron and is the second most holy place for all of Judaism; it only matters that Jews were buying land that the elitists in the world have given away and removed its Jewish importance. But even worse, never mind that an Arab will be put to death in the most heinous and barbaric of rituals for the crime of selling land to a Jew. Never mind the level of hatred which must exist in the hearts, assuming they have any, of those who willingly murder a man for simply entering a sale with somebody who is a Jew. And just think what would be the intent of such people to the Jews who had the audacity to purchase land from an Arab, to Jews who so blatantly proved their lack of acceptance of their dhimmitude place in society. The true horror that will befall the unfortunate and innocent Arab who will be put to death not actually because of his selling land to a Jew but because of the hatred those who will kill him have for all Jews. His real crime is not hating Jews sufficiently to satisfy the Palestinian leadership and those who support the terror and hatred committed by them. Which is the bigger crime here, Jews buying a place to live in an ancient and holy city from ancient Eretz Yisroel or putting a man to death for having the audacity to sell land to a Jew? Anyone too conflicted and who takes more than an instant to choose, is in definite need to of a lot of introspection.

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