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October 25, 2018

Palestinians Would Rather Have Conflict than State


The Palestinian Arab youth and the families desiring a solid future are the ones who will lose the most. Currently, if a Palestinian Arab family living in Gaza or under the Palestinian Authority (PA) wishes to relocate, perhaps near relatives in Egypt or anywhere else in the world, they are not permitted to do so. Israel would have no problem allowing their relocating and if many had their way within Israel, we would aid them by giving them money to assist with their move. The United States might even consider joining in assisting Palestinian Arabs to relocate somewhere else in the world simply to end a conflict, which legally can only be decided in Israel’s favor. The problem they face is their own leadership who has security details which prevent any of them from leaving, ever. They are literally captives of their own people who are getting sickeningly wealthy off the aid monies provided by the world while their people suffer. The real problem is going to be the future simply because the Palestinian Arab youth and most of the students who study the Middle East in college in Europe, North America and virtually everywhere else are being taught lies. This is not totally the fault of the young academics as it has been erroneously written about in texts used currently and meticulous studies done before somewhere around 1950 have been forgotten or ignored. A very good and complete study of the history of the post World War I treaties, the Mandate, particularly the British Mandate, and how the Jewish State has 78% of the British Mandate gifted to the Palestinian Arabs and the Hashemite Family who had been defeated and ejected by the Family Saud (Saudi Royal Family thus Saudi Arabia) by taking the lands east of the Jordan River and forming what is today Jordan. The British also gave the Mandate of Mesopotamia to the other Hashemite Family son, Emir Feisal who has been expelled from Syria by the French, calling the entirety Iraq and stealing every millimeter of the lands that presumably were set aside for a state of the Kurds. This and more facts, actual facts from the treaties signed and presumably implemented by the British and the French amongst the other allies and more, in the book by Dr. Aaron Klieman, Foundations of British Policy In The Arab World: The Cairo Conference of 1921 (Johns Hopkins Press, 1970).


There is an alternative by simply reading any of our articles written on this and related subjects, warning, there are a plethora, by simply locating the “search” box on the right sidebar of this site and enter with the quotation marks, “San Remo Conference” and then hit enter and many pages will become available. There are three articles per-page and by clicking on “next page” one can see the next trio. We would advise simply looking at the pictures and if they appeal to you, then read just those as after a couple of readings you will be better versed on the facts than most college professors. Part of the problem with the Middle East departments in many of the presumed best colleges is that they have been bought by donating sufficient funds and sometimes a building in order to appoint the department chair who then decides who teaches and what they teach and what texts they use. The party doing such donations is often Saudi Arabia and the Wahabbist Imams choose the professor given the position of being the chair of many of these departments. That leads to the subject of Israel being taught by an Islamic outlook under which Israel does not exist and is a blight which needs to be eradicated by any means possible. They are teaching a version of history in which the Ottoman Empire never actually replaced the Caliphate, it was just another version of the Caliphate, and were never even in World War I as they completely ignored that war and all its implications. They never quite explain how all the separate nations came from what was the Ottoman Empire or why the British, French, Italians and Russians were involved in their formations beyond they were assisting Islam because they recognized it was superior and required being served. In their view, Lebanon was always Arab and Islamic from its inception despite its mandate under the French intending it to be a Christian homeland in the Middle East and Israel simply never existed and the Jews stole it from Jordan which was giving it to the Palestinians and thus Israel is supposed to be Palestine. It is a twisted story with little truth beyond the facts that the British tried very hard to prevent the Jewish State and failed at that simply because the Jews persisted in forcing their state into existence despite the British attempts to prevent such and the United States State Department telling the Jews that their decision to found the Jewish State was unadvisable and troublesome at the time and that the United States would not assist in any way. If you remember, the Kurds took a referendum on declaring independence which passed overwhelmingly but their leadership was intimidated by the pushback they received, particularly from the United States State Department who informed them that their declaring a state at that time would be highly problematic and the United States would not be able to assist them in any way. Since their backing down, the Iraqi Army assisted by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has been eradicating Kurdish villages, towns and cities as they sweep slowly through the Kurdish regions killing much of the population while the United States State Department whistles in the wind ignoring the genocidal operations being committed. Just for the record, yes, President Truman went against the advice given by the Secretaries of State, Defense (War at that time) and his entire security and advisory positions and recognized the formation of Israel. What is less known is that immediately afterwards the United States imposed an arms embargo on Israel as well as the Arabs. This mattered little to the Arabs who were supplied by the British, Germany and as they had money, every arms dealer wishing to make some money while Israel, even willing to pay top price found most doors closed to selling them the time of day. There was one saving exception, Czechoslovakia.


Back to the current dilemma and the fact that a Palestinian Arab family attempting to move to restart their life in more welcoming climate are blocked from doing exactly that. Should they be found out by their government, Hamas or the PA, they will be relocated but not to another country but likely tortured and killed, and that is the men and we do not wish to even imagine what is done to the women. In this way, the Palestinian Arab governing bodies can continue to tout the large, often overstated, numbers of Arabs who are suffering because of the Jews. This is often also true in many of the refugee camps, specially the ones within the Palestinian ruled areas. Yes, there are Palestinian Arab refugee camps inside the Palestinian Arab controlled regions including Gaza where Israel has released any claim and it is ruled by Hamas and could almost be considered a nation if it were not run as a terrorist camp. So, rather than allow Palestinian Arabs to move to another country and begin a new life, their governing Arab rulers send security or, more accurately, enforcers, to their homes and if they are fortunate, they actually are permitted to continue to live and are not strung up publically as a warning to others not to even think of leaving. Of course, this is the best-kept secret as the media is only able to support the Palestinian leadership who can do no harm. If it is not Israel responsible directly or by the longest stretching of reality, then it never happened and the media refuses to cover such news. Add to this that the youth are being taught a history of their right to all the lands from the River to the Sea replacing Israel because Israel stole their country. According to what they are taught, Israel invaded Palestine and stole their lands and this is how the Jews will take over the world. They are then given lessons from a book of bad repute, Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a Czarist manuscript used to instigate the pogroms against the Russian Jews and discredited in much of the world, but for the Palestinian and many Arab and Muslims, this is a textbook. Much of the old Nazi pamphlets and symbols used to demonize the Jews have been modified and reused by the Palestinian and other Arabs (see images below). Equally interesting are the maps used to teach geography whose illustrations are further down the page. These are the textbooks which are paid for by the United Nations, European Union, numerous European nations, Canada, the United States and others and have been “inspected” for content and claimed to be completely forthcoming, truthful and without any propaganda or anti-Israel slant.


Nazi pamphlets and symbols used to demonize the Jews have been modified and reused by the Palestinian and other Arabs



Palestinian Textbook Maps depicting Palestine as replacing Israel, not sharing the land in peace and security as the Europeans and the rest of the West insist to misrepresent


The reality is that Israel has rightful claim to every piece of land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea by treaty and International Law. A multi-billion and possibly trillion Euro and dollar effort has been invested in altering that reality and making the new truth to be that Israel invaded Palestine and conquered it in the 1948 Arab initiated war which attempted to destroy Israel the morning of her birth. How the Jews conquered Palestine, from where the Jews conquered Palestine and even who ruled Palestine and what was its currency is totally irrelevant, or so it is claimed. The fact is the land belongs to the Arabs and the Jews can remain and live under Arab rule for as long as the Arabs are willing to tolerate their presence. The latest offer is for there to be a one state solution and elections held to choose a ruler of this democratic state. The state is to be made up of Gaza, Israel, Palestinian Authority ruled regions, Jordan and the refugees and there will be at least one election and after that, it will be decided what is necessary. We expect this proposal to be met with some skepticism but eventually generally agreed upon except this time Israel will have an ally, King Abdullah II of Jordan who also would not want an election as he would be toppled and he knows this. King Abdullah II will resist even President Trump attempting to include him in any peace plan such as the Deal of the Century. There can be only one solution which would satisfy Israeli security and benefit the Palestinian Arabs, and that is for Israel and the nations currently supporting this farce known as the Palestinian Arab state of Palestine to grant any Palestinian Arab desiring relocating outside of Israel with sufficient money to make a decent start anywhere in the world and for those who desire remaining within Israel, they will be granted legal resident alien status and as long as they live peaceably and within the laws of the State of Israel, then they will enjoy equal benefits economically and socially but not politically. The legal treaties all explicitly state that Israel must allow economic freedom, religious freedom, freedom to reside where one pleases legally, freedom of employment and everything else one may imagine with a single caveat, Israel does not have to grant political equality. Israel has shown willingness to allow Arabs to vote in local elections but other than the current non-Jewish Arabs residing with Israeli citizenship whose families have been Israelis since the beginning who have the right to vote in all elections, the new resident alien Palestinian Arabs will not have the privilege of voting in national elections. This is exactly the same rule for resident aliens in every other nation, which often does not matter when it comes to Israel for reasons which are never quite explained beyond the, “Well, you know.” The only other solution which would come about eventually is the Palestinian Arab population under their PA and/or Hamas leadership will attempt to destroy Israel through a war of terror which will become simply a war and they will be forced from the land or worse. This also will be the final result with the Wars in Lebanon instigated by Hezballah under Iranian directions. At some point in the not all that distant future, Israel will have the Jordan River as her eastern border, the Wadi of Egypt (not the Nile) or current border which is quite close, to the south, the Mediterranean Sea to the west, the Golan Heights to the northeast including Mount Herman, and the Litani River to the north as that will become the border once Hezballah has been defeated providing Israel with defendable borders on all fronts. This will be in a future after there have been numerous difficult years throughout the world and many will call it the Messianic Era.


The initiating events which will bring this final resolution will be a surprise to most and many will claim such will never come about, but be assured this initial requirement is not as far into the future as even far too many Israelis believe, this first step will be the United States turning against Israel. There may even come a point where being a Jew or a Christian supporter of Israel will make one unacceptable to the governing forces within the United States. Europe will have gone even further than their present position in what has been called Old Europe, the former NATO and other non-Warsaw Pact nations of Europe, will become fiercely anti-Israel and most if not all of their Jews will have fled to Israel having no other place which would accept them. Russia will further cement her position as the supporter of the Arab and Muslim world, which will come back to haunt her in the future, pulling out all support or even conveniences with Israel as currently exist on the Syrian front. Iran will have not only expanded her nuclear stockpile of weapons but have reached near parity with the United States, though relations will be closer between the two nations even stronger than as under President Obama. The Korean Peninsula will have been united, as will have the two Chinese states. The main question will be as to whether the United States had a struggle resulting in her breaking into anywhere from three to six separate nations with one definitely supporting Israel and located in much of the region which made up the Louisiana Purchase. This region might even be split into two separate areas or even three with the major cities along the Mississippi River holding to that waterway and having amiable relations with the surrounding regions for obvious reasons. The east and west coasts of the United States would be two separate, if not more, nations with close ties and very similar beliefs and governmental powers. This is not far fetched as it may seem as a Soviet Academic has made claims about exactly such a situation. But not all of this is going to happen in the near term, though with a Trump reelection in 2020, who knows?


Louisiana Purchase

Louisiana Purchase


The problem between the Palestinian Arabs and Israel will also not be solved during this first term of President Trump as probably they know that all they need do is wait and a new American President is just a few years away, be that two or six. The Palestinian Arab leadership plays the long game and believes that they can out-determine the Jews, as they have put it, the Jews will run in time just as did the Romans, the Greeks, the Persians, the Crusaders and the British, as they are a desert people and have infinite patience. Really! Islam is a little over 1400 years old and the Arabs left their peninsula just after Muhammad died and they are going to outwait the Jews who have been waiting to return to their ancestral homelands for close to 2200 years and are also a desert people. Who has shown the greater patience as we have out-waited every one of those empires and more and seen empires they have never heard of and almost every empire which has mistreated we the Jews has fallen into the dustbin of history, so perhaps you should reconsider. If this is a waiting game, fine, we will wait right here.


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October 12, 2018

The World Can be Wrong, Dead Wrong


When it comes to Israel, we have a very unique situation. It is possible that on some issues, Israel might stand almost totally alone and still be correct and right while the world stands steadfastly wrong, dead wrong. The problem is while the world is dead wrong; there are numbers of Israelis who are doing the dying. The most recent were murdered in cold blood, tied and shackled before being shot execution style in the head. They were Kim Levengrond Yehezkel, 28, and Ziv Hagbi, 35, and they join Ari Fuld who was murdered just miles away being stabbed in the back. What do these three victims and those also wounded by these two terror attacks all have in common? This is the root of this terrible problem which will only serve to make matters worse and they are legion in their numbers. The first and possibly most important similarity is that their perpetrators, the two terrorists, will each receive large salaries which are easily four times the average salary earned at other professions in the Palestinian Authority controlled region. They will purportedly receive these salaries (see table below) for life and Mahmoud Abbas has exclaimed proudly that these ‘warriors against the occupation’ will receive their blood money before their government pays any other obligation. This is the pay to slay solution invoked by the leader who is also the individual Israel has as their peace partner. These murders are also a direct result of having zones of cooperation where the Palestinian Arabs can traverse the border between the Israeli controlled regions and their Palestinian Authority ruled regions without often even passing through a checkpoint. This is what permitted the terrorist, who perpetrated the murders at the Industrial park, to be able to simply cross into Israel with a rifle unchecked. That is the reward Israel receives for providing jobs to Palestinian Arabs, including this terrorist murderer, and the promise of a brighter future through coexistence. Mahmoud Abbas’s idea of coexistence is the Jews either as Dhimmis allowed to live as long as they provide for their Arab masters or dead and buried. The problem is the world supports Mahmoud Abbas and his ideas and believes that all the Ziv Hagbi, Kim Levengrond Yehezkel and Ari Fuld and the rest of Israeli Jews are the problem and Abbas and company have the right to murder them, as they are merely Jews.


Palestinian Authority Remunerations for Terrorists

Palestinian Authority Remunerations for Terrorists


We have heard people across the political and social spectrum of Israel lamenting the cost and potential death of coexistence and the shared future of Arabs and Jews would have if only there were some shared experience which could act to merge the two peoples together. This is the entire concept of the coexistence operations and we see where that leads, to more terror and more solemn services as we place the bodies of the Israeli martyrs to coexistence. The difference between the Israeli martyrs and the terror martyrs of the Palestinian Authority Arabs is the Israelis were innocent victims of terror and the Palestinian Authority Arabs are often the terrorists who murdered them. Currently, the terrorist murderer who felled Ari Fuld is being carefully cared for in an Israeli hospital and the murderer of Kim Levengrond Yehezkel and Ziv Hagbi is still being sought by the IDF and other security teams. While most Israelis are mourning the loss of our brothers and a sister from the past few weeks of violence, political Israelis such as Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein, IDF Spokesperson Brigadier General Ronen Manelis, Head of the Samarian Regional Council Yossi Dagan and even Sarah Vettori, an employee of the Alon factory who was moderately wounded all joined the ranks hoping that the coexistence and coexistence zones will not suffer from these horrific acts. Over 30,000 Palestinian Arabs from the Shomron have work permits for the different industrial zones, also known as the ‘zones of coexistence, which means there are exactly that many Palestinian Arabs who could decide to retire and earn their salary for life by murdering the very Israelis they worked besides just the day before. Coexistence is costing Israeli lives, plain and simple.


What is depressing about this situation is that the Palestinian Authority will continue to pay its people to murder Israelis, preferably Jewish Israelis, while Israel will continue to broaden the areas which will be taking advantage of becoming the newest coexistence zone and Israel will continue granting work permits such that additional Palestinian Authority Arabs will be added to the already over thirty-thousand work permits granted to Palestinian Arabs to cross the border into Israel and enter these industrial parks, from which gaining entrance to the shopping centers and even the Israeli villages all because of coexistence. This will inexorably lead to more Israelis being murdered by enterprising youth who will see this as the preferred route to wealth as well as fame. Additionally, these murderers and their families are praised and rewarded with social status in addition to the retirement salary. Terrorism is the one position which will pay into perpetuity for a single hour’s work and Israel is facilitating these murders. The Palestinian Arabs do not care about coexistence zones because they have no intention of ever coexisting. Every so often, we fall into the trap that there is something we can do which would permanently bring peace and end the terrorist violence and then we wake up and require facing murder after murder. Only complete separation of the two populations would bring about an end to these attacks as well as ending coexistence, but the Israeli politicians are too concerned about what the Europeans, Americans, Canadians and possibly some remote Inuit Tribesmen would think of them if they were to close down these coexistence zones. Any normative nation would have at least temporarily closed these zones once the death toll reached one, but Israel is leaving them open despite three falling in a single month. There needs to be a complete and total separation of the Palestinian Arabs from all who are dissimilar for the safety of the others.


Family Home of the Barkan Industrial Zone Terrorist Who Murdered Ziv Hagbi and Kim Levengrond Yehezkel

Family Home of the Barkan Industrial Zone Terrorist
Who Murdered Ziv Hagbi and Kim Levengrond Yehezkel


We have suggested solutions and now believe that there are parts which may require adjustments in order for them to work properly. We have spoken and written about allowing numbers of Palestinian Arabs who chose to remain to simply sign a statement of nonaggression and agreeing to reside peaceably and not in any way or means support terrorism or other violence. These Arabs would have received legal alien resident status and been permitted total access to all of Israel. Should anyone under their roof commit an act of terrorism, the entire family would be summarily deported. The original offer was for those who desired being bought out at market prices for their holdings and potentially a relocation stipend. Finally, we believed that allowing Israeli companies to open manufacturers in Jordan dedicated for product sales in the United States with new apartments in the surrounding area which would provide new homes for those relocating to the QIZ (Qualifying Industrial Zones). Now the QIZ are looking to be less of an opportunity as a certain number of Israelis would be required to work in these zones and it is now obvious that they would become targets of some hero seeking the reward from the PLO as the Palestinian Authority would have been disbanded, or should we say sent into exile. Both permitting some Palestinian Arab to remain is dangerous and the QIZ would be a further difficulty and very likely, both would prove to be too great a threat to actually work. Additionally, in the Palestinian Authority ruled region the level of anti-Semitic function was almost off the charts coming in at over 90%. Permitting any to remain would be allowing a danger to the nation of Israel to be nestled within our borders. The only workable solution is complete relocation and annexation of the Shomron making the Jordan River to be our border in the east with Jordan.


This does not mean that Israel should not buy the lands from them at a fair price and they should receive an additional amount to make their relocation less of a difficulty. As far as the amount for the relocation bonus, that might be set at 100,000 shekels. The entire project should be carried out in seven steps:

First, all current convicted terrorists in prison should be expelled and told of their status as persona non grata and should be warned that returning without prior permission would result in death or a life sentence. This should include the leadership of the Palestinian Authority, PLO and any known terror leadership.

Second, there should be a sweep of the area for all known terrorists and their immediate family and send them unceremoniously into exile and labeled as persona non grata and warned of severe penalties should they ever return and are caught in Israel.

Third, a second sweep needs to be made of those who strongly objected and especially those who rioted.

Fourth, families of terrorists, especially those having more than one family member who has committed or has interrelations with terror, such as the Tamini Family, should also be shown the border and informed of their becoming persona non grata.

Fifth, the remainder should be given two weeks to settle their personal needs as after that time they will be bought out of their property, provided transportation to their destinations either by air or alternative transport, and will receive a bonus to assist with their relocation and they will be told they may return for as long as they cause Israel no threat or other harm.

Sixth, the entire region where the Palestinian Arabs had resided needs to be leveled with every structure brought down and the entire region leveled. Then the bricks and other materials should be removed while the charcoal piles should be taken for use in modern industry.

Seventh, the entire region should then be opened up for Israelis to move to and take up residence. This will cement the Israeli claims to the region. Those Israelis moving into this region could be rewarded with a stipend to get them started and a similar stipend could go to the families already residing in this area.


Israel will have legally and fully annexed the entirety of the Shomron, every millimeter of what Jordan referred to as West Bank, as the first step could only be carried forward had Israel taken ownership of the region. After formally declaring ownership of these lands, then it becomes necessary to take the steps required to clear the lands of those foreign occupants. The reason that we place the members of the Palestinian Authority at the head for removal as well as jailed terrorists is that they pose the greatest risk and make up much of the organized resistance to any Jewish presence in the Middle East. As far as Mahmoud Abbas and the rest of the top echelon of terror manipulators, these will require being removed from the vicinity completely and placed in disparate regions making any coordination more difficult and easily intercepted by intelligence groups. They cannot be permitted to sit in the Sinai or Jordan and plot ways to destroy or destabilize Israel. The reason to exile them far from one another is it makes communication more difficult and most means are easily intercepted. Further, their transfers of money will also be able to be prevented or at the very least hindered. The steps above are also the initial requirements for ensuring the safety of Israel and the quality of life for all Israelis including Arabs.


Our previous ideas of allowing for those who signed non-belligerence confirmations promising not to take part or support terrorism in any way or means is no longer the way to secure Israeli society. As we have witnessed in the past few weeks is that the youth have been so instilled with a hatred, a murderous hatred, of the Jews and Israel that they are no longer under the control of their parents. Thus, having the parents promise they will not take part in terrorism does not indemnify Israeli society against their children grabbing the family rifle or taking the largest kitchen knife and heading out to the closest shared zone and them start murdering everyone who appears to be a Jew or an Israeli. Thanks to the hate education sponsored through mostly European and United States money over the years, whether the education was provided by the Palestinian Authority or through UNWRA, the children are ticking time bombs which can erupt into a violent rage at any point in life and are completely unpredictable. Additionally, the cash incentive to a young person is very enticing as it provides an income greater than they can probably find within the Arab areas and even greater than the average Israeli’s salary. When much of your education has been the false history of a Palestinian people whose history goes back thousands of years and were the original Canaanites and other various lies and theft from Jewish history adding the adoption of the term Palestinian which was originally used for the Jews when the Arabs were referred to as Arabs, imagine that, they have stolen all of Jewish history and then tell these impressionable children that the Jews are attempting to steal their history and land, no wonder they are ready to murder Jews. They unfortunately act before they reach a point where they might question what they were indoctrinated with, but as Islam teaches that one is to surrender to those older and presumably wiser or to the Imam and what they preach, which in the Palestinian Authority and Hamas ruled regions is hatred of Israel and Jews and the need to murder them for Allah. This goes hand in hand with the seventy-two perpetual raven haired virgin beauties and the land with grass and flowing rivers with waterfalls and endless wine which never makes one drunk but they still feel great and other benefits galore while being taught that this life is worthless and difficult and they can have it so much better if they manage to die murdering Israelis. These youths must be distanced from Israel if the Israelis are to expect to live in peace. That is all Israel desires, to live in peace in the lands promised her by the world through the League of Nations and the United Nations, but the world now wishes to renege on their promise and instead simply does away with the Jews in Israel. Not to fear, they plan to get the rest soon thereafter. This is why Israel must clear the land and will need to do the same with Gaza if they continue to act belligerently.


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July 20, 2018

The True Future of Diaspora Jews

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The Jews residing outside of Israel run a great risk of assimilation and leaving the faith as described in the article “Dear Israelis, America is not Israel.” This is even more likely when they live outside a traditional Jewish neighborhood, defined as, where all the children attend a Yeshiva, the family attends religious functions, the boys attend daily services preferably with the father and the home is kept properly kosher, will likely leave the religion within the next generation or two, three at the outside barring outside intervention. This will get a howl out of many who will claim that they have the magic formula by which to instill the balance of Judaism and secular community involvement. They may keep kosher at home; but not necessarily when eating out, especially at that great Chinese restaurant that all their friends rave about and where they eat with other families on special occasions. Perhaps the non-kosher outing is monthly pizza night. What about their children when attending school, do they necessarily keep kosher or might they sneak a non-kosher snack every now and again? Are their children hanging mostly with other Jewish children or a mixed crowd? When dating starts, are their dates from known families or sometimes are they dating from an unknown family and if so, what guarantees assure the person they are dating is Jewish? The potential for dangerous situations which will grow more and more prevalent as time progresses and once they are away at college it has become far too late to make corrections. The truth is even if your children are presently retaining a Jewish lifestyle while under your roof, will it be strong enough that they will do the same with their children, and then again through to their children? From what we have seen and even personally witnessed, this is not the case.


Youth who were raised with a complete Jewish background, Bar Mitzvah, president of their B’nai B’rith youth chapter, hooked into the Hillel House when attending university, and intermarried and children brought up in both religions which is almost the same as no religion; their children’s children will likely not be Bar Mitzvah and will float even further adrift with the generation after that not even knowing they came from a Jewish background looking back a few generations. We have a Mormon friend whose grandmother in his mother’s side was Jewish. Legally, he could make Aliyah to Israel on his maternal grandmother’s having been Jewish. They are but one example of how quickly a family can drift from Judaism. The reality can be seen ever so clearly just by looking back into Jewish history. The first mass scale assimilation came early on in Egypt. The Jews may or may not have been slaves or an indentured workforce and may have simply been workers whose only available employment was working on the construction projects. This was apparently the case for many Egyptians, so why not the Jews in Egypt. The truth according to most recounting is that a mere 20% of the Jews left Egypt while the majority preferred the security of what they knew over their faith. Then there was the sorry story about the Ten Lost Tribes which went into exile under the Assyrians and were never heard from until the present day. There is no proof these tribes of Jews coming from all corners of the earth are from the Ten Lost Tribes, but it makes for a very romantic tale. Finally, we have the Babylonian Exile. This was brought to an end by the conquest by Persia under Cyrus the Great. He was named Cyrus the Great by the Jews because he permitted their return to their homelands and with instructions to rebuild their Temple, what would in time become the Second Temple. Here the Jews were liberated from a cruel exile and still, once again, 20% returned to Israel, then known as Judea. The rest saw the wealth and glitter of Persia and decided to take their chances with a complete unknown rather than return to their homeland and rebuild their lives. It was easier to simply melt and assimilate into Persian life. Why should this return be any different other than we have already had more than 20% of the Jewish population, perhaps we should say known Jewish population, return to modern Israel. The number is still under 50%, but at least this time it will end up being over 20% and for that, we can be thankful. The sad news is that mostly parents who are not residing in a close knit Jewish neighborhood and whose children are not attending Yeshiva, the likelihood that their grandchildren will be within the Jewish fold is a slim bet. Yes, some will manage to hold on to that slim thread of tekhelet (blue) from their father’s or grandfather’s Tzitzit, but most will lose their grip and wander astray. This will be the sad end of many a Jewish family line.


But this is not the only influence that America has on Israel. Much of Israeli culture is Middle Eastern but with a definite American flavor. Nowhere in Israeli law is there a guarantee of free speech yet that is often part of a judicial ruling. Now if only Israel would write a Constitution and even include much of the Bill of Rights as there are worse examples of governmental theories. Israel is a liberal democratic nation with many of the equalities written into her laws. Many come from Britain while others from America and the Weimar Republic, the German governance before the Nazi hijacked the nation and too many of its people. There is also the fable that the United States has supported Israel from her inception. There is a partial truth to that as President Truman did advise the American Ambassador to the United Nations to vote in favor of the formation of Israel, or at least the UNGA Res 181. What people are less aware about is that Truman then immediately signed an arms embargo which included Israel. During the Eisenhower administration there was still an arms embargo on Israel including for the duration of the 1956 Suez War. Israel was also insisted upon to return all lands and properties to Egypt at the conclusion of that war by President Eisenhower. Truth be told, the start of American aid to Israel came in the 1970’s with the initial trickle in the late 1960’s. The earnest beginnings of the aid to Israel came during the Yom Kippur War where Israel was desperate for a resupply of arms from anywhere willing. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger advised President Nixon to wring some concessions from the Israelis before sending any aid. President Nixon ignored him and commanded the Secretary of Defense to send whatever the Israelis required immediately. That did run into a small problem, Europe. Every American base in Europe was immediately closed by their hosting nation to any aircraft resupplying the Israelis. The Europeans saw this as finally the opportunity to have Israel removed from the map and their “mistake” of allowing her formation erased. This threatened the entirety of Operation Nickel Grass as the United States could not fly these provisions directly and air refueling was not a viable option. In the end, despite every European nation refusing American use of their airspace for this operation, Portugal was willing to help allowing the aircraft landing and refueling permission at Lajes Field in the Azores Islands. This was the start of the American-Israeli cooperation and interdependence as Israel provides the United States with a good amount of intelligence which they otherwise might not have and cooperation on some operational missions providing deniability for both nations. Still, the United States is dearly loved by the average Israeli. Even during the Obama administration there was the feeling that Israel would not be sacrificed, as the American people would never stand for such. This was the general belief and it has definitely carried over to the Trump administration whose moving the embassy to Jerusalem sent waves of joy and appreciation of the promise fulfilled through the tiny nation.


There are things which can reinforce one’s connection to the Jewish faith, though such is not the desired means of having one return to the faith. There are many in Europe who are finding that they are very Jewish, at least as far as those who find hatred of a Jew as part of their callings. When Synagogues in your town or the city just down the highway is being firebombed and Jews who wear an identifying piece of jewelry or clothing are being attacked regularly as happens in certain places and cities in Europe, then one remembers their attachment to Judaism, as they have no choice. It is known that anti-Semites will check birth certificates and trace people’s heritage back even two or three generations and if anyone in your family was Jewish, to the anti-Semite you are Jewish and are a target. Some places in Europe rabbis are advising their congregants not to wear a kippah in public and to remove them when they leave prayers for safety’s sake. When the people around you in the public start to treat you differently because, as they would state it, you have Jewish blood, then you realize that for many once your family was Jewish always your family is Jewish, and this includes you. Even those who intermarried are not free of such hatred but their non-Jewish spouse will be considered contaminated by marrying you. This anti-Semitism is returning to Europe in all of its ugliest phenomena. This disease is growing and it is infecting the youth in Europe, especially the Muslims but it is far from limited to just Muslims. There are still the old right wing anti-Semites, some neo-Nazis and others just neo-fascists. The problem is that there is another form of anti-Semitism rising in Europe which many have tried to ignore or even claim cannot exist, but the reality is there. Anti-Semitism is becoming adopted by the far-leftists and even some presumably liberals. These groups include pro-Communists and socialists as well as the militant left. In too many places the name Jew and Israel are used interchangeably and with equal animosity. Jews will soon come to a choice in Europe, either go underground and hide their having Jewish roots until they are found out or get out of Europe. If leaving Europe is your choice, a small piece of advice, choose Israel for reasons we are about to make evident.


The United States also is facing increasing anti-Semitism. Most of it is in the form of anti-Zionism and anti-Israelism, but in the end, it will be played out as anti-Semitism. Even in New York where Joe Crowley in the 14th congressional district just lost the primary to challenger Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, an outspoken BDS supporter who is strongly pro-Palestinian and believes Israel is illegal. Our bet is she probably does not like Jews period. Ocasio-Cortez spoke out strongly against the Israeli army’s actions on the Gaza border on May 14, tweeting, “This is a massacre. I hope my peers have the moral courage to call it such. No state or entity is absolved of mass shootings of protesters. There is no justification. Palestinian people deserve basic human dignity, as anyone else. Democrats can’t be silent about this anymore.” When asked about the Tweet, Ocasio-Cortez replied, “I think I was primarily compelled on moral grounds because I could only imagine if 60 people were shot and killed in Ferguson. Or if 60 people were shot and killed in the West Virginia teachers’ strikes. The idea that we are not supposed to talk about people dying when they are engaging in political expression just really moved me.” She also claimed to support Bernie Sanders who is also outspokenly anti-Israel, and yes, he is supposedly Jewish.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Tweeting as an Outspoken BDS Supporter

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Tweeting as an Outspoken BDS Supporter


The waves of anti-Israel protests on major American college and university campuses as well as intimidation of Jewish students with mostly verbal abuse but some numbers have been spat upon and more recently attacks have taken place. Those inciting such actions against Jewish students will also be amongst the leaders in the future after these students graduate and take their place in the society. These positions are taking on a following strongly along the lines of the activist left. Apparently, if one is a Zionist, you cannot be an honest feminist, honest. Some say that supporting Israel bars one from all pro-rights and leftist protests and movements. The writing is on the wall even in some high schools where anti-Semitism has reared its ugly head. These types of things grow slowly and almost unperceived and eventually hit a tipping point, and then people turn around and start asking things like how did this happen and where did it come from. It came from not paying enough attention to what was growing in the shadows simply waiting for the best time to jump out and take center stage. The United States is approaching just such a tipping point when it comes to Jew hatred. This hatred has been festering in the background since the early 1980’s, and had never completely disappeared. Now it is growing with the aid of Islamist groups who are painting hate for Israel as protecting human rights and using that as the introduction to all Jews equal Israel. Even Courtney Love has referred to Linda Sarsour as an “anti-Semitic terrorist” stating in a Tweet, “I won’t follow anything that’s being led by an anti-Semitic terrorist that’s using feminism as a tool to promote her radicalism.” This is going to heat up and catch many Jews, especially those who have wandered from the religion and are completely unaware of what is coming their way.


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