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December 21, 2016

Palestinian Arabs War on the Jews and Israel


Those leftist Jews such as those in Israel joining B’Tselem, Gush Shalom, Public Committee Against Torture in Israel, The Alternative Information Center, Ta’ayush and others along with their European cohorts like European Jews for a Just Peace and the European Union and government which provide the majority of the funding for the above Israeli NGOs plus the thusfar most influential American NGOs starting with President Obama’s favorite, J-Street as well as Defence for Children International, Palestine Section (DCI/PS), Faculty For Israeli-Palestinian Peace, Amnesty International, US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, International A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism!) and Tikkun amongst a plethora of others plus the ever insistent BDS Movement are waging war against Israel currently but they would not stop there if they were to destroy Israel, they would then continue and eradicate all Jews then destroy the rest of Judeo-Christian societies without a care as to what replaced their governance. This has always worked out so well as it did with the Stalinist Purges and Mao’s agricultural plans which resulted in tens if not hundreds of millions of deaths, the actual figures are quite vague and unknown. Should these efforts result in the rise of the Islamic Caliphate to rise in place of their despised Judeo-Christian culture, the numbers of deaths resulting from the cleansing of the unbelievers would dwarf even Mao but history would forget them as a necessary result of Allah’s will. One need remember that the winners write the history and they decide the tale, not the vanquished. The suicidal venue provided by these anti-religion leftists who bow at the feet of Baal not knowing whom they worship and not knowing the human sacrifice their godless deity does demand nor that they are to be the sacrificed if the need be called for.


These groups all have the most noble sounding names but only to hide the most insidious of intents. Their claim of desiring to help the Arab Palestinians establish a stable state which will flourish and become independent of the current system of living off the generosity, protection money, from others is the sheet with which they cover their real intentions, the destruction of the Jewish State and the Jewish Religion afterwards. Their noble claims are nothing to them but their disguise behind which they hide. Their real effects upon the Palestinians is for every Jewish family there will soon be a business owned by that family leaving Judea and Samaria and when the BDS score big they force a factory or an entire manufacturing block to be closed and moved lock, stock but not all the jobs back within the infamous Green Line. The jobs which end up not moving with the businesses, the factories, the manufacturers such as Soda Stream are the Palestinians’ jobs as many are unable to receive work entry visas and others do not even try as they cannot afford to travel the greater distance. They lose jobs and their futures, jobs which on average paid four to five times the going wage in the Palestinian Authority. These Palestinians are the real victims of these phony advocates who hide behind those whose lives they destroy because they are collateral damage while they wage their war against the Jewish faith, the Jewish State and eventually all of Judeo-Christian philosophy and western society in the process. The Palestinian Arabs are simply the lever they use in their real war waged against religion and Hashem in all denominations and spirits. These are the worshipers of secularism, those whose faith is in humans as the highest intelligence and as the supreme result and end product of Darwinian evolution. Their fuel is the fear that they may be wrong and are not the supreme beings they pretend they are and protest they must be. Theirs is a holy cause against all that their ancestors held as holy for their religion demands the overturning of what is replacing it with their perfection. They believe that man can construct a perfect order if only they be given all power. We have witnessed such absolutist throughout history from the earliest recounting of the Jewish Bible through to the modern day and the leaders of these groups are such people. Many of those are followers amongst which many are true believers blind to the damage resulting from their actions as they are being as lied to as are the public, media and any who are willing to be fooled. Like true believers throughout history they march, they protest, they send thousands of e-mails; they carry out the marching orders which come from their leaders, what they consider to be from on high. Such is their religion though they believe theirs is an anti-religious order, a purely secular movement rather than the religion of secularism.


The real distressing truth is that the majority of these NGOs are cosponsored by the Arab leadership, particularly the leaders from the PLO, Hamas, the Arab League and both Arab nations and European nations under strong leftist leanings. The leadership of the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the PLO before them as well as Hamas have lined their pockets getting fat and wealthy on the misery they allow to be prolonged on those they presume to serve. Add to this the refusal of the Arabs both within the Palestinian leadership and throughout much of the Arab world to recognize Israel inside any borders as anything other than a Muslim Arab state where the Jews are Dhimmis walking at the edge of streets in the gutter with their heads bowed such that they dare not meet the eyes of their Muslim superiors. The Arabs have been given 78% of the British Mandate to satisfy the Arab demands for their own state and Jordan is that state. When Mahmoud Abbas demands the Palestinians be given their proper 22% of the remaining lands of Palestine they are speaking about the 22% that is not Jordan, not what they refer to as the West Bank with or without Gaza. The Arabs were offered half of that 22% by the United Nations in 1948 with most of the best farmland and the Jews to receive mostly Negev Desert and they refused as this would permit Israel as the Jewish State with recognized borders. This was followed by all-out war with more than six national armies invading Israel with genocidal intents and almost eighteen months after the start of this war when the Arab leaders realized they could not win they allowed an armistice line, the Green Line, to set the demarcation with a stipulation that this armistice line never be considered as a national border thus denying Israel actual borders so they could continue to deny Israel’s existence. After another attempt to erase Israel failed with the Six Day War in June of 1967, the Arab world followed this up with an emergency meeting of the Arab League in Khartoum where the Three No’s were decided; NO peace with Israel, NO recognition of Israel, NO negotiations with Israel and has been an edict obeyed ever since. When Anwar Sadat broke with the Khartoum Resolution he was assassinated for making peace with Israel but that peace remains cold but in place thanks to Egyptian President Sisi as had President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood remained the ruling power in Egypt that peace would have dissolved. There are numerous terrorist groups causing disorder in the Sinai Peninsula in part for causing distress and keeping the hope for overturning the election of Egyptian President Sisi and reinstalling the Muslim Brotherhood as well as the occasional attempt to raid and destroy Israel. These are the originators and the spirit driving the BDS Movement which was initiated by the PLO and Arab League as the Arab Boycott of Israel. BDS Movement is just exactly what the Palestinian leadership has called for repeatedly, the internationalizing of their struggle, thus the Arab Boycott became an international boycott, the BDS Movement. Further internationalizing of their efforts to destroy Israel and then all of Judaism and on to Christianity eliminating Judeo-Christian culture with the intent of replacing it with a secular governance where humankind is worshiped as occupying the highest plane of existence in the chosen universe from the multiverse, a concept mathematically proven, surprise, surprise, which allows for the existence of our universe where Sol is one star and Earth the chosen planet where mankind rules over all he can mathematically prove. My major was theoretical mathematics and I once was in a class challenged to find the fault in a proof which proved that 2+2=5 and it was not from 1984 though I am sure the Professor was implying that if a governance wished that to be the truth, this would have been their proof. There was hidden in one step within the three pages a strange formula was used to divide both sides in order to simplify the equation which if solved equaled zero, and dividing by zero is one of the biggest no-no’s in math though Physicists and Cosmologists appear to love doing exactly that when they are stuck with something they cannot understand thus claiming to have run into infinity. The diameter of the central mass of a black hole is the most famous of these as they define it as a point with zero diameter and near infinite mass which produces infinite gravity because of the formula where:

F = (G x M) / r2


M= mass of the black hole star and any matter fallen into it minus that losses due to Hawking radiation which easily overcomes the 10-11 as the star’s mass exceeds 5×1040 easily a greater magnitude than the gravitational constant of G=6.67428×10-11.

And r=0 if you listen to physicists and cosmologists which makes F= ∞ (infinity).
Of course we all know that no matter what the pressure the central mass of a black hole must be at least the diameter of a BB thus at the very least 4.3 mm to 4.4 mm, quite a bit larger than 0, one might say infinitely larger.


Picture Concept for a Black Hole

Picture Concept for a Black Hole


The idea that man is the ultimate being and existence held in the universe, or the imaginary realms of the multiverse is as ludicrous as a black hole having infinite gravitational force. We will grant the number is large, but not infinite. Einstein spoke about things which were infinite and he did not include black holes but did state, “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” He was a smart physicist as he did not include the force of a black hole as infinite. He did include those who believe they are serving human rights in their efforts to destroy Israel because those Jews are evil in Israel. Perhaps this would be a good place to stop today’s ramblings and hope you have enjoyed this stream of consciousness.


Beyond the Cusp 


August 20, 2012

Partisan Divide Reaching Dangerous Levels

Saying that politics in the United States is reaching heightened levels of hostility between people on the opposing extremes is an understatement of unimaginable proportions. The animosity between supporters of one party for the supporters of the other has almost driven people to violence. It is as if polite discussion and disagreement is no longer an option and the best policy might be to simply avoid all discussions about the coming elections or, if such is unavoidable, simply agree and be happy to walk away intact. Politics have reached toxic levels and not only with the ardent followers of politics but has gotten to a point where anything is fair as long as it serves your candidate and nothing is forgivable if it is done by the other side or their supporters. There appears to be no room for forgiveness or even civil discourse which makes voicing a preference a potentially aggressive action which may be interpreted as an offense. The question is where will this viciousness lead us and our society?

The viciousness of some encounters has resulted in the breaking of friendships which had withstood previous election cycles. Some family relations have become strained and even broken off. It is as if many view this upcoming election as the ultimate political confrontation from which the losing side will be unable to recover. They view this election as being for all the marbles, not just until the next election. Where we may not have witnessed an election which took such hold of people’s emotions, this is not unprecedented. Those familiar with the history of Presidential election in the United States have likely studied elections throughout our history and can attest that the election between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams was another election which caught the attention of the population and was thought to be an election to determine the future of the young country. Where one candidate, Thomas Jefferson had one view of the role of government within the greater society, John Adams had a near opposite view and the debate between the men was something far short of civil. We like to believe that all previous elections were more civilized, honest, and respectful; a sanitized view of our history. Perhaps some particulars and examples would help define how contentious the campaign of 1800 really was.

One thing for sure, the mutual respect and friendship between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson made no appearances during their campaigning. Thomas Jefferson’s campaign accused John Adams of being a “hideous hermaphroditical character, which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman.” John Adams campaign responded accusing Thomas Jefferson of being “a mean-spirited, low-lived fellow, the son of a half-breed Indian squaw, sired by a Virginia mulatto father.” Before it was all over and the voting decided the elections, Adams was labeled a fool, a hypocrite, a criminal, and a tyrant, while Jefferson was branded a weakling, an atheist, a libertine, and a coward. Both candidates spent most of the campaign at home allowing hired spokesmen and character assassins to carry the name-calling in their stead throughout the States. It was during this campaign that the Thomas Jefferson affair with Sally Hemings was first made public complete with the claims of Thomas Jefferson fathering Ms. Hemings’ child. The one advantage our countrymen had in 1800 that we no longer have today was that they did not receive the final results of the election the night of the votes being cast. Where we will know who won the election before we go to sleep on Election Day in November, the Americans of 1800 would not even know the results of the voting in their own area until the next day or even for a week if they resided in a sufficiently large city. The final results of the election and who would be sworn in as the next President would not likely be known to the general public for weeks, likely months. They had all that time without hearing any more electioneering, any more claims and mudslinging before they would have to deal with the final results. We, on the other hand, will know by Wednesday at the latest, more than likely, who won and we will not be far removed from the emotional aspects of the campaign and everything will be a recent memory, a recent wound should our choice lose. This instant knowledge is a disservice as it does not allow for Americans in this immediate modern world to gain a little space and perspective with which to moderate our reactions.

The acrimony and sheer intensity of emotions being forged already in this Presidential campaign could lead the American people to a place we will forever rue. We may be witness to violence being caused by an election unseen since the middle of the nineteenth century with the onset of the Civil War. Emotions are running rampant and unchecked with both pundits and regular people who are reacting with a certainty of their convictions which does not leave room for compromise. The emotional levels being exhibited by both camps are truly frightening; at least I find them so. My fortune, or misfortune, is that I do not support either of the major Party candidates and have no animosity or preference which leaves me horrified by the fanaticism being exhibited by both sides. I already was not exactly looking forward to Election Day as when the winner is announced I know it will not be a candidate I support for the office of President. The only advantage I will have is that I will be equally unemotional about who lost as I am sure to be about who wins. Unfortunately, I will still be subject to whatever results which will come and have to live through the possible vindictive actions pursued by the most ardent supporters of the losing candidate. I pray that the reactions will be restrained, controlled and passive instead of what I have heard some predict will be their reaction should their candidate lose, and I have heard such claims from people from both sides. Perhaps all the claims are pure bluster, or so I hope as we cannot afford it to be otherwise.

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