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June 1, 2018

The Whole and Ugly Reality Surrounding Israel


We all know that there are extreme levels of threats surrounding Israel. Many of these fronts can be traced back to Iran, but more on that after we give measure to some of the realities. Through polls, random samplings and quotes given by people in Gaza we know that they are amongst the most anti-Zionist, anti-Israel and anti-Semitic of populations on the planet. They are even more hateful than the population of Jordan, the nation which usually outpolls all other Arab and Muslim nations in all three areas. This would make Gaza the world leader if it were to be considered a nation. And there is the other truth the world likes to ignore, Gaza, for all intents and purposes, is a nation run by Hamas and should simply be called Hamasistan. The next most anti-Israel-Zionist-Semitic region on the planet is Southern Lebanon which no longer has much of a Christian population and is largely Hezballah families and rabid supporters of the terrorist groups. Hezballah has, as of the last election held recently; taken complete control of the entire nation as their actions and intimidations has emptied Lebanon of a majority of its former Christian population as any who could move very likely left. Lebanon also needs a name change to Hezballaland. Their solid area in southern Lebanon would fall in right behind Gaza and all of Lebanon would be close behind Gaza and closing on the Palestinian Authority areas.


The Palestinian Authority (PA) area is only less anti-Israel-Zionist-Semitic because many of the people work alongside Israeli Jews in the factories and other Israeli Jewish businesses. This allows some PA residents to find out the awful truth, Jews, even Israeli Jews from beyond the Green Line, “Settler” Jews; they do not have horns, drink blood of children or any of the other wonderful lies, myths and deceits most often told about Jews and Israelis and especially Zionists, which defines the majority of the “Settlers” are false and they are simply people just like the Arabs are people providing they have not swallowed the hatred pill and become ravaging vengeance machines. Still, if elections were to be held in the PA ruled regions, Hamas would win holding at least two-thirds if not four-fifths of the legislative body and would easily defeat Mahmoud Abbas and any other Fatah candidate for President. This would still leave Abbas as Chairman of the PLO and leader of Fatah, the latter just barely. There is one Fatah candidate with any chance of winning the Presidency of the PA and that is Marwan Barghouti who is imprisoned in Israeli prison serving five-years plus for the murder by terrorism of five of the many his plans and executions have murdered. It is exactly his being one of their most celebrated terror masterminds which makes Marwan Barghouti such a favorite.


Marwan Barghouti Wall Painting Demanding His Freedom from Israeli Incarceration

Marwan Barghouti Wall Painting Demanding
His Freedom from Israeli Incarceration


As we have seen, Gaza, Jordan, Hezballaland (Lebanon) and slightly more civil PA really take the cake when it comes to hatred and seething, molten iron hot, murderous hatred of Israel and every Jew and any other non-Muslim within almost completely envelops Israel leaving the southern border with Egypt and the Golan Heights area with Syria actually bordering Israel though one might make a case that maybe six or seven inches of Israel at the southern tip shares a border with Saudi Arabia snuggly nestled between Jordan and Egypt. Let us take Syria first as it is the far more simple border as well as smaller. This is another border along with Gaza and Hezballaland where Israel faces terrorists allied with and provided for by Iran. In Syria Israel faces, on top of Hezballah, the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) forces, as well as the fanatical Quds Force which is manned by nearly rabid fanaticism with the explicit focus on the destruction of Israel, murder of all Jews and we are told the conquest of al-Quds, which is the Islamic name for Jerusalem. From this front Israel faces a determined enemy which will use any form of weaponry, it is just a matter of time. Sooner or later Iran will fire a barrage of rockets all topped with Sarin Gas warheads such that if a single rocket evades the Iron Dome or is considered to be falling in a harmless open area and any Israel breathes in even a minute amount, providing they get appropriate medical attention almost immediately, will face a life where they will be challenged performing simple daily routines and at least twenty years less life. Without immediate treatment or if a stronger amount is inhaled, the result is certain death after convulsions and searing pain. What would be the Israeli response to a Sarin Gas attack, the use of a WMD on her population, I would not want to even hazard a guess. Whatever the chosen response, it would be definitive and near absolute in nature, carefully planned and decided and executed with a firm resolve beyond imagination. The people most likely to execute the response, providing the response is not simply nuclear missiles as responding in kind, would be the same people who removed over a ton of classified information from a secured and secret location in Tehran replete with pictures of the building, the inside of the building, a map of its location in Tehran and the complete documentation of the Iranian nuclear program from before the year 2000 to the present in the form of folders of documents, compact disks; to be exact it was reportedly 55,000 pages of evidence and a further 55,000 files on 183 CDs relating to Project Amad.


Top is the view of the building storing the information Bottom are the folders and CD’s brought to Israel from Iran

Top is the view of the building storing the information
Bottom are the folders and CD’s brought to Israel from Iran


Now we face Egypt, a place with probably one of the greatest disconnects concerning Israel. Where we have no actual idea of what President Sisi or any of the rest of the ruling elite in Egypt feel towards Israel, but we do know that they really would prefer not to engage in a war or exchange of hostilities and rather work on their national economy. The Egyptian government does, at times, coordinate with Israel on their two mutual problems, Hamas in Gaza and terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula. Egypt has even requested Israeli assistance in the Sinai Peninsula and given Israel permission at times to operate in the Sinai to remove terror threats as these threats are against both nations. These times of cooperation are always of benefit to Egypt and usually also Israel though there have been some times where the benefit of an Israeli action was likely more beneficial to Egypt. Then there are the people of which the vast majority believes that Egypt should engage Israel militarily and wipe Israel from the map. This is their thoughts as they also have been taught that Egypt has won every engagement with Israel and is the vastly more powerful nation. Without any evidence to corroborate or contravene what they have been told, they take the information provided by their government at face value. Eventually, the Muslim Brotherhood will regain rule in Egypt and then the cooperation will end and the countdown to a new war to push the Jews into the Sea, to quote Nasser, will commence with who knows allied with Egypt this time, Iran, Syria, Hezballaland, all of the above, who knows.


This is pretty much the situation here in paradise. Surrounded by entities almost wholly dedicated to our extinction, Israelis live an absurdly normal lives. Yes, ever few years, somewhere in Israel her citizens head into shelters at varying speeds from frantic urgency to a brisk walk when they hear the sirens scream their warning of incoming rockets or other projectiles. Despite the unrivaled efficiency of the Iron Dome systems in intercepting projectiles, Israelis still head into shelters as well as we celebrate life. Actually, this is one of the taunts we receive by which we are presumed to be the less powerful and guaranteed to lose the conflict with the Arab World simply because, as Hamas spokespersons have stated, “Hamas loves death like Israelis love life.” This is often quoted around the entirety of the Islamic war zones which ring the borders of the Islamic world where their presumed strength is their willingness to die for the cause. The real problem is that they are not only willing to die but they insist on taking as many innocents as possible, either Israelis or their own people as the terror leaders believe that their own dead civilians are an asset which can be utilized through the pictures they will make available for the media to spread for them with subtitles of their being killed by Israel. There will be no mention of their serving as human shields simply so they would be killed. Still, mostly our lives are very similar to anywhere else in the developed world. Traffic jams, rush hour, grocery shopping and all the other chores and pleasures of life. We are all living driving distance from the Mediterranean Sea, some of us just a few blocks walking distance from the same Mediterranean Sea as makes up the coasts of France and Italy and all those famous beaches and communities of film and literary fame. There is always the chance of a scare, a threat or some unsettling news which you soon learn to ignore as these horrible things seldom develop. Israel has found the secret to remaining peaceful, make the price for breaching the peace too terrible to contemplate and complete enough to make prolonged continuation nearly impossible. Eventually there will be another attempt on each of these fronts, most likely one or two at any given time. Should the Arab forces be foolish enough to all make a move against Israel in total accordance with one another, then Israel would be pressed to end the confrontation as rapidly and completely as humanly possible. This would mean that Israel would be forced to blunt every force and cause the greatest possible numbers of casualties so as to end the attacks as immediately as possible. It would be the order no Prime Minister would feel good giving, but then watching the country of Israel die is not an alternative which would be acceptable to any elected leader.


Israel lives on what could easily be called a knife’s edge, but our balance is good and we make do with the hand we have chosen. We realize this and accept it as part of the package of reclaiming our homelands. That is all we wish to have, our ancient homelands where the twelve tribes were originally mapped out, nothing more and even an amount less. There are groups of Israelis who desire for the Temple to be rebuilt and believe it will occur within their lifetimes. The Arab, Christian, Muslim, Bahia, Buddhist and other religions all live here with complete equality and enjoy all the freedoms and privileges which all Israeli citizens enjoy. One need understand that the Palestinians have their own governances, in Gaza, it is Hamas and in the PA regions, it is Mahmoud Abbas and Fatah. They are responsible for their own laws and when to hold elections, which by all measures is never. Israel relented on such control long ago and the presumed occupation by Israel has nothing to do with the lives of the Palestinian Arabs, it has to do with everyone else. The occupation is the sheer existence of Israel and her people. When the surrounding Arabs and Muslims claim they want to end the occupation, they mean Israel, not their own miserable governance. When you hear the word occupation, hear Israel and then you will understand exactly for what they are screaming. They are screaming for the end of Israel as that is the only land we “occupy” and that is what causes them so much anger. The reality of the situation is that easy to interpret, replace “occupation” with “Israel” and it all becomes clear and makes sense. It really is that simple.


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May 9, 2018

Jerusalem Coming Attractions Next Week


Jerusalem will become a driving nightmare next week while both United States Presidential security and Secret Service plus Israeli security for the Prime Minister and close to half the Knesset, Mayor of Jerusalem and a list of unknowns who deserve safety as well all gathering at the scene of the dedication and opening of the American Embassy in Jerusalem, the capping off of President Trump recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital City of Israel, even its eternal Capital. We have been informed through rumor and unofficial reports and semi-official reports that, as we stated yesterday, Donald Trump’s Daughter Ivanka and Husband Jared Kushner will be making an appearance at the grand opening of the American Embassy in Jerusalem. This means, Presidential level security or higher will be in place. The Secret Service will be thoroughly, exhaustively efficient and competent in their security put in place and attention to detail in assessing threats. Their work will probably be set just that little bit higher level as this is Jerusalem. Then there is the Israeli security which will be in place to protect Donald Trump’s Daughter Ivanka and Husband Jared Kushner above and beyond that in place for the Israeli VIPs who will be attending plus possibly other important people. This will mean that certain roads, bus routes and other forms of travel will be diverted, in some cases for no reason which is obvious or understandable. Some of these obstructions will be familiar to Jerusalem natives who have experienced these inconveniences before but they will probably complain that this time they went too far. The only reality that matters is that nothing untoward occurs to those attending the opening, traveling to the opening, leaving the grand opening, or simply visiting Jerusalem will be very safe almost anywhere within the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem corridor with an emphasis on Jerusalem and Ben Gurion International Airport. The safest place on Earth will be this area of Israel during the three days around the opening of the American Embassy coinciding with Israel’s 70th anniversary. The Embassy will initially be located in the Arnona neighborhood, in a modern building that now houses consular operations of U.S. Consulate General Jerusalem.


The reports that President Donald Trump is also potentially considering attending will make little difference to the level of required security. It likely will not even make any difference in the roads blocked and the detour routes and all the other security arrangements. Granted, should the President attend, and we really wish he would be there, as it would add much to the meaning of this dedication. He began this with his Jerusalem announcement and this would be the exclamation point which could only help. If the President is concerned about his attending making peace more difficult, not to worry, as long as Abbas and Hamas are in existence, then peace will not happen, as they do not desire peace, they desire all Israelis dead. President Trump should most definitely come to celebrate the fruits of his efforts. He signaled the importance and direction he intended for the emphasis of his foreign policy with the selection of his Ambassador to Israel, his choice of Ambassador to the United Nations and his establishment of a special group to affect his policies in the Middle East. This was further established with his statements about the unviability of the Iran Nuclear Agreement and his slowly sliding towards pulling out of the agreement and placing embargoes back on Iran, which President Donald Trump announced Tuesday where he called the 2015 agreement, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) an “embarrassment” that “should never have been reached.” The President added, “After the sanctions were lifted, the dictatorship used its new funds to build nuclear capable missiles, support terrorism, and cause havoc throughout the Middle East and beyond.” President Trump stated pointedly, “The agreement was so poorly negotiated that even if Iran fully complies, the regime can still be on the verge of a nuclear breakout in just a short period of time. The deal’s sunset provisions are totally unacceptable.” This and his declaration recognizing that Jerusalem was exactly as King David declared, the eternal capital of the Jewish State. Some things simply are beyond man’s ability to alter, something all the previous Presidents thought their wavers prevented the truth; it did not. One thing which was definite, the Jerusalem Municipality welcomes transfer of United States Embassy.


Jerusalem Municipality welcomes transfer of United States Embassy

Jerusalem Municipality welcomes transfer of United States Embassy


The Palestinian Authority, PLO, Fatah and every other organization which has any relation to Mahmoud Abbas have all called for everyone officially attached to their organizations, parties, governing groups, terror organization or any other identity to boycott the establishment of the new American Embassy in Jerusalem. This, they believe, will ruin the reality of the establishing of the Embassy of the United States in Jerusalem. They all have a very high view of themselves and we ask what difference does their refusal make and who actually expected them to come and applaud the opening of the United States Embassy, especially in Jerusalem. Hamas has decided that they will breach the border fence between Gaza and Israel and storm Jerusalem foiling the attempt to establish the United States Embassy in Jerusalem. Hamas has sworn that this will be the finale to their Gaza month of riots and it will be a grand spectacle. Some people are risking the lives of the youths who unfortunately believe what they have been fed and even believe their efforts will prove invincible and they will overwhelm the Jews. They have been fed a regular diet about the cowardly Jew who cannot find the strength to stand up to their grandness of will and their Arab will which Allah uses to make them into the weapons of the new caliphate and thus impervious to the IDF soldiers. They have been told that their rushing an IDF position will so frighten the Jew soldiers that they will drop their weapons and flee in terror and then they can use those weapons to kill the fleeing soldiers. Many of them believe the entirety to be a lark, a game where they play the part of the indignant and insulted party and the Jews are not going to use force to prevent their efforts because, well, because that is what they are told to believe and all too often the IDF appears reluctant to use deadly force. This has reinforced this idea in their heads that the IDF is scared to actually shoot them. It is honestly a sad reality that the reluctance of the IDF to take lives needlessly and without overwhelming need might lead to them needing to shoot into a crowd of hundreds of youths who have been told by their Hamas leaders that their time to storm the fence and march on Jerusalem has finally come. These Hamas leaders will be right behind them all the way, about two or three miles behind them. Hopefully non-deadly force will be all that will be necessary to prevent the youth from reaching a point where deadly force is the only option left to the soldiers.


This brings us to the question of what happens if the worst-case scenario should come to pass. There are several such scenarios. The mass of youths breaching the Gaza fence is the most obvious and among the most dangerous. The best scenario with this would be water cannons and other nonlethal crowd control methods, even to include sound amplification methods, will be sufficient to prevent an extended breach. Should the Hamas effort include people shooting at the IDF from within the breaching crowd, that will leave no choice but to return fire and hopefully snipers can pick off only those with weapons and the IDF troops not be forced to fire into a crowd of apparently unarmed individuals simply because they are taking fire from somewhere within the group. This was a tactic used before in the Gaza Wars where Hamas and Islamic Jihad fighters would grab a younger child and run from one position to another position holding the child to their torso using them as a bulletproof vest. This has been brought up at the United Nations by Ambassador Haley.


The other item which must be guarded against, and this is where preparations and intelligence serve as the best hopes, is to be ready to intercept and prevent any attack on the ceremonies by terrorists or other forces. Hamas has rockets which are capable of reaching Jerusalem and Hezballah and the IRGC have many missiles which could be used to target specific targets within Israel, anywhere within Israel including Jerusalem. The Palestinian Authority does not have the rocket capability compared to Hamas and the Iranian backed Hezballah and IRGC, but it would not take much of a rocket to cause an international incident. Such an attack does not even need to be remotely accurate, simply anywhere within a number of blocks would be sufficient to shut down the ceremony unless serious orders were given to ignore the distraction, as the dedication cannot be prevented by such an act. Such a decision could only come from one of two people, President Trump or Secretary of Defense Mattis. There is only a chance that one of these gentlemen will be present to give such an order, and he is still undecided. There are other threats which will overshadow the preparations and potentially the ceremony itself. The preparations are the antidote to any interference with the ceremony, but that does not mean there might not be some surprises. We hope all will go smoothly and, to be honest, we have sufficient faith in the Israeli intelligence and IDF to feel confident that everything will go smooth as silk.


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March 29, 2018

Mob Scene with Guns at Their Backs


March 30, 2018, is the tentative date for the Hamas sponsored March of Return in Gaza with co-sponsors Islamic Jihad. Their hoped turnout will place a massive procession of 100,000 Gazans with the objective of storming the Israel security fence around Gaza to signify the return of Gaza’s refugees to their original homes. For everyone’s information, if this were truly a march of those who were alive on May 14, 1948 marching on the fence, first there would not be 100,000 Gazans and second they would not be moving with sufficient force to destroy the fence as the youngest would be sixty-nine years old. This match has nothing to do with the fence, their supposed homes or anything else which the media will report; it is about attempting to force Israel to stop the human wave assault on its territory and in the process causing casualties amongst the presumably unarmed Gazans. It can be expected that most of those taking part in this protest will not necessarily be doing so voluntarily and further we can expect that some of those towards the rear will be from Hamas and Islamic Jihad carrying weapons to shoot those not showing the correct level of enthusiasm. Anybody being shot, whether in the front or the back will be blamed on Israel and much of the media will gladly go along with that story, especially any media reporting from Gaza where the outgoing stories are often edited and checked for validity according to Hamas. The last time a general assault was made on the Gaza security fence was Gaza December 29, 2017, where Israel responded with dispersal methods including tear gas grenades as shown in the image below. That was sufficient to prevent any further complications at that time, may things be even less traumatic with this coming threat.


Gaza Fence Mass Assault of December 29, 2017

Gaza Fence Mass Assault of December 29, 2017


The original hope by Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders was for there to be a reciprocal mass walking assault on the security barrier organized by the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Fatah in Judea and Samaria regions under PA rule. They ever envisioned Arab communities of Israeli Arabs to also stage walking assaults within Israel in order to press Israeli police and security forces to their limit or beyond. Any coordination between Fatah or the PA and Hamas was quite destroyed by the Tuesday March 13, 2018, assassination attempt of Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah in Gaza. Further, even before this killed any hopes of cooperation, the two sides could not even agree on a date for the protests. Where the PA and Fatah decided that the anniversary of Israel founding, May 14, would be the perfect date, Hamas and Islamic Jihad have their hearts set on March 30, which is the day on which many Israeli Arabs commemorate Land Day. With all hopes for joint cooperation, Hamas will likely continue with their plan for March 30, 2018, which is tomorrow.


The Gaza fence is relatively stout and may or may not be able to stave off and withhold the assault being made by the human wave (see image below). Then the Israeli security forces would be faced with a horrible situation, either permitting the assaulting crowds to pummel and roam through the area possibly assaulting Israeli citizens or use force to prevent these invaders from progressing any deeper into Israel. The aim of Hamas and Islamic Jihad is to have the Israeli security forces use force and cause a massive casualty event which they would use the pictures to splash across newscasts worldwide attempting to paint Israelis as vicious killers. The simple question one need ask is what if a neighboring nation with which your country had poor relations made a mass convergence on the border with the intent of trespass followed by mischief or worse, what would the response be by security forces from your nation? Would they allow them entry and pass out maps showing the best tourist spots to visit while they roamed the countryside or would they do whatever it took to round up the trespassers and return them from whence they came.


Gaza Separation Fence

Gaza Separation Fence


This is a real serious question we want my readers to actually consider. What does one call it when one-hundred-thousand people from a hostile foreign independent autonomous region with belligerent governance that has stated its intention to destroy your nation and everybody who believes as you do religiously from the entire planet, as Hamas has threatened Israel and the Jewish People, move on your border with stated hostile intent? In our book, we call this an invasion. According to International Law, every nation has the right to enforce their borders from foreign intrusion in the process of providing protection for their citizenry. This is the principle behind President Trump and his obsession for building a wall on the southern border. It is all about controlling who is permitted to cross the border. Hamas knows that Israel has the right to protect the border, with deadly force if required. They are counting on Israel having to use deadly force to prevent the mass of humanity from transgressing their border producing a mass casualty event to flood the world with pictures of dead Gazans with IDF soldiers standing over them. The soldiers and their commanders may be looking at the choice of giving Hamas their publicity or allowing thousands of people infiltrating their nation with untold numbers being terrorists.


Terrorists are the second part of this plan. If they are capable of transgressing the border, Israel can be guaranteed that a percentage of the marchers are terrorists who will have plans on carrying out acts of terror in the future and will be attempting to get as far as possible into Israel and breaking away from the group so as to remain in Israel. That is one reason why Israel will need to contain any breach of the Gaza border and not allow any permanent infiltrations. The same would be true of any nation facing such a border breach and even more so if their enemy had as a priority infiltration of agents and terrorists, both perpetrators and organizers. As in the image of the earlier attempt where far fewer than one-hundred-thousand persons moved on the border and were prevented by tear gas, this attempt may also be thwarted through a judicious use of tear gas. The real problem is that there is the possibility that when Israel fires tear gas canisters or grenades that Hamas will throw fragmentation grenades into the mix and claim that Israel fired them as part of the attempt to disperse the crowd. As the entire aspect of this exercise by Hamas and Islamic Jihad is to produce dead Gazans and they may not be particularly bothered by who is responsible just as long as there is any doubt and Israel can be made suspect, it is to be expected that the possibility of Hamas and Islamic Jihad producing said casualties while screaming about Israeli violence. Any such claims made against Israel resulting from such an invasion attempt by these terror entities should be rejected without evidence which leaves absolutely no doubt. Unfortunately, Israel will not be granted such generosity by the Europeans or the world media as Israel is pretty much their favorite whipping boy. The truth is we hope that this date passes without any incident and the Gazans find the power to resist their overlords and neither Hamas nor Islamic Jihad is successful in this effort. Perhaps the world should do the Gazans a great favor and either replace their corrupt terror masters with a responsible governance or allow them to relocate to somewhere they are able to start life anew. That is what a responsible world would do, what this world will do is beyond us.


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