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October 1, 2017

So You Didn’t Think We Were Serious?


Back about a year ago, the Republican base went to the primaries and chose what had to be the most vulnerable, most crazy, most eccentric whack-job out of the entire list of seventeen candidates. Then the Republican base turned out in numbers sufficient to elect that very Whack-job President of the United States. Still, the establishment did not believe that perhaps the base finally was not going to take it any longer. Then, until yesterday, this same group of Republicans elected every single person that President Trump backed until the choice of Roy Moore instead of Luther Strange, and Roy Moore was the outsider in that race. The one time Trump sided with the Republican leadership and backed their candidate, he lost and the outlier, the more unusual candidate wins. Perhaps there were two messages in the Alabama election, one to President Trump demanding he stay with the story that won him the election and go for everything he promised because they have his back and the other was to the Republican leadership demanding they get with the program and start with repeal and replace Obamacare, complete Tax Reform, no easy path for DACA or any other illegal immigrants and all judges had best continue to be like Gorsuch, true conservatives who will not wilt with time. The Republican base, their mainstream, regular Joe and Jill are demanding that they be listened to and that they demand changes from business as usual. Number one is that the promise to repeal and replace Obamacare be kept. Second is complete and total Tax Reform like President Trump promised on the campaign. Lastly, no amnesty for illegal immigrants as promised, none. No more Mr. and Mrs. Nice voters, that is their promise.


The Republican Party has not had a real majority since Newt Gingrich and the contract with America. The Republican base is now believing that the promises made by President Trump and the claims made by Republicans over the past several years are the new contract with America and are expecting action, not infighting and main players in the Republican Party deciding that their ego means that they cannot allow Trump to succeed. The professional politicians may have decided that Trump must fail in order to teach the electorate a lesson about sending a non-political professional to Washington and expect them to accomplish what they promised. These professional lifetime political hacks are insisting on teaching the public a lesson about how the political structure works and how only those who have paid their dues and served lower offices and worked their way up the ranks are to be permitted to run for the Senate, for President. But they have miscalculated in thinking that they are going to teach the public a lesson.


The people know who these people are though after a few important lessons they decided to play things closer to their vests. During the first vote to repeal Obamacare there were seven Republicans who voted against the three plans including Lamar Alexander, Shelley Moore Capito, Susan Collins, Dean Heller, John McCain, Lisa Murkowski and Rob Portman and a selection of others which voted against at least one of the three plans. Since then there have been two who have submarined any hopes for repealing and replacing Obamacare, John McCain and either Susan Collins or Lisa Murkowski. The last two are very liberal Republicans who come from states which will reelect them so they are safe and John McCain is doing this largely because of his principles. He was against Trump from the start, in the closing of the primaries and probably secretly desired his loss in the general election and was a “Never Trump” leader through and through. He has decided to make it his life’s purpose to see to it that President Trump becomes an embarrassment in order to make sure that no outsider ever again tries to enter politics without paying their dues and working within the system. For Senator McCain it is all about the system, the system which has kept him and his cohorts on both sides of the aisle in power safely spending other people’s money until the national debt of the United States has cleared twenty-trillion dollars and is a threat to every man, woman and child in the United States.


The people have had enough, well, at least many Republicans. These are not the elites within the society, they are the regular people who have worked in a factory, a mill, a coal mine, or some other job which where it may not have been the most satisfying occupation, it paid the bills, put food on the table and kept a roof over that table. They have watched as the coastal elites and their corrupt functionaries from both parties have taken a once functional country and changed the face of the nation through bribery to gain votes and turning neighbor against neighbor and breaking the nation into bands of special interest groups each one pitted against the rest and used to keep the same people who caused the problems in office promising ever more government in order to fix those exact problems their last great idea caused.


Let us take healthcare as our example. Way back when the entire insanity started, they came up with Medicare for the elderly to be taken care of against rising healthcare prices. Why were the prices rising? Well, it might have had something to do with increasing regulations, restrictions, and paperwork which slowly forced the neighborhood doctor to need to hire an assistant to handle the paperwork and then another to file even more paperwork and then they made it all but illegal through regulations for a doctor to operate from their home. The doctors then would join and have a clinic which brought more regulations and paperwork. Then they went after the insurance companies forcing increases in rates and that influenced healthcare costs. The huge lawsuit monetary rewards forced hospitals and insurance companies to settle without going to court even if they were not at fault, as they could not afford to risk a trial. Then along came Medicaid and medical costs jumped even higher. During President Clinton’s first term, they attempted to pass Hillarycare but public protests prevented that from passing. President Obama got a very similar plan passed by using the Democrat supermajorities in Congress all without a single Republican vote. Everyone has seen how well that has worked out but still there are parts of that disaster which people are demanding be kept because they give something for nothing. Now, in order to repair the damage done by Obamacare they want to have the government take over healthcare completely because that has worked so well absolutely nowhere. Every nation with such plans has virtually no military and is totally dependent on the United States for their protection. What they do have is long wait lines, rationed care, and a crumbling healthcare system with moribund of any advances in medical care and treatments. Total government healthcare has been an unmitigated disaster and will drive the United States to complete and utter financial ruin where there will be no funds left for infrastructure, no military funding, almost nothing but healthcare which will still be underfunded and taxes will need to double or more. And all that the people have to do is sacrifice one of, if not the best, healthcare system in the world. It is currently mortally wounded and if Obamacare is not repealed and healthcare returned to the public realm, then that will bring the end of the United States in more ways than just healthcare.


The system is broken and it is going to take drastic measures to roll back the Federal Government and put the genie back into the bottle. The promises of something for nothing sound wonderful and if you are on the receiving end and in the bottom forty-five percent of the tax bracket and pay no taxes, then it really is something for nothing. If, on the other hand, you are in the top twenty-five percent of earners, you know, the super-wealthy, those making over $75,000 a year, then it is not something for nothing as you get to pay for yours and two other peoples something for nothing and often you do not even get to have your something. The sad thing is even if the people wise up and come to their senses and realize that they are being had because if only they would pay their own way, then prices would fall, taxes would fall and eventually the debt would start to be paid. The first step is to minimize the ever-increasing deficit spending which adds more than half a trillion dollars to the debt each year. Once the deficit spending has been curtailed which will require sacrificing programs, often popular programs, then work can begin on the actual debt. One of the first realizations which the people must reach is that the government cannot raise children better than parents, cannot help the needy better than charities and religious institutions, and that private will always be an improvement over public programs. Finally, the best means of addressing any problem is locally, even down to each individual neighborhood. The entire idea of the United States Constitution was for each state to be more powerful than the Federal Government with the Federal Government addressing things with restrictions placed upon it by the Constitution as stated in the Tenth Amendment which states,

Amendment X

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

Tenth Amendment


The simplest explanation of the concept put forward by the Tenth Amendment is that primarily each person is most responsible for his or her own business. Next up is the family which is supposed to assist the individual especially with things they are not able to handle alone. Next would be the neighbors, the community, your religious institutions, the city government, county government and finally the state government would each handle those things beyond the lesser level. The system is presumed to work best which is closest to the people and the problem. The final step of having the Federal Government handle a problem is the system of last resort. The Founding Fathers believed that if each locality tried to take care of the every day activities and problems there would be literally hundreds of differing systems and the ones which worked the best would be copied and used until somebody tried and found something better but that things would be kept at the lowest governmental level such that the people could keep a close watchful eye on their governance. That went away with the onset of the progressives and their egalitarian movements which put forth that the level of government which could affect the widest good should be tasked with doing so. That turned the Tenth Amendment on its head and basically started the idea that everything was to be handled by Washington D.C. and that the States, Counties and Cities would only be required to do those items which the Federal Government would task them to do and otherwise behave and wait for the big boys to handle their problems. That led to one size fits all solutions which were not tailored to localities in any manner and often resulted in waste and the more local governments having to fix things which they should have done themselves and thus would not have been anywhere near as broken. But why mess with such a perfect way of making even more of a mess.


Beyond the Cusp


July 18, 2017

How Trump Economy and Entire Program is Being Undermined


Jobs are picking up, the percentage of work-age adults in the work force is rising, unemployment is steadily dropping, consumer confidence is rising steadily, stock market is climbing, wholesale purchasing is on the increase and yet the economic output figures are glued in place or dropping and the dollar remains frozen or dropping against most other currencies. To many this just does not make any sense whatsoever as with all indicators rising, why are these last two frozen or dropping? It is as if something is falsely holding them down and preventing the economy from rocketing into the stratosphere. So, we seek as to where can we look to find something which could possibly be doing this and the one glaring figure we can find is that the previous economy was far worse than was reported and had been inflated and now they are deflating the bubbles created in order to make the economy appear even marginally healthy or at least less sickly. Again, we need to look into the bowels of the government as well as at an individual group of bankers headed by Janet Yellen called the Federal Reserve, an agency which is independent from the government but not from politics and though it was set-up to be kept under watchful eye of Congress has instead become another tool of the left most fringes of the Democrat Party, though do not expect anybody to admit such. The Federal Reserve is holding $4.5 trillion of United States debt which is unsecured. This debt was taken out by the Administration of President Obama and placed in banks as stimulus. The banks could not even give the money away, let alone have it be taken out in loans. This loan is being siphoned off by the Federal Reserve from the main loaning banks, which removes loanable money on hand and will be a steady drain on the economy. Of course this is exactly what was the plan should the Republican take the White House, simply siphon off gains in the economic picture to repay the debts made by the Democrats to boost the economic picture falsely during their time in the White House. The Federal Reserve has simply become another tool used almost exclusively by the Democrat Party and will definitely be used against President Trump as to some extent both parties see him as a usurper.


There was just a little bit of fibbing going on during the campaign for reelection and continued throughout President Obama’s second term whereby the figures of unemployed were defined so as to exclude the larger part of those without work by simply claiming they had left the job market. This caused the workforce participation percentage to drop but that was barely a statistic that anybody knew existed outside economics circles and thus was far less reported than the unemployment numbers. Now large numbers of those formerly considered not part of the workforce are returning and getting employed which has resulted in an increase in the percentage of those in the workforce but had kept the unemployment figures seemingly locked in place ever so slowly dropping. That works such that the news can claim that Trump is not doing anything about unemployment while ignoring the jump in the percentage of employable adults in the workforce as that number is still ignored this time because it makes President Trump look good just like it was ignored when it was used to make President Obama’s unemployment numbers from growing and would have made Obama look bad, so squelch it with that statistic. So this is one place where the reporting by leaving out the workforce participation is again painting a false picture of the economy, which is booming far more than being let on in the media. But the people gaining decent jobs know what the reality is as do their friends and relatives and the increased economic activity has touched virtually every working-class family and this will bode well for Trump and the Republicans come elections, both 2018 and 2020.


To complete much of the vital work on charging-up the economy, Republicans in Congress need to complete the work by any means necessary on tax reform, vital and complete tax reform, which requires starting by throwing out the entire tax books and starting from scratch. Patching the system will not work as that will simply further complicate the tax law and make it easier for using the IRS as a weapon as the codes are far too complicated and includes more than necessary contradictory codes and rules. On some of the more intricate deductions or allowances, should one call the IRS help-lines, supposedly the most knowledgeable people knowing the tax codes, twice, you are likely to end up with two differing results which in many ways contradict one-another. There are complications such as these which permit businesses to be targeted by the IRS as well as individuals and also for many wealthy to cut their taxes often claiming overlapping deductions so that expenditures are listed in more than one category thus taking a double exemption on these often large investment losses or other expenditures which results in them paying far less than they actually should owe. This is why the tangled web of rules and regulations has been permitted to remain for decade after decade despite all the promises to simplify the tax code. They never simplified the tax code, they just simplified the short-form and standard deduction forms such that it appears that tax reform was conducted. Put simply, it was a deceitful flim-flam. They made a two-page form fit on one page and thus claimed they had remade the tax code when they had honestly done nothing. Then there was the President Clinton tax cut where they cut the amount of withholding which gave everybody more in their paycheck and also made it that those very same people received a far lower tax return or owed the IRS at the end of the year because what was given by one hand was taken back by the other as nothing was done to the tax law, they just adjusted the withholding end percentages to allow you your money now only to take it from your grasp later.


Another threat to the economy and to many medium to small sized companies which employ over fifty-some employees and are unable to reduce staff to under fifty, say like a gardening company; which offers yearly packages which includes spring and fall preparation of the lawn and garden, mowing service in the spring-summer-fall with prompt snow removal including vehicle clearing in the winter and other such seasonal services such as twice yearly gutter cleaning and heat-pumps’ and airconditioners’ filter cleaning twice yearly with a customer base which requires a minimum of sixty full-time year round employees and the addition of twenty to thirty spring-summer-fall employees; such faces the ObamaCare enforcement coming this January which will place a burden on the company forcing them to reduce staff and form a secondary company to handle certain functions which hires another group of the original company’s employees thus everyone retains their job and salary with one or the other company. Such restructuring requires getting licenses and qualifying for certain government mandates to perform the company’s work plus insurance for the new company and all the government hoops , bars and other government requirements, bonding everybody and countless other details just to remain in business. This does not even cover the cost of new uniforms, convincing customers that this new company was required because of ObamaCare regulations thus they were forced to split the company and who coveres what and this second company was subordinate to the original company and will act with the same professionalism and if you liked your pool boy or lawn mowers, then you can keep your pool boy and lawn mowers and the two companies will work to guarantee continuation of all services. We are sure that we have left much out required and necessary to circumvent the onus of ObamaCare. Others might simply meet the somewhat ridiculous insurance demands required by ObamaCare, which presents its own set of challenges and costly requirements. The Congress could take huge strides simply by passing legislation which pushes the applications of ObamaCare back yet one more or two more years giving themselves and the public the needed time to forge a new and workable system and present it correctly and with succinct and accurate information on exactly what is required and making sure not to sell the new program with a basket full of lies as was ObamaCare and this time have the rallying cries be honest and sound more like, “we kept the best and removed the rest,” or “This time around, you will like how it sounds,” or finally, “This time you’ve seen it before we pass what’s in it.” And what would be the plan, you ask? We can give a suggestion and a place from which to find a model next.


Congress could develop a minimal coverage system for any insurance company desiring to be within the system. The coverage should include twice-yearly visit to dentists, four times visits to your contact physician, wellness care, vaccinations, certain drugs which would be the most used for injuries and recovery from surgery and other wellness drugs. The system would also cover emergency room care with a requirement that the patient actually need be admitted even if just for a procedure such as setting a broken bone. The system would also cover eighty percent of the cost of necessary surgeries. Finally, the systems can also offer basic-plus, bronze, silver, gold, platinum level care programs for additional costs and have them include what each system decides is best for them and their patients. Insurance companies would be permitted to open their own wellness healthcare systems of clinics with physicians, nurses, specialists and be attached with hospitals in any area and require their patients to use these facilities. The platinum plan might simply include that you choose who cares for you at every level even to who removes any organs to who removes hangnails. For details, we can advise something likely unexpected, look to Israel and their system where everybody pays a fee to cover the basic services no matter whose plan you are on and this allows the government to reimburse each plan dependent upon the number of people they cover. There is no mention of preexisting conditions because there is no need for mentioning it, the plans cover such at the basic level for some conditions such as chronic dandruff to heart conditions that might require silver level additional coverage. Prescriptions are covered at varying levels according to plan. There is no Cadillac plan unless you see platinum as such. Everybody is required to join one of the systems at the basic level which is covered by the payment to the government yearly or monthly (the yearly payment saves you a small amount) from which the individual systems are reimbursed. Each system must cover the basic requirements but if they wish to attract patients, they can offer more under the basic plan despite the government not increasing the payment, this they are covering on their own. This is also the attraction of the other above regular plans, which can be tailored to the expertise, and specialties of the physicians they have in their cadre and thus making such an offer readily less costly. People will be required to mostly remain within their system and not all systems will be available everywhere, but there will be at least two systems operating in every location so as to offer some variety of coverages to the people. As stated, see the Israeli system where there are four companies which offer healthcare and further insurance through additional coverage offers. The system incorporates the basic coverage for all plus competition for people to take their plan and thus competition that keeps the price of the additional coverages lower. So, the Republicans could work to offer such a healthcare solution that even the Democrats would have to support not having anything superior to offer, especially not ObamaCare. Further, companies could offer to pay for people’s healthcare by offering some level of additional care with the healthcare insurer of their choice in order to attract employees. Everyone would have the opportunity to gain an angle in order to maximize the level of care for the entire population. How about giving this a look-see, huh guys?


President Donald John Trump

President Donald John Trump


Then there is the problem of the “Deep State” and the bureaucracy thus generated. Part of the problem is in simply numbers that can be brought to a screaming halt with one simply action. The majority of government workers work for the Administrative Branch, they work directly for President Trump. Where he may not be permitted to fire anybody without due cause, there are other ways he can reduce staff. First and most effective is to cease all hiring outside of the military and only allow military hiring under the people at arms and nothing for the civilian corps attached to the military including the Pentagon. With the hiring freeze in place the federal government employee numbers will drop slowly at first and then generally gaining speed until it becomes an epidemic. That point will permit the transference of the remaining employees to where they are truly needed and taking from the departments, which had become the place where people were given jobs as payment for contributions from daddy to some Congress critter. When a particularly undesired department has been depopulated of its employees nation-wide, then the Secretary of that department can close the door, hand in their resignation with a declaration that their department no longer exists. Imagine a depopulated EPA, Department of Education, Department of Housing and Urban Development, and numerous other departments closed because they no longer were viable due to depopulation of their workforce. This would take two terms but really only six years before some departments could be closed, but Donald Trump needs to start now and make sure that not even relatives are squirreled into positions, which is one of the most lethal means of getting incompetents jobs in the federal government. Trust that we have first hand positive proof of this actual system at work.


Another step that can be taken is to allow for open bidding on the “shovel ready jobs” for the repair of infrastructure on the Interstate Highway Systems, which is a Federal Government responsibility to maintain. Doing it on citywide and interconnection bidding systems such that all of the highway and bridge reconstruction in a metropolitan area can be performed by one contractor while the open road repair work and reconstruction where required can be bid upon by other companies better suited for such work. The work order should enforce the bid with stipulations that there will be no cost overruns, and such overruns will be the responsibility of the contractor, work will be completed on time as scheduled with the costs for any breach of the scheduled repairs stated plainly in every contract. Every bid should be required to stipulate the amount of materials, their kind, weights or numbers, number of people, types and numbers of equipment and exact dates for completion of each stage, the closure dates and methods and rerouting traffic plus scheduled methods of having maximum operability during all three day weekends and other high traffic dates such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, Fourth of July and other such important high volume traffic days. These construction contracts should be easily made iron-clad and specifying every detail with strict and binding penalties should the contractors be in noncompliance. This should be one of Trump and his compatriots’ main special abilities, contracts.


As a summation, the Trump administration should concentrate on two basic ideas. The first in relative importance and ability to accomplish would be comprehensive tax reform, which includes a complete rewriting of the entire tax code from scratch. The negating of the entirety of the existing tax code and regulations would be easier by far than attempting to alter the existing maze. That would provide a clean slate upon which a very basic and easy tax code could be enacted. The next is the replacement of ObamaCare with a workable system with easily understood requirements based upon competition in order to keep prices affordable and to maximize competition. The system must provide common wellness care to all for a base price and everyone required to pay for this basic level of care making the healthcare universal. Israel has such a system upon which the United States could model their system, though the United States system would, by necessity, will be considerably larger, but larger does not necessitate more complicated. Then the remainder of the promises that Trump made can be addressed one after the other. But there has been a distinct problem, which we cannot say was not anticipated. The Republicans, like the Democrats have been reticent, in the Republican’s case by disorganization and some who simply hate Donald Trump, the Democrats because they refuse to permit any other party or people to craft laws because they are the sole people, in their opinions, who can be trusted to enact laws and craft the future. President Trump need call a meeting with the Republicans of the Senate where he reads them the riot act. He needs to place the fear that they will lose their positions and that should they continue their opposition to the President’s plans that Donald Trump will campaign for and finance an opponent in the primaries and assure them that they will lose unless they get on board now, immediately. Then the President need to choose some particular reasonable Democrats, those who are not so far to the left that the make Bernie Sanders appear reasonable and level headed. He need have them to the White House; give them a nice luncheon similar to the one given the Republicans. Then the President can explain his programs and plans to make things better for all Americans and try to persuade at least a small number of them to come on board for whatever programs and ideas they feel comfortable supporting. With the minimal numbers of Democrats who are willing to put the American people ahead of Senate Democrat Leader Charles E. Schumer, Assistant Democrat Leader Dick Durbin, Assistant Democratic Leader Patty Murray, Chairwoman of Policy and Communications Committee Debbie Stabenow, Vice Chair of Conference Elizabeth Warren and Vice Chair of Conference Mark Warner, not to mention Chairman of Outreach Bernard Sanders (and he actually is not even a Democrat, he lists himself as an Independent). There have to be at least a half dozen Democrat Senators who place the people ahead of politics or has the greatness of the United States Senate degraded to the point where they are simply a high school level group of nerds and jocks where nobody dares assist the other side because to do so would be treason against your fellow nerds or jocks. Once considered the greatest debating floor of the world and now it is no more than a gym locker room where the jocks flick their towels at the nerds and everybody is locked into their position of the pecking order. That would be truly one of the saddest assessments in the Western World and could be the end of the last hope for Western Civilization.


Beyond the Cusp


July 28, 2016

The State Versus Religion and Family

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In the most recent times there has seemingly been a war waged over who is responsible for raising children. This battle was best epitomized when Hillary Clinton came out and stated at the 1996 Democrat National Convention as if it were established fact, “It takes a village to raise a child,” (Full Speech Below). The entire speech may have been her best presentation despite her almost Al Gore like metered cadence throughout the entire speech though once in a while she appeared almost attached to or excited by what she was proposing and her meter increased briefly. But the advice that the village, a euphemism for the government, is vitally interested in the raising of the child is a direct threat to the stability and autonomy of the family. This has become the watchword for the school teachers who receive additional training through approved courses which instruct that the teachers and school nurse or other medical officer and the principal are the first line of defense against improper ideas and concepts from being introduced to children because parents have been known to introduce archaic religious “indoctrination,” their phrasing, not ours, which must be instead replaced with the new age socialized concepts where the whole society teaches that which is beneficial to the society instead and above that which is beneficial to the family. The society is known by another name, another reference and that is government. But before we can even address the war against parents and government as the first parent of every child, we must first look back at an earlier conflict between science and religion which morphed into a battle between government and religion and has brought us to the world we have today.



The first concept required is to realize that all relationships whether private, public, familiar, governmental, religious and whatever; can be studied as living entities where the healthy and most adaptable grows in scope, influence and power and the lesser entities wither and eventually die. The earliest times in human existence, even before Homo Sapiens appeared, the basic unit was the family. This was because most of the groupings were clan based and one could tell your stature, standing, history and almost everything else about you by your name as it was an indicator of to what clan from which you arose. Different clans would have cooperative agreements often sealed with the exchange of women to show good faith and create and actual binding between the two families. This also served genetic diversity thus avoiding to some extent the genetic failings such as hemophilia and other disorders. With time clans merged to forge stronger and more capable collections which would supersede the family or clan unit. These groups were the first tribes which granted greater genetic diversity. All of this arose before the first modern man but was instrumental to development of complex society. The tribes grew to include numerous clans with some better at hunting and others at gathering knowing what was and was not edible while still others showed aptitude for healing and tending the young. In these more primitive conditions there were those whose task was the care of the youngest children but as they grew they would be trained in the skill they showed the best attributes by others such as a huntsman would train the young hunters, the gatherers would train the next generation of gatherers and so on. Tribes also began the concept of history, then simply known as the story. The story was one which was uplifting and always made the hunters as great warriors defending the tribe and the gatherer who risked life regularly trying new untested fruits and vegetables and if they survived and approved the tribe would add another plant to their diet which could have allowed the tribe to use previously unexplored lands. Such a person who would live to old age was likely rare but one who had along with the oldest hunters who reached an age where their use became telling of the stories. These positions evolved to become the job of an entire group who were to be the first priests who would eventually weave a set of codes which made the first religions.


With the onset of herding and farming, the time of city-states appeared and by now the tribal leaders were chosen by some method of testing or perhaps a single family’s eldest surviving son at the time of their father’s demise became the next ruler and the age of government had begun. It is important to note that the family was the initial and earliest defined obligation followed by clan and then tribe. With tribe we had the loosest governmental forms but religion grew into an actual class with priests who may have also been a warrior class which led the defense or assaults taken on by the tribe. Finally, about the time of the first cities, which would soon become city-states, did actual government take root amongst mankind. This was the first time that there would be actual laws enforced with proscribed punishment or at least delegating the one who proscribed the punishment for a particular crime. There came formalizations with religion already having led the way in this and they were followed by government. There came positions assigned with likely the first being the close guards who protected the ruling figure, then the ranking members of an enforcement group, the forerunners of modern police and judicial system. Often times the judicial system was also run by the clerical priest class as they were also the most learned class. This started the initial conflict between religion and government, even when a wise leader tied religion and government, blurring the difference and thus granting themselves the highest position in governance and religion. This was exactly what the Pharaohs of Egypt did when they proscribed for themselves a godly aura and was closely imitated by the Caesars of Rome.


There were a few exceptions to the basic complete authority of the governing leader or even the governing and clerical leaders which we have discussed a few times before, and that was the Torah which was the founding document for the Israelites who became over time today’s Jews. The rules given approximately three-thousand to three-thousand-five-hundred years ago were the framing of some of the ideas used by the Founding Fathers when drafting the United States Constitution leading to the proposed tight restraints on the Presidency. Such restrictions such as a President being withheld from granting themselves property or wealth derived from their knowledge of government workings nor could they simply invent and apply laws without the consent of Congress and were made answerable to both the Congress or the Supreme Court should they stray from the defined limitations of their office. These concepts along with the right of a state to leave the Union if they would so choose and do so in a prescribed manner and other limitations on a President were badly damaged or destroyed by Abraham Lincoln who basically became the government during the Civil War as he all but declared formally a State of Emergency permitting the President all but unopposable powers. Still, the limitations which were first set in Torah, the laws given at Mount Sinai in the book of Deuteronomy 17:14-17 which found their way even presumably to the present day in limits on the President of the United States and were placed as the very first laws limiting the powers and impositions of Kings where it read:

14  When you have come into the land that the Lord your God is giving you, and have taken possession of it and settled in it, and you say, “I will set a king over me, like all the nations that are around me,”
15  you may indeed set over you a king whom the Lord your God will choose. One of your own communities you may set as king over you; you are not permitted to put a foreigner over you, who are not of your own community.
16  Even so, he must not acquire many horses for himself, or return the people to Egypt in order to acquire more horses, since the Lord has said to you, “You must never return that way again.”
17  And he must not acquire many wives for himself, or else his heart will turn away; also silver and gold he must not acquire in great quantity for himself.


Meanwhile, somewhere between the gathering at Mount Sinai where the Israelites responded to the coming giving of “The Law” said, according to many translations, “We will obey and we will listen,” and today in much of Europe and the developed world where the people would not even listen to the religious codes and laws, let alone obey them as religion has been supplanted by government and the new priests are the lawyers who believe themselves the ultimate interpreters and applicators of the law twisting it to their will and whim. At some point around the rise of Persia and the rise of Rome religion and government became permanently separated in what would become Europe and much of the rest which came under either Greek or Roman rule. This began the contest between the two main centers of power outside the family unit. At that time the two still crossed boundaries with government infringing on religion for their advantage and religion infringing on government very much to their advantage. A sign of both comes as part of the Inquisition. Where it was an obvious usurpation of prosecutorial powers taken into the hand of the Church striping that power for the priest class who acted as judge, jury and often executioner, their prosecutions were also abused by government to destroy adversaries or other challenges to the throne or regional power structures. At the same time King Philip II of Spain used the purification edicts from the Church in Spain to raise and launch the famous invasion fleet of the Spanish Armada against England and Queen Elizabeth I which ran afoul of vicious storms and the fleet of English gunboats which were smaller, faster and more maneuverable capable of passing between the huge troop carrying Armada frigates who when firing at the English fleet had their shot pass over the top of the low slung English ships and simply blasted the other Armada ships in their own fleet. Almost all of the Spanish ships sunk and the remainder limped home and that ended this threat to England and its Church of England, a Protestant Church closely tied to the Tudors after being created by Henry VIII. The creation of the Church of England was another perfect example of religion out of the needs of the ruling monarch. Henry VIII needed a divorce which the Pope refused him; so he made his own Church after he went home.


Spanish Armada of Giant Frigates Holding Hundreds of Troops and Cannon Ports Only capable of Shooting Over the English Fleets Comprised of Sleeker and Low Slung Ships with Deck Cannons and by the Hand of G0d Seen as the Weather

Spanish Armada of Giant Frigates Holding Hundreds of Troops
and Cannon Ports Only capable of Shooting Over the English
Fleets Comprised of Sleeker and Low Slung Ships with
Deck Cannons and by the Hand of G0d Seen as the Weather


Over the ensuing years as science explains more and more of the unknowns and all appears to be explainable, the place of religion has diminished in the developed world. The need for religion to explain those things we did not understand had been greatly diminished but the final understanding is just as far out of the grasp of science now as it has ever been. The question surrounding the why, what and who caused the explosion which science has named the Big Bang is unknown and seemingly will remain unknown for the foreseeable future. Using Einstein’s equation of E=MC2 where ‘C’ is the speed of light which is times itself and multiplied just by the weight of the objects in our own little solar system and one gets a very large number and should that computation be done for all of the presumed objects just in our galaxy, the Milky Way, and that number almost becomes unimaginable and finally, if we add the viewable estimated number of Galaxies which the Ultra Deep Field Hubble Telescope took of a postage stamp piece of the sky thought to be virtually empty by all previous observations and that number is unimaginable by the average physicist, let alone the rest of us (see image below).


Ultra Deep Field Hubble Telescope Picture Each Smudge and Pinprick of Light is an Entire Galaxy

Ultra Deep Field Hubble Telescope Picture
Each Smudge and Pinprick of Light is an Entire Galaxy


Using science as a weapon of ultimate destruction, government in the developed world has assailed religion attempting to make any religious belief or system presumably archaic, its practices the equivalence of a rain dance, the prayers comparable to a voice at a séance, and its commandments, covenants, decrees or other rulings as the equivalence to Ouija board revelations. Concurrently government has replaced religion as the determiner of right and wrong, the provider of charity, the reason for a Sabbath renamed weekend, collector of alms as an integral portion of taxes and slowly rendered any expression of religious observance unacceptable in public. About the only suppressive action government has yet to take concerning religion has been to make religion illegal. The reason is likely because should they actually make religion illegal, religion would likely make a comeback just because it was outlawed. Especially any reference to Judaeo-Christian ethics,codes, holidays, prayer, deity, prophet or Bible passage, the government put the final clasp subduing even the slightest religious thought from the marketplace of ideas. Meanwhile, ignoring the dangers, those in governments are permitting Islamic religious teachings claiming that it is study of culture and comparison of governance and civics. This plus an extra-judicial importance placed on a statistically insignificant threat posed by anti-Islamic acts which have remained relatively constant since 2002 after a noticeable rise in the second half of 2001 while anti-Semitism acts are rising in some locations many folds but these acts are minimized or completely ignored. There have been those who have theorized the governments’ in the developed world preferences for Islam stem from the Islamic anti-Semitic and anti-Christian ethos and actions. This may also be behind the initial rush for European and developed nations taking in of “Syrian refugees” while not considering taking in Christian refugees facing persecutions in the Sudan and other nations in the Middle East and North Africa.


Finally we get to the family and the initial start of governmental infringements on the family unit. One of the initial assaults on the family used the equality for women fight to weaken any male claim of being better suited at any particular field of employment due to the differences which were previously thought to differentiate men and women. The most ridiculous of the denied differentiations was the strength requirement as it was agreed that strength requirements for men had to be restructured for women such that they required a similar percentile for women to be passed. One of the first to be altered was the strength testing to be a firefighter. The requirement for men to carry a full body double along with his fire suppression and breathing gear including wearing the mask down two flights of stairs and out of a building under fire simulated conditions had to be scalable. They had to take the weight of the dummy and scale it to meet the same percentile as women as it took for men to pass as well as scaled gear weight and so forth. This required new sized dummies and smaller breathing apparatus and other expenses just to train and test women applicants. The argument made by one Fire and Rescue company in court that in an actual fire the size of the person who may need be carried would not be scalable was rejected when they had a number of fire squad captains admit that they often set an order of people entering a building or if inside chose the largest and strongest to be tasked with such carries and thus the test really was not about actually carrying a real person from the building but actually a strength test and thus would meet those requirements for scalable testing. This argument was also the initial scaling of military combat arms testing including for Ranger, Green Beret, Seal and other special forces testing and training. The real aim was just as much blurring differences between men and women and removing any male dominated jobs from having such as their label. This blurring has continued that there exist work environments where the surname for all employees has been simplified to the unisex denotation using the letter ‘M’ for both genders. Then came the real punch to the gut, when some schools began to use a new picture book titled “Heather Has Two Mommies,” to depict that a family was not the conventional one of a Mom and one Dad. Such attacks were later continued with any combination which desired the status of a ‘family’ to be so denoted.


The gender wars and war on conventional definitions continued and we even saw women enter the military training at all levels until today women have been cleared to serve in any combat role even in actual combat condition, though this has not been tested to the best of our knowledge, not even in Europe where such equanimous ideas go to be tested. There was the court challenge against the classical definition of the family in a number of states establishing the right for other than heterosexual couples to adopt children. Eventually, we suspect, that multi-coupled relations will also seek equal rights in adoption as well as tax codes dealing with deductions for married couples where communal communities will be permitted treatment as what will likely be referred to as a ‘greater family’ or a ‘communal family’ and demand they receive treatment equal to a traditionally defined family. Eventually, through whatever means are required, the definition of what constitutes a family will be so weakened such that a person suffering from having multiple personalities will be able to be granted status as a family. Then, as with religion, the government will claim that they are the ultimate family and thus children will be raised by a licensed individual who will soon become a government employee much in the manner that teachers are now government employees. In an age gone-by, some name it the frontier age but really was anywhere a town was small enough and in an unpopulated area where there is no overseeing governance, when the citizens, particularly parents, desired a teacher who was knowledgeable in what was called the three ‘R’s (Reading, wRiting and aRithmatic, they were very adaptable) the wealthy peoples or person would hire a teacher and the one-room schoolhouse would be erected by the townsfolk and that was how early schooling was accomplished. Eventually the town would grow where grades by age groups, usually the young, middle and advanced groups, and multiple teachers were required, where in some fortunate places the wealthy people still provided the salary for the required teachers but eventually the entire community would jointly provide the teachers’ salaries with each parent paying their share according to the number of children they placed in school. This would eventually become some form of taxation collected by the governing body who also hired teachers and this will eventually become the department of child-rearing with the law eventually requiring all children to be raised from birth by the government.


Caring, educating and making every individual dependent on the state for everything from birth to death, cradle to grave care, thus makes everyone completely comfortable with doing exactly what the governing bodies demand. Just pray that by that time some overseeing the governing has been taken over by a self-repairing computer system and not by very fallible human politicians such as the wonderful and kind imbeciles who are elected or appointed in far too many societies for such to become all-powerful. Still, it is the nature of any organism, be it an individual organism, a collection of similar organisms, a collection of differing mutually beneficial organisms, a collection of balanced organisms, a collection of prey and hunter organisms, an organism composed of a collection of organ or any other imaginable system of organisms as such as today’s political class where they are dependent on others on which they prey (we are somewhat unsure which class they fall into to be honest) which exist in the many strata which we find defined in our modern society. The government grows by replacing existing and often very functional systems by meddling and regulating until they have subsumed the entire system and then they start to lower the expectations such that they are able to claim by the lowered standards how government run programs are superior. They will always point to the area where by their own defined criteria they prove to be superior. Often the criteria they point to first is inclusion as they will find groups which was at the margins or preferably outside the margins of the private run systems were capable of including and claim superiority due to the sheer numbers served. This has been evident most often with schooling where minorities of students are able to afford private school and the public education system serves all including those who would be unable to afford private school at the current cost. What they hide is that should they give parents a voucher which can only be used for attending private schools, that the very students they point to would easily be able to afford private school education. The truth is that there would be an entire market of schools which would educate children for less. The same would very likely be true in other government run institutions, but government has two basic advantages; first is they accomplish the assigned tasks with the minimal amount of effort from the people served and, even more importantly, they can make their providing of the assigned services required to be provided by government trained and licensed individuals thus making only government the sole provider by law/regulation.


The last thing which is an evil by which government grows and makes the government the beginning and the end in all places government desires to control is the power of laws made by fiat and without review by elected officials. The Federal Government is the most guilty of this intrusion and dictation over the people without review by the people’s elected representatives. This mechanism is known as regulations. The House of Representatives and the Senate will all too often pass legislation which sets goals and not mechanisms and then assign the flushing out of the how to accomplish these goals to a cabinet or department within the government to figure out who, what, where, when and how these goals will be defined and met. They do this without any input beyond the vague and often amorphous set of goals even leaving the final definitions of the goals and then formulate regulations. target=blank>Cass Sunstein was appointed by President Obama to be his Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs Regulatory Affairs and assigned to review existing Federal Laws and find those laws which would allow for new and varied regulations to be fashioned in order to complete desired acts, actions, positions and requirements desired by President Obama and his team of Czars so that they could accomplish policy goals without involving Congress. Many of the regulations which Cass Sunstein wrote will lay waiting for complimenting laws and regulations to be passed or written and then they will also be applied. Very few if anyone other than the President and his former Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs actually know all of what was found, written and sitting waiting for the appropriate time that these regulations will be required for government to accomplish another expansion of its powers. The regulatory route is what is most vital for government to grow and expand into new and various areas.


Sometimes one is required to look back centuries and research deeply into cultures and societies in order to see that which has changed. One area where this is particularly true is printing. There have been some radical advances in printing made because of computers but that is more in preparation as when printing mass numbers of items such as newspapers and books, the methods used have remained very constant since the invention of moveable type which was where each letter of the alphabet and each number from 0 to 9 along with spacers and punctuation were made on individual pieces as blocks and thus could be arranged in any order. With enough of each particular block one could print many pages of the same letters very quickly. Before that invention printing was done by a specialist carving out a master copy reversed often in wood and it would be used but had a limit on how long they lasted. Additionally, the letters carved into the master were permanently in place and could not be used in another page. A whole new master would need to be made. Before this method, things were even slower as the only people making books were a few crafts-people known as calligraphers and specialist Monks trained in calligraphy. Books in these times as well as anything else we would print today and requiring more than one copy were all made each copy by hand individually. The Monks trained in calligraphy would spend their entire lives on one book if many, many copies were required and those who had the finest styling and abilities would be permitted to make copies of the Bible. Making a Bible was the highest form of calligraphy. There are still some who are studied in this art who are hired to make such books and these books are rare, often one of a kind, and are extremely expensive, some priceless. There are still books and scrolls made today by hand. Torah scrolls are one such example and are written by trained Rabbis who often spend years making a special Torah scroll and months making normal Torahs. Just for the record, the government used to hire private companies to make their respective printed material such as pamphlets, maps, tourist informational material, records of Congressional actions and other necessary items. Today most of these are printed by the government with a vast number done at their Pueblo, Colorado printing facility. Of course all money is printed by the government at the mint. Thus far, schoolbooks are written and printed by private companies often following set guidelines set by, you guessed it, regulations. These regulations are changed at intervals as the government, the Department of Education, change their requirements or decide to emphasize different concepts. From some of the most recent textbooks we have read, it appears that much of what we were required to learn in school has changed drastically and not necessarily for the better. Concepts such as whole word recognition which replaced phonics and sounding out worlds, new math or newer new math, and history as well as civics texts have changed drastically. There is a reason so many college educated students know so little about history and government which may make for great fun on the Lettermen Show but is less funny when these same people vote. The lack of making informed choices was made, if one follows the news, obvious to many ‘informed experts’ by the two choices made as the candidates for President by the two major parties. We believe it could have been worse, but it might have been better. Our closing remark is a quote from Thomas Jefferson. It may be a reference to Jefferson’s comment to his nephew Peter Carr, “State a moral case to a ploughman and a professor. The former will decide it as well, and often better than the latter, because he has not been led astray by artificial rules.” As noted in Jefferson to Peter Carr, Paris, August 10, 1787, in Papers of Thomas Jefferson, 12:15.


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