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March 3, 2016

What Could Israel do to End the Stalemate


The Western World constantly holds Israel responsible for the failure of the two state peace option which is at the center of every attempt to make peace between the Arabs residing in the areas under Arab semiautonomous control, also known as the Palestinian Authority (PA). The problem is not that Israel had not offered sufficient concessions in order to reach peace. The Zionists are blamed for the lack of peace as they keep drumming the drums for Israel to take the lands. Their claim that the Arabs will be better off under Israeli rule, though likely true, foes against the leftists’ demands that Israel must be held responsible and until the Arabs accept their peace offerings then Israel obviously has not done enough to soothe the Arabs. There is a simple problem, and that is the difference between what the Europeans are selling and what the United States is selling and what the PA and its Arab ruling elite desire. First off, the Western World needs to understand that as long as they continue to reward the PA with monies and full out support, then its leaders who benefit the most from this situation will force the situation to appear hopeless and the Israelis are encroaching on Arab sacred lands and must offer more. The leaders are cagy as they never exactly define what they demand as more. Is it a state of their own? Obviously not, as they could have had that really easily for the nineteen years when Jordan illegally occupied the lands they today claim is all theirs including the Temple Mount and Old City as they sit in what has become known as East Jerusalem. Israel does not want to surrender these lands as they realize just as sure as if the Islamic State held these lands that every vestige of Jewish historic presence would necessarily need to be uprooted and destroyed. That gives us a hint as to why no peace can be fashioned that the PA can be willing to accept.


Israel could offer everything the world claims the PA desires, which is interesting because the PA has never made a claim that would end the incessant demands for Israel to surrender more and to give more. The thing is these demands are not necessarily true as the Arabs will not have become satiated even were Israel to give them everything they have demanded. Even meeting their every demand as interpreted by the rest of the world it would not be sufficient. Israel could unilaterally surrender all the lands just as Israel did with Gaza and the PA would gobble up the lands and continue to demand that Israel is on precious Arab historic lands. That would not be sufficient. The problem is the Western World’s definition of the PA claim being limited to the areas which Jordan controlled is too small a claim. The PA demands total removal of Israel from the lands originally held by the Ottoman Empire. The PA has no desire for a two state solution or even a one state solution where they are rewarded for their intransigence with a reward of all the lands and even then they would not form a state. They would start to demand that the lands they now controlled be made into a perfect Islamic area and that would be insufficient. The PA will never bring themselves to form a state as they would then have to claim they are satisfied with the state they will never realize. The Palestinians want a zero state solution. They want Israel destroyed and to climb atop the rubble and demand more as their real claim is everything from the River to the Sea to become the center from which the next Jihad will be launched. They want their area with Jerusalem as its capital to be the central pillar in a new caliphate which will stretch across the entirety of the globe. They further will demand that their areas which would necessarily now hold equality with Mecca and Medina and would cleanse the area of all undesired entities. For the record, that would mean Christians as well as the Jews would need to be removed. The entirety of the area would even need to be cleansed of even the wrong kinds of Muslims. If the area is to serve as the center of a world caliphate, then it must be made clean and pure. That is why the PA is only interested in what must be termed a zero state solution as their area is to serve as the central capital of the New Caliphate. That is the reality which nobody is willing to identify as the heart of the reasons that no peace can be reached with those who promise to continue the struggle until, and there lies the problem, the PA has never and never can or will define what they demand as they know not what would be sufficient to be worthy of their idealized claims and therein lies the problem.


The problem goes far further than just the PA demands as the Muslim groups throughout Europe, northern Africa and beyond into the Americas where they are demanding rights and privileges all set towards spreading the areas of society under their control or influence. Every bank offering Islamic loans has bent a knee to Allah and thus has surrendered. It is just a matter of time before they come completely under Sharia and can only use Islamic approved loans and practices. The secret is the entire world is their oyster and the PA desires to be the pearl stealing the top spot from Mecca and Medina and centering it on Jerusalem. Or, if Jerusalem does not please the rest of the Islamic world, then at least Damascus would suffice, which did serve one offshoot of Islam as their location for the Haj to be met and performed, as Mecca and Medina were off limits and Jerusalem held insufficient nice weather being located in a desolation which had spread over the lands. We now know today that the desolation which held the lands surrounding Jerusalem was in response to the lands not being in the hands of the chosen people, the Jews. This has been made even more evident with the return of the Jews and the fruitfulness the lands have provided Jew and non-Jews alike. The fact the lands which belong unto Israel only produce for the Jewish people has stood the test of time as every occupying power from the Babylonians to the present day has proven incapable of getting the lands to produce without it being populated primarily by the Jewish People. Populated primarily by the Jewish People does not necessarily mean a majority as it means as a place where the Jewish People can work the lands and meet their obligations in serving Hashem. The PA would rather the lands become a fetid and putrefied wasteland of no value or use to any sane people; yet, the PA would sacrifice the lands of milk and honey, when the Jews are present, into the barren wastelands resembling the nuclear wastelands describes in so many futuristic novels. That is the PA solution; the Zero State solution.


One need look no further than the destroyed greenhouses left with the Arab workers who had assisted the Jews in fulfilling a multi-million dollar per year industry providing goods for the Europeans. These were the greenhouses of Gaza which could have produced such wealth and profits but as they had previously belonged to the Jews, these multi-million-dollar ultra-modern greenhouses were ransacked and destroyed with terrorists ripping out the PVC piping and metal pipes in order to fashion weapons of war from them. One can only wonder how long it took the terrorists of Hamas and Islamic Jihad to learn that PVC pipes make equally poor rockets as they do launching tubes. About the only good use such items have is as a bomb casing and even then they are not a sufficient fragmentation device. Still, the greenhouses and residences and every last vestige of the Jew had to necessarily be destroyed as anything less would only serve as a reminder that at one point Islam did not rule over these lands, and such a thought must never be allowed by modern Islamic rulers. As the Islamic State barbarians have provided ample proof that they have wantonly wreaked havoc while destroying every last vestige of ancient precious works as the fact they predate Islam is a thought they are unwilling to admit. This was even proven in spades when while Egypt was under the rule of President Morsi there were discussions on how to best remove such icons as the Sphynx and even the Great Pyramid as artillery was known to have proven to be insufficient. The inability of Islam to recognize anything predating Islam despite the Quran actually stating that Christianity and Judaism existed before Islam has proven too difficult for the leaders of the Islamic State and their followers leading them to destructions reminiscent of the Mongol hordes. The PA also suffers from a similar malady as they have used heavy construction equipment upon the Temple Mount in attempts to destroy any remnants of the First or Second Temples, the Temples of Solomon and Herod.


Arab Palestinian Sets Self on Fire Attempting to Throw Molotov Cocktail

Arab Palestinian Sets Self on Fire Attempting to Throw Molotov Cocktail


This will be the symptom of Islamic preeminent thinking as they spread their contorted form of modern Islam connoted by the acts and wanton destruction in its wake wherever it has raised their black flag signaling their conquest. The current extreme of Hamas and Islamic Jihad who have made the claim of their intent to destroy every vestige of Israeli existence by simply setting about destroying all inferences that any civilization other than that which Islam built ever existed upon any location on earth is just as evil and horrific as the destructions carried out by the Taliban of the ancient Buddhas or the Islamic State destruction of Palmyra. Both show the inability of Islam to permit any inference that it is not the only force ever to exist and the beginning and end of all that is, was or ever will be. Such belittles the history of man and the accomplishments made in the name of science. The Church took a similar stand against science and eventually lost as it brought on the Reformation which challenged the very right of the Church, then named the Catholic Church, which has stood until modernity, to reevaluate its stance against science which led even the most backwards, flat-earth believers to slowly be dragged along as science broke down wall after wall until the light of day and scientific advancement shone through to even the darkest corners. Now there is Islam threatening to force mankind into yet another Dark Ages and this time there will not be any celestial rock striking the Earth leaving behind a winter which lasts for a third of a decade before finally lifting to put mankind back into an age nobody should desire return. Unfortunately, such has not bothered the Islamic State and would not bother the PA, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and others if it served to place the entirety of the world under the banner of Islam. Destroying much of scientific knowledge rendering mankind back to an age where darkness filled not only the night but also crept ever slowly into the day until the last spark of scientific curiosity was surrendered to Allah, then it would be for the better as surrender to Allah is what Islam is all about. No free will, no freedom to discover, no freedom to be unique, no freedom of thought; only the Quran and the knowledge contained within would be accepted under such a state and that alone would force the deaths of tens of millions from starvation and disease that currently are preventable, but that does not matter as long as everyone has surrendered to Allah even if that requires their surrender of their life for Allah as that is the ways of Allah, to worship death and shun life.


Five Pillars of Islam


The difference between the Islamic State and Hamas is negligible and Hamas was born out of the PLO just as was Fatah with Hamas being the religious Jihadi wing who have only grown more violent and more extremist while Fatah began as the Statist (Fascist) Jihadi wing which has from necessity slowly but irrevocably drifted into a religious Jihadi entity who have become all but identical to Hamas. Where Fatah’s goal is the destruction of Israel with the death visited on as many Jews, Christians, Baha’i or any other non-Sunni Islamists while Hamas matches that bet and raises it to hunting down and slaughtering every last Jew on the planet before setting into the final purification through Jihadi slaughter of all non-Sunni/Shia on the planet. The efforts put forth by Western governments and organizations to try and differentiate between the good Muslims and the bad Islamists is a game bred in futility as there is only one Islam in the final equation. There is this odd occurrence in Islamic neighborhoods which goes something like this: the Muslims who first establish the neighborhood are middle class and do what they must to assimilate while still practicing a benign form of Islam which repeat quotes from the Mecca Quran. The neighborhood grows and at some point things begin to change. The call to prayer creeps backwards from 7:30 AM to around 4:15 AM while the final call to prayer creeps from 3:30 PM to 10:45 PM and with each five minute increment the volume jumps a good five to ten decibels. That is quite a fair jump especially when it approaches 100+ decibels (rock concert and almost jet engine range). Sermons by the Imam become more radical or a new Imam arrives and produces the same result with the former Imam obediently following the new Imam and translating his decisions to those who do not speak Arabic. While this radicalizing of the prayers and the Mosque and all other Islamic activities, there is another effort to grow the outreach to the youth to strictly follow the teachings of the new more radical Imam. The lessons turn to how Islam is superior and must become the sole religion and political entity and the youth are instrumental in achieving these goals. All the while more and more verses from the Medina Quran start replacing the milder Mecca Quranic verses until the services become radicalized calling for Jihad. At some point along the way there will be one who objects and let us just say that person was the last person to resist the new order. The violent Jihad will have replaced the quiet and peaceful Jihad. Now Islam is preparing to take their proper place as the dominant religion and political force. They will infiltrate certain areas of the governance starting with the education departments where they inject critical Islamic views and practices in such a manner as not to startle parents but to get their children acclimated to Islam. They will demand that local branches of banks implement Islamic lending practices which, contrary to some have claimed, still permits interest but instead of being a percentage applied over time, it is a set price for a loan of so many months where paying it off early does not save money and there are penalties for late payments. The bookkeeping for Islamic financing is easier and requires nothing more than looking up the fee for the loan on a chart when the loan is taken and that’s that. Soon women walking in the neighborhood are required to wear head-covers, and then more modesty, and more modesty, and then require male relative escorting them and the women who do not comply must be harlots and are treated as such. Rapes of non-Muslim women becomes commonplace to the point that every non-Muslim girl whether modestly dressed or not is rape target if not escorted by sufficient male forces to prevent such. This may require five or more men escorting any non-Muslim women. This acts as an incentive for women to convert to Islam at which point they are married off to a Muslim man and if lucky remain in their native country and if not they find themselves as part of a harem where as the only white woman being treated extremely poorly as the outsider who does not belong. They may even end up dead. The entirety of what Islam uses to impel and compel a slide from Islam is peace, just read the Mecca Quran which is all about cooperation and coexistence, to eventually the Medina Quran, which is all supremacy, violence and destruction leading to replacement of governance with Islam, as Islam is about surrender to Allah which includes surrender to the whims of the Imams. A simple summary can be read here with numerous links offered in comments which answer many of the questions one might have, all in all our readers have grown this essay into a complete history.


The end result is that an Islamic oriented community is little different than any other community in a new land. The first immigrants are coming to escape the old ways or seeking a better life in the new lands be it Australia, the United States, China, Italy, Spain, New Caledonia or wherever and their highest desire is to be accepted, to fit in. They manage to do just that and this lays the foundation for the next influx that are mostly interested in a better life but are less inclined to completely melt in the melting pot. They refuse to melt entirely and begin mild agitation. These immigrants bring another group behind them and this group has sufficient numbers to make-up half of the community and they brought the old world with them. Now you have confrontation between the old world and the new world. In the past the old world was willingly discarded in favor of the opportunities and progress the people of each group had managed to make. With the Islamic neighborhood the first big wave which now made-up half the population arrived with as much if not more money than the existing community. This gave them weight that was not at the disposal of most other second wave immigrants. These newer arrivals slowly but inexorably moved the community towards being more radicalized. Eventually these newer members of the society were found to be activist instigators and influence peddlers. They actually had paid position from the homelands to sway the youth, use the youth spying on their parents to find where the resistance was and eradicate them by heavy persuasion or even violence, but not quite to the point that law enforcement were involved, or at least rarely. These newer arrivals and the continuing flow of newer arrivals drags the community towards an offensive group which demands preeminence and take over one area of the political arena after another. They start with education and flow on to housing where they can provide their own with the best places and begin through assigned housing and other actual government programs of which Section 8 housing to convert new neighborhoods to Islam. The end result is the Western World, Europe in particular (which some have apparently figured out, even more than those who read the above article, though we like to believe it made a difference, that this is the threat) is the threat that the entirety of nations are coming under Islamic control and if steps are not taken soon, and these might even lead to open confrontations, which may not be as bad as the alternatives, then entire nations such as Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, Finland, Sweden (who probably deserve what they get after their threats and declarations concerning Israel) and who knows where else, just look for Islam jumping ugly and you will know and that is where to start. Pushing back against the Medina Quran and demanding Islam live by the Mecca Quran ( see link) as given above and learn and then use what you learn to see where your city might be and whether you need be concerned. Our claim is be afraid, be very afraid, but do not let that ruin everyday life, just demand that your style of life not be destroyed by foreign fanatics; it is that simple, so go for it.


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October 29, 2015

Time to Stop the Incitement


The violence being suffered in Israel is a direct result of incitement, lies, and the weak response from Israeli enforcement of law and order. Criminals, terrorists, rioters and inciters all can only get away with what they are allowed by the authorities which oversee them. If Israel desires to end the rioting on the Temple Mount, end the killing spree and bring law and order back instilling a safe environment for all citizens, it starts with the rule of law, the enforcement there of and the insistence that all citizens are treated equally by the law as well as before the courts. This means that there are not two sets of laws, two sets of courts or two sets of societal expectations. If a group of citizens within Israeli controlled areas is permitted to run amuck doing whatever they desire including assaulting, stabbing and destroying property and order while the rest of the society is forced to obey laws such that all they are permitted is to respond to protect themselves but solely after at least one person’s life had been endangered, then your society will fall to the level of the perpetrators of violence as anarchy can only follow as eventually the victimized rise up and act as are their tormentors. Eventually the public at large will demand safety and pursue such with their own hand and through their own actions. Eventually the victimized will also riot and take the law into their own hands and rewrite the laws as they see fit and then enforce them without the requirement of going through the proper channels or submitting their code of law to any governmental entity as such will have proven insufficient in providing an orderly society and as such will have abrogated the right to rule. The result of such inaction by government in enforcing order and providing safety for the citizenry will quickly find their power to rule evaporating as all sides in the society will be pursuing their own agendas without the consent of the government.


The first response which will come from the persistent victim class which would continue to sit in a burning theater without calling attention to the flames will bleat that all-famous phrase bleated by all the sheep throughout the ages, “But what will the rest of the world think and we must not invoke their wrath as they will say mean things about us.” So what? Does anybody in the world and especially in Israel honestly think that the rest of the world really gives a second thought to what goes on in Israel? Trust me when I state the reality of the situation, the only people who are worried that the Arab Palestinians will be treated in the manner their actions deserve and are insistent that the Jews in Israel just act with infirm timidity and suffer the stabbing, shootings, muggings, firebombing and any other forms of violence against them are the anti-Semites, anti-Zionists, and those who desire Israel be gone and swallowed up thus making the Jew, a general term which includes those who fear the wrath of the world and those willing to enforce their safety just to be done with what they see as a festering sore which means nothing more than an entity bringing disorder from that bothersome peoples who has aggravated us throughout history. Their desires is for Israel and the Jews to once again be subservient to their wills and are ready to sacrifice to the last Jew the State of Israel and undo what they view as their error committed at the United Nations coming up on sixty-eight years ago come November 29 of this year.


The Europeans and the nations of the anglophile simply desire peace and quiet and for the headlines of violence in the Middle East to go silently into a state where they are no longer bothered by the events in our little part of the world. Such a request, actually closer to a demand, can be attained in one of two ways; first is the entirety of the peoples within the general Israeli controlled areas be brought to order through enforcement of the law universally and equally or secondly by permitting complete chaos to rule thus forcing the civil citizens to leave and the violence to become another Syria-styled fratricidal conflict slowly devolving to a system where the winning side will be the sole last person standing atop a pile of corpses. Since the Arabs are beyond their ability to control and will refuse to meet or follow any rule of law let alone a plea for order, thus the Europeans and all others petition the one side which actually cares what others think and are saying to surrender and give the Arabs whatever it is they desire. The average European does not care that the Arabs are rioting and slashing Jews in the streets, they just want the conflict over and believe the rhetoric from Mahmoud Abbas and the rest of the miscreant political entities from the PA when they claim to only desire the lands occupied by the Jews. What they do not understand is that means all of the lands occupied by the Jews as is made obvious to even the most casual of observers if only their eyes were opened to see the reality and not the propaganda concealing the reality. For those who desire to see the reality and actually educate themselves, all that is required is to carefully evaluate what it is the Arabs are demanding as depicted honestly by Abbas and the presenters pictured below.



Abbas Accepting Map Depicting Palestine Replacing all of Israel and Looking Extremely Pleased



There is a reason why there can be no further compromises by Israel in order to quell the violence because any surrender will only whet their appetites for more and more until all of Israel has been swallowed and things are as they should be as far as the terror inciting leadership. Where Mahmoud Abbas may present the conflict as one over sovereignty of just the occupied lands he is telling a half-truth because despite his definition of occupied being all of Israel, he allows for the world outside of the Middle East and Arab Muslim dominated countries to believe the lie that they desire a two states living side–by-side picture propelled by the presiding propaganda. The false belief that this is a political struggle over land is also purely propaganda hiding the reality, the truth. Let it be known that the Arab-Israeli conflict, the true and real name of this fight where the greater Arab world upon realizing what the KGB was insisting they do in order to defeat Israel, invented a peoples which they then gave a history out of thin air that actually mirrors the Jewish claims to the lands in order to give the pretense that this was a small conflict over a miniscule piece of land to allow that people the dignity they deserved and that the Jews of Israel were denying them. The Arabs do not care about any peoples and their claims for their own lands as proven that there was no cry for a state for these Arabs separate from the surrounding Arab nations from whence they came while the land was under Jordanian occupation because Jordan was sufficiently Arab and Muslim while Israel is not. These are the same peoples who slaughtered the Yazidis, the Christians in Mosul and have ravaged misery across the entirety of the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) area from Afghanistan to Morocco.


The truth is this is both an Arab struggle to impose their rule over every inch of what they see as their lands as well as a Muslim religious war as all lands which ever were under Islamic control must remain as such eventually encompassing the entire world, as the Europeans are about to cross over to beyond the cusp and into the Bizarro World which Israel had been surviving despite the forces at play as their new resident population demands Sharia and the imposition of Islamic rights to special considerations under freedom of religion and their demands will never be satisfied as they will nibble and nibble until everything is just right for the violence to begins in earnest as there is nothing more to be gained politically. The inevitable war which will erupt from within each nation in Europe will in a cascade from one to the next sweep Europe clean of any semblance to their Christian past. All will be wiped clean and rewritten as having always been under the crushing obsessions and impositions of Islam and all history from before will be rewritten and credited as having Islamic purity. The conflict in Israel is an old religious battle started in the middle of the Seventh Century and only now once again at the beginning of their next great push to impose Islam universally over the entirety of the planet. There can be nothing less according to strict Islamic laws which are backed by one set of rules written into the Quran which are entirely different than the Islamic codes the Western world is currently experiencing. The reality of the progressions of the enforcement of the Quran starts with the precepts of the Quran as it was inspired and written during the Mecca formative years which have a universalist code permitting all forms of religious freedom, freedom of expression, freedom of choice and almost every other code of conduct currently acceptable in the Western world. This is the passive form of Islam which the unsuspecting society predicates their treatment of Islam. But there is more and that becomes evident usually far too late for any society to survive and fight off Islamic conquest. These are the verses written by an Islam which has become preeminent and ascendant imposing their rule of law over and superceding all other laws. These are a series of laws designed to be religiously asphyxiating allowing only Islamic dominance. These laws were written by a leader of the most dominant entity with Mohammad as the warlord over a rampaging and ravaging oppressive military bent firstly on revenge over Mecca for expelling Mohammad and then off to conquer the Arabian Peninsula then the Middle East and finally North Africa only to finally fail at the gates of Europe in the Balkans and in Southern France. For a slightly deeper discussion we invite you to read Which Quran, Mecca or Medina?


The reality in the Israeli theater of Arab Muslim operations, and this is the reality despite the fact that this is a religious struggle, it will be fought on a traditional battlefield with real weapons and not simply a philosophical discussion of the merits of each religion before an enthralled audience. This will be fought before a resistive audience who are like Israel as the Jewish State whether they realize this or not. Even the most liberal and leftist Israeli who protests for the end of the occupation does not understand that includes their house whether it is in Beit El or Tel Aviv as they are equal in the eyes of the Arab Palestinians’ intentions for their dominance. This is a religious conflict to decide whose rules are enforced on the populace and if it is the Israeli rules then freedom will be the backdrop and prevailing societal norm and if it is the Arab Palestinians then it will be a dictatorial democracy where the election will be previously decided right down to the last vote and everyone will be permitted to cast a ballot but unlikely an actual counted vote as under Sharia the leaders are chosen by the Imams and are often the Imams themselves. Under Sharia there is no freedom of thought, freedom of dress, freedom of expression or any other of the freedoms found in Western, Judeo-Christian, Judaic based society or any other of the normative things taken for granted in Israel today.


Even the terminology of the societies are completely different and it is next to impossible for anyone to understand what life and the rule of law would be under an Arab Palestinian ordered society. The average Israeli or Western societal based individual actually understands how Quranic law dominates and defines every aspect of your society and your personal actions. Islam is a religiously based political entity set on world domination and extending its rule over the entirety of mankind and installing a singular head with the necessary structure for them to impose Islamic law with their own personal imprint and this is where you will witness how corrupt complete power over an entire world can quickly become a nightmare for all. Should anybody desire a glimpse into that future you need not look any further then Iran, Saudi Arabia, the Sudan or any other Islamic society anywhere in the MENA world. This is a religious war of which the majority of those refugees spreading throughout Europe mostly believe is their route to salvation and that depends on their imposing their rules and laws upon the rest of any society in which they reside. That is the monstrous entity that you are importing into your lands and welcoming with open arms into your society. They will not approve or deign to live under your rules nor will they respect your freedoms all while insisting on your respecting their freedoms, their freedoms with which they will eventually enslave you. This is your future that you have brought upon yourselves and against which Israel is and will continue to struggle but is being crippled by your ignorance and willful blindness. The lights in Europe are getting ever closer to being extinguished for a very long time and not to return until Islam eventually decided that the original verses and not what Salman Rushdie called “The Satanic Verses” in his history making book on Islam through the life of Mohammad. The book was first released in 1988 and inspired in part by the life of Muhammad.


Finally, there are some terminology one need be familiar with if they are to understand the truth coming out of Mahmoud Abbas and his cohorts’ mouths. When they refer to “armed struggle” they mean terror strikes and other actions with which to murder Jews of any age from in the womb to a hundred-twenty or higher still. When they say “occupied land” they are referring to all of Israel. When they claim they only desire “their own state” they mean the state which replaces Israel. Whenever they refer to violence they mean their own people instigating the violence and their problem is with any attempts to restore order. The al-Aqsa Mosque refers to an area which had extended to cover the entirety of the Temple Mount and there was just an attempt to have UNESCO declare the Western Wall and plaza below the Temple Mount also included under the term al-Aqsa Mosque and did get their defined legal possession as per UJNESCO of the entirety of the Old City of Jerusalem and if their dreams are realized they will eventually be granted possession by the United Nations over all Jerusalem and then they will be targeting Tel Aviv. When they claim that the progenitors of Islam possessed the entirety of the globe and that a perfect time existed where Islam ruled the world before an evil came and stole the lands and forced their religions on the world and thus destroyed this perfected Earth, many actually believe thusly and are sworn to return the world to this perfect state by any and all means possible. The Muslims have a religious obligation to lie about their intentions and to claim anything which will deflect any suspicions that their intent is to dominate the society and force all into Islam or slavery, your choice and if you take too long they will behead you instead and do is with some degree of glee. The truth is that the Islamic State is conducting their conquests as demanded by Islam and their treatment of those they believe are opposed them to be murdered with the minimalist of a trial followed by an ever more gruesome and tormented means of execution solely to intimidate their enemies and fill susceptible minds with delusions of their greatness through which they have gained converts in the thousands from all points on the globe including many young men from wealthy or upper middle class families in the United States and the rest of the Western world.


These threats must be uncovered and treated as the threats they are and this includes the Arabs attempting to eradicate Israel and Israel will fight this fight, will your leaders do the same? Think long and hard about whether your leaders, your government, the European Union honchos in Belgium also stand strong. We have seen much of their strong will as they bend over backwards claiming they would never insult Islam. That, my friends, is what they see as a complete and total surrender though they will still take their time as the Muslims have all but perfected the slow subversion of any society where freedoms are the law, especially religious freedom as Islam is as much a political entity for domination as it is a religious institution and even that demands that all convert or eventually be exterminated as undesirable too blind to see the truth, and there they may have a valid point. Think and start to read sources of Islamic information even if you need to translate the source. It is probably easier to ask a Muslim for information on Islam as you are curious and want to know the truth for yourself and then make sure they give you all the information but beware of Taqiyya, the permission and even demand that a Muslim may lie even about Islam or their being a believer in Islam if in the end it is done to further spread Islam over the face of the Earth. Know this and always remember that the lies of Taqiyya, the lies of Islam, are always present as they also lie to themselves about the merits of Islam and the ruination that follows the believers of all other faiths as they also believe to own the sole road to heaven, in their case that heaven is ruled by Allah, the god of Abraham, Ishmael and Mohammad not to be mistaken for Hashem whose lineage of believers passes from Abraham through Isaac and Jacob, a noticeable and significant difference which is why when they claim that Jews and Christians are worshiping a false deity they honestly believe that Hashem is a false deity. Within Islam there exist many avenues which are used to sell their religious and political belief system to the world so they package it with pretty paper and have box within boxes layering the revelations such that you are not overwhelmed and are revealed only so much as they believe you can accept at any time. After you have internalized their included your new lesson and memorized the verses of the Quran and accepted the Five Pillars of Islam (pictured below) then you are well on your way to a successful conversion. The risk you take is that should you say certain verses then you will have converted by Islamic standards and now you are no longer permitted to practice your former religion and any act which might prove you have not accepted Islam into your heart might cause you to have the worst final day of your life as trying to leave the folds of Islam once you have taken the steps to become a Muslim you cannot ever go back to your regular life as you are to be hunted down and executed for your crimes. Life can take some radical shifts and turns for the unwary and the careless, so, be careful when you take to unfamiliar territories, think and be very careful with your actions, as do all actions, eventually have consequences, sometimes radical and dangerous ones.



Five Pillars of Islam



Below is a video of official Hamas television recently broadcasting a pair of Arab Palestinian boys, dressed up in battle fatigues, telling a smiling talk-show host telling her of his wish to become an engineer “so that I can build bombs to blow up all the Jews.”





Beyond the Cusp


September 26, 2015

Islamic State, the Balance of Power, and the Imbalance of Refugees


Journalist, Jurgen Todenhofer, age 75, claims to have managed to be embedded within Islamic State in his newly released book “Inside IS – Ten Days in the Islamic State” and warns that the terror group, self-proclaimed as the new Caliphate and ruler of lands larger than the United Kingdom with borders across central Iraq and southern Syria is planning the most horrific religious cleansing in world history. The one thing which must be made clear is planning or even believing is a far cry from actually doing. As a child I dreamt about many unattainable goals including being the next King of Siam after watching Yul Brynner and Deborah Kerr in the King and I (imagine my upset when I realized that Siam was no longer a country and had become Thailand). The attack Mr. Todenhofer writes about, as disclosed in an excerpt released from his book, entails “the terrorists plan on killing several hundred million people. The west is drastically underestimating the power of ISIS.” This would be accomplished by Islamic State acquiring numerous nuclear weapons in order to unleash a “nuclear tsunami preparing the largest religious cleansing in history.”


Speaking to his trepidations before spending time within the Islamic State Mr. Todenhofer relates that, “Of course I’d seen the terrible, brutal beheading videos and it was of course after seeing this in the last few months that caused me the greatest concern in my negotiations to ensure how I can avoid this. Anyway, I made my will before I left.” Further comments told of how he had held intense negotiations with “the leadership of the Caliphate, via Skype, over several months, hammering out the security details.” Mohammed Emwazi (Jihadi John of beheading fame) oversaw Mr. Todenhofer on his visit and likely acted as translator and facilitator as well. The most unnerving part of the article told that this self-proclaimed war correspondent’s claims that the Islamic State “are supported by an almost ecstatic enthusiasm the like of which I’ve never encountered before in a war zone. Every day hundreds of willing fighters from all over the world come.” He went further stating, “They are the most brutal and most dangerous enemy I have ever seen in my life. I don’t see anyone who has a real chance to stop them. Only Arabs can stop IS. I came back very pessimistic.”


If Mr. Todenhofer’s assessment that “Only Arabs can stop IS” is accurate then the world is in much worse shape than I had realized or even in my worst nightmares ever imagined. My bet is that Mr. Todenhofer is quite probably not a veteran of any armed services and has drastically underestimated the power and force a well-trained Marine or Army infantry company can apply on a battlefield and the horrific amounts of force they can project when backed by modern artillery, air support using helicopter gunships, A-10 Warthogs (I am likely dating myself but these are some ferocious and intimidating close air support and an infantryman’s most welcome sight against armor, even the stolen armor that IS currently uses) and other support features too numerous to name. Another contributing force multiplier is intelligence and battlefield awareness. Being able to see the entire battlefield using drones, satellites or even overflight with high altitude spy planes and knowing where the enemy is and in what numbers and with what resources is invaluable. Taking nothing away from Mr. Todenhofer assessments, a modern military attacking in force would dismantle the bulk of the Islamic State forces within six weeks if it even took that long and once that had been accomplished, the rest would disintegrate right along with their presentation of invulnerability.


What is more worrisome is the idea which appears to have infected much of the Islamic world that they have been chosen by Allah to rule over the world and to make all follow Islam or be subjugated as a second class human being or face the wrath of the Islamic sword, the beheading thing which Islamic State has shown such a great propensity to utilize as a weapon of fear. Equally depressing is the predisposition in the Western world that such an idea as world conquest had passed permanently into history and is no longer viewed as a viable goal. Where that is quite a valid assessment of the Western mindset, that is nowhere near universal truth and there are still many sources of thoughts for world conquest. We have seen numerous such thoughts ever since World War II starting with the Soviet Communists and followed by the Chinese Communists and also from Saddam Hussein, the Saudi Wahabbists, the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, Hamas, Iranian Mullahs, Hezballah and now Islamic State and I am certain there are others. The one weakness the West suffers is their inability to view the world through the eyes of other peoples, places, religions, political ideologies, nationalities or any filter other than their own. Much of the Western world would have difficulty even seeing things through other Western national viewpoints. It is just such a weakness which makes the West vulnerable as they rule out any ability to see the potential ramifications of many of the threats they currently or may in the future face. We saw just such weakness with understanding what Hitler was planning and that he also believed he was destined to have his Reich rule the world and would have succeeded if not for some very fortuitous developments.


More precisely it will be necessary for Western powers, potentially partnering with such rivals as Russia and China, to develop the means and implementation of a monitoring of nuclear materials and especially those which can be utilized or have already been used to produce nuclear weapons, both atomic and thermonuclear weapons. There must be a network of detectors, be they space based or ground based, that will alert all parties involved whenever any such materials or weapons are moved from any point to another locations for any number of reasons. First and foremost it would reveal any potential intention to use such weapons either as a threat, or even worse, a first strike weapon. Such a system if deployed universally as a part of an international treaty similar or as an attachment to the NPT (Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons Treaty) where all nuclear armed states would be subjected to such monitoring equipment and those nations wishing to avail themselves of the protection of advanced warning of the movement of nuclear weapons or nuclear materials. Such would minimize the ability for rogue entities such as the Islamic State to achieve nuclear terrorism as they would be incapable of acquiring such weapons without their movement being detected. Further, any nations not a signatory to such a treaty would become suspect and with sufficient peer pressure be coerced into signing this treaty. It should be noted that this treaty would not be used as a method for spying and revealing the numbers or types of nuclear weapons any particular nation may possess and would only relate when such materials were moved without first informing the other signatories of such intents. Such would also be useful in tracking nuclear waste from power plants and the safety of any nuclear power fuel shipments thus making sure that such shipments were making their way as per their intended path for delivery.


In the meantime it would be worth noting the potential for the Islamic State to make good on their threats to use nuclear weapons or at the very least dirty bombs to lay waste to as many lives as they would have the capability must not be underestimated. The potential for the Islamic State to acquire the necessary weapons and managing to smuggle them into place must not be dismissed as impossible without detection as has been proven with every terror attack since the world received the massive and tragic wake-up call on 9/11 and the felling of the World Trade Center towers and striking the Pentagon and only by the brave actions of the passengers was a fourth far more serious calamity avoided as they sacrificed themselves rather than be used as a terror weapon. How many attacks, not just the main assaults such as London, Madrid, Mumbai or others but even the small “lone wolf” terror acts such as the much overlooked Trolley Square attacks in Utah reported in our article >a href= target=blank>Terror Attack at Trolley Square Mall, Utah. We could needlessly list other such attacks as well as the better known but it is already obvious that when it comes to preventing terror attacks the authorities have not been a full hundred percent successful. I would not dare to venture that they have not very probably done an herculean job of catching and preventing far more terror attacks than we will ever know about as such success is best guarded by keeping the unknowing, unknowing. Such efforts become all the more difficult when it becomes known how they attain their information thus we are not told when a terror attack was thwarted, or at least hopefully not every time as I am hopeful that there have been far more prevented than the paltry numbers we have been privileged to.


The real problem facing the Western world as its primary challenge and the rest of the world is simply due to the suffering and loss of life the current resurgence of Jihadi terror and militant actions of which the Islamic State and is the latest broad-frontal-threat the world is facing. The most tragic deaths and largest numbers slain by the Islamic State have been those of other Muslims and the minority who live in the immediate areas which have come under the Islamic States’ terror war victories. Mosul lost the entirety of their Christian population as they either fled or died within days of that city of over one and a half million people where the Christian population fled if fortunate and were otherwise converted or murdered or both while from surrounding areas of Mosul the Yazidis and Shabaks are kidnapped, converted, murdered or forced to flee with little more than the clothes on their backs while their cultural and holy sites faced destruction. Even were Islamic State to be utterly defeated and their will broke and forces killed or scattered, the ideas of Islamic supremacy and reforming the Caliphate to regain the glories of the seventh through fifteenth centuries would continue and be utilized by the next al-Baghdadi or Osama bin Laden in gathering a following and by winning a few high profile battles claiming to be the real deliverer to bring Islam back to the dominance it once knew would be in the making and potentially the next great threat. We need remember that al-Qaeda was presumably destroyed, the Taliban routed yet both have made comebacks though they are currently outshone by Islamic State and before al-Qaeda there was Hezballah, Hamas, the PLO, the Muslim Brotherhood, which was the progenitor of Hamas, al-Qaeda, PLO and others, and before any of these were the Ottoman Empire and the original Caliphate which burst out from the Arabian Peninsula and spread as far as western France at one end of Europe and eventually to the outskirts of Venice in the east leaving Europe all but overrun.


Expansion of Islam Across MENA and threaten Europe before Ottoman Rule

Expansion of Islam Across MENA and threaten Europe before Ottoman Rule



The same driving force behind that expansion of Islam is being reawakened today and the only thing that lies between a similar expansion today is the military power of the West, in particular the United States, though one would be hard pressed to prove that at this juncture. As far as what will it take for the United States to use its forces to put an end to the Islamic designs on world conflict, which is not something which can be brought to an end by sheer force of arms; force of arms can only push it back into remission. The world has been experiencing one extremely long hudna, what is by strict definition a ceasefire of ten years length during which the Islamic forces regroup, train and achieve military superiority and as soon as the forces of Islam believe they have sufficient means to defeat their enemy they may break the ceasefire and attack without warning of any kind. Needless to point out that the other side is not afforded such advantageous terms and must abide by the ceasefire even after the ten years has passed as they have been told that this was a treaty in that when the power opposing Islam claimed they were signing a treaty the Islamic leaders are obliged to inform them that they call it a hudna. The opposition replies, treaty, hudna, what’s the difference and the Islamic leaders reply, think as you will or some such non-comment. Such deceit is called Taqiyya as defined in the graphic below. This prolonged hudna was entered into by the Ottoman Empire after their defeat during World War I. There have been treaties, or so treated by the signatories, with Islamic forces since then with the treaties between Israel and Egypt and Jordan respectively being the most obvious. The fragility of these treaties became all the more evident during the one year in which the Muslim Brotherhood through President Morsi ruled Egypt and there were almost daily calls for them to end the peace with Israel and to reopen warfare and finally and once more trounce Israel in a race back across the Suez Canal, assuming the results mirrored their previous encounters. President Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood advisors did not perceive any advantage and the peace held solely due to the uncertainty of doubt of their ability to defeat Israel, nothing more.


Taqiyya defined in plain and simple easy to understand terms

Taqiyya defined in plain and simple easy to understand terms



There is yet another front where the religious war of Islam against everybody else is being played out and that is the infiltration and undermining of European governance and the slow Islamization of large neighborhoods in many of the European capitals and major cities where the Muslim areas are run under some form of Sharia and the police of the city or nation dare not tread. Even fire and ambulance service is often problematic at best with the fire department being either unable to respond to fires started during rioting or needing armed escort to extinguish the fires. Even under normal conditions there are doubts as to the safety of firefighters should they response to an alarm in one of these areas. Even people riding busses, trolleys or subways which pass through these neighborhoods often find themselves molested or otherwise terrorized. Women are particularly vulnerable to harassment and sexual intimidations and molestations or worse depending on the time of day or night. The current refugee situation and the floods of refugees from the east originating in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey and other areas of the Middle East plus the inundation of the beaches along the Mediterranean from origins such as Nigeria, Libya, Algeria, Mali, Somalia, Eritrea, Sudan, South Sudan, Egypt, Cameroon, Morocco and other North African nations threaten to overrun Europe. These Muslim refugees very easily could produce a long term problem far more dangerous than the financial burden these refugees, many unskilled, not fluent in any European languages and traumatized by the situations which sent them fleeing seeking a better chance at life. If not already radicalized, the next generation or the one after could be easy targets for radicalization being sold the ideas that the Europeans are racist and have stolen their future and taken from their communities all the wealth and left them without hope or any possible way out other than to take back that which has been denied them. Once any riots start they will begin a cycle where the charges become self-fulfilling as security forces attempt to restore order which will simply be met with cries demanding that the police be withdrawn as they are simply reinforcing the message and oppressing the Muslims, especially the out of work youths and young adults. As many will have attended madrassa instead of public schools, they will have an excellent memorization of the Quran and will be capable of siting the Hadiths as well as the Five Pillars of Islam (see below chart).


Five Pillars of Islam



With an idea coming to the fore and gaining adherents partially due to the flow of information proving to many that the world has a very slanted wealth curve and except for a small percentage, that wealth curve has been unfavorable to the Islamic world. Further, it has also been proven that grievance mongering and terrorism pay and pay very well. Further, as a leader of terror and being the mouthpiece extolling the masses about their having been cheated out of their share of the wealth which was gained often at the cost of the natural resources of the Muslim world, one never need actually do anything about the inequality beyond assuring their own place at the receiving end of the cash flow. Further, should one choose their targets selectively, they can rail against the inequality without any real fear of retribution; something which would come violently and swiftly should they attack the Western world instead of pointing the finger at those wealthy oil sheiks or the corrupt leaders who have stolen from the poor far more than the average Westerner despite the Western citizens having vastly more wealth. Additionally, there is money to be made trafficking humans to the “promised lands where the streets are paved with gold.” These refugees are not offered a home in any of the wealthy Arab states who have far greater wealth and space to absorb them but that might cost the leaders a trip to Monte Carlo and that would be a travesty greater than the plight of their brothers and sisters. The Europeans should demand that at the very least two-thirds of these refugees be accepted and cared for by their wealthy cousins in the oil rich regions of the Arabian Peninsula. Instead the leaders of the Islamic and Arab worlds are viewing this situation as their best hope for conquering Europe without firing a shot or having to spend any of their own monies. All they need do is point the refugees northwestward and then wait for the demographic change which will overtake Europe within three or four generations. Then the Islamic world will look more like the map below.


Arab and Muslim World After the Islamization of Europe except for Switzerland and Israel in Red Both Standing Against any Islamic Assault or Tide



The choice facing European leaders at this juncture is whether they will leave a legacy that will bring an end to Christian Europe and all the advances of the Enlightenment or to find an alternative to permanently settling the refugees now streaming into Europe by any and all means at their disposal. What alternative you ask? One might be to set up camps at the entry points and through the European Union use funds to pay for the camps with the understanding that the refugees housed in these camps will be returned to their homelands as soon as conditions there improve. This means for some that end would be immediate as there is no war zone in Pakistan, Afghanistan or much of North Africa outside of Libya and in the Middle East the same applies except for Iraq and Syria. Another step the Europeans might want to look at is assisting in ending the Syrian civil war and end the bloodshed while also combating the Islamic State otherwise the fighting is not going to end. None of these options are pretty nor are any of them desirable. What the Europeans are facing is an unenviable choice of which evil is the least damaging and which side should face the damage. Asking for Europe to absorb the hundreds of thousands if not millions of refugees which could be aimed at them is asking for Europe to commit suicide. It is not financially responsible for the Europeans to attempt to care for, house, feed, educate and provide health care for any of these refugees which neither are not exactly their problem nor is the problem one caused by Europe for the most part. Europe has sufficient problems with their own poor and wretched underclasses which have stretched the majority of European national budgets near the breaking point. Adding even more on top would be more than most European nations could absorb, let alone pay for. Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the eastern European nations are facing slow growth or no growth economic indicators and are at risk of defaulting if they have not already done so. The only nations currently having healthy, relatively healthy, economic outlooks are Britain, France and Germany, not necessarily in that order. Even the best of these three could easily be subsumed economically and dragged into the same quagmire facing Greece as an example. None of the European nations can absorb over a million unemployed and destitute refugees and expecting them to do so is next to lunacy, which is exactly why that is exactly what is going to happen. The real problem is what will become of such a situation where refugees take funds beyond their contribution to repay in the next half millennia the Europeans will themselves seek a solution in traditional European fashion and that will not be a pretty sight. Such may lead to the next great conflagrations as it spills over into the Middle East and perhaps beyond. This will not end well no matter how it initially shakes out and gets past the lockout and closed borders currently facing the refugees.


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