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September 27, 2010

Ship of Fools

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With the latest new wrinkle increasing the terror threat, one would think Israelis would be united. Despite the fact that Hamas has brought in unknown faces from Syria to commit the recent attacks including the fatal shooting of four Israelis including a mother in her ninth month of her pregnancy, dissent still divides Israelis. Some Israeli Jews have joined with Jews from Germany, the United States and the sponsors, U.K. group Jews for Justice for Palestinians, in a new assault against the blockade of Hamas in Gaza. One wonders how much faith can be placed on the promise that at least they will not offer resistance if the IDF should attempt to board the ship.

There are those times which leave this blogger near speechless. I am fully aware that throughout the history of the Jewish people, the greatest enemies of the Jews was often fellow Jews who had turned against their own. From the Jewish taskmasters three thousand years ago in Egypt to the Hellenic Jews under the Assyrian Greeks to the Kapos in the Nazi Concentration Camps to post-Zionist Jews supporting the Palestinian cause over Israel currently, there have been Jews who were their own worst enemies. Having enemies from within your ranks are the worst and most difficult with which to deal and the ones that hurt the deepest.

The difficult question is what do you do when you are faced with facing off against some of your own who have chosen a self-destructive path. You hope you can deal with them and show them where they have gone astray and persuade them to return to the fold. Of course, those opposing the majority often feel they have the moral high ground and will refuse any reason offered. Holding a view contrary the ruling majority is often seen as being of superior morals simply by the mere fact of being contrary.

If nothing else, it must be presented to the post-Zionist Jews who oppose Israel at every turn that their often loud and demonstrative opposition gives support for any others wishing to condemn Israel, demand concessions, and question the validity of the Jewish State. Opposing the Israeli government is the right of every Israeli and I would not begin to deny anyone that right. But there are ways to express a differing opinion without resorting to grand displays that call into question Jewish unity. Internal debate and questions is one thing, outward displays of dispute and rebellion are another entirely. Until the Jewish people can agree to keep dissent internal and present a more united front to the world, then the world will continue to dispute and refute Israel at every turn. No matter how large the support for the current Netanyahu government, rebellious stunts such as this Gaza blockade challenge made by Israeli and other Jews validates every ounce of opposition presented by the united front shown by the non-democratic Muslim world. This is why such acts as this challenge by Jews to Israel’s position are so utterly damaging.

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