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June 7, 2014

By Any Name They Are Terrorists

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There is one point which the European Union, Majority of European Governments, and the United States all officially agree, that Hamas is a terrorist entities which must never be funded officially or unofficially. There used to be agreement and there exists some remnant of the belief that the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) was a terrorist entity which was only blessed with funding after taking on a new and determined neutral name of the Palestinian Authority. There have been a number of times where Hamas and the Palestinian Authority announced deals to unify all of which fell apart. Often the Western nations were presumed to figure greatly in placing wedges between the two Palestinian terrorist entities and the actual differences often ignored or glossed over. There was one huge difference which was insurmountable and another difficulty which constantly dogged and nagged the negotiations and had such strength that these two points had torn apart every attempt to merge the two terror entities. The main difference was one of political orientation with the Palestinian Authority which is simply a politicized entity made up of the Fatah portion of the PLO is a nationalist terrorist group while Hamas is an Islamic jihadist group which employs terrorist tactics to wage jihad. Then there are the giant egos that were built by the world media the access to almost unending flows of funding coming from all corners of the world making these leaders wealthy beyond their dreams. Further was the fact that should the two terror entities merge into one then there would be a slimming of the number of top positions. Since when United States President George W. Bush insisted that the Palestinian Authority Parliamentary elections include Hamas candidates and Hamas won a majority of the seats which led Mahmoud Abbas to realize that if he stood for election at that time, as was scheduled, he would lose to Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, thus there has been no election for Palestinian Authority President and Abbas has basically become President for Life, or until great and far reaching changes occur.


It appears for the moment that the necessary changes have possibly come to fruition as Fatah and Hamas are in the process of merging within a newly defined Palestinian Authority and new elections are supposedly in the near future and Abbas may actually stand against opposition in elections, possibly even honest elections. That is the theoretical plan and time will tell but there are other problems and difficulties that are immediate and needed to be addressed in the present. The most important dilemma is to continue to fund or to stop funding. The funding quandary is that Hamas is among the most dangerous and decidedly committed terrorist group according to every European and North American government and international agency. The challenge to continued financing of the Palestinian Authority which includes Hamas is an even more difficult if not insurmountable problem for the United States as explained in the Consolidated Appropriations Act, in Section 7020, Subsection F, entitled Prohibition to Hamas and the Palestine Liberation Organization which unambiguously declares, “None of the funds appropriated … may be obligated or expended for assistance to Hamas or any entity effectively controlled by Hamas, any power-sharing government of which Hamas is a member, or that results from an agreement with Hamas and over which Hamas exercises undue influence.” Of course this law includes the seemingly mandatory exceptions which are in the form of several enumerated Presidential override provisions. Whereas of this writing none of these exemptions or prerogatives have been claimed or enacted, it is our opinion that President Obama will almost assuredly invoke these clauses and do whatever is necessary to continue the funding to the Palestinian Authority without any concerns for who is in the leadership positions or their connections to terrorism.


What has been interesting are the reactions and shifting official positions from over the past two weeks as this merger grew more and more likely. Despite the possibility that this merger may still end up unravelling as small differences between Abbas, Haniyeh and numerous other leaders from either Fatah, PLO, Hamas or the Palestinian Authority old guard and their fears of losing their positions of privilege, large salaries, influence and immunity to the law as once some of these people lose their positions and the security provided them fear sufficiently for their lives that loss of position has a high probability of becoming a death sentence, thus they will go to any lengths including harpooning the agreement to remain in their privileged positions. Add the huge difference between a nationalist and an Islamist outlook and how these two almost exclusive and mutually antagonistic viewpoints have clashed repeatedly to destroy all previous merger attempts and any difficulties which appear may quickly escalate into an insurmountable problem placing the two groups at each other’s throats once again just as they were during the coup in Gaza when Hamas took control over Gaza from Abbas and the Palestinian Authority. But until this marriage results in the almost inevitable divorce, the question of financing remains for the European Union and the Western nations.


The initial reactions to the merger under the Palestinian Authority of Fatah and Hamas were telling and one was actually refreshing, even if short-lived. Right from the start the European Union was completely supportive of the merger and demanded that Israel immediately take whatever steps are necessary to return to negotiations and stated they refuse to entertain any excuses from the Israelis protesting the presence of Hamas. The European Union claimed that simply by joining the Palestinian Authority, Hamas had become legitimized and had obviously accepted the positions of the Palestinian Authority and were now of similar mind as Mahmoud Abbas. Actually, I can agree with the European Union on this one but as I see it, Abbas has revealed his true love and acceptance of terrorism and jihad to be the path to destroy Israel but the European Union has a different view; they believe that Hamas has been cleansed by the merger and now must be accepted by the rest of the world, especially Israel, and that this should cause no problems for anybody. The initial reaction from the United States Department of State was when spokesperson Jen Psaki stated that Israel could not be expected to negotiate with Hamas as they desired to destroy Israel. This lasted almost forty-eight hours, yep, two whole days, and then they parked their official position right alongside the European Union and are demanding that Israel accept the new merger as, according to the State Department there are not any Hamas members placed within the interim government. So, am I really supposed to accept that the State Department has a complete list of the membership of Hamas from which to make this determination? Really? A number of European government, most all who have bothered to recognize that there has been any change, have mostly echoed the European Union viewpoint that Israel is obligated to accept whomever the Palestinians choose as their representatives. One spokesperson for the European Union went so far as to point out that Hamas is the representative of some Palestinians and as such should be accepted by the Israelis as an authorized and viable negotiation partner and there should be no exceptions accepted from the Israelis as far as negotiating with any viable and recognized representative for the Palestinian people. By such reasoning, the Israelis would also necessarily be required to negotiate with the PFLP (Palestinian for the Liberation of Palestine), PRC (Palestinian Resistance Committee), al-Qaeda in Gaza and numerous clan based, criminal and smaller terrorist groups which mostly exist within Gaza though some also can be found operating in Judea and Samaria (West Bank). With the recent determination by Europeans and those from the United States that Israel must recognize and negotiate with any groups which represents or claims to represent any number of Palestinians, even if it is only their members, can we also extrapolate and determine that the Europeans and United States must recognize and negotiate with any terrorist group which claims to have any claims or other negotiable problems with either the Europeans or United States? Oh, wait, the United States just spent a number of months negotiating with the Taliban and who knows who else. Well, just because President Obama approves of negotiating with whoever might be necessitated does not translate into Israel should follow that example. Sometimes real life ends up being so predictable and this was definitely such a case. Just because so many Western nations are demanding that Israel not be bothered by Hamas joining the Palestinian leadership and immediately start negotiations is no reason for Israel to simply comply, especially considering the recent explosion of the last abortive peace negotiations.


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