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October 14, 2018

Gaza Heading for Final Confrontation


The Hamas government in cooperation with Iran and the other terror leaders has decided on a steady infestation of violence along the border with Israel. They have found a low-tech means of launching explosive devices by using helium balloons and kites to set much of the surrounding farmland in Israel alight. These efforts have burned down many millions of dollars of crops and equipment as well as destroyed square miles of protected forests and wildlife reserves. They use their youth, largely people under thirty and most less than twenty years of age. The claims are these are spontaneous demonstrations which just happen to, more often than not, increase every Friday afternoon resulting from sermons calling them to action by their Imams. To believe this, one needs to ignore the claims that Hamas pays families to come to these outbursts in order to be part of the photo-ops which the media uses to prove these are completely innocent and peaceful protests, well, except for the riots, the firebombings, the explosive devices, the thrown grenades and the snipers who shoot at the IDF troops from behind the youths attempting to destroy the border fence. Does the United Nations call emergency sessions to condemn the violence on the Gaza border? That is reserved for when Israel responds and takes steps to quell the violence such as came when Israel responded to the initial surge back around the end of last March. For the next emergency session of the United Nations General Assembly, simply wait for the next time Israel feels forced to act against the continuing Gaza violence. This is the norm at the United Nations as the only time there is an emergency is when Israel defends herself.


Hamas has not been resting on their laurels as they are continuing to dig tunnels into Israel even to the point of one which tunneled out under the Mediterranean Sea trying to find an alternate route the Israelis might not detect. These tunnels have mostly, if not completely, been detected by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and summarily exploded. Hamas has put so much effort and use of funds into these tunnels, that had they used the material and efforts to rebuild the structures damaged in the last three wars Hamas forced upon Israel, they could have rebuilt all the damaged structures, built some new schools, two new hospitals and at least a half dozen clinics. For a map of these tunnels, please study the map below. Just this week, Israel was required to destroy another of these infiltration tunnels, one might call them attack and kidnap tunnels as this is what is their intended use, once more this week (see map below). There have been fifteen of these tunnels found and destroyed by Israel. We pray that that has also been the complete number such that we do not awaken one morning to some horrific news of some town, village, kibbutz or other region close to Gaza had people slaughtered and their children kidnapped. Even should such a terrible even occur, we still would not expect the United Nations General Assembly to be called into special session that morning. They would be called into special session the following morning after Israel responded with a major incursion into Gaza in an attempt to rescue the children. The Israeli response to such an act of violence and the abduction of her children would be roundly condemned by a vote which would resemble one-hundred-fifteen condemning Israel, twelve voting against that condemnation and thirty or so abstaining, voting present or simply voting absent. It will be at the future times such as this where Nikki Haley will be most missed.


Hamas Infiltration Tunnels Dug into Israel

Hamas Infiltration Tunnels Dug into Israel


Meanwhile, on the other front with the Palestinian Authority (PA) and its terror base, Israeli suffered having a thirty-two-year-old IDF reserve soldier being wounded in a stabbing attack near the Samaria Regional Brigade Base. According to reports, a twenty-six-year-old Israeli woman who was in the area was also lightly wounded. These attacks are in addition to the recent attacks in which Ziv Hagbi, Kim Levengrond Yehezkel and Ari Fuld were murdered by Arab terrorists from the PA ruled regions. Returning to Gaza, the confrontations and increased use of grenades and explosive incendiary devices as well as shooting at IDF positions and the burning of an abandoned forward position which was not used since the early violence had forced a response by the IDF. There has been increased movement and apparent reinforcement at some of the most critical points around Gaza. Despite these threats, Israel has attempted to continue to deliver critical aid to Gaza but has faced Hamas refusal of the aid or their simply taking the aid for their own use or for sale on the black market. Hamas refuses to distribute international aid as by keeping the Gazans starved economically, they can more easily control them through distribution of the aid they have confiscated and meanwhile gain funds for their terror funding. Hamas further can use the economic ruin of Gaza as a stick with which they strike at Israel with the United Nations echoing, actually amplifying, blaming Israel for the impoverishing of Gaza which is caused by Hamas.


The problem is what may be about to come upon the world yet again, that the actions of Hamas aided by Islamic Jihad and Iran may escalate their violence on the border with Israel leading to the Israeli government having little choice but to finally respond. Then we will most definitely see any number of meetings of the General Assembly and calls for the Security Council to intervene in order to end Israeli aggression. Israel has faced almost seven months filled with violence and attacks against Israel causing the destruction of the livelihoods of all the farming cooperatives and individual farms and the destruction of forests and wildlife reserves and not a peep out of the United Nations. Now, should Israel finally act after over half a year of regimented and ever increasing destruction to the surrounding countryside with intermittent firing of rockets, then we will hear the United Nations General Assembly decrying the awful and unprovoked violence of the IDF and the misuse of military power by the Israeli government all without any perceived aggression against Israel. The Israelis who reside near Gaza have been living under constant threat for this entire period with their warning sirens of the Red Alert System going off where many were false triggers, fortunately. Still, there have been a couple of dozen rockets fired this year and the increased actions along the Gaza border is often the pressures to large escalations with numerous rockets being fired for a couple, three, four days and then a claim that Hamas has agreed to an Egyptian brokered ceasefire. This is more often a ruse as they do this in an attempt to prevent any Israeli response. Meanwhile, the United Nations General Assembly will be standing in the ready to react to any Israeli response decrying the Israeli escalation of the violence and demands that Israel cease their unwarranted and excessive violence against the innocent people of Gaza.


People often query as to what will be the final determination which will end this cycle of violence between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs. The actual answer is obvious and will never be accepted by the United Nations General Assembly or their agencies such as UNESCO, Human Rights Council, UNICEF and almost any other agency and the vast majority of their NGO structure. There are only two possible ends to this conflict. Either the Arab forces will realize their desired revenge and every Jew and many others in Israel will be murdered in a great bloodletting or Israel will end up forcing the Palestinian Arabs across the Jordan River and sweep Hamas and Islamic Jihad into the Sinai Peninsula which will not end the violence but will at least now make the terrorists act from within foreign nations. We believe that eventually, hopefully before not too many more on both sides have their lives taken, there will come an Israeli government which decides they will no longer live with the current insanity as the daily normal. They will take the leadership of the PA, the PLO, Fatah and the PA Security Forces and send them into exile denoting them as persona non-gratas. The Israeli government will offer the Palestinian Arabs to buy their property and give them a generous resettlement reward if they choose to leave the region which is legally Israel and settle elsewhere. Those Arabs who are honest and desire a real new start in life will take this offer and we will wish them the best and wave good-bye. The ones who remain will be told they will be treated as resident foreign aliens and should they find any having any connection with terrorism, those such connected will be sent into exile and labeled as persona non-gratas. These Arabs will be permitted to receive a buyout of their property should they decide to leave Israel within the next year. After this, the remainder, should they decide to leave Israel, will only receive any reimbursement for their property if they should fund a buyer. But there is another front which will be a more difficult problem.


The Gaza front is completely different than the PA regions, as the PA ruled area is actually part of Israel and they have their current semiautonomous governance but only as long as Israel will suffer their presence, because the Hamas governance in Gaza took control of what was supposed to have been a region where the PA was given complete autonomy of the region in order to prove their viability as an actual operating state. The coup by Hamas placed them ruling over this region which Israel had released her claims to Gaza. This means that Gaza could be recognized as an actual nation and is not occupied by Israel in any way. Yes, Israel has placed a blockade on the virtual nation of Gaza once the terrorist group Hamas took control in 2007 replacing the PA in control of the region. Before Hamas took control of Gaza and after August 2005 when Israel removed her presence in Gaza, completely to the last individual, there was no blockade and Gaza was able to trade with anyone directly. It was upon the coup when Hamas took over Gaza and murdered a large number of the PA security personnel and governing officials, many of which were simply taken to the roof of the tallest buildings in Gaza City and sent them to the road below by the fastest route available. This was when Israel found it necessary to blockade Gaza from direct shipments, having all trade unload at the docks in Ashdod where the goods are processed for military materials and then passed directly into Gaza. Israel ships tons of goods into Gaza daily, even when there are active hostilities between Hamas and Israel. The final solution to the Gaza threat will come once the PA has been settled and most, if not all, their resident Arabs taking the Israeli offer and will have relocated outside Israel allowing Israel to simply recognize Gaza as a nation. Once this has been accomplished, any aggressions against Israel from within Gaza would be treated as acts of war. This could lead to a final solution as Israel could, after sufficient aggressive actions, declare war against Gaza and once defeated, the citizens of Gaza could be deported from the region as a result of this war. That would be the advantage to recognizing Gaza as an independent nation, which is actually a valid recognition as Israel has already ceded the land to the PA which lost this region in a violent coup. That left Hamas holding lands which Israel had ceded her ownership to the PA which makes Gaza technically a nation which could be named Hamasland. As a nation, Hamasland could be held responsible for acts of aggression and her people forced from the region should the area be lost to Israel in an actual and real war between nations. Such a war can result in the relocation of the entire population which has many precedents throughout history, and will be the likely end of violence with Gaza. If the citizens of Gaza are permitted to remain, they will be resident aliens without a nation. Why is it that Israel is so lucky as to get all the new and unusual situations and making these situations that may result in new conditions and populations, which if the situation was any other nation (with the possible exception of the United States) would be permitted to initiate a final and definitive solution which could easily include the resettlement of large populations in result of responses to violence and acts of war. Hamas will have to be removed from Gaza, and whatever is the result with the population, they must never be permitted to reengage in terrorism and should any feel such a need, they would need face exile and persona non-gratas status. Should Israel ever be forced to reconquer and take full control over Gaza, the resultant resolution for that population would require their being prevented from resuming terror acts and other forms of violence against Israel (and also Egypt). This would require their being denied, at least initially, any form of self-rule as the result of an election in Gaza produced the Hamas majority in the last PA sponsored elections in 2005. It was in Gaza where Hamas received a comfortable majority which has been reported as being over three-quarters of the vote totals. Their support for Hamas in Gaza was partly responsible for the takeover by the terrorist group in 2007. This is why the population of Gaza would need to be deHamasized in a similar manner as Germany had to be deNazified after World War II. That would also be a very difficult form of deprogramming, as for these people their support of Hamas is steeped in their religious beliefs and thus next to impossible to change by any normal means. This is why their being relocated is actually the only real solution which would remove any threat from rematerializing. That is the difficulty which the world would ignore as they would demand that Israel allow the people of Gaza to have self-rule if they promise to forgo terrorism. That is right; Israel would be demanded by most of the world to take their word that they would act civilly in the future as if there is no such thing as Taqiyyah in Islam. But why should the world worry about their honesty as they would not be the targets of the forthcoming terrorism, Israel would and that is just fine with the remainder of the world, well, most of them. The solution is to first recognize that there is no solution to the problem and thus the only true solution is the complete removal of the troublesome populations from the region and doing so with such finality that nobody would dare question the action.


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