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May 21, 2019

If Only We Would All Work Against Hate

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Hate, generally, is not a normal state of mind for a person. In order to reach the stage where one hates, a great deal of energy needs to be extended over time to reach such a hostile state. We are talking the kind of hate that has driven some of the worst mass killing sprees of history. We are talking about the hatreds which had no rational beyond they are different and by their existence the world has a conscience and thus cannot partake of all pleasures without concerns and limitations. Oddly enough, it was Adolph Hitler who defined why this hatred began and where it would lead by defining the basic affect the existence of any Jew meant for the rest of the world, the existence of a single Jew meant the world had a conscience and knew there was a difference between goodness and evil. This is why the Jews have been treated so differently than any other race, religion, people or group. The Jews meant that mankind was not free to pillage, rape and bash their way through life. Of course, Hitler had little if any use for conscience and was going to eradicate the world’s conscience, the Jews. That was why six-million innocent Jews and another approximately six-million of the wretched, the broken, the insane, the Gypsies (Roma), Polish, Russian and all others defined as inferior were eradicated. Hitler was going to purify the human race. This begs the question; how many will remain once you are finished? Where do you stop? Martin Niemöller, a prominent Lutheran pastor in Germany framed the situation well when he stated, “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.” That is the problem, eventually such a cleansing starts to run out of victims and by that point it is far too late.


Conscience is a Jewish invention


Well, the world is racing into that cauldron of hate which starts with anti-Semitism, the one hate which it appears everyone can rally to with willing acceptance that this is a holy cleansing. The Christians only need reach back a few hundred years to when they believed that they had replaced the Jews before Hashem. The Jews had gone astray and were no longer righteous, actually they were anti-righteousness and so unholy that they had to be kept apart. They could be permitted to perform those professions which were forbidden or below their Christian betters. Now it is Islam who believe that they are the final words from Hashem except he is now Allah and he appears to have ordered the Muslims to cleanse the world of all unbelievers beginning with the Jews and then the idolaters followed by the Christians and finally any Muslims who are not enthusiastic enough in their devotion to Allah and Muhammad. Their Quran and Imams demand that they Muslims are destined to purify the world removing all those who are not meeting the Quranic standards as interpreted by the many disparate Imams who often do not agree on exactly what meets the Quranic standards. They all agree that anyone who is not a Muslim is defined as an unacceptable being who is imperfect and can only become perfect through conversion to Islam. The Jews are familiar with this position as it was the position of the Church and later most of the Protestant founders also insisted that the Jews were unacceptable and required conversion or death. With time and maturity, the Christians mostly began to accept the Jews. According to surveys, the majority of Americans have positive feelings for the Jews and for Israel. With the massive influx of ‘refugees’ from MENA (Middle East and North Africa) nations, this has begun to alter the perception of some native Europeans concerning Israel and lagging behind is coming the adversity towards Jews in general.


The Christians had what is referred to as a Reformation where the Churches became more open and no longer held to the belief that they had to save the Jews from their Judaism and instead they were to become accepting. This was also supposed to cover the numerous other beliefs which were similar to Christianity but were sufficiently separate that they initially suffered scorn, derision and even persecution. Some of these groups extend to the Mormons, Mennonites, Quakers and other offshoots and denominations. The problem became people leaving the faith and becoming the latest religion the developed world had invented for their new future, Secular Humanism. Secular Humanism either rejects the existence of a Supreme Being or accepts such an entity but does not have any faith in organized religion, mind you the Secular Humanist belief system does have certain precepts which one must accept. One is that people can fashion a society which will be good without the need for anything which is recognized as a religion. They are unaware, largely, that they have defined a religion complete with rules and a belief system. G.K. Chesterton commented on such stating, “When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything.” We do not believe that this applies to everyone, but it is likely more truth than many would wish to believe. The proof is the numbers of Secular Humanists who will admit they agree to numerous, what to Jews are, Blood Libels. The numbers of those who follow Islam who agree with the Blood Libels is a far greater percentage when they are sampled. This is particularly true amongst these immigrants even to include those in the United States. In all honesty, two such were elected to the United States Congress, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. These two have taken to a tag team of attacking Jews and Israel.


The latest came from Rashida Tlaib was an interview with Seth Meyers where she again claimed unapologetically her false antisemitic version of history and falsely claimed that the Palestinian Arabs welcomed Jews to the Middle East when Palestinian leader Grand Mufti Haj Amin el Husseini was actually an ally of Adolph Hitler, and coordinated attacks that killed thousands of Jews many of whom were recent Holocaust survivors (video is below with her controversial statements). Her concept of history left out a few little events where her relatives, assuming they were living where she claims, may have joined in or at least watched the riotous actions of Arabs in Hevron and Jerusalem where the Arabs attacked the Jews in 1920, 1929, plus other history from this period and from 1936 through 1939, which peaked in the first and last years. These were riots often encouraged by the British who were working against the Jews establishing their state. The British worked with Arabs to move numerous Arabs into the region while refusing to permit Jews to enter the Holy Lands. This left the European Jews with no place to escape the coming elimination of European Jews by the Nazis. This was the welcome arranged for the Jews and once Israel finally was opened to Jews and the nation of Israel declared, six Arab armies and numerous other Arab units and forces with some commanded by British military veterans (and some claim also active duty British officers) mostly in Jordan and some Nazis which have not been verified though it was a logical effort for them to assist as the Mufti of Jerusalem worked with the Nazis organizing Islamic brigades in the Balkans and worked to organize Arabs to fight against the British in the MENA regions. This was the welcome which was launched on May 15, 1948 with the rising of the sun. The armies involved with the invasion of the nascent Israel were Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. What she was forgetting also was that the Mufti of Jerusalem advised the Arabs to leave their homes and move to safety behind the Arab forces. He promised that after a few days when the Jews were all taken care of by the soon to be victorious armies, then they would share in the bounty of what had been the Jewish possessions. When the Arabs lost the war to exterminate the Jews, mistakenly called the Israeli War of Independence, the Arab nations forced these Arabs, who had fled obeying the Mufti, into camps where they have lived ever since as have their children and their children etc. This is the refugee problem which causes the world such consternation as they believe the Jews forced these people into camps. There are no Arab refugee camps in regions under Israeli civil control. What is amazing is there exist refugee camps within the Palestinian Authority ruled region and in Gaza ruled by Hamas. So Palestinian ruled lands have Palestinian refugees who they incarcerate in camps because they were refugees under Jordan and Egypt, thus they must remain refugees until the world forces them on Israel. That is the reality of how these refugees lost their homes and lands. Meanwhile, here is Rashida Tlaib and her slanted view of history.



Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a trio of freshman Congress-persons, have all but taken center stage for the Democrat Party. What has made this trio even more frightening has been the range and amount of support in defending them from any and all criticism. Leading the charge to rally forces around the mad trio has been Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer and other Democrats rallying at this latest outburst of the undefendable. Wait, we may have jumped the gun calling her comments anti-Semitic or controversial as there is another view one can take. What she stated was basically true, many Palestinian Arabs lost their homes. Where she goes off the reservation is blaming this on the Holocaust Jews being given Israel as a consolation prize after the horrors of World War II. The problem is two-fold. First is that the concepts and treaties plus conferences for establishing the Jewish State took place after World War I initiated by the San Remo Conference and on from there establishing the Mandate System. Further, Ms. Tlaib blames the wrong people for the Arabs who lost their homes and farms as those were the Arabs who obeyed the Mufti of Jerusalem and then were incarcerated by their own people in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and elsewhere in the Arab world. There were a few Arab villages where the people were removed from their lands and sent behind the Arab lines, but these were the villages which permitted Arab forces to shelter and attack the Israelis from behind and with other ambushes. The Arabs who remained in their homes and were either neutral by not engaging in hostilities or fought alongside the Jews all today have Israeli citizenship and full rights just the same as every Israeli, Jewish, Christian, Muslim or any other religion.


There is one item which is becoming ever more interesting. That are the comments originating from Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez which will provide copious amounts to use as grist for the mill that is editorials and other commentaries including ours. Many of those who support Israel or are against hatreds such as anti-Semitism or support the Democrats but believe these three are harming the party all call for them to be far more calm and speak out less. We wish them to speak their minds and to repeat their messages loud and proud spreading their hatred of the Jews and/or Israel as far and wide as they are able. I want everybody to hear what they say and allow for their comments to force the world to have discussions and converse about this spiteful hate from Islam against Israel and the Jews. These anti-Semitic declarations and falsified history should be spread along with other people setting the records straight with a reality check. The only way to fight such lies are to place them out in the light of truth allowing for all to discover who are the haters and who are civil. Separating our world into those who hold Israel and/or the Jews with contempt, spite, hatred, malice, detestation, loathing, abhorrence or other excessively critical and negative assessments will allow us to define those who hold hatred which taints them and stands as a threat to all we hold precious in an open and civil society. These are people which will need our understanding and gentle nudging towards learning to accept others and shedding their hatreds. That is the service these individuals and the others who feel the same towards groups of those different from them provide by openly stating their hatred plainly and without reservations. We, as a civilized people, need to find out who those are who require being educated and taught acceptance over hatred and love over fear. Then there is the final item, the final challenge, will be to bring about a change in Islam which will allow for them to return to the Meccan Quran over the Medina Quran rather than using their rule of Abrogation which makes the Medina Quranic verses overruling those more peaceful verses from the Meccan Quranic verses. This would require changes in Islam which would refute their history up to the present reversing their decision that the violence written in the Medina Quran overrule the coexistence taught by the Meccan Quran. The Meccan Quranic verses were the first ones written after the revelations to Muhammad in the cave outside Mecca with the Medina written later at quite a distance from the cave and were instead inspired through Muhammad’s change in lifestyle and his stature and followings grew dramatically providing Muhammad with a large force with which he began caravan raiding. From this Muhammad also firmed his control over the region around Medina and then conquered Mecca and soon was unifying the entire Arabian Peninsula. His following rulers then broke out of the Arabian Peninsula and spread across MENA conquering Persia, the Holy Lands, Egypt and beyond to Spain and Morocco. Then they reached the decision that any lands which came under the control of Islam must never be permitted to revert to any other rule. This is at the center of the conflict with Israel as it goes directly against that rule. Changing Islam from the religion which is destined to rule the world and be the sole religion permitted with all other congregants who are not Islamic being put to the sword, being killed. Either this changes or the world either succumbs or completely defeats Islam forcing a change or facing being completely annihilated. These are our choices and the louder these anti-Israel and anti-Semites continue to speak, the more our societies will realize that there is a problem. Recognizing that there is a problem is the first step in finding a solution to said problem. We have yet to take the first step in solving these hatreds and currently we have most of one political party is defending these people and excusing their hates claiming that it is the problem of the rest of the people having unfounded fears of Islam. They even came up with a name for these people who have problems with the Islamic faith, Islamophobia. That technically would mean fear of Islam, but despite potentially being a possible person to accuse of suffering from Islamophobia, but I assure you that I am not in fear of Islam. I have concerns over Islam but also hold hope that they may soon realize that the world will not permit them to destroy their societies as they have developed over time. The Secular Humanists will definitely insist on retaining what they believe is their inherent right to retain their freedom of thought. Islam insists that the individual have no freedom under Islam and must surrender their entirety to Allah and do the best they are able to imitate the founder, Muhammad, and they demand they support Jihad. These are the beliefs which will eventually run the risk of causing conflict between Islam and the rest of the world. The question is how long before the world realizes the problem and addresses the problem once and for all.


Beyond the Cusp


March 29, 2019

The Jews Did Not Mold the Middle East


Since the conquest of Judea by the Babylonians, the Jews briefly were permitted self-rule as a province of the Persian Empire after their defeat of the Babylonian Empire. Just a historical footnote, years before these other empires rose with great clamor, there was a time when the Hebrews, the Jews, had an empire as well which reached from the Euphrates River to the Wadi of Egypt (not the Nile as many claim). This was the period of a Greater Israel and modern Jews and Israelis in general do not seek empire or a Greater Israel reaching the Euphrates, though the modern border between Israel and Egypt is very close to the location of the Wadi of Egypt (see map below). But that was the before anyone recorded history except for the Egyptians and a Jewish Empire was never to be celebrated, only made into a modern fear that the Jew wants to rule the world. Back to recorded history where the Persians fell to the Greeks who fell to the Romans who dispersed the Judean, by then even the Romans were referring to them simply by the shortened term, Ju (pronounced the same a Jew). The point is that from approximately 597BCE until May 15, 1948, the Jews had no homeland anywhere and were dispersed throughout most of the world. The Jews wielded power and influence throughout many periods but were always suspect and often treated as second-class people or even as subhuman. The truth was that there were initially two main groups of Jews by the time we reach closer to modernity but before the colonizing of the New World and the rise of Europe as the main power and the Europeans, though ruled as separate nations, were unified in their common cause in resisting the expansionary conquests by the Islamic Empire, be it the Caliphate or the Ottomans. The Europeans coordinated efforts to retake the Holy Lands, in particular Jerusalem, which resulted in the Crusades which were not an offensive war but a response to the conquest of the area and their being pushed from the lands after the fall of Rome and later the Byzantine Empire by Islamic forces.


Greater Israel the Kingdoms of Kings David and Solomon Between 1050 and 930 BCE

Greater Israel the Kingdoms of Kings David and Solomon Between 1050 and 930 BCE


The rise of Islam ended what had been a century of Jewish preeminence in many regions of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) under the remnants of the Persian Empire which rose again after the fall of Rome, in Egypt which returned to indigenous rule also after the fall of Rome, and under other tribal rule across the region with but a remnant of the Jews who remained or had returned to the area which had been their ancestral homelands with the majority residing in Jerusalem, Tiberius, Caesarea, Be’er Sheva and other towns and cities. Still, even in Jerusalem despite often being either a plurality or sometimes and outright majority, they never were permitted self-rule for two-thousand-five-hundred-forty-five year period, from 597BCE until May of 1948, just in case you wish to check our math. The Jews who resided within Europe and Russia have a history which well documented and tells a depressing story of pogrom, evictions, forced conversions, torture, inquisitions, purifications and the Protestant Reformation where virtually every new faction of Christianity attempted to prove their righteousness and superiority in having a pure faith compared to the Church in Rome each attempted to outdo the rest in their persecution of Jews and others not of their particular denomination of Christianity. Even after the Renaissance, the Enlightenment and the industrial revolution which brought on the modern age, the Jews remained persecuted and forced to work only in professions which were permitted to them and throughout Europe, they mostly were forbidden from owning land. Many Jews fled to the New World hoping that things would improve, and depending on where they went and under which European power they resided determined their plight. Often they found that the Christian dominance remained a stumbling block to the Jews gaining equal rights and they were again relegated to only being permitted certain fields of endeavor and often were still denied land ownership. But what about the Jews who did not reside under the European Christians, the Jews of MENA?


Starting in the year 622, Muhammad began the Islamic conquest of the Arabian Peninsula where Muhammad often ordered the slaughter of the men of the Jewish tribes, taking the women to use to produce fighters or as wives, trained the male children in Islam and Jihad and raising the girls to become wives. After the death of Muhammad, the leaders of the Islamic tribes continued to expand their reach and by 725 had conquered Persia, Egypt and virtually all of the region of MENA and were making their way up the Iberian Peninsula (see map below). The spread of the Muslims was halted in the west by Charles the Hammer Martel at the battle of Tours and in the East by the Byzantines and the seemingly impervious walls of Constantinople. Our apologies to our regular readers who have suffered through this story repeatedly, but from here we will be giving a different twist. Between the Caliphates and the Ottoman Empire, the Islamic religion was preeminent ruling over almost all of MENA for 1200 years. During this period, despite what European history states as they simply restated the propaganda fed them by the Muslims and seldom questioned this perfect society where all were presumably equal and everything was sugar and spice and everything nice, the Jews did not have such royal treatment under Islamic rule. At best the Jew were Dhimmi, a form of second-class people who are forced to pay a special tax called the Jiyza. The Jiyza could be an affordable amount or it could be set such that the Dhimmis would be impoverished very rapidly. When a Dhimmi was unable to pay the Jiyza, they were often given a choice to convert or die. Jews, Christians and other Dhimmi were often forced to convert to Islam or face beheading and even after conversion they were still suspect and the slightest sign that they held to their former religion would result in their death. This was the lot of Jews under Islamic rule.


Expansion of Islam Across MENA and into Europe before Ottoman Rule

Expansion of Islam Across MENA and into Europe before Ottoman Rule


There was another period which the Jews were facing persecution no matter which way they turned with the only difference being whether they wished to be tortured, forced to convert and then often killed anyway by the Spanish Christians or the Muslims who were being pushed from the Iberian Peninsula and also facing the Spanish Inquisition. Both the Muslims, who were losing to the forces of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, and the Spanish Christian forces who were facing fierce resistance from the Muslims believed that the Jews were spies or in other ways supporting their foes. Whichever side the Jews found themselves, their best hope was to hide and not be seen as to be seen would result in torture and likely death as they were seldom able to provide information which was worthy of sparing their lives as after they spilled whatever they knew or whatever they invented when they lacked actual knowledge, they no longer served any purpose and thus were eliminated. So, up until World War I from the period of the Babylonian conquering of Jerusalem, the Jews resided constantly under foreign rule even inside of the region which had been their homelands. What is important for this article is that they never had much if any influence on the way the MENA world was fashioned as they were simply powerless and as Dhimmi often lucky if they avoided much notice by their local rulers or any ruler over them all the way up the Caliph, King or whatever title the highest ruler desired for themselves. The Jews who lived in the holy lands did go through a rough period whenever there was a Crusade as when the Christians from Europe liberated a town from its Islamic ruler, they would go through and persecute and kill the Muslims and the Jews. When the Islamic forces would take these regions back, they would persecute and kill the Christians and Jews. The underlying reality was that when your city changed hands, if you were only tortured and not killed, that was being fortunate. This all ended with World War I which changed the face of MENA, something the Arabs to this day resent and blame for their economic and other woes, but the Ottoman Empire was not the only empire broken up, the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and Greater Germany were also split into numerous nations (see map below).


German Empire and Austro-Hungarian Empire Before WWI and After WWI

German Empire and Austro-Hungarian Empire Before WWI and After WWI


World War I brought the end of the Ottoman Empire and Islamic rule across MENA countries with the exception of Persia which remained ruled under Islam. After World War I, the European nations divided up the regions of the Ottoman Empire with the intent of educating and installing European styled nations. As these assigned colonial rules were established under the numerous treaties and conferences and all approved by the League of Nations and signed by the former ruler and now the leader of the forerunner for the Arab League, these mandates and colonies were considered perfectly acceptable. This is the advantage of being the winners in the war. One of the conferences was the San Remo Conference which was where the British Mandate to set up the restored Jewish homelands was born. The idea and restoration of Israel in the Promised Land was a result of World War I and was not as a result of guilt over the Holocaust. The guilt over the Holocaust canard was invented to make it appear that the Jew received their lands due to European guilt over the Holocaust and not due to the restoration of indigenous peoples to their ancestral homes. This was the driving force behind the new maps drawn for MENA and for Eastern Europe. This was a redrawing of much of the maps of all of the old world and the birth of a new world. The British were not satisfied with giving the Jews the entirety of their Mandate lands as they owed the Arab King Faisal a promise to give each of his sons their own lands to rule as he was of assistance during World War I (watch Lawrence of Arabia for a Hollywood version of why). One son of the King received Iraq and the other was granted Jordan. This meant that the Jewish State was shrunk to a mere 22% of the Mandate lands, those west of the Jordan River, and the Arabs were given 78% of the Mandate lands east of the Jordan River. The Jordan River was to be the border between the Jewish State and the Arab State. The Kurdss were also to receive their own nation but when the British found oil around Mosul, they made a deal with the King or Iraq that in exchange for the area which was to be Kurdistan, he would allow J. Paul Getty to exploit the Mosul oil fields. Thus, the Kurds had their homelands squandered away for oil by the British, which might mean that Israel was lucky that there was no oil found west of the Jordan River. The map below depicts the nation responsible for what regions and the date in which they received their independence. As World War I ended in 1918 and much of the making of these colonies and Mandates took through 1920 to 1922, the Europeans colonized the region for mostly under fifty years, which is a very short period when compared to the Islamic conquest and rule which lasted 1200 years and then these nations have largely, if not completely, returned to Islamic rule to some extent or another except for Israel.


Dates that the MENA nations received their independence after colonial rule many since the times of the Persians or even earlier

Dates that the MENA nations received their independence after colonial rule many since the times of the Persians or even earlier


So, as history tells us, the Jews had no part in formation of the Middle East as the mess that it represents today. The indigenous peoples across northern Africa were conquered by the Romans and then the Caliphates and Islamic rule followed by the Islamic Ottoman Empire. After twelve-hundred years of uninterrupted Islamic rule, these nations faced around fifty years of European rule before being left to their own devices which resulted in near unanimous return to Islamic rule under various kings, royal families and dictators. The real question as to who molded the current Middle East and all of the various conflicts and problems falls to the Islamic rulers of over a millennia, the borders decided by the European colonial enterprises resulting from World War I and the current rulers who took control of these various nations with borders drawn by the Europeans without regard for the tribal and religious variations of the region. The nations which retained much of their original ethnic history were Saudi Arabia, Iran (Persia), Syria, Turkey and the rebirth of Israel. The rest of the nations were inventions of the European map makers which were drawn, some claim, with the intent of making for internal strife which would require a strong dictatorial ruler who would keep order through brute force. Whether the problems resulted from the subjugation of indigenous peoples by the Islamic rulers or if you would rather blame the short span under European rule and the resulting borders, either way, the Jews had little to nothing to do with any of the problems. Even the internal problems faced by Israel are largely due to the British importing Arabs in an attempt to prevent the Jews from establishing their homeland. The problem with the Palestinian Arab refugees is actually predominantly the result of the Arabs and their attempt in 1948 to destroy the Jewish State at her inception. The vast majority of the Arab refugees was the result of the Mufti of Jerusalem insisting that the Arabs leave the region where Israel was to be formed such that the six invading Arab armies could simply slaughter everyone as they were to presumably breeze through the new state of Israel in a victorious slaughter whose intended result was best described by Azzam Pasha, Secretary-General of the Arab League at that time who stated, “It will be a war of annihilation. It will be a momentous massacre in history that will be talked about like the massacres of the Mongols or the Crusades.” The reality turned out quite different but the result left the Islamic forces occupying areas of Gaza, Judea and Samaria. Egypt was granted rule over Gaza and Jordan over Judea and Samaria which they renamed West Bank as the historic names were far too Jewish. The one thing which never existed in the entire history of the region was any nation named Palestine or any nation which used Jerusalem as their capital other than the Jews and their ancestors.


What will be the final ending result of the numerous attempts, 1948-9, 1967 Six Day War, 1973 Yom Kippur War and the terrorist enterprise which has lasted since the turn of the Twentieth Century predating even the establishment of Israel? This is the question which is troubling the world as they are doing everything humanly possible short of the world declaring war upon Israel to destroy the Jewish State ignoring International Law and the promises made in treaties and conferences across recent history, especially when one stops to consider that the Jewish history in the areas of the Promised Lands originates close to four-thousand years ago. Under International Law which includes but is not limited to the San Remo Conference, the Mandate System, the British agreement with the Zionist Congress and all enforceable by the United Nations under Article 80 of the charter, though one would be hard pressed to recognize this, the eastern border for Israel is the Jordan River. The reason the world appears to pressing so hard to have Israel recognize a new Arab state is because unless Israel signs away her rights to the lands west of the Jordan River in a treaty or similar document with equal footing, the International Law leaves the Arabs with no actual claim or recourse to the lands west of the Jordan River. The reason the conflict continues between the Palestinian Arabs (a misnomer as there was never a Palestine for them to be Palestinian) and Israel is because the world refuses to keep their promises to the Jews. The reality is that the Arab world spat out the vast majority of their Jews, some nations wiped their lands completely of their Jews, sending over eight-hundred-thousand Jews moving to the sole nation on earth which would take them in, Israel, and they were incorporated into the new nation and not placed in camps from which they could demand all they wanted for their former nations to repatriate them and return to them their properties, the exact opposite of the Arab response to their refugees which are still in camps along with their third and fourth generation children still waiting for the world to destroy Israel so they can, as Azzam Pasha stated before the 1948 invasion to destroy Israel and wipe out her Jews, return to their region and take of the spoils of the defeated and dead Jews. This conflict will end in one of two ways, either the Arabs will finally accept Israel and care for their own people or the world will attempt to destroy Israel be it Iran using nuclear weapons as they have threatened, the Arabs finally defeating Israel, or the entire world will declare war upon Israel probably through the United Nations in stages. The first stage will consist of the United Nations General Assembly petitioning the Security Council to strip Israel of her membership in that body and the Security Council accepting their petition favorably. The next stage will likely be another General Assembly petition of the Security Council to revoke the November 29, 1947 UNGA Res 181 which was offering another partition of the lands west of the Jordan River which the Arab League refused making it void anyways, but by doing so the move will be treated as the United Nations invalidating the establishment of Israel. Then Israel will exist and continue to exist but the world will have turned their backs on the Jewish State and pretend that Israel has no right to exist. Eventually, this will lead to a coalition of nations which will set to destroying Israel by whatever means are necessary. What the Bible predicts about this final conflict does not bode well for the coalition as the arrival of the Messiach will be the deciding factor and the world will one last time feel the wrath of Hashem. The one thing which we can be assured of is that the Jews had nothing to do with the mess the nations stretching across the MENA region are suffering and if they would simply allow it, Israel could do much towards making these nations productive and their people wealthy and comfortable. There is so much they would gain by working with Israel instead of attempting to destroy her, but that would take common sense which Voltaire, Will Rogers or Mark Twain noted, “Common Sense is not so common.”


Beyond the Cusp


December 28, 2018

And the West Sleeps in Ignorance


We have had two Defense Ministers/Secretaries resign within a week or so of one another. The first being the Israeli Defense Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, who protested the lack of response by the Prime Minister, Bibi Netanyahu, to the firing of almost five-hundred rockets into Israel on and above the incendiary Balloons and Kites which destroyed wilderness preserves, forests and acre upon acre of farm lands which were almost ready for harvest bring months of toil and hard work by the farmers to naught. The second was the United States Secretary of Defense General James ‘mad dog’ Mattis who stated that his disagreement over pulling of American troops from the Middle East left him little choice and stated to the President was, “Because you have the right to have a Secretary of Defense whose views are better aligned with yours on these and other subjects, I believe it is right for me to step down.” In both cases, the holder of the Defense Portfolio felt that their service was no longer required simply because they had a diametrically opposing view to how the nation should address Islamic aggressions and towards terrorism in particular. This is actually representative of the reaction of the entirety of the Western World when it comes to their addressing Islam and its attempts to infiltrate and subsume Western civilization through a stealthy abduction through the ballot box.


Many on the left end of the political scale claim that any suspicions over the attempts by Islamic forces and interests to take over the Western nations through subtle use of the ballot box and hijacking of political parties is simple paranoia. Sometimes paranoia is based in real fears which demand attention even if most of the public are completely oblivious to the threat. We have a simple and now obvious example from the mid to late 1930’s. During this period a Jewish leader of bringing Jews to their ancient homelands in the Middle East, Ze’ev Jabotinsky, made numerous trips to Eastern Europe to speak with the Jews warning them that they were going to be killed and needed to move to Israel. He was met with derision and was even banned by numerous Rabbis from speaking to their congregants. Many a town would threaten him with violence and he was chased out of the area. Well, the few who did listen to him survived the Nazi takeover of most of Europe exterminating as many Jews as possible in every one of those very same communities which Ze’ev had visited. In too many cases there are no survivors to tell what their Rabbis had to say once they were in the Concentration Camps and realized what was about to occur. Europe has been inviting the waves of Islamic men largely of military age without women or families into their bosom. Germany’s Chancellor Merkel led this wave of inviting unrestrained Islamic immigrants with her announcing that Germany was open before them and welcoming their immigration, or should we call it what it really is, infiltration.


France has been an example of the results of this influx of Islamic population with increases of 50% and 60% in acts of overt anti-Semitism in the last few years. The increase in Islamic population cannot account for the entirety of these increases such that it has become obvious that the increases in anti-Semitism while triggered by the influx of Muslims with anti-Semitic beliefs brought over from their former homes has made the expression of anti-Semitic feeling more acceptable and thus brought out the formerly subverted anti-Semitism into the open. These results can be seen throughout Western and Northern Europe (Old Europe) but has been less represented in the former Warsaw Pact nations who have mostly closed their borders to the Islamic immigration waves. Europe is witnessing in the affected countries the rise of political parties catering to the Islamic ideas or even completely new Islamic parties both of which have given the newcomers an increased voice in governance. This will eventually subsume the normative parties simply by using the leftist ideas of multiculturalism and that all cultures are just as valid as any other along with their secular humanistic hatred for Judeo-Christianity and the ethics which come with these beliefs. Add to this their claim that any selective rejection of Islam, even should it be entirely valid, is still a sign of blatant discrimination and Islamophobia. The term Islamophobia is wielded with the same efficiency as a barbarian axe was wielded bringing the fall of the Roman Empire. This charge of Islamophobia and the alliance of the left with the Islamic influx will eventually succeed in their quest to remove any and all of the Judeo-Christian influences throughout much of Europe. The surprise will come when once they have eradicated all Judeo-Christian influence and instead of their secular humanistic ethos, they are facing Sharia and a strict Islamic influence. The Gay community will quickly return to the closet or be murdered for their lifestyle. Women will find themselves encased in the burkas with only their eyes showing and just enough so they can see where they walk. Of course, they will not need to see where they are going, as they will be required to have a male relative escorting them wherever it is they need to travel. Women not dressed in burkas or traveling by themselves will be subject to anything from taunts to being raped, as they are obviously loose women. Further, any women reporting being raped will be stoned to death as a harlot, only making such a reaction to women walking around unescorted or dressed improperly all the more common.


We know, we are being ridiculous, this would never happen in such cosmopolitan places as Paris, Vienna, Rome and the rest of the major European cities. Sorry to report, but this is already the case in parts of many European cities such as Paris, Amsterdam, London, Manchester and all too many more. Women traveling through on buses or trains require protective escorts just to travel through some of these zones. Anybody caught drinking alcoholic beverages face harassment or attack with an extreme beating resulting if they do so within an Islamic area of these cities and towns. The face of Europe is changing and from appearances, the Muslims are not even waiting to have a majority in any of these cities before demanding that the laws and institutions be altered to comply with their Sharia and the Quran. There are already Sharia Courts in numerous European countries which operate on a completely separate set of laws than the nation is accustomed. How much longer until the Islamic influence erases the Judeo-Christian ethics and how will the people respond when facing Sharia as the new law in town.


Imagine Paris without its theaters, without dance halls or discotheques, without bars or bistros, without alcohol, without movie theaters and without chorus lines. Imagine London without pubs. Imagine Germany without beer halls. Imagine Amsterdam without gay clubs. Imagine Europe looking more like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran or Algeria. Imagine Europe bereft not only of anything Christian, but devoid of Jews and completely under Islamic influence and Sharia as the law of the land. Imagine Europe without even the slightest remnant of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of thought. Imagine Europe as an extension of the Middle East and Northern Africa. That is the logical extension of many of the current political philosophies. The concept that all political visions are the same, all philosophical systems are equal, all religions produce identical societies and that Islam is no different than is Christianity. All of these thought processes are completely bereft of facts. If these concepts were true, then there would be little difference between Iran today and Germany today. This is an obviously absurd idea as they are very different with Germany still remaining a free society while in Iran one can be arrested for thought crime or for being an adversary of the state. In Germany, the government is elected from a ballot which includes anyone who desires to run while in Iran the Mullahs and Supreme Council choose which candidates they know will support their continued ruling of the nation and will rubber stamp their demands and these are the only people permitted to run for office. That is not a free or open election system; it is simply the glossy cover of oppressive governance. That is what is coming to Europe if the people do not awaken to the threats on their doorsteps which currently most of them are welcoming into the bosom of their countries. There is a difference between the separate philosophies and there is a huge difference between those systems based on the Judeo-Christian ethos and those based on Sharia and Islam. From the first the world derived freedom of thought, the integrity of the individual, freedom of religion and the general freedoms which made the Western World the leaders of the modern world while the other produces stagnation, no free thought, only Islam as the accepted religion, everyone must obey Islam which means surrender or submission. Islam can be compared to the pre-Reformation Church where the Pope was the one who laid out the law and none were free to believe otherwise. The best example of such was Galileo who was restricted to house arrest for much of the end of his life for reporting what he saw in his telescope. Had it not been for England having a despotic ruler who believed in freedom of thought and that science was of a benefit to the kingdom, much of modern science would have remained in the darkness. In the Islamic world, after their “Golden Age” that is exactly what occurred.


After the loss of the Ottoman Empire during World War I and the subsequent occupation and fairly quick exit of Europe from the divided up Ottoman Empire (see map below) the Islamic world came to the conclusion that in order to regain their preeminence which they held in their former times, they should return to the age of conquest that they enjoyed under Muhammad and immediately thereafter. Under this interpretation of their best way to regain their proper place in the world, they began to turn to military reactions to anything they saw as contrary to their best interests. The initial and still number one item which they take exception to is the very existence of Israel. The fact that the “accursed Jew” has taken control of a piece of the Islamic Waqf, permanent Islamic lands which must never be permitted to fall into other hands, is by far the greatest insult that Islam could ever suffer. Had it been anybody but the Jews who ruled Israel, Islam might have eventually come to grips with it and set out to simply make life difficult and wait for the interlopers to leave. This was what they did with the Crusaders, Napoleon and the Europeans who had colonies or mandates in the Islamic lands of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). They claim that they will also do this with the Jew because, like their propaganda, Israel is just a white European occupation. That is interesting as half of the population of the Jews in Israel came from the MENA nations who dispossessed themselves of their Jewish populations by and large in the 1950’s when they made almost one million Jews exiles after stripping them of any wealth including taking their money and bank accounts, taking their jewelry and taking anything else of value plus their inspectors often took pieces of clothing they found attractive when checking their bags to assure they were not stealing anything of value. According to their governments, anything a Jew had which was of any real value must have been stolen from one of the members of the true faith of Islam; no Jew could have ever earned such things of wealth. Still, the Muslims think that the Jews will simply disappear and return to Europe, Russia and wherever else. The problem is that even should most of the Israeli Jews wish to go elsewhere, no nation would accept them, this we know from the Shoah when Jewish refugees, such as those on the MS St. Louis who were refused entry by Cuba, the United States, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, England except for a few who had British citizenship papers, and ended up back in Germany. Israelis are home and will not be going anywhere, even if the world had open arms for us, which it does not.


Dates that the MENA nations received their independence after colonial rule many since the times of the Persians or even earlier

Dates that the MENA nations received their independence after colonial rule many since the times of the Persians or even earlier


Back to the two Defense Ministers/Secretaries who resigned because of differing opinions with their respective Prime Minister/President and what it has to do with the spreading of Islam. Both resignations were made due to what they interpreted as weakness in the face of terrorist activity. Lieberman resigned over the lack of action against the Hamas rocket barrage and Mattis resigned over President Trump pulling the American forces from Syria and much of the remainder of the Middle East. Without deciding if their actions were wrong, we can still discuss their reasoning. Lieberman deeply lobbied for a strong and even decisive assault on Gaza which may or may not have preempted the ability for the IDF to operate in the north where it has found a number of Hezballah tunnels stretching into Israel which could have been used in the future for infiltration and attacks. There are many in Israel who question the statements made by some of the General Staff that Israel would be stretch to the breaking point or beyond if she ever was required to fight both Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza and Hezballah out of Lebanon. Lieberman believed that the IDF was fully capable of doing an insertion operation to defang Hamas and Islamic Jihad while handling the operation in the North. The Prime Minister thought otherwise and likely had the support of the General Staff who likely claimed that to do both would require calling up most of the reserves and putting the nation on a total war footing which would severely hamper the economic health of Israel. We have noticed the propensity of the Israeli General Staff to make everything sound like a near impossibility, something the IDF has proven that, with the proper time and intelligent planning, they are capable of conquering virtually every challenge put before them and often with minimal numbers of reservists if any being required to be called up. Another item is that reservists need to understand that they can be called up with minimal notice and be prepared to take on any challenge at a moment’s notice.


Mattis, on the other hand, resigned as he felt that the United States required some forces to remain in the Middle East to combat terrorism which has shown a definitive propensity to grow from nothing into a major threat in a short period of time. President Trump, on the other hand, was making good on his promise to neuter the Islamic State and then have the United States leave much if not all of the Middle East. While the leaving of the United States presence in Syria leaves both Israel and the Kurds facing imminent threats, the Kurds have definitively the greater threat. President Trump has stated that he was given assurances from Turkish President Erdoğan that his forces would not sweep through killing the Kurds in northern Syria and Iraq. We hope that President Trump did not actually believe that promise as we can assure him that within a month of the American pullout, the Turkish troops will continue their eradication of any Kurdish population of note in northern Syria and may even sweep into Iraq where Iraqi and IRGC forces are already attacking Kurdish forces and endangering Kurdish civilians in Mosul. Between the two Defense Secretaries/Ministers, Mattis was by far the more correct in his reasoning and reason for leaving. Lieberman can claim what he wishes to claim, the real reason he left the government was to make himself and his party appear to be more right wing and more nationalistic and having a stronger anti-terror position than it has proven to have. He was seeking gains in the polls and hoping to increase his party’s number of ministers in the elections coming at the end of next year at the latest. His was just as much a political move as it was one of principle, and of course, political moves often are aligned with moves on principle or the appearance thereof. Mattis, on the other hand, is retiring to his home and private life and likely has no political ambitions, thus his was a true resignation over opinions. Both still had the same message, take the Islamic threat to Western civilization seriously before it overruns the West.


As we have already noted, there has been a number of Islamist and even more anti-Israel and anti-Judeo-Christian ethos candidates elected to office with many of them being elected to the United States House of Representatives. These individuals were all members of either the Democrat Party or the Social Democrat Party, a more left-leaning wing of the party. What these also were was an indicator of what is in the future for the Democrat Party, a leftward swing with a strong Islamist flavor. This also means that the new Democrats who are their future will not be supporting Israel, as was traditionally a bipartisan support. The Democrat Party is going to increasingly oppose any and all support of Israel including refusing to veto anti-Israel resolutions in the Security Council. This will lead to numerous condemnations of Israel and possibly even to United Nations imposed sanctions and trade embargoes on the Jewish State. Once the newer Democrats take control of the Democrat Party and even take the White House, and we are talking about a Democrat President who would make President Obama appear to have been a Zionist, Israel will find herself without any aid from the United States, no spare parts for her American fighter jets and weapons systems and bereft of any protectional umbrellas which the United States had previously provided. This reality is something that Israel would be smart to anticipate as it may be coming sooner than anyone realizes, outside of our readers. Supporting Israel may have been another of Mattis’s reasons for resigning as the removal of the United States from Syria means that Israel is now more vulnerable to Iranian build-up of forces in Syria now that they will have a direct land route to Damascus from Tehran through Iraq. Further, it means that the United States will have little leverage against Hezballah in Lebanon and the main force from outside the Middle East in the region will be Putin and Russia. Fortunately, Israel does have decent relations with Putin and Russia but still will be facing renewed and new threats from Iran across the Golan Heights and from Lebanon as well as Iran now being able to easily transport the add-on guidance packages allowing Hezballah to install them on their larger rockets making them into accurate guided missiles capable of accuracy within a few meters or less. This is an existential threat to Israel which has been used to draw a red line, one which is probably of greater consequence than that of President Obama. Things are slowly but surely getting, as Alice might have said at her tea party, Things are getting “curiouser and curiouser.” Here’s hoping they do not get any more curiouser.


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