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November 19, 2015

Israel Must Prepare for Life After American Support


So many people on both sides and beyond take for granted that the United States will be aiding and having Israel’s back in perpetuity. Not so and has never been so, as numerous times from before President Obama’s desires and efforts were to put some space between Israel and his administration. There was Harry Truman who after ignoring the State Department and the Pentagon and placed an arms embargo on Israel during her 1948-9 war for survival, there was the could not care less attitude from President Eisenhower until 1956 when Israel had a problem when Egypt blockaded the port of Eilat by closing the Straights of Tiran and frustrated Britain and France as well as the rest of Europe by closing off the Suez Canal to European and American shipping, the United States was far less affected as their trade with Asia was conducted through her west coast ports and did not depend on the Suez Canal as did Europe. When Israel shocked the world and took control of the entire Sinai Peninsula in eight days (in 1967 they took this in six days as well as Gaza, Judea and Samaria and all of the Golan Heights) it was demanded that it be returned immediately with President Eisenhower as one of the most insistent.


Then in the October 1973 Yom Kippur War when Israel was almost overrun before she regrouped and then pushed both Syria and Egypt back beyond the 1967 Armistice cease fire lines crossing the Suez Canal and also on their way to Cairo, Alexandria in Egypt and towards Damascus in Syria when Israel sent an urgent request for resupply of United States munitions which were, by President to Prime Minister agreement after the 1967 Six Day War for munitions to be provided should Israel run precariously below what were considered minimal requirements that President Nixon, on a recommendation from Secretary of State Kissinger delayed the delivery and might have been ready to acquiesce before a tactical move by Prime Minister Golda Meier who it has been rumored open the silos on Israeli missiles right before placing a call for immediate airlift and receiving her required arms. The stalling by President Obama during the last Gaza War are well known because President Obama did everything he could without touring with a five ring circus where the entire show is about President Obama making space between his administration and Israel with an occasional scene depicting the President chasing a personal affair with Iran and the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. One thing for sure, watching this show you know for sure you will get your money’s worth as that President Obama sure can dance.


Should the next United States President elected in just over one year, yes that means the news of this poll and that poll with margins of greater than the differences they claim are important, significant and whatever buzz word of the day might be; is a Democrat or even a few, or not so few, of the less ardent and adamant supporters of Israel amongst the Republican field then there may be even greater space placed between the United States and Israel. Any way one looks at politics in the United States they are simply at the same place as Europe was about a decade ago with many similarities such as Europe’s Jewish population was predominantly in France and to a lesser extent clustered in other places, a city here, a city there but no numbers that would affect anything beyond a local vote, and the Islamic lobby and total votes with some cities and even states edging their way to where the Muslim vote would have more weight than the Jewish vote in a national election which could lead to their gaining greater influence in one or the other of the main parties. Currently, it appears that the Islamic voting block is being used in attempts to have additional sway and influence in a number of local Democrat elections and gaining influence in the Democrat party period. The truth is that the Islamic voting block will soon surpass any Jewish influence in both funds and delivering swing states or holding traditional states. Further, the Party now most aligned with Israel has an insignificant Jewish electorate as in the states where the Jews have any real influence the Islamic voting block may soon equal them in New York, Michigan and who knows where else with the “Syrian refugees” being allowed to claim refugee status and receive citizenship in a preferred path to citizenship, potentially by the 2016 Presidential elections.


Should the Jews not have as much influence in the Democrat Party, many would not be capable of changing parties as some habits, no matter how counter-productive, are near impossible to break. Fortunately for Israel, their main supporters in the United States are independent of the Jewish vote; it is the Evangelical Christian and some other Christians who vote independently but have Israel as one of their major political crucial importance. Many of these voters have other important issue as many are ardently pro-life as other are just as ardent about firearms ownership rights and almost universally they are strong Constitutionalists and supporters of states’ rights. This just means that the Christian voters have issues beyond Israel which they might base their vote which means that there is no guarantee that the Christians will always gravitate towards the pro-Israel or pro-Zionist candidate. As a whole, the Democrat Party, despite having likely over ninety-percent of the Senior Jewish vote, is, as far as Israel is concerned, slip-sliding away. Should the Evangelical Christians decide that a Presidential candidate has the right, and we mean right in every sense of the word, supporting gun rights, pro-life, strong Constitutionalist, but weak on Israel and somewhat of an isolationist who believes the United States should not engage in affairs outside the borders and instead should adopt a stance on foreign nations that the United States will trade with anybody who trades and is economically honest, will honor all treaties currently in place and put simple security forces in places where the United States had an incentive to do so.


Such a President could easily rope Israel into a corner from which there might not be any easy route forward or out. What most Americans, Jewish, Christian or simply sympathetic to Israel claim is that there has been huge differences in United States Presidents and their treatment of Israel. They are largely wrong. Yes, President Obama has done the same innovative anti-Israel actions and anti-Zionist demands along with other items many would call anti-Semitic actions. No matter which way one looks at the situation, the United States priorities, tactical realities, areas of attention and other practical, cultural, political, and other realities, expectations, and definitions of priorities will change and revolve from the Middle East altogether. This is already in motion as the whole world is revolving currently to Asia and soon there will be a turning towards South America and in the far future there will be a move to southern and central Africa. If we are to be totally honest, once the importance of oil recedes as the world will have moved beyond fossil fuels all together, the importance of Israel tactically will be lost. One of the untapped fuel sources is Methane Hydrate which is not found in the Mediterranean Sea near Israel as the waters do not have the correct conditions to have formed Methane Hydrate as noted in the map below.



Sources of Methane Hydrate Around the Globe which Mostly Cling to Shoreline With Potentially More in the Depths

Sources of Methane Hydrate
Around the Globe which
Mostly Cling to Shoreline
With Potentially More in the Depths



Eventually, and sooner than one thinks, the world will no longer care about the Middle East areas of energy resources and will move from oil. The next stop is Methane Hydrate. Then as soon as mining in space becomes practical, the main source of fuel changes again, this time to Helium-3 (He3) of which this resource is not found on the Earth but the closest location of Helium-3 is on the Moon and after that it is probably on most asteroids still in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. In that future, if Israel is to play a role it will be because they have figured out how to best extract the Helium-3 such that it is collected in a safe manner. The only importance Israel will serve in the future will depend totally upon the continued excelling in the field of scientific research and development. The importance in energy production will not be an area of how to utilize the new chemicals we find in space for energy production and beyond. The area of greatest research may very well lie in the research into fusion power and designing space ships which will serve acquisition of these numerous resources as well as improving the design of space vehicles and the design of power systems which will produce our energy needs on Earth and beyond. Let’s hope that there will be no need to develop space based weapon systems as we go forth into the cosmos.


The one area in which Israel can remain a world leader will be in energy and security software, operating systems and control systems. Another area in which Israel has a fair ability that can be important is agricultural systems. The biggest industry may be in nano-technology and even smaller living systems which can produce food or the smallest bio-engines which will be in high demand, an engineering problem which will be necessary if nano-technology is going to function and produce things which are useful to mankind. The production of laboratory based systems which can produce food will be another important area if we are to make long space travel necessary. Such will be required in order to place the systems for generating stable wormholes which could eventually be the fastest manner to traverse space but for such to become feasible there will be required a station placed at both ends which remain stable and sufficiently well placed such that their system is accessible relatively easily from the placement. This is assuming that such teleportation of living beings can be proven to be near one-hundred percent accurate in transferring of living material, especially if the living materials are mine.


The future holds great promise if and only if the Human race learns to control their base instincts. Such a development in mankind will actually change our development beyond those of mere animals. We have the basic function within us; it is just the accessing them and acting in a reasoned and cooperative manner. This will require separating ourselves as a societal definition beyond tribal units and into multi-ethnic, multi-racial and fully acceptive units based on our preferences and all mutually working in such ways as to increase harmony and the placing tribal systems into our ever growing remote past. That step will be problematic for numerous people who depend on the tribal structure in order to remain important. Probably the fastest way for such a society to begin might be the introduction of a completely new lifeform emanating from another planet, whether such an entity exists is still debatable though the math makes it all but a certainty, were to show up and officially introduce themselves. It would be most helpful if they were musicians and had brought their own equipment so they could be booked on the alternative music sensation of a lifetime. Once their music occupies one third of the top one-hundred countdown with this week on the Kemal Amen “Casey” Kasem top one-hundred countdown moving into the top ten this week from number thirty-five last week, here is those people from way, way out there from, and I’m being serious when I say there from Sirius, that’s right, the dog star has a rock star on our countdown. Music is said to be the universal language and why not as it expresses our loves and peculiarities in a non-threatening manner which transcends all our social barriers. Perhaps music will be another place that technology has and will continue to demand change and something new, especially if it can be from out of this world.


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