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July 29, 2018

Will America Turn as All Free Societies Before Her?

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If one were to peruse all the great democratic governances of the past, there is one thing which becomes frighteningly apparent, how each and every one ended. It did not matter if they were republics, democracies, presidential or parliamentary; they all died from the same disease. All democratic governances died from complications with their economies or their money. Once their money became questioned or their economy showed signs of collapse, they reached these points about the same time as the egalitarians started taking up causes which were foreign and contrary to the work ethic and the ideal of self-improvement as the means of bettering oneself. These ideals came from a false sense of equality taking the equality of ideas and turning it on its head while taking the equality of opportunity and twisting it into equality of wealth amongst the people regardless of their contribution to the society as a whole. Today this illness has a name, and that name is socialism. Look around the world today and almost all the misery is caused by having government make society fair and effort neutral taking from those who have and giving to those who have not. In the end, this results in everybody becoming a member of the have nothing community as the people learn that there is no amount of wealth which can defeat poverty, but there is plenty enough poverty to eliminate all wealth. This is the reality behind the collapses from Athens to Venezuela, from Cuba to the USSR, from South Africa to Europe and this beast is now readying to swallow up the wealth of the United States and squander it upon the stage of governance where equality is the byword but fascism lies right behind.


This decline has always begun with telling the poor that their poverty is not their fault but the fault of those with more money than they really need, after all, after some point of wealth, more money simply becomes what these levelers of all results claim is just obscene. They propose that this excessive wealth should be given to those unfortunate who, through no fault of their own, find themselves financially deprived. Their state has nothing to do with bad life habits, substance abuse, unemployment, illegitimacy, lack of education or sometimes actually things beyond their control. The new leaders who scream for total equality place this blame on those whose lives are spent in seemingly unending perfunctory toil as they work every day of their lives providing goods and services in exchange for a wage. These become the evil of society; those who had a hand in its construction will reap the blame which brings the destruction. They would have saved the nation if only they had been aware, but they worked and spent little time worrying about their world around them as all appeared well from their limited vision blurred and unfocused except upon their jobs and families. These were the taxpayers upon whose backs the new age of the egalitarian utopia would be built. All the while, these were the people most vilified and made to appear as the most depraved and despicable amongst us, clinging to old fashions, beliefs and morals. These were the ones who believed in the Supreme Being with their hearts and who remained blind for far too long only to awaken in a brave new world.


America Weeping

America Weeping


Eventually, all became clear and they may have started to stand, but they were always too late, too weak and never sufficiently organized as were their detractors. Their societies all fell to the fascist of one sort or another, each successive failure worse than those before them. The Ancient Greeks were becoming victims to the plague which comes accompanied by totalitarianism but Rome conquered them before the true evil had set in completely and started redistribution of wealth. Rome fell to the providing distraction for the masses, to the concept of bread and circuses as pacifiers of the rabble, the unwashed, those in poverty. Rome slowly went bankrupt both monetarily and morally. Rome provided food and shelter along with the games in the colosseums to entertain those who were in need of being provided for under the guise of complete equality in all things. Then their savior came promising to end their suffering caused by their current corrupt and evil leadership if only the people would trust them. Sometimes this new savior is not necessarily a singular ruler but new ruling elites who possess a higher morality which must take its rightful place, replacing the old ways with new and more equalizing rule. Free things were promised by this new governance, if only the people would invest their trust to those of the new leadership. They would lead their nation and now the world into its new age of total equality where nobody would want for anything as their promise and everyone wanting for everything their eventual result.


The promises always sounded so wonderful. Slogans were big such as, “From all according to their ability, to all according to their needs.” Always the promise is more stuff for free paid for by the wealthy, but the wealthy always find some means of not paying and that burdensome task falls to those who accept the slogans because they have no time for such foolishness and instead work. They believed in everyone giving to contribute and sharing the work as such would make no difference in their lives, they were already producing and serving to their best ability. They were working; sometimes two or three jobs, and working very hard and the government began to divert their wealth production for the support of those who placed them in office. These were those who were not producing, some for what all recognize as legitimate reasons and others simply because they had learned to get by while not working. They had a weapon by which they could gain a level of relative comfort with food, shelter and, most of all, entertainment. Usually all their needs were to be met by the wonderful new government as the new party demanding the right to lead promised everything to everyone, and the working class labored on. The initial demands were insignificant, a safety net to catch those in desperate need and set them back on their feet, some wage insurance for the unemployed, medical coverage paid by others became a right, universal employment became a responsibility of government, when that failed it became a guaranteed wage with work no longer a requirement. The last step is actually taking the wealth from those who held power for so long with their money talking while the workers simply toiled away their lives. Once the wealth of the super rich was spent, the system collapses and that is when the savior demands, give me the power and I will end all the sorrow and bring back greatness again.


These are your Caesars, your Napoleons, your Lenins, your Stalin, your Mussolini, your Caligula, your Mao, your Castro, your Che and Hitler or other dictatorial saviors who bring temporary relief followed by complete destruction with time. These leaders all have a common thread, things are never their fault as if only they had some more money, more funding, then they could make it work. They can never make it work because government cannot provide anyone with anything it did not take away from others. The problem always lies in the fact that when the government provides you with something for free, it actually costs the society thrice as much than if you had provided for yourself as for you to have done so would have meant you were providing a service for the society instead of being a growing and greedy burden. The main problem arises in that for the government to have the means to pay to provide free stuff, they must take in cash through taxes, fees, charges and other incremental encroachments upon the baseline productivity. To take in this money costs money, adding this to the total costs. Then they must find the means of getting the funds from here to there and on to there and those who dispense the funds and free stuff and all this costs more money until the overhead starts to impinge upon the basic functionality of the society. Eventually a tipping-point is reached and the siphoning of funds becomes too great and a crisis arrives. Then, as soon as the savior takes the seat of power, the end approaches.


Initially, the savior appears to have it all figured out when in reality they have been working their way through the rich and powerful and initially imprisoning these wealthy adversaries and later simply executing them as enemies of the state when they were killed for their opposition and to steal their wealth to prop up the savior’s government. Eventually the savior will have to feed off of the loyal friends as their money too will become rewired to stay afloat. Eventually the Ponzi scheme of free things for all will crash and burn and then the nation ends up like Venezuela or Greece where everything has failed and they reap that which they had sown. There is a cycle explaining the circular path which people travel around leading from one period to the next where bondage results at some point from freedom through various stages. This cycle is called the Tytler Cycle of Power in Governance (see image below). The Tytler Cycle at first glance appears to be misleading because everyone believes that they live in a period of greater wealth and freedoms than reality would dictate, unless the collapse has struck and somewhere between Apathy and Bondage, right before the new struggle where faith and courage bring on freedom once again only to be lost as the wheel continues to turn. The cycle may repeat but each repetition only rhymes with previous as each collapse suffers a different fate through which everything falls apart on the rocks of everything for free as even free stuff requires it be paid for in labor by one who is productive in the society, at least until every last of the productive has been rendered spent. There are signs of the failure coming and finding that all you are told is mostly a lie such as false news and hysterical outbursts about how absolutely terrible and unconscionable everything is because of those who are chosen for the big blaming. For Hitler it was the Jews, for Stalin it was the Jews and the religious in general, for Mao it was the Buddhists and religious people, for the Greeks it was the Jews, for the Romans it was the Jews, for the Persians it was the Jews, for the Babylonians and Phoenicians it was the Jews and truth be told, for the Muslims it is the Jews and for the new intersectionality rules on the far left it is the Jews and particularly Israel.


Tytler Cycle of Power in Governance

Tytler Cycle of Power in Governance


Intersectionality is an interesting terminology as used by the leftists. With intersectionality, they enforce an all-for-one rule where every leftist group must toe the line on certain universal wrongs. Amongst these universal wrongs are their purported perpetrators and their helpless victims. The victims are defined as women, minorities, illegal immigrants, Muslims and the LGBTQIA communities. The perpetrating powers who are ruining the world are defined as white, male, Israel, conservatives, religious (other than Islam), Europeans, Republicans and amongst others, the Jews. The one unifying factor of all these former and the current anti-traditionalist movements is their hatred of the Jews. As such, women supporting the feminist cause and who had signs which also showed support for Israel or for Zionism were banned from the recent anti-Trump Women’s March. At the lead of this rejection of the hopes and dreams of over two millennia of the Jewish People is Linda Sarsour, a pro-Palestinian Islamist who assisted in terrorism against Israel before making her way to lead the new left and the Democrat banner in the United States. This will be the new face that these far leftists will place into the mainstream of American culture. If one desires to be included in the new Progressivism, then they will be required to forsake Israel and the Zionist dream and instead of viewing it as the dream of a people over thousands of years, claiming that it is an oppressive cult barely worthy of being a religion which must be scoured from the face of the Earth. This new “humanist” sectarian culture has no room for religion and especially no room for Jews who actually believe in and follow Torah and Hashem.


Jews are welcome as long as they support the Arabist Palestinian cause whose driving force is the extinction of the Jewish People just as the Hamas Charter repeats from the Hadiths stating in Hamas Charter, Article 7, “The hour of judgment shall not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them, so that the Jews hide behind trees and stones, and each tree and stone will say: ‘Oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him,’ except for the Gharqad tree, for it is the tree of the Jews.” This is the face of the new Democrat personified in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, winner of the Democrat primary for Congressional District 14 of New York representing the Bronx. The Black Lives Matter (BLM) has also adopted the pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel and anti-Zionism positions. The new Democrats have made support for Israel a partisan position with Republican remaining in support while the Democrats not so much. AntiFa has linked hands with the anti-Israel BDS movement which was spawned originally by the Arab League. The truth is the left has sold out Israel and joined the Palestinian battle to eliminate Israel whether they see this truth or not. This is the new political reality whether many non-Orthodox Jews care to accept and believe it or remain in denial. Many claim that their Democrat representative supports Israel, but does that matter when the Party demands they vote to condemn Israel for defending herself? These are the forces which will turn the United States just as such causes have destroyed and torn asunder other formerly great nations. The only hope is for the cycle to be broken, but that will take a huge reformation to fight this well financed and destructive force now unleashed within the heart of America.


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July 27, 2018

Democrats Offer Rehash of Same Old Song


Rereleasing old songs, as if they were new, works well in Hollywood as we always hope the remake of an old favorite movie will offer more pizzazz and though some do, most just let us down and we leave the theater feeling hollow. The music industry does the same thing with old songs, often over and over, and still the original is often the one we prefer best. But at least Hollywood and the music industry choose successful movies and songs to try to modernize, and still they usually fail the test of time. The Democrat Party is trotting out their oldest theme which has worked by lulling the people with stories of getting everything for free and never having to pay. The electorate soon realizes that there is no free lunch and somebody has to pay. The sad reality is that often the people who were promised that everything was to be free are the exact ones who end up paying. But the Democrats believe that they can win the youth over with their message of redistribution of wealth and everything for free with only the wealthy paying. What the Democrats are not telling them is that anybody who has a job is the Democrat definition of wealthy.


The War on Poverty has failed which is proven through the Cato Institute study showing that the collection of federal and state welfare benefit packages could deliver over $30,000 to a family without them working or even seeking employment. Perhaps this free stuff is the incentive to remain taking all the free stuff offered rather than working as if done to the full extent, one could keep the family fed for free. Benjamin Franklin offered some brutal and painful truths when he stated, “I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means. I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. In my youth I travelled much, and I observed in different countries, that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.” Benjamin Franklin allowed for people who were new in poverty, such as those whose job was abolished by unforeseen calamity such as the workplace closing, to receive temporary benefits, as their newfound poverty was not of their making. But as with many such allowances, it comes with a but, and that but is these are to be temporary and none should be supported by other people’s labors permanently, especially over a prolonged period. Franklin firmly felt that making people uncomfortable with poverty was the best remedy for their situation and not making the life of those in poverty comfortable and wanting for nothing. Perhaps it was this position which had the mint place Ben Franklin on the $100.00 Bill pictured below.


Ben Franklin on the $100.00 Bill

Ben Franklin on the $100.00 Bill


Numerous studies have shown that those in the United States who are considered to be in poverty have a modern flat screen television, computers, a vehicle which is more often previously owned but some have new cars, a microwave and numerous other items which could be considered to be a luxury. We remember the first time such a study was released, which was before flat screens, so then it was just color televisions and stereo systems, we were left somewhat stunned as we did not own a microwave as they were still too pricey for a retail salesperson’s and a secretary’s salaries. We found that one reason was the poverty-stricken were residing in government assisted housing while we resided in the posh suburbs in a spacious two bedroom apartment. The italicized should be read with great sarcasm as the government assisted housing area was less than a mile away across the city limits inside Philadelphia while we then resided in Ben Salem just off Street Road, yes, that was the name of the road. This is not then a new problem as this refers to a survey performed in the 1970’s when even many Democrats feared that those in poverty had become too comfortable in their poverty.


The truth which needs repeating, and should be taught to students in their introductory economics classes and political science classes, but that would be considered detrimental and not aiding in the proper indoctrination of the student to expect and support full Europeanizing of the United States, is that socialism has and will always fail. Another item which bares repeating is that the United States was the nation, and even before nationhood, the region where one ran from Europe and its habits, to start a new world where if one worked hard they would succeed and not have governments dictate where their moneys were to be spent. The American Revolution was over a three percent tax on tea. Let that sink in, a three percent tax on tea. It was the principle that they were being taxed to support somebody else’s spending and that this spending was done without their even being allowed a vote to elect the government taxing them to cover its expenditures. Many people in America today did not vote for those who support these seemingly extravagant welfare related expenditures, especially to allow a family to collect a government provided allotment greater than their salaries after taxation. We can fully understand one taking the government handout and not working if in order to take home an equivalent sum annually would require, if our math is accurate, over $42,500 in salary per year. That requires being employed at over $20.00/hr working a forty-hour week. With such generosity provided by the government, one would be foolish to take employment at minimum wage, even if it was the $15.00/hr that the Democrats are pushing. With welfare and other subsidies offering such free money which exceeds even their dreamed of higher minimum wage, it is no wonder that employers are unable to fill minimum wage entry positions. Oh, and guess who pays for all of this largess? Anyone making over $20.00/hr, that’s who.


So, where as those who have learned to live off the system may be receiving a free lunch, those who work and pay for it know that their lunch is far from free. We have heard about the degrading system which makes one wait in lines and the shame in paying for groceries with the government card and all the other horrible requirements made for people to collect these funds. We also know the other side of approaching half one’s paycheck being eaten by taxes, federal, state, county and city. Even FICA now goes directly into the general fund as the lock-box has been eliminated as the politicians found leaving little IOU’s on the “Social Security” lock-box far too tedious when stealing what was supposed to be set aside to pay for Social Security in the future. The politicians act like there still is such a lock-box, and there is, it is just no funds are ever inserted as all funds enter immediately into the main stream of cash flowing through Washington D.C. in order to pay for all the goodies they keep enacting. What the systems for eliminating poverty are now accomplishing is guaranteeing that once one reaches the stage of going onto these programs, they become all but impossible to leave simply because it would require quite a cut back in one’s lifestyle as at an entry wage one would have to take almost a one-third cut in their income.


Everyone remembers their first paycheck; they waited eagerly those first few weeks, regularly computing all the money they would get, all but spending it on music or the down payment on a super stereo (we were just beginning high school when we went through this calamity), and then we receive the envelope with the check with all our hard earned money inside. Then we opened the envelope and the sum in the box marked, pay to, and the shock went through our young bodies, the mind raced, we felt a little queasy and just knew something had to be wrong. We asked our go-to experts on all things in the real world, we knew them as Mom and Dad, and usually we asked Dad these questions, and Dad explained taxes and how as we were working part time we would get most of those withholdings back sometime next year. Withholdings, next year, whose idea was this rip-off, we wanted names and addresses so we could go and well, go and do something. Time proceeded along its pace and we stopped planning on spending our money until we actually had the check and even got to the point we could estimate what would be left for us. Then you are placed on the sales floor and are paid by commission against minimum wage, which made figuring out your paycheck became calculus. But that shock of the withholdings is one you never get past and when money gets tight, emergencies or whatever, it happens, that is when you really feel that the system is broken.


The reason is simple, by taxing the rich using the income tax you are missing their wealth as the truly rich invest, they do not work for a salary, and the average CEO gets stock bonuses and a car and chauffeur and other perks, not a big salary. They pay little to no income tax as income tax is the way the truly wealthy make sure no regular working stiff ever makes into their ranks protecting their status as those with all the power. They may eventually, if they do not reinvest their funds fast enough, have to pay capital gains taxes but only on the increased value of the stocks, the principle is never touched. Their initial wealth remains untouched and should they decide to buy another mansion, they buy it as an investment such that they get to use it as a deduction against their capital gains taxes. They often have all their expenses taken off their portfolio so as to use them as losses incurred and pay themselves some paltry salary as spending money off a trust fund set up to avoid paying taxes. The only way of touching these wealthy, the truly wealthy, would be a wealth tax, and that will never happen. Just for the record, ever wonder how Congresscritters become so wealthy on what is a mediocre income? The answer is so basic that it will really upset you, Congresscritters and their senior staff are immune from insider trading laws because they have so much insider information that they would not be able to control and invest their wealth if they needed to obey such restrictions. These are the people screaming that Trump is staying at hotels where he owns the property and they make insider deals knowing which company is about to receive billions in tax monies for some government program? Please, give us a break. They are all scoundrels.


The whole problem is that the monies one receives in the various welfare systems cannot exceed the take-home pay of a minimum wage earner or there is no incentive to go out and work. But the Democrats have a solution for that. Remember, their solution for high college tuition is for government to pay for college, free college, their solution to high medical bills is for government to pay the medical bills, their solution for the problem of the moment is for government to pay, their solution to all your problems is for government to pay; but the government does not earn any money, they just take it from those who work. We wish to close quoting Margaret Thatcher who once said, “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” That is exactly the problem that Venezuela is suffering, Greece is suffering, Italy is suffering and what eventually killed the Soviet Union and cripples Cuba and most of Europe. That is another reason for the United States not to go down the apparently perfect plan of socialism and instead to return to the Constitution and limited government with the powers accumulated in Washington D.C. being redistributed amongst the individual states where the people have greater control.


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