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February 9, 2018

Our Topsy Turvy World


When those who praise freedoms and liberties turn on the nations which have measurably the most freedoms and liberties and condemn their every move, one has to wonder where sanity has gone. When these demonstrators declare these nations to have policies which are Apartheid, fascist, dictatorial, racist, xenophobic, misogynistic and operating as a police state all the while being given complete freedom to demonstrate without interference, things just do not add up. We are speaking of two nations who have a whole sector of the society, the left, who claim to be for equality of rights, free speech, equal pay for equal work, equal opportunity and the litany by which a free society is measured and considered to have liberty and respect for the individual, spend inordinate amounts of energy decrying the duly elected leaders without being rounded up, arrested and taken away never to be seen again; it leaves the thinking individual to pause and question the sanity. When the media backs these demonstrations and calls for the leaders to resign, be impeached or even to be toppled in a revolution and put on trial for crimes against humanity and duly executed, and yet these media outlets are permitted to continue to print and broadcast these accusations and demands day in and day out, one must question their sanity. There are no signs of the government being fascist, a police state, limiting free speech, showing racist or sexist preferences in hiring or breaking any laws as these demonstrators insist have been crossed. One can only come to the conclusion that for these leftist demonstrators, the only governance which can meet their definition of having freedoms and liberties is one which completely agrees with their agendas and anything else is to them totalitarian and insufferable.


Allow us to back up for a moment and define how we are measuring freedoms and liberties and thus believing the two nations we have in mind (be patient as we will name them eventually) can be considered perhaps the two nations with the highest amounts of freedoms and embodies the ultimate in liberty. Such a nation would permit any and all speech even that which many might find offensive. They would claim that it is by protecting that which is most offensive to be spoken freely without fear of the government locking you up and throwing away the key is a high water mark for free speech. If all you permit is speech which has been defined as acceptable and all else is forced to be shut out of the exchange of ideas, that is not free speech, that is freedom from being offended or challenged. Free speech must allow for opposition to any and all ideas and position to be freely stated by any who believe as such as allowing everyone the right to be heard is the very essence of free speech. These college campuses where conservative speakers are all but barred and should one attempt to be heard they are shut down with violence if necessary or the group inviting them is required to meet a different and far more expensive criteria for security or whatever reason, that is limitation of freedom of speech and in no way can such be seen as free speech. What that is, is indoctrination with only the single-minded administration and those students who either actually believe the same or back this as they have never heard a challenging word, idea or concept and thus know only the liberal leftist side believing what they have been told, the conservative ideology is toxic and infectious. These students have had their mushy little heads filled so completely with leftist ideology that it has even reached into the hard sciences where math, physics, chemistry, biology, engineering and the other hard sciences are now taught with insidious references in the word problems reinforcing the leftist ideology.


An example would be a word question in a math algebra course where the person is given the facts that a corporation had doubled their net sales while their overhead remained as five percent and sixty percent of the net was disposable income and as a result of the increased business the wages of their workers was increased from ten dollars an hour to twelve dollars an hour. What should have been commensurate increase in workers salaries warranted by the business and profit increases and how much did the greedy capitalist steal from the workers with the paltry raise they received if there are twelve senior officers splitting the stolen assets? Perhaps their wording might be more subtle, but the concept that worker must be granted an even share of profits is a socialist concept and if on the other hand the business were to take a one third loss the next year, these same people would demand the workers not take a one third cut in pay as they would claim the bosses were to blame and should pay for the loss of revenue. This has been the way of unions with other practices such as demanding and requiring that despite automation replacing workers on an assembly line, the company is not permitted to lay off the workers who are no longer required, even if they sit in a room and read magazines, watch the company provided television and after a couple of years the company will be forced to provide three pool tables and a dozen video games and six pinball machines plus a ping-pong table, balls and paddles. This is basically what one company which almost went bankrupt was required to do by their workers’ union.


Further, freedom to assemble and to also petition the government for grievances are two more rights in a free society with complete liberty. An example would be the women’s marches which have been held twice in the United States since the last election and are planned to be an annual event until the people select a proper leader and Congress. Just for clarity, there were no such protests, marches, during the eight years that President Obama was in office as things were pretty much the way they should be, or so we are told constantly. There have been a litany of accusations against the two leaders of these nations we have yet to name, bet you have guessed already, with one being reelected regularly despite efforts made by not only the left within their country but with leftist from Europe and North America working on the campaigns of his opponents on the left, the far left, working to completely over turn his chance for reelection. These efforts did succeed once for a brief period before that, government fell and in the ensuing election the left lost though their favorite target from the right also did not win, his party ran a different person who won.


President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu

President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu


Obviously, we are talking about Israel and the United States and the beleaguered leaders are equally obviously Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and President Trump. Prime Minister Netanyahu is closing in on becoming the longest serving Prime Minister in Israeli history surpassing David Ben-Gurion who served 4,575 days in office. President Trump is also an exception as he is the first President in modern times not to have come from within the ranks of serving politicians or from the military as did President Eisenhower. Even President Reagan had been in politics as well as entertainment as he served as Governor of California and had worked with the campaign of Barry Goldwater when he ran for President losing to President Kennedy. President Reagan is also credited with being one of those instrumental in redefining what it meant to be a conservative which led to the conservative revolution making conservative politics acceptable once more. President Trump has been under investigation since before he even took the oath of office. Many on the left see his Electoral College victory as one more reason that this particular institution need be placed on a ash heap of history. That will be difficult as it is in the Constitution and is the defined method for electing the President and was chosen so as to make the less populated states still valuable thus preventing a small number of states controlling the Presidency amongst them. Some claim that the Electoral College did not go far enough in allowing for the smaller populated states to have their say and point to the fact that New York has produced seven Presidents, Ohio has six, Virginia Five, Massachusetts four with California, Illinois, Tennessee and Texas each with three and a number of states with one and many with none such as Oregon, Washington, Wyoming and Colorado (see map below).


Map Showing States from which Each President Hails

Map Showing States from which Each President Hails


Continuing with the scandal sheets, Prime Minister Netanyahu has also been under investigation endlessly with one of the investigations being over the amount of ice cream the Netanyahu family had been consuming. One would have thought they were operating a black market ice cream business with the importance the media made over their ice cream budget. Often it appears that sanity has left the building. The main scandal which Trump has been accused of has been his presumed working with Russian President Putin to get elected by having the Russians hack the DNC computers, the computer of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, John Podesta and then dumping information about misuse of power and other potential criminal acts and bad behavior by Hillary Clinton and defaming her in the media which of its own volition was never going to happen. The media, until the information was disclosed by WikiLeaks, not the Russians, had been treating and continued to treat Hillary as the unstoppable candidate about to be elected as the first woman President. Their coverage up until the final week had been a congratulatory media explaining all the wonderful accomplishments Hillary had to her credit which were to serve her well as President. The information which was released by WikiLeaks was simply doing the media’s job for them, as it is not for the media to choose and celebrate the presumed winner; they are to be equally harsh and revealing of both candidates. We must also point out that the media in some unintended way served President Trump’s campaign when he would sucker them in and they believed they were destroying Trump when actually they ended up helping him. President Trump also ran a better campaign giving people position of his platform, what he intended to do in office and how he would achieve his goals all while the media poking fun at his positions which still got his message to the people. President Trump used Twitter to communicate directly with the American people and he is still at it.


Between President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu, what are the main things which make these men such enemies to such a loud and boisterous with their vindictive and often hateful and vile rhetoric of those who apparently are going to protest constantly as long as these men hold power? The most obvious is that they were elected from conservative, right wing parties. They both have a deep and almost old-fashioned love for their nations. They face threats head on and do not flinch from a fight. They are alpha males which drives leftists right up the wall. They are both not apologetic and meet accusations with bold defiance. They are nationalistic, and both happen to love the other’s country. They will support one another and neither is afraid to reach across political boundaries in an effort to have their adversaries on the left join and help where it is to their advantage. Their adversaries act more as if they are enemies lauding over every perceived misstep using any sign of weakness or vulnerability as an opportunity to go for the kill and their adversaries will stop at nothing to see them out of office. There are those from the far left who actually drool over the idea of these leaders departing the mortal coil. Both men are successful and have led their nations ahead economically and are bold in their statements and fully love and back their country. These are leaders who are strong and certain and will not shrink from and fight where the future of their nation is concerned. They have no doubts about taking actions when required and both would do whatever was required including open warfare to keep their nation and their allies safe. They both know that it is through strength and not concession that you gain peace. They are definitive in their support for their friends and allies and no nonsense when it comes to dealing with enemies of their nation. And most unusual of both men is they love the people of their nation even to include those who have protested them from the start and desire their failure and removal from office and are willing to do whatever it takes to attain their goal. Both men are self-assured believing they have a destiny to fulfill. And both men lead two of the most freedom loving nations filled with liberty and justice for all, and they epitomize those ideals.


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December 22, 2017

Predictability of the Security Council


The resolution designed to nullify President Trump recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel and announcing the United States intended plans for moving their embassy to Jerusalem invigorated almost every member of the United Nations Security Council bringing them to immediate action. As you probably already know, their reaction was absolutely no different from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation conclusion reached in Turkey. The fourteen nations who attempted to nullify and void President Trump and actually believed that they have the power to force the United States to cancel their plans for moving the American embassy to Jerusalem were China, Russia, England, France, Japan, Italy, Egypt, Bolivia, Uruguay, Sweden, Ukraine, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan and Senegal. The audacity of the United Nations believing they actually have the power and right to instruct the President of the United States and the Congress and the people what they could decide and do through their elected government is astonishing. Reality is that the United States is currently planning and hopefully will be moving their embassy in the near future with or without the United Nations, OIC, European Union and almost countless nations’ blessings. Of course, United States Ambassador to the United Nation Nikki Haley vetoed using the power available to the United States just as it is to France, Britain, China and Russia currently. But what if the United States decided they wanted to do more to blunt the power of the United Nations.


Let us go down that road for a moment. First, were New York City inspectors to go and really give the United Nations buildings a good going over, we bet they could find sufficient serious deficiencies necessary to condemn the building and setting a date for its destruction giving the inhabitants thirty days to vacate. The real estate upon which the complex at Turtle Bay sits is prime New York property worth tens of hundreds of million or more per square foot along 1st Avenue between 42nd and 48th Streets. Somebody could build a new productive structure, a nice, private, super skyscraper, nice and new with the latest technology and interconnections for the new occupants which would be far more productive than the United Nations. The headquarters could be moved somewhere in Europe such as Paris, Geneva, Vienna or better still, Mosul, Iraq. Well, if the United Nations was located in Mosul, then we would see them make a fast and furious recognition of Kurdistan and placing Mosul within its borders probably as the capital city and they would include all the Kurds and permit the Kurdish first leaders to determine who would be permitted to reside within their borders and who would need to relocate being sent into Turkey, Iraq or even Syria depending on which area they currently reside and Kurds would be granted protective relocation inside the new national borders. The United Nations would probably warn Turkey against any belligerence or resistance to this arrangement as the United Nations would probably desire to be located in a place which was stable with democratically elected governance. They could even be sent to China or Russia, just anywhere outside the United States and hopefully to some place willing to provide them with most, or at least much, of its required financing for all functions. The reason for this is the United States could decide to just pay their minimum dues or resign from the United Nations entirely and ignore anything passed as inconsequential and inapplicable to the newly freed United States. So, what would be left of the United Nations without any American funds? Very little is the honest answer.


United Democracies for Freedom and Liberty

United Democracies for Freedom and Liberty


Of course, should the United States pull out of the United Nations and take its cash flow with them, which includes twenty-two percent of the budget, twenty-five percent of peacekeeping costs, and a relatively unknown amount for UNRWA, it would be Free of the influences of the United Nations, and the United States would free themselves of many of the pressures made through that international agency. That could include the amounts that are paid to the Palestinian Authority (PA) which is not disclosed, as there are numerous ways in which funding is sent to the PA. The only honest estimation we could make is total funding of the PA is measured in tens of billions of dollars per year if not higher. Once a goodly share of that funding stopped, the leadership would actually be required to spend a higher percentage to care for the population and less would end up in their pockets. Such might allow for a greater chance for peace. Imagine the savings if peace were to break out in the Middle East, or at least a severe calm. Free from the United Nations and the dictatorships of the world, the United States could choose a dozen or couple dozen nations, or whatever number they could find willing to operate to make the world be filled with more freedom for the people, governance which provided a plethora of liberties and assist in actually solving problems, advancing conditions throughout the world and assisting the nations which are willing to work towards a better world for all peoples, of course starting with their own but also ready, willing and capable of assisting other nations still developing and requiring the basic technologies which were available to the United States by the central era of the last century such that they might join the advanced world in the future. The United States could also work on their own infrastructure, modernizing of their aging structures.


What many people do not realize or even have the vision to see, our world is on a precipice walking a narrow path where the technology for near infinite possibilities is on the verge of exploding and becoming very real while at the same time some of the most threatening and destructive technologies are also becoming widely available. We were watching a story which was a slight dramatization of Albert Einstein’s life and times which included parallel events such as the Manhattan Project. When World War II came to an end, they showed the scientists who worked to develop a nuclear weapon for Germany and one of their leading physicists, Werner Heisenberg, is talking with another of the physicists who wondered what prevented them from reaching the point of making a weapon and Werner Heisenberg simply replied, let me get a piece of paper and I will draw you how to make a bomb or some similar comment. He knew and likely, any number of other Nazi scientists knew how to manufacture a simple device and simply chose not to speak up knowing the people who would be using any device they produced and very privately hoping for their defeat. We can only hope that there are such principled people but we unfortunately know otherwise, North Korea has exploded devices which, judging the data provided, are most likely designed as “Super EMP” devices. Iran is said to be close and probably able to manufacture simple nuclear weapons within the next decade. We fearfully believe that Iran not only could manufacture a thermonuclear weapon of sophisticated design already and that they probably have already produced any number of “Super EMP” devices as well as any number of thermonuclear warheads capable of placement atop their ballistic missiles and their ICBM’s and these warheads are fully capable of surviving reentry. Iran and North Korea have both launched satellites which employed the most preferred approach angles upon the United States approaching from the south which is considered the area where the United States interceptions and detection systems are partially blind.


That leaves the world two directions, the science fiction future we saw in things like Star Trek, Babylon V, Lost in Space and other depictions of flying around the universe, or at least the solar system, and the other side of science fiction such as On the Beach, Damnation Alley, Cyborg and other post-apocalyptic stories even including Blade Runner. The possibilities of World War III actually coming to fruition are limited but a distinct possibility while a positive future may be closer than any of us believe. The difference might be how long the United Nations spends all of its efforts joining the Europeans and parts of the Islamic world in destroying the one Jewish State of Israel while ignoring the real problems in the world. The world needs to decide what direction it desires to take whether forward towards a world of cooperation and near unbelievable discoveries and advancements which science is on the verge of discovery or back to sniping with nations against nation leading to war and ruin very possibly sending the world back thousands of years losing all that has been built within a few generations needing to start from scratch once more, if some discoveries are true.


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December 8, 2017

Trump Recognizes Jerusalem So Now What?


President Trump went “All-in” with Israel and the Jewish People, even if there are those who do not realize or wish to recognize this truth. President Trump announced before the world that Jerusalem is the Capital City of the Jewish State, always has been and always will be, will be the location of the United States Embassy, and, whether he realizes it or not, the right of the Jewish People to have for all time Jerusalem as their central dream. (Speech can be viewed at bottom of our article) There run-up to President Trump announcing an obvious truth to all who have any knowledge of history or religions, was filled with threats and promises of violence, as well as political pressures sent from Arab capitals, European capitals, African capitals, Asian capitals and from almost every continent with the usual exception of Antarctica. Even from within the United States there came pressures and threats. The State Department, as usual, resisted moving the embassy or even recognizing the over three thousand year-old truths about Jerusalem as the center of Judaism and capital of every Jewish State since King David conquered the city before the year 1000 BCE, the media hyperventilated over threats such as the one from Grand Imam of al-Azhar Ahmed al-Tayeb who stated, “If the door is opened for foreign embassies to move to Jerusalem, the floodgates of hell will be opened to the West more so than to the East.” And “fuel anger among all Muslims and threaten world peace,” while Keith Ellison, Democrat Representative from Minnesota told Democracy Now, “I believe in a two-state solution, an Israeli state and a Palestinian state side by side in peace and security. So issues of where the capitals will be has always been something that will be negotiated in the course of a peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians.” He was also quoted stating, “Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital a horrible tragedy.” (see below) Additionally were the warnings from King Abdullah of Jordan, numerous officials from the PA*, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman, and even Pope Francis went adding his voice to warnings by Arab and Muslim leaders that recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli capital would have dangerous repercussions.



So, the warnings came from every direction, virtually every religion, every region, every level of government, from democracies and kingdoms alike and they all forgot one thing, President Trump does not respond or react as a politician and take the safest route of expediency because President Trump is not a real politician, something which was driven home during the entirety of the Presidential campaign. So, now that President Trump has jumped about as far out on a limb as one can jump proclaiming Jerusalem as the rightful capital of Israel and that the State Department has been tasked to relocate the Embassy of the United States in Israel to Jerusalem, what could he ever do next to match that? Truth be told, we probably have just witnessed what will be determined to be one, if not the, pinnacle of his time in the Oval Office. As for what next, hopefully he will actually fight the Congress, demand the entirety of the tax cuts he desires, and give the America people the lower and completely rewritten tax code he promised. But for the Middle East, President Trump has just reformed and rearranged virtually everything. Jerusalem will now remain forever the Capital City of Israel, the peace process has been revealed to be the venture and the sole purview of the Arab Palestinians and the Israelis, and no longer in the hands of the United Nations, the European Union, the Arab League or any other nation no matter what other leaders might want to believe. President Trump stated that any peace which might come between the Arab World, Arab Palestinians as well as the Muslim World and Israel would need to be the result of their direct negotiations and that the remainder of the world need allow the parties involved determine their acceptable peace as no outside assistance has ever proven effective thus perhaps no outside assistance would best serve the conditions for peace.


The truth is the world is facing a new world and will need to choose between peace and freedom. The peace which has been offered to the world by Islam, is a chimera offering the peace of the slave, while those opposing the terrorists through stiff opposition offer the fruits of freedom. The choice is between peace and freedom, something which sounds ridiculous until one understands the issues involved. As was obvious in the week leading up to President Trump announcing the recognition of Jerusalem and intentions to move the embassy, the Muslim World, the Arabs in particular, threatened violence and terrorism throughout the world, specifically stating intent to target the Western World, as the consequence of operating outside their predefined conditions for the world. Those who have paid attention have likely also noted that such threats have been used regularly against Western governments when they announce any plans which run contrary to their delights. Israelis have lived with these threats and the ensuing consequences, as they are often carried out, with increased terrorism from time to time intended to cow Israel into further surrenders. There are always increases in Arab terrorism whenever the Israeli government accedes to these threats as such cowing simply strengthens their belief in the successful function resulting from their violence. This also occurs whenever there is the promise to reconvene a new round of the peace process. In reality there is not any peace process as all that exists in reality are successive rounds of demanded successions which the world is obliged to foist upon Israel under pain of increasing terrorism if the Western nations do not put sufficient pressures upon the Israeli government. These are the realities which the Western World is facing and it will only get worst the more the Western nations give in to these threats of violence.


Map of Terrorist Attacks in Europe Middle East and North Africa after 9/11


People, especially Muslims, love to point to all the Western politicians who have referred to Islam as the “Religion of Peace” usually immediately after a terror attack. They then go off the rails by claiming that this means that the terrorists are the exception and the relatively few Muslims residing peaceably in the West are the rule in Islam. They further point to the fact that there are over a billion Muslim of which most are peaceable. What they are refusing to admit is that there are different ways in which Muslims can support Jihad meant to conquer the world under Islamic rule. All Muslims are required to engage in Jihad, the few who actually commit the acts of violence, those who financially support those efforts, and the remainder is required to support these acts in any means by which they are able, allowing terrorists to find refuge in their homes and neighborhoods, joining in referring to the deceits as truth, deceiving police investigations or simply remaining silent and never, ever turning fellow Muslims in for any act of terror. Islam is the “Religion of Peace” providing that they define peace. The Islamic idea of peace is made most obvious by how Muslims divide up the world into two spheres, the House of Submission or (Dar al Islam) and the House of War (Dar al Harb). The Muslim World is permitted peace while any part of the world is not under Muslim control is considered to be at war with Islam. So Islam is the Religion of Peace and all other religions are Religions at War, namely at Islam or Islam is at war with them. That is the politically incorrect but true definition of the Religion of Peace which those who have studied Islam might serve the free world a favor and be more vocal but too many of them have become enamored with Islam and the Arab World and spend much of their time in the cafes of the Arab world in their magical favorite places. Were they to speak up and tell the truth they would no longer be welcomed.


Let us talk reason and what will slowly, but inevitably, become known and understood the world over when Islam ramps-up their offensives throughout the Western World. Europe has already started down that path, particularly Western Europe and Paris specifically. The reality that peace can only be had by coming under Islamic Sharia, the Islamic rule of law which denigrates all those who are not Muslims to Dhimmitude, a second class form of existence where one had absolutely no rights in a court of law and few rights and must always defer in all things to any Muslim. Religions are not permitted to build new houses of worship or even to repair existing ones such that with time all houses of worship which are not Islamic, eventually collapsing. Such treatment is followed down the line in all things in order to pressure all to become Muslims and eventually these places will reach the final stage where all who have not surrendered to Islam are provided a choice, surrender to Islam or face death. So, what will come to the Western World in the future is a choice between the “peace” of Islam or Western freedoms. That is why we claim that people are going to have to choose between freedom and peace. In an old television show a commander informs those around him in a meeting that, “The opposite of war is not always peace, sometimes it is slavery.” Islam defines peace as surrender to Islam which is a form of slavery of a life with no freedoms as everything is defined precisely by Islam. Even government is defined in Islam and must be led by the religious leadership such as in Iran or by dictatorial governance who are beholding to the religious leaders such as in Saudi Arabia. The governments in the West are incompatible with Islam and the Islamic World is filled with perfect examples with virtually no, if any, exceptions showing that Islam begets totalitarian regimes which are often theocratic tyrannical oppressive regimes. Time will tell and unfortunately, the amount of time it may take will eat into the possibilities of the final solution coming peacefully.


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*PA = Palestinian Authority




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