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August 16, 2012

My Problem with the Republican Ticket

I am certainly not alone in my discomfort with the Republican ticket for the coming election. Like what are likely scores upon scores of other conservatives I would have rather seen a Ryan/Romney ticket rather than the Romney/Ryan ticket we are presented. Of course we were not presented Representative Ryan as a choice to lead the ticket during the primaries which is not something we can change now. My guess is Mr. Ryan likely preferred to keep his life simple and not subject to the rigors and attacks that accompany the primary system and will be felt more by Mr. Romney at the top of the ticket than it will for Mr. Ryan as his running mate. As stated a number of times, my hopes were for John Bolton to run as I have a feeling that many Americans would actually respect and be attracted to a politician who does not candy coat anything and simply bludgeons everyone within earshot with the brutal honesty of unvarnished truth. But had Paul Ryan chosen to brave the gauntlet of the primaries it would most certainly have elevated my excitement levels. I guess sometimes we have to take what life deals us and do the best we can with what we are presented.

There will be some interesting sessions in the Senate with Paul Ryan as the gavel holder and having the potential to cast the tie breaking vote if there should ever be a deadlock of a tie vote. Unfortunately, I have my doubts that Paul Ryan will take the liberties of expressing his opinions or joining the debates no matter how strong his feelings or how tempting it may be for him to impart a piece of his financial and budgetary wisdom. Mr. Ryan is going to make the Vice Presidential debates somewhat more intriguing and will present whoever is chosen to formulate the questions one momentous challenge in formatting questions to Vice President Biden’s strengths and as far afield of Mr. Ryan’s comfort range. I guess we can all look forward to the debate between Mr. Gaffe and Mr. Knowledgeable. Somehow, I foresee the Democrats doing all within their power to avoid holding a Vice Presidential debate or scheduling it for a Wednesday morning around about 10:45 EST on some obscure cable and satellite channel. Even if that is their decision, I will take the time to watch it as it promises to be some of the best comedy and scariest predictors of a future possibility should we reelect Joe Biden to be one heartbeat away from the Presidency.

I must admit that the Romney candidacy did not fill me with any real desire to break down walls in order to elect Mitt Romney as President. When Mitt Romney stated after the Supreme Court upheld Obama Care that he intended to replace it and not simply repeal it left me feeling cold inside. I do not want any form of Obama Care or even Romney Care or anything which gives the government more influence over my healthcare. This is another reason that having Mitt Romney choose Paul Ryan as his running mate rekindled a modicum of hope that perhaps Romney could be influenced and steered away from replacing Obama Care and simply doing away with all of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, every single word, comma, period, exclamation point, heading and footnote. As bad as the medical care parts of this law are, there are even more hidden evils buried within it’s over a thousand pages which will facilitate damaging regulations and give the government new powers and remove some critical restrictions from government powers that also need to be killed. One such item which unfortunately does not have a huge effect on my life is that effective Jan. 1, 2012, any gold bullion or coin transactions is to be reported to the government by dealers if the amount of the transaction is over six-hundred dollars. It really does include provisions for what is a veritable death panels deciding who is allowed to receive what treatments according to some formulae. Also found by a little research is it allows for the Government to have direct access to your bank accounts for electronic funds transfers in order to assure payments, and there will never be any mistakes which will end in horror stories for those caught in such inconveniences. And I assure you there is a lot more and some has little or nothing to do with your healthcare or treatments. Paul Ryan will, hopefully, assist in steering Romney away from replace and towards repeal, plain and simple repeal.

I am sure there are some from the upper crust of the Republican Party who are having questions about how Romney could choose such a maverick to be his running mate. There are likely those who are claiming that Ryan will be as big a disaster as they believed McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin turned out to be. I thought Sarah Palin was the most attractive thing about the candidacy of John McCain. I guess I had better not wait for the Republican Party to offer me a job as an adviser in the near future, if ever. But, in all seriousness, I am fully thrilled with the Republican choice for a Vice Presidential candidate and predict that having Ryan on the ticket may turn out to be the best turn of events in all of this year’s election moves and posturing; but could we possibly change the ticket to Ryan/Romney. Please?

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