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June 11, 2017

Must We Tolerate the Intolerable?


We do not pretend to understand the reasons for why the Europeans continuously refuse to take anything Israel advises seriously. They also discount all Israeli experiences and history as being simply something Israeli which has absolutely no relevance to anything European. Thusly, the seeming resolute European leadership insisting attack after attack that their populations just accept that there will be terror attacks and they should simply just get accustom to these minor inconveniences. Get accustom to these minor inconveniences? People are being murdered which is something no one should have to or be expected to just get used to living with. There is now at least one terror attack somewhere in Europe every week and approaching each day. The European leadership continually assures their publics that there is no war between their nations and radical Islamic extremists. Perhaps each nation may not be but it does appear that radical Islamic extremists are waging a war against Europeans. But we understand the reluctance of the European elites in seeing and recognizing this war and the victimhood that their people may be beginning to feel. The elites do not have this interfering with their everyday lives beyond calming the masses every time the masses are struck. The Parliament Building in London was the final target for one terrorist attacker back in March and the Ministers were ushered to their safe area while their armed guards dealt with the threat. Unfortunately for their subjects, they are not granted armed guards when they are attacked and often have to fend for themselves doing without people ushering them into safe rooms where having their debate interrupted for a few minutes while they move to a smaller venue to continue debating some vastly important trivial idea while ignoring the elephant in the room. For proof of this problem and its actual worldwide implications and allow one to almost instantly check which of any number of groups has committed the most terror and where in the world that terror has been perpetrated, we have found an interactive map which provides just such a service. We used the map to find out that Islamic State has committed two-hundred-thirteen attacks this year causing one-thousand-seven-hundred-eighty-three fatalities with the vast percentage in the Middle East and Europe (see page shot below).


Islamic State Attacks in 2017 through May

Islamic State Attacks in 2017 through May


Europe can continue to ignore the Israeli experience and continue to blissfully pretend that they face no threat and that there is no war being fought on their soil, but let us impart a few points that their masses may find interesting even if their elites do not. First, just because you do not wish to recognize the war does not mean that the other side is not waging that war. Allow us to use a couple of examples to further explain what we mean. During the Second Intifada, Yasser Arafat had released the dogs of war and they waged their warfare for some weeks before Israel finally responded. The war did not start, as the European and much of the world’s media reported, when Israel finally responded. That war did not start when the first terrorist struck. That war was not initiated when the first rock was thrown from the first mob when they moved on an Israeli Defense Force (IDF) checkpoint. That war began when Yasser Arafat and his planners first prepared the order of escalation and the timetables for when which forms of attack would be initiated. That war started before the Camp David talks took place between Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak with United States President William Jefferson Clinton presiding late the spring before the Second Intifada. Yasser Arafat sat in those talks and their sequel in Paris the entire time simply knowing and waiting to launch a war upon Israel later that year. So, as far as the Palestinian Authority (PA) and its terror wing and security force were concerned, they were already in a state of declared war. All of this with Israel having absolutely no clue of the coming active warfare.


Even after the attacks began, the Israeli government simply accepted initially that the level of violence had risen but was still bearable. The level continued to escalate slowly but surely all without alarming the IDF or the Israeli establishment. With the toll in human deaths approaching five-hundred, the government finally served their initial response demanding that Arafat call off the attacks (or as we prefer to say, call off the dogs). Arafat ignored the demand and continued escalating largely because there was no reason for him to alter his plan; Israel had not actually threatened his comfort. Israel finally responded launching Operation “Defensive Shield” on March 29, 2002, almost a year and a half after the October 2000 launch of the Second Intifada attacks. Terrorism against Israel started as rock throwing and sniper attacks. This all began during the 1980’s and continued escalating. The next phase was typified by drive-by-shootings in addition to the existing attacks. These attacks did not garner much of an Israeli response as the Israelis simply adjusted to increased security checks within Israel. The checkpoints Europe never mentions are the ones at every train station or almost every shopping mall and every major entertainment venue such as concerts or kindergarten talent shows to high school graduation. The reason these checkpoints are not protested is because Israelis are the targets and being inconvenienced and made to be searched and their belongings rifled through just to do everyday events such as going to the mall. This includes the people who work at the mall as Israel has learned that everybody must be suspected every day and every time they enter because you never know when an attack may be coming. But when Israel places checkpoints on entry points into Israel to prevent terror attacks the Europeans often get their tempers up. Eventually, when bringing the Second Intifada to an end we had the Jenin skirmish which was proven to be an actual fight between combatants where many civilians were blown up by Palestinian terror fighters detonating traps where they forced families to sit in the room as bait and Yasser Arafat trapped in his Ramallah office compound where Israel was forbidden by the European Union, United Nations, United States, Russia, numerous European countries, and countless others from entering to arrest Arafat or taking any other measure thus the world protected an arch terrorist so he could continue to murder Israeli civilians. Perhaps this explains their attitude to their current situation; they side with the terrorists, though that would be a horrific reality we would prefer not to contemplate. This was just one experience from which Israel learned a specific lesson, when terrorists start an escalating campaign killing or attempting to murder civilians, it will continue to escalate so the sooner the response, the fewer of your people who will end up dead.


We should probably convey some of the other episodes where Israel used their knowledge but still did not intervene with force as soon as the populations had desired. These were the last three wars with Hamas. People who live near the Gaza borders are largely people who might prefer to live somewhere further from Gaza as having fifteen seconds to reach a shelter from the time a launch is detected, assuming it is detected before it hits, is nerve racking and has had a devastating influence on their children. But these are people with limited means who live where they do either because it has always been home or this was what they could afford other than south Tel Aviv, another horror story with its infiltration of African “refugees” who attack people day time, night time, Saturday too and at night it is take your life in your hands when you walk your dog. Some areas in south Tel Aviv formed dog walk patrols where everyone walked their dogs at the same time for safety reasons and their dogs learned to keep to the schedule. Still, let us get back to Hamas, Islamic Jihad and whoever else launches rockets out of Gaza. When Hamas decided to start their first assault on Israel, they reached the point of firing hundreds of rockets every day for over a week before Israel responded forcefully and approaching a thousand rockets a day before ground forces were sent into Gaza to bring the attacks to an end. The IDF was tasked with ending the attacks and removing all rocket stores they were able to locate. They were warned not to enter United Nations buildings, UNRWA buildings, hospitals, schools, clinics and other “sensitive” buildings. The IDF by the second round of these attacks had learned as had their commanders and a far higher percentage of rockets were located and destroyed. The third time the IDF was also tasked with the destruction of their capability to make the rockets. Hamas, and their new leader who comes from their military wing, are threatening another war for this summer. We can expect the leadership in Europe to furiously complain when Israel decides to protect herself once again and one would think they should be learning from their own situations, but it is doubtful.


Perhaps you have noticed that there is a pattern of increasing terrorism and ever-higher risks and a climbing death toll until those being attacked respond. Currently Europeans are facing First Intifada tactics of protests, rock throwing, attacks with knives rods and bars as well as shootings and vehicular ramming attacks. There are other forms of attacks used in the early stages such as fights, raping of women, theft, breaking into homes and businesses and other criminal activities all of which will continue increasing. Europeans have started to see the second phase which starts with bombings, often smaller bombs. These will increase by using suicide bombers which allows for the taking of the bomb to the center of the target be it a crowded night spot, a restaurant, the crowd watching a parade or a shopping mall before Christmas or Mothers’ Day when the mall is most crowded. After this level has been exhausted, the next level is the onset of real warfare. This includes the use of car and truck bombs, and the use of rockets and mortars. If the nations under attack have not responded by this point, then expect this to be followed by the overthrow of their governments and the imposition of Sharia on their populations where the non-Muslims will be heavily taxed such that the Muslims can live comfortably without being required to work, or at least the elites amongst the Muslims will have such a lifestyle.


Map of Terrorist Attacks in Europe Middle East and North Africa after 9/11


Some might claim that in some way this has already taken place except the nations have been allowed to pretend to be ruled by their governments as long as the Muslim population is satisfied with their payments from the government. Expect full on Paris style rioting when they care to demand higher tribute. It is up to Europeans to decide when you desire to change the parameters of this situation. You can start early or you can wait until the situation is dire. It is all in your hands as you still choose your leaders. But the European public appears completely satisfied with simply reelecting the same leaders or choosing slightly different leaders who are basically promising that the changes they will make are so slight that the people will barely notice the difference. As far as the terrorists are concerned, such leaders are giving them a green light. But the Europeans claim that they could never elect those people who do not accept all people and all cultures as equal and would rather keep the status quo than change and actually stand for something. Europe is famous for timidity in the face of hostility and until the people decide that their lives are worthy of protection, there will be no change. We can expect the bombings and soon rockets and even larger attacks and then the enslavement of Europe. If you value your freedom, you should start to plan on your escape route, as the end is not that far ahead. Europe has a few exits from this highway to ruin and once they have passed, the end will be inevitable. We will see, but as the elections go by, it looks more and more like we are watching the end of Europe and their slow surrender to their Islamic conquerors.


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