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November 4, 2018

Even When There’s No News, It Continues

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The recent past has been a fortunate period where there has been little news of great note. Sure, there have been the few stories which the reporters find, but it has generally been the kind of days when the evening news starts out with the Fire Department saving a nice little old lady’s cat from its perch high up in some tree. Yes, many towns had a robbery or, unfortunately, a murder, but the world has been generally quiet. Yes, half of the United States continues to circulate the latest reason why President Trump is the spawn of Satan and actually lost the election, if only Mueller and his team would release the juicy bits about the Russian collusion which has to be behind Hillary Clinton’s loss. But what we are referring to is a number of things far more serious and which have deadly consequences, all too often by design.


The war in Syria continues unabated with Bashir al-Assad and his Iranian and Hezballah accomplices continuing to murder Syrian civilians as they continue to see enemies behind every tree. Their current sweep is near Aleppo and has again murdered hundred upon hundreds of innocents. Since the Syrian downing of the Russian aircraft, Russia of course blamed Israel and provided the Syrians with more advanced anti-aircraft missile systems with the improved S-300 systems now deployed. The problem will continue in that the system cannot be any better than the people operating the radar and interpreting what they see. If the person using the system cannot tell a Russian reconnaissance aircraft from an Israeli F-16, then it matters very little what system they are provided with for their use. Meanwhile, Turkey’s forces continue to sweep across northern Syria slaughtering the Kurdish villagers just in case any of them happen to be members of what President Erdogan believes are potential forces which might try to liberate the Kurdish regions of Turkey. This is called making friends and winning over the Kurds in Turkey, many of which have had relatives arrested by the government of Turkey never to be seen again.


Russian Produced S-300 Anti-Aircraft Missiles with Radar System and Control Vehicle

Russian Produced S-300 Anti-Aircraft Missiles
with Radar System and Control Vehicle


Saudi Arabia continues to be a rather barbaric place with a covering sheen of respectability. Yes, they also see themselves as the keepers of the faith when it comes to Sunni Islam and all of Islam, as they also are the protectors of the two holy cities, Mecca and Medina. They have permitted women to drive so as to enter a new and modern era. On the other side of the ledger, they still cut the hands off of thieves and hold public executions as a form of entertainment. This is what happens when you allow the Islamic fundamentalist Wahhabi Imams to enforce your laws in exchange of their giving the Royal Family religious cover. Some continue to believe that the Saudi Royal Family may play a crucial role in President Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ which is to bring an end to the Arab-Israeli Conflict.


Iran is very probably still making additional thermos-nuclear devices at the fastest pace they can accomplish this. As they have their own uranium mine within their borders, their only requirements are specific isotopes of hydrogen, deuterium and tritium (both of them rare forms of hydrogen). This is also dependent upon Iran having built and hidden a specially designed reactor, which isn’t easy to build and still only generates tiny amounts of tritium at a time. Still, it would be unwise to expect that Iran is not seeking if not already producing these extremely destructive weapons. There is a simple rule about underestimating an adversary, do not do so as such an action can only lead to you being surprised in some horrific fashion. It is always safer to assume the worst from your enemies, this way you can only be relieved when they turn out not to have actually done the worst case possible. Nobody has ever been horrified because of overestimating their enemies.


The first non-news is on the Gaza border. As it is Friday, as soon as mid-day services end there will be a swelling of the ranks of youths flying kites and launching balloons with their incendiary devices into Israel. There may be a few rockets launched tonight into Israel which will not hit the news here, thus most of the rest of the planet, until after Shabbat. There will be the continuing attempts to destroy areas of the border fence which separates the Hamas enclave from Israel. Too many news sources will claim that these protests are about the occupation or the blockade. Both of those excuses are lies which the media continues to peddle so as to make Israel the evil party and the main cause behind these continuing attacks. This is as far from the truth as any news report could be. First off, Israel pulled out of Gaza gifting it to the Palestinian Authority. They were miserable at developing any form of economy and thus lost Gaza to Hamas and Islamic Jihad, two terrorist groups which are currently backed by Iran. Hamas, and as a result, Islamic Jihad, have the backing of reportedly at least eighty-percent of the Gaza population. There is no Israeli occupation and the blockade has the blessings as legal by the United Nations, not exactly the strongest backer of Israel, who also list both Hamas and Islamic Jihad as terrorist groups. Anyone claiming that Hamas might be upset about the situation of the areas ruled by the Palestinian Authority, well, that it technically true. The problem Hamas has is that they have been unable to overthrow the Fatah governance in the region east of Jerusalem largely because of Israeli intelligence preventing their operating and thus overthrowing the Fatah run government of Mahmoud Abbas. Should the Palestinian Authority ever be gifted with their own regions and Israel thus being forced to cease operations in that region, it is more than likely that within a year that Hamas would overthrow Abbas and then rule that region as well. There is no love lost between Hamas and Fatah.


Back to Hamas and why they continue to attack Israel in any manner they are able. Hamas has as their aim the death of every Jew anywhere on planet Earth. Were Jews to be on a spaceship and colonize another planet, Hamas would claim that they were the proper and true people to whom that planet belonged and that the Jews had stolen it from them, and they would want them dead too. The Hamas leadership sells their people on some of the worst anti-Semitic tropes equal if not worse than that of the Nazis. Hamas does not want to just kill the Jews but would probably desire to do it in as painful and tortuous means as possible. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are similar to the Islamic State as they are also Islamist supremacists. They believe that anyone who is not a follower of their exact form of Islam are idolaters or apostates. As such, they are to be killed. Believe it or not, there is one group even lower than idolaters or apostates, these are the Jews, the most despised of all peoples. This they interpret as coming straight from the Quran and the wars Mohammad waged around Medina. They hope to do exactly as Muhammad had done to the Qurayza Jews where they enslaved the women as women and beheaded every male too old to be easily converted. This led to their beheading approximately eight-hundred males who were considered to be of adult age. They were not given a final choice to convert; they were simply murdered after surrendering. The women were turned into sex slaves intended to produce children to be raised as Muslim taken from them upon weaning and this was to be their fate until death.


Israel is facing a group of terrorists that despite desiring to use modern weaponry, their hatreds and desire to humiliate and make an example of the Jews of Israel is a deeply religious and historic reason. They would prefer to make the deaths of the Israeli Jews as humiliating and tortuous as humanly possible. They have also learned from observations that they can pretend to play the victim and blame Israel of any criminal intent or act and there will be leaders around the world who will grant their claims all the validity they are capable of granting. Such a leader many believe will soon be the Prime Minister of Britain, Jeremy Corbyn. They are also aware that even should they launch a thousand rockets a day into Israel, such actions if approached incrementally will be ignored as the media reported the first few a day for three, four days, maybe even a week but then it became old news. Even though the numbers continue to climb, this matters little as it is still old news and only when Israel responds and does so with more than a few targets being bombed, then it becomes news. From previous encounters, they know they can count on the coverage reporting how the Israelis used air power, armor and infantry and all the particulars of the Israeli actions will be covered for the first five, six, seven paragraphs before the fact that this was the Israeli response to days of a thousand rockets being fired into Israel by Hamas in Gaza. Then, during the ensuing operations, the media will use a strange yardstick to measure whether the war is being fair, the number of casualties on both sides. Hamas uses human shields and will actually place their civilians at risk with the intent of their becoming casualties while Israel does all they are able including investing millions to keep the Israeli population safe. This causes the disparity in deaths.


Of course, the media overlooks that Israel sends SMS telling Gazans where they will be operating next and drop leaflets also informing them of where the IDF will be operating. The Gazans can tune their radios to listen to IDF radio which will tell them where and when the IDF will be moving into an area. People ask does not Israel realize that Hamas will listen to these warnings and set up ambushes for the Israelis? Well, yes, the government and the top command of the IDF are aware of this, as they are not complete idiots. They could be questioned on the sanity of giving such warnings, but the IDF still manages to have very low casualties when one considers that their enemy is always lying in wait for them. Still, when the fact that a measurably larger number of Hamas and Islamic Jihad fighters are being killed than IDF and far more of them placed at risk Gazans are being killed compared to the protected Israeli population, the first question from reporters lips when talking to the Israeli officers is why are so many on the Gazan side of the fight being killed and there are so few Jews being killed? Well, they say Israelis but every so often one of them slips and before they correct themselves, it slips out, why aren’t more Jews dying. That slip-up is edited out of the final report, but still, even when they do not say so, you can almost hear that question. The thing is they know why. We actually had one reporter ask and then all but demand that Israel provide Hamas with Iron Dome systems to protect the forces in Gaza as well as the Israelis are protected. The Israeli being interviewed was left too stunned by the question to even spit out an answer. An NGO quickly picked up that concept and ran with it actually petitioning for Israel to provide Iron Dome to protect Gazans as Israel is responsible for protecting Gaza, aren’t they? Well, actually, no, Israel has only one responsibility to Gaza, that is to do everything in her power to end all attacks and atrocities from being perpetrated by the terrorist leadership which controls Gaza.


We usually do not give our advice on how the problem in Gaza can be addressed. This is because we are not exactly neutral in this contest. Still, after every military action to destroy the weapons of Hamas and Islamic Jihad and to destroy their rocket and mortar making facilities and their explosives production, by the next confrontation they have rockets and now missiles with greater range, warhead capacity and accuracy. The last war saw them capable of almost striking Jerusalem and Haifa and easily striking Tel Aviv with their largest rockets. At the rate their weaponry has been upgraded largely by Iran, it will not be long before they will be capable of striking everywhere in Israel even including the Golan Heights, the furthest point from Gaza. Already, on the northern front out of Syria and Lebanon, Hezballah terrorist and rulers of Lebanon can already strike anywhere within Israel and are receiving guidance packages to attach to their rockets transforming them into missiles accurate supposedly to within tens of meters. Both of these terrorist groups are getting very close to becoming existential threats to the continued existence of Israel. As both sets of terrorist groups on the northern and southern borders are under the command of Iran, and as Iran currently has IRGC forces, their elite military, in Syria, should all of these entities be released to attack Israel simultaneously they would be capable of launching attacks from almost every border. The one border which might prevent their use would be Jordan, which is assuming that Iran has not decided that Jordan requires a regime change. There have been intelligence reports which have implied that Bashir al-Assad has his plans to take Jordan before his own nation exploded and Iran has also threatened Jordan. There is little which could prevent Iran assisted by Hezballah from conquering Jordan and thus surrounding Israel. The remaining border for Israel is along the Sinai Peninsula, an area already barely controlled by Egypt and with numerous terrorist groups operating within the region. One could see Iran influencing some of these groups as well.


The above describes a threat so sever to Israel that it does not take a military genius to see that Israel has a dilemma. The General Staff claims that Hezballah is too big a threat in the north to permit sparing the required forces to address Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the south. The absolute lunacy of such a conclusion should be more than apparent even to the most casual observers. If what the General Staff claims are true, then how would they conduct under the scenario where both fronts became active and were coordinating with one another through Iran? We can only conclude that they would leave the country and leave the rest up to more junior officers, likely their best idea yet. If what they claim is true, then it is time to beef up the active duty sections of the IDF and have a rotation of reservists active year round. Of course, the politicians would claim that doing so would be too much of a drain on the economy with the reservists called up in such a manner and that it would also be far too costly. All of this leaves only one other alternative, take out Hamas and Islamic Jihad entirely or entice them to simply leave. How, you ask. Try a new tactic of instead of bombing empty guard shacks and training fields at 2:00 AM, give notice that for every day that the rioting continues on the border, at twelve noon, give or take fifteen minutes, one of the leadership of Hamas, Islamic Jihad or their accomplices will be destroyed and they should remove all family members if they do not desire risking their lives. Should this not dissuade them from continuing their rioting on the border, then after one month of this, inform them that at 2:00 AM the mall in downtown Gaza City will be destroyed, and then do so. Sooner or later, the people whose homes are threatened and are the wealthy of Gaza, many are millionaires, will demand that all attacks on Israel cease before their homes or other amenities which they enjoy are taken away. This is the means by which Hamas and Islamic Jihad would become unpopular with the people with the means of influencing who rules Gaza. Even if this did not end the rule of Hamas, it would make things problematic as if they began to execute the wealthy, then they would soon have their rule cut short. And if this failed, then it would be obvious that there is no redeeming value in permitting Gaza to continue on its current path and simply driving everything from before an advancing IDF which would sweep from the north to the Egyptian border with the eastern flank held by IDF forces. This is the final option but one which may require being considered despite what the rest of the world may scream. Hamas is a terrorist group and is supported by at least 80% of the Gaza population, that is an irreconcilable situation. No other nation would have tolerated this situation as long as Israel has permitted it to last and this has reached a critical point where the drastic approach may be necessary.


Beyond the Cusp



October 31, 2018

Netanyahu and Threats Facing Israel


There is a consensus in the Prime Minister’s Cabinet that when he proposes some meek solution reeking of timidity their response resembles the bobble head dolls in the rear window of a car hitting speed bumps. That is the problem, as it appears that none are willing or able to bring forth solutions which could actually end any one of the threats facing Israel. So, perhaps our first explanation would be to give an idea of the threats facing Israel of a military type. The most obvious and potentially devastating is that of the Iranian armed Hezballah which has defeated the Christians as most of them fled to Israel, Europe, Canada or the United States allowing Lebanon to go from 80% Christian to likely over 80% Islamic with the majority of those supporting the Hezballah terrorist army. Adding to this threat is the fact that Hezballah would be armed by the Lebanese Army’s weaponry should they face Israel once more and that would include such weapons as Apache helicopters and Abrams Main Battle Tanks as well as a plethora of other American and Russian weapons and anti-tank grenades. Fortunately, Lebanon does not have much in the way of an air force outside the helicopters, which alone are a formidable weapon system in the right hands. Additionally, Hezballah has over 150,000 rockets and missiles of varying sizes, ranges and capabilities. Iran has been providing them with targeting systems to make their rockets into guided missiles making for an even greater threat as they would be capable of targeting within fifty-meter accuracy or possibly better (see image below). Additionally, Hezballah has an extensive bunker and tunnel system allowing their fighters to appear and disappear after ambushing IDF troops. Any advance into Lebanon by ground forces would run high risk of casualties in excess numbers such that it has been considered overly risky.


Hezballah Rocket & Missile Threat

Hezballah Rocket & Missile Threat


In the south, Israel faces a problem of her own making. We are referring to Gaza and the Hamas and Islamic Jihad threat, of course. This was facilitated by the presumably great idea originating from the State Department and Condoleezza Rice who was the Secretary of State under George W. Bush. The concept was to have Israel completely pull everything from Israeli established communities and all IDF from Gaza gifting them with fully functioning greenhouses and an established trade in the hundreds of thousands allowing the Palestinian Authority (PA) to make a grand showing of how they would function as an independent state. This was accomplished by the middle of September of 2005 and within two years the PA had lost control as Hamas took over in a bloody coup. Since then the means of controlling the threat from Gaza has been to periodically, when rockets and other attacks became sufficiently severe a threat, to have the IDF enter Gaza and destroy much of Hamas weapons systems. This was, as intended, always a temporary solution just as the IDF operations in southern Lebanon were but a short term fix. In both cases, Hezballah to the north and Hamas and friends to the south, these resulted in an ever-escalating threat potential and now both are becoming existential threats to Israel. The solution of simply mowing the grass has reached the point that simply continuing with this strategy has reached a point where it has become problematic due to the growing threat each poses. The General Staff now advises that they are incapable of reacting to the threat from Gaza without leaving the north vulnerable to an attack by Hezballah. The northern threat has been further complicated by the presence of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the Quds Force in Syria as a further menace which could join any Hezballah offensive.


The big question is why did this situation come to pass when even the most casual of observers could have predicted this eventual outcome. The explanation has an expected reason driving this line of reasoning, and it is purely political. The current leadership starting with Prime Minister Netanyahu has long realized that as long as these threats are present, then elections will have the expected outcome of placing the same people in the positions of power, specifically the office of the Prime Minister. Bibi Netanyahu has established that he alone is capable of managing these threats and as such has held an iron grip as the leader who has the plan. Well, that plan has officially failed, and even his Cabinet has reached this conclusion. Still, in the public eye, he is still viewed as the best available choice of those who could be Prime Minister and it is still likely that Prime Minister Netanyahu will be forming the next coalition after the elections coming within the next year. This is likely despite the current escalation by Hamas in the south with the incendiary kites and balloons torching much of the southern farming region into burned stubble ruining an entire year’s harvest. This has the population residing in the cities, towns and kibbutzim extremely upset that their lives have been sacrificed to the inability of the powers that be to find a solution to this threat. In the past Hamas initiated with suicide bombers which were prevented by fencing the entirety of the Gaza border. That led to rocket attacks which were countered with the expensive but extremely efficient Iron Dome systems. This led to the tunneling into Israel to ambush or kidnap civilians and military alike which was countered by extending the barriers deep into the ground, something still being installed. Further, Israel developed technology for detecting these tunnels allowing for them to be destroyed before they could be used. But the simplicity of kites and balloons carrying incendiary devices has stymied the experts thusfar. Still, any threat from Gaza cannot and should not be ignored as allowing it to continue to develop new and more deadly forms of attacking Israelis is unacceptable. Obviously, a new approach is required.


Two recent announcements exemplify the lack of a determined strategy concerning Gaza. These are the statements.

On October 13, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman announced resolutely that Israel would not resume the supply of fuel to Gaza until the rioting on the fence stops.

On October 24, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman announced that Israel would resume the supply of fuel. This was despite the fact that rioting on the fence continued unabated.

The problem is that Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman probably had the beginnings of the right approach but after “careful consideration” by those who make these command decisions, Israel was going to appear to be too harsh and might come under threat from other nations and political pressures. The seemingly over-attention paid to what the Europeans and the United Nations or the United States or countless NGOs would think and how they would react has resulted in the lack of fortitude and determination in adopting a consistent strategy. Israel has come to a split in the road which might determine her future and ability to remain a viable nation. One road leads to taking a resolute stand against the threats on her borders and the other is the lackadaisical road of more of the same expecting better results. We can all see that the second road meets Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” The other path is one that would take determination, courage, bravado and a willingness to withstand withering criticism. That final requirement is something which also would risk the continued support of the weakest members of any coalition which may result in the dissolution of the coalition and the electing of a new group based on the left who would offer the serenity and quiet of the renewed old status quo. The difficulty is rallying the Israeli public to support measures which are designed to remove a threat which does not directly or immediately make the majority feel they are threatened. That is a hard and bitter mouthful for a leader to swallow but it is also what defines great leaders. Great leaders do not withstand and hold the evil at bay, they go forth and destroy the evil before it becomes a threat beyond what can be suffered.


There will only be one solution to the numerous threats which Israel faces and this starts with the menace to the south and then the menace to the north. Any solution will be met with howls and protestations from almost every direction with the loudest coming from the United Nations and European Union. The reason now is the time in which such a path might be recommended and laudable is due to the fact that the President of the United States would not be amongst those screeching from the sidelines. Waiting for Europe to face a problem even remotely mirroring that Israel faces such that they would be too busy with their threats to care about ours is not a luxury which Israel could survive. It is past time to make a final and decisive stand against Hamas and the mistake of surrendering Gaza by taking back the region while forcing the population which voted by over 80% to elect Hamas as their leadership out of the region. Where they end up should be the last of the concerns of Israel in such a situation. Further, this time Israel should act to minimize the casualties suffered by the IDF and less about preserving Gaza. Hamas has proven that they will never rebuild the apartments and other structures damaged because they used them as launching platforms and instead utilize the provided building materials supplied to build tunnels and bunkers. The first strike in Gaza should be the one area which Hamas has never risked by launching rockets from the area because it is where the leadership and ranking members reside. Start by eliminating their homes and work from there. Once done, Israel should force the population to relocate outside of Israel which would once more include Gaza. The reason Gaza is even in doubt is simply because Egypt occupied it after the 1948-8 War in which they intended to genocidally massacre the Jews as stated clearly by Azzam Pasha who said, it would be “a war of extermination and momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacre and the Crusades.” Instead of completely annihilating the Jewish State in its infancy, all the Arab forces managed was to take Gaza by Egypt and the Shomron which is made up of parts of Judea and Samaria which Jordan occupied and renamed West Bank to make it sound less Jewish. These regions belong to Israel under International Law from the British Mandate and the San Remo Conference along with declarations by the League of Nations and joined by the United States in the Anglo-American Treaty and adopted by the United Nations under Article 80 of the Charter. We know, we have said this quite a lot, but apparently the wrong people have read it or they are all in denial as they are wont to grant Israel the slightest of favors.


We are not calling for carpet-bombing all of Gaza, just the areas where Hamas, Islamic Jihad and their main support is stationed. We would desire destroying most of their ability to resist and then use IDF to remove the remainder of the terrorist base in Gaza. Then, perhaps their main beneficiary, Qatar, the nation paying for the fuel being sent into Gaza, would not mind taking in a few Gazans as they would require a new home as they cannot remain within Israel as their history of belligerence and love of Hamas and other terror groups would make them an instant fifth column. One does not remove the hive and then allow the wasps to take up residence in their living room. Getting somebody to take the refugees which would result from Israel retaking Gaza and refusing to accept the population, as they would be thousands upon thousands of inadmissible and loathsome deplorables, and unlike Hillary’s use of the word deplorables, this time it is quite accurate. No other nation would ever accept thousands and thousands of potential terrorists into their national bosom despite the fact that many of them would demand so of Israel. The time is well past due for Israel to take care of business and stand up against those whose secret desire is to erase the Jewish State from the map. Many do not even make a secret of this desire but they are easily identified as they line up every time Israel actually acts like any of these other nations would act in similar circumstances. One does not even need go that far back to see how other nations responded to what they regarded as a threat to their continued existence or even a threat to their well-being. The United States and numerous allies invaded two nations as a response to the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. The King of Jordan killed tens of thousands of PLO and other Palestinian Arabs in response to the Black September attempted coup. President Assad in Syria, both the present one and his father, used chemical weapons and other means to destroy thousands of their own countrymen claiming that they were a threat and that civil war continues unabated today. Iran has initiated wars in Yemen, Iraq and Syria just in order to extend their reach and control of the Middle East on their way to what they see as their eventual righteous victory in the conquest of the globe. In Egypt the military reestablished their control after the dethroning of Mubarak and the placement of a Muslim Brotherhood puppet, Morsi, as President placing Sisi in to replace him. There have been other incidences around the globe such as the occupation of Tibet by China, the consistent threat to South Korea from North Korea, the so-called unification of Viet Nam and the killing fields in Cambodia just to name a few.


We realize that Israel does not desire to be viewed as being a vicious country but there must be limits to the level of threat a nation can abide. One cannot allow a threat to fester to the point where it becomes a near impossibility to defeat, and Hamas is well on their way to becoming such a threat and Hezballah is on that threshold. This is the definitive reason why Israel can no longer simply twiddle her thumbs and hope for the best. The leadership must consider what would happen should Iran decide, at the end of the Syrian civil war for example, strike at Israel across the Golan Heights and potentially through Jordan and along the eastern border facilitated by initially infiltrating into the PA controlled regions on the Israeli side of the Jordan River while also commanding that their three main puppets, Hezballah in Lebanon and Hamas with Islamic Jihad from Gaza in a coordinated assault meant to overwhelm Israeli forces before reserves could be fielded. Such an attack would make the surprise attack in 1973 which initiated the Yom Kippur War be a minor skirmish, and that came uncomfortably close to Israel failing to prevent defeat. The main reason Israel survived that war was because the Egyptians had to cross the Sinai Peninsula to reach Israel as it was still held by Israel as a result of the Six Day War in 1967. Israel does not have a similar depth today and thus time and being prepared before such an attack would be virtually a necessity. If such an attack came as a surprise, then it would be a race between Israel calling up reserves and organizing and these forces reaching Tel Aviv. Further, should Hezballah launch her rockets and missiles, that could further hamper any Israeli response. Then there is the problem that should Israel be required to strike at Syrian forces there would be the question of how the Russians would respond and whether they would deploy their advanced anti-aircraft missiles to assist the assault. This is the scenario which must be avoided and the initial step would be removing the threat from within Gaza and restoring Israeli control of that region. The area could be developed with possibly casinos along the shoreline making it a rival to Monte Carlo and the Riviera with family friendly theme parks, miniature golf, concerts outside and develop it into a premier vacation resort. This would be possible as the border with Egypt is relatively secured and should Egypt add their own area on their side of the border, then the two nations could coordinate security making it an ideal venture for both nations. Nothing makes friendlier neighbors than a mutually fruitful venture which produces revenue. The first step is removing Hamas, Islamic Jihad and all other threats from Gaza.


Beyond the Cusp


October 30, 2018

The Amazing Reality of the Media Lies on Palestinians


Much of the media still claims that when the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists backed by their many supporters are rioting on the Gaza border, that they are peaceably protesting and are incapable of causing even the slightest of damage, injury, harm or anything which could be recognize as a negative action. On the other hand, anything performed as part of their duty to defend the people of the state of Israel, her Arabs, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Druze, Bedouins and all others to the best of their ability; they need to asses threats deciding which rise to a level to demand they take action and what is simply violent demonstration which are not of any actual threat. They have the usual riot control equipment such as water cannons, sound cannons (also known as Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD)) as well as rubber-coated bullets which are non-lethal. Many times the media will take any action by the IDF and treat them as if whatever they use, the object is to murder innocent protesters who are just protesting the Israeli occupation of Gaza and the stifling economic result of that occupation. Apparently, the media missed the Israeli pulling out of Gaza in August and early September of 2005 removing every Israeli community and all the IDF posts and troops turning the entirety over to the Palestinian Authority (PA). Since September of 2005, there has been no Israeli occupation of Gaza and it has been left to the Palestinian Arab governance to care for the people, enforce laws, provide services, encourage economy and provide everything their governance desires to invest funds into. The PA did very little and within two years, they were ejected in a violent coup by Hamas under the direction of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas has invested heavily with aid investments and collected taxation into making rockets, bomb-vests, bunkers, tunnels, mortars, incendiary devices, infiltration tunnels under the border into Israel and numerous other forms of terrorism and other attacks upon Israeli public and targeting the IDF when given the opportunity. We have talked about this violent rioting on the Gaza border and you have only our word for this, which is often the complaint, so take some time and watch the video below, not necessarily all of it in one sitting, but view what you wish of a one hour snapshot taken of the Gaza protests recently.



As you can tell, there are some organized actions and there are quite a lot of independent acts with often sling being used to hurl rocks over the border hoping to strike the IDF soldiers who are watching the border. There have been attempts with varying levels of success to destroy sections of the border fencing and when successful there would be groups which would attempt to cross into Israel with some actually making their way up to one kilometer before being captured and simply returned to Gaza. The smoke you saw was from the thousands of tires which the Gazans burned in order to hide their actions often allowing armed terrorists to sneak to the border fence and engage IDF with limited results. There have also been rocket attacks almost exclusively between midnight and sunrise in order to cause the greatest amount of fear and sleep deprivation which causes the greatest trauma for the children. The Red Alert sirens sound and the children in the cities, towns, farms and kibbutzim closest to the border have approximately fifteen seconds to reach their shelters. Parents react automatically and herd the children into the closest shelter and this can occur multiple times in a single morning. The Iron Dome interceptor system detects the launches and tracks their trajectory and attempts to intercept those which track to strike inhabited areas allowing those which are tracked to fall in open regions allowed to continue. You can see a video of the Iron Dome in actions on a multiple rocket attacks on Sderot region from last Friday night in the video below.



Even worse, these children have been told by their parents that they must avoid any balloons, kites, bright packages or items which look like small wrapped candies. The reason for this instruction is because of the balloons and kites flown into Israel with incendiary devices attached have not all exploded as hoped and now are a threat to the children. Then there have been small explosives spread over the land near the border by balloons, kites and drones in the hopes that children would pick them up and they are designed to explode when the wrappings are disturbed. That is why parents have warned and strictly instructed their children about these threats. Imagine being a child who has been told that balloons and kites are dangerous and brightly wrapped small packages which look like candy or a prize are also very dangerous. Imagine a childhood where everything poses levels of danger and when you go to bed each night you can only wonder if you will be allowed to sleep until the morning or if you will be running or dragged into shelters any time during the night. That is the life of the children whose families reside along the Gaza border. Below is a picture which for these children does not signal that fireworks are about to explode overhead and the coming explosions which are about to come are the results of dangerous rockets being intercepted and these do not cause glittering colors, just a bright spot and a loud noise. The rockets which continue will also make a loud explosive noise when and wherever they strike ground and you can only pray that none are heading for your home, school, friends’ homes, relatives homes or anyplace else which is part of your little world. You also know that there are mistakes and sometimes a rocket strikes a house, so every threat remains real in their imaginations. This is the life these youths must live with and the media never covers the resulting mental problems these children have developed as their response to such a life. For those so heartless to say why not just move, why should they need to move or is it their responsibility to be elsewhere? Hamas has rockets and missiles which can reach almost anywhere in Israel and leaving our homelands is not an option.


Fourteen Rockets Launched from Gaza into Israel this Past Shabbat Night

Fourteen Rockets Launched from Gaza into Israel this Past Shabbat Night


The problem is that the Jewish people, which most people equate with Israelis, are not considered to ever be the victims, no matter what, except outside of Israel. Even the Jews who were victimized in Squirrel Hill suburb community of Pittsburgh this past Shabbat was simply hours after the rocket barrage in southern Israel. Both acts are anchored in the same hatred which can be found everywhere across this little globe on which we reside. There are such acts across Europe and has abated mostly in the Middle East and Northern Africa within the Arab world for a basic and simple reason, they chased their Jews out of their nations within the first decade after the founding of Israel. They had pogroms in many of these nations and in others, they simply impounded their home and gave their belongings to who was considered to be a more deserving individual, always an Arab Muslim. In some nations, they increased the Jiyza to a point where the Jews who this was raised upon no longer were able to exist on the pittance which remained. When these Jews became basically people without a country and needed to find a place to live, some attempted to move to Europe or the United States. They were more often than not refused entry. They were accepted and often aided in reaching the one refuge which exists today for Jews. They were lovingly taken in by Israel. Israel was not anywhere near as wealthy as modern day Israel, but these Jews were taken in and often shared a home with another Israeli family and these Jews from the Arab world easily numbered sufficient numbers such that they became half if not more of the population. They remain about half the population of Israel and they will never be allowed to return to their original home nation which for many of these families had been their home for one or two thousand years or even more. Some of their former home countries are now completely free of Jews and refuse to allow Jews to return. The anti-Semitism across the Middle East and Northern Africa is some of the highest levels of the world. When the Anti-Defamation League measured worldwide levels of anti-Semitism in 2014, the Middle East and North Africa topped the charts at 74%, well above every other region with Europe, both eastern and western, came in a distant second but if it were to be measured today it is probable that Europe is closing upon the Middle East and North Africa. Even the United States has seen record levels of anti-Semitism as it is starting to grow and in an unsuspected area of the political spectrum.


In the past, anti-Semitism was often relegated to the right wing or the fascists. This was largely due to the Nazis and the anti-Semitism of the Soviet Union, which was considered to be the left, was largely overlooked by political pundits. There is something which is stranger than the European model where the Nazis were considered to be right wing as they were nationalists and the Soviets were considered leftists as they were internationalists. It is that in the United States, they have a different view and as both the Nazis and the Soviets were Socialists and it did not matter that they were nationalist or internationalist, it just matters that they are Socialists and not Capitalists. This makes the two Socialist experiments which emerged in the mid twentieth century left wing as far as the American political spectrum and the right wing extremists in the United States are largely Constitutionalists. Some of the extremist right, where the majority of anti-Semitism was claimed to lie, do not care about the Constitution as much as they care about installing their particular often dictatorial or totalitarian regimes where they dictate all. Today, the burgeoning most recent anti-Semitic hatred is being found on the left wing largely amongst the farthest leftists who desire largely a socialist democracy with open borders, the end of ICE and the Electoral College replacing that with simply the popular vote and writing a new Constitution where wealth is reapportioned, the minimum wage become a living wage which will consistently have to rise higher and higher, Medicare for every American, free college education for all who desire one, guaranteed employment by the government and ever more free goodies which they believe the government will be able to pay for even if they just need to print enough money to pay for these programs. Trust that plugging in their designs for the future into any proven economic modelling and watch the money become worthless, inflation to become runaway, taxes to continue to run ever higher, and eventually everything to collapse just as happened in Venezuela.


These leftist extremists also fully back the Palestinian claims to the lands from the River to the Sea which is code for their complete replacement of Israel. They do not believe that Jews should be granted their own state and do not care about the treaties and all the other promises made to the Zionist Congress after World War I by the allies, the League of Nations, taken on by the United States in the Anglo-American Treaty, accepted to be continued by the United Nations in Article 80 of the Charter, and encoded from the San Remo Conference into the Mandate System which redesigned the defeated powers of Germany, the Austria-Hungarian Empire and the Ottoman Empire. This was not just the assigning new borders to the Ottoman or Arab world which is often what is claimed in that Europeans gave Israel the region which was previously Palestine. There was never any Palestine and it has simply been the name given by the Roman Empire when they attempted to erase the Jewish People from history. The Arabs claim that the Jews have never had a country in the Middle East since they conquered it thus they came first. In the Arab claims, the universe was born in the Seventh Century and anything before that and outside of the control of Islam is simply a nothing waiting to come into existence once they conquer that area. They claim that their patience as a desert people is going to allow them to out-wait the Jews who will leave just as did the Romans, Byzantines, Greeks, Persians, Crusaders and the British. This is going to be fun as the Jews have waited for over two-thousand years to return to their ancestral homelands as explained in the Bible. It is because the Jews were dispersed by the Romans across and beyond the borders of the Roman Empire. This led to the Jews being dispersed throughout almost every place on the planet. The Jewish People are finally starting to receive a message which comes from unknown sources and just grows within them until they finally one day just pick up and move home to Israel. Claiming that the Jews do not deserve to have their own nation while there are Christian nations and Islamic nations and Buddhist nations but the Jews alone must be denied a nation because of why? They will claim that there are not enough Jews to make a nation or the Jews are just a religion when it is proven that Jews are also a People under the biological definition as they have distinct genetic codes sufficiently separate so as to make us a People. Further, most of the Arab refugees never resided within the borders of Israel and even more amazing the majority of the Arab refugees reside in camps within regions ruled over by Palestinian Arab governance of the PA or in Gaza under Hamas. Just take down the barbed wire and they would be home and fit right in as they are the same people, same religion, same language and often have relatives on both sides of that barbed wire. But why should such facts get in the way of flaming anti-Semitism which is growing in more corners of the earth than makes many of us who are watching quite nervous. Finally, we wish to close by requesting that you visit and read another article from Giulio Meotti titled A conspiracy of silence on Palestinian Arab torture which will reveal more which the media ignores because too much of the media, Palestinians cannot do anything wrong.


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