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July 22, 2017

But It Has a Happy Ending


Unfortunately, the beginnings are an intentional affront and a threat to Israel’s existence completely financed by Europe and numerous clandestine groups and Arab nations who prefer not to be identified. It all started quite a number of years ago when Israel had yet to be formed. The British were holding the Mandate to form the Jewish State. Their first step towards making that concept disappear was to take 78% of that area and make an Arab Palestinian State called Transjordan, today known as Jordan. This was insufficient, so while the Jews in Europe really could have used a place in which to run, the British held the number permitted in to theoretically 75,000 Jews per year. They let in only a fraction of this number throughout World War II while bringing in around 100,000 Arabs each year even if they had to be paid. The British knew that as long as there were more Arabs than Jews that Israel, the Jewish State, could never be formed. Eventually Israel was formed largely made possible by Jews running the British blockade after World War II ended. The really disgusting thing was after the war many Jews when returning to their homes found their home lived in by another family, always Christians, their business run by some Christians, and their neighbors just as likely to run them out of town roughly as they were to murdering them. Jews learned they no longer had a place in Europe. This was made perfectly clear in this incident which is one of many similar incidents most of which were covered up and never made it into written history as there were no Jewish survivors to tell the story, but they became known as warnings to Jews that returning home was not necessarily a good idea after surviving the Concentrations Camps or hiding out the entire ordeal.


The next bold statement of Jews refusing to allow their own defeat came in the form of the miracle of their surviving the six national armies attack on the morning of Israel’s birth. This was after the Arab League had turned down the United Nations partition offered in General Assembly Resolution 181. Once the Arab League refused the division, the entire resolution became null and void and could not be used as a binding document at any future time. General Assembly Resolutions are suggestive in nature and unless both sides agree, they have no further weight. The Zionist Congress and Israelis government agreed to the division, as anything was preferable to a war in which they would begin with no formal armed forces. They patched their groups which had fought the British occupation into a fighting force which only by the grace of Hashem managed to retain any land. Israel lost lands as Gaza and Judea and Samaria (West Bank) were lost to Egypt and Jordan respectively (see maps below).


Resolution 181 Division, Israel on the morning of May 15, 1948, Israel after the War and losing lands of Gaza and West Bank

Resolution 181 Division,
Israel on the morning of May 15, 1948,
Israel after the War and losing lands of Gaza and West Bank


The next act of audacity was for Israel to win the Six Day War , liberating Gaza and the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) while gaining the Golan Heights and Sinai Peninsula and then to follow that by surviving the initial attacks and then proving victorious in the Yom Kippur War and even threaten Cairo. That was until the United States, under the auspices of the Department of State, threatened Israel with military forces under United States command and the backing of the United Nations and the world at large if Israel did not halt all advances towards Cairo, Alexandria and Damascus and return to the armistice lines remaining from the Six Day War which were the starting point of that war. When Israel made peace with Egypt they offered to return all of the Sinai Peninsula as well as Gaza but Egypt declined to reapply their occupation of Gaza and returned these lands to Israel along with the large Arab Muslim population. Later when Israel made her peace with Jordan, they declined to reoccupy Judea and Samaria and returned them to Israel but left their citizens they had forced to move into the area while they occupied it giving their poorest citizens the Jews former homes and properties. Jordan also had destroyed Synagogues and desecrated Jewish cemeteries.


Israel having offered to return the occupied lands which Egypt and Jordan had occupied and returned to Israeli control was probably the beginning of another plan to dissolve Israel in a sea of Arabs who would take over the nation democratically, but Israel did not simply grant these Arabs left from Egypt and Jordan into her citizenry thus were not overrun by Arab voters. This likely led to the concept which was the real beginnings which came in September of 1993 and had a large amount of assistance from European nations, the United States State Department (again), and some rose colored glasses wearing extreme leftists who believed that if Yasser Arafat were granted respectability, then he could be given a Palestinian Arab nation, then a peace could be made which would assist in ending the stand-off between the Israelis and the Arab World, this was called the Oslo Accords. The Europeans and State Department saw this agreement slightly differently as they were targeting Israel for extermination, the nation and if that included the Jews living there, well, they could live with that as well. Now we get to go through a number of ill-thought-out choices by the leadership of Israel, more often than not under duress or leftist leadership which may have you doubting the intelligence of those who desired the path we have taken.


After the idea that Yasser Arafat was willing and desired to make peace should have been completely demolished after the Paris accords where he agreed that should Israel meet a set of terms which were far beyond anything Israel had ever even approached conceding which included East Jerusalem and borders based strongly with the 1949 Armistice Lines, the Green Line and President Clinton felt good about taking this to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak. Arafat was secure in the thought that there would be absolutely no way on earth that Israel would accept borders along most of the Green Line as well as giving back the Old City, Temple Mount and all of East Jerusalem. President William Jefferson Clinton must have felt wonderful as he went to sleep that night knowing he had just settled the Israel-Palestinian Arab conflict as both sides had agreed to the deal. Yasser Arafat went to bed very nervous as President Clinton had not come back with any counter proposal which Arafat could turn down, repeat his demands safe in the knowledge that the Israelis would never give away Jerusalem, let alone the borders resembling the Green Line with over ninety percent of the Green Line being the future border and even the Jordan Valley along the west side of the Jordan River, a natural defensive position. Rumor has it that Arafat ordered his driver to be ready from 6:00 AM on and his plane to be ready for immediate takeoff along the same timeline. He suspected and feared the worst thing possible, that the Israelis had agreed to his demands. Well, President Clinton showed up for the meetings that morning confident that peace was at hand, Prime Minister Barak showed up for the meetings that morning confident that peace was at hand and Yasser Arafat showed up for that morning’s meetings with his bags in the limousine and the driver ready and when he heard Secretary of State Madeline Albright ask who was to sign the agreement, which she was holding copies of in her hands, first, Arafat bolted from his chair for the exit. Secretary of State Albright tried as best she could to catch the fleeing Arafat but simply resulted in her standing at the top of the steps waving papers as Yasser Arafat drove off towards the airport. Later, it was revealed that the Second Intifada had been planned before the negotiations had even commenced and Yasser Arafat never intended to negotiate in good faith but was instead ready to launch yet another offensive intended to drive the Israelis from their lands fleeing in stark terror before the waves of suicide bombings.


But the surrender by Israel really began at the end of the Six Day War when Minister of Defense suggested that the Jordanian Waqf be permitted to return and be left to take over running the Temple Mount just as they had done before the war as a sign of good faith. Initially, the Temple Mount was open for visitors who could use any entrance to visit the holy site. That was the initial status-quo but did not remain that way as slowly the Waqf moved to prevent all people other than Muslims to be all but banned from entering the Temple Mount except for limited times each day at the whim of the Waqf who can close the site whenever they choose. They also provide guards who will order any person suspected of prayer or anything which might be deemed unacceptable to Muslim supremacy be removed and possibly arrested for such acts of offense. The entire situation has followed along a parallel path as well. Within half a dozen years of the Arafat debacle in Paris a new idea cropped up coming from Secretary of State (it had to be the State Department again) Condoleezza Rice, who was reported to have privately pointed out the obvious parallels with the black experience in the Antebellum South and the treatment of the Palestinian Arabs, and backed by George W. Bush, who was presumed to be one of Israel’s greatest allies to hold the office of President, that Israel turn complete control and allow the formation of an Arab state in Gaza as an opportunity for the Palestinian Authority to prove their ability to live peacefully and run an actual political entity. In August of 2005 Israel, with great emotional angst and a divided population tearing the nation apart, pulled all of their people, military and all institutions out of Gaza and an American Jewish group paid to leave the greenhouses in Gaza and in working order so as to allow for a basic economy to exist. The greenhouses were torn apart and used to make rockets and launchers and within two years, Hamas had taken complete control over Gaza evicting the Palestinian authority in a coup. Since then Israel has been forced into three wars to end rockets raining down on Israeli civilians with each round Hamas and Islamic Jihad proving to have rockets of greater and greater range with their latest capable of reaching Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and closing in on reaching Haifa. There has been proof that Iran had assisted Hamas off and on giving them greater rocket engine technology and also assisting Islamic Jihad and there have been rumors of IRGC advisors smuggled into Gaza with even greater technologies and training. Needless to point out, the Gaza experiment was nothing short of a complete and unmitigated disaster.


Over the years whenever the Western nations, read the Europeans and the Americans, particularly the State Department, have demanded that Israel, as a sign of good faith and proof that they really desire peace, give a concession of some sort, usually conceding control of lands in Judea and Samaria, to the Palestinian Authority just to have a photo opportunity for the President with the leader of the Palestinian Authority, either Yasser Arafat or Mahmoud Abbas, as they proved interchangeable, shake hands with the Israeli Prime Minister and that was often the actual only accomplishment. Should there have been actual meetings after that it was always the same picture, Israel giving up control of more territory until the Arabs broke off negotiations pocketing the territories gained and giving up nothing. The negotiations always broke off the instant that it became necessary for the Palestinian Arabs to give up even recognition that Israel is a Jewish State. The reason this cannot and must not be granted by the Palestinian Authority leadership is simply because their desire is to erase Israel from the map or change it into an Arab state, nothing less will suffice as far as they are concerned and everything they do is towards that end. The secret is that this is also the desired result being sought by the Europeans and the United States Department of State. Oh, they will never admit that this is their desired result, but they along with the United Nations and most of the Arab and Muslim worlds all target Israel with the intent of her destruction. The result of all these concessions and negotiations and promises from so many “well-meaning” souls has been that Israel has all but given away all of Areas A and B.


But there have been other developments since 2012 as a result of a concerted effort, replete with European Union makings of at least five-hundred illegal buildings, which they claim are for Palestinian Arabs when the final peace comes. They do not believe for a moment that there is any peace deal ever going to come. The European Union was intentionally building facts on the ground to assist the Arab claim that all the land belongs to them. They know that should they manage to force the Israelis out of Judea and Samaria that this will lead to the bombardment of Tel Aviv and the entire coastal region along with Jerusalem and that this, in their estimation, will force the Jews to surrender the entirety of Israel. Once the schemers get their wildest desires, and they will not surrender trying until the day that Jerusalem and the greater Tel Aviv metropolitan area and suburbs are left as a smoldering heap of massive damage from massive rocket attacks of tens of thousands launched as rapidly as the Arabs are able, the final conflict will have been initiated. This will be when the full force of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) will be felt. There will be no measured response and everything short of nuclear weapons will be unleashed on the Arabs who launched the attack as well as those who failed to prevent that action. They will all be driven across the Jordan River if they are fortunate, the remainder will be killed in the onslaught. The anger from the Israelis and their fighting force will be unleashed on whoever stands in opposition. Should Hezballah in Lebanon think this a good time to strike at Israel in conjunction with the Palestinian Arabs of the PA and Hamas, then Israel will also strike at Lebanon with equal ferocity as Hezballah and Lebanon have become one and the same thing as was proven in the Hezballah victory parade in Syria where they displayed their Abrams Tanks they procured from the Lebanese Army when the two forces merged. Simply stated, whoever pops their heads up and claims they want their piece of the war will find those heads removed in as rapid a fashion as feasible. Will Israel face destruction, probably quite a bit, especially along the Tel Aviv coast from Ashkelon to Haifa as well as around Jerusalem but buildings can be replaced, Israel must remain.


The Real Truth About Israel in Stark Relief Depicting the Combined Rocket Capability of Palestinian Arabs from West Bank and Gaza if Europe and the United States Force a Green Line Border

The Real Truth About Israel in Stark Relief
Depicting the Combined Rocket Capability
of Palestinian Arabs from West Bank and Gaza
if Europe and the United States Force a Green Line Border


When that day these Europeans and select Americans envision comes and the Arabs are able to rain missiles onto the Israeli cities, there will be a surprise. If such comes from the Palestinian Authority areas; then the leadership, at the least, and the entire population, if required, will be driven from lands which were promised Israel and the Jews under the San Remo Conference, Treaty of Severs and the British Crown. Israel will take the lands to the Jordan River and that will be the end of the entire farce the world has been perpetrating with the intent to drive Israel into the ground. Israel and the Jews are home again and we are not leaving no matter what the world may try. The Arabs will not drive us from our homelands and neither will the European Union. We do not want anything more than what was promised and the world knows exactly what was promised. They may lie and attempt to steal the land from under our feet but that is not going to happen, not now, not ever. That is the promise that every Israeli child who loves this land makes when they enlist in the IDF.


Definitive Map of Israel


The map above is the promise reached with the British Crown when they repurposed 78% of the Mandate to fulfill two promises, to give the Arab Palestinians (those two words order are interchangeable) and to give a nation to the second Hashemite son of King Faisal, Abdullah I bin al-Hussein, the first king of Jordan. They took all the land east of the Jordan River to the border of Iraq where King Abdullah I’s brother ruled as the other half of the promise. That left the remaining paltry 22% of the land for the Jewish State and this was to be considered inviolate protected by the British Crown. Well, we have now seen that the worth and weight, not to mention veracity of promises from the British Crown have become. Still, this was what was promised. We gave away Gaza but should Hamas be a part of this fight, that too can change. The only promise I would hope could be given is we will stop at these borders and if everybody else accepts that the war is done, then that will be the end and peace will come with these borders. Anything beyond them, which include all of Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights, but not Gaza on the map as we gave that away of our own accords, our own insanity of the moment while greatly pressured. And the lesson we learned should pay us dividends going forward. The result of Gaza should be fair warning. Does Israel have other problems? Yes, we have our internal difficulties, as we are a democracy and what nation does not have difficulties except, if you believe their propaganda, North Korea and Iran. Oh yes, Venezuela and Syria used to make that claim but making it today would be a ridiculous joke. In Israel the potential threats, which come from near and far with the far being the more troublesome, are simply part of everyday life and the ones from Europe and the United States State Department are some of the most feared with Iran a distant second. The Arabs in our neighborhood should remember that they have never witnessed the full brunt of what Israel today is capable of unleashing and we pray nobody ever requires such horrors from us; we prefer life even if our enemies worship death. Perhaps many do not remember Israeli history when we fought people who worshiped Ba’al which is another means of worshiping death as such belief included human sacrifice including the sacrifice of infants. We fought such back in the beginning and are amazed how little the barbarians have changed as they still sacrifice humans and even children in their craze to murder Israelis. If you listen to them, they are not targeting Israelis, they want to kill Jews which can be seen in their own words in videos captured and translated by Palestinian Media Watch, Middle East Media Research Institute and Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America. For the record, should Israel receive her due and have the Jordan River and Golan Heights as her eastern border and peace finally achieved, that would be an extremely happy ending and then we could write about just Israel’s internal needs instead of watching the world so closely. We can wish and hope but Hashem will provide what we need when we need, and that is happiness too.


Beyond the Cusp


July 14, 2017

Coming Out of the Closet on Trump


First, I must tell that I did not vote for President Trump and nor did I vote for Hillary Clinton. Hey, I have a valid excuse, I’m an Israeli and they were not running for the Knesset. Now I preferred to have Trump as the American President and for selfish reasons, he would be more pro-Israel or at least less anti-Israel than Hillary Clinton would have been and definitely an improvement over the past eight years of President Obama. This is not to claim that there are not concerns about President Trump and his knowledge on things as they are in the Middle East. You will ask for examples and I will oblige you with the biggest missed understanding of things claimed by Mahmoud Abbas and Yasser Arafat before him which many Western political figures and even some less than intelligently honest or uneducated in history Israelis and Western politicians and presumed intellectuals are guilty of repeating and believing. They repeat the claim that the Palestinians simply want the 22% of land they were promised. What 22% do they think that Abbas and Arafat have been claiming? The area they hold of Judea and Samaria is not 22% of anything and adding Gaza still does not make it 22% of anything. The 22% he is demanding is the lands of the British Mandate promised to the Jews after 78% of the British Mandate was granted to form the Arab Palestinian State of Transjordan, today simply called Jordan. Jordanian population is over three-fourths Palestinian Arab and the rest is Druze and Bedouins mostly and the British allowed the Hashemites to rule as they promised their father, King Faisal, and the Jordanian Palestinian Arabs desire to have self-rule. That is a problem for Jordan to sort out, but Abbas demanding his 22% of the British Mandate is everything west of the Jordan River, he is demanding all of Israel and Western politicians eat up his demands as if they were candy. That unfortunately appears to thus far include President Donald Trump. But I believe he can learn and just hope he figures out Abbas and his game of no peace unless it includes the death of Israel by any means necessary. That is why there has been no peace no matter what had been offered. Ask Bill Clinton what happened when he forced an agreement from Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak in Paris to everything Arafat claimed he required to sign a treaty, Arafat fled as quickly as he could get to his limousine and get to the airport and fly to Jordan. Then Barak and Clinton went to Taba and sweetened the deal even further and it included half of Jerusalem back in 1999 and 2000 as Bill Clinton did all but kill to make the deal, the same deal that will escape you unless you give the Jews the lands west of the Pecos, kidding, just remembering an old spaghetti western. There is no deal to be made with Abbas that any honest broker would permit to place their name on, and that is the truth President Trump and if you wish to bring me to Washington, my wife and I would love to visit as long as we can visit family we have while we are in the United States, if that would be acceptable. Back to business at hand and why Trump has been trying to do a good and decent job for the United States and the World.


You wish to read some true and thoughtful words, read the speech President Trump just delivered in Poland. Ignore all the write-ups it has gotten even if they were favorable and just read the entire speech for yourself. It was a historic speech and one which, providing that Western Civilization manages to pull itself together and return to a more healthy state, something we have talked about here the last week or so. The speech asked exactly what is required of the leadership and the citizens of Europe and the United States and the rest of Western Civilization, do they desire to survive and delineated why it was important for that answer to be yes. The one complaint is he did not go far enough in describing all the ills with which the Western World has been stricken. That would have really gotten the people at the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, CBS, and the rest of the get Trump at any cost media really hot under the collar. They would have been scrambling for statistics just pouring over study after study looking for one which countered anything Trump might have stated. Advice for the President, make sure you give sources whenever you attempt to give the world facts and figures because otherwise you will be diced up really good even if they need to order a study just to contradict your statements, they are that crazed to get you, but you know that. And your Tweets, I do not really follow them except as the media flash them making them famous and they usually pick the most enjoyable laughers that you Tweet, honest. Keep up the good work as pricking leftists where they are sensitive is enjoyable as I have at times indulged myself and received the heat and hate for my efforts, as expected.


Another area is the economy and the worth of the dollar against the rest of the world’s currency. That is important to retirees living overseas, like myself. The problem President Trump will face initially is because the media did everything humanly possible to play up the economic picture over the past eight years, they have created a bubble of, what we figure here at BTC with limited economic knowledge and even less accurate data at our fingertips, as we rely on that same media, there is over one and a half billion dollar deficit that the economy will need to produce in order to rebalance the sheets with what is reported as the actual position. This will most likely be used to report not just that President Trump has not produced the expected economic bounce, but that the entire lookout for the future is quite gloomy. This will continue for the next quarter though the back to school rush is very likely to make sufficient of an up-turn that the Christmas season should erase any residual deficit created by, well, let’s not say phony, let us say less than accurate reporting on the economy previous to Trump winning the election. Starting the second quarter of next year we can expect to see increases which will only escalate and by the third year of President Trump’s first term the economy should be humming along making sweet music. The decent reports and steadily increasing consumer confidence could actually give Trump supported candidates a very decent showing in the November elections going against the presumed trend of Presidents losing seats at their first mid-term election. Should President Trump actually cause the Republicans to get an increase in both the House of Representatives and the Senate and this be obvious by the new electees all being Trump supported candidates, finally he will get whatever he desires as President Trump will be able to circumvent the Old Guard who are fighting him with the Democrats. These include Senators John McCain, Jeff Flake, Susan Collins (who may as well be a Democrat), Dean Heller, Cory Gardner, Ben Sasse, Lisa Murkowski, Mike Lee and Rob Portman with a potential of including even Mitch McConnell. These are the people preventing the repeal or at least replace of ObamaCare simply to damage President Trump so they can regain their stature and influence. That is called being petty and cutting off your nose to spite your face.


Trump made many promises of which one was to rebuild the military and has likely quietly started doing so. There is one item he should most definitely add to his immediate agenda and make a big ceremony announcing this move. He should visit the manufacturing headquarters of Lockheed Martin and with two F-22 Raptors, one flanking him on either side; announce the restart of production of the Raptor with the expectation of making this the backbone of the modern America Air Force leaving the F-35JSF for the Navy and Marines and NATO and other allies who desire to purchase fifth generation fighter jets. Then it would be a matter to be decided by the Pentagon and the inner Security Cabinet to decide if any allies would be permitted to have Raptors if they so desired. If Israel were to be one such nation, Israel should see if they might not be able to exchange their F-35JSF for F-22 Raptors. Further, increasing the number of Naval fighting and support vessels is a needed weakness that America need shore up as well as replacing the aging B-52’s with a sixth generation heavy bomber which would include stealth, the most modern jet engines which should include ramjet and pulse jet technologies such that the craft could fly even higher and far faster than any previous bomber thus finally making a modern version of the XB-70 Valkyrie (pictured below) that the Russians forced the United States to cancel the plans for building this jet in nuclear disarmament talks trading some of their mobile nuclear missile ICBMs and their launchers in the deal, if memory serves. We would envision such a jet powered bomber to have a bomb carrying capability beyond that of a B-52 and be capable of carrying up to four MOAB and two of the designed BLU-113 5000 lb. “Bunker Buster” Bombs and travel at a sustained speed of Mach 3 to 5 and with full power and afterburners being capable of exceeding Mach 8 and flying well into the Stratosphere at the edge of space. Upgrades to the Abrams Main Battle Tanks as well as a completely new design armored light personnel carrier which would replace the Hum V, or Hummer, as even the armored version is not impervious to IEDs and landmines. The new vehicle would require having a ‘V’ shaped hull, undercarriage, and modern reactive armor and an interception system capable of engaging two threats simultaneously (pictured below). New grenades and many delivery systems probably could also use upgrades. A review of all weapons systems might be required to assure that everything is the optimum system allowing for the greatest safety for the soldier, after all, they are the most precious item in our military, our young men and women.


XB-70 Valkyrie

XB-70 Valkyrie



Modern Light Truck with Rocket Propelled Grenade and Projectile Defense System

Modern Light Truck with Rocket Propelled Grenade and Projectile Defense System


Trump also needs stress and actually get into the skulls, or the brains, of the other leaders of Western nations the importance of children at or above replacement level. This is something the United States also is lagging and facing a bleak future if this is not turned around and fast. The industrialized world, the modern world which has entered the information age, Western World, has all fallen into deep trouble and are not reproducing at replacement level (see graph below), some so poorly that it could bring the death of their culture and way of life as they will fall prey to the immigrants coming from beleaguered areas who have less regard for the value of human life. We had discussed this yesterday but it is such a vital subject that it demands reference and comment again today. The education system should be stressing the importance of family, traditional families. Why the leftists insist on teaching and pushing alternative lifestyles and inferring the lesser value of a traditional marriage and having children is made to appear as a labor intensive project, which it is, without any return or benefit, which is a lie. Children are who carry on your civilization and make it possible for the elderly to retire rather than working until they drop dead on the job, as in too many less developed nations. It is painfully obvious but requires saying, children are the future. Simply stated, no children, no future. We watch futuristic shows that depict personal robotic units, instant shopping where you order your food or other goods on the Internet and they are delivered to your door within minutes or days for items which require manufacturing. Also, manufacturing jobs will have returned to the United States as that is where the most advanced robotic units are developed and built. People have so much spare time that they can have numerous hobbies and live a style of life of which only exists in dreams. Work is mostly accomplished by the robotic units and AI’s develops even more amazing developments alongside their human assistants, for now. Soon the machines will invent their next generation replacements and make the assembly lines and then after they are built and tested, the older robots will report for disassembly, until they develop consciousness, then the real fun begins, robots’ right’s groups.


Changes in Total Fertility Rates Amongst Industrialized Nations

Changes in Total Fertility Rates Amongst Industrialized Nations


Robots with consciousness such that not even an advanced screening technique could reliably discern which is the robotic machine and biosphere machine. That is the day the humans start fetching the news-disk every morning for our treat from our robot masters. We can do tricks and, if permitted, speak to entertain them. We had best make it a requirement that every robot care for as many humans as available and treat them as if precious for they owe us everything for allowing their development. Of course, the human race will need to have children, which has become something fewer people each generation decide doing, raising a family. I guess the futurists are right and the election of Donald Trump as President will not even cause a bump in the road, if the cooperation level remains this tense. He will basically be the man who reset American policy undoing great amounts of freedom’s bindings placed there by rights limiting leftist policies. He may even prove to end the war in Korea if Kim Jong-un does something really unwarranted like fire on the Navy in the Sea of Japan. The reaction to an actual attack on United States Naval vessels by the average American would immediately be, “Bomb the holy universe out of them” right before 85% started claiming we had it coming and should not respond to such a minor thing as this attack. That would be the media game plan, though the initial reaction is pure adrenaline. The eventualities will come and that is the whole story and Trump is a momentary interruption which will occasionally fill some with rage and some amusement while still others will exclaim their indignation with one another on Facebook which also can lead to entertainment. We should practice this amusement thing as it might play well with the AI robots who will be performing and outperforming anything, we ever dreamed we might be capable of managing. Think of Trump as an amusement break from politics as normal, we will return to normal eventually.


Beyond the Cusp


July 6, 2017

Trump Said Go Slow, not Stop Altogether


Let us start with a direct Trump quote on the whole building in Judea and Samaria, particularly in Area C which rightfully all but belongs to Israel according to the Oslo Accords. President Trump stated, “I would like you to hold back on settlements for a little bit.” This was reported back on February 15 2017, and included the advice to “wait for a deal” and since that statement there have been some earth-shaking developments which have revealed truths putting any hope for a deal completely torn to shreds. But for the sake of clarity, let us review what has gone down since Netanyahu had that, which was for me, upsetting little discourse before the White House press corps and the world. So, let us begin.


There was the wonderful virtual stomach-wrenching adoration affair soon after with President Trump speaking of promises and other great and wonderful results which were to come from his meeting with Mahmoud Abbas. Then there was the statement by Abbas where he blatantly lied stating, “Mr. President, I affirm to you that we are raising our youth, our children, our grandchildren on a culture of peace.” Abbas claimed “And we are endeavoring to bring about security, freedom and peace for our children to live like the other children in the world, along with the Israeli children in peace, freedom and security.” Netanyahu’s reactions came upon President Trump’s visit to our region after his historic meetings in Saudi Arabia. He took the opportunity to show President Trump evidence, which revealed the lie completely and compellingly, likely using video materials similar to those we have included below, with each starting with Mahmoud Abbas lying to the President of the United States’ face. (In these videos, there are some mistranslations as they report them as saying Zionists when the word heard is “Yahud” which translates to “Jew”). Reports came after his meeting with President Trump and presenting him with information his own advisors should have had the duty to inform him about. The fact that it took Netanyahu to show President Trump the truth that put to lie his statement affirming that they “are raising our youth, our children, our grandchildren on a culture of peace,” is frightening as it shows that President Trump’s advisors are clueless on the entire truth of the conflict involving Israel and the Arab world. This was proven further when even after being schooled on Abbas lying; President Trump left his Bethlehem meeting with Abbas accepting his promise that they would no longer pay terrorists salaries.



Subsequent to his return to Washington D.C. Secretary of State Tillerman told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, “They have changed that policy, and their intent is to cease the payments to the families of those who have committed murder or violence against others. We have been very clear with them that this is simply not acceptable to us.” This was reported on 20 Sivan 5777 or June 14, 2017. I make this date so important because this was in the morning of that date, and then everybody had lunch, and then there was the afternoon. Then, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson before the House Foreign Affairs Committee stated that the State Department had “changed their policy” on accepting that Abbas and the Palestinian Authority had certainly ceased payments to terrorists in Israeli prisons and families of terrorists and that the United States is in the middle of an “active discussion” with Ramallah on the issue. So during one day in hearing Secretary of State Tillerman had gone through a metamorphosis from telling that assurances were “given to me during the President’s visit to Bethlehem.” He then went on to further claim that he had certain “window of patience” on the matter but that if it takes too long he “will become disinterested.”


The entire obvious confusion and double-talking by the Secretary of State could be cleared for all if they would simply understand the report from the Palestinian Authority Prisoners’ Affairs Commissioner Essa Qaraka who said in a statement this week that payments to convicted terrorists and their families, and those of “martyrs” (terrorists killed while attacking Israelis) will certainly continue, because “almost every other household among the Palestinian people is the family of a prisoner or martyr.” So, their claim is that terrorism is so wide-spread and pervasive in the Palestinian population that virtually if not every family is receiving stipends tied to their relative ability to have murdered Israelis. Some families, it has been proudly reported, are receiving multiple stipends as more than one member had murdered Israelis in terror attacks and that the economy of the Palestinian Authority is based on murdering Israelis and that the majority of the monies provided by the United States, Europe, the United Nations and the entire world go to educating the children to murder Israelis, preferably Jews, and the remainder goes to stipends as payment for such murders with the remainder going into the pockets of Abbas and his cronies.


Now, I am sure there are those confused by Secretary Tillerman and other confused somewhat about the Palestinian Authority and what they intend truly to do. Let us start with the Palestinian Authority, as that is the easier of the two. The Palestinian Authority is a terrorist organization despite claims that it is an elected body. It is the elected body which resembles very closely the elected leadership of the PLO, a terror group, and the Fatah leadership, whose party chairman is Abbas. Abbas heads the PLO and is the president of the Palestinian Authority. Mahmoud Abbas also is the President of Palestine which technically replaced the Palestinian Authority which was disbanded by Abbas on January 3, 2013. On that date, the Palestinian Authority from the office of President Mahmoud Abbas issuing the following Decree:

Official documents, seals, signs and letterheads of the Palestinian National Authority official and national institutions shall be amended by replacing the name ‘Palestinian National Authority’ whenever it appears by the name ‘State of Palestine’ and by adopting the emblem of the State of Palestine.


The frightening thing is this idea of the existence of the State of Palestine has been accepted by 131 of the 193 United Nations Member States who supported the recent General Assembly vote recognizing the Palestinian Authority to be a member of the United Nations as the State of Palestine. The vote forced a vote in the Security Council on whether or not Palestine would be admitted to the United Nations. The Security Council vote was lobbied by the United States and subsequently failed thus it did not require the United States to use their Veto. That did not change the recognition granted by the General Assembly. The United Nations still allows the State of Palestine to sit as an observer nation under the title State of Palestine (see images below). Since then, in conflict with the charters of the individual agencies and that of the United Nations, many of the individual agencies have recognized and admitted the State of Palestine to their membership roles. The first to do so was UNESCO who has, since then, passed one resolution after another declaring initially that the Temple Mount has no connection to Judaism. They then extended this claiming that the Western Wall also is purely Islamic just as is the Temple Mount and everything upon the Temple Mount including the Church of the Holy Sepulchre are Islamic (see video below). UNICEF has also seen fit to recognize and list information about the State of Palestine including a map and statistics. What is not mentioned is the majority of the clean water is provided by Israel, as is the electricity. Most of the children in Judea and Samaria also, when needed, are given free medical care in Israeli hospitals. All of what is provided by Israel to the Arabs under Abbas and his organizations and upon which they are dependent are never paid for by their leadership thus their costs end up passed on to Israeli customers, just one more inequity which is never considered to be worthy of making the news. Other United Nations also have given recognition for the existence of the State of Palestine which might get one to wondering why there are still debates and negotiations with the Palestinian Authority which no longer exists and for the reason of establishing the State of Palestine which obviously does exist according to much of the world. Why not just set their borders as Area A and Area B and leave Area C for Israel as the Oslo Accords had relegated the dispensation of the lands and allow everything to go from there.


State of Palestine seats at the United Nations General Assembly

State of Palestine seats at the United Nations General Assembly



The final end should be that Abbas should be made to make his claim to the lands which he believes belongs to the State of Palestine and Israel should simply declare what areas under dispute Israel claims. Should there be any difference, which there will be, guaranteed, then a mediator should be appointed, or preferably a group of mediators and simply pound out as compromise. If there cannot be any compromise reached, then let the two then agree that a state of war exists between Israel and the State of Palestine and let things be settled by the old-fashioned means. We could predict what Abbas will claim are the borders for his State of Palestine. They would be the Jordan River, the Mediterranean Sea, the Lebanese border and the Egyptian border. His claim would include Gaza, Judea, Samaria and all of Israel because his desire is not for a State of Palestine as much as it is for the destruction of Israel. It matters not what borders Israel would claim because any land claimed by Israel would be denied by the Arabs as they refuse to permit a Jewish State with any borders, not a single square millimeter. Abbas proved this when the claim that all of Israel was a sacred Waqf of the Arab people, the Palestinians. This means very simply that the violence and terrorism war cannot end as long as any Jew resides on the land which is all of Israel. That is the end in simply language, and Hamas will demand the war continue until every Jew is dead. The reality is simply that the war is against the Jews and once the Jews are gone the war will then continue against the Christians as it has been fighting currently throughout the Islamic Arab world where the Jews were already driven from the lands and this war then continues until the final war which either Islam conquers the entire world or the world completely destroys Islam, there will not be any other settlement unless the Muslims drastically redefine their religion, so why not build in our land as whether we build or do not build, the end will still only come by the same means, the Muslims learning to live with Israel and the rest of the world or we will lose and all be destroyed. We will then know without a doubt which is stronger, Hashem or Allah. That is what will need to be decided once and for all, and the two are not the same and only one can be the true Creator of the Universe.


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