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October 24, 2017

The Only Eventual Solution in the Holy Lands


There will be soon another push from various sources likely in response to threats from Hamas and pleas from Mahmoud Abbas and others from the Palestinian Authority (PA) claiming that the only path which will lead to peace is the two state solution. They will point to the “Clinton Plan” that calls for the redividing of Jerusalem including surrendering all of the Temple Mount and the Old City and a return to the pre Six Day War lines or borders. This is the truest path to the next Arab Israeli war. Once such has been imposed, the PA will have direct line of sight targeting of the central coastal regions of Israel. This will allow spotters to give direct line of fire adjustments for the rockets and mortar fired by PA security forces and terrorists (see image below). Such attacks will slowly escalate over time as will sniper fire targeting Israelis in Jerusalem and people residing too close to the new boundaries. This will include shooting at motorists on some Israeli main highways (see image below). These are simply a few of the new terrorist opportunities such a border would permit. Many farmers in the Galilee will also find they have become targets working their fields. Such an imposition of this solution would also make hundreds of thousands of Israelis currently residing in Area C, the area Oslo designated to be an Israeli area which propaganda has erased from the world’s memory, which would place an undue strain on the Israeli economy. Finally, this would start a new propaganda campaign declaring the dream of Zionism dead rubbing every Zionist’s face in the loss of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount as well as Hevron, Shechem, Jericho, Bet El and the rest of Judea and Samaria and claiming that these areas will never be part of Israel. This will be a targeted campaign which will not be capable of having the desired result as the Jewish People have already waited over two thousand years, a little longer will not end the dream, it will only serve as a challenge.


Tel Aviv Now Before Green Line Peace and Tel Aviv the Day After Green Line Peace

Tel Aviv Now Before Green Line Peace
Tel Aviv the Day After Green Line Peace



Trans-Israel Highway Route 6 (c/o Dr. Martin Sherman and Arutz Sheva)

Trans-Israel Highway Route 6
(c/o Dr. Martin Sherman and Arutz Sheva)


Then, after a couple of years, when the PA militarizes, the reaction by the world which promised to monitor and prevent the Palestinians from establishing a military will be to moan about being helpless to act upon an established fact. There is a good reason why they will not try to prevent such an inevitability, they will be drooling at the opportunity to sell the Palestinian state tanks, armored personnel carriers, jet fighters and other heavy weapons. Once their exists a well armed Palestinian Army and Air Force, then they will invite the Iranians or Egyptians, Saudis or other Arab nation or nations to join in supposed military maneuvers, all in the name of peaceful coexistence. We will give you three guesses what would happen next. There may not be a war instantly on the first time they hold such maneuvers. The Palestinian leadership would use any time they actually managed to hold these maneuvers without any shells landing inside Israel for propaganda claiming that the Israelis are just a bunch of nervous nellies imagining all kinds of scenarios when actually it has always been the Jews who started the wars. The European Union, their member nations, the United Nations, the Arab world, the Iranians, the Turkish government and who knows who else will all clasp their hands and agree with the Palestinians. But eventually one of these war games would accidentally cross into Israel and if they found Israel unprepared, they would immediately shell central Israel and Tel Aviv in particular and turn their accidental encroachment into the next Arab Israeli war to annihilate the Zionist Entity and murder every Jew in the process.


Many will point to the presumed fact that just as it was when Oslo Accords were signed, the United States would have Israel’s back. There, no problem as the United States would step in and save the day. Now for the cold, wet towel on that thought. First thing is the main American air base in the Middle East is in Turkey. Guess that air wing would be grounded, as Turkey would demand that no flights from their nation be used to help Israel. The naval airbase in Qatar would similarly be requested not to interfere, as would any United States forces in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Yemen and so on. Should the Sixth Fleet be on operations in the Atlantic Ocean and the Fifth Fleet assisting operations in the eastern Indian Ocean, it could take the United States Naval fleets as much as a week or two to get within operational range. And then again, that is all assuming the United States would care to assist anyways.


Just for argument’s sake, let us look at another possibility and the repercussions which would result. President Donald Trump will not be President forever, to which many people will cheer while others would sarcastically ask, why not? Eventually, likely sooner than later, another leftist Democrat will be elected as President and the Democrats might even control one, if not both, houses of Congress, exactly the situation President Barack Obama had the first two years of his two terms. For argument’s sake once again, let us presume that Hillary Clinton ran again and somehow managed to be victorious and became the United States first woman President. Even were it not Hillary Clinton and were, say Keith Ellison, Beto O’Rourke, Zoe Lofgren or Jim Moran, the four Democrats who voted against emergency financing for the Israel Iron Dome anti-missile which is a purely defensive weapon which saved countless Israeli civilian lives during the war with Hamas who fired their rockets at civilian targets such as Sederot and Tel Aviv. Any one of these Democrats if elected President, and three of them, say, Keith Ellison, Beto O’Rourke and Jim Moran are ranking Democrats in their power structure, then Israel would at best be a back burner issue as far as support. Such a development could leave Israel without United States funding, which we believe would not entirely be a problem as Israel should wean herself from this less than vitally needed funding. Such a move would serve Israel well and allow her better standing in the United States by not causing any financial difficulties, and the United States is having financial difficulties. But that would only be part of the problem.


The United States turning from Israel would mean Israel would also need to revoke her membership in the United Nations as without the United States veto in the Security Council Israel would face serious denunciations from the Security Council which could easily include sanctions and potentially, if Israel could not find a new defender, military threats from United Nations sanctions. We might suggest China unless they enlarge the numbers of permanent members with veto powers, then perhaps one from South America or India or who knows. Eventually, Israel will be cut off by the United States and it is coming sooner rather than later, honest. So, what exactly should Israel be concerned with other than finding another champion on the United Nations Security Council permanent membership with Veto powers. Should they ever take away permanent members veto powers, then Israel will be on her own and without a veto-wielding member holding any threats over her head. But Israel will need to do more than court new friends and allies.


The one item the United States promised Israel, when they used excessive persuasion and just a little bit of pressure to have Israel end her Lavi fighter program, was to replace their domestic fighter program with American provided air power. Should, correction, when Israel loses her United States air power along with this essential ally, what will she do for air power? As some may guess, or know, we believe that Israel would be well served to end her reliance on the United States for financial aid and provider of air power and instead take three percent of her GDP, or possibly five percent of her GDP and invest in making her own weaponry, all of her weaponry and munitions. Jets should be high on that list so she can make them with the range and power necessary to project power sufficiently at any distance required. Israeli requirements for air superiority do not match United States designs exactly in many differing specifications, range being the most crucial. Some might remember the farcical revelations made by different officials from the Administration of President Obama even to include the President himself disrupting Israeli attempts to find an alternate landing airstrip should they require striking Iran. Current Israeli air power from the United States does not have the range to provide time on target required. That could be addressed only providing Israel was to design her own aircraft and produce them domestically.


Lavi the Lost Dream

Lavi the Lost Dream


People will ask whether Israel would be capable of producing an aircraft on a level close to what the United States can provide. The first part of the answer is that even though the United States provides the aircraft, Israel installs their own avionics and often makes modifications to the armaments and target acquisition systems. Israel has two companies, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Elbit Systems Ltd plus support companies such as BlueBird Aero Systems and Beit Shemesh Engines, some combination of these could produce the required parts, airframes, propulsion and all the other required systems for a modern fighter, and this time it would match the Israeli requirements exactly. But back to the initial promise for the “Promised Lands.” Below is a map representing the boundaries as placed into the Bible from Numbers 34:1-12 and Ezekiel 47:13-20 and need to apologize that finding one from any of the descriptions given in Genesis proved problematic.


Promised Land Boundaries

Promised Land Boundaries


The other descriptions can be found describing the lands to Abraham (Genesis 15:18-21), then confirmed to his son Isaac (Genesis 26:3), and then to Isaac’s son Jacob (Genesis 28:13) and finally in (Exodus 23:31) and again in (Numbers 34:1-12) as they were leaving Egypt and finally in (Deuteronomy 1:8 and 19:8-9). Despite each description differing in scope or in depth of the definition, there can be little doubt that the eastern border was along the Jordan River. Despite this, the world appears intent on squeezing the Jews out of as much land as possible in their attempt to make Israel indefensible. We can only hope they fail and live up to their promises made from the Balfour Declaration through to the inclusion of the Mandates in Article 80 of the United Nations Charter, and these are all enforceable under international law and in the world courts.


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