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December 22, 2014

Tzipi Livni True Colors Revealed


Tzipi Livni believes that she is the chosen one set apart from mere mortals to be the only person who as Prime Minister could do what is proper and necessary to produce peace with Abbas through granting him the perfect compromise establishing an Arab state which would live side-by-side with Israel in perfect peace and harmony and thus cause the world to forgive their misgivings and now love Israel for all time and flowers would bloom and the clouds would only rain while we slept and everything would be as if the Messianic Days had been ushered in. Fortunately most people live in the real world and do not see unicorns and other mythological and phantasmal things such as a perfect arrangement which would please and satisfy Mahmoud Abbas and his fellow apocalyptic terror-mongers and still allow for Israel to exist and for Jews to have rights as people and not be relegated to Dhimmi status by their Muslim overlords. Tzipi Livni covets being Prime Minister to such an extent that she has made an arrangement with the Labor Party leader Yitzchak Herzog where if they should be tapped to form a coalition and succeeded then he would be Prime Minister for two years and she would be Prime Minister for two years. Ms. Livni is not so insane as to not realize that any difficulties between Israel and the Arabs, be they from Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad, the PLO, the PFLP or be they from any of the rest of the alphabet Arab terror groups; would affect the possibility that the Labor-Hatnuah pact would gain the upper hand against Likud, Jewish Home and the other nationalist and Zionist parties in being chosen to form the next ruling coalition and thus choose the Prime Minister. Thus, Ms. Livni realized that the current petitioning of the Security Council by Mahmoud Abbas requesting they pass a Chapter Seven binding resolution forcing negotiations not to last beyond twelve months with Israel to remove their security forces and any Israelis living beyond the 1949 Armistice Lines (also known as the pre 1967 Lines) allowing for the establishment of a new Arab state in Judea, Samaria and Gaza with free transit between Gaza and Judea and Samaria (also referred to as West Bank as Jordan had renamed the areas to remove what Jordan recognized as their having too Jewish a flavor) would cause a reaction in Israel which would not be favorable to her reaching her destiny and becoming Prime Minister. Realizing this, Tzipi Livni used her irresistible charms to weave a spell and reach an agreement with United States Secretary of State John Kerry; somebody we can assume has had numerous occasions to have met with and even worked with Ms. Livni during her tenure as lead negotiator for Israel for the past two years and gotten to realize and understand her belief that if only she were given the freedom to act completely independently that peace would be at hand, that pressuring Abbas to withdraw his initiative from consideration or, at the very least, postpone the effective date to beyond the March date of elections such that she and Mr. Herzog would have a greater opportunity in garnering sufficient support and be given the opportunity to put together the next coalition after the elections. Her reasoning was flawless and might have worked exactly as she envisioned it would work except for one simply flaw, the news of her attempt to have Secretary of State Kerry use his position and influence Mahmoud Abbas to change his plans to facilitate giving Ms. Livni and her partners an advantageous situation free of any pressures from decisions pending, or worse enacted, granting the Arabs their desired path to statehood with the full backing of the United Nations Security Council which would be forcing a confrontation making the Israeli electorate more likely to back nationalist or Zionist parties such as Likud, Jewish Home, Tekuma/National Union and others than to back those parties which favor making extensive concessions and bending before Arab and world pressures simply in search of approval from Europeans, Arabs, the United Nations or whomever else is applying pressure to force concessions to reach a peace even if that peace will not prove to be the end of the terrorism.


Now that this information has reached the public, it will be interesting to see what changes may come from this news. Will Labor Party membership or leadership demand that the agreement with Livni to combine her Hatnuah Party with their party be nullified leaving Ms. Livni facing a strong possibility that her party might not receive sufficient support to be included in the next Knesset, let alone any possibility for her to become Prime Minister having gone up in smoke. There has always been a possibility that Labor might seek to form a pact with Yair Lapid though that might prove a difficult task. Meanwhile, Ms. Livni is attempting to alter the story line about her and Secretary of State Kerry as she is claiming that she actually demanded that Kerry veto the Abbas petition before the United Nations and not simply pressure for it to be delayed. She is claiming that the world will listen to her and never to Netanyahu. She is the chosen person sent to deliver Israel from the threats of being disliked and shunned by the world at large. Only she can make the necessary arrangements for a lasting peace which Abbas will accept despite the history which shows that the only agreement Abbas would take is the complete eradication of the State of Israel replacing it with an Arab state constructed on the bodies of six-million plus Jews. Ms. Livni is delusional at the very least and completely gone over the bend and beyond the cusp never quite making it to the Prime Minister’s house to live in contentment reveling in the figments of her own making. I really do not know what to make of Tzipi Livni as she was originally a member of Likud, then she joined Kadima and went with the fancies and fantasies that granting autonomy to Abbas and the Arabs in Gaza would lead to them displaying exactly the kind of state the Arabs would form given the opportunity.


People with such fantasies such as Ms. Livni has are harmless, even if their fantasies are about them holding positions of power, as long as their fantasies do not become the fantasies of the electorate. We have all witnessed what happens when somebody is voted into the highest office of the land simply because of a single trait completely removed from their ability to function in such a high position. The world has suffered due to the United States electing someone untested into the office of the President who then proved beyond any doubt that his views of how the world functions were completely unfounded and often just plain wrong. This permitted Putin to act without fear of any blowback from the United States. It permitted Iran to flaunt the world and simply continue to research nuclear weapons technology undaunted. Even Kim Jong Un of North Korea got in on the act and had his crack team of computer hackers to strike SONY stealing e-mails, files and other sensitive and not so sensitive information and then threaten SONY with revealing some of the most embarrassing e-mails and files unless SONY capitulated and cancelled the release of a second rate comedy based on two talk show hosts being invited to North Koreas because Kim Jong Un enjoyed their program and the CIA convincing them to assassinate the North Korean leader. Since President Obama took office Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird have each given a thousand times more principled, cognizant and cogent speeches describing and taking positions their nation could be proud of on the world stage. I chose Canada as I am feeling favorable to them after their commanding speeches they gave as for why they were refusing to attend the blame Israel first fest held in Switzerland and backed by too many nations who are now shamed for their timidity though I still appreciate that the United States and Australia also refused to attend the disgusting display put on simply, despite claims of denial, to be a springboard for denunciations and defamation of Israel in response to an Arab desire to appear to have the backing of the world against Israel. The saddest thing is that there was nobody in Washington able to pressure the Swiss such that they would not have answered the call to host this excuse for a commission. Back to the main subject of this article, at least we can expect that Tzipi Livni has not lost her senses to the point of attending the conference in Geneva, Switzerland in the same manner as when she met with Abbas in London, England even after receiving direct instructions demanding she not meet with him from Prime Minister Netanyahu. It was such acts by Tzipi Livni and Yair Lapid which eventually led to the dissolution of the coalition forcing elections which both Livni and Lapid declared were unnecessary and that Bibi Netanyahu had chosen to subject the nation of Israel to unnecessary elections. Well, there you have it; one unbelievable trip down the rabbit hole, except it’s all true, honest.


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December 13, 2014

Swiss Conference on Humanitarian Law in Palestinian Authority’s Assigned Territories

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President of Switzerland Didier Burkhalter announced his nation is holding a Conference on Humanitarian Law in Palestinian Authority’s Assigned Territories in Geneva starting on December 17 devoted to the Fourth Geneva Convention. Despite Israel and the United States announcement that they will not be attending, President Burkhalter is still expecting “very large participation” making his assessment on the consultations about the conference which have been ongoing for weeks. President Burkhalter was quoted making additional comments stating, “Our objective is to advance the cause of international humanitarian law.” In addition he claimed, “Even if Israel and the United States boycott the meeting, the international community must speak on the issue. There is no denigration of Israel planned.” The Swiss have decided to call for this convention responding to a request from the United Nations General Assembly which was petitioned by the Palestinian Authority. The acquiescing to any and every whim and request from the non-member observer state Palestinian Authority official observer should hold little if any surprise to anybody who has followed the consistency of the General Assembly to bow before every demand to censure Israel as well as to respect and validate anything even hinted at by the Palestinian Authority United Nations observer. My biggest problem is a question as to whether or not observers are assigned and permitted to watch and report back to the entity they represent and not to make suggestions or especially dictate steps and resolutions to the body they are presumably simply observing? This is simply another example of how the world will go to any excess in their efforts to kowtow to the Palestinian Authority, otherwise known as the Abbas Arab entity, in their efforts to establish a body of conferences, resolutions and pronouncements undercutting the existence of Israel all so as to be capable of pointing to the amassed perfectly inflammatory pronouncements against all things Israel in the Abbas Arab body’s insatiable drive to place in question the legality of the existence of Israel, something which was decided long ago when the very same General Assembly passed a resolution which made a non-binding resolution which had it been accepted the lands west of the Jordan River would have been evenly split by acreage with Israel being granted the greater challenge as their allotted areas were approximately three-quarters consisting of the Negev Desert and the rest barely arable hills and beachfront property around Tel Aviv while the most fertile areas of the central Galilee making up the half of the Arab lands with the rest in the central farm lands east of Tel Aviv leading towards Jerusalem and Jerusalem would have been an international city preserved for the benefit of all peoples. This aforementioned non-binding resolution was refused by the Arab League as they were incapable of accepting that any lands could be reserved for a Jewish state instead insisting that any Jewish lands must be ruled by Muslims with the Jewish population accepting their Dhimmi status just as Jews had always been subjugated throughout the lands of the Islamic Caliphate which had ended with the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in World War I, but the Arab League insisted on quoting the Quran dictates which ruled that any lands once conquered by the forces of Islam and included in Dar al Islam could never be permitted to be relinquished back to Dar al Harb; and especially not relinquished into the hands of Jews who had been relegated as inhuman offspring of in-Halal animals and defined as those to only be vanquished by Islam since the Battle of Khaybar of the year 629 by the forces of Mohammad who ruled in Medina.


It was between this rational and the resultant refusal by the Arab Muslim leadership to accept even a minimalist Jewish state leading to their rejection of the United Nations suggested solution for the Arab-Jewish growing conflict and their ensuing genocidal assault on the nascent Jewish state of Israel by seven Arab national armies and an assortment of militias the morning after Israel declared their independence. Despite having marginal aircraft, armor and weaponry as well as limited and conflicting command and control at the onset of the war, the Jewish forces did manage to congeal into an effective fighting force and over the next eighteen months of intermittent fighting managed to gain control of much of the lands west of the Jordan River, the very lands guaranteed them by the British Crown in exchange for releasing any claims to the lands east of the Jordan River for the founding of the Palestinian Arab state of Transjordan which subsequently was renamed simply Jordan, with the exception of Gaza which was retained by Egypt and Judea and Samaria which was retained by Jordan who renamed it West Bank in an effort to remove any reference which intimated of their Jewish origins. Egypt never attempted to annex Gaza but Jordan did announce they had annexed what they called the West Bank and extended Jordanian citizenship to the Palestinian Arabs living within, a move which was only supported by Pakistan and Britain while being rejected by the Arab League and every other Arab and Muslim country and United Nations member states. During the ensuing eighteen years until the June 1967 Six Day War there were absolutely no attempts or even thoughts to establish a Palestinian Arab state with the lands of Gaza and Judea and Samaria even after in 1964 Yasser Arafat established the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) which was the predecessor of today’s Palestinian Authority as well as Fatah, all of which are headed currently by Mahmoud Abbas, thus the reference Abbas Arab body.


Despite Switzerland President Burkhalter Conference name, the lands of Judea and Samaria, West Bank, are not Palestinian Authority’s Assigned Territories but simply contested areas which were originally divided by the 1993 Oslo Accords into three areas with denotations of Area A being under autonomous Arab control holding both security and civilian control, Area B which was under shared security control and civilian control to be determined though most assigned it to the Palestinian Authority, and Area C which was under Israeli security and civilian control and was never initially considered to ever be relinquished to Arab rule but was to remain Israeli lands. The Oslo Accords did not delineate that Jerusalem would be left in Israeli hands and made no mention of ever allowing Arab control even over East Jerusalem as Israel had previously annexed all of Jerusalem and the Oslo Accords made no mention of contesting that annexation. This coming conference is simply another avenue for the Europeans and much of the rest of the world to stand with the Arab block of nations which includes the twenty-two Arab nations and the vast majority of the Non-Aligned Movement Nations (NAM) as well as other blocks bringing the total number of nations currently echoing every Arab claim to somewhere between one-hundred and one-hundred-seventy nations assuming those European nations who have had their parliaments already voted to support recognizing the maximalist demands of the Abbas Arab body which includes all of Areas A, B and C as well as East Jerusalem all previous agreements be damned (pardon my excited language). Having the vast majority of nations acquiescing with the presumptions of this convention is far from surprising as it falls right in line with the entire history which depicts a world doing whatever was within their powers to place stumbling blocks and other obstacles legal, physical, psychological, and through media and political measures all aligned to prevent the Jewish state from reaching fruition despite the accord reached by the majority of leading victorious nations from World War I plus leaders in the world and agreed upon by the leader of the Arab world at the time, King Faisal, at a number of treaties and heralded in the San Remo Conference where the Balfour Declaration was adopted word for word and letter for letter. How the world has turned and how little surprise there is in that fact.


There were the numerous British White Papers which were all issued to attempt to tear lands away from their intended use as the Jewish state and to prevent the immigration of Jews thus making it impossible for the Jews to reach a majority of the population and thus trigger the transfer for the lands to be utilized as a Jewish state. The Peel Commission all but placed into law stipulations which would have made the formation of anything other than a hamlet of a Jewish state all but impossible and completely reneged on the promises given upon the formation of Transjordan. Then there were the forerunners of this coming conference, the Durban Conferences. These three conferences were not held to address what they claimed in their initial title which read, “World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance.” The reality became known within moments of the opening of the first conference, the denouncing and delegitimizing Israel and defaming and delegitimizing Jews both generally and as a people thus taking up every angle possible to demean and disestablish the Jewish nature and rights for the continued existence of Israel as the Jewish state, and continued to be the theme through the remaining two conferences. This conference with its name, “Conference on Humanitarian Law in Palestinian Authority’s Assigned Territories,” is simply starting off with the specious claim to be the successor to the Durban Conferences which by their third session had lost their shock factor and had become a mere shadow of the original with the largest amount of media attention given to those nations who refused to attend and the order and reasons behind their refusal and not a stich of media cared about the rehashing of the same tired hyperbolic parroting of the same tired accusations and declarations just as empty and lacking meaning as was meat and grist of the first two Durban Conferences. Unfortunately the mainstream media will take to this conference as all new and daring to enter virgin territory despite all we will witness is the exact same gruel which we have experienced before and hopefully the media will be sufficiently unimpressed that they give more time to those nations who refuse to attend and their reasons as those are the brave nations who are willing to buck the trends of anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic rantings which the world has heard a gazillion times if not multiples more than even that. The fact that there will be nations beyond the usual suspects gathering at this conference to be subjected to the usual expressions of the same old tired hatreds and bile which these same haters have delivered a thousand times and still do not seem to tire of their roles is what is the only surprise. I await the announcement from Canada that they will, surprise surprise, not be attending as they would rather be counted as a supporter of Israel than to swim in the mire and fetid swamps of hatred. May the echoes from this conference die as quickly as did those from Durban III whose echoes barely lasted the half dozen blocks to reach beyond the General Assembly meeting room before falling flat and quietly dissolving into the ether ignored and unremembered.


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November 25, 2013

Iran Deal Made to Avoid Need for Military Intervention

A deal was agreed to between Iran and the P5+1 (five permanent members of the Security Council which are United States, Russia, China, Britain and France plus one other nation, Germany) which has been heralded in headlines as “Iran and Western Powers Reach Nuclear Deal” despite the fact that Russia and China were also a part of these negotiations. Why should the headlines be any more accurate than the following reports which claim that a great achievement has been reached which will end the threat of Iran becoming a nuclear armed state and thus removes any need for military actions in order to prevent Iran from developing and building nuclear weapons. The agreement supposedly consists of Iranian promises not to retain any additional stores of enriched uranium above their current levels though they have the right to continue spinning away to their hearts content twenty-four/seven. Theoretically the Iranians are supposed to transfer any enriched uranium beyond their current stored levels to a third party nation which nobody seems able to name. There is no current quantity noted under which the Iranians are supposed to keep their stores. Further, the Iranians do not have to turn off, dismantle, or otherwise negate the use of their 18,000 plus centrifuges of which a good number (some reports put it as high as 500) are second generation centrifuges which are able to enrich three and a half percent enriched uranium into ninety percent plus weapons grade uranium in a matter of a couple of weeks. There is no mention of any limit on adding even more centrifuges which some sources claim they were in the process of installing during the period they were negotiating. These sources report that the Iranians have already installed at least another thousand centrifuges of which all are second generation which gives them a potential breakout using their three and a half percent enriched uranium in a matter of two weeks, three at the worst. The entire deal also rests with assurances from the Iranians that they will subject their nuclear sites to regular inspections by international inspectors, which means the IAEA, and they even said they would allow surprise inspections. Well, if they promised to allow any and all forms of inspections, what could go wrong there? One certainty is that very few in Israel are satisfied or even hopeful about the success of this “Bad Deal” preventing Iran from turning nuclear at their merest whim. So, with all the conflicting stories and disparate reactions and supportive statements coming from one side and denunciation from another and Iran’s presumed moderate President Rouhani claiming on Twitter, “A positive agreement, made possible through the tireless efforts of the negotiating teams – this opens new horizons for us,” what exactly did this deal deliver and what will most likely be the ramifications going forward?


The first step in understanding the results of the deal made with Iran is to understand what were the aims and objectives of United States President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry. The aims and objectives were made evident last week after Secretary of State Kerry met with the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia and with Prime Minister Netanyahu in Israel before heading on to the deliberations with Iran in Geneva, Switzerland. During these meetings Secretary Kerry spelled out exactly what he wished for these two nations’ leaders to hear so as to assuage any concerns and suspicions they may have held over the deliberation with Iran and to calm them assuring them that there was little or no difference between their expectations and view concerning the Iranian nuclear program and that of the American Administration. This worked exactly as planned for as long as the plan remained undisturbed, which was very briefly. As has always seemed to be the case, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, and this case was no different. Just as the news was breaking last week that an Iran deal was on the cusp of becoming fact, the French and the British informed the Saudis and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu of the real contents of the agreement and those contents bore little resemblance to the story line fed them by Secretary Kerry. Needless to say, both lied to parties took the sobering news rather poorly as far as their trust in the current leadership of the United States is concerned. Immediately after informing the other interested parties about the betrayal they were facing at the hands of President Obama and Secretary Kerry, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius promptly vetoed the agreement ending that session and making this week’s set of negotiations necessary before the American surrender could be consummated. One can only assume what the Saudi Royals feel about this whole affair but Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has not been anywhere near as silent as the Saudis in expressing his disgust and disdain for the entire situation and the horrid deal that resulted. President Obama had long ago decided that the main objective he held that was a necessary and required result for the talks with Iran had nothing to do with Iran and their nuclear program and had everything to do with avoiding any military option no matter the consequences and poisoning relations with the remaining allies of the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia. The Saudis were already on their way out the door from relying on the United States for honesty or any true support and the Israelis had their share of skeptics though Prime Minister Netanyahu had attempted to try and talk a supportive line despite all evidence to the contrary.


President Obama got the deal he needed and can now retire the tired lie that the military option was still on the table despite the truth, as we had stated here last spring, that the military option may have been on the table but it would never ever be picked up off the table and implemented. Now President Obama can finally bury the military option because as far as he is concerned there is no way possible that Iran can attain nuclear weapons that can be blamed on him. He has done as promised and reached a deal where the representatives of the Iranian Mullocracy would never lie and deceive the President of the United States, the Great Satan’s infidel leader, and develop nuclear weapons anyways. The entire charade was not ever about stopping the Iranian nuclear weapons drive but was about receiving a piece of paper he could wave and claim he had a piece of paper and on that paper was the signature of the Foreign Ministers of Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China and Germany as well as that of Secretary of State Kerry and President Obama himself has talked with the moderate President of Iran, Mr. Rouhani who has personally assure him that Iran will stand by every word in their agreement. Of course President Obama has never heard of the concept of “Taqiyyah” which is the Islamic concept that it is proper and required that a Muslim, especially when dealing with the infidel, to lie and deceive in order to advance the position or advantage for the Islamic cause, this especially applies to treaties and agreements with infidel states.  But all of this matters little to President Obama, the holder of a Nobel Peace Prize and now, with Secretary of State Kerry, very possibly a contender for the next Nobel Peace Prize, and wouldn’t he be deserving of such.


The fact that all of this eerily resembles a piece of history that is not yet even a single century past should not be lost by those who remember history just because they like to know when they are feeling a severe case of Deja-vu and also believe it is wise to know when to proverbially duck for cover. The similarities should be easily recognized by even those who abhor history once the facts from both cases are presented. The historical reference concerns the Treaty of Munich of 1938 where after all was written, signed and the ink almost dried, Prime Minister of Britain Neville Chamberlain triumphantly stepped from the plane and up to the microphones waving a piece of paper in his hand over his head and stated to the world’s supposed relief, “My good friends, this is the second time there has come back from Germany to Downing Street peace with honour. I believe it is peace for our time. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Now I recommend you go home, and sleep quietly in your beds.” Winston Churchill had a response for Prime Minister Chamberlain when he retorted when he spoke in the House of Commons stating, “England has been offered a choice between war and shame. She has chosen shame, and will get war.” I am afraid that we are witnessing much the same today and in more ways than this damning treaty that assures Iran will be bristling with nuclear weapons within three to five years and be capable of launching an EMP attack upon the United States within the next ten to eighteen month, and they have been practicing launching a medium ballistic missile with approximately a 2,000 mile range into low orbit trajectory and exploding it at its apex which is the preferred altitude to explode a low yield high gamma ray energy burst EMP nuclear device off of cargo ships using the Caspian Sea to keep these tests concealed and difficult to closely monitor.


But such is purely conjecture and there are other signs that this is Munich redux. During the Munich agreements the treaty worked out between the French and British with the Germans and Italians concerned two items. The first is the less remembered part where there were modifications made to the limitations placed on Germany and the size of its military both armies, air force, naval and generally which is very similar in nature to this present deal made with Iran where we presumably limited their nuclear uranium stores, did nothing about their coming plutonium production, and set up inspections which the Iranians have agreed to allow before and still managed to delay or prevent any meaningful inspections routines to be established. The other half of the Munich deal was to allow the Germans to annex a significant foothold in Northern Czechoslovakia called the Sudeten Lands simply because there existed a large number of German speaking residents who had emigrated there over the years. Secretary of State Kerry on his last visit to Israel, in addition to lying about the deal being pursued with the Iranians, threatened Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Israeli people stating during his appearance on Israel Channel 2 television, “The alternative to getting back to the talks is the potential of chaos,” Kerry said. “Does Israel want a third intifada?” Kerry further stated, “I believe that if we do not resolve the issues between Palestinians and Israelis, if we do not find a way to find peace, there will be an increasing isolation of Israel, there will be an increasing campaign of the de-legitimization of Israel that has been taking place on an international basis. If we do not resolve the question of settlements, and who lives where and what rights they have; if we don’t end the presence of Israeli soldiers perpetually in the West Bank, then there will be an increasing feeling that if you cannot get peace with a leadership that is committed to non-violence, we may wind up with a leadership that is committed to violence.” This was Secretary Kerry’s simple demand in this, Israel must cave to every conceivable Palestinian demand even if that results in Israel pulling all of the Israelis living beyond the Green Line and in East Jerusalem from their homes and neighborhoods and turning everything over to the Palestinian Authority. The simple fact that when Israel released Gaza to the Palestinian Authority, Hamas took control and has since rained thousands upon thousands of rockets into Israel. Should either Hamas or Fatah do the same thing using the Judean Hills and East Jerusalem as their launching zones they will be enabled to strike the most heavily populated areas within Israel placing over nine million people within the range of even the simplest Katyusha rockets. Czechoslovakia fell within months after releasing the northern lands to Germany and neither Britain nor France came to their aid as they were bound to do by treaty. How long will Israel hold out and what will be the cost in lives on both sides if another Arab Israeli war is the result of Israel surrendering Judea and Samaria, the so-called “West Bank” into Arab hands once again leaving a nine mile wide Israel at her center just tempting the combined Arab armies to once again try to drive the Jews into the Sea. History is an awful thing when the world has to repeat the same disasters over and over. The Greek City States laughed and ridiculed King Leonidas when he warned of a half a million man Persian army coming from the east to conquer the Greek city states. He held them at Thermopile for three days before his small band of warriors were wiped out. The Alamo was a front guard sent to stop Santa Anna by a few who saw what was coming. The rest of the Texas Militias remained behind not believing that Santa Ana was coming so soon. They held the Alamo long enough for the rest of the forces to prepare but they too paid the ultimate price. Czechoslovakia paid the price at the beginning of World War II, let us pray Israel does not pay such a price leading to another great conflagration.


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