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December 6, 2018

Israel was Thrown into the Bramble Bushes


We could go deeper into the rabbit hole and profile the first Bush, Prescott Bush, that worked against the Jews and made the family fortune financing and profiteering through providing the raw materials and aiding the production for the Nazi war machine which built their weapons, ships, trucks and Concentration Camps provided labor to Consolidated Silesian Steel Company in which Prescott Bush was one of the owners. Much of the family fortune was made on the backs of Jewish slave laborers making the tools leading to the murder of millions of Jews by Nazi occupied Europe. But, as we will see, the apple of the next two generations did not fall far from the tree.


Why not start with the easiest quote and the one so many of us know which came from the mouth of President George H W Bush’s closest friend, advisor with inestimable influence made during his time as Secretary of State. Of course, we refer to James Baker who stated, “F*** the Jews, they didn’t vote for us anyways.” Where this was the most outright condemnation of the Jews, it was not the worst thing which would emerge from efforts in the White House during the time it was occupied by George H W Bush. George H W Bush concealed his activities working mostly as the grand manipulator providing that which was required from a distance. He would also occasionally use more direct routes but often only when pressure to force Israeli cooperation was required or to directly thwart Israeli actions. When President George H W Bush entered into Iraq War I, Saddam Hussein made good on his threat that since he could not strike the United States with his ballistic missiles, he would strike Israel with his Scud missiles. Israel asked forcefully for the codes they would need to enter into their FF detectors (Friend or Foe which identify you as friendly aircraft preventing their being shot down by friendly fire) which President George H W Bush refused to allow the military to provide which prevented the Israelis from bombing the Scud launchers. He insisted that the United States was aware of the problem and it would be attended to in its order of importance. That is similar to the bombing of the train tracks and bridges leading to Auschwitz which never made it into even a single bombing raid even when all that was required was to bomb the tracks five miles from where they were bombed which would have closed the tracks to the targeted city and Auschwitz as well. During Iraq War I, the military never targeted the Scud launchers which were firing at Israel while destroying every launcher aimed at Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. That was a perfect example of selected targeting coordinating with not providing codes required by Israel to safely enter the airspace and do the job themselves. Apparently, President George H W Bush thought that the Jewish lives put at risk were required to provide live fire missile tests of the Patriot Systems provided Israel while giving assurances that the Scud launchers were a high concern for the United States. That was true of Scud launchers aimed southward but not of those targeting Tel Aviv to the west.


Prescott Bush, George H W Bush, George W Bush

Prescott Bush, George H W Bush, George W Bush


Then there was the ultimate tragedy which was a result of the efforts of George H W Bush, the Oslo Accords. When Israel was inundated with hundreds of thousands of Jews from Russia and other communist nations with the fall of the Iron Curtain, the Israelis requested the United States provide loan guarantees so as to procure a lower interest rate. This is a routine act performed numerous times with little if any mention, it is that routine. President George H W Bush demanded that the Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir initiate a building freeze beyond the Green Line and in eastern Jerusalem as well as promise that Israel would participate in the 1991 Madrid Peace Conference. This was step one on the way to the Oslo Accords. George H W Bush worked to set up the entire Oslo through back channels to whom he provided precious information from the personal dossiers on several Israeli political figures and select individuals of influence that the Norwegians could contact and use to create the Oslo Accords. Bush was able to peruse these dossiers through friends he had within the CIA from his days as the director of that agency. Between providing the necessary information for forcing through the flawed Oslo Accords and pressuring by the United States through his office, George H W Bush could be claimed to have been the father of the Oslo Accords. Shamir balked at these demands refusing to attend the Madrid Conference, the precursor to the Oslo Accords. Until a new Prime Minister was elected, Bush held up the loan guarantees refusing to budge from the demands made. That Prime Minister was Yitzhak Rabin elected in 1992, who entered office and was immediately hit with the same demands for the loan guarantees to be provided, which happened almost automatically.


That should be sufficient on the elder Bushes, so now to George W Bush and the damages to come on his watch. There were the perfunctory demands for building freezes and for Israel to take the necessary steps for the peace efforts. Seeing that his father designed Oslo Accords had failed to provide the additional Arab State, a terror state, in the heart of Israel, George W Bush pressed his Roadmap to Peace plans on Israel which included a prolonged time of building freeze upon areas beyond the Green Line and East Jerusalem. As time passed and the Roadmap was leading to simply nowhere, with the advice of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, the new and greater plan was devised. This was the idea that should Israel provide the Palestinian Authority an opportunity to display that they could govern an area and make it productive, that such could be the beginning of a real peace. In order to accomplish this, it was required that Israel makes a huge concession which came with promises by the United States. Israel would need to withdraw everything from Gaza, the IDF, the communities, the factories and everything else including those Jews buried in Gaza and bring it all into Israel. Israel was assured that should things go awry, Israel could always simply retake Gaza and the United States would have their back. Gaza was taken by Hamas with Islamic Jihad and they threw numerous Palestinian Authority personnel off of ten story and higher rooftops. After Hamas and friends took control of Gaza, Israel has been attacked repeatedly in any of a varied litany of problems and attacks. Needless to point out, this ended the guarantees for the United States backing of Israeli actions should Israel retake Gaza as backing Israel in doing so would be tantamount to an open declaration of hostility against Iran. There have been four wars and counting resulting from the surrender of Gaza to the Palestinian cause.


Going back for three generations and in each we find the Jews or the Jewish State being placed in precarious positions which we have survived despite the careful planning to the contrary. Israel is still dealing with the results of the Oslo Accords and the failed Roadmap but still the worst blight Israel is still fighting has been the terror organizations in Gaza. Israeli leadership have leaked the news that the Palestinian Authority will gleefully return to the negotiation table providing that Israel surrender for perpetuity all claims to Gaza which will be taken to mean that should Israel strike targets within Gaza it would be an act of war, it is just vague as to war on whom? There we have another promise broken and Israel left holding the bill in the form of traumatized communities, numerous dead or injured, communities shredded and numerous other crippling difficulties. We do expect some to challenge that the Oslo Accords were the product of President Bill Clinton. That assumes that Bill Clinton was capable of procuring the agreeable intern and complete the plans which took more than five years of negotiating and one sided promises to bring such a meeting together yet Clinton managed all of this in under one year of taking office. Though Bill Clinton was at the signing of the Oslo Accords, the process leading up to that moment was a long trail, started and altered repeatedly, which makes George H W Bush the architect. The latest demand for the privilege of having Mahmoud Abbas insult you and then walk out because you did not send a thank-you note for the great and valuable insult you had received, was given. Treated as if this would be the one meeting would start normalization, everything around it became precious, well, at least to the Palestinian Arabs. What gave the entire situation its ethereal glow was their demand that Israel change the rules and allow unrestricted building in Area C and for Israel to make retroactively legal all structures which were previously built. Such a provision would result in an Arab building frenzy with Europe providing much of the supplies required. As one who observes such developments, we can attest to the assistance for Arab illegal building from the past (see images below). This demand is simply a demand for Arabs to lay claim to all of Area C. Were Israel to agree to such constructions, tens of thousands of these shanties with no running water, no natural gas, no electrical power, no sewage treatment absolutely no utilities and even no occupants which would be provided as required for any photo shoot. Sometimes, one simply wants to scream out, “Enough! Just leave us alone and then we can sort things out. As long as the rest of the world desires to make this their sole issue, then it will never be solved as the Arabs trust the world will destroy the Jews and the rest of the world are counting on the Arabs to destroy the Jews. We have an update for both parties; nobody is going to destroy the Jews. Nobody!


Illegal European Union structures bearing obvious EU Identification signs

Illegal European Union structures bearing obvious EU Identification signs


The Bush family legacy vis a vis the Jews must be measured as to how they treated the future of the Jewish People. The only true future of the Jewish People is Israel and no thanks to their efforts, the Jewish People have a future. The Europeans know and much of the rest of the world understand that the Jewish People came very close to eradication. The Shoah destroyed the continuity of Jewish life in Europe and the ensuing driving of the Jews from the Islamic World devastated the Jewish continuity and feeling of security which living in one city for hundreds of generations had provided. These acts devastated Jewish life around the Mediterranean basin and further afield. There are but two places with over two-million Jewish souls, they are Israel and the United States. Despite the best efforts of the Bush family and others from the United States and all their allies around the world who wish Israel could be erased, the United Nations has utterly failed to erase the Jewish State despite all but burying it under letters of condemnation. On the other hand, the remnants of Jews inside European are finding their Jewishness cannot simply be wished away and one born Jew will remain a Jew no matter to what extent they might go to alter that label. The soaring hate crimes against Jews throughout Europe have many worried and leaving to seek safety either in the United States or in Israel. The United States is in better shape than Europe, but better does not equal good. Jews are being attacked on the streets of New York City in broad daylight. Hate crimes against Jews have increased over fifty-percent each of the last two years and crimes against religious people show that Jews account for over half of the total; they are the victim more than every other religion combined. The figures in the United States paint a situation where a pandemic has broken out. This pandemic target only Jews and its targets include all Jews and not just those other Jews as so many wish to reject these unsettling facts. It is only a matter of time before the United States turns on its Jewish population completely either forcing them from the nation or placing them in camps for their safety, though such is something which seldom if ever ends safely for the targeted group.


One would think that as it has barely been two generations, three at the most generations since the Shoah in Europe which wiped-out six-million Jews. The signs are there in plain sight. As long as the majority of Jews remain uninformed about events outside of their own little circle, they will remain oblivious to the coming dangers. Then there are the Jews, the important, well, self-important Jews who are completely assimilated to the point of celebrating Christian as well as Jewish holidays. They have ornate Chanukah bushes which have an eerie similarity to Christmas trees. They join in the community Easter egg hunt and all other holidays. They are the good Jews who hold prestigious positions and many teach at the Universities, others hold respected positions in industry while some own high-tech companies, amongst other accomplishments. These are Jews who make an appearance at the Synagogue once or twice a year where they will make a pledge to donate ten-thousand dollars above the same amount every month in dues and building fees. Being a member of many synagogues can be an expensive endeavor as most families are only members for a period where they have children between ten and thirteen years of age and are getting Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. For most that is almost a decade as most Jewish families now have one or two children if they bother themselves with any children. When that charismatic megalomaniac does finalize the United States turning from the Constitution because, as all too many from the fringes have stated, the Constitution is like old Bibles, printed on animal hides and no longer applicable to the modern world. Both were written by overly self-indulged white males, two more strikes against them, who believed others had to live in the manner and ways that they lived and as such being no longer relevant, the Bible and the Constitution are being cast aside for the new way. There is something about a society when the freedoms are disregarded and the government has assumed ultimate power subsuming the rights of the people, they always decide to destroy first the Jews. Hatred and violence against the Jews in the public domain is an early sign that your society is beginning to suffer a form of dementia, a societal disease where a people are taught so little about the founding basics of their governance and what is expected of the government and the people respectively. Once they have no base understanding of these set in stone rules, then the government can flagrantly overstep their bounds and do as they please, as there is no outcry for them to stop violating those pretexts which you were never exposed. That also leads to anti-Semitism running slowly but inexorably out of control. From anti-Semitism it is an easy jump to hating other groups, perhaps this time it will be Evangelical Christians, specifically Christian Zionists. When the governance follows the religion of Secular Humanity, life itself loses all explicit value and the soul is rejected as just another religious aberration. Life is stripped of all higher meanings and is simply a biological progression from infancy to a decrepit old age. Because old age is a time of life where most people take more resources from the society than they contribute, every year or so everyone must make a cost assessment and from that decide if they are still a contributing member of their society or a simple drain on its resources. From that point, it is not far to the eradication of people when they reach a set age and the elimination of those with physical or mental disabilities, especially those which require intensive care. That is what we see coming in the future; life weighed by whether it contributes or is simple a waste of good oxygen. That will be a world devoid of meaning where even love will have lost its permanence and there will be no superlative works of literature as upon what would they expound if all is weighed in gold and nothing else has meaning. There will be those small areas where people matter and lives have meaning above dollars and Euros. They will also practice what will be viewed as the old religions and their areas will be considered to be the wild and untamed wastelands. They will also become popular places for the elites from the sparkling towers in the cities to come and marvel at the brutish and ignorant people residing in this wasteland and make jokes. But the real reason they will come is because as the most elite and amongst the intelligent, they will be perceptive and see that there is something in these wastelands which is worth more than all the wealth of their grand cities, here in the wastelands a human life has dignity.


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December 15, 2013

Has the United States Missed Another Golden Opportunity?

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The past quarter of a century has experienced a world going through some seismic political transformations, some more surprising than others and some completely expected, but solely in hindsight. The first major quake on the political landscape was the collapse of the Soviet Union and the dissolving of the Warsaw Pact. In hindsight the collapse of the Soviet Union made complete sense and seemed like it should have been expected, yet it was not. The dissolving of the Warsaw Pact was the great opportunity for the Western Nations, especially those in NATO, but it ended up an opportunity lost. Admitting Poland into NATO, reuniting Germany, and accepting slowly some of the central Eastern European nations into NATO was an obvious move. What was the missed opportunity was the acceptance of the farthest Eastern European nations into NATO which was an opportunity lost. Yes, it would have required effort in order to secure these nations as democratic and free in the Western model but that was doable. Instead President George H. W. Bush wasted his efforts attempting to woo Russia to join NATO as a subservient secondary power to the United States and probably Britain and Germany as well if not France and others. Russia was never going to sit on the same side of the table as their arch enemy since the end of World War II because there was simply too much history of bad blood between the West and the remnant of the Soviet Union’s heart, Russia. Still, the United States pumped billions upon billions of dollars into Russia thinking there would be something to show for their investments and there has been, a stronger Russia than had they been left in the cold until they agreed to play nice and make a fully and long lasting unipolar world. Instead we have a rescued Russia now challenging a listless and inattentive United States that has been bumbling around on the world stage without any true direction seemingly pilotless. The United States is doing exactly what President Obama said they would do, “leading from behind”, which is a sophisticated way of saying following and letting the world dictate to the United States rather than actually fulfilling her role as the world superpower. By the time President Obama leaves office, assuming he does, the United States will be disregarded by China, Russia, and very probably a nuclear armed Iran which will hold hegemony over the oil states in the Middle East.


The other major seismic change was the originally named Arab Spring which we and others eventually saw to call the Arab Winter. The path that resulted from the uprisings against the dictators starting in Tunisia and progressing through Egypt, Libya and on had been earlier demonstrated when in 1979 under the watchful eye of President Jimmy Carter when Iran threw off the dictatorial Shah and installed an Islamist government which was even more oppressive than the Shah had been. The only difference was that these were Sunni countries and not Shiite countries so the Muslim Brotherhood rose to power. Thus far none of the nations that experienced a transformation as part of the Arab revolts has returned to a peaceful life free from terrorism, shooting wars in the streets and general mayhem disrupting everyday life. The worst of these is obviously Syria followed by Yemen, Libya and on through Egypt and Tunisia. Egypt may be the only one which may be spared an Islamist dark ages as the people rose up a second time and the military took that opportunity to execute a coup, whether anybody cares to call it by that name it was still a coup. Tunisia may be the next nation to throw off their Islamist rulers that usurped power in the elections after the revolution as the people in Tunisia are still rising up demanding the government address the weak economy and the rampant poverty resulting from poor governance. Tunisia bears watching and if any nation desires to do the right thing, perhaps some assistance before the secularists are beaten down by Islamist fascists could enable changes towards a more liberated society and the improved economy such might facilitate. Libya has devolved into tribal warfare which shows little signs of waning. Iraq is being consumed by a Shiite-Sunni war with Iran and the government of Iraq fighting against al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood forces in the resumption of an ancient struggle for the heart of Islam. Syria, well, Syria is Iraq on steroids with such violence that whoever wins will not really win much as much of Syria has been utterly destroyed and it will be months, likely decades, before Syria will be capable of even the slightest of an economy. Meanwhile Afghanistan has been courting Iran as a replacement for the United States which Afghanistan is contemplating removing unceremoniously after the next elections. Currently Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai is holding United States President Obama hostage demanding he will sign the continued American military presence only after the election implying that the Americans need to assure Karzai wins reelection. Fortunately there was little if anything that could have been done politically to alter the results as the Muslim Brotherhood was the only organized political force existent within the Sunni nations. The Shiite nations all fall under the sway of Iran which will likely start sewing unrest in Shiite majority nations and areas such as the Northeast Saudi oil fields once the disasters in Iraq and Syria are concluded and they have tested a nuclear device in order to protect their efforts from outside interferences.


There is unrest currently rocking Kiev particularly and the Ukraine generally over President Viktor Yanukovych’s decision to cancel a deal to integrate Ukraine with the European Union under duress from Russia’s Putin threatening to cut trade relations and other threats in order to hold on to the former Soviet possession. This is a direct result of inaction by the Western nations, especially the United States. The Ukraine has been available to incorporate into NATO if the other NATO countries had been more flexible, agreeable and afforded the Ukraine and other central Eurasian nations that were freed with the fall of the Soviet Union. There is plenty of blame to spread over the long list of Presidents of the United States who dropped the ball which include George H W Bush, William Clinton, George W Bush and Barack Obama. The European Union does not get off without some culpability as they have not exactly bent over backwards to assist the Ukraine entering the European Union. This may be the final chance to provide the Ukraine with an exit from under the thumb of Putin and Russian influence. Making demands that the Ukraine must meet including political changes is not facilitating an easy transfer from Russian orbit to joining the European Union. The path from Soviet possession to democratic governance was particularly difficult for the Ukraine and other former Soviet possessions. Especially Georgia, which attempted to break free and join with the West, only to be left hanging as Russian tanks rolled across their border reestablishing Russian influence using aiding the breakaway South Ossetia Province as their reason for invading Georgia. Just add Georgia to the list of countries that attempted to gain freedom only to be left hanging helplessly before Soviet style tactics employed by ex KGB Russian President Putin. Will the Ukraine be the next notch on Putin’s gun belt? The unfortunate answer is that it is very likely as there is nobody in the West who appears ready to do anything to intervene and provide an alternative to caving to Russian pressures. Yet another opportunity squandered. History will possibly call this the quarter century squandered that allowed whatever conflicts that will result to the lack of vision by Western leaders who were blind to great and fleeting opportunities.


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