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August 14, 2013

Will Delay of Obamacare for a Year Really Matter?

A simple, one word answer would be no. Delaying Obamacare for one year will only make matters worse as it will hide the disastrous and intentionally deleterious effects in order to prevent their being used as an effective campaign slogan. The problem with Obamacare has been kept quiet, though it has leaked past a few lips when certain supporters of Obamacare believed they were speaking to fellow true believers who also support the ends which this poisonous legislation is designed to produce. Very recently Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV.) speaking on  PBS’ Nevada Week In Review answered the query of whether Obamacare was designed to take the United States to a single-payer system, replied, “Yes, yes. Absolutely, yes.” This is pretty much the same guarantee that President Obama spoke of at the AFL-CIO campaign address when he promised that he also favored a single payer health care system and that even though his healthcare plan may not take the United States there immediately, it would take the United States there inevitably. The numbers of people, both experts and lay people, who have read the whole ACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) and related parts of other legislation where certain less popular but vital components of the ACA were passed by attaching them to guaranteed pass legislation grows and they all claim the same results in that the ACA will inexorably lead to the collapse of the health insurance industry and force the United States to adopt a single payer plan with the government as the sole provider as the cataclysmic results will leave the people and the Congress with no alternative when facing the impending collapse of the healthcare industry due to the failures built into the ACA.


The entire plan is a train wreck even beyond what many have predicted. This is not because those making such comparisons believe that there will be anything short of a catastrophic and ruinous disaster destroying the entire underpinnings system that pays for healthcare leaving a complete dearth of solvent insurance providers thus forcing everybody onto the government system. Even the few health insurance providers who are able to survive the initial implementation of the ACA will be eradicated through simple adjustments changing the demands, requirements, and regulations which will force these insurers which had survived to make changes in the plans they offer which according to the ACA will force the holders of these plans onto the government system as the ACA denies the option of changing the benefits of an health insurance and stipulates that should your benefits and coverage provided by your plan be altered, then the insured individual is transferred onto the government plan which is a guarantee that within the first half a decade (my estimate) the result of the ACA will have forced over two-thirds of the American population onto the government plans. Eventually, this will take longer except in the states with the foresight not to set up the health exchanges, the ACA will force the states to also default as the only governmental force which will be able to fund the ACA is the Federal Government, and that is only because the Federal Government can adapt the coverage in order to minimize their costs at the people’s expense. That is the eventual climax of the coming train wreck, the rationing of the healthcare provided by refusing to cover procedures, prescriptions, surgeries, or other related healthcare coverage thus making it fit the amount of funding the Congress decides to budget each year. This will inevitably lead to a virtual closure of the healthcare system as the financial year-end approaches and the funds are exhausted.


This system once enacted and implemented will start the dominoes falling and as the columns keep toppling the dominoes will slowly become larger and larger until each falling domino threatens to destroy the underpinnings of the system and the supports of our health insurance system collapse under the preplanned limitations woven into the regulations of the ACA forcing a healthcare crisis which will have the public demanding the government repair and rescue them. That is the plan built into the ACA just as has been the practice of governments from the very beginning of time, create a shortage or crisis and then come riding to the rescue only to cause another set of even more disastrous problems. Each time the government addresses a problem they inevitably set up the next disaster without even attempting to do so, it seems to be built into the genetic makeup of the politicians and the systems in which they operate. What do we expect when we have non-physicians making medical decisions, non-engineers making the requirements for automobiles, non-architects making building designs, non-carpenters, non-bricklayers, non-construction experts setting building codes, and those making the rules for everything in the real world have absolutely no experience and only the most casual knowledge about the areas in which they make rules, regulations, codes and other requirements? Utter confusion and a series of disasters stretching on into the future without end is the only result one should expect and the ACA will be an example of such in spades.


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