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December 15, 2016

Can We Have One More Hacking by Russia Please?


We learned many secrets about debate cheating, Bernie Sanders undermining, damning e-mails, Clinton Foundation used as pay for play when Hillary was Secretary of State, and other Democrat misdeeds. We have recently learned that the republican National Committee computers were also hacked and that most of the information which might be damning to Trump was already being used by many Republican elites and leaders in their effort to undermine Trump, they couldn’t. The reality is Trump first defeated the Republicans and then the Democrats with a partial assist from some wings of the Republican elites and establishment. Trump even faced down Evangelical threats from some in that community and still won a majority of the Evangelical votes and they did not stay home as some had prayed for them to on Election Day. So, we have heard much of the personal reasons that Trump should be considered ineligible to run for dog catcher, let alone President of the United States. We have heard every possible case of his womanizing, most well over a decade and a half old, his numerous statements which would be considered politically incorrect today except these comments were mostly two decades old, and many quotes out of context of things said on the campaign. But we heard very little about his business dealings other than that about one in five or so companies he has invested in have gone bankrupt. If such a record is considered failing, may I be blessed with such a failing track record. We heard little if anything about those companies in which Donald Trump is currently invested which are the bases of his wealth. So, Russia, before you put away your super-hacking computer network, could you give us the lowdown on Trump’s economic empire please?


We have had the election in the United States, an election which does have effects across the entirety of the globe. Throughout much of the world and all of the developed world we read the transcripts of the findings from the hacking of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server, the hanky-panky done favoring Hillary Clinton by the Democrat National Committee working to undermine Bernie Sanders, the Clinton Foundation used as bank for pay for play for audience or consideration by Secretary of State Clinton, and the cheating over debate questions, well, at least one by Donna Brazile who was working for CNN while also performing as acting Democratic National Committee Chairwoman, who at CNN thought this coexisting arrangement was a good idea? Yes, we noticed that almost everything released was damning of the Democrats and especially Hillary Clinton. Many have asked where was similar such information about the Republicans and Donald Trump? Well, the Republicans did an excellent job of casting aspersions against Donald Trump and then there were the combined efforts by CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and more known often as the mainstream media.


Still, where is the all-encompassing list of Donald Trump’s wealth and its sources and all the companies and endeavors in which he is invested? This is something people would probably be interested in knowing before he makes decisions on where government investments, funding, grants and apportionment are made. Knowing where Donald Trump is invested would be necessary information for the public interest and knowing this before it can be used as political weapons by the media and possibly distorted. The media has discounted their credibility beyond repair for the near future. With such compromised credibility their reporting on Trump having conflicts of interest would be more credible were we all to have a complete revelation of the entirety of Trump’s financial empire.


Foreknowledge is useful and trusted knowledge while slanted partial knowledge is used in making a biased case by a corrupted media. That is why we need to make public either by Trump and his boards of directors making a complete disclosure or such a revelation from what proves to be a trustworthy release through similar methods as the hacking of the Democrat and Hillary Clinton computers during the election. This information could come from the Republican National Committee in cooperation or not with the Democrat National Committee which would only add credibility to any report. Such a revelation would also benefit Donald Trump and his Presidency as knowing ahead of any government decisions whether a President Trump has any interests in certain legislation and monetary endowments or allotments are finalized by Congress with or without any interaction from the White House. Trump should also arrange to have his investments managers in a blind trust where he places limits on what can and what cannot be redistributed or reinvested in other ventures and what risks should be encountered by such investments. Once he has disconnected himself from direct involvement in managing his investments, then a President Trump can act as President with far more freedom.


Trump and Pence Stronger Together

Trump and Pence
Stronger Together


The next month plus is going to be interesting with its share of potential pitfalls and dangers. President Obama will be pressed by those on the far left to take drastic actions on his own with his pen and his phone. One such demand coming from these interests is to take revenge on Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu by recognizing a new Arab nation of Palestine with borders of the Green Line dividing Jerusalem and removing the Temple Mount and Kotel (Western Wall) from access for Jews, Christians and any other non-Muslims. The media will never cover such a reality but should the world intervene and force an Arab Palestine and give them Eastern Jerusalem then the identical situation which existed under Jordan would immediately become reality again. Further, many areas of Western Jerusalem would become a no-man’s land as Palestinian snipers would be placed at high points within their territories and would open fire on anybody they could place within their sites. All one need do is research the Jordanian illegal occupation of Eastern Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. Forcing such a solution on Israel could potentially lead to a bloodbath as the Palestinian security forces set upon murdering any Jew residing or working beyond the Green Line believing the world would support such and have their backs. The result would be the IDF deployed to protect Israeli lives and there would definitely lead to an exchange of live fire and fatalities predominantly on the Palestinian side. The world would then denounce Israel for defending innocent lives from potential slaughter just as has happened every time Israel has responded to Hamas rocket assaults and sniper fire from Gaza and now tunneling attacks as well as sea based infiltrations.


Then there are pressures from the Green Movement who are demanding regulations making fracking illegal citing environmental devastation they claim is a direct result. There are likely many other environmental demands being placed on the outgoing administration mostly due to fear that a Trump Presidency will mean the end of the world due to environmental threats being loosed. In addition to environmental concerns there are leftist economic theories such as living wages for all and having limits on top amount of earnings per year, redistribution of all retirement savings, redistribution of all assets and wholly proven unworkable systems. There may be a demand for increased car emissions limitations and additional safety systems. There may be those who wish to demand limitation on use of vehicles such as within cities over a certain size and other limits. Some demand all cars be electric and an end to the internal combustion engine. The nice thing is that almost all of these are ideas which the President is literally powerless to employ. The real problem would be the President signing the United States onto United Nations agreements which could prove disastrous were only his signature required. Any such agreement also would require ratification by Congress which would not be forthcoming and anything signed by President Obama could be unsigned by President Trump though simply having Congress reject ratification would work as well.


The other little trick we will witness with such items growing as the inauguration approaches will be the lists of problems facing the incoming President. We are going to be introduced to the return of many plagues which have been apparently in remission until Trump was elected. The reason could not be that the media ignored these situations and have only rediscovered them because they want to burden a President Trump with these persistent, tenacious and unrelenting societal problems. Suddenly there will be homeless people, untreated people with mental conditions, high murder rates especially in many cities, high drug use especially amongst teenagers, venereal diseases, cancer patients not receiving proper treatments, overcrowded hospitals, urgent need for more trauma and emergency room facilities, education problems such as lack of teachers, bullying, need for affirmative actions, mistreatment of LGBTQ persons, campus date rape, child abuse rising, rampant gun crime, increased gang warfare, prostitution rising, foreclosures, small business failures, and we could continue this list ad nauseum so we will leave the lengthy complaints to those with the real expertise, the mainstream media. The fact that Donald Trump has not been sworn in and the Congress is in recess will not prevent his and the Republican majority Congress with being negligent in allowing these challenges to go unaddressed. They will be demanding they speak about and do something immediately and then will impatiently write impassioned credible lamentation immediately after the inauguration wondering where the nation’s leadership is and why they are not stepping up on their lengthy challenges. This can continue throughout Trump’s Presidency but there is good news. Eventually these complaints will lead to the return of the Democrats to power and then these problems will all disappear from the public attentions as all will be good again.


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December 13, 2016

Russian Interference in the American Elections


The Washington Post released the “secret” discovery that American intelligence agencies have concluded with “high confidence” that Russia acted covertly in the latter stages of the presidential campaign to harm Hillary Clinton’s chances and promote Donald J. Trump, according to senior administration officials. Wonderful thing that intelligence secret research and discoveries are plastered on the front page top of the fold of the Washington Post. Wonder what “secrets” we will see next and in which left-leaning mainstream print media and whether the broadcast mainstream media will be next to enter the “secret” intelligence discoveries. There was more information that the Russians also cracked the Republican National Committee (RNC) computers but did not release any sensitive information they gleaned. The Russians released the secrets from Hillary Clinton’s computers and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) because they desired to have Donald Trump as President. This is a very interesting conclusion and may be missing some vitally important piece of possible information. Perhaps almost everything they gleaned from the RNC was mostly public and discussed mostly debate points and policy discussions. Meanwhile the DNC and Hillary’s e-mails had secrets, many secrets, and they were damning secrets at that which were not known in the public and revealed actions which would have been prosecutable had these facts been about the Republicans instead of the Democrats. So the Republican computers had run of the mill data and research for the election and polling and records of donations and other records which are required by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) which is very boring stuff and would not have been of any real interest. While on the other computers they found records of cheating and pay for play of the Clinton Foundation and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and shared debate questions and the entire attack plan to deny Bernie Sanders a fair and even run for the nomination favoring Hillary Clinton while crippling Bernie Sanders’s opportunities and any chance of winning the nomination.


Which information would be important in a free society anyway? Would it be polling data, contribution records and policy statements defining the platform or cheating, bribery and criminal activities? The answer is obvious. The Russians did not release the information gleaned from the RNC because most of it was already public knowledge or was filed with the FEC or other government agencies as required by law thus mostly position data, platform positions and basic data and information which was filed already with the government and available to the public. The DNC, Hillary’s e-mails, well, now we know what was found there whether it was Russia or Wikileaks who cracked these computer systems as it was made public. So the RNC information was already public while the DNC and Hillary’s e-mails were secret and the Democrats were going to great extremes to continue hiding what was on their computers. Which information had you gotten would you believe might be of interest to the people, the already public information or deep secrets being hidden fearing public reactions if these bits of information would become known. Secrets are the only thing which people care to hear and simple data which are already publically available is totally uninteresting. So of course whoever had secret information would believe releasing such information might be of interest and might be useful information for the voters. So it was secrets which were found interesting and thus released.


Computer Secrets Revealed

Computer Secrets Revealed


Americans were actually served well by the releasing of this information as democracy works best when there are no secrets. Secrets are poison to democracy, always was, always will be. Democracy is served best when all secrets from all sides are aired rather than hidden and concealed from the people, the voters. The squirming on the left is that they were found out and their secrets and sins were revealed and the left firmly believes that only the right has secrets, the left has valued information which must remain concealed because only the selected few may be permitted to know the secrets. Conservatives are secretive and thus the Republicans must have had more secrets than Hillary or the DNC could ever have hidden because the Democrats, the leftists are the holders of truth and the only holders of truth even if most of that truth must be kept from the public because they could never understand these things they must hold secret because the other side has even deeper and more evil secrets. The Russians or Wikileaks released secrets and damning information about the Democrats because they wanted Trump to win the Presidency. They were out to destroy Hillary. The fact is that Hillary had played loose with morality while as Secretary of State using her position to enrich herself and her husband while Trump was running his companies and the Republicans were working their way through seventeen candidates. While the Republicans were trying to figure their way through debates the DNC was receiving debate questions to feed Hillary but not Bernie. Which would be of interest to the American voters, the Republican debate schedule or the fact that one Democrat candidate was receiving debate questions through a DNC operative working for CNN.


But all other considerations aside, there is actually a reason that the revelations by Wikileaks, wherever they originated, were a good thing for the election. First is they probably did not sway more than a few thousand voters from Hillary to Donald Trump in the entire company as those who were going to vote for Hillary would commit suicide before voting for Trump. Democracy works best when the voters have all of the information possible and are making reasoned and intelligent decisions in the voting booths. Unfortunately there will always be secrets and there will be secrets with both parties. Most of the secrets are how they plan on formulating their campaigns and which states they believe are in play and where they are not bothering to put up a fight. Those are tactics and none of that information from the DNC was released. None of the RNC tactics were released either. Hillary and the DNC had lots of hidden information while Trump had tweets which are rarely secret. Hillary was running while attempting to conceal much of her past from the FBI as well as the voters while Trump Tweeted every thought which crossed his mind and often his Tweets contradicted earlier Tweets proving even he did not know all of his positions. Hillary was running under a dark cloud of secrets, deep and dark secrets. Trump ran as open a campaign as humanly possible and his Tweets proved one thing, that he will need many advisors to mold his thoughts through providing information, one can only hope truthful information. The reason that secrets were released about the Hillary Clinton campaign and not the Donald Trump campaign was simple, Trump has a totally public campaign and everything the media could possibly find to report derogatory about Trump, it would be repeated ad-nauseum until even the least news observant American could repeat that piece of news verbatim. Hillary’s and the DNC’s secrets would have remained as deep, dark secrets and the voters would have never known any of the crooked and potentially illegal actions and secrets which were ensconced on those hard drives. The truth is that the released secrets might have served the American public well and perhaps had an influence by pushing many who were debating on whether to vote Trump or stay home to actually go vote. If these releases of secrets allowed more Americans to cast votes and have their opinions represented in the election, is that not a good thing. Is not the lack of voting Americans in election cycle after cycle not one of the reasons given by the political theorists that the democratic voting part of the American Republic as something dangerous that threatens the governance? If that is the case, then was not the American Republic Governance helped of these releases sent more people to the polls? If your answer is that it depends who these additional voters were voting for then that is a partisan answer. Whenever more people express their opinion the closer the government will represent the people, which is the purpose of the governance.


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