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November 30, 2015

Islam and the Future of Representative Governance


There have been far too many public figures drinking so much of the Islamic propaganda Kool-Aid that there are those who have come to honestly believe that Islam is peace and compatible with representative democratic republic governance. They honestly believe that the world’s majority of the one and one-third Billion Muslims want to coexist with everybody else working to better the world through mutual respect and tranquility without any threats to our way of life. Even a cursory examination of the realities of the Quran, the two faces, the strange manner in which it is compiled with the shortest verse first and with them slowly ascending in size with the largest verse last so that the youth can work at their own pace learning by rote the shortest leaving the really long verses last and not compiled by date or subject. We wrote a short and concise description of the two faces, the early ones from Mecca and the later verses from Medina and the mood, situation and outlook which affected Mohammad’s outlook and authority in our article Which Quran, Mecca or Medina? The description touches on the basics but if visits are any indication, then it does fulfill that challenge. Should Islam actually achieve their goal of world conquest and unifying all Islam under one sole, unique and declared pure Quranic Code and the Earth’s population all under one Supreme Imam under Sharia, no elections, only religious courts and no varying religions with one religion, one result and no freedom as only submission to Allah through Allah’s representatives chosen by a council of elder Imams whose decisions are not subject to doubts or questions. Everyone will know and understand the Five Pillars of Islam It will be ‘What part of Submission do you not understand?’



Five Pillars of Islam


The most basic difference between the two is where Western governance allows for multiple choices, occasionally more than the two main parties though infrequently, Islam would make such a choice either a meaningless decision the Imam would instruct the congregants for whom to vote or the candidates would have been chosen by the clerical hierarchy thus making any vote meaningless; but even this situation would seldom arise as there would be no government as is understood in the Western World. In Islam the rules of law and the punishments are prescribed by the Quran and no other can exist except as to do as the clerics define actions on the Sharia.


In an Quranic governance any elected governance would be simply adding a layer of people who have been vetted by the real power, the leading Islamic clerics such that any candidate who is permitted to seek such power must be vetted by the leading clerics such that the only candidates in any election have already proven themselves to be truly an extension of the religious order and as any law is passed by the governance must then be vetted for its final form by an assembly of experts whose power is absolute such that any candidate permitted to run for office in the so-called, open and free elections are simply a rubber stamp extension of the clerical regime which is selected and not elected and where the true power lied in reality and thus one would be under a clerical dictatorial governance and no truly elected governance can exist under Sharia, the basic legal structure of any governance in a true Islamic State.


Within Islam there is no provision for any State or governance outside of the Sharia. Many in the Western World refer to Sharia as Sharia Law because they see Sharia as a set of man-made religious codices which are to be interpreted such that they fit within the legal framework of the State while there is no such need for such an interpretation in an Islamic State as Sharia is also the legal code for the State and the religion becomes the State. Judaism and originally Christianity had recognition for a State governance which may disagree with religious text; the most glaring example is in the case of women choosing whether or not she desires to have a child and her avenues permitted by law for her to choose from in this area. The original answer to the question posed to Jesus over which tax should be considered as legal for the State to take as versus what religious demands which were man-made institution of taxation when his reply was said to have been, “To Caesar what is Caesar’s and to Hashem what is Hashem’s” noting that one has obligations to the state just as he has obligations to Hashem and one is obliged to keep the laws of man up until they break the laws of Hashem as put forth in the Commandments in Torah, which happened all too often as if the States were making laws directly the converse of Halacha and Jewish Laws. Examples of such which have started once again in Europe and even the United States are laws against circumcision calling it a mutilation of genitalia; Shechita, the laws of Kashrut; laws against teaching Torah; and other such laws which are all too often passed in order to force all Jews to become criminal in their daily behavior. Islam under Sharia goes one step further in that it denotes those worthy of such to be Dhimmi which is a class of lower citizenry who are not permitted to be before the courts except as a defendant who is not even given the right to speak before the court in their own defense even before sentencing, and the alternative of conversion or death. Even should one be classified as a Dhimmi and pay the Jizya, a special and often onerous tax non-Muslims must pay, there will come that day when such status is revoked and then it becomes convert or death or often both where you convert and then are summarily executed for your sins against Allah while a Dhimmi. As is obvious from the last section, Sharia is a complete governing set of rules which all followers of Islam are instructed to spread throughout the lands and defined lands which must become Islamic as any land where any Muslim’s foot, does not require both feet, has graced with its treading. For those unfamiliar with some of the degradations and dehumanization even of their own progeny, here is a quote from a recent statement made by Palestinian Authority Minister of Women’s Affairs, Haifa Al-Agha, who stated, “Minister of Women’s Affairs Haifa Al-Agha…noted the Palestinian woman’s uniqueness, which differentiates her from the women of the world, as she receives the news of her son’s martyrdom with cries of joy.” This was how she was quoted in Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, the PA official newspaper as translated by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) and reported in Arutz Sheva thankfully as this made it more easily noted without viewing the dozens of PMW articles released each day (we reserve reading those on a slow news day along with CAMERA and MEMRI).


Islam will become triumphant even where there exist Constitutions or complete bodies of law given sufficient time. In any democracy or republic where the will of the people is used to elect their representatives or directly make the laws, the Muslims will be patient, if we are lucky, and simply bide their time meanwhile bringing in relatives and having large families and intermarrying which under Sharia any person who marries a Muslim the children must be raised under Islam and become good little Muslims. Muslims will ignore the laws of the land and take more than one wife, often a non-Muslim so as to deplete the number of women available to have children in other or no religious upbringing, and once back in their Muslim neighborhoods there is no law of the State, there is only Sharia. Once the woman is brought to meet the family they will never see the outside world again without great amounts of planning and sheer luck (for a gripping story of one woman’s struggle to reach what she would have called humanity as she had married a charming Muslim man and went to meet his family in Afghanistan and then the horrors began An American Bride in Kabul: A Memoir by Professor Phyllis Chesler and an excellent book to read and take a taste of a world many of us do not believe can exist in the modern world.) Many people in the Western society have absolutely no idea of exactly what Sharia is. They mistakenly and at their own peril believe it is all about religion and can exist within a governance and not be in conflict and believed by its adherents to supercede the laws of the land and that could not be further from the truth. The truths are viciously and nerve-gratingly the opposite of all you have known.


To test that last thought, the fact that the Muslims will set up a mini-state under Sharia and completely ignore the laws of the land in which they reside, all one need do is talk to people you know or can get an introduction to meet who take commuter light rail, buses or other above ground mass transportation what it is like as they pass through an almost completely and strictly Islamic area of the city where the Sharia is the law of the land. These unfortunates get to experience something akin to Professor Chesler got to feel the entire twenty-thousand-ton load of oppressions, degradations, subjugations and generally dehumanizing treatment which is why we suggest her book as after reading that and perhaps then following her editorial works one can get a taste, a glimpse behind the curtain. There are other memoirs written by people who got to witness the world beyond Islam and tell of their harrowing escapes and the complete awe and gratitude they have for the lives we all take pretty much for granted, there are two more books we recommend;


Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Because They Hate by Brigitte Gabriel


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May 23, 2014

Pope’s Trip Agenda Proves to be Anti-Israel

Ever since Palestinian Chairman made a trip to the Vatican in October 2013, and was received by the Pope Francis who presented Abbas with a gift, a very fancy pen, Abbas immediately commented that, “I hope to sign the peace agreement with Israel with this pen.” Pope Francis’s response was reportedly to comment that he held hope that the agreement would be reached “soon, soon.” Ever since I read about the discussion between Pope Francis and Chairman Abbas and the further discussions between Abbas and party with other Vatican officials I have dreaded that the need would arise to have to address the potential inferences and political potentials from the exchange of pleasantries. That day has come as Pope Francis is due to visit the Middle East including Jordan, the Palestinian West Bank semi-autonomous areas and finally Israel and in that order. The Vatican has released some announced intentions and itinerary for Pope Francis’s coming visit and much of it will pose adversarial positions against Israel on virtually every front. There are potentials in both the more obvious political front of the peace process but also on religious subject over whose claims take precedence over a building which contains an extremely holy Jewish site as well as a potentially holy Christian site.


Before having to comment, perhaps simply quoting the announcements which have been issued by the Vatican in reference to Pope Francis’s visit scheduled for the coming Sunday and Monday would be the safest place to begin. The Vatican’s Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin, a position roughly equivalent to a Prime Minister, announced that Pope Francis plans to talk at length about, “Palestinian people’s right to have a homeland, sovereign and independent.” Cardinal Pietro Parolin added his personal feelings stating “I really hope that the fruit will be to help politicians and all people of good will take courageous decisions on the path to peace.” When pressed to be more informative and specific, the Cardinal continued explaining that Pope Francis would talk about “the Palestinian people’s right to have a homeland, sovereign and independent, the right to move around freely, the right to live in dignity.” These quotes from Vatican City lay to waste any belief that the previous claims from Pope Francis who had stated that he would be making a visit which would be purely “religious not political.” This claim had been dented by the released itinerary when provided stated the decision was to begin his trip from Jordan and fly directly by helicopter to the Palestinian Authority controlled city of Bethlehem before making his way to Jerusalem and Israel. Of course these announcements could not be said to be completely unexpected as the Vatican had recognized the “State of Palestine” during the votes in 2012 at the United Nations, a definite precursor for the coming events.


That pretty much presents the political, now for the religious potential for confrontation. The Vatican has confirmed that they have no intentions to claim or demand ownership of the Cenacle, the room alleged to be the site of the Last Supper which is located one floor above King David’s Tomb, a revered Jewish holy site. A report in the Salt Lake Tribune claimed that reports coming from the Vatican official Monsignor William Shomali, the auxiliary bishop of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, stated, “All the Vatican wishes is to hold two hours of prayer every day in the early morning before visitors start to visit it.” The Monsignor further quantified pointing out that Christians have prayed at the Cenacle for ten centuries “because it is said to be the place where Jesus had the Last Supper and where he washed the feet of his 12 disciples. For Christians it is a major holy place.” And further, in the spirit of “interreligious dialogue, it would be nice to have one holy place where many events are commemorated, and where people of different religions can come to pray.” Unfortunately, should such a situation be established, it would present some major complications and consequences to any Jewish practices within the entirety of the building. Should the site be made into a place where regular, daily services were held, it would be defined as being a Church which would prevent Jewish prayers from being held within the entire building under strict rules of Jewish law (Halacha), this defeating the whole idea of a place where multiple religions could all pray.


The probability that behind the smiles which will still most certainly be on display for the photographers, there will be some tight lipped and stern faces behind the scenes in private where honest discourse may be somewhat less pleasant than if the Pope’s visit had taken a less challenging message presenting challenges to the Jewish State on so many levels. Personally, I would have preferred the Pope coming to the Holy Land should be a time of coming together and building bridges and bringing Jews and Catholics closer together. Unfortunately, Pope Francis has chosen not to take such an approach and instead appears determined to set Israeli-Vatican relations back possibly more than a century to a time when the two religions were more confrontational than allied. I appreciate that the Pope plans on laying a wreath at the grave of Theodor Herzl, the great Zionist leader, a symbolic gesture apologizing for when in 1904, Zionist leader Theodor Herzl visited the Vatican to ask Pope Pius the Tenth to help establish a modern Jewish state in Israel, the historic homeland of the Jewish nation and Pope Pius rejected the request outright. This was unsurprising in hindsight as the Vatican was still espousing replacement theological approach which was heavily steeped in the Jews remaining homeless and in the Diaspora as strangers and outsiders wherever they lived and often treated as outcasts being blamed for ever ill that befell any society. This gesture is much appreciated and, some might claim, way overdue. Perhaps it may be best to take good cheer from the wreath laying, hope that whatever compromise that can be reached concerning King David’s Tomb, if any, continues to allow for Halachic Jewish prayers and services to continue and some allowance, though not likely daily, for Christian prayer is found. As far as Pope Francis finding the magic solution that establishes a Palestinian state without the complete destruction of Israel, that is really not at all likely as the Palestinians, all of them including Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad, Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), People for the Liberation of Palestine, and especially Mahmoud Abbas in near countless speeches and interviews in Arabic, are united in the one cause, the eradication of the Jewish state and its replacement by an Arab and Islamic state completely eliminating any Jewish presence within the Palestinian entity. The Pope is going to find that the soft and flowing sweet words spoken with him by Mahmoud Abbas were the same honey coated lies camouflaging the bile and hatred he holds for Israel and the Jews as well as his contempt for the Christians, including Catholics, which has been proven by the Islamization of Bethlehem since the establishment of the Palestinian Authority. But it does appear that Abbas is capable of charming and deceiving virtually everybody and apparently Pope Francis is among the deceived.


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December 5, 2013

The Provocateurs at the Wall

Again this week on Rosh Hodesh, the first day of a Hebrew month, there was the planned provocation at the Kotel, the Western Wall, by a group of self-proclaimed reformers demanding that Israel in general and the Kotel area in particular be made more accepting. They deem it a necessity that the traditions and rules which currently exist and are mostly kept by unspoken agreement be torn asunder and room made for universal acceptance of practices and attitudes from within the broad spectrum of the Jewish faith. These “Women of the Wall” feel that having the Kotel and environs be controlled and run under Halacha, the traditional religious interpretations of the Law and Commandments also referred to as Talmudic Law is too restrictive and foreboding, making the wall unwelcoming to many lesser religious Jews. These are the traditionally accepted practices and more by which traditional Orthodox Jews live their lives. The Women of the Wall want that Reform and Conservative Jews be permitted to hold their religious practices, especially those which run contrary to Halacha. Their argument is that by only allowing the most stringent interpretations of Judaism to be permitted at this the holiest place on Earth to Jews that there are numerous Jews who are being left out and unable to participate in activities or even to pray at the Wall.


There are those reading this and asking why cannot the Wall be made more inclusive. The answer to this question was recently taken up by Jewish Authorities and the Knesset and a compromise was offered where a new section of the Western Wall has been cleared near to the Robinson Arch as an additional area adjacent to the traditional Kotel established where those who would prefer a less traditional set of practices be observed or held can be done without disturbing the peace and holiness that is preserved at the Kotel. The Women of the Wall initially had said that this was adequate and that they were satisfied and accepted this new arrangement. That was before the first of a new month where apparently they have changed their minds or something is awry as they were once again holding their “service” at the Wall which includes directly challenging Jewish Traditions and accepted practices as a provocation. Another claim they have made is that visitors from outside Israel might feel put off by the traditional and Halachic rules at the Kotel and that all the varied forms of Judaism should be granted acceptance of their rules, law, and commandments as they practice their faith and not be basically struck over the head with the stringent rules currently in place. Their demands that there basically be no rules regarding practices and services at the Kotel remind me of a quote attributed to Alexander Hamilton which states, “If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.”


I feel a confession should be made about myself. I would not be considered to be an overly religious and practicing Jew under Halachic Law and was not raised as an Orthodox Jew as is the case for the majority of Jews in the United States and elsewhere outside of Israel. I have been to visit the Western Wall and did not feel out of place any more than my normal nervousness to being at a holy place which, in many ways, far exceeds my life’s experience of being Jewish and Torah observance and actually found some peace that this place was run under rules of strict observance that honored the traditions and the time honored values of Judaism as it was practiced over the centuries when the Jews, the Hebrews, the Israelites lived and ruled the Promised Land and observed and lived by the Torah, the rules handed down from on High. Personally I would not desire the Western Wall be changed in any way except possibly have scheduled classes for those seeking to reclaim their heritage, but that can be done most anywhere in Israel if you truly desire to do so.


Some might demand to have explained why this has caused such a ruckus and why cannot the rules be liberalized to allow for such practices from less observant Jewish sects. The first question that needs to be raised to answer this is exactly how far will it be necessary to redefine what is acceptable and what when the new lines are challenged and further changes are demanded? Eventually such a route would lead to complete anarchy and no rules what-so-ever.  Furthermore, the solution put in place should have satisfied all involved as a new section was made available for those practices outside of the Orthodoxy. Let us for a moment change the solution around and see if we can predict what would have happened if the main section of the Western Wall had been made to conform with the Women of the Wall’s demands and the Orthodox traditional Halachic rules were made to be applied in the newly opened section. I feel extremely comfortable in predicting that had that been the new arrangement, then these ladies would have held their protest observance at the new wall demanding it also be adjusted to their definitions of what is acceptable. Their leaders have made their true intentions known in slips during interviews when they admitted their ultimate aim is to redefine Judaism away from the strict Orthodoxy and make everything bend to accommodate the Conservative, Reform and other sects and to erase any vestiges of the Orthodoxy. Their aim is not to establish universal acceptance of all forms of Judaism but rather the universal rejection of traditional Orthodox Judaism.


Their desire is to tear down rather than to build and that is where the problem lies. To accommodate these ladies’ demands would be to accept the pretext that Judaism has no traditional laws, no true standards and that anyone may define what is permitted in their view and practice of Judaism and nobody else has any right to claim that they have missed the mark of being a true and observant Jew. Traditions are necessary and the Orthodoxy and their holding to the ancient laws and enforcement of the Commandments is what will allow Judaism to survive. This is far from the first time that there have been Jews who claimed they were modernizing the religion of Judaism and making it relevant to the times. The most obvious was when the ancient lands of the Jews broke into two Kingdoms, the northern Kingdom named Israel which felt that their views of the traditions and laws needed to be accepted, and the Kingdom of Judah which was the southern Kingdom which observed the older traditions. In time the Northern Kingdom fell to invaders and were carried off where they either ceased to exist as Jews through assimilation or simply not having the traditions on which to hold their religion close. These became the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel who were deemed not to return until the final redemption and the return of all Jews to their Promised Land. The Kingdom of Judah did also eventually fall but the Jews from Judea had their traditions and Halachic Laws to keep their religion alive and separate from all other religions thus keeping them from assimilation. This survival of traditional Judaism has ramification even into modern times if one looks deeply enough knowing what they seek but perhaps that is a subject for a later article.


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