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July 29, 2017

Bullies, Leftists and Islam Utilize Identical Strategies


There is a reason not to give an inch, a millimeter, a micron, or the width of an electron, photon, or neutrino to the pressures from bullies, Leftists or Muslims. They will continue to scream, yell, whine about the other side not being serious about whatever and beat and pound the drum for whatever it is they are demanding. Should you ever back up even to tie your shoelaces, they will rush in and take that space and immediately begin their demands that you tie your other shoe to be fair and give both shoes equal treatment and give them that other chance to rush forward. The racket never ends and it envelops every inch of common ground be it real soil, boundaries, demarcations lines, positions on issues, judgements, legislation, rates, fees, taxes, benefits or almost anything one can think or imagine. They would demand that your dreams comply with their ideologies with severe penalties for not conforming to their ideas of what is right, righteous, permitted, desirable and the definition of every word and concept. Just as the leftists have their Political Correctness, the Islamists have their religious doctrines. Both groups demand that their concepts, ideas, definitions and demanded actions must be obeyed by everyone they come near. Immediately after you accept even a single concept they immediately press for the next concession for which in return they promise that they will perform all sorts of great and wonderful things. These things never materialize and the reason is always the same, if only you did the next thing, meet this demand, surrender on this issue, part with this parcel of land, forfeited this building, granted this right, permitted these practices, universally complied, stopped this act, don’t allow that practice or what ever item they feel is your next weak point that they can exploit. This routine never ends and there can be no end, or at least no end, which leaves anything you might feel comfortable with or treasure, as they demand total and complete surrender on all things. That is the basis for political correctness and, especially, multi-culturalism, where all cultures are considered to be equal with none inherently superior. There is one exception, Western Culture, which is deemed to be inferior to all others and must be destroyed for the sake of humanity.


You believe there must be a difference because Leftists are a political group and Islamists are a religion. Well, you are half-right on both. Leftists believe so completely in their ideology that it has become a virtual religion with its own doctrines and demands on what you eat, how you dress, what defines a marriage or a family and where you can live and with whom you can associate. Islam is not simply a religion as it also dictates a political hierarchy where Imams are given ranks based on their piousness and by this they become the rulers over the society and they allow a person or family to be the dictatorial rulers for as long as they meet the financial and other expectations of the religious elite. Both Islamists and leftists follow a doctrinaire way of life, which is so entirely encompassing of actions, eating, attitudes, and insistence that their concepts be taken on faith that they offer the doctrinaire attitude of governance as well as the conceptual demand in faith of a religion. They are so similar except that when it comes to certain conceptual ideas they are exact opposites. Marriage is one such area. Muslims allow a man to have as many as four wives while leftists allow for same sex marriages and multiple husbands or wives or any arrangement with which those involved are satisfied. Islam defines a woman as worthy of the status of half that of a man, leftists demand full and total equality to the point that women, as the more aggrieved party, actually hold power over that of a male. Islam defines dietary rules making different foods either Halal or Haram, permitted of forbidden. Their laws define the meat of which animals are acceptable, that creatures from the sea may be eaten and almost all fruits and vegetables are permitted. Leftists also have rules for what is permitted and that which is verboten. Meat, in the world of Monty Python, is right out. For the unwashed, that means not permitted. Fruits and vegetables must be grown using no fertilizers in virgin soil watered with pure spring water and it is preferred if they were grown with the right supportive music and given plenty of sunlight. Eggs, if you are permitted to eat eggs, must come from free-range chickens who had ample space in which to congregate and spread their wings and not be stressed by confinement. The eggs must be certified non-productive despite the availability of roosters. Perhaps you might come across a subsection of leftists who allow meat but only from free-range cattle who were grass fed in open fields. We went to a lecture at a synagogue once by a leftist who instructed us on the how and why all meat must be raised in this manner so that the cattle had productive lives. He made the mistake of allowing me to ask one simple question, which was, “Assuming that Americans continue to eat meat at the current level, how much land and is there that much land available in the world to raise sufficient cattle using his standards.” His answer was as honest as it was brief, “No, there would not be sufficient land.” We found this interesting, as the title of his presentation was, “Standards for Agriculture to Meet the Public Demand.” He even started his lecture with a sentence that negated his theme as he proclaimed that if we were to pay the actual cost for raising cattle according to their environmental impact, then a McDonald’s hamburger would cost approximately $500.00 each. I knew from that point forward that everything he would present was going to be ridiculous and that he had drank the leftist Kool-Aid and there was little hope of his saying anything resembling possible. Islamists and Leftists have such relevance to one another that one augments the other, but don’t believe us, here’s another who sees the connection and is pictured right below.


Ayaan Hirsi Ali The Left & Islam


That is another thing that is interesting about leftists and Islamists, they both believe things that make their entire set of parameters self-defeating and self-destructive. For leftists it is the fact that everything in their world must meet with every form of leftist demands and stipulations despite the fact that they do not agree with one another on numerous particulars. But the old leftist rule was that any leftist group supports every other leftist group such that should one leftist group be holding a demonstration, whether you agree with them or not, as a leftist you are required to come and show your solidarity. There are leftists who believe that animals may be kept by humans as pets because having a pet is helpful and grants better health and mental support that soothes the inner beast. There is another group of leftists who believe that no animal may be caged or kept for any reason and that circuses (which have been all but driven from existence) and zoos are cruel and unusual punishment of innocent animals, and do not even go to using animals in scientific studies or testing. So, please explain how one can have a paddock for their horse that is sufficiently large to satisfy the leftist who demands that horses run completely free and never ever be ridiculed by placing a saddle upon them and bridle and stirrup. These animals must be free and would love our town as it has a large number of free-range feral cats. Of course, this leads to a complete lack of squirrels, mice, and any other variety of rodents. Islam has the problem of sects, each that has its adherents who believe that their Imams are more knowledgeable and thus should rule the world once Islam had conquered and converted or eliminated every non-believer. This leads to conflict as those who do not follow the exact dogmas they receive from their particular set of imams being classified as apostates. In Islam, there is nothing more deplorable than an apostate is. Apostates are to be put to death, which would lead to inter-faction warfare until only one exactly defined form of Islam would remain with its adherents. This would lead eventually to splits within this group as some minimally important rule or even whether or not a particular fruit or not was Halal or Haram, and this difference would lead to an eventual war over this difference as no differences are to be tolerated. Just as Leftists cannot agree on everything, Islamists also cannot agree on everything. The number one cause of loss of Muslim life is other Muslims such as the warfare in Syria, Libya, and Iraq. The war between Turkey and the Kurds is intra-Islamic in nature as both sides are Muslim. Leftists are starting to have the same problem such as they cannot include BLM (Black Lives Matter) in many of their protests if there will be a white speaker and there are extremist women’s groups who refuse to attend any protest where men are permitted and so on and so on. The similarities and the reasons are terminal and self-destructive to the point that either would logically eventually lead to the end of humanity. Yes, they use the same demanding posturing on even the smallest of details and never can give an inch but will take whatever you are tricked into believing this sacrifice will satisfy them only to soon realize that nothing you do can satisfy the monster you are facing because it actually wants your absolute elimination.


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