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March 30, 2014

Obama Care’s Obama Scare

Obama Care is, as the Democrats love to remind its opposition, now the law of the land. In the ramp-up to the release of this Obama Scare Monster the public was fed a steady stream of reassuring deceptions accented with exaggerated descriptions of attractive features. What was excluded from their sales pitch was the huge appetite this Monster would have for the United States tax dollars. The basic theme was to hide the voracious appetite and the long claws and drooling maw filled with sharp shredding teeth and accentuate the pretty outfit they had dressed up the Monster to place the public at ease. It was the classic case of selling one item and delivering another which would result in prosecution for consumer fraud if you or I used a similar sales technique. The one valid central truth which the public was told was that for Obama Care to work it would require near full enrolment by the youthful and healthy members of American society to enroll in order for care to be affordable for the healthcare industry to provide for the older and less healthy members of the population. This would be the main element which would transform Obama Care into the Obama Scare Monster terrifying and feeding on those most needing healthcare by denying them the necessary care for them to lead a comfortable and productive life.


Then came the fateful day when the cage was opened and the Obama Scare Monster was released on an anxious and waiting American public. The entrance was less than spectacular as the Obama Scare Monster timidly crept from its cage half way before scurrying back into its protective cave refusing to interact with the anxiously awaiting American public. All attempts to coax the Obama Scare Monster to come out and interact with the awaiting American public fell on deaf ears. Something was not operative in the interface, or so we were informed but that given a few tweaks and adjustments and the promised delivery would be a wonderful and spectacular as had been promised. Unfortunately for the administration, the Obama Scare Monster continued to be more timid than scary. It remained lethargic and uncommunicative taking long months before it even began to interact with the American public. And then came the worst of all possible news, the enrollment numbers were lagging dreadfully behind what had been projected and necessary. The people were not taking to the Obama Scare Monster. Apparently the people were not as enthralled and this meant that expectations would need to be lowered.


This began the manipulations of the Obama Scare Monster to lessen its threats and allow only the comely adornments to be presented to the public. First they gave exemptions to the loyal segments to offer them immunity and protection from the worst threats from the Obama Scare Monster. Next came the pushing off for a year the employer mandate which clipped back the mighty claws of the Obama Scare Monster. Even this was not sufficient and the Obama Scare Monster was beginning to turn on its handlers and snap at them repeatedly. Next came the delaying of the individual mandate placing a muzzle over the Obama Scare Monster’s razor sharp teeth muffling its bark and neutering its fearsome bite. Still the Obama Scare Monster was not readily accepted, especially by the healthy youth so necessary for its wellbeing. Soon all that could be neutralized through postponing the most fearsome attributed of the Obama Scare Monster leaving only the pretty dressings viewable by the public but still the people were wary of accepting what the administration was selling.


What will be the future of Obama Care? Will the Obama Care be a successful system or will it really become a fearsome Obama Scare Monster eating up trillions of dollars and bankrupting the American budgets? Will all the postponed features ever be enacted or will the Obama Scare Monster die before it is fully revealed? Perhaps the Obama Scare Monster was never really something which was supposed to be loosed as it never had any real teeth or claws but was simply a sweet pet disguised as a monster in order to scare the public into demanding the government save them and instead of the Obama Scare Monster to give them the sweet and purring healthcare system like the Europeans and Canadians have already implemented. That may be the real secret of Obama Care, that it was presented as a terrifying plan that posed to destroy the American healthcare industry while bankrupting the nation thus forcing the transformation of the greatest healthcare system the world had known into another identical single payer government healthcare system that lurches forward with increasing delays and slowed advancement of medical research and developments. Perhaps the entire idea was to scare the American public into accepting mediocrity in the guise of saving them from an even worse disaster which the Obama administration was threatening to release. The final question is will the American people acquiesce to this devilish plan or demand that government do whatever is required to restore the healthcare industry to its former glorious and proven level by undoing every bit of damage they have wielded. Time will tell but it is hoped that the Americans will demand exceptionalism even if their President refuses to recognize such himself.


Beyond the Cusp


September 28, 2013

Is Healthcare a Right, and If So, What Else Could be a Right?

President Obama this past week once again in his stump speech referred to healthcare as a right in any advanced industrial nation. President Obama was making the argument that all the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was accomplishing would be to usher the United States into the elite group of advanced industrial nations as finally healthcare would be guaranteed for every citizen by the Federal Government. President Obama has often spoken of his healthcare plan as affording Americans another right which should have been among those guaranteed from the outset as the United States strove to be among the most forward nations. This was also part of President Obama’s criticism of the United States Constitution as it being an improper document because it listed restrictions on what the Federal Government was permitted to do instead of listing those things which the Federal Government had to do, particularly those things the Federal Government was required to provide for the people as justification for its existence. The problem with this line of reasoning is that it steals from the people their dignity, self-worth and responsibilities replacing the latter with so-called rights.


The difference between responsibility and rights is very basic and, once understood, quite frightening. Responsibilities are those items which the individual is tasked with providing for themselves and where government is restricted from imposing limitations or obstructions between the people and fulfilling their responsibility to whatever extent they desire. A right is something the government provides and defines exactly what makes up each right, even to the point of denying government’s responsibility, or even forbidding the individual’s right to provide for themselves forcing them to be subservient to government and within those restriction put in place by the government. Obviously, when healthcare is classified as a personal responsibility then each individual is free to provide for themselves and their family as much healthcare as they decide. Often when something is treated as a personal responsibility, the argument goes, there will be those individuals unable to provide for themselves or their family and that is why the government must step up and make it a right so they can receive it from the government. The truth is that without government interference there would be charities which would assist people in need, relatives who would assist in the care of their more needy relatives, and many hospitals, especially those run by religious organizations such as the Catholic Healthcare Systems which provide care at a reasonable cost proportional to a person’s ability to pay while still providing the very best of care. When government supersedes charitable organizations and generosity of the religiously run hospitals and insists on imposing their oversight the level of care is degraded while the cost and time invested in simply documenting and performing to the relevant compliance level the government demands is wasted time which could have otherwise been utilized to treat more patents. When the government replaces the individual’s right to provide for those things which are their responsibility and instead insists that government can accomplish the same level if not a higher level of care than the individual, it will inevitable prove false and result in degraded levels of care across the board with some levels resulting in refusal of care as it would not prove cost effective on the whole to provide everybody with every conceivable level and intensity of care.


But let us simply agree that healthcare should be treated as a right which The Federal Government is required to provide, even though all the government will be providing is health insurance coverage initially, what other items in our lives could just as easily be reclassified as rights instead of being our personal responsibility. The people will have been relegated to a judgment of being incapable of deciding or procuring a level of care sufficient to provide them with a decent quality of life.  If we are to believe the argument that healthcare is so important to the individual’s quality of life that it must be attended to by the government in order to guarantee that they receive a minimal level of care adequate to meet government set standards then what else would also meet such standards? It very easily could be argued, especially with the obesity levels in the United States, that food must be regulated and the decisions made by those qualified to make proper nutritional decisions. President Obama could appoint his wife Michelle to be the Nutritional Health Czar heading a new Cabinet level agency responsible for providing every individual with the appropriate calories, nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and everything else tailored to match their lifestyle and individual requirements. The health benefits of such a system would more than pay for themselves is lower demand upon the government provided healthcare. People could be placed on special diets as recommended by physicians who could work closely with the U.  S. Department of Nutrition and Dietary Health. Every argument given for the need for the government to provide for the people’s healthcare also apply to dietary care and food delivery.


Another necessity which in some ways has already attempted to be provided by the Federal Government with varied amounts of epic failure is housing. Despite the absolute disaster that came along with Federal Housing projects, the arguments remain that people require shelter if they are to maintain a level of healthy living and comfort for which the government could easily set as a standard. Furthermore, housing would also be of immeasurable assistance when the government provided the government chosen, prepared and delivered food for each person’s daily consumption. A person must also have a certain level of shelter from the elements of nature in order to maintain the degree of health desired for each citizen by the government. Then there is a personal need for clothing which is fitting for the season, meets the requirements of their occupation, and has a sufficient level of style to impart at a minimum a modicum of pride and self-respect. To be honest there are very likely solid arguments which can be made for the government to assure almost anything or everything in life meets a minimal level for each individual and consider it a right. But by doing so it would remove every ounce of freedom and personal choice. To put it as simply as possible; individual responsibility produces freedom and independence while group rights produces dependence and enslavement. It comes down to which you would prefer to be, a ward of the government or an individual free to make their own life choices. Be careful what you choose as once you surrender your responsibilities over to the government and expect them to be treated as rights they actually become privileges which the government could just as easily take away as they initially claimed they were capable of providing. So, choose either responsibility for one’s self or surrender to the whims and edicts of what will soon become an out of control government. History has proven this as republics devolved into democracies which inevitably lead to fascist oppressions and enslavement to the state.


Beyond the Cusp


August 14, 2013

Will Delay of Obamacare for a Year Really Matter?

A simple, one word answer would be no. Delaying Obamacare for one year will only make matters worse as it will hide the disastrous and intentionally deleterious effects in order to prevent their being used as an effective campaign slogan. The problem with Obamacare has been kept quiet, though it has leaked past a few lips when certain supporters of Obamacare believed they were speaking to fellow true believers who also support the ends which this poisonous legislation is designed to produce. Very recently Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV.) speaking on  PBS’ Nevada Week In Review answered the query of whether Obamacare was designed to take the United States to a single-payer system, replied, “Yes, yes. Absolutely, yes.” This is pretty much the same guarantee that President Obama spoke of at the AFL-CIO campaign address when he promised that he also favored a single payer health care system and that even though his healthcare plan may not take the United States there immediately, it would take the United States there inevitably. The numbers of people, both experts and lay people, who have read the whole ACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) and related parts of other legislation where certain less popular but vital components of the ACA were passed by attaching them to guaranteed pass legislation grows and they all claim the same results in that the ACA will inexorably lead to the collapse of the health insurance industry and force the United States to adopt a single payer plan with the government as the sole provider as the cataclysmic results will leave the people and the Congress with no alternative when facing the impending collapse of the healthcare industry due to the failures built into the ACA.


The entire plan is a train wreck even beyond what many have predicted. This is not because those making such comparisons believe that there will be anything short of a catastrophic and ruinous disaster destroying the entire underpinnings system that pays for healthcare leaving a complete dearth of solvent insurance providers thus forcing everybody onto the government system. Even the few health insurance providers who are able to survive the initial implementation of the ACA will be eradicated through simple adjustments changing the demands, requirements, and regulations which will force these insurers which had survived to make changes in the plans they offer which according to the ACA will force the holders of these plans onto the government system as the ACA denies the option of changing the benefits of an health insurance and stipulates that should your benefits and coverage provided by your plan be altered, then the insured individual is transferred onto the government plan which is a guarantee that within the first half a decade (my estimate) the result of the ACA will have forced over two-thirds of the American population onto the government plans. Eventually, this will take longer except in the states with the foresight not to set up the health exchanges, the ACA will force the states to also default as the only governmental force which will be able to fund the ACA is the Federal Government, and that is only because the Federal Government can adapt the coverage in order to minimize their costs at the people’s expense. That is the eventual climax of the coming train wreck, the rationing of the healthcare provided by refusing to cover procedures, prescriptions, surgeries, or other related healthcare coverage thus making it fit the amount of funding the Congress decides to budget each year. This will inevitably lead to a virtual closure of the healthcare system as the financial year-end approaches and the funds are exhausted.


This system once enacted and implemented will start the dominoes falling and as the columns keep toppling the dominoes will slowly become larger and larger until each falling domino threatens to destroy the underpinnings of the system and the supports of our health insurance system collapse under the preplanned limitations woven into the regulations of the ACA forcing a healthcare crisis which will have the public demanding the government repair and rescue them. That is the plan built into the ACA just as has been the practice of governments from the very beginning of time, create a shortage or crisis and then come riding to the rescue only to cause another set of even more disastrous problems. Each time the government addresses a problem they inevitably set up the next disaster without even attempting to do so, it seems to be built into the genetic makeup of the politicians and the systems in which they operate. What do we expect when we have non-physicians making medical decisions, non-engineers making the requirements for automobiles, non-architects making building designs, non-carpenters, non-bricklayers, non-construction experts setting building codes, and those making the rules for everything in the real world have absolutely no experience and only the most casual knowledge about the areas in which they make rules, regulations, codes and other requirements? Utter confusion and a series of disasters stretching on into the future without end is the only result one should expect and the ACA will be an example of such in spades.


Beyond the Cusp


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