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May 10, 2019

Why do They Always Target the Jews?


Well, the reason is in the numbers. The Egyptians faced a slave revolt if they did not allow Jews along with non-Jewish individuals to leave as Moses insisted. After a number of plagues, ten to be exact, the Jews were readied for their departure. Well, Pharaoh was not so ready for their departure. What we do not hear about the departure of the Jews from Egypt is that it was a ruse used to set the Jews up for one mighty massacre and the end of those people from history. The Bible tells us the story from a Jewish perspective without inspecting the other potential matters. Why did Pharaoh allow the Jews to leave? First, they need to wonder whether or not Pharaoh was going to use the Jews as an example to keep the remaining slaves (workers) in line and fearful of Pharaoh. Was it actually Pharaoh’s idea to allow the Jews and those supporting their efforts to gather and separate themselves from the rest of the workforce and then slaughter them out in the open and bring Moses and a few others from the leadership back in chains to teach everyone what happens when you mess with Pharaoh? It might have actually worked just as described except for some timely divine intervention. Instead, Pharaoh returned with almost his entire army which left with him to perform his butchery of those upstart Jews dead and left at the bottom of the Red Sea (Sea of Reeds is a modern and potentially incorrect translation). Pharaoh had to explain where his Royal Guards and elite forces were as he left with thousands in his army and returned with maybe fifty top commanders who all spoke of the raw power of the Jewish deity, Hashem, and the splitting of the sea and its closure upon the entire body of their troops. For all we can fathom, anti-Semitism may have been sewn into the psyche of mankind that fateful day when Pharaoh probably had no greater hate than for the slave revolt that defeated him, the most powerful of mankind, defeated by unarmed slaves whose only true weapon was their faith in Hashem.


History is filled with page after page of hatred for Jews. The Bible records much of the revelations of how Jews were particularly despised, though it does downplay such. Then there is the Purim story where Haman almost succeeded in having the Kingdom of Persia massacre the Jewish People. It just might have worked had the Queen of Persia not been a Jewess. The Greeks outlawed the reading of the Torah, circumcision, and numerous other specifics which were holy to the Jews and we practiced them in private. The Roman Empire was the next in line with a plan to wipe these pesky Jews from the face of the earth. It worked just as planned with the Carthaginians and who knows how many others. This method was based on the idea that there could not be a people without their having a homeland. The Romans would disperse the subject people throughout their quite sizeable empire denying them even sufficient people to form even the smallest of a core group. But the Jews had some secret weapons. Their peoplehood was not as dependent upon the land as it was around the Torah and worship of Hashem. As long as they could find ten Jewish males of adult age, they could perform every required law in Torah. Even the Romans were powerless to prevent ten men meeting for a singular purpose. What the Romans did not know was their dispersion of the Jewish People became their protection against genocide. No longer could a regional power or virtually any power be able to destroy the Jewish People as they were spread too far and wide. Never again throughout history to the modern era have all the Jews come under a single power or alliance.


But as for why have the Jews so often been the all but perfect victims, that is a matter of logistics. First off, the Jews have and will probably continue to be a small percentage of the people in any nation. Second is the problem that anti-Jewish animus has always existed even if only amongst the people on the edges of a society. Hitler proved how far one can succeed by simply taking the disgruntled during bad times and turning them into a unified force against an enemy for which they already were prepared to hate, or at least had no really positive feelings towards. Add in the centuries of anti-Semitic hatred found throughout the history of Europe and Christianity as well as the anti-Semitic founding of Islam and you have a ready-made excuse for anti-Semitism throughout most of the world. Add in modern telecommunications and a further spread of anti-Jewish animus is ready to be hatched even in those regions where there is no history of anti-Semitism. There are a few groups within which it will be difficult to inculcate an anti-Semitic core of feelings, and that is amongst the Buddhists as hating any creature is an anathema to them. Still, the seeds of Jew hatred have truly now been spread worldwide and that is one thing which will never be undone for as long as humanity rules this orb.


But why the Jews? Well, since the final revolt against the Romans, which was a very long time ago, there has been almost no large, organized Jewish force and definitely not a Jewish army until the founding of Israel. Part of the worldwide, specifically in the United Nations and Europe, animosity towards Israel is partially a transference of their already existent anti-Semitism and the rest is mostly piling-on. The problem is this “piling-on” has led to instilling anti-Semitic seeds in these nations and many have jumped on the idea that the reason for their problems is easy, it’s the Jews who have subverted their noble leaders’ efforts. With the mainstream world media in a constant dripping of anti-Israel articles, conspiracy theories and lies, the Jews amongst the nations, Israel, has become the new World Jewish Conspiracy upon whom to heap all blame for anything which does not proceed according to plan. Your new five-year economic revitalization plan failed to reach any of its goals, it was because of Jewish support for Israel stealing all the profits as the Jew sent all your profits and our monies to that Jew country, Israel. The temptation to play on what have become the worldwide fears that the Jews are out to control the planet, an idea which was put into writing by the Tsars of Russia with their falsity titled, “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” a conspiracy theory which refuses to die. Actually, it has come to have an unexpected (unless you are as paranoid as I) life of its own with increasing circulation worldwide in our oh-so-sophisticated-modern-societies. The one other item which has never managed to escape every age which makes up history is how the current age is so much closer to universal acceptance. This theme parallels with the theme of superiority of the modern age which has been touted also since Pharaoh and likely before. Every age is the most modern, as it is the now, and is assumed to be the most advanced, the most moral, the most humane and the one which will rid the planet of hate. But first, there will be the calls from the periphery, but first we need to be rid of the Jew if we ever hope to be safe and happy. This too has been part of every age almost from the beginning of time and easily reaching back into prehistory.


But why the Jews? Easy, we dress and identify differently and are a very small but dynamic minority. Further, throughout the ages, Jews have been amongst the most successful in business and numerous other ventures. This means that you get the largest return on your efforts stealing the wealth of the Jews. But probably the biggest other reason is the Jews have been the leaders in the movements for pacification of society, gun control and all the other means of leaving people defenseless. This also has left the Jews mostly defenseless. Add in their making up less than 0.2% of world population. This means for every thousand people in the world, you would expect to find two who are Jews. But as almost half the Jews reside in Israel, this means that the Jews in the rest of the world come closer to 0.1% of their populations. In Nazi Germany at the initial period while Hitler was still rising to power, the Jews were less than one-percent of the population of Germany. The majority of Germans had likely never knowingly met a Jew and thus had no knowledge of Jews or Judaism other than the government propaganda, and through the ages also the propaganda from the Church, both the Roman Catholic Pope and the numerous Protestant denominations as well. The Church became one of, if not the, progenitor of European and Western anti-Semitism. Following in those footsteps, the Protestant Reformation took their anti-Catholic driving force and simply added that to their persecution of the Jews. The Church and the various Protestant denominations seemed to compete one with the other to prove their being the most pious because they had executed, dispossessed and otherwise belittled their Jews the most. The bar had been set quite high after the onset of the Spanish Inquisition.


Then came the real proof that the world was being decided on the backs of the Jews. This is not to imply or otherwise say that the Jews had any say whatsoever in these events. We are referring to the Crusades as a response to the Islamic capture of Jerusalem and the Holy Lands. This was a period where the Christians and the Muslims both agreed upon one basic premise, namely that the Jews were assisting the other side. When the Christians would, say, retake Jerusalem they would execute and torture Muslims and Jews and then when the Muslims retook Jerusalem, they murdered and tortured Christians and Jews. This was a constant which plagued the Jews who remained in the Holy Lands. Fortunately, quite possibly a gift from Hashem, the Romans had dispersed the Jews centuries before guaranteeing their continuation in spite of the executions and other acts in the Holy Lands. This dispersion would actually serve to preserve the Jewish faith rather than destroying it. In the ensuing centuries both the Christian world and the Islamic world would brutalize, murder, torture, expel and force to wear identifying clothing upon the Jews wherever they resided. The initial demand for Jews to wear a yellow marking upon their outerwear was under Caliph Umar II in the early 8th century. The practice was reissued and reinforced by Caliph Al-Mutawakkil (847–861), subsequently remaining in force for centuries. This puts to lie that the Muslim world only learned how to be anti-Semitic from Europeans after World War II. Islam has had anti-Semitism ingrained in their Quran and in the Prophet Muhammad’s acts when alive making the killing of Jews to be a holy act fully endorsed by the Prophet and the Quran. Many modern Muslims believe that should they die murdering a Jew then they are guaranteed to go straight to heaven where they will receive wonderful rewards. This has worked to make the Islamic world very actively anti-Semitic.


There were those who mistakenly believed that when the horrors of the Holocaust and its complete gravity of the Nazi murder mechanisms became known, that this would drive the evil of anti-Semitism from the human race permanently. As it turns out, the neo-Nazis refused to believe the reality claiming that the Holocaust was a Jewish invention to take money from Germany and all the gullible people who would sympathize with the Jews and reinforce their lies. In the Islamic world this became the prevalent position with one twist, that this was used to force Israel onto Arab lands. Many an Arab leader would complain that the Europeans should have provided a place for the Jews likely carved from Germany. They are unswayed by the factual argument that the Jewish State of Israel had been planned at the San Remo Conference and incorporated into the Mandate System by a unanimous vote of the League of Nations soon after World War I. The anti-Semitism of the Islamic world is a very virulent form of the hate and has spread across the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Arab nations and has spread beyond the Islamic world catching on largely by far leftist groups from Asia, specifically the Communist revolutionaries. The rise of Islamic immigrants across most of Europe has taken the hatred of anti-Semitism out of the closet and returned it to center stream Europe. This is also starting to produce a similar rise in the United States.


With the fact about the truth of the warning from the Passover Service that in every generation there will be one who rises against us. This one does not mean the lone crazy but refers to a person who sits in a powerful position with sufficient influence and inroads to the ruling elite to inflict anti-Semitic acts against a greater number of Jews than if they acted largely alone. This admonition has proven to actually have been wise council to have passed down the generations. The unfortunate part is that too many Jews either have never heard this caution or simply believe that the admonition had become history as anti-Semitism was dead. Well, pure, unadulterated and heated anti-Semitic hatred took a rest or even paused for a moment. Most American Jews are just waking to the fact that the demonic anti-Semites are back and show massive confusion on how such could happen. The religious point to the leftist policies of their assimilated brothers and sisters. Those leftists blame it on the religious claiming if they would simply blend into society, then there would be no problem as everyone would accept them because such would make them the good Jews. The second argument is so backwards in its logic, reasoning and conclusions, that we will allow the history to prove that point. During the time of Haman and the Persian Empire, the Jews Haman desired to murder resided in the main cities of the Persian Empire and were completely assimilated while those religious Jews had returned to the Holy Lands and rebuilt the Temple. Those Jews were mostly off of the Haman radar or were included simply to prevent any return of the Jew to Persian lands. The Greeks went the opposite way attempting to force the Jews to assimilate. The Torah explains that the Jews are a stiff-necked people which spoiled the assimilation plan of the Greeks as the majority of Jews remained and did not take up celebrating Greek holidays nor took up Greek practices and idolatry. As explained, the Romans gave destroying the Jewish People their best shot and likely saved the Jews in the future. Beyond Rome we have to tell the truth, half the Jews resided in the MENA regions which came under Islamic world and the other half remained under European rulers. Despite the fact that both sides suffered similar difficulties, many insist on arguing that the Jews had never been persecuted by the Muslims as Islam is the religion of peace. That is only true when the Muslims control a land and have cleansed them from any non-Islamic interests. This rendition of commentary on Islam is what is found in virtually any history or other book which speaks of Islam as the European historians simply accepted whatever their Islamic guides told them and thus Islam was given a complete pass by the majority of European historians. They simply did absolutely no actual in-depth, in-person research as they had no desire to spend time in the deserts of the MENA nations. Whatever they were told, despite it being a complete whitewash of the brutality the Jews faced and, in its stead, described a perfectly civilized people living in peace.


After World War II, anti-Semitism was briefly relegated into the shadows and was largely a plague on the far right. These were the neo-Nazis and the White Supremacists. This has been changing at a consistent rate as these far-right anti-Semites have started to be outpaced by those anti-Semites from the far-left and moving ever closer to being a position of the left. This is a new form of anti-Semitism which professes its innocence from being so labelled because their target does not consist of Jews per se, the target of their acrimonies and enmities is Israel, Israelis and the Zionists who love her. This is but a small smoke-screen behind which they can hide the truth of their hate, it is the new anti-Semitism. Proper and valid complaints about Israel and Israelis is one thing and is not anti-Semitism. What is anti-Semitism, it is demanding that Israel be held to a different and often higher standard than other nations, and that the IDF fight its wars without harming any noncombatant, something not expected from other militaries. These anti-Israeli and anti-Zionist types of anti-Semites will find some singular action and draw attention to this one act claiming it is indicative of the way Jews in Israel act in every case. One of their favorite claims is to turn the Holocaust back upon the Jews by claiming that the Israelis are committing a holocaust on the Arab Palestinians. There is no validity to this absurdity which is proven as the Arab Palestinian population continues to rise, something which would not be impossible if Israel truly desired their slaughter.


The facts never matter when the time comes for demonizing the Jews. Any accusation will be met with howls of more, more guaranteeing that every Jew must be guilty as charged, of course. That is how it starts while at the start the effects are rarely felt since their town did not have any Jews and, after all, we would never know a Jew, we’re better people than that. This is the emotional mindset of not only many a Jew hater, but soon it defines the general public and once it passes a certain point, then it becomes accepted amongst that which is the norm making such views the majority. In all too many Jewish neighborhoods, the common threat is the thought that it could never happen here, we are accepted, we have friends, business associates and are accepted members of the society. How do we know that these are the baseline of the Jews in the United States? Because if there were sufficient numbers of Jews to form a congregation, this was how they perceived the world. No such unadulterated and baseless hatred could ever reach their neighborhood, after all they are accepted, they have tenure and all sorts of awards and their employer loves them, all until that day those “others” came to town with their smart uniforms and guns and we just did what we were told, honest. That is just how “it cannot happen here” dies, in a single early morning, when the train disembarked them. The rest we had no means of preventing and then it was too late. Oh, they were so very sorry sharing your women’s jewelry, moving into your vacant house, driving your cars and taking everything which had been yours. How do you think these former friends who claimed they would die before allowing your being taken to the camps would react to your coming back home? Hint, they really do not wish to answer for their taking everything after you were carted away. What happened in way too many such instances, the returning Jew was shot without any witnesses and with all covering up the crime which soon became a non-event. This was the fate of hundreds of thousands of Jews who became untraceable leaving families and friends without closure or even knowing where their next of kin, their friend died and was buried. This was the result of the last Holocaust and will be the result of even future holocausts as once you make one group of people into non-people, then it is easy to do with such however one pleases. Trust that eventually there will be those who will make yours into a non-people and you will have nowhere to run.


There is one other piece to the puzzle which is something we have found to be true despite continuous criticism that such a statement cannot be made as generally and liberally as we apply this. But Jews are the ultimate pacifists and always the first to stick up for others in our so-called modern age. Gun control, supported by Jews in horrifying numbers often approaching 90% and even higher. The less traditional the congregation, the further left their politics and the more they support disarming everyone. They never quite figure out how the criminals are supposed to be disarmed when convicted felons on parole are often found to be carrying weapons. If they can acquire a weapon, then anybody with sufficient cash can appropriate a weapon, or be taken by a group of thugs. With such people money is only good if you can defend your right to said money. There used to be a pro-gun advertisement which stated that once there is total gun control, then only the criminals will have guns. They left out that also only the government will have guns, but I guess that was covered after all. There are two ideas which go together, leftist socialism and gun control and they both stem from the same weakness, a feeling that one is helpless and requires the state to care of them. This feeling of helplessness is indicative of the prey mindset, everything is a potential threat unless identified as otherwise. The feeling that they are only safe when with the rest of the herd and thus protected. Take a far left liberal outside their comfort zone and they would fall apart, generally, yes, we know there are exceptions, you outliers. What those who just complained that they are made of better stuff, well, guess you just volunteered to protect the rest of the herd. It may not be your job, but it just may be your responsibility if you believe in Judeo-Christian ethics. Quoting, amongst others, Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Sometimes you find your quotes come from the strangest places.


Why is it always the Jews? Well, it actually is not always the Jews. There was the mass murder of the Armenians by the Ottoman Turks, the Ukrainian Genocide of 1932–33 by famine which was induced by Stalin as he stole their food to feed Moscow leaving the Ukrainians next to nothing, the Cambodian genocide under the Khmer Rouge and too numerous other times throughout human history. All too numerous of these events involved the Jews for comfort. What we can place forward is that if there exists Jews in a region, they will take the brunt of any terrorism or assault simply because if you are capable of placing Jews amongst those you are opposing, then you can gain unbridled sympathy from Europe, the United Nations and countless organizations simply by decrying that the Jews and Israel are causing your problems. Truth does not matter. But there has been a constant throughout history, it has almost always been the Jews even where there have been scarcely a Jew to be found, should they find a single Jew, then they will be responsible for all damage from one’s civil war and the Jew will be accused of being responsible for everything claimed by either side in the end. The final draft of any agreement will claim that the Jew owes both sides for the loss of their heritage which both claim that the only Jew either side could find destroyed both. This is basically what Turkey is claiming about the areas along their Syrian border as they extend the Turkish borders southward while slaughtering the Kurds the United States State Department decided were expendable after they destroyed most of the Islamic State for the United States and the world, and what has their reward been? They have been denied again the homelands they too were promised after World War I. The difference being the Jews ignored the United States State Department and fought a war intended for their annihilation and established a flourishing modern nation. The Kurds should be permitted to try and do likewise but the world currently believes that the Arabs and Islam are the future. Everyone is permitted their own beliefs, but not their own facts. Well, that would be true except the State Department of the United States believes that the world will function exactly as they predict it will and all will be wonderful if their predilections ever forge reality. These are the people who originally backed the Nazis, then the Russian Communists followed by the Chinese Communists against the Capitalist Chinese who ended up with Formosa, Taiwan, The State Department backed the Communists even after the collapse as they were sure it would rise like the phoenix from the ashes. It did not rise, at least not yet, but we are sure a number of State Department offices are still waiting with great anticipation. To put things bluntly, it has been a long time since the State Department took the right side or did anything productive, but they keep on taking the wrong side every time or not taking a side at all.


Phoenix Rising from the Ashes Blazing in her Full Flamed Glory

Phoenix Rising from the Ashes Blazing in her Full Flamed Glory


That was why we advised the Kurds to declare their independence and pray that the United States Defense Department decided to assist them, which we are fairly certain they would, the only question being whether or not it would be done fast enough. The Kurds if provided with cover sufficient for their declaration of a nation large enough for all the Kurds from Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey to live under their own government, they would be another base for the American in case of any emergencies in this region and a check on Erdogan’s hopes for forming a greater Turkey on his way to the Second Ottoman Empire. Kurdistan would have provided the Western world with a stopcock preventing Turkish expansion and putting a damper on the Iranian dreams of being the new Persia. Their not declaring their independence will prove as a bane for them and for the United States. Fortunately for all involved, the Jews ignored the British, the United Nations and the United States State Department and went ahead with building, rebuilding their state home of Israel as best they could. Granted they were required to fight six allied Arab nations who were being advised by the British and German officers who were against the Jews ruling themselves anywhere, let alone where prophesy claimed they would return and rebuild their national homelands. This will persist as the main target for those who oppose the Jews as Israel is the huge poster with the target and bullseye painted upon it.


Beyond the Cusp


May 9, 2019

Popping the Myths of Israeli War of Independence


We do not care how the wars sporadically started and stopped from May 15, 1948 onward with them lasting into mid 1949 before attaining armistices. Peace would be coming later with Egypt and even later Jordan, while technically Israel is still in a state of war with the other four Arab invading nations; Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria. Don’t worry if you did not realize this, probably a fair number of Israelis are unaware of the fact Israel is still at war. There are likely a set of armistice agreements ending hostilities, but we were unable to find any reference to such between Israel and Iraq or Saudi Arabia. Perhaps we will have to settle with the fact they are not shooting at us currently and be happy with that. But the Arab-Israeli War of 1948-9 was not born in a vacuum, there were a series of initiatives which were rejected outright and even the United Nations sought some settlement which also failed and so much more to talk about and see how we got to where we are today, celebrating our independence which was established the nightfall before the dawn brought on the war. So, where do we begin.


What is difficult to believe, but just the same is true, there was a point in time when the Arab world welcomed the founding of the Jewish State and agreed over borders and everything. The year is 1920, late April to be more accurate, in beautiful San Remo, Italy where the San Remo Conference set up the preliminaries for the Mandate System. Included in this were two Mandates which are of interest to our telling, the French and British Mandates. These were set along with Italian and Spanish holdings (see map below). France was charged to form a Christian State and an Arab State while Britain was charged with establishing a Jewish State and subsequently also an Arab State. France divided their region forming Syria (Arab) and Lebanon (Christian) while Britain divided its region into Jordan (originally Transjordan and Arab) and Israel (originally referred to as Palestine and Jewish). The French attempt to make a Christian state in Lebanon was fragile from the very beginning and is close to becoming ruled by Hezballah who has military control and shares Parliamentary control. Were things to come to a head in Lebanon, the Christians would be hard pressed to mount any resistance to a complete Islamic takeover. The British never actually established a Jewish state and instead simply announced they were pulling out as of mid-May 1948 and washing their hands of whatever developed.


Colonial Structure Post World War I defined by Treaties from initial surrender in 1919 through the San Remo Conference setting up the Mandate System in 1922 plus Sykes-Picot redrawing of much of the Middle East

Colonial Structure Post World War I defined by Treaties from initial surrender in 1919 through the San Remo Conference setting up the Mandate System in 1922 plus Sykes-Picot redrawing of much of the Middle East


This is where we start our story, the British are leaving and, on their way out, they are confiscating as many weapons as they can find in Jewish towns and Kibbutzim and for expediency’s sake, they are turning these weapons over to the Arab towns which were preparing to join the war against the Jews. The evening of May 14, 1948, Jewish day begins at sundown, so for Israelis it is the next day while the remainder of the world insists on daybreak or midnight, but it is almost sundown of May 14, 1948, or 6 Iyyar, 5708 on the Hebrew Calendar. So, it is Friday, May 14, 1948 at 4 PM, a full eight hours before the official end of the British Mandate, David Ben Gurion read out Israel’s Declaration of Independence at a moving ceremony at the Tel Aviv Museum (video below). There was no shooting, no artillery, no tanks, just celebratory cheers, singing of songs and general state of joyous exhilaration from the Jewish and even some Arab towns, farms and villages. That was it, the official beginning to the Jewish State followed by recognitions which can be viewed here. The celebrations carried on into the morning, especially in Tel Aviv. The Jews and their Arab friends knew what the morning was likely to bring, so they made the most of the few hours of peace that remained.



The next morning was to bring an assault with an intent which we have found was best described so succinctly by Azzam Pasha, Secretary-General of the Arab League at that time, who stated, “It will be a war of annihilation. It will be a momentous massacre in history that will be talked about like the massacres of the Mongols or the Crusades.” This was what was intended by the six Arab armies from Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq and Jordan which were perched on every border just awaiting the command or simply the sun to rise so they could swarm across the lands on their way to the Mediterranean Sea wiping the Jews from the land retaking the region for Allah. Their invasion routes can be seen on the map below. For weeks ahead of the morning of May 15, 1948, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini implored the Arabs who were living between the Arab forces and the Mediterranean Sea, in Israel in simple terms, to evacuate to behind the Arab lines for their safety. His claim was this would permit the Arab armies to simply slaughter every single person they came upon. There were exceptions, namely those Arab villages and towns which were to assist the Arabs by sabotaging Israeli supply and communication lines and ambushing the Israelis from behind as they faced the Arab armies advance. The Mufti promised that the Arabs could follow the armies to the sea and partake of the riches of the Jews and all the spoils of war. This was awaiting the next morning after the joyous celebratory evening and night of the Jewish People returning to their ancestral homelands after approximately a two-thousand-year absence of Jewish rule over these lands. There was great joy and few worried about the next day, but there were the select people who did exactly that as they were the ones who were to defend this precious return.


Initial Invasion Routes by Arab Armies on May 15, 1948

Initial Invasion Routes by Arab Armies on May 15, 1948


This was, very simply put, an Arab initiated war of intended annihilation, not Israel’s War of Independence. Israeli independence came the second David Ben Gurion finished his speech. There was no war necessary. Israel had been declared and that should have been the end of everything except for the celebrations. There was no war, the Jews did not make some amphibious assault on the beaches and push the Arabs out of their nation of Palestine. There was no nation of Palestine and the Jews were already in the land with many having come in the late 1800’s and others who could trace their ancestry back to the times of Kings Saul, David and Solomon. These were the Jews who the Romans had allowed to remain and had resided in these lands for over three-thousand-years. That is an impressive family history to be able to recount, and they can do exactly that. Others returned over the centuries and had resided in these lands for hundred upon hundreds of years. Whenever the British had used the term Palestine or Palestinian, they were referring to Israel and the Jews. The Palestine Post became the Jerusalem Post, the Palestine Philharmonic Orchestra became the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra and so on with names of banks, hardware stores, plumbing businesses and so much more. The Arabs had their own reference at that time, they were referred to as Arabs or Jordanian, Syrian, Egyptian, Iraqi or whatever nation their family names implied. The first time any Arab became a Palestinian was with the birth of the PLO in 1964. Why did the Arabs decide to take the mantle of Palestinians? That is easy to figure out once you understand the history, they intended to steal the history of the Jews claiming that the Arabs were the ones called Palestinians and the Jews were called, well, they never said what the Jews were called because their intent was always to be rid of them so who cares what names they were called by, anyway, that would just confuse things. Their hope was that nobody would bother with the actual history and they could pull a fast one. Well, what timing, just as the Western World decided not to actually teach history, the Arabs bet that nobody would know history, what timing.


World Recognition of Israel

World Recognition of Israel


Well, the celebrations ended rather abruptly around dawn as the first shots fired by the advancing Arab armies starting what would be more appropriately called The Arab War of Intended Annihilation instead of the Israeli War of Independence. Israeli independence had already been established and the war was over whether Israel would continue to exist or be killed at her birthing. The other misleading tale was that Israel won this war and took over additional lands. The only way this would have been true would be if Israel had extended her rule across the Jordan River, over the Golan Heights, into Lebanon and into the Sinai Peninsula. None of these were the result. What happened instead was Israel lost control of lands which included the Golan Heights, the Shomron (Jordan controlled this renaming it the West Bank) and the Gaza Strip which Egypt took control over. These are that troubling thing called facts. When the Arabs show maps showing Israel gaining land, they use the map of the plan offered by the United Nations in the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine under United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181. This was a nonbinding resolution which suggested a division of the land into Arab and a Jewish states. The Israelis were willing to accept this partition but the Arab League refused the plan planning on the annihilation of the Jews in its stead. When a United Nations General Assembly Resolution is rejected by any of the parties involved, it is forever negated and considered void as if it had never been proposed. So, the Arab League refusal ended any application of the division and the lands reverted to the original borders which was the Jordan River and the border between the Negev Desert and the Sinai Peninsula and the Golan Heights (see maps below). The armistice lines have become the Arab definition of what the Israeli borders should revert to now despite when they were agreed upon the Arab League insisting that these armistice lines were not to ever be interpreted or expected to be actual borders. Their intent was to deny the existence of Israel as it did not have actual borders. Now they demand a return by Israel to those armistice lines so they can have a redo on the Six Day War, another war which was intended to destroy the Jewish State which failed. During the June 1967 Six Day War, Israel liberated the lands lost in 1948-9 as well as gaining the Sinai Peninsula and some claim the Golan Heights.


Resolution 181 Division, Israel on the morning of May 15, 1948, Israel after the War and losing lands of Gaza and West Bank

Resolution 181 Division,
Israel on the morning of May 15, 1948,
Israel after the War and losing lands of Gaza and West Bank


That is why calling the war which began the morning of May 15, 1948, the Israeli War of Independence is actually a misnomer. Israel would have had her independence even had the Arabs not attacked that morning as she had declared her independence the afternoon before. The celebrations had gone on well into the night and even until the Arabs invaded the established nation of Israel. A better name for this war might be the Arab War of Intended Annihilation of Israel or the Failed Arab War to Erase Israel. Now that war is being fought by Arab proxies of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza which might be named Hamastan. Over the years, the Arab world acquired great amounts of financial assistance from the Western nations along with the United Nations and for a while the Soviet Union into the coffers of these terror entities all with the hope of peace or an end to Israel. Many of those contributing to these entities desired the latter while all claimed otherwise simply claiming they desired for the Palestinian Arabs to have their homeland back. There never has been an Arab homeland or a nation called Palestine and the main reason that so many Arabs resided in what became Israel was due to the British in cooperation with the Arab League kept moving Arabs into the land to prevent the Jews from being able to declare their homeland. The Palestinian Arab refugee problem is largely, if not entirely, due to the Arabs heeding the Mufti and then when the fighting was over, instead of allowing them to return, something Israel was willing to allow, they placed their brothers and sisters into refugee camps and have kept them there ever since. They basically incarcerated just over six-hundred-thousand fellow Arabs in these camps. Over the ensuing decade, the Arab world expelled over eight-hundred-thousand Jews after denuding them of all assets and anything of worth which Israel took in and remarkably simply incorporated every last one into their society despite much hardship and difficulty. Israel did not incarcerate them permanently in camps to use as a political weapon against the Arab nations which expelled them, Israel accepted their fellow Jews with mixed joy and hardship but in the end, we are all living together mostly in harmony. Give Israel another fifty years and there will be no differentiating who came originally from where and there will be more Israelis like myself with a European father and an Arab national origin mother. In my case it was due to World War II as my British father fought in Burma and when injured he was treated in Bombay (Mumbai) where he met my Iraqi origins mother, and the rest is history. The majority in Israel is simply a case of opposites attract and Jews are intermarrying which will allow us to become completely reinstituted as a single people whose histories and futures are forever to be intertwined.


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March 31, 2019

Jewish Disconnect Between Israel and America

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The disconnect is only superficially due to politics, though this does play an important role. The real difference needs be told, one separate from the other. The reason is that the disconnect has different roots in each sphere. The first thing which needs to be admitted is that the Jews in the United States are not all left wing, progressives belonging to the Democrat Party. There are a number of Republican Jews who are conservative in the United States who pale in numbers compared with the liberal Jewish establishment. There are leftist Jews in Israel who are of a sizable presence largely centered around Tel Aviv and most of the remainder in Jerusalem. This is not to claim that there are none in our little corner, we have some dear friends who hold leftist views. What is amazing is that though leftist Israeli Jews probably agree with their fellow liberal Jews in the United States on most social issues, they differ when it comes to the anti-Israel and anti-Zionist leftist radical in the United States. The conservative minority in the United States is more closely aligned with the conservative Jews in Israel with few exceptions beyond some religious perceptions about Israel and whether she should have waited for the Messiach to come and found the new Jewish State (there are some Jews in Israel who actually agree with this sentiment). This article will be dealing largely with the liberal and leftist Jews in the United States as they are the majority and the nationalist-conservative Jews in Israel as they are also the majority (though not by as great a percentage though that is changing).


The first thing is evidenced on numerous college and university campuses where young Jews protest Israel and tout the Arab Palestinian mantras all of which are calls for the destruction of Israel as the Jewish State. There are numerous American Jews who would need to be pushed forcefully before they would ever consider making Aliyah and moving to Israel. They believe that the United States is the new “Promised Land” and that Israel is simply a quaint little nation which is nice but not really anything central to their lives. This is a fiction which has infected the Jews time and time again throughout the ages. The Jews are a people whose desire to find perfection of the human society which often leads them astray. The Jews are often at the forefront of new ideas, be they societal or political and, as both things go through cycles, they often are treading on ground which was traveled before and ended with the same tragedy which their new great hope will eventually reach. Perhaps some bit of an explanation with recorded historical realities will make this more clear.


Everyone has probably heard the Exodus story about how the Jews were led by Moses from slavery in Egypt to the Promised Land of what is today Israel. What was likely left out of the telling is that not all the Jews left Egypt with Moses. Jewish oral history notes that approximately twenty-percent of the Jews left Goshen and Egyptian rule to take what must have seemed to be a perilous trek across the desert and through numerous lands each with their own peril. The greater majority chose to remain in Egypt where food was plentiful, their days were ordered by their Egyptian rulers, and they had few decisions or responsibilities for leading their own lives. Further, Egypt, for them, was the great empire which would last forever and was the future and the easier road to salvation. One may ask what ever happened to those Jews who remained in Egypt. They assimilated and were never hear from again. Those Jews who do not heed Hashem’s call to follow the proper path will find themselves cutoff from their brothers and sisters only to perish from the history of the Jewish People. Even those who left Egypt with Moses did not all take the entire journey to the Promised Land and skipped the forty years in the desert. We know this as there has been Jewish styled artifacts found in the Greek Isles along with other items from periods well before Alexander the Great unified the Grecian city-states. These artifacts even predated the First Temple. Those who went with Moses are the lineage of the modern Jews.


After reaching the Holy Lands, the Jews had a long and fruitful number of centuries before there came a divide over who was the rightful heir to the throne after King Solomon. The kingdom split and became the northern Kingdom of Israel consisting of ten tribes and their priesthood and the Kingdom of Judea which consisted of two tribes and their priesthood. The northern kingdom was conquered by the Assyrians and was lost until modern times and was referred to as the ten lost tribes of Israel. The southern kingdom of Judea was eventually conquered by the Babylonians. The Babylonians fell to the Persian Empire led by Cyrus the Great who allowed the Jews to return to the Promised Land and were told to rebuild their Temple. Once more we are told that a mere twenty-percent of the Jews returned with the remainder enamored with the greatness of Persia. These Jews were all but assimilated believing that Persia was the entire future of humankind. These Jews got a reality check from which we get the story of Purim. Hamas convinced the king that the Jews were disloyal and supported their kingdom over his rule. The king ordered that the Jews be exterminated only to find out his queen was a Jewess. The king them allowed the Jews to defend themselves on the ordered day for their extermination and the Jews prevailed. Still, these Jews did not all immediately pick up and head for Jerusalem. A mere pittance, a remnant, chose to return to the Promised Land.


Persian Empire Capital of Persepolis

Persian Empire Capital of Persepolis


Persia fell and on came Alexander the Great and the Greek Empire. Once again, there were a large percentage of the Jews living in the Promised Land who were mystified by the Greeks and their philosophy. These Jews were referred to as Hellenistic Jews though their attachment to Judaism was far from perfect. Many Jews became so overcome by the Greeks and they believed that this was the end of history and surely the Greek Empire would rule the world. Well, then came Rome and the Roman Empire with its glory and wealth and again Jews left their faith in the belief that this must surely be the new age which would last eternally. These Jews disappeared when Rome fell or held out until Byzantium fell. The Jews who have remained loyal to their faith, as well as any other Jews the Romans felt were undesirable, were dispersed throughout the Roman Empire with some sold into slavery to peoples outside of the empire. This was largely responsible for the Jews ending up spread throughout Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa.


Here again, the Jews ended up split into two separate groups each with their own difficulties. Many are very familiar with the trial and tribulations faced by the Jews across Europe and Russia. They faced pogroms, forced conversions, inquisitions, purifications and expulsions often sending them almost all the way across Europe seeking a safe refuge to restart their lives. The Jews who lived in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) were soon ruled by the Caliphate as the Islamic Empire spread across the MENA region. These Jews also faced persecution which is seldom recorded in history as the European historians accepted what they were told by the Muslims as the reality and that everybody lived in peace and harmony. This is what is referred to as Taqiyya. Jews under Islamic rule, same as Christians, were persecuted and faced forced conversions. Whenever things went awry and times were difficult, whether in Europe or under Islamic rule, the Jews were often the scapegoat and faced threats to their existence often resulting in mass executions. Such times could be economic, a plague, famine, floods or any calamity whether manmade or natural. The difficulties faced by these Jews resulted in many converting both under duress and by choice seeking to improve their lives. Even after conversion, former Jews were watched with suspicion that they were secretly practicing Judaism, and some actually were such as the Moranos of Spain during the Inquisition.


Taqiyya defined in plain and simple easy to understand terms

Taqiyya defined in plain and simple easy to understand terms


The Jews residing in the region of MENA faced the perils of the Islamic and later the Ottoman Empires with the additional challenges Jews faced virtually everywhere on the globe. The Jews of Europe spread to the New World along with their respective countries as they established colonies. This simply served to spread the Jews even further around the world. Back in Europe, the Jews faced new threats and found new saving ideas and movements which they joined often with great hopes. One such cause was Communism which a number of Jews supported believing the ideals of community and shared property would bring equality and they expected acceptance. That was short lived as Stalin would enact numerous laws which victimized Jews and the Soviet Pogroms were just as horrific as were the pogroms under the Czars. The one deception which can be attributed to the Czars was the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. What was one of the most damning things about the purges of Jews by Stalin and the Holocaust by the Nazis was the fact that Stalin blamed the Jews for the rise of fascism while Hitler blamed the rise of Communism on the Jews. Often, when looking at Jewish history, it is a story of damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Also as part of the Jewish history in Europe, it included being forced from the British Isles, the Spanish Inquisition, the purification of France and of Italy and numerous other persecutions by one nation after another. The Jews were blamed for the plague, droughts, economic difficulties and even for practicing the only trades they were permitted, as most European nations forbid Jews owning land as land equaled wealth. The main profession other than trades of smithing, tailoring, butchering and the like, was exchanging money and allowing for trade outside of bartering as well as providing capital for investing. They were accused of usury often when a person of prominence was unable to repay their loan and decided that the solution was to blame the Jew who lent them the capital as having the Jew killed or run out of town freed them from their debt, read the Merchant of Venice written by William Shakespeare who wrote the tale in a period while Jews were barred from Britain. The truth is that for the most part, the Jews never saw their lives in Europe or across MENA as living in the age which was the end of history and capable of ruling the world and accepting them.


This brings us to the New World and in particular, the United States. Many American Jews believe, as their forefathers had mistakenly believed before them, that the United States was the future and the new Promised Land. This did have periods of difficulty but the United States despite not fully accepting the Jews until most recently, still allowed the Jews to enjoy all the freedoms and opportunities, even if some businesses refused to hire Jews. There was that brief but traumatic episode with General Grant and his General Order No. 11 (1862) which ordered the expulsion of all Jews in his military district, comprising areas of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Kentucky. General Grant laid the blame for black market activity, largely regarding cotton, on the Jews and ordered their expulsion and the confiscation of their lands and properties. The order was rescinded by President Lincoln, but not before most of the damage was done. After the Civil Rights movement gained equal rights for minorities, the Jews became convinced that at long last they had found the new age and the perfect land where they could remain and live in perfection. There have been some number of American Jews who have made Aliyah and live in Israel, probably well under twenty-percent which has historically been the norm. The Jews were not alone this time in their belief the time for the end of history has arrived. Francis Fukuyama, an American political and economic scientist, wrote a book titled, “The End of History and the Last Man” after the fall of the Soviet Union claiming that war and human conflict were not likely in the future as Capitalism had proven superior and there were no future discordances as all the important and potential for conflict had reached their definitive solution. He claimed that with the fall of Communism and the Soviet Union and the end of Fascism after World War II, all the opposition to liberal democratic capitalistic philosophy had been eliminated. Unsurprisingly, Mr. Fukuyama has reached a momentous conclusion, he has postponed the end of history.


There has been a rise anti-Semitism throughout the Western World and beyond. Most of the nations within MENA expelled their Jews after the founding of Israel in protest of the founding. This may have backfired as these over three-quarters of a million Jews into Israel and their descendants make up approximately half of the Israeli population. As an aside, we have seen the mixing of the European Jews with the MENA Jews which will make Israel truly a nation of a united and unique Jewish nation. There have been genetic studies which have shown that the European Jews are genetically similar with the same genetic roots as the MENA Jews. The similarity was to such an extent that those who conducted the studies were shocked at their findings as they were expecting that these two groups which had been separated for almost two millennia would definitely have departed genetically and it was next to impossible. Their conclusion decided that the Jews placed such an importance at marrying within the faith, that despite their residing apart would have led to their drifting apart through intermarriage and other means which would have led to genetic differences. The remaining Jews outside of Israel now reside predominantly in Europe and North America with pockets found spread around the globe. This is why the rise in anti-Semitism is mostly relegated to these two areas as well as the few pockets. This was brought to a head with the recent blowup over the anti-Semitic tropes used by recently elected Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. Despite this extremely public display, it has had a fairly little if any effect in the American Jewish community. Many Jewish communities within the United States are, unfortunately, excessively insular where they act very much as an echo chamber which ignores much of the outside world beyond their work. This was just the apex of the rising anti-Semitism which was evidenced by rising attacks on Jews in Brooklyn in some of the most heavily Jewish areas. These attacks are simply the tip of the iceberg which is being underplayed by the American Jews as it impinges upon their belief that the United States is the Promised Land and it will be the great haven for Jews forever into the future. If only they were correct, such would make even the Jews in Israel happy, as we want only the best for all of our brethren.


The one quirk is that most of the Jews in Israel also see America through rose-colored glasses thinking that it is a golden land. Apart from they are correct, that is now and we can only wonder about the future. Were this to be true, it would be the first nation in history to break the Tytler Cycle (see below) which presents the stages societies have historically followed. Many of the ancient societies only were able to go around this cycle once before they were overrun by the next rising empire on their initial pass around the Tytler Cycle. The Jewish people have been around this circle far too many times and should have learned, but Jews are optimists if nothing else. Well, most Jews are optimists and our editor is the exception that proves the rule. But our editor is an exception in too many ways to even list. Any in-depth study of history proves the validity thus far in human experience of the Tytler Cycle, especially with the rise and fall of the early empires, the numerous rising and collapses of China and Japan, the rise and fall of the numerous European nations with some making their way around the circle more than once. There are arguments as to where on the cycle one finds the United States. The different opinions place it anywhere from Complacency to Apathy with some claiming Dependence. Jews in Israel have a view of the United States which is probably looking at her as she was a couple of decades ago and also refuse to recognize the rising anti-Semitism. Perhaps this is a blindness which has plagued Jews over all of history which would explain to some extent why they remain in nations and do not leave at the first signs that their acceptance is crumbling before their eyes. Whatever the reason, the next decade or two will be very crucial in determining whether or not the Jews have any future in the United States. Should the political climate, especially on the left where the majority of the Jews align, continue in taking the tack which recent events may be a preview, Jews will face an end to their acceptance in the United States. This will also shock the majority of Israeli Jews who believe that the United States and Israel are attached at the hip and never to part. They believe that America has always been a staunch ally of Israel completely oblivious to the fact that the United States did not begin to support Israel militarily until the early 1970’s. We know this because we have had to prove this repeatedly. This is their corollary to the belief that Israel cannot survive without the aid provided by the United States. We discussed this in depth here. As we have predicted, the day will come, and in the not that distant a future, when the aid from the United States will cease and it will probably do so precipitously and, in the eyes of most Israelis, with little or no warning signs. That is the extent of their willful blindness.


Tytler Cycle of Power in Governance

Tytler Cycle of Power in Governance


So, what are our conclusions from all of these presumed observations? This is where we often get into deep trouble. The most obvious is that America and Israel will probably go their separate ways after a messy divorce which will astonish Jews in both nations if not the entire globe. It will not be long after this that Jews start to find that they are not as welcome in many of the cities within the United States. There will be a slow but steady increase in acts of anti-Semitism in the United States only slightly lagging behind the same across Europe. Along the road to this end, the Jews will find themselves supplanted in the Democrat Party by Islamic interests. Jews will find themselves endangered on college and university campuses as one of the earlier warning signs. Synagogues will initially require guards when holding services and eventually require around the clock active protection provided by security companies who will place guards, and later armed guards, to protect them from attack. The same will occur for Jewish schools, daycares and organizational headquarters. Then their homes will come under attack and they will be advised to remove their mezuzahs from their doors for their safety as was temporarily advised for the Jews residing in the North of London or as happened in a community in San Francisco. (This article gives a summary of some of the incidents where this has occurred) With time, more American Jews will end up following their European counterparts in making Aliyah to Israel. The reality is that once the United States does turn on their Jews, other than Israel there will be no safe place to run. The world is going to spit out their Jews one region after another and the Jews in each place will be shocked and astonished with many not understanding what has happened and why they are being treated as they are. This has already struck the Jewish members of the British Labour Party despite the protestation of Jeremy Corbyn; the person one might claim is the ringmaster of the quickly rising anti-Semitism within the British left and the one facilitating the cover-up. At some point, the United States will have telegraphed the coming Jewish apocalypse when their support for Israel rapidly dries up and Israel is cast adrift by the United States. For this reason, we have advised as many as we are able to reach that Israel must begin to produce her own armaments, aircraft, ships, submarines and all other military equipment as she will soon find herself without any true friends. We realize that between nations there is no such thing as friends, simply nations with shared interests which are always subject to change. Israel is going to find that these shared interests are going to be changing and doing so rather fast unless the world takes a turn and alters its current trajectory. This coming alteration in the world and its alignments is a subject which we are likely to come back to from time to time with an ever-greater urgency as we see the approaching tipping point. Currently, this point is outside of our vision but the warning signs are so evident that its inevitability unfortunately appears to be unavoidable. Many Israeli and American Jews will be shocked by the progressing events and will refuse to believe those who predict them. Just as Jews were late in fleeing the Nazis, the Spanish Inquisition, the edict in Persia, the pogroms under the Czar and the purges under Stalin in Russia and so many other periods and times when they could have avoided torture, dispossession, expulsion and death, so will they remain in denial across Europe and in the United States and elsewhere never believing it could happen here. This was the response which Ze’ev Jabotinsky met when he warned the Jews in Eastern Europe that they needed to leave and move to the Promised Land even if they had to walk the entire way when he visited in the early 1930’s. This has been the reaction we have received from Jews we spoke with about this in the United States before we came to Israel and was also the reaction we received from our gentile friends. There is one gentleman with whom we are in steady contact who also denied what was coming and has told us, “You were right again and why don’t I ever believe you about these things.” We have faith he will learn before it is too late. We just hope that the Jews in the various regions, as they turn ugly, realize in time to safely relocate and return home to Israel. One last cautionary note, even after virtually every Jew has left the world and returned to Israel, Israel will still be the nation most scorned and regularly condemned by the United Nations, its various agencies and the vast majority of the nations on the planet despite her continuing to share her advancements, discoveries, innovations, medical procedures, computing software and the other various areas where Israel is one of the leading nations in such improvements.


Beyond the Cusp


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