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February 21, 2016

When Islamic State Comes, Who’re You Going to Call


We have all seen the heart-wrenching videos placed with their idea of bravado, aplomb, pride, expecting admiration and approval with their destruction of museums, antiquities and the complete eradication of the ancient city of Palmyra. Below are some stills of its former glory and magnificence and its last moment before going to its afterlife where it will hopefully meet its peoples in one of those numerous unfathomable dimensions the physicists keep claiming are all around us doing things they cannot find or understand but their math claims they exist. As a math major, I now understand the need for Riemannian’s analytic geometry; drive physicists out of their minds. They are only playing in ten to twenty-six dimensions when in math you must make proofs for n-dimensions which makes theories a bit gnarly as well as lengthy. The Islamic State barbarians have destroyed entire museums where some of the oldest and only examples of ancient writings and artifacts existed. Complete histories have been destroyed, stolen from posterity. They base their destructions on the thinking that anything older than Islam and not complimentary of the Quran as they interpret it through their chosen hadiths, then it has no value or reason to be preserved. They live and die by a creed which allows for no other knowledge than the Quran and Islamic writings, and solely Sunni Islam as even other forms of Islam are considered to be heretical. Their world would use weapons of modernity but destroy the science and knowledge required to replace or produce more and then wonder why their cause will necessarily be defeated. The question is made starkly simple, how much longer will the developed world and those who have any hope for a future of an enlightened society wait and allow the barbarous destructions to come to the areas which grow ever larger where Islamic State rules through violence and rejection of the comforts and advances in medicine, science, agriculture and any advances made in the past ten centuries and further if Islamic State is permitted to realize their dream of a world Caliphate under their rule. Such a world could not even accommodate the population of Asia, let alone the world. A world under the Islamic State would by necessity require a seventy percent or more decrease of the earth’s population in order to remain viable, fed and supported. The vision of the Islamic State has already murdered tens of thousands of people if not hundreds of thousands and surprisingly the majority of their victims have been Muslims who simply did not measure up to their standards, whatever those may be. Imagine for a moment the Islamic State possessing nuclear weapons and the intercontinental ballistic missiles to deliver them. Does anybody believe for a second that they would not set them to flight targeting the main cities of the infidel? We’re talking the annihilation and destruction of as many major metropolises with the predictable losses of life. As the vast majority of those who would be murdered in such a series of nuclear infernos would not be Muslims and by Islamic State standards the majority of Muslims would not be sufficiently Islamic to avoid being murdered in any purge that would follow the takeover by the Islamic State. The Islamic State would console these victims of their use of nuclear weapons with telling them they were fortunate to die as shahids, martyrs for Islam.


Palmyra in its Former Splendor and Complete Destruction

Palmyra in its Former Splendor and Complete Destruction


The possible next threat to historic sites and structures could be everything between the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, the Holy Land. The entrance has already been primed and the first jihadist from Gaza has been identified. The family of Islamic State Gazan Mufleh As’ad Abd al-Wahed Abu Aadra, aka Abu Abdullah, who was killed in or near Tripoli, Libya received notice of his death on February 15, 2016. There were no particular specifics about the circumstances of his death as reported by the Ma’an News Agency on February 16, 2016 where it was stated that he died during fighting. There have been reports of Hamas cooperating with Islamic State fighters in the Sinai Peninsula. There have been reports of occasional rocket launches from within the Sinai Peninsula for which the Islamic State and Hamas have claimed joint cooperation in these attacks. That begs the question of how long before Hamas is forced to swear loyalty to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (Arabic: أبو بكر البغدادي) and be reenforced by Islamic State fighters and equipment thus creating a greater danger for Israel. As horrific such a threat could and would cause for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), that would be marginal compared to the threat if the Islamic State were to replace the Palestinian Authority. Oddly enough that threat is minimized as long as Mahmoud Abbas remains in power and there is no peace forming an Arab Palestinian State which would potentially force the IDF from sizeable area of Judea and Samaria (West Bank) leaving them vulnerable to Islamic State infiltration followed by their takeover. If the Arab Palestinian State included the Old City and Temple Mount in East Jerusalem, Hevron, Bethlehem, Shechem, as well as numerous, nearly countless, sites from Jewish history and numerous graves, moseleums and other physical locations which are precious to Judaism and Christianity, these sites would be destroyed without a moment’s thought. Without any IDF presence their would be little to prevent a forceful takeover as the probability that many, of not the vast majority, of Palestinian Security Forces would be highly likely to actively work with the Islamic State than they would be to resist such a takeover. Once Mahmoud Abbas slips the mortal coil and leaves this world, there would be a hue and cry for elections which might be hijacked by the Islamic State. Abbas being protected by the Palestinian security forces might be sufficient but in all liklihood, without the presence of the IDF providing intelligence information and security in both Areas B and C while Area A is under Arab Palestinian force protection which is still very dependent on Israeli intelligence. In many ways the continued rule of the Palestinian Authority in place and not just a pawn of the Isamic State depends just as much on Israeli assistance as their intelligence gathering capabilities are limited. There have been numerous times where Hamas, and other operatives, could effect the security of the citizens under the Palestinian Authority (PA) or even assassinations of Palestinian leadership, priming a takeover by the Islamic State and thus threatening Israel. Such an eventuality is something the Israelis need to address in the immediate and not some time on the distant future.


Logic would dictate that Islamic State would necessarily need to conquer Jordan in order to reach the Jordan River to cross into Arab PA areas but that has already been proven incorrect as Israel already has needed to remove an Islamic State cell in Samaria. The cell was made up of two Islamic State terror operatives with five Hamas terrorists rounding out the team though the released indictment stated the cell was seven Arab Palestinians planning on terrorist strike within Israel against Druze Israelis and then escaping to Syria to join with Islamic State forces there. Other reports have surfaced of the Islamic State presumably recruiting in the PA and of Arab Palestinians forming cells independently planning on joining the Islamic State. These reports show that the Islamic State has sufficient Arab support to simply call for a massive uprising against Mahmoud Abbas under the reasoning that he has become weak and is actually working with the Israelis and corrupting Islam. They could further implicate Abbas and the rest of the higher level and more successful Palestinians of having made their wealth by denying the people proper use of resources and funds with which they have enriched themselves and a select group of business people who make up the chosen elite who make their millions of dollars off the back and suffering of their fellow Muslims. This might succeed if the Islamic State can also make some inroads with the PA security forces and particularly turn members of Force 17 who are the elite units responsible for the security of Mahmoud Abbas and other top PA members. Probably the most outlandish example of opulence would be the residence of Mohamad Abdel-Hadi Pictured below. Granted, this particular residence has to be an aberration from the norm even for the highest ranking amongst the Arab Palestinian society. There probably are not that many who live this lavishly while the rest of the society lives impoverished lives living in squalor of the refugee camps. Such flagrant ostentatious a display of wealth would necessarily engender great resentments and make infiltration and turning of the society against its leaders who were so obviously ignoring their suffering.


Opulent Residence of Mohamad Abdel-Hadi

Opulent Residence of Mohamad Abdel-Hadi


This is where the Arab Palestinian society goes completely off the rails as there are those who are making for themselves a decent wage. Many of the new and upper middle class Arab Palestinians make their higher wages working for the Israeli businesses built and run in the parts of Judea and Samaria which is often referred to by its less Jewish name of West Bank. These are the very same companies and factories which the European Union and now also the United States have started marking as separate from items from Israel and are demanded to be clearly marked made in the West Bank. For many European and American consumers such labels will only make the items more in demand explicitly because they are made east of the Green Line as these consumers know the truth, buying such goods only assists the Palestinian workers as well as the Jewish workers for these companies and their products. They know that Jews and Arabs make the same for performing the same job and promotions come on merit thus there are Arabs who are managing Jewish workers as well as Arab and Jewish managers also managing Jewish and Arab workers. Should the Islamic State take control of the Arab sections in Judea and Samaria (West Bank) these Arabs who were in the employ of any Jewish owned workplace will be demanded that they murder fellow workers, especially their Jewish coworkers, as the first step to proving their commitment to the Caliphate. Those refusing will be murdered on the spot in a public display. The Islamic State demands will only escalate from there. One sure sign that Islamic State has made inroads to Judea and Samaria will be when Arab Muslim workers cease coming to their workplace without notice or on short notice in large groups. The final sign will come when some, potentially most of the remaining Arab workers rise up attempting to murder as many of their Jewish and Christian coworkers. When the Islamic State arrives in Judea and Samaria and is closing in on replacing the PA through a coup, the wealthier Arabs will take their accumulated wealth and depart leaving their mansions behind. Below see a comparison between the Arabs either residing in the refugee camps in the midst of their Arab brother and sisters who are just as poor and living in similar structures but with freedom of movement and some of the richest of the wealthy and their residences and other places putting to lie the storied complete wretchedness of all Arab life under the PA and Hamas. The stark differences are beyond imagination when one figures in the hundreds of billions of Euros and Dollars provided by the nations of the world either through direct funding of the Palestinian Authority, UNESCO funding refurbishing and upkeep of denoted World Heritage Sights, UNRWA refugee agency founded for the continuation through generation after generation where the “refugee” label is unique as it is passed from each generation unto the next generation ad infinitum, numerous NGOs where a percentage of their funding is siphoned off the top and various other streams which provide direct funding of terrorism, all of which could have brought every Palestinian out of poverty. Below are some more pictures of the good life which flourishes in parts of the Arab Palestinian society. All is not desperation as there are the wealthy and the middle class. These are the people which the Islamic State would target in their desire to turn Arab against Arab using the tried and true communist method of class warfare. The wealthy are made the targets for the poor who desire instant wealth making them susceptible to be used to further the ends of the Islamic State officers. The elite commanders would use one of these mansions from which to command. It is likely case of the spoils of war.


Palestinian Society The Face of Two Worlds Poverty vs Opulence

Palestinian Society
The Face of Two Worlds
Poverty vs Opulence


Finally, should Islamic State arrive on Israel’s doorstep be it from Gaza or from Judea and Samaria, will the forces of Islamic State engaging the IDF all of a sudden be classified as a different branch of the Islamic State that is fighting alongside the Arab Palestinians somehow absolving them of the label of terrorist forces. If there can be calls from politicians, NGOs, other individuals, governments and the United Nations to remove Hamas from the list of terrorists, there can and probably will be those individuals, governments, NGOs and other entities which will call for such regularly. It boggles the mind that it is considered a horrific terror strike when a small group of Europeans are murdered in a suicide bombing on a bus but when a similar assault is done in Israel the United States State Department, the European Union, the United Nations, numerous NGOs and individuals now claim that this was the act of an Arab who could not stand the occupation. The same will likely become the new reality that there will now exist a branch of the Islamic State will simply have become acceptable as it targets Israel, the new Jew. Israel is the Jew amongst nations and is the target of the new anti-Semite. Now one gets to choose their new title where they can be against the Zionist desire for all of the lands the Jews were promised; the “Settlers” because they drive Arab Palestinians from their homes and communities for their homes and then build new homes to live in; be against the Israeli government because many of its decisions and discussions are about ways of destroying Arab and Islamic societal cohesion by refusing the right of return of the “refugees” or other crime; or you can simply be anti-Semitic and hate Israel as it is the Jewish Nation. The one thing all these groups have in common is their hatred for Israel and Israelis and they are willing to make exceptions and allow any evil entity if it steals Israeli lands promised them, forces Israelis out of their homes and destroys the homes because they are located on the wrong side of a hill or any other reason as there are those who protest the building in Tel Aviv just as much as they do building in Beit El as any housing for the Jews is a crime as far as these individuals are concerned. Any building in Israel is illegal as the Jews do not belong in the Middle East at all. All too often, if one presses these people who make the claim that any buildings which will allow the Jews to make and set claim to lands in the Middle East where everybody knows are lands belonging to either the Christians or the Muslims, they also would prefer that the Jews leave their country and go back to where they came from. Continue asking them where a Jew can build a home. You eventually can name every nation’s continent, and even Antarctica and they will state the Jews have no nation as they lost it to the Christians and have been damned to never have a home but are to beg for permission in every nation; and it is the right and obligation of every nation at some point to decide the wretched Jews have done sufficient damage to their culture and people that the Jews must be forced through the borders even if doing so guarantees their death. These people do not believe the Jews have the right to live and thus anything sworn to murder Jews, even if they desire to kill you as well, for as long as you are fighting the Jews you are helping the world to be rid of a menace which is an abomination and a scourge of the earth. This is how it starts as Yasser Arafat was excused even when the United States had a tape of his giving the order to have an American Ambassador murdered in the Sudan as he was murdering Jews and attempting to rid the world of the Jewish State thus he had a higher purpose according to the United States State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and to all the rest as it was a well-known and documented assassination made by members of the PLO under the orders, direct orders, of Yassir Arafat and the United States continued to support him through supporting to improve the lives of Arab Palestinians knowing that Arafat was stealing almost forty percent of all aid right off the top. Who do you want defending the Old City of Jerusalem, the historical places in Bethlehem and all the rest of the West Bank from Islamic State, Mahmoud Abbas or Israel? Decide as you may have less time than you think because as soon as the crazy, insane and anti-Semitic leadership throughout the world get their way all of those precious holy sites would be handed to the Islamic State if the area became “Palestine” as too many of the leaders would think that would provide them with a new lease on life. They would be surprised when the Islamic State still finds them nowhere near pure and righteous Muslims and their only defense will be their claim to have been fighting the Jew, but that would probably be too little too late. The Islamic State would find a large and willing army as the individual youth would find the allure irresistible and the destructions that would follow would forever change the holy land into the all that is unholy land. So, still think Palestine is a good idea? Israel is the only nation which when attacked by Islamic State will take up arms against yet another group of barbarians pounding at their door. Israel knows how to protect the Holy sites and likely the only force which would protect the Christian and Jewish Holy Sites, all of them and the Baha’i Gardens as well.


Baha’i Gardens

Baha’i Gardens



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September 23, 2015

Next Year in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount


The people behind the decision not to permit the Birkat Moshe Yeshiva from Ma’ale Adumim to go up on the Temple Mount as they have done the morning before Yom Kippur as part of an annual tradition dating back years, if not decades, should hang their heads in shame. To prevent these students to experience the momentous occasion of ascending to the Temple Mount as they have done for years and many had anticipated the great feelings of holiness which would accompany such a visitation is bordering on criminal. The excuse given was even more of an embarrassment for the State of Israel than anything I can think of in recent history. To tell these students that they are not to be able to observe what for them is a ritual that accompanies their High Holiday traditions because the Muslims have been staging riots and the police are unsure if they could guarantee their safety is ludicrous. The Yeshiva had made all the proper arrangements, they had the official documents permitting their ascension to the Temple Mount and the police had plenty of warning and if they were unprepared, then they should have contacted their supervisors and either gotten additional police or IDF soldiers, whatever it would take for these youths to have the government’s promises kept. This was inexcusable.



Temple Institute concept for what building the Third Temple in modern day Jerusalem would appear like from a distance with modern buildings of Jerusalem in the background. May their vision and this concept figure become fact and fulfill our desires for unity and a single Temple and House for Hashem in our midst. May this dream be fulfilled before the next Ninth of Av so our lament will be lessened.

Temple Institute concept for what building the Third Temple in modern day Jerusalem would appear like from a distance with modern buildings of Jerusalem in the background. May their vision and this concept figure become fact and fulfill our desires for unity and a single Temple and House for Hashem in our midst. May this dream be fulfilled before the next Ninth of Av so our lament will be lessened.



The entire manner in which the government has treated the entire embarrassment where Jews are forbidden to enter the Temple Mount because old women might screech at them, that Jews must be rationed going onto the Temple Mount because there is no manner of security if they were permitted free access and that rioting Muslims can determine the access afforded Israeli citizens regardless of their religion from free access to the holiest ground in all of Israel is the culmination of timidity and an emasculated governance. The time is now to tear up any agreement which places a foreign entity in charge of the Temple Mount. Allowing Jordan to rule the Temple Mount is the same as if Saudi Arabia allowed Tehran to control the Ka’aba in Mecca or the United States to permit the British to control who has access and how many Americans can visit the Washington Mall and all the monuments therein. The Temple Mount is and should always be the holiest monument which must be open and freely accessed by Jews and all others wishing to witness the closeness and holy aura which permeates the grounds. Anything less in a free and democratic state is paramount to dictatorial powers being handed to a foreign sovereign making them the master of these holy grounds and just the latest in the stream of pathetic signs that Israel is so unrighteously worried and fretting over the opinions of those either friend or enemy which seek to commit us to an enslaved mentality unrighteously subservient to the whims and edicts from outside our borders. This embarrassment must be terminated and the agreement placing the Waqf as the rule and sovereign over grounds holy to Jews, Christians and Muslims is positively ludicrous.



Ka'aba in Mecca is holiest Islamic site in the world definitively holier than Jerusalem and the Temple Mount which is the holiest place for Jews alone.

Ka’aba in Mecca is holiest Islamic site in the world definitively holier than Jerusalem and the Temple Mount which is the holiest place for Jews alone.



What need be done is to make the Waqf responsible and with absolute authority over the Islamic holy places on the Temple Mount, the Christians can also have a committee, body, or whatever they decide as their absolute authority over the Christian places on the Temple Mount and the Rabbinate in charge of the Jewish holy places on the Temple Mount and the areas which are more than ten meters from any holy building are free areas subject to the same restrictions as any other public monument in the world and with final authority belonging to law enforcement or military or whatever force is necessary to guarantee open and free access to the Temple Mount for all people of all or even no faith to visit and marvel at the wonder that is the Temple Mount. Any further building, antiquity recovery, archeology, or other action, digging, erecting or modification outside of those performed within the current structures, this does not permit expanding the footprint or enlarging any building or enclosed areas to be subjected to whatever applicable codes and restriction the Israeli government or Jerusalem government may choose to enforce. Should Israel decide in a democratic manner to approve the building of the Third Temple and decide the site to be upon the Temple Mount, a site which would by name imply it was made for such a structure, then it should be built with whatever footprint is approved and constructed observing all building codes and in any manner which is considered appropriate under one overarching restriction that it not be placed within some predetermined distance which will be imposed upon all religious and other structures raised on the Temple Mount such as to preserve the accessibility, balance of open spaces versus structures and other determinations which would be considered appropriate and acceptable. Obviously, building a structure which is fifty stories tall would not be befitting the Temple Mount as the structures residing on the Temple Mount are religious monuments and not office buildings or sky scrapers.



Bethlehem is one of the holy places of Christian history and arguably equal to Jerusalem yet the Temple Mount is the holiest place for Jews alone

Bethlehem is one of the holy places of Christian history and arguably equal to Jerusalem yet the Temple Mount is the holiest place for Jews alone



As far as access to the Temple Mount and upkeep of entrances, all should be made available to all of the public with universal restrictions limiting all such as having hours of operation and when the Temple Mount is closed for the evening nobody should be permitted to enter the area and all entrances should have guards to enforce the hours of operations. When holy days for each of the religions requiring their use of their places on the Temple Mount should be given preferences within limitations where it does not interfere with the general public’s rights to visit the Temple Mount and if there are requirements for nighttime services or observances, such should be afforded as long as such requests are for special occasions and not simply requests made to attempt to compromise the access by the rest of the public. The three Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, must treat each other with the same reverence they wish for the others to afford them. None should be able to raise their control over the Temple Mount such that it becomes dominant over the others and no hierarchy should be permitted. This is the exact opposite as currently exists. That needs to end and end immediately.



Temple Mount with extension to make sufficient room for the Thirs Temple to hace its own plaza as displayed at far end of plaza



Order must be enforced at all times and there should be no tolerance of attempts to intimidate, harass, assault, deter or otherwise compromise the freedoms of others to visit, pray, marvel and even visit within the Holy Places with obvious restraints being in place as per the directives of each religion. For example, if the Islamic faith does not permit unbelievers from entering their Mosques on the Temple Mount, then that must be respected just as if the Christians refused to allow unbelievers rights to their Churches or the Jews restricting visitation to the Temple (once it might be built) to just the Priests except for a small public area, then any and all of such restrictions are to be included within the rules governing behavior on the Temple Mount. What cannot be permitted is for any religion to claim that the entirety of the grounds are holy unto them and to them and them alone are free access to be granted as that is totally unacceptable. These changes need to come about as quickly as possible and the current situation which has come to a head where something has to give is the perfect opportunity to alter the entirety of the balance of power regarding the Temple Mount. Make and preserve the Temple Mount a holy place where any and all may experience a holy visit or simply for tourists to take in the ambiance and holy feel of the Temple Mount. The preservation of this special place and the making it a place for all people to come and find their own holy experience or just a feeling of the historical significance of the Temple Mount, a center of religious experience for close to if not over three-thousand-years, should be the singular goal for the Israeli and for Jewish leadership over this first year after the Sabbath Year, the Shmita (Hebrew: שמיטה). Don’t you feel it is time for this to become the holy monument to all for the remainder of time? We know we think it should; and the sooner the better.


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June 21, 2015

They Speak as if Somebody Will Care

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This particular terrorist attack took the life of an Israeli, in this case twenty-five year old Danny Gonen, pictured below, while his friend who was accompanying him on their day trip was also shot at close range and is being treated at Tel Hashomer Hospital with gunshot wounds to his limbs and is expected to survive. As stated by Ambassador Prosor before the United Nations, which we will discuss more deeply below, the two young Israelis had just completed a trip to a nearby spring and were just leaving when an Arab flagged them down requesting assistance. It was as they stopped and were approached by an Arab asking them for water and as they were distracted reaching for their water that they were shot, Danny at point blank range mortally wounding the young Israeli. The attacker fled to a nearby Arab village and will likely be shielded by the occupants as the IDF begins an investigation seeking to locate the terrorist. We wish and pray for a quick recovery from his wounds for Mr. Gonen’s friend and for Hashem to comfort the family and friends of the diseased, Danny Gonen.


Danny Gonen was murdered in terror attack crafted by Arab Palestinian who flagged them down asking for a drink and then shooting both at close range resulting in Danny Gonen's death while his friend was also shot putting him into the hospital for treatment and recovery

Danny Gonen age 25 shot at point blank range murdered during Arab Palestinian who flagged him and a friend down asking for a drink. Danny Gonen’s friend remains hospitalized and will likely recover while Danny Gonen will be buried.



Responding to this horrific and meaningless shooting of two young Israelis, murdering one and hospitalizing the other, Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Ron Prosor gave a pointed speech in the General Assembly Main Hall of the United Nations to an indifferent audience, at least those who even bothered to attend and not simply walk out as many Ambassadors have been known to do when any Israeli Ambassador is allowed to speak; especially if the address comes the day after or close to another Arab Palestinian committed terrorist attack. Ambassador Prosor plainly stated Israel’s case, “on the eve of Shabbat, a Palestinian man shot two 25-year-old Israeli civilians at close range, killing one of them. The terrorist attracted the attention of his victims by asking for their assistance. When they approached to help him, the terrorist pulled a gun out of his bag and shot the two in cold blood. This terrorist took advantage of the compassion of these young men to commit this heinous crime.” Additionally, Ambassador Prosor pointed out the fact that this act of vicious, violent, horrific, premeditated cold terrorism was not any form of “cycle of violence,” as so many from around the world; from government leaders, spokespersons, NGOs, United Nations Agency representatives and Islamic institutions claim; but was as Ron Prosor called the situation responsible for, “These violent acts are ignited by the constant incitement by the Palestinian leadership. Instead of leading their people towards peace, these leaders are leading the whole area into instability.” Further, Ambassador Ron Prosor fired off a scalding letter to the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, and the UN Security Council, urging that the UN abandon its “so-called balanced response that is calling on both sides to show restraint.” Ambassador Prosor pressed further that, “During this period of Ramadan, Israel has taken steps to reduce tensions, removing restrictions in order to allow Palestinians to celebrate, and enjoy maximum freedom of movement for the holiday prayers.” He pointedly exclaimed that the international community had a special obligation to “insist that the Palestinians prevent violence, and refrain from inciting emotions during this sensitive period.”


In Israel we are expecting absolutely no positive actions or other responses from any corner of the globe as past history has taught us unfortunate lesson that only Palestinian lives matter to much of the world. We realize things that Ambassador Prosor must refrain from ever stating as should he actually speak the truth too forcefully, too explicitly, too poignantly, then he would face aggravated, heated and personally hurtful accusations and denouncements while excuses would be presented glorifying the murder of one Israeli and complain that the other ‘oppressor’ was surviving the military operation, as much of the world believes that any Palestinian murdering an Israeli is justified and to be honored and protected from Israeli oppressive enforcement of what Israel denotes as acts of terror and too many across the globe believe are honorable acts towards the liberation of the land from the occupying colonizers. What is the sole thing which does upset Zionist and nationalist Israelis are the Israeli Jewish run and named NGOs who join with those from the uncouth in the world who denounce Israel for producing the situation which presumably drove this Arab Palestinian to the point where in his desperation he committed this action, an action the extreme leftist accept as the result of the ‘settlements’ and other Israeli improprieties and often instigate Arab Palestinian protests often turning them into riots and other violence targeting Israeli IDF or other security positions in efforts to provoke a reaction from the soldier that they catch on camera where they edit out the violence of the riot and replace it with films showing a peaceful protest tying the two together in a damning presentation. What is irresponsible is the infinitesimal amount of verifying performed on these propaganda films which are almost unilaterally taken at face value and considered to be accurate to the finest detail. It is the readiness around the world to accept any damning evidence or even rumor which is immediately considered the gospel truth as the people accept everything as a confirmation of their thoughts of the Jews as evil by their nature and only capable of acts of random and unprovoked violence at any moment. It is this belief which allows the world to accept any act of terrorist violence as deserved.


We can once again witness the celebrations of this brutal and craven act throughout many of the Arab towns and cities in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. There may even be some of the Arab enclaves within the Israeli Green Line, the demarcation of the ending positions of Israel’s first war of annihilation started by seven nation’s armies the morning of her declaration of statehood, an act which so many desired making temporary, that is until the Arab forces believe they have finally gained the upper hand and once again launch their assault from the same borders as in 1967. What is amazing is setting this Green Line as the Israeli borders is supported by Israeli friends and foes alike and even to such who have earned the title of fiend such as Mahmoud Abbas, Khaled Meshaal, Ismael Haniyeh, Saeb Erekat and some others who are responsible for so much of the torturous relations and the refusal to make any peace which would leave even a single building in Tel Aviv as Jewish. Some, like Hamas, would not be satisfied to force every last Israeli Jew to be wading out into the Mediterranean Sea towards many waiting boats where they would tour the world being refused entry by every nation, with some sending their remnants of what had been a thriving Jewish community ejected to board those very same boats in a permanent limbo until every Jew was forced from what had been their family homelands for as much as two thousand years with some being even longer. Such treatment should be expected as the story has been the same for longer than most people’s histories are traceable; the Jewish people’s history is traceable as the Hebrew Bible and numerous other writings spanning both good times and bad relating the history of the Jews going back three-thousand-plus years to the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt. Placing longevity aside, the Jewish history starts a mere thousand years before Christianity was born during the Roman Occupation and based on the preaching and life of Jesus and the writings collected in the New Testament and seventeen-hundred years before the founding of Islam based on the life and visions of Mohammad which were collected and make up the Koranic verses. The Roman Occupation was a seminal point in Jewish history as they were responsible for the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, the dispersal of the Jews across the face of the Roman Empire in an attempt to destroy the Jewish People and for the name Syria Palaestina in an attempt to erase any Jewish ties to the Holy Lands just as Palestine, term derived from the Roman distinction, is attempting to accomplish today and which is why the nation of Israel rid itself of ties to that name which was a reminder of the evils of the Roman rule.


The founding of Israel and its survival through the near two years of war resisting, even, if unable to fully repulse, the assault by the combined forces of seven Arab national armies aided by numerous militias including one made up of Arabs who had been the Jews’ neighbors, some of whom waited for the troops to pass their seemingly peaceful villages only to then follow and make a rear assault to coincide with the Jewish engagement with Arab forces from the front thus forcing the Israelis to fight many battles from two fronts, one was their engaging of actual armies with all the resources one might expect from an established army and the other a well-armed militia closing in from the rear. This was the practice which led to the Jewish and other forces supporting the survival of the formation of Israel to force those Arab towns and sectors of cities which could not be vouched for as friendly to be either sent to a camp for the duration. There had already been a mass exodus of Arabs who fled their farms, towns, cities, enclaves and neighborhoods taking positions behind the Arab armies engaging the Jews and their allied fighters for their lives and very survival because a loss would have meant another annihilation, this time on the soil of our native soil, a risk many Jews gladly made. The aim of that assault on May 15, 1948 was an assault with the intent to drive the Jews into the sea or to murder every last Jew found after Arab victory was secured. That was thwarted as the Jewish forces fought the Arab armies to a standstill initially and then began pushing them from the Jewish lands which made up Israel west of the Jordan River. Once the Jewish forces had started to make gains and appeared to be defeating the opposing forces the United Nations at the request of the British, Americans and the Arab League to impose an end to the fighting, thus bringing an end to the war which for all intents and purposes had been being fought since the imposition of the British Mandate and the idea of forming a Jewish State between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea was an anathema to the Arabs as they firmly believed that all the lands which had formerly been a part of the Ottoman Empire were supposed to be sacredly kept in Arab Muslim hands and guaranteed by Allah. To allow a Jewish State in the heart of the Middle East was beyond acceptable and must be erased even before it starts. This is part of the reason for the riots by the Arabs against the Jews starting in the early 1920s and continuing right up to the official founding of the Jewish State of Israel. From that point the fight was joined by the armies from over a half dozen Arab Nations with the blessings of the Arab League and were supposed to slaughter every last Jew casting their lifeless bodies into the Sea. As the Jews and their few Arab allies as well as some of the other tribal units including many of the Druze halted the advancement and began to back the Arab armies back across the Jordan River, into Lebanon, onto the Golan Heights, back into the Sinai Peninsula and Egyptian lands and out of Jerusalem, a major task left unfinished as time ran out approximately one year three months and so many days into 1949 and which had officially been declared as intent by the combined forces of the Arab League starting for them on November 30, 1947. The Arab countries signed armistice agreements with Israel in 1949, starting with Egypt (Feb. 24), followed by Lebanon (March 23), Jordan (April 3) and Syria (July 20). Iraq was the only country that did not sign an agreement with Israel, choosing instead to withdraw its troops and hand over its sector to Jordan. The rapid placing of a deadline soon after Israel was gaining the upper-hand was something which was to be repeated throughout Israeli history and up to and including the present. The intent of every move made even by those considered as the closest of friends to Israel almost as if aiding those seen as Israel’s enemies who are pushing the return to the 1967 Lines, just as President George W. Bush based and pushed with the Roadmap to Peace and as President Barack Obama has adamantly held as sacrosanct from day one and was a centerpiece of his infamous Cairo speech which was seen to also empower the Muslim Brotherhood and being chiefly responsible for their rise to power in Egypt only to be overthrown by the people and the military and the election of General Sisi as Egyptian President forcing him to surrender his military career and once again placing a military leader at the helm of Egypt.


These facts are important because within hours there will be those, even including some foreign funded Israeli NGOs such as Adalah, Itijah, and the Israeli Committee against House Demolitions and others including the New Israel Fund (NIF) which is utilized by numerous nations and is a darling getting billions of dollars from leftist Jews in the United States, many of whom voted for President Obama twice and agree that Jerusalem should be shared with any Palestinian State which is formed and claim that if Israel would just sacrifice and offer the Palestinian a deal that they would perceive as just and fair then peace would break out and flowers bloom ending wars in every corner of the world and proving the leftist blame Israel firsters to have been right all along. What they refuse to realize, let alone believe, is that in reality the only deal Mahmoud Abbas, like Yasser Arafat before him, would accept is the turnover of the entirety of the state of Israel and while most of the Jews would be permitted to seek refuge wherever they were offered sanctuary, there would be those seen as the most adamant Zionists and members of the IDF, present and past and largely commanders, be turned over to the Palestinians to be tried for war crimes and then promptly executed as a message to all Jews to never return to Eretz Yisroel as it is now and will forever be part of Dar al-Islam. The real question would be where would those Jews who were amongst the nearly one million Jews rejected from their homes across the Arab and Muslim worlds and their descendants go to take refuge? There is absolutely no possibility their former home nations while they were in the Diaspora would ever accept them. Further, where would those Jews who either escaped or were allowed to emigrate from the Soviet Union and from Russia after the fall be permitted to reside. Finally, there is Europe where there would be massive violent protests and quite possibly pogroms forcing the remaining Jews from their homes and sending them to live with their kind on this floating nation, and that is quite likely what the ships would eventually come, the world’s first floating city (assuming Atlantis was an Island and not a floating city which got tired of humanity and simply pulled up the earthly anchor chains and fled to greener, or maybe not so much greener but some other color, say golden color like wheat pastures.


As has been noted here before, there will be only one solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict, the eradication of one group from the lands west of the Jordan River, south and west of the Golan Heights, potentially including the Druze enclaves north of Mount Hermon, very possibly, depending on the actions from Hezballah and whether their efforts continue against Israel and thus require a definitive and defendable border which rivers provide, south of the Litani River in Lebanon and including all the Christians and Druze who cared to become Israeli citizens, an offer that should be given a set date after which it will be too late, and along the Gaza and Sinai Desert borders with the Negev Desert including the retention of Eilat and all of Jerusalem with liberal allowances for Arabs and all others to visit the Temple Mount for prayer or simply to visit the Holy Sites. Israel has proven over the years to offer and protect religious freedoms and has many such minorities as members of the Israeli Knesset, the parliamentary body which is chosen to rule over Israel. Gaza can remain as it is providing that there are no, zero, rockets fired into Israel and further there be no infiltrations through tunnels and other entry devices or deceptions. Any Judean or Samarian Palestinians desiring to remain under Palestinian rule can be relocated to Gaza as the concentrations of people which provide pictures to back up the Hamas, Islamic Jihad and others’ claims are the only places so overcrowded. Much of Gaza is farmland which is why the Hamas and Islamic Jihad demand open borders for the farmers to sell their goods and pay confiscatory taxes to finance terrorism and the lifestyles of their rich and infamous leadership. A map showing the population densities across all of the Gaza Strip is below. The reality is that nowhere in the world can the over six-million and rising Jews be quartered as Europe would simply turn them away and the United States would do the same as each governor would refuse to allow such an influx as such would be interpreted as a complete change in the state’s economy as almost anything the Israelis, known as start-up nation around the world, would produce would be additive to the Alaskan economy, but even that positive note would likely cause a drastic alteration in the Alaskan demographics and then there would be the problem of retaining them in Alaska as many speak fluent English and actually came from the United States and retain their United States Passport (it comes in handy if one desires to see the pyramids). So, even the United States would likely have cold feet when facing this dire situation and putting such a question to the people would likely put on display the ugly realities of anti-Semitism, giving it a venue to be on display for the world to see, and if Jews who had been deposed and deprived of their homelands were to need to find refuge the world would very quickly become a very dangerous place to be Jewish. The masks would be removed and any residual or other ugliness and would rear its grotesque head for all to see and the mobs of what had been normal citizens the day before would turn on the American Jews likely expunging them from within the society carrying out the first American purification pogrom expelling the Jews from their midst and adding another five and a half million plus Jews onto the boats to join their dispossessed brethren. It would not be a pretty site nor would anybody desire to step forth and offer a solution with approaching twelve million Jews into its hinterlands where they could guard and protect these lands and all the inhabitants therein, especially the those threatened beasts, such as all are given a chance to thrive. The other potential ending is that should Iran become a nuclear power, they would most likely provide Hamas and/or Hezballah with a device knowing full well it would be deployed in Israel. These are dangerous and perilous times made all the more so as there exists no force countering the evils being perpetrated while America sleeps. Be worried, very worried, should she wake to view the evils and wayward actors strewn from pillar to post attempting to impose their will all in the hope that America continues to be transfixed only on her bottom line. The economy is about to change and the job market with it as robotic units can be made more lifelike and replace workers, especially at repetitive tasks. This high unemployment future is just around the corner and it will have a great impact on life in every corner of the job market. As Bob Dylan sang, “The World she is a-changin’.”


Gaza population density map also available @;_ylt=AwrB8pInghRUV1oAFCSJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTIya2NmM2t0BHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZANiNTAzMDZhY2ViNWM3ODE3ZTYzZjNjMDIwOGRjNWI1YgRncG9zAzQEaXQDYmluZw--?

Display shows large open areas with little population where Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other combatants could operate without threat to the population.


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