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October 30, 2018

The Amazing Reality of the Media Lies on Palestinians


Much of the media still claims that when the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists backed by their many supporters are rioting on the Gaza border, that they are peaceably protesting and are incapable of causing even the slightest of damage, injury, harm or anything which could be recognize as a negative action. On the other hand, anything performed as part of their duty to defend the people of the state of Israel, her Arabs, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Druze, Bedouins and all others to the best of their ability; they need to asses threats deciding which rise to a level to demand they take action and what is simply violent demonstration which are not of any actual threat. They have the usual riot control equipment such as water cannons, sound cannons (also known as Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD)) as well as rubber-coated bullets which are non-lethal. Many times the media will take any action by the IDF and treat them as if whatever they use, the object is to murder innocent protesters who are just protesting the Israeli occupation of Gaza and the stifling economic result of that occupation. Apparently, the media missed the Israeli pulling out of Gaza in August and early September of 2005 removing every Israeli community and all the IDF posts and troops turning the entirety over to the Palestinian Authority (PA). Since September of 2005, there has been no Israeli occupation of Gaza and it has been left to the Palestinian Arab governance to care for the people, enforce laws, provide services, encourage economy and provide everything their governance desires to invest funds into. The PA did very little and within two years, they were ejected in a violent coup by Hamas under the direction of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas has invested heavily with aid investments and collected taxation into making rockets, bomb-vests, bunkers, tunnels, mortars, incendiary devices, infiltration tunnels under the border into Israel and numerous other forms of terrorism and other attacks upon Israeli public and targeting the IDF when given the opportunity. We have talked about this violent rioting on the Gaza border and you have only our word for this, which is often the complaint, so take some time and watch the video below, not necessarily all of it in one sitting, but view what you wish of a one hour snapshot taken of the Gaza protests recently.



As you can tell, there are some organized actions and there are quite a lot of independent acts with often sling being used to hurl rocks over the border hoping to strike the IDF soldiers who are watching the border. There have been attempts with varying levels of success to destroy sections of the border fencing and when successful there would be groups which would attempt to cross into Israel with some actually making their way up to one kilometer before being captured and simply returned to Gaza. The smoke you saw was from the thousands of tires which the Gazans burned in order to hide their actions often allowing armed terrorists to sneak to the border fence and engage IDF with limited results. There have also been rocket attacks almost exclusively between midnight and sunrise in order to cause the greatest amount of fear and sleep deprivation which causes the greatest trauma for the children. The Red Alert sirens sound and the children in the cities, towns, farms and kibbutzim closest to the border have approximately fifteen seconds to reach their shelters. Parents react automatically and herd the children into the closest shelter and this can occur multiple times in a single morning. The Iron Dome interceptor system detects the launches and tracks their trajectory and attempts to intercept those which track to strike inhabited areas allowing those which are tracked to fall in open regions allowed to continue. You can see a video of the Iron Dome in actions on a multiple rocket attacks on Sderot region from last Friday night in the video below.



Even worse, these children have been told by their parents that they must avoid any balloons, kites, bright packages or items which look like small wrapped candies. The reason for this instruction is because of the balloons and kites flown into Israel with incendiary devices attached have not all exploded as hoped and now are a threat to the children. Then there have been small explosives spread over the land near the border by balloons, kites and drones in the hopes that children would pick them up and they are designed to explode when the wrappings are disturbed. That is why parents have warned and strictly instructed their children about these threats. Imagine being a child who has been told that balloons and kites are dangerous and brightly wrapped small packages which look like candy or a prize are also very dangerous. Imagine a childhood where everything poses levels of danger and when you go to bed each night you can only wonder if you will be allowed to sleep until the morning or if you will be running or dragged into shelters any time during the night. That is the life of the children whose families reside along the Gaza border. Below is a picture which for these children does not signal that fireworks are about to explode overhead and the coming explosions which are about to come are the results of dangerous rockets being intercepted and these do not cause glittering colors, just a bright spot and a loud noise. The rockets which continue will also make a loud explosive noise when and wherever they strike ground and you can only pray that none are heading for your home, school, friends’ homes, relatives homes or anyplace else which is part of your little world. You also know that there are mistakes and sometimes a rocket strikes a house, so every threat remains real in their imaginations. This is the life these youths must live with and the media never covers the resulting mental problems these children have developed as their response to such a life. For those so heartless to say why not just move, why should they need to move or is it their responsibility to be elsewhere? Hamas has rockets and missiles which can reach almost anywhere in Israel and leaving our homelands is not an option.


Fourteen Rockets Launched from Gaza into Israel this Past Shabbat Night

Fourteen Rockets Launched from Gaza into Israel this Past Shabbat Night


The problem is that the Jewish people, which most people equate with Israelis, are not considered to ever be the victims, no matter what, except outside of Israel. Even the Jews who were victimized in Squirrel Hill suburb community of Pittsburgh this past Shabbat was simply hours after the rocket barrage in southern Israel. Both acts are anchored in the same hatred which can be found everywhere across this little globe on which we reside. There are such acts across Europe and has abated mostly in the Middle East and Northern Africa within the Arab world for a basic and simple reason, they chased their Jews out of their nations within the first decade after the founding of Israel. They had pogroms in many of these nations and in others, they simply impounded their home and gave their belongings to who was considered to be a more deserving individual, always an Arab Muslim. In some nations, they increased the Jiyza to a point where the Jews who this was raised upon no longer were able to exist on the pittance which remained. When these Jews became basically people without a country and needed to find a place to live, some attempted to move to Europe or the United States. They were more often than not refused entry. They were accepted and often aided in reaching the one refuge which exists today for Jews. They were lovingly taken in by Israel. Israel was not anywhere near as wealthy as modern day Israel, but these Jews were taken in and often shared a home with another Israeli family and these Jews from the Arab world easily numbered sufficient numbers such that they became half if not more of the population. They remain about half the population of Israel and they will never be allowed to return to their original home nation which for many of these families had been their home for one or two thousand years or even more. Some of their former home countries are now completely free of Jews and refuse to allow Jews to return. The anti-Semitism across the Middle East and Northern Africa is some of the highest levels of the world. When the Anti-Defamation League measured worldwide levels of anti-Semitism in 2014, the Middle East and North Africa topped the charts at 74%, well above every other region with Europe, both eastern and western, came in a distant second but if it were to be measured today it is probable that Europe is closing upon the Middle East and North Africa. Even the United States has seen record levels of anti-Semitism as it is starting to grow and in an unsuspected area of the political spectrum.


In the past, anti-Semitism was often relegated to the right wing or the fascists. This was largely due to the Nazis and the anti-Semitism of the Soviet Union, which was considered to be the left, was largely overlooked by political pundits. There is something which is stranger than the European model where the Nazis were considered to be right wing as they were nationalists and the Soviets were considered leftists as they were internationalists. It is that in the United States, they have a different view and as both the Nazis and the Soviets were Socialists and it did not matter that they were nationalist or internationalist, it just matters that they are Socialists and not Capitalists. This makes the two Socialist experiments which emerged in the mid twentieth century left wing as far as the American political spectrum and the right wing extremists in the United States are largely Constitutionalists. Some of the extremist right, where the majority of anti-Semitism was claimed to lie, do not care about the Constitution as much as they care about installing their particular often dictatorial or totalitarian regimes where they dictate all. Today, the burgeoning most recent anti-Semitic hatred is being found on the left wing largely amongst the farthest leftists who desire largely a socialist democracy with open borders, the end of ICE and the Electoral College replacing that with simply the popular vote and writing a new Constitution where wealth is reapportioned, the minimum wage become a living wage which will consistently have to rise higher and higher, Medicare for every American, free college education for all who desire one, guaranteed employment by the government and ever more free goodies which they believe the government will be able to pay for even if they just need to print enough money to pay for these programs. Trust that plugging in their designs for the future into any proven economic modelling and watch the money become worthless, inflation to become runaway, taxes to continue to run ever higher, and eventually everything to collapse just as happened in Venezuela.


These leftist extremists also fully back the Palestinian claims to the lands from the River to the Sea which is code for their complete replacement of Israel. They do not believe that Jews should be granted their own state and do not care about the treaties and all the other promises made to the Zionist Congress after World War I by the allies, the League of Nations, taken on by the United States in the Anglo-American Treaty, accepted to be continued by the United Nations in Article 80 of the Charter, and encoded from the San Remo Conference into the Mandate System which redesigned the defeated powers of Germany, the Austria-Hungarian Empire and the Ottoman Empire. This was not just the assigning new borders to the Ottoman or Arab world which is often what is claimed in that Europeans gave Israel the region which was previously Palestine. There was never any Palestine and it has simply been the name given by the Roman Empire when they attempted to erase the Jewish People from history. The Arabs claim that the Jews have never had a country in the Middle East since they conquered it thus they came first. In the Arab claims, the universe was born in the Seventh Century and anything before that and outside of the control of Islam is simply a nothing waiting to come into existence once they conquer that area. They claim that their patience as a desert people is going to allow them to out-wait the Jews who will leave just as did the Romans, Byzantines, Greeks, Persians, Crusaders and the British. This is going to be fun as the Jews have waited for over two-thousand years to return to their ancestral homelands as explained in the Bible. It is because the Jews were dispersed by the Romans across and beyond the borders of the Roman Empire. This led to the Jews being dispersed throughout almost every place on the planet. The Jewish People are finally starting to receive a message which comes from unknown sources and just grows within them until they finally one day just pick up and move home to Israel. Claiming that the Jews do not deserve to have their own nation while there are Christian nations and Islamic nations and Buddhist nations but the Jews alone must be denied a nation because of why? They will claim that there are not enough Jews to make a nation or the Jews are just a religion when it is proven that Jews are also a People under the biological definition as they have distinct genetic codes sufficiently separate so as to make us a People. Further, most of the Arab refugees never resided within the borders of Israel and even more amazing the majority of the Arab refugees reside in camps within regions ruled over by Palestinian Arab governance of the PA or in Gaza under Hamas. Just take down the barbed wire and they would be home and fit right in as they are the same people, same religion, same language and often have relatives on both sides of that barbed wire. But why should such facts get in the way of flaming anti-Semitism which is growing in more corners of the earth than makes many of us who are watching quite nervous. Finally, we wish to close by requesting that you visit and read another article from Giulio Meotti titled A conspiracy of silence on Palestinian Arab torture which will reveal more which the media ignores because too much of the media, Palestinians cannot do anything wrong.


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July 31, 2018

New Israel Fund Targeting the Heart of Israel


Most, or at least many, are fooled into thinking that the New Israel Fund (NIF) is a charitable NGO which has to be doing wonderful things for Israel; nothing could be further from the truth. Reality shows that the NIF’s aim is to completely remake Israel into their utopian image where it becomes just a democracy which has no Jewish identity, is completely nonsectarian, accepts anybody seeking refuge, and has no defining image or soul. Many people will ask, so what is so bad about that? Let us look a little deeper into what would result. First things which would happen is that Israel would be overrun by Muslim refugees, both those from wars such as in Syria and those simply seeking to escape their failed nation such as Iraq, Libya or Somalia. Further, the NIF wants to solve the Arab-Israeli Conflict by making Israel the nation state of all her “citizens” by incorporating Gaza including Hamas and Islamic Jihad plus the Palestinian Authority along with five to eight million “Palestinian Refugees” because Israel is protected by the rule of law. They believe that Israel is successful because it is a democracy and that it being the home for the Jewish People had nothing to do with that success. They believe that even after the Jews of Israel become a minority overwhelmed by the Arab numbers that Israel will remain a pluralistic state with equal rights for all because that is what the law states. There is no possibility that a nation of ten to twelve million Arab Muslims, the majority of which belong to one of three terrorist groups, and just short of seven million Jews, Christians, Bahá’í and other non-Muslims could never be turned into a Sharia State after the first election with the new demographics. They actually do realize all of this but hate the Jewish faith, and particularly religious Orthodox Jews with such a fervor that they would gladly sacrifice Israel just to prove that their secular humanism is superior in oh so many ways. They are so tragically wrong but believe that their superior morality would win the day and make everything wonderful. Further, most of the membership of the NIF does not reside in Israel and many of them who do are not in Israel permanently and spend most of their time in Europe and North America.


The tragic horrors that would follow the successful implementation of what the NIF claims they desire would be sufficiently worrisome, but they have a new idea they are preparing for launch. They have decided that the elimination of their nemesis would be the best means to their ends, and the end justifies the means. They have decided they will drive a stake through the beating heart of religious Zionism. They have released a booklet in Hebrew which we attempted to translate but had formatting problems we were unable to address. The parts of their booklet which we were able to get the gist of shows them targeting religious Zionism with their first and foremost target being the Jewish Home Party starting with Naftali Bennett and going from their to Ayelet Shaked and should they continue eventually almost the entirety of our staff would become targets. They also will be targeting selective members of Likud, of course including Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, and are hoping to elect somebody more to their liking and taking control of the political government in Israel by placing their political allies in the far left into the Knesset. They are following the example of the means by which minority interests took political power through the destruction of those parties with which they disagreed. They plan on using media attacks on their political opponents with ad-hominem attacks on individuals and using Lawfare to destroy others. They will be using fringe leftist groups they almost wholly finance and thereby control. The NIF has used similar tactics in dispossessing Israelis living beyond the Green Line by presenting often-fraudulent claims by nonexistent Arabs to owning the lands where Jewish “settlers” resided to the Supreme Court while filing the claim in lower courts knowing that the Supreme Court would rule before the other case came to trial. Once the Supreme Court had ordered these homes be destroyed, they then withdrew the lower court filing thus never having to prove the legality of their ownership claim. Eventually they simply ignored filing with any court other than the Supreme Court. Part of their problem now is that Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked has changed the political tenor of the Supreme Court and further transferred all land claims, including decisions for house destructions, to the lower courts where proof of these claims will be required. This is why the change in tactics and particularly their desire to hurt the Jewish Home Party from whence the Justice Minister came. Eventually the NIF project will meet with failure if for no other reason than the love for Israel throughout the religious Zionist and secular Zionist members will overcome any and all obstacles to save our nation and its being the home of the Jewish People.


Now more on who are those who make up the NIF. The majority are Jews, very misguided Jews. Later we will address what can be done to prevent their efforts from taking any traction, but first about their main membership, the active arm of the NIF. They work a double blind game. On their fundraising side, they are all charm and warm thoughts about the future of Israel. They leave particulars mostly to each person’s imagination. They paint a picture of an Israel which is a copy of the United States, an America in the Middle East. They claim that it will be warm and welcoming to all allowing their targeted donators believing that this warm welcoming will resemble the type and procedures being used currently. They do not tell what they really wish to do; they would rather play the Zionist and trick people into donating. Some here are reformed leftists who know how they work the fundraising, they glad-hand people schmoozing telling them all along the wonderful nirvana they will be forming with their funds and how they support all the correct other NGOs and how NIF is a clearinghouse for funding wonderful NGOs. The reality is they do donate to these other Zionist NGOs but well over 75% of their monies go directly to far leftist causes many of which work towards the replacement of Israel with an Arab majority state and the slaughter of the Jews upon their conquest completion. The NIF is either blind to this reality or do not care as their goal is to replace the Jewish religion with secular humanism which cannot occur as long as the Orthodox Rabbinate remains intact. The NIF is loosely connected to the Open Society Foundations and receives generous donations and approval from George Soros, never a friend to Israel. Their tactics come almost directly out of the Saul Alinsky’s book Rules for Radicals which is in reality an instruction manual for subterfuge and the overthrowing of a democratic governance and the destruction of the government it so powers. Saul Alinsky starts the book with a dedication of a sort shown below.

“Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”  


What could we ever add to that? The main point is that the NIF will use any method to establish their vision from direct misrepresentation to deceit to outright lies. Their mission, in their minds, is so important that to save the world from Israel as a religious Jewish entity they are willing to practically sell their souls to perdition.


The way to bring the attempted tyranny of the NIF to an end would be to simply not give them any funds. That would injure them as they receive, and would continue in increased amounts to receive, donations from those with whom they share common cause. There are, unfortunately, more than enough Jews who believe that Israel should be an open country more like Canada or the European models of France, Italy and the rest of Western Europe. These Jews get upset by the tactics used when Israel defends herself and the NIF can be honest with them about wishing to take over the government through the ballot box, at least so far, and make Israel simply wonderful. They claim theirs is the only solution to the Arab Israeli Conflict and to continue to insist that Israel is the Home of the Jewish People is to continue that war forever. In this, they would be correct, but not for the reasons they provide. They blame Israel for every Arab-Israeli war since 1948, including the initial war started immediately after Israel was declared a nation. The problem is not Israel, for Israel would accept a real peace at any point, but not the peace the Arabs desire. What is frightening is the peace the Arabs desire is the end result the NIF is driving to achieve. A pluralistic state where under the guise of accepting the Palestinian refugees Israel is overrun by Arabs and the Jews lose. The only solution the Arabs will accept is the death of the Jewish State and many would go further and desire the death of the Jews. NIF is willing to meet them halfway and allow Israel to be ruled by the Arabs believing that they would treat the Jews well.


Bronze Star of David


Educate those who love Israel that the NIF is the path to the destruction of Israel. Any Zionist who contributes to the NIF is allowing for Israel not to be the destination they desire to hopefully soon move. The best means for self-declared Zionists to counter NIF is even easier, make Aliyah and come home. Every Zionist does more for Israel when they reside in Israel. Your Zionism for building the Jewish State does not end once you step off the plane into the lands Hashem gave us, that is actually only the first step as you realize once here. There is so much that needs doing and the NIF supports none of our dreams. The building of the Last Temple, or Third Temple if you prefer, to the building of Jerusalem and the fulfilling at long last the instructions from Hashem to settle all the land and then to be a Light unto the Nations, something Israel is already accomplishing, and so much more. Live to be an example and show that a Jew’s place is Israel no matter how well you are doing in the diaspora. You will be better in Israel simply because you are in Israel and the remainder will take care of itself. If you are an executive, open a branch office in Jerusalem and another in Tel Aviv and realize the wonders which are Israel. Better, you also make yourself the person responsible for the Jerusalem office and bring your family home, to Jerusalem where you cannot be any more home than there. Jews building Israel into a strong economic wonder, all while your becoming closer to Judaism than you have ever felt, is the wondrous prize you receive simply by relocating to Israel. It is simply magical what this nation does every single day; it is a complete and total miracle in working order. Sure, we have a few wrinkles to iron out; it is a country and not a mythical destination.


The main efforts to prevent the realization of the NIF vision are to become united in the cause of saving both Israel and traditional Judaism. This is not going to be an easy task to accomplish. Naftali Bennett’s suggestion that the Rabbinate be unified with a single Chief Rabbi would actually be a great first step. Further, Judaism need find the path for unifying the separate variations within the faith. Another means towards this end would be the establishment of one singular prayerbook and set of prayers. The unifying of the service and other practices which will require debate on accepting some new holidays such that all Judaism has a singular calendar with the same holidays which we all celebrate is also a necessity. Fragmented Judaism provides a weakness which we, as a people, have suffered from throughout our existence and has been our downfall previously. Unless traditional Orthodox Judaism becomes established such that it combines all Jews who are religious from the Ethiopians to the Haredi all operating from the same set of rules and practices, Israel will suffer from the fragmentation which currently infects life, both religious and political. On the other front, Zionism, it is necessary that the passion which drives us must be shared and invested into the souls and hearts of as many Jews as possible. The way to prevent the NIF from weakening Israel and Judaism is by steeling Judaism which can be performed by rallying around Israel through Zionism. The final step is we need to find a path to forgive one another and blur our differences allowing a general merging of our faith into a single Judaism, an Israeli Judaism infused with Zionist nationalism, and this may be the greatest challenge that modern Israel faces. One would think that remembering the loss of the Second Temple due to our infighting and indifference to those with whom we have but the slightest differences would have left some memory and feelings of guilt which would drive us to unite. That is our challenge and we need find the path where we all become a single faith with Torah as our central pillar.


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