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December 24, 2013

The Potentially Deadly Effect of the Renewed Peace Process

Do not expect for the media almost anywhere to be honest and relate the one truth well known to most Israelis and planned by the leadership in the Palestinian communities. Even much of the media in Israel refuses to talk about the obvious fact directly and will shy from any questions that might cause them to mention this unmentionable and inconvenient fact. The truth, if it should get out and reach numbers of people worldwide, would draw back a brutal truth that would make continuing the façade of the peace process impossible. Should people of good conscience be troubled by the truth then President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry would have to forgo the planned blitz for after Christmas and New Years in which they plan to berate and bludgeon Prime Minister Netanyahu, the Israeli leadership, and even the Palestinians if they cannot be simply bribed and the Israelis refuse to surrender on all issues that the United States has guaranteed Palestinian Chairman Abbas and others they will force the Israelis to toe the Palestinian line and agree to their demands. The United States government has already reserved fifty suites in a five star Jerusalem hotel as well as two entire floors for offices, meeting rooms, and map rooms and other presentations with which to prove to the Israelis that they should trust that everything will be fine and Obama and Kerry promise this and they must be trusted. All this pales against the other inconvenient fact that nobody dares speak.


The little truth is that terrorism has increased many fold since the start of the renewed peace talks. This is nothing new as it has always increased when there are peace talks as there are those groups who believe that by committing sufficient terror strike the talks will collapse while others realize that Israel will be forced to simply sit on their hands and take any attack without responding. Hamas and Islamic Jihad, among others, ratchet up their terror mechanisms as much as possible in order to force the end of the peace talks if they can manage to make Israel bleed beyond any reasonable limit causing Israel to ignore the warnings from the United States that as long as the peace process is in progress Israel must not take any retaliatory efforts against terrorism. On the other side, Fatah’s al-Aqsa’s Martyrs Brigades takes the ongoing peace talks as license to loose the hounds and strike freely at Israeli civilians knowing that there will be no IDF response because the Americans have too much invested in making the Peace Process work this time no matter what. There was a comment out of Gaza that they were inspired by the bus bombing this past weekend just south of Tel Aviv as it might mean the resumption of suicide bombings and mass casualties of Israelis.


The terrorists make no differentiations between Israeli civilians and IDF claiming that every Israeli is active in stealing Islamic lands as they claim that all of Israel must be removed and every Jew vanquished completely before they will cease their struggle. To be truthful, Mahmoud Abbas, the American denoted darling of peace, has also stated this position and done so even in English but the entirety of media and governments simply pretend they never heard him and when queried on these Abbas admissions they simply claim he does not mean this, he has to say these things for his public. This is the same Abbas who oversaw the financing of the Munich Olympics terror attack that murdered the entire Israeli Olympic team. This is the same Abbas who was beside Yasser Arafat at the founding of Fatah as a terrorist group in 1964 with the goal of driving the Jews from all of Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. This was 1964, three full years before the Six Day War and before there were any contested territories and Jordan was preventing the formation of any Palestinian state on the lands they called the West Bank. This is, was, and will continue to be the goal, cleansing all of the lands including all of Israel of all non-Muslim populations, Jewish, Christian, Baha’i or any others. The periods when there are peace talks progressing, even though nothing short of the complete eradication of Israel as the Jewish State will be accepted by Abbas and the Palestinians, are a perfect free terror period where Israelis can be attacked and murdered without fearing any overt reprisals for as long as the talks continue. This last half of the nine months is going to be a difficult time. Thus far the IDF has miraculously prevented the vast majority of attempts. The horror is that they only need get one attack through that can claim an insufferable price in lives stolen and lives destroyed. The bus bomb attack this past weekend resulted in one police bomb squad officer injured as an observant youth identified the parcel, a responsible passenger inspected the contents and when he told the driver of the very heavy bag with wires and a package inside, the driver evacuated the bus and called authorities. The bomb was detonated from a remote location or timer, the trigger is being investigated and information not released as they seek the bomber, a mere few minutes after the driver had completed evacuating the bus. A full third of the bus was destroyed by the blast and countless lives saved by the combination of an observant child, a responsible adult and a well-trained bus driver knowing what to do. Miracle? Most would say no but this is the land of miracles as recounted in an old and venerated book.


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