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May 31, 2016

All-Enforced Silence Covered Up Rape


What would have been the reaction of the world had the news of a cross-culture rape been kept silenced from the media in a deliberate cover-up of the horrific act in Tel Aviv. This megalopolis in Israel is home to many cultures with the two largest ethnic communities belonging to secular and religious Jews and secular and religious Arab Muslims and Christians. What will be the reaction now that the authorities quietly released the news with no attempt to notify the media or to bother the government beyond the fact that they know the victim was a mentally challenged twenty-year-old woman from Tel Aviv. The police have two of her rapists and are seeking the third. One of the rapists resides in Tel Aviv and the other two live beyond the Green Line in Judea and Samaria. As evidence the police have a video record of the entire event taken by one of the rapists. It appears the crime was committed two weeks earlier thus the release being delayed as the authorities insisted on a gag-order delaying the release until it was old news and more likely to be ignored. Perhaps they feared violent reaction had the news of this cross-culture rape by three men and on a mentally disadvantaged woman who not only suffered a gang-rape but was also berated throughout the entirety of the ordeal by nationalistic slurs and ethnic accusations and abuses. This crime had a dual nature which consisted of far more than the physical and sexual abuses but also taunting by racial and nationalistic slurs of a demeaning nature abusing her on every possible nature. This was a despicable and revolting act and the perpetrators cannot be sufficiently punished but that will be decided in a court of law and we can only pray that justice will be served in the most severe nature allowed under sentencing law as this was a truly horrifying abuse of a defenseless mentally-challenged individual.


There should also be questions as to why the gag-order was procured and the news of this crime was delayed sufficiently long enough to make it into not just yesterday’s news but so dated so as to minimize any feel of urgency to report on this racial and nationalistic taunt-filled rape of one of the most vulnerable, a mentally-challenged young woman, a woman who despite being twenty in years was far more innocent in her mind making what happened all the more horrific. Where was the coverage even after the report was allowed to be made public. One has to wonder what would have been the reaction had the positions been reversed and the woman and her rapists been opposites and the woman instead of being a Jewess had been an Arab woman and instead of three Arab men the rapists had been Jews? We will hopefully never know as it is highly unlikely that Jewish men would commit such a crime.


IDF Crest Insignia


We know that the IDF soldiers are known for their lack of social crimes such as sexual abuse and rape charges are only noteworthy by their absence. This is considered such an anomaly in cases of military “occupations” as the United Nations had found to its disgrace. In virtually every place where troops from almost any nation are deployed in distressed situations such as famine from drought or peacekeeping that there have been forced sexual exploitations which had become so common that a convened investigatory inspectors found that virtually every deployment of United Nations forces resulted in rapes and forced sexual favors, even sex with children and food for sex in areas suffering from famine where the food provided to relieve distressed hunger the food is used to gain sexual favors. The investigation proved so distressful that the report was required to be made in a closed session. One report from another investigation from a deployment of United Nations troops in central Africa where the perpetrators were caught and held for trial in Africa and beyond and beyond (see videos below and please click through as the videos are revealing). As the BBC reported ten peacekeeping missions were subject to allegations of sexual misconduct in 2015.




The United Nations scandals prove that sexual abuse against natives by foreign troops is so universal and it matters little which nations’ troops are deployed or even where there are multiple nations involved in a deployment. It should be noted that IDF troops have never been deployed by the United Nations and in all the relief missions and other operations and throughout their deployments beyond the Green Line in Judea and Samaria have all been in order and without any suspicions of sexual misconduct. This good conduct has not gone unpunished by leftist accusations as was made obvious by a research paper which won a Hebrew University teachers’ committee prize. The paper written by doctoral candidate Tal Nitzan was based on the theory that the lack of IDF rapes of Palestinian women is designed to serve a political purpose. In part the paper claims, “the lack of organized military rape is an alternate way of realizing political goals.” And goes on to point out that, “In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it can be seen that the lack of military rape merely strengthens the ethnic boundaries and clarifies the inter-ethnic differences – just as organized military rape would have done.” In simple terms the fact that the IDF does not rape Palestinian women is just as horrible as if they had raped Palestinian women, damned if you do and damned if you don’t.


The most ludicrous argument was that the IDF soldiers are not raping the Arab women such that this lack dehumanizes the Arab women and reinforces the cultural and ethnic differences which are all part of the Israeli plan to make the Arabs into lesser entities and less human. What is amazing is that it never occurred to Tal Nitzan that the IDF soldiers do not rape or sexually harass Arab women might be due to the low incidence of rape in the Israeli and Jewish culture at large. Simply stated, Jews, especially religious Jews, tend not to be rapists and their culture makes being so perverted as so abhorrent that such acts are outside consideration. The reason that IDF soldiers do not rape Arab women is the same reason that IDF soldiers do not rape Jewish and Arab and other women inside Israel and the same social reverence for human beings such that they honor and respect each individual thus rape and sexual misconduct simply never enters into the thought patterns thus is not a possibility. Only in the wildest hallucinations of leftist elites is the fact that there are no incidents of IDF rape is due to a social disgust and racial revulsion because it is not possible for the IDF, the symbol of fascist imperial colonialism superiority complex, to be refraining from sexual misconduct including but not limited to rape because the IDF soldier is simply honorable and moral and would no sooner rape an Arab woman or a Haitian woman, or a Philippine woman or a Nepalese woman or Japanese woman, or an Armenian woman, or an Argentine woman, or a Rwandan woman, or a Turkish woman, or Greek woman, or a Kosovar woman, or an Indian woman or a Kenyan woman, or Egyptian woman, or any woman anywhere the IDF soldiers have operated.



IDF Around the World
And Through the Years


We can only guess that both the teachers who gave the award and its author, Tal Nitzan, went a little overboard in their efforts to find fault with the IDF despite their actually finding, what for too many other nations an anomaly, that the IDF soldier is moral, self-disciplined, follows orders as well as rules of conduct, and had a stellar record because the soldiers themselves are outstanding individuals who are well trained and operate with the reminder that they represent Israel, an outstanding nation which holds them as their soldiers to a very high standard of excellence. It is really sad that the researcher and the teachers judging the paper were so blinded by their presupposed position that the IDF had to be imperfect and they placed their own overheated suppositions instead of cold observations with reasoned interpretation of fact. The same is true for the vast majority of Israelis as well which is why the victim was demeaned and dehumanized by her assailants. The real question was who were the authorities protecting by withholding the information of this crime until it became old news and would be ignored by the media.


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August 3, 2015

Despicable Violence Condemnable, Period


An Arab Palestinian child, a one-and-a-half year-old baby, was killed and four other people were wounded as a result of an arson attack on a house in the village of Duma, northeast of Ramallah. To the best of our knowledge the perpetrator of this horrific crime has yet to be named or arrested. Whoever committed this crime should pay dearly for their crime whether Jew or Arab and that is the truth. The international outcry and the hand wringing within the Knesset, the President’s residence and from the Prime Minister is righteous anger and is completely and honestly expressed, or at least we pray their concern is as they have acted. The strange thing is that this is what it took to get them to condemn violence against people simply out of what we have thus far assumed was interracial violence out of pure hate. It is refreshing to have them demonstrate such human emotion and abhorrence to such violence but it begs a question, why all of a sudden and only now when their public outcry had been muted by comparison when the perceived violence has been in the other direction. Before waiting for the answer, allow me to try and see if I can venture a guess. It is due to the apparent first instinct that this was committed by a Jew against the family whose house was incinerated and whose infant died as a result of this criminal and hateful act and that is an aberration and completely unacceptable by Jewish laws and we are shocked beyond words so instead we issue an avalanche of condemnations even before we know who committed this crime.


Arab Palestinian child died as the result of terror attack was only one-and-a-half year-old baby, while four other people were wounded and were initially treated at a Palestinian Hospital but have been transferred to an Israeli hospital where a more intensive level of burn care is available as specializes in burn care which is needed as the wounded suffered burns as a result of the arson attack on this house in the village of Duma, northeast of Ramallah

Arab Palestinian child died as the result of terror attack was only one-and-a-half year-old baby, while four other people were wounded and were initially treated at a Palestinian Hospital but have been transferred to an Israeli hospital where a more intensive level of burn care is available as specializes in burn care which is needed as the wounded suffered burns as a result of the arson attack on this house in the village of Duma, northeast of Ramallah



May the wounded be given speedy and total recovery from their wounds by the tender mercies of Hashem as any human suffering is to be eased wherever and whenever possible. May the perpetrator of this heinous crime be caught and brought to trial for this crime. Beyond that there is little we can honestly assume or conclude in order to condemn this act with any more or less severity than we could have any other such horrific act where the life of one so young was snuffed out so early that they barely were able to get beyond the innocent amazement moment to moment as the wonders of the world were unfolding beyond their curious eyes and experiencing new sounds at every bird chirp or leaves rustling in a breeze. Such a senseless loss of one so innocent is always seemingly more horrific a loss but a life taken is a life taken and when it occurs accidently it is a tragedy and when done as a result of an act with malicious intent it crosses into abhorrence and our shock is doubled. This should be true no matter whose infant is so cruelly taken and the mourning should be just as heartfelt whether the loss is a Jewish child or a Arab child as a child so young has no hatred within them and only wonder. Much of the reaction to this loss by the Jewish leadership is due to the shock at the possibility that this act of spite and hatred may have been committed by a Jew making this a truly shocking act in an additional manner. I understand that should this have been an act resulting from an act of a Jew they are to be spit out of our community and ostracized for committing an act unacceptable no matter the reason motivating the individual.


That is the difference and why the reactions appear to be so out of place and amplified beyond our normal reaction to violence taking the life of an infant, an innocent from amongst the families of all mankind. We as Jews suffer the end of the life of an innocent whenever such occurs in our neighborhood for we love life and abhor senseless death of any kind. When it becomes apparent that such taking of a life of an innocent may have been committed by another Jew our abhorrence for the act is increased astronomically as we all feel we are guilty by association. We are reacting to the possibility that the stain of this act may fall on our heads as we are all to some extent feeling the extra pain of responsibility. There is the truth behind the reactions we are witnessing within our community. If the perpetrator of this horrific act does indeed turn out to be a fellow Jew there will be no candies handed out in our streets, no street named for this shameful person, no celebratory parades honoring this act, no praise for a victory in some perceived struggle, and no excuses made as we will meter out justice probably with just that extra amount of force and severity in the punishment and all because we, each and every Jew, feel the abhorrence and pain that such an act could emanate from amongst our community. This is what is behind the gnashing of teeth and the heads hung in shame.


What is also apparent are the reactions from outside Israel which came and each one felt as if the target was each and every Jew in Israel. The truth is that many of the accusatory fingers were pointed in just that accusatory manner blaming the entirety of Israel for this crime. That is what was different in the outside world’s reaction to this murder, an extra seeming feeling that this lost life was somehow worth just a little more of a loss than the deaths of previous infants. There were true expressions of pain and somehow no call for restraint as they expected and desired no restrain, just a wholly vindication as this one potential criminal act if perpetrated by a Jew now vindicated every crime committed against the Jews as they are now deserved. This outcry from the rest of the world was the equal of the outcry for the death of Mohammed al Dura and the special editing performed by some French media to the taping of the event in order to make it appear to fit the scripted tragedy which never occurred. When the investigation eventually revealed the hoax the reaction by much of the world was a big sigh and the comment that well, it could have been real. There is a continuing outcry heard in Europe and the United States at rallies against Israel where the cry goes out demanding remember ‘al Dura’ and the appropriate yells abound.


Now there will be an echoing outcry for this loss and all the more so should the evil person who committed this crime prove to be a Jew and even continued if not committed by a Jew because a Jew was suspected of committing this criminal act. This additional outcry is the result of the need to blame the Jews so that the next fifty such crimes against Jewish children will be excused because of the incrimination abounding now, simply because this may have been an act of Jewish terrorism and thus so much more of an abhorrence. Remember why it is such a greater abhorrence if a Jew committed this horrific act, it is a greater abhorrence because it flies against everything that is expected of Jews to never take an innocent’s life. The difference in the outcry against this act as it stands as potentially an act of Jewish hate is decried by both the outside world condemning this act and the equally loud condemnations from the Jews who doubly are outraged by this possible act by one of our own. When the victim has been a Jewish child the outcry usually comes only from inside the Jewish community while the outside community denounces the act couched within a demand for diminished action and for understanding of the motivations of the perceived act of vengeance more so than an act of hate.


There is the difference as the Jewish community is in a search of our communitive soul seeking where the cancer of hate may have invaded and we seek to excise this hate before its vileness has the chance to spread. Jews react with horror at even the possibility that such an act could have come from within our societal body and we seek it out in order to remove it from the body of our community and fulfil the act of punishment of the perpetrator and punishment we will mete out to ourselves as if a Jew committed this barbarism then we all have a small part in this act of animalistic hate. As Jews we feel the responsibility of our community when such hatred appears to have emanated from one of our own and we seek to find and denounce the perpetrator of this crime. We refuse to accept any excuse from within our community as such barbarity is never to be accepted from a Jew, and this is the additional outcry from every corner. The sorrow is that similar calls for communal purging are seldom made when the act is in the opposite direction. We are witnessing the long held belief that ‘Arab Palestinian Lives Matter’ and they apparently matter more if a Jew is to blame for their death. On the other hand we seldom see the opposite that ‘Jewish Lives Matter’ being expressed anywhere outside the Jewish community as a reaction to equivalent acts against Jews as there is always some mitigating reason which makes the act against a Jewish life somehow partly the fault of the Jews, even if it is only for being the victim.


How many people remember an act of equal if not superior barbarism in Itamar? How about the overturned car resulting from a rock attack on a vehicle on Route 60 near Hevron which took two lives, one not quite two years in age? Does anyone remember the tragic last year of the life of Adelle Biton who was struck in the head by a rock crashing through the family car window in an ambush where we eventually were to learn that the infant barely two years old was actually targeted when the gang of youths saw a child in an infant seat in the back of the car. The young Adelle Biton hung on to life for a little over a year succumbing to her wounds just after her third birthday. The list of Jewish children murdered are never listed as reasons to mitigate the criminal act such as this case because their deaths are irrelevant except as a metric to understand the difference in the reactions both within and outside the Jewish community and within the Arab community. The contrast that needs be made is the official reaction over time between the criminal, vicious and murderous act against an Arab child will be echoed on by those choosing to exploit those rare, though not rare enough, acts of hatred potentially by a Jew compared to an apparently similarly motivated criminal act brought against a Jewish child where immediately upon it being committed by somebody from outside the Jewish community the uproar consists more towards the demand that the Jews just suck it up and take it as just another act of senseless violence.


In a different look, Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, also known as Joseph Stalin, has been credited with making the callous statement that, “One death is a tragedy, a million deaths merely a statistic.” While a slightly differently quote attributed only as coming from a Frenchman in a review written by Charles J. Rolo writing in “The Atlantic Bookshelf” section of the magazine claimed the quote was, “Scourges as immense as fascism and war present the novelist with a knotty problem of ways and means. A Frenchman has aptly remarked that ‘a single man killed is a misfortune, a million is a statistic.’” Giving credit once again to Stalin when as Commissar of Munitions during a meeting of what was described as some of the highest ranking Commissars discussing the continued deaths from hunger in the Ukraine, as the figures were being listed Stalin interrupted exclaiming vociferously, “If only one man dies of hunger, that is a tragedy. If millions die, that’s only statistics.” In another instance during an interview where Stalin was questioned by Lady Astor presumably with George Bernard Shaw present according to the article in the Christian Science Monitor dated 1932, as she queried, “Mr. Stalin, how long are you going to continue killing people?” to which Stalin calmly and sternly replied, “As long as it is necessary.” The original quote of “One death is a tragedy, a million deaths merely a statistic,” can be said to apply as an explanation of the uproar largely due to the suspicions that this heinous crime was perpetrated by a Jew places it in the “single death being a tragedy,” while the murdering of Jewish infants or children fall under, thanks to a long history of such events being merely recorded rather than denounced and protested, fall into the category of “a million deaths merely a statistic.


My last commentary will be on the reported quotes of the graffiti found at the scene of the arson attack where the scrawling were in Hebrew, not necessarily damning by itself, but still the main lead putting the sleuths to seek a Jewish perpetrator, as only Jews are capable of writing on walls of crime scenes in Hebrew. The graffiti, which according to Walla! News read “יחי מלך המשי” which translates to, “long live King Messiah” as well as the word “revenge” while next to each phrase was the Jewish star. Revenge is a universal concept and is more often than not insufficient an excuse for taking matters into one’s own hands. Revenge can be the motivation for any arsonist though arson is rather peculiar method for extracting revenge though such has been the case. The other quote, “יחי מלך המשי”which translates to, “long live King Messiah” strikes me as somewhat odd as in Judaism the Mashiach has yet to come, though we are to live our lives as if he will appear in the next moment such as we have no way of determining the arrival of the Mashiach and thus must always be in a state of holiness just in case the improbable occurs and the Mashiach were to appear. Since the Mashiach, the Messiah, has yet to arrive one really cannot wish them long life and anyways, the Mashiach is an eternal entity and thus has infinite life, or at least life for as long as there is existence which we all pray is infinite despite the mutterings of physicists and astronomers or, dare we say, astrophysicists. I may be out on a limb all by myself on this one but it just struck me as rather a strange thing to write, especially at the scene of a horrific act of arson and murder. Hopefully the perpetrator of this unspeakable horror which caused the death of a one-and-a-half year-old baby be brought to justice and through the ordeal learn that revenge lies not in our hands but only in the hands of the state and ultimately in the care by Hashem.


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December 15, 2012

Observations on the School Shooting in Connecticut

Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut was the scene of a horrific and senseless slaughter of twenty innocent children whose wonder and amazement of the world came crashing to a violent end. All their and their friends, parents, siblings and all who knew them hopes and dreams of what could be will now be unanswered and unfulfilled. My condolences go out to everybody affected by this vile, heinous and senseless violence wherever they may be found. The facts at the time of this writing are still woefully incomplete and still I feel I know all that is necessary to come to the realization that Newtown, Connecticut, the entire nation, and many around the world will never be quite the same after gaining knowledge of this wanton waste of innocent and precious lives. The news story is still in flux with the information changing with every update and unanswered questions still being added proving that at times the more information you get, the more questions there are to answer. Before this story will thankfully fade with time, though its effects will never completely dissipate, we will hear every possible reason and excuse for what happened. The young man, I am tempted to call him a monster and not a man, will likely be a troubled person on medications and this will be given as the mitigating factor. This will be used to place the blame on society, medical science, our lack of programs for those with mental difficulties, lack of sufficient supervision for people suffering from whatever ills drove this person’s actions and other such justifications, as if there can be any justification for such evil. This may be the sole use of the word “evil” you are likely to see as evil has become more of a four letter word than those that pepper so much of the entertainment mediums of today’s society. There will be numerous demands for restrictions of our freedoms and rights going forward all claiming to be reasonable demands if it saves a single life, and it is this direction I wish to explore.


Right up front I want to make clear that with almost universal application, none of the expert reasons and explanations are worth a thin dime and will be mostly long on educated language and terms that have important sound but mean little to most of us. The hosts interviewing the people who will be coming out of the woodwork will all nod and shake their heads knowingly as if they actually understand the theories and ‘eduspeak’ spouted by the experts. Some will blame the culture of guns in the United States, others the violence in the video games and entertainment of American society, still others the lack of sufficient numbers of people who deal with those with troubled lives and unhealthy mental states. There will be recommendations for gun control, more spending on social services for troubled people, placing police in every school or even every classroom, arming teachers after a training course, and anything from a catalog of subjects that can be imagined. All the solutions will require either the need for the surrender of rights by the population or a great additional expenditure by government making them inappropriate or ill-advised. Few will come up with suggestions which are workable in today’s world.


My suggestion is that perhaps we should look to what has been utilized in places where such threats have existed. The place I am thinking of went through a period of years where the main targets for violent attacks were the schools, the elementary schools being the preferred target. This was the situation in Israel for decades starting in the early 1960s. The Israelis found an affordable and innovative solution that eventually made such attacks so difficult that targeting moved on to other targets where people congregated. This eventually led to every business and institution becoming security conscious and employing armed guards who searched all containers including purses, bags, or any object that might contain a bomb or firearm. But initially, when the full extent of the problem was the targeting of the schools and the children attending classes, the Israelis applied an innovative solution. The Israeli solution was to have a special IDF unit provide special and targeted training for volunteers who were then allowed to guard the school of their preference. The people who made up this cadre of school armed guards were grandparents who volunteered to stand guard at the schools where their grandchildren were attending. This prevented numerous attempted terror attempts and soon ended the threat because those guarding the schools were highly motivated and well trained. Before anybody claims that such is insane let me explain that the IDF also screened the volunteers for mental and physical fitness to provide intelligent and proper security. What makes this use of retired and concerned people was not the idea of any government bureaucrat, no, not at all; it was initiated at the insistence of the grandparents who demanded the government allow them to guard and provide the safety that they did not expect the government to provide in a manner anywhere near as adequate as what these concerned volunteers knew they could provide. Perhaps the time will come in the United States when the people demand to be given the tools and training to make their schools and even the malls and movie theaters and all other public places susceptible to such attacks safe from the random violence from some disturbed person who managed to arm themselves. It is our society and our responsibility to safeguard the places from all evils, both carefully plotted in a sane and meticulous manner and the acts of an insane lunatic who goes off the deep end. If we the people are unwilling to take measures to assure our own safety, please do not depend on the government to provide such, just look at the past few weeks and realize this is the level the governments are willing to provide and we can do better.


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