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January 25, 2015

President of the World or Just the United States?


Once again President Barack Hussein Obama has ordered an edict to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanding that he tone down any opposition to the White House, or was that opposition to those on Mount Olympus, on their deified position on the Iran nuclear program negotiations. The man on the throne in the Oval Office, or is that Ruler and Decider Over All the Obama Thinks to See from the Stretched Circle Temple Room on Capital Mount which rises majestically reaching into the heavens, has spoken and threatens with dire consequence, as to be struck down by the thunderbolts and lightning that emanate from the fingertips of the Obama when ire is aroused by mere mortals, should he speak ill of the Obama and his mastery of the Iran negotiations as the Prime Minister of the Vassal State of Israel Netanyahu is to address the Congress which itself is facing the dreaded foreboding of Obama’s formidable Pen and a Phone, a curse for which there can be only one recourse, the virtually unattainable bipartisan cooperation in case of formidable challenges, also referred to in the Constitution as the veto override. With some of the strongest of challenges and a solo knight of singularly heralded bravery in defiance of even Obama, the one that sits in the Stretched Circle Temple Room on Capital Mount, the one from the flatlands of New Jersey, where the pine forest spreads across the north, comes the Senator known as Robert Menendez who dares to legislate sanctions against Iran should the negotiations string on delayed once more. Fearless, the Senator Menendez stands against the blistering flames of chastisement intended to wilt his spirit but he dares still. With the support of one who had battled with Obama for entry to the Stretched Circle Temple Room on Capital Mount and lost, Menendez has John McCain riding by his side and Senator Mark Kirk from the Land of Lincoln, Illinois, and a width and depth of Senators which signals strength enough to overturn the Veto of the Pen on High. But the Senate, though great in stature, does not rule the Congress alone; there is also the House of Representatives where the voice of the people is said to be heard. There the former Voice of the Representatives Nancy Pelosi will be testing her mettle against an injured but still elected as Speaker and Voice of the House John Boehner as they try to sustain or overturn the Veto from the Pen on High to force by will of might the passage of the Bill of Sanctions on the Twelver Nation of Iran over the protestations of the Obama of the Stretched Circle Temple Room on Capital Mount. This promises to be the jousting contest of this new century and one to which all can watch and follow the initial debate and launch of the siege weapons upon the Great White House atop the Capital Mount soon answered with the Veto of the Pen on High sending torrents of inked blood which glows with the heat of magma and the venom of a thousand poisons which then will face the cleansing purge attempt of the most difficult of endeavors demanding unity of purpose beyond measure in both chambers, the Senate where austere men of oft exalted praise and deeds noble must first pass muster and even more, then the House where the people are rumored to be heard may this time hear the many but still almost silent screams that emanate across the lands and this may give the impetus necessary for the overwhelming vote despite the protestations so loud from Pelosi in horrific denial will surely stand firm straddling the gates trying to prevent the flood from bursting them open and making the scroll for sanctions the law which must be implemented as the last deed did prove necessary and was done, but will there be acclaim or simply the sounds of slumber as nobody really noted but for the few who toil to make note of such events that so grand and full of flourishes with the clash of steel from wits so clear and astonishing displays such as sparkling fireworks dazzle the few within sight to see but often go unnoticed by the slumbering masses resting between their hours of toil simply for the comforts they enjoy and the meals they provide, for they have not the time to consider these things and entrust those wizards, warlocks, knights, jesters and fools who they empower to do those necessary and oft unnecessary peculiarities which fall silent across the land with rare exception when the people actually do take note and rally together often simply to demand, “No more!”


Coming back to earth, President Barack Hussein Obama had made the observation in which he described himself as a citizen of the world and not merely a citizen of the United States. This has to lead one to wonder if as a citizen of the earth and not merely the United States, when he won the Presidency did it mean he was now president of the world or merely the one he was actually elected to, President of the United States. It must have been a sobering moment when in June of 2013 when he gave his second speech at the Brandenburg Gate and did not have anywhere near the enthusiasm or crowd size as he received in July 2008 when he was cheered by two-hundred-thousand people, a fair bit larger than the mere invited crowd of six-thousand he will speak to this time. The first time candidate Obama was the man of the world and, in his own mind even if not so much elsewhere, the candidate of the world and soon to be more than just the President of the United States, more than enough for other mere mortals, but he and his supporters were, as he put it, “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” Some might claim that President Obama was a disappointment; some always believed he was going to be far less than he promised. Some claimed he would make President Jimmy Carter look good, some still believe he was exactly the person he described that day in Colorado from where the above quote comes. It was claimed that President Obama would be the amalgamation of President Lincoln, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Lyndon Baines Johnson and a myriad of others depending on to whom you listened. Most of the people were attempting to praise the incoming President and ignored that there were qualities and actions by these Presidents of whom they spoke which were far less than exemplary. President Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus, Arrested the Maryland legislature, and there are some, myself included, who also contend that President Lincoln swore out an arrest warrant for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was either the greatest Presidential economist in his guiding the United States through the Great Depression or the worst economist in recorded history as only in the United States did the Great Depression last a decade while in Europe where the governments were paralyzed and unable to react the same depression lasted a whole two and a half years. Lastly, the greatest quality Lyndon Baines Johnson could be credited with is he knew how to get legislation passed, but then knowing the dirty little secrets of the majority of people serving in the Congress and arm twisting to the point where ligaments snap and bones bend permanently may not be the kind of thing one might wish to have in one’s resume. This is not to claim that any of these qualities are present in President Obama, they are just to point out that even those who many believe are above reproach and amongst the greatest people to ever have lived, there are still some moth eaten clothes in their wardrobe. Sometimes one should be very careful choosing whom to model themselves after and research deeply for any darker sides of their chosen ideal role model.


What has motivated this exercise in blogging of the absurd is the recent hyperventilating gasps of hyperbole mixed with a touch of panicky, paranoid, pubescent proclamations all in reaction to the White House not being approached to receive their blessings before inviting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to mostly give evidence and answer questions before Congress pertaining to Iran and possibly a few other minor items such as the collapse of Yemen and the death of the Saudi King, so all right, the Saudi King died subsequent to the actual invitation, I just hope that his death is not blamed on Congress and Netanyahu not calling the White House and asking, “Mother may I” before extending or accepting the Congressional invitation. Technically, Prime Minister Netanyahu is not being invited solely due to his being the Prime Minister of Israel or to give him a stage for the elections in Israel as most Israelis could not care one way or the other that Netanyahu is providing testimony and answering questions before the United States Congress, they pretty much know his views on Iran differ diametrically with those of President Obama and he holds that far more urgency needs to be applied to any attempts to prevent Iran from obtaining and building nuclear weapons and probably the reason for all the protestations over his invitation to witness before the United States Congress was more to garner headlines and make a big public protest within Israel that Netanyahu was cheating and was a no good louse and give his rivals, especially Labor Party Leader Yitzhak Hertzog and Hatnua Party Leader Tzipi Livni free campaign coverage and to make it appear that they are just as qualified and thus should also have been giving testimony if anybody should. Their arguments in the press were a red herring as both Hertzog and Livni are campaigning on the premise that Israel needs a friend of President Obama as Prime Minister and that if Israel does not select Barack Obama light then Israel will cease to be a nation and the world will turn against them. The supposed dustup about the invitation scandal appears to have received larger coverage in the world and Israeli media than it has inside the United States just as the fact that President Obama has declined to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu nor allow his Secretary of State John Kerry which has received some media inside the United States but largely with very slanted coverage depending on the leanings of each media. Those supporting the Democrats mention that the President is reacting to a perceived snub by the Speaker of the House and that the Republicans broke protocols while the ones supporting the Republicans cast it as the President being spiteful and acting on hurt feelings for not being asked to the ball and having to stay home. Maybe there will be a Fairy Godmother and a glass loafer in the offing as long as he is back in the White House by midnight.


The President is not the only one whining and kvetching, there are Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who reports have claimed have been very distressed by the fact they were not included on the invitation to the Prime Minister as cosponsors, or was their reason for complaining to assist the President, or what was it and how can one tell they were distressed, their facial features hardly ever change. The Israeli coverage of the reactions of former Senate Majority and present Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and former Speaker of the House and now Minority House Leader Nancy Pelosi reacted with immeasurable negative emotions was provided by Arutz Sheva as quoted below.
Democratic leaders in the Senate were livid over the invitation to Netanyahu, with Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid saying that Republican congressional leaders did not consult him on inviting Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress, but adding he would welcome the speech.

Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the House Democrats, used harsher language, blasting Boehner for failing to consult with Democrats.

“It’s out of the ordinary that the Speaker would decide that he would be inviting people to a joint session without any bipartisan consultation,” she said.

“It’s hubris to say ‘I rule, I’ll decide,’ without any sensitivity” to the upcoming Israeli elections, charged Pelosi.
This pretty much covers the enormity of the bruised egos out of the Congress but there were also some bruises up at the White House as can be noticed below from the same source.
The White House spokesman dismissed speculations that Obama’s refusal to meet Netanyahu is connected to troubled relations between the two.

“As you may have noticed, Obama has spent more time talking with Netanyahu than with any other leader in the world. The United States and Israel have a clear security interest, and our commitment to Israel’s national security remains unshakeable,” stressed Earnest.

“We have differences with the current prime minister of Israel, but it does not contradict our commitment to Israel’s security even for a moment,” he continued. “We would prefer if Netanyahu shared the same vision as Obama regarding the crisis with Iran, but he does not.”
And a small bit more about an earlier statement,
“We haven’t heard from the Israelis directly about the trip at all,” he said Wednesday, hours after House speaker John Boehner announced Netanyahu’s invitation. “The typical protocol would suggest that the leader of a country would contact the leader of another country when he is traveling there… So this particular event seems to be a departure from that protocol.”


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