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May 27, 2014

Turkey Requests Interpol Issue Arrest Warrants on Israelis

Does anybody remember the truth of the events surrounding the Mavi Marmara and the flotilla it led in an attempt to break a universally recognized and legal blockade of Hamas and the Gaza Strip in which this terror organization rules? Every other ship in that flotilla which had carried at least items that would have qualified as humanitarian aid had all of the medicines and much of the other items not already passed any effective use date but the Mavi Marmara carried no such excuse for aid and was manned by terrorists armed with steel and iron bars, wooden bats, knives and a few firearms. The IDF troops attempted to board the ship when she refused to change course and set to port in Ashdod for inspection where any aid, had there been any on board, would have been inspected and passed on overland later that day or the next at the latest. Instead these terrorists manning the ship set upon the IDF soldiers who were armed with paintball guns and pepper balls for use as riot control and proved inadequate against the more heavily armed terrorists. This eventually led to the use of live fire as the terrorists had already severely injured a number of soldiers and had abducted one and taken him below decks and was in the process of throwing others overboard. The result was four IDF soldiers severely injured who sustained serious enough injuries that they were discharged due to disability and others who required medical attention after the battle was over and nine terrorists lay dead (a tenth has recently died in a Turkish hospital). This event caused a rift which appears to persist and may prove permanent between former friendly nations of Turkey and Israel. There are those, myself among them, who believe that this rift is just another sign of the desire of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan to move Turkey from a secular valued nation to an Islamist nation fashioned around Sharia and completely opposed to the values instilled in the founding of Turkey by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.


Now a Turkish court has issued warrants for the arrest and has filed a plea with Interpol to issue international arrest warrants for the four Israeli military leaders. The warrants requested are for former IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi, military intelligence chief Amos Yadlin, IAF intelligence chief Avishai Levi and naval forces commander Eliezer Marom. This move will very likely put an end to any further progress in the negotiations between Israel and Turkey for arranging measures and reparations from Israel to the family members of those who died during the altercation and only serve to inflame a wound that has been difficult to mend as it was. This is simply another step in the same ilk as the recent statement by the IHH terror group which planned the Mavi Marmara flotilla who insists that no amount of payment from Israel would be acceptable and the only acceptable action Israel could make would be to completely end the blockade of the Gaza Strip allowing any and all aid to reach Hamas and the other terrorist groups which have taken possession of the Gaza Strip. Such an allowance would allow for Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terror outfits within the Gaza Strip to import any type, size and capability of rockets and missiles and warheads and other munitions increasing the destructive capabilities of the projectiles and attacks which already strike Israel multiple times each week leading to a massive increase in the lethality of such attacks. Such increases in the quality, quantity and range of the armaments would place most if not all of Israel within the striking range of the attacks which currently only threaten the areas of southern Israel bordering the Gaza Strip. Such increase in the quality of the weaponry in the hands of the Gaza terrorists would place Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Dimona, Beersheba, Eilat and the heavily built central plains of Israel well within range and facing potential lethal barrages which would threaten seventy percent or more of Israeli industry and a similar percentage of her population. That would be the result should Israel kowtow to the IHH Turkish terrorists’ demands.


Meanwhile, all Israel can do is protest the requested warrants and plead their case before Interpol. Should Interpol actually agree and issue arrest warrants for these Israeli military leaders, then it could be expected that the Palestinian Authority, Fatah, Islamic Jihad and numerous anti-Israel NGOs to attempt to also have Interpol issue arrest warrants for not only Israeli military leadership but also Israeli political leadership. Agreeing to issue these warrants requested by Turkey would open the floodgates to further requests for warrants which would very likely be requested for Prime Minister Netanyahu, Minister of Defense Yaalon, former Minister of Defense Barak and likely numerous other political and military Israeli leaders. Fairly soon much of the Israeli political and military command structure, both past and present, would find themselves restricted to remaining in Israel as stepping outside Israeli borders would result in arrest and trial. Such trials would be administered by enemies of Israel who would hold malice resulting in a verdict steeped in bile and contempt. These Israeli leading figures would not be given a fair trial as their guilt would be presumed and no amount of evidence could ever prove them otherwise in any such trial of Israeli military or political leadership whether their trial was held in Turkey or any other Arab or Muslim nations which would follow suit in issuing international warrants through whatever international law enforcement organization they wished to avail themselves. There have been incidents where Israeli military and political leadership has had to cancel appearances after learning that some organization or NGO had sworn out a warrant for their arrest in countries such as Britain, Spain and other European nations under their universal claims to jurisdiction over any war crimes or crimes against humanity irrespective of the location of the perceived commission of the crime. Some nations, Spain among them, have restricted their initial universal jurisdiction laws making such politically inspired arrest warrant requests no longer so easily qualified to receive as they found such laws being misused and almost universally and solely utilized against Israelis. Should Interpol accept the Turkish request, then expect a litany of additional requests to flood Interpol in the nearest future. We had predicted that Turkey would become a burden to the rest of NATO in an article titled The Turkey Problem for NATO and should be forced from the group as a defense against the changes which would prove to turn Turkey against the rest of Europe and eventually lead to the predicament where NATO would be drawn into a conflict which it would prefer not to enter or to which the rest of NATO would normally and naturally have taken the side opposing Turkey. Will Interpol fall into the Turkish trap or will they decline to issue these politically motivated warrants. Judging by recent events throughout Europe the probability for Interpol taking the high and honorable road sure seems unlikely, but maybe hope will turn out to spring eternal, maybe.


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