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August 18, 2019

Threat Striking Israel from All Sides and Beyond


Israel, and her people, are hoping to get through the rest of the summer and the fall without the necessity of a war on any front. Recent threats from Hezballah in the north in Lebanon and from Hamas in the south in Gaza are making that possibility looking less likely. With Israel also apparently frozen politically without an actual government, a war is the last thing Israelis need. They will be heading back to the polls again this September and the polls predict the same outcome with no party able to form a coalition. With our internal problems, the last thing we need is an external problem, but that is not within our control. So, what exactly do these threats contain?


Hezballah has made statements recently that Israel is preparing to start a war with Lebanon over Hezballah. This is the claim they have made before launching rockets or firing grenades at passing Israeli patrols along the border as well as kidnapping soldiers who are then more often than not executed. Still, Hezballah offers to return the soldiers captured if Israel surrenders her northern lands or releases every terrorist in our country club version of a prison or any of a number of impossibilities knowing that eventually Israel will come to take their soldiers back. The last time they kidnapped soldiers from a patrol vehicle, they killed several others and claimed to have two alive Israeli IDF soldiers. That, in the end, proved to be a lie and the only question was were they ever alive in Hezballah custody, and if they were, exactly when and how did they die. Those were questions for which we never got an answer, just more threats. Further, Hezballah is directly controlled by Iran. This explains why there are Hezballah troops fighting in Syria as well as Yemen and operating a series of terrorist training camps within the Tri-border region of South America. Hezballah has become a terrorist army and will likely expand their operations as required by the Iranian Supreme Leader. In addition, should Iran face any problems concerning their nuclear ambitions, terrorist activities or be facing a confrontation with United States military forces, or have severe troubles with President Trump; the one item they have promised is at the top of their list is having Hezballah attack Israel to draw the media attention away from Iran. This would present the mainstream media with a dilemma, do they report that President Trump is pressing Iran into an unnecessary war or do they blast Israel for responding and defending herself from Hezballah.


Then there is Hamas. Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar stated in a meet with Gazan residents, “I call on Benny Gantz to remember how the IDF failed in its conflict with residents of eastern Gaza during Operation Protective Edge, when he was Chief of Staff. During the next conflict with Israel, we will rain hundreds of rockets in a single barrage.” Sinwar was reacting to comments made by Gantz, coleader of the Blue-White Party who had promised, “If necessary, we’ll frustrate its leaders and crush the region. We’ll act on the ground as much as we want.” The problem is that Hamas is also under the influence of Iran though Hamas also will act on their own volition. Proof of that was made evident with Hamas or Islamic Jihad having fired a rocket from Gaza Friday evening. Initial reports place the launch on Hamas. The rocket was heading for Sderot where it was intercepted by an Iron Dome battery. Another instance of an under two-hundred-dollar Hamas rocket being destroyed with a fifty-thousand-dollar interceptor. Such need for protecting Israelis is worth every penny, but this is also an economic battle Israel cannot win. Eventually Israel will be required to remove all the threats from her borders as no nation on the planet lives with such threats coming from both their northern and southern border.


Hamas Leader Yahya Sinwar

Hamas Leader Yahya Sinwar


There is also an internal problem which has been identified as Israel has lost her shining image of unsurpassed military might and abilities and thus no longer is feared by the surrounding terrorist forces. This was made evident for over a year with the regular rioting along the Gaza border and the launching of incendiary devices carried into Israel on kites and balloons riding the winds. These devices burned down hundreds of acres of farms, nature reserves, forests and towns across southern Israel. The Israelis residing in the Gaza border region cannot be expected to continue to live with such threats. Children from this region show signs of mental problems caused by anxiety, fear and the realization of actual threats making their word unsafe. Children should not be required to check that there are shelters at both ends of their soccer field before starting their game. Every activity a child performs is done with knowledge of the closest shelter and responds to the Code Red alarms by running to the closest shelter knowing they have under fifteen seconds to reach safety. Would any nation be forced by the world to have their children be raised in such an atmosphere of threats, deaths and perils? The obvious answer is of course not. But the world and media reporting on any confrontation between Israel and her terrorist neighbors as being unfair simply because Israelis are kept safe while Hamas endangers their people. The difference comes from the prioritization of the two area’s governing bodies.


Gaza is ruled by a terror regime whose main goal is to destroy Israel by whatever means are available, even, sometimes directly, at the expense and safety of the Gazan people. Hamas runs a dictatorial governance with their leaders chosen from the ranks of the terror organization. They claim to have a separation between their terrorist (military) and their civil government yet their recent appointment of Yahya Sinwar took their terrorist leader and made him the political leader. This is not separation between the two as his appointment was a marriage of the two supposed wings as they placed their government in the hands of their former terror chief. Of course, those nations who provide Gaza with aid will continue to claim they are simply assisting the political wing of Hamas and not the terror wing. Even after building material has been provided by the European Union at least three times and nothing was rebuilt yet somehow all the material disappeared only to be found in the form of infiltration tunnels into Israel. But this will not prevent the European Union or some combination of European government providing building materials because Gaza has still not been rebuilt. They will never stop and wonder why Gaza has not been rebuilt because they are giving these provisions to a good source which is killing Jews, or at least try really hard to do so.


There is a claim that Israel has lost her ability to place fear and trepidation into her enemies. Some call it lacking the quality of intimidation. We prefer to call it poor decision making at the highest levels and a large portion of the General Staff not on the same page as the majority of Israelis. If everyone who has said that the next time Hamas starts firing rockets into Israel in quantities on a daily basis, the IDF need be sent in with orders to wipe the place clean. Some phrase it differently and claim that we need to treat Gaza as we did in Biblical times. We are not sure they fully understand that the Biblical army would kill every person, man woman and child, and wipe out their herds of sheep, cattle, goats, horses as well as their poultry and all other holdings only allowing their fruit trees and fields to survive. We do not dare even consider such and neither should the government. We prefer giving every Gazan a choice between one of three options, also derived sort of from Biblical times. They can choose to live under our rule following the Noahic Code and honoring our laws, they can leave and start again elsewhere and we will not chase them down (as was the custom when you defeated an army you chased down and killed the survivors making retreating to reconsolidate impossible), or they can decide to make war at which time the fist mentioned Biblical threat became an option. We know that the leaders of Hamas would have to be exiled if not held and tried in court, but if they will leave never to darken our doorstep again, that should be sufficient. They should be made to understand that should they return that they would be targeted for assassination and if members of their family would also come to harm, it was their fault for returning. What would be in such a deal of the Gazan people? They would have clean water, electricity, sewage treatment and so many other improvements and economically there would be no comparison. Gaza would become productive allowing for the rule of law to protect along with an actual economy. They would be able to elect their local governments and have semiautonomous self-rule while remaining under Israeli rule. There would be one item which might be considered unfair, but it is the one means of preventing further terrorism. Any person caught in an act of terrorism, planning terrorism, providing the implements for terrorism, their entire family would be expelled from Israel and banned from returning. The damage to the family is the one means of addressing terrorism before it happens. The Palestinian Authority pays their terrorists and their families making it economically incentivized. This is the opposite form of payback meant to prevent anyone even considering terrorist activities.


Hezballah posses a different problem as they also have become much of the government for Lebanon. If Hezballah were to demand the support of the Lebanese Army, Navy and Air Forces, these would probably be assigned Hezballah commanders, if such has not already occurred. This would provide them with a plethora of American and Russian equipment, air-power, helicopters, main battle tanks and various armaments they currently lack. For this reason, any war which involves Hezballah must be treated as a war with all of Lebanon and their military equipment should be targeted and as soon as it appears that Hezballah would be using these weapons, they must all be destroyed as quickly as Israel is able. Further, Israel need warn the IRGC and other Iranian units in Syria that their aiding Hezballah would prove very unhealthy. Whether or not Iran should be struck should it be found that they ordered Hezballah to wage war on Israel is such a tricky question that we will leave it up to the people paid to make such decisions. What has never made sense is why democracies, no matter the level of the threats they face, must wait until they have suffered an initial attack before acting. This and proportionality are the two most idiotic concepts applied to military actions, though they appear to be left more for Israel than anyone else. There is one other concept since World War II which actually is counterproductive simply because it is so wrongheaded. There is this concept amongst the developed nations, which just happen to be the same nations who fought in World War II directly, is that the world has realized what a waste warfare is and we live in a time of peaceful coexistence. We can tell you that this message was lost on the nations of the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa). Just look around this region and see the conflicts which reach into every corner. Add to that the idea that one nation has been chosen to rule the entire world and the world is there for their taking. That nation is Iran and the Mullahs do intend to conquer the world little chunk by little chunk. They already took Iraq, almost have Yemen, have what is left of Syria, they own Lebanon and they are threatening Israel and Saudi Arabia along with the Gulf States and Kuwait. Iran also wants to take down the United States as they figure once the United States has been neutralized, think large EMP device over St Louis, then the world would be open for the taking. We unfortunately do not live in an era of peace, not yet.


That time could be near and it is all up to the developed world to take a risk and allow the most advanced forms of energy to be used across the globe and the wealth which would follow would unseat virtually every dictator and rid the world of uncountable problems. But that might harm the oil, coal, nuclear companies and put the eco-warriors out of business as energy would be virtually pollution free and so inexpensive that energy bills would become almost a thing of the past. This and modern farming methods, and it does not have to include hybrid seeds, but proper plowing, drip irrigation, water drainage, ecological means of pest control and other such technologies would allow the world to feed itself three times over without adding pollutants to the oceans. But the people who actually run our planet and wish to continue holding everyone in their concept of serfdom paying them for every drop of oil, every chunk of coal, every ounce of uranium and any other form of energy generation and thus refuse to allow any progress which would harm their industries. In time this will change as it always has and the Luddites will slowly fall back into obscurity.


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July 25, 2019

Proportionality in War a Losing Proposition


There is one particular word which the leftists, Arabists, terrorist leaders, BDS advocates and the rest of the destroy Israel groups love to pull from their bag and berate Israel for winning, Proportionality is its name. There is one area where Jews have more diverse and deep knowledge than most modern nations, and that is war. This is not because the Jews started all the wars throughout history. It is because the Jews, no matter what nation they resided within, would volunteer to fight in wars to protect their homeland even though that homeland was not Jewish but because it was where they resided and they appreciated being accepted. The one item which has been consistent in warfare until extremely recently was that there was nothing to be gained by proportionality and ensuring that your side and your enemies both suffer similar losses. Here is a little secret, that is not the formula for winning a war. The formula for winning a war is to force disproportional losses upon your enemy while minimizing your own losses. So, from where does this idea that the IDF soldiers must ensure proportionality in every engagement?


Unfortunately, the idea of proportionality is a direct result of the IDF view of conducting any conflict whereby the IDF is utilized in ways by which the numbers of civilian casualties are kept to a minimum. The various wars with Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror organizations are where these terror fighters tend to hide behind crowds of civilians, use children as chest protectors and fire rockets and mortars from atop schools, hospitals, mosques, and residential blocks of apartments. The one place where these attacks are never fired from are the neighborhoods where the terror leaders reside in nice homes near a modern mall and numerous restaurants. They make sure to preserve their lives while victimizing their own people and their safety. The terror forces of Hamas and Islamic Jihad see the deaths of Palestinian Arabs as a win-win situation as they can display these corpses as murdered by the IDF regardless of their being placed in harm’s way by their own government forces. Should a terrorist be killed, remove their rifle, their spare ammunition magazines, grenades and other weaponry or markers and instantly there is another civilian murdered. Further, if it can be shown that the IDF efforts killed more Gazans than Israelis killed by the terrorists, this is where Proportionality comes into play. Many of the countries from whence these demands for proportionality be practiced by Israel are themselves not obeying the concept of proportionality when their nation is in the field of battle. The United States and Britain are two of the nations for whom proportionality is great for thee but not for me. The CBS News report spells out plainly that the allied forces in Afghanistan efforts resulted in a greater number of civilian deaths and injuries than the Taliban during the same period. While the United States, predominantly, was singled out for the largest share of blame, there still was no call for proportionality. Often, whenever the term proportionality is pulled out, it is done to paint Israel into a corner and to threaten the young IDF soldiers with charges of war crimes in the hope that when that split second decision comes, the IDF soldier will think longer as to whether to shoot and thus the result is the Israelis will face far higher casualties. Of course, this is the aim of this insipid and morose game, to murder Israelis, or simply put, murder Jews.


General Patton was quoted in a movie about World War II stating, “No dumb bastard ever won a war by going out and dying for his country. He won it by making some other dumb bastard die for his country.” Under such advice, there could not be any belief that General George Patton would have ever supported proportionality, he supported victory, complete victory. Bringing this closer to home, allow us to quote Azzam Pasha immediately before the dawn assault upon Israel on May 15, 1948, the very morning Israel was brought into being. He stated that the next morning was to bring an assault with an intent best described so succinctly by Azzam Pasha, Secretary-General of the Arab League at that time, who stated, “It will be a war of annihilation. It will be a momentous massacre in history that will be talked about like the massacres of the Mongols or the Crusades.” This was what was intended by the six Arab armies from Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq and Jordan which were perched on every border just awaiting the command. We fail to note any attempts at proportionality in the Arab intent the very morning Israel first breathed air in her own lands. But the Arabs forces are never required to consider proportionality when killing Israelis, or as they look at it, killing Jews. The Arab and Islamic forces which have intent of destroying Israel are permitted to use any amount of disproportional force to wipe Israel off the map while Israel must be mindful of proportionality. This will be spread to Europe and eventually the United States as the Islamic world continues to spread across the globe in another attempt to bring the world under Islam.


Quoting President Trump as reported by CNBC, the President has made a concession which could come back down the road to hamstring American military forces. President Trump claimed foolishly that he called off the attack on Iran after their downing a multi-million-dollar United States surveillance drone Tweeting, “We were cocked & loaded to retaliate last night on 3 different sights when I asked, how many will die,” Trump wrote. “150 people, sir, was the answer from a General. 10 minutes before the strike I stopped it, not […] proportionate to shooting down an unmanned drone. I am in no hurry, our Military is rebuilt, new, and ready to go, by far the best in the world.” This sets a very dangerous and impossible standard for the United States military to meet and with President Trump bringing proportionality into the discussion, it will only hurt American and allied forces. There do exist ideals which one hopes their military can live up to and standards which they are required to live up to and these must be kept separate. The ideals you teach the troops as guidelines for ethical behavior and the troops are to bear these in mind when engaging an enemy. These ideals are not to be advertised to the world as they place troops in less favorable positions when engaging on the field of battle. Then there are standards which every soldier is expected to obey and use as guides for all actions on the field of battle. Standards can be shared as these should be the rules by which every military practice in warfare. Unfortunately, when your enemies hold to a different set of moral codes, then there will be no reciprocity and these restrictions then only serve to restrict one side. This will be the same once again as the War in the Pacific where prisoners of war held by the Japanese were often mistreated, malnourished denied religious observance and even marched to death by the Japanese as well as torture used as a means of forcing compliance. Japanese prisoners were fed the same as the allied troops, had their own areas with a bed (cot) and small chest where they could keep any belongings and they were permitted to pray as they saw fit. Any coming war with Islamic forces will have consequences and disproportionate rules of engagement where all attempts will be made to force proportionality upon the Western forces as theirs are moral based armies who rely on superior firepower and technology for their upper hand while the Islamic forces will be living as best they are able to the description of what was given above by Azzam Pasha.


The problem is that most of the Western World will now actually attempt to fight a proportionate war simply because they desire to meet the highest possible standards in their troops and methods of engagement. While we saw much of the Islamic concept of warfare where all is fair in war, we are not sure about love as none will be forthcoming to the United States or Israel in the coming fight for control of Europe, Middle East, Northern Africa and the Americas, all of which are fronts which Iran expects to dominate. Thus far, Iran has walked casually across Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon without a single complaint by the United Nations and the world. Israel, on the other hand, has received several rebuts for attacking Iranian forces, be they IRGC, Hezballah or Iranian military forces when they launched upon Israeli forces and civilian towns. The math makes everything become so painfully obvious as to how the United Nations reacts to legitimate efforts by Israel, the United States and others when their efforts bring them into conflict with Islamic forces. In the United Nations there are over twenty Arab States and an additional thirty-five Islamic nations and finally the NAM group (Non-Aligned Movement) which itself has one-hundred-twenty member states in and of itself allowing for these allied groups to rule virtually every United Nations Agency, the General Assembly and should the United States decide to no longer protect Israel in the Security Council, these allied forces will be able to bring the weight of the world down on Israel simply because it is hated and the United States because, well, they are too powerful and require being brought down low so the rest of the world can overtake her.


The apparent coming war which will begin in the Middle East will be fought on Iranian terms as the United States, specifically due to President Trump not desiring to initiate any conflict, thus leaving the initial launching of hostilities to be at the behest of Iran. The questions surrounding what Iran decides will be their initial offensive moves. There is one item which is all but guaranteed is that Hezballah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the IRGC forces in Syria will launch literally thousands of rockets and missiles against Israel. Whether this will be the entirety of the initial Iranian assault will also be determined by Iran. The question is will any nations support Israel or will she be left to fight completely on her own. Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezballah, an Iranian armed and supported terrorist army which controls all of southern Lebanon and used by Iran in Syria and Yemen, has promised that his armaments are capable of striking all of Israel which he states will be the destruction of the Jewish State. Nasrallah has stated that should the United States and Iran enter into a conflict; this would be the sign which would allow his army to launch rockets on Israel for as long as they are capable. With Hezballah having over one-hundred-fifty-thousand rockets and missiles of varying sizes, ranges and warheads, their intent will be to launch as many of these armaments as rapidly as they are capable upon the major cities and other vital targets. Nasrallah bragged that Hezballah used to be capable of striking barely south of Haifa can now strike targets even beyond Eilat, the southernmost Israeli city. There was one item in his speech which was almost comforting as he stated that they were not intending to begin such a conflict immediately. Still, such is not all that comforting as should Iran order their terrorists to strike and attempt to destroy Israel, they will obey their orders leading to Israel facing a war on at least two fronts, Hezballah from southern Lebanon, Hamas and Islamic Jihad attacking from Gaza and combined forces engaging Israel from southwestern Syria. These forces have already launched rockets and drones into Israel bringing Israeli responses to bring these attacks to a close, but these are nothing compared to what the Iranian allies are capable of using.


Then there is the final threat to Israel and the United States. This also brings us to the point where history has taught that the human race has always utilized the weapons which brought the previous war to a close as the opening act in the next major conflagration. This brings us to the question which has been avoided, does Iran have nuclear weapons, if so, how many, what yields and how many missiles and rockets capable of delivering such weapons. With several Iranian military commanders and politicians claiming that Israel is merely a one or two bomb nation strongly implied the use of nuclear weapons. The claim that Iran does not currently possess nuclear weapons we find to be an obvious refusal by the Western World to accept what should be an obvious truth. Iran has been seeking nuclear weapons since at the least the mid 1990’s. This has provided Iran with more than sufficient time to develop nuclear fission weapons and leads to a high probability that they also possess thermo-nuclear weapons and have had the time to miniaturize these weapons such that they will easily sit atop Iranian ballistic missiles. Add to this that Iran has perfected the means of launching ballistic missiles from freighter cargo ships which means they could easily attack the United States using this method. Iran places their lack of belief that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed by nuclear weapons just as they claim the Holocaust never happened. The rejection of the Holocaust is used to claim that the Jews use this to pressure the world into doing what Israel desires and the atomic bombs ending World War II were used to prevent other nations from attaining these weapons leaving the United States as the most powerful nation. When one adds that Iran has Uranium mines within their borders, a heavy water reactor which can produce plutonium and many advanced centrifuges with which to produce a uranium based weapon all without having to import much of anything before having all required to make any variety of nuclear weapons their scientists are capable of building. Below is a map showing the distance from Iran to Israel and the Iranian nuclear facilities. It appears to be preposterous to believe that Iran has not already acquired a nuclear arsenal which they could launch at Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United States fleets and anyone else they decide to strike setting off the next war.


Distance Between Israel and Iran Plus Nuclear Sites and Size Comparison

Distance Between Israel and Iran Plus Nuclear Sites and Size Comparison


This leads to questions as to whether Israel should preemptively strike the weapons stores which have been built up by Hezballah and other Iranian proxies or should the United States find a means of destroying any nuclear weapons Iran may be preparing to use. This next war could start whenever Iran decides that such is to their advantage. Human history does not make one comfortable with the threats growing from Iran and her allied terrorist forces. Iran can block almost all oil shipments from the Middle East by blocking the Straits of Hurmuz and isolate Europe from Asia, the Middle East and Pacific Ocean by closing the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait closing off the Red Sea making the Suez Canal completely useless. The cards would initially appear to be stacked in Iranian favor which is likely one of the reasons that they have yet to pull the trigger, so to speak. Eventually, Iran will finish their countdown and the attacks will be launched. We have little idea how much of the countdown is left and where the initial war will be launched. The two things we can rely upon are that the United States and Israel will be amongst the initial targets. The rest we will simply have to wait and see. Such a situation is far from ideal but that has been the problem with the Western World, always reacting to what has been thrust upon it and always playing catch-up as they always allow their enemies to decide and direct the initiating salvos.


Beyond the Cusp


July 16, 2019

Gaza is Pushing too Hard


Yes, Gaza has demanded our attentions once again. This time we are doing some version of a follow-up story showing the unfortunately expected breach of trust which we first addressed here. In that article we predicted and also showed that the agreement of trust which was to bring quiet along the Gaza border was not even worth the paper it was written upon. We pointed to the “March of Return” border protests which resemble rioting and other threats including launching incendiary kites and balloons which that day after reaching an agreement, these attacks sparked twenty or so fires. This “March of Return” has been a daily occurrence which always peaks on Friday afternoons after religious services and a good sermon to get the troops riled up and fully loaded with hatred for Israel. We know that when we attend religious services, the first thing that comes to our mind is to run to the border and launch incendiaries attempting to burn down the neighboring nation. Well, no, not really. But this is exactly what has been occurring every Friday, if not every day the entire week, since near the end of March of 2018. How long and exactly how much of Israel must be turned into a scorched earth scene? And the other question is what will it take to end these provocations. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are simply pushing too hard.



In a recent article, Minister of the Knesset Avi Dichter spoke to residents at Kibbutz Sa’ad which sits in the Gaza envelope between Sderot and Netivot. As one would expect, he attempted to tell these Israelis exactly what they wished to hear. The report included some of what Avi Dichter had stated, namely, he stated, “I have known Gaza for decades. The operational solution to Gaza will be a combat move. It will not take two weeks or two months; we will need lots of patience. This will be the first Gaza war and probably the last one as well. That’s the solution I see. On the defensive issue, we as a committee will deal with problems and accompany the process to ensure that the things presented here will be resolved.” This is the basic boilerplate presentation given by virtually every Likud politician when visiting the Gaza envelope where the highest percentage of these incendiaries strike. Something has to be happening to these Likud politicians as when they get back to Jerusalem, where their party has led the ruling coalition for over a decade, they appear to forget every promise given to those living under fire near Gaza. Instead of taking bold actions as they had promised, they hem and haw debating whether or not it would be wise to engage Hamas and Islamic Jihad and speak of the horrible consequences which will come via Europe and much of the world denouncing any Israeli attempt at mitigating the terrorist attacks and defending her citizens. One would think that the world has it in for the Israeli people from their horrified reactions to every Israeli attempt to remain viable and safe. We recently spoke about how the European Union is building in areas where the Palestinian Arabs are not permitted to build according to the Oslo Accords in order to establish for the Palestinian Arabs facts on the ground such that these projects will force Israel back to her pre-Six Day War boundaries. These structures have no roads, utilities, trash removal or government services necessary to make them livable (pictured below).


Illegal European Union structures bearing obvious EU Identification signs

Illegal European Union structures bearing obvious EU Identification signs


We have decided to attempt to take the measure of what need be done to set Gaza on a new track where the people can lead normative lives. To accomplish such, the initial step is to allow them to elect their own leadership instead of having a Hamas led dictatorship where the Hamas leadership decide who amongst them would best marshal the people against Israel. The Gazan governance does not care whether or not most of the people have their electricity rationed as it is not their electricity turned off for all but four to six hours each day. They also do not worry all that much that their waste treatment plant overruns sending tons of semi-liquid waste in torrents down the streets in Gaza City. Operating presumably on orders from either the military wing of Hamas or of Islamic Jihad, a team of rioters destroyed much of the Gaza side of the Kerem Shalom Crossing including setting the feed lines which bring natural gas into Gaza simply to protest that Israel has gas and after this Gaza did not (pictured below)? Hamas and Islamic Jihad have yet to repair the damaged structures from the last three wars instigated against Israel. We are fully aware that the European Union believed that Israel overreacted when launching an offensive into Gaza after weeks of ever-increasing rocket fire which came deeper and deeper into Israel reaching almost to Jerusalem and reaching close to one-hundred-rockets per day. Their main complaint, and the complaint of the United Nations and almost countless leftist organizations was simple, the Israeli effort was disproportional as more Gazans, mostly Hamas and Islamic Jihad fighters, were killed than Israelis and IDF forces. They demand that Israel make sure to lose just as many people as died in Gaza. There were reporters and editorials which postulated that Israel must provide Gaza with these Iron Dome defense batteries which has worked miracles in preventing the majority of Hamas and Islamic Jihad rockets from striking targets in Israel. This is the kind of logic which much of the world uses when they are attempting to make everything in the Arab-Israeli conflict to come out fair in a no-win situation for all. What we cannot quite find is where this idiotic concept of disproportional casualty numbers in an armed conflict is by its nature unfair and potentially seen as racist, more on that in a moment. Wars are supposed to be disproportional as that is how one wins a war.


Gas Pipes Set Ablaze at the Kerem Shalom Gaza Crossing to Israel

Gas Pipes Set Ablaze at the Kerem Shalom Gaza Crossing to Israel


As reported in, of all places, Haaretz, they delineate how it came to be that Jews became the “super white privilege” people. This has become the latest means of being anti-Semitic while appearing so left liberal. This is sheer idiocy but there is method and motive to their insanity. By putting forth the idea that Jews are the whitest of white, actually over half of the Jews in Israel are from the Middle East and North Africa and not exactly lily-white, this allows for Jews to be denied all sorts of the little things that make life enjoyable such as employment, loans, carnival rides and virtually everything which can be claimed was racist at sometime in the past. This was the idea spread at the University of Illinois at Chicago a couple of years ago as the pamphlets were posted over the campus. Their erroneous claim was that nine out of ten people, that’s 90%, in the 1%, those people we are all supposed to hate, that 1%, they are Jews. First and foremost, the people in the top 1% changes regularly as the economy moves along and new areas of innovation arrive and people get in early such as the Internet businesses. Amazon, YouTube, PayPal and others have sent a number of people from oblivion to the top 1%. People who were financial nobodies are today ruling the 1% and, in another decade or so, it will be those who managed to put together and manage mining of the Asteroids. Fifty years ago, the ultimate 1%er was J Paul Getty, an oil magnate. Jews have only made the big times in the recent past in the United States. One only need remember the firestorm of controversy kicked up when Donald Trump opened Mar-a-Lago permitting Jews and Blacks to become members. The other country club owners did not which one of these they found more repulsive, allowing Blacks or Jews was an anathema to their thinking. Trump, as usual, simply did his own thing working to do what was correct even if it went against the going flow of that time. But it is this new definition of the Jew as the top 90% of the top 1% need be taken down a peg or two by whatever means necessary, and this will eventually result in ostracization, the final form of anti-Semitism before finding some final solution to the existence of Jews, and specially Israel. By this reasoning, Israel is to be considered more privileged and granted more breaks simply because it has been labeled as having super-white privilege. We can see how this is not going to go well.


Anti-Semitic Flier used on Campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago

Anti-Semitic Flier used on Campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago


Gazans, as Arabs, are treated as people of color while many Arabs are as white as the most privileged of that 1% which have white privilege. On the other side, there are significant numbers of Jews of color, Arab, Ethiopian and throughout the Middle East and North Africa they were stripped of their wealth, refused entry to any nation unless they possessed a passport of that nation and over eight-hundred-thousand emigrated going to Israel, the exception once again taking in unwanted Jews. Israel has taken other unwanted peoples including hundreds of Vietnamese Boat People providing them with citizenship if desired and a future in which they could remain free, and more important, alive. So, Gazans and Israelis likely span the color charts with remarkable similarity, thus neither has white privilege or any other advantage other than how they approach life and problems. Hamas and Islamic Jihad see the people of Gaza as cannon fodder to be utilized as human shields for terrorist fighters, rocket launchers, vehicles and buildings. Israel has taken great and extensive trouble to place sufficient shelters for the numbers of people at most locations. If you are in Israel and the rocket attack sirens sound, do not panic and just follow the people who will all be heading for the closest shelter. Hamas and Islamic Jihad spend virtually all their money on rockets, explosives and other instruments of their terror trade. Israel invests in items such as the Iron Dome with which she protects her people even further. Hamas and Islamic Jihad see dead civilians, or a killed terrorist stripped of their weapon and other military equipment instantly becomes a dead civilian, as propaganda wins with which to claim how awful Israel and the Jews have been. Do not think that the terrorist forces and many across the Arab and Muslim worlds see one iota of a difference between an Israeli and a Jew and often use the term Jews when speaking about Israelis.


Coming back to the present, this past Friday there were over six-thousand rioters launching grenades, firebombs and slinging stones at IDF soldiers while others flew the kites and balloons with incendiary weapons attached setting at least three fires which were reported. This is despite the presumed agreement to end hostile acts. We doubt that Hamas has lost control as when people demonstrated in Gaza City, Hamas ended the economic protests against their rule with all the finesse of a runaway train beating many of the protesters, raiding their homes and arresting numerous people suspected of taking a lead in these anti-Hamas and Islamic Jihad protests. Zero tolerance would be the apt phrase to describe the Hamas actions on these economic protests. But the rioting along the border, the world is told, is a grass roots movement beyond their control. A better interpretation would be that the terrorist rulers have created a monster who’s protests they have absolutely no intention of bringing to an end. Unlike the economic protests which placed the blame for the horrid conditions in Gaza on Hamas and Islamic Jihad leadership, the border riots are covered by the international pages of newspapers reminding everyone of the terrible economic condition in Gaza blaming Israel and their forced inspection of goods entering Gaza. This is ridiculous as if Hamas desires these protests to end, all they need do is stop bussing people to the riot locations, no longer provide the balloons and kites and let us not forget the incendiary packages and this alone would end the border riots and Hamas would not be required to beat severely any of the rioters as they did the economic demonstrators. Hamas does not desire for any of their active confrontations with Israel to end and they also desire to keep it at a level which the world will accept as fair. So, apparently there is a measuring stick which defines when rioters launching incendiary packages into a neighboring nation burning down square kilometers of farmlands, wildlife preserves, forests and residential areas. The Israelis who reside near Gaza are having their lives turned upside-down as these packages explode spreading fire over a wide area. Any person caught in the immediate area when one of the incendiary packages detonates would likely be killed being burned to death which would be dreadful.


Minister of the Knesset Avi Dichter was correct in stating what is necessary to correct the injustices inflicted on the Gazan peoples. But there is a serious problem with his idea as it appears that he is in favor of the “mow the grass” scenario for treating Gaza. This requires Israel to send the IDF into Gaza where they destroy rocket stores, bunkers, tunnels, weapons, explosive stores, rocket and warhead manufacturing, chemistry explosive labs, rocket launchers and their positions as well as any other tools of the terrorist trade and perform this every two or three years. There are a number of problems with this concept beyond the most obvious in that it does not solve any of the issues and simply kicks the can down the road. Should Israel continue with this method they will find themselves in a pincer attack when Iran orders her IRGC in Syria to launch and then invade Israel, orders Hezballah to launch and then invade Israel from Lebanon, and have Islamic Jihad and Hamas to launch and then invade Israel from Gaza. This will place Israel in the one place she really prefers to avoid, a multi-front terror war stretching the IDF thin until numbers of reserves can be called up and assembled. Another problem with Gaza, as with most Palestinian Arabs, is that for the past twenty-plus years their children have been raised and suckled on hatred of Israel and Jews, they equate the two often. These youths spend their summers at summer boot camp where they are trained to ready for that final war which will destroy the Zionist entity. These youths are raised to believe that there is no greater honor than to die while murdering Jews and that should such ever occur to them, this is the fastest, most direct path to an eternity in a heavenly environment with green grass, trees, waterfalls, rivers, and they also get seventy-two perpetual virgins who are absolute virgins every time they have sex. Their life there will be filled with sensual earthly delights and a never-ending flow of wine which, while making one very joyous and in good spirits, this wine cannot make one drunk nor cause hangovers. This is simply the icing on the cake as just murdering Israelis (assumed to be Jews) is something which they have been taught brings great pleasure to them and great honor to their family and tribe. They are versed in the Quranic edicts which spell out all the ways that the Jews are set to try and destroy the Arab world through conquest which started with their invasion (arrival actually for a century before 1948) from May of 1948 and how the Arabs were all living peaceably and were thrown from their homes and properties were stolen and that each of the children have their family lands simply waiting for them to return and Allah will make this happen. They are taught that the Jews are almost as demonic as the entities they worship and how they are the accursed of Allah. So, basically, the children in Gaza have been taught how Jews cause all the wars, steal everyone’s wealth and stole these children’s rightful homeland of Palestine (which is interesting as Arabic has no letter P so they call it Falestine) in 1948 and then started a war of conquest in 1967 and again in 1973 referring to the Six Day War and Yom Kippur War respectively. The reality is slightly different as the Arab forces initiated both conflicts as soon as Egypt closed the Strait of Tiran to Israeli ships thus blockading the Israeli port of Eilat.


Additionally, many of their parents were also raised on this intensive diet of hate for Israel, Jews and everything they believe. They honestly believe that their end-time savior cannot come until they have fought and defeated the Jews, not Israel but the Jew. This is why originally the Hamas charter called not just for the conquest of Israel but the slaughter of every Jew on the planet. Hezballah Chief Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah: “If Jews all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide.” (NY Times, May 23, 2004, p. 15, section 2, column 1.) That does not sound like anybody Israel could meet halfway, and Nasrallah is probably somewhat less fanatical than Hamas’s new leader, Yahya Sinwar, their former head of their military wing, as if there actually is any difference but the Europeans find having a military wing and a political wing allows them to claim that the political wing is actually separate and desirous of peace and eschews violence. The reality in Gaza is that much of the population is enthralled with Hamas and/or Islamic Jihad and the vast majority of those under twenty-five are unemployed and so desperate to find work or some meaning of self-worth that they are willing to risk life and limb to kill Jews for the rewards they will receive. Hamas has allowed the living and work considerations to fall by the wayside which only increases their ranks as they all know in their heart that their deprivation is all on Israel and their leadership is faultless.


Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. There is only one means of ending the riotous border events which harm the Israelis residing in that region, and that is to remove Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Israel knows who their officers are at the top and central command. Israel knows their officers and enlisted men and knows which women are assisting their manufacturing positions, often at a direct threat to their lives. The main problem is what to do with a vast number of brainwashed individuals believing virtually anything they are instructed as they have total faith in their Hamas and Islamic Jihad groups. The only means of assuring that all the terrorist operatives have been removed from Gaza would be to depopulate Gaza and then repurpose the assets such that they are used productively, that there is plentiful clean water, 24/7 electricity, plenty of natural gas, working sewage treatment facilities, probably a desalination plant and a total environmental clean-up making the place inhabitable once more. As for allowing Arabs to return to Gaza, this would be something which has to be performed on a one-at-a-time system where everything is checked and double checked only allowing those who do not have blood on their hands. Israel would be required to take over the school system and begin to teach the children in the means which allow them to find gainful employment. The Arabs permitted to return would still be monitored closely by the IDF ensuring that they do not revert to their former terrorist ways. Needless to point out that the leadership of both Hamas and Islamic Jihad as well as some of their people who were amongst the true believers will require not being permitted to return. Anyone permitted to remain in Gaza caught performing or attempting any terrorist acts would be removed from Gaza and sent out into the world after serving their sentence, and would not be permitted to reenter any part of Israel thereafter.


But should Hamas or Islamic Jihad force another confrontation, this time we need to make very sure that it will not be required to do so again in a few months or even years. The next Gaza conflict should be the final Gaza conflict even if Israel need act upon the promise given to Arik Sharon by George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice that should things go wrong from the Gaza withdrawal, Israel retained the right to retake Gaza and place it under their own military rule until everything is worked out. The problem is that Israel does not desire the problems which Gaza would present of which terrorism is in the top ten but not the top five. These five imperatives should Israel retake Gaza would be the lack of utilities, lack of adequate water, malfunctioning or useless sewage treatment and a general improvement such that the Gazans can lead normal lives and Israelis in the Gaza region will be safe from exploding balloons, rockets launched at them, sniper fire and all the other threats posed by Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Gaza requires being taken in its entirety and for the final time incorporated into Israel. The time for Israel to take control of the regions promised her under International Law and for those Arabs who cannot stand to allow Israeli (Jewish) rule, they can be invited to depart and never darken the Israeli doorstop ever again. There will be those who decide to return to their terrorist past and they will face deportation where they are to be banned from ever returning. It is time that Israel simply take the world to task for their broken promises and force the world to live up to their obligations and promises. The Arabs will scream and protest calling for the United Nations to sanction Israel or even throw Israel from the United Nations. Whatever the price for achieving peace and having the world live up to their promises which they have ignored and refused for so long, it will be worth paying that price as long as it is only required that Israel pay that price but once. The time for a diplomatic solution has very sorely passed and now Israel need act before her enemies decide that perhaps now is the time to test the defensive systems of the IDF such as the Arrow Systems and David’s Sling.


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