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November 16, 2012

Stop the World Because Israel is Striking Back at Hamas

Taking the lead in what is sure to become a breathless scurrying of United Nations ambassadors all screaming that the poor innocent Gazans must be protected from the genocidal attacks of the Israeli menace, Qatar and Egypt demanded an emergency meeting to censor Israel and put an end to the Israeli response to the escalating rocket attacks coming from Gaza. Never mind that Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and a plethora of other terror groups have been firing rockets into Israel at a rate of close to, if not over, one hundred per day for over a week and over three hundred yesterday, that is an important piece of minutia. The terror empire in the Gaza Strip and now also taking charge of the Sinai Peninsula, launching rockets of various sizes and impact at Israeli civilians is something that the United Nations only mentions when the United States demands some equality when a motion to condemn the Israelis comes before the Security Council. If the rockets rain down on Israeli civilians, the sole person who takes note of such at the United Nations is whoever is the current Israeli Ambassador. Currently, that honor goes to Ron Prosor who last week sent a petition to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon demanding the United Nations condemn the daily barrage of Israelis by rockets fired out of Gaza. Ambassador Prosor also called for the convening of the Security Council to debate a resolution that would force actions to end the terrifying assault on southern Israel. Surprise, surprise, nothing materialized and the world continued turning and Israelis continued to have fifteen to thirty seconds to take cover depending on their distance from Gaza.

Finally, after approximately two weeks of such abuse, Israel answered with a series of attacks targeting the rocket launching sites, rocket manufacturing sites, smuggling tunnels, and other terrorist infrastructure. Almost immediately Qatar and Egypt pressed complaints to the United Nations demanding an emergency session be called of the Security Council to put an end to the Israelis unwarranted and unprovoked attacks. The response was almost immediate as United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for an “immediate de-escalation of tensions,” And demanded “Both sides should do everything to avoid further escalation and they must respect their obligations under international humanitarian law to ensure the protection of civilians at all times.” Russia also demanded an immediate end to Israeli hostilities as the United States President Barack Obama backed Israel’s right to act in self-defense. Such a furious scurrying to action once Israel decided to defend her people. Where was all this concern over the past two weeks of violence and rockets exploding all over southern Israel? Guess it takes Israel defending itself to spur the United Nations into breathless frothing at the mouth action.

On the ground in Israel and Gaza there has been a consistent ramping of hostilities leading up to the Israeli response which was placed into action yesterday. After weeks of escalated rocket attacks from within Gaza into southern Israel and years of a steady drumbeat of rockets, Israel had reached their tipping point. There had been a number of previous escalations which were then ramped back down after- threats of Israeli reprisals over the past two years. This time the terrorists in Gaza decided to push Israel and ignore the threats. That may have been a mistake on their part. Even with Israel targeting the launch sites and stores of rockets and other weapons, the terrorists are continuing their barrages. Almost unbelievably, the Israeli Iron Dome has intercepted more than one hundred rockets in the past twenty-four hours. It is no wonder that when the United States provided Israel with funding to build a number of additional Iron Dome systems that included in the deal were Israel providing the United States military with the particulars of the Iran Dome system. Without these few Iron Dome systems currently in use the carnage would have been far more extreme.

The one question that remains to be answered is whether or not Israeli leadership will decide that a ground incursion into Gaza will be required to put an end for the time being to the assault on the south of the country. Unfortunately, there is no way short of reoccupying Gaza that will work to actually prevent the terrorists rearming and the rockets to start raining down on the citizens in southern Israel. One other item that needs to be stated is that there exists in southern Israel a relatively large Bedouin community spread throughout the Negev; some Druze communities; and Arab Christian and Muslim residents within the cities and communities in southern Israel. Southern Israel is not just Jewish neighborhoods and in many instances there exists mixed neighborhoods which means that the rockets fired out of Gaza do not threaten only the Jewish citizens of Israel despite what the news stories tend to imply, all the citizens are terrorized and face the fear when the Code Red sirens sound. It is very likely that one would find Jews, Christians, Muslims, Druze, and whoever else might seek shelter huddled together behind the walls of the shelters found all over the areas vulnerable to attack. It is for all these citizens that the IDF is now striking at the rocket and other terror infrastructure in the Gaza area. These are some of the items the regular news skips in their coverage as it is not convenient to their story that it is all Arabs in Gaza and all Jewish in Israel. While there are no longer any Jews in Gaza, they were removed by Prime Minister Sharon in the summer of 2005 and were completed before September, but there are citizens of Israel who are not Jewish and whose lives are just as endangered by the terrorist rockets as that of their Jewish neighbors. These rockets do not have any method of determining the racial or religious identities of those they strike and maim or kill. The rockets do not check the door on the houses they strike for the mezuzah that would denote Jewish ownership. The rockets are unguided and are simply launched and they land where they land without any discretion. They are random bearers of death and destruction which, ever so thankfully, usually impact only property. Today, thanks to the sheer numbers of rockets, they found their way to cause the death of three unfortunate victims, one was a woman in Israel to have her baby delivered and was from a Chabad house in India and was to attend a memorial for the Chabad Rabbi and wife who were murdered in the Mumbai terror attack of 2008, and also injured quite a few including some children and infants. May we all awake to find that peace has fallen over the entirety of the area and that no more will needlessly die from these attacks.

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