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September 24, 2013

Towson Common Core School Board Meeting Poses a Question

Most of you have already viewed the video of the intimidation and arrest of Robert Small for the horrific offense of asking an unapproved question at his School Board meeting concerning Common Core. Where many like myself are familiar with the changes which have occurred in our society and the implications and threats to our freedom and liberty but when you see it actually applied to this extent you are shocked into disbelief. You ask yourself whether this is your country any longer. If you have not seen the video of this offense against a citizen and overt abuse of authority, take a moment and view it here. I had my own set of experiences with the raw power which can be brought against a single citizen when I ran for the House of Representatives in Maryland’s Eighth District in the 2000 elections and was introduced to a series of state housing, building, and every other sort of inspector after the elections and the extreme extents the state would abuse the law to assist the two main political parties in order to prevent any challenge from somebody who had made it on to the ballot which is immediately seen as a threat. Seeing the brutal raw force used against Robert Small still shocked me as he was not a threat to anything other than the white washing and extreme effort by the School Board to avoid answering any actual questions about their already chosen implementation of Common Core.


There will be those who will claim that the rest of the people who were attending that meeting should have risen up and defended Robert Small and confronted the abuse of power by the state. They will say that the audacity of the person acting as security who also was an actual police officer when he displayed his badge expecting that Mr. Small would wilt and simply leave compliantly and when he stood his ground the officer used excessive force which may have caused actual injury and if so the State of Maryland, the county and the Towson School Board should all be sued into the same degree of submission which they applied extreme force in order to force Mr. Small into submission. As far as the rest of the people attending the meeting who did not rise to defend Mr. Small, would any of us done any differently if we had been there, and before you say yes, think hard about if you would really be the first person to come to Mr. Small’s aid and risk spending time in the county lockup until being brought before a judge the next day. The truth is we have all been trained in a way to be acquiescent and to defer to those in authority and believe me when I say that being the first to stand up for somebody else whom you do not know is not a natural act and takes great courage. For those among us who believe they would have such fortitude, I hope you never need test that belief and find yourself in such a situation because it is very frightening and unsettling. It takes a rare person who actually does not care for their own safety to some degree to rise against authorities, especially in a situation where you are on their turf, which these days is virtually anywhere.


How do I know that it is difficult and unsettling to stand against authorities? I have had some occasions where I had to invite county and state officials to kindly remove themselves from my property unless they could produce a search warrant. Some officers who work in some of our social services believe they are above such petty necessities as search warrants or warrants of any type and believe that their simple desire to inspect your home for suitability to raise a child is sufficient to gain them entrance. When you refuse to allow them entry they return remarkably quickly with a small band of State Troopers to demand they be allowed to complete their inspection. Fortunately one of the uniformed officers apparently was familiar with the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the Fourth Amendment in particular, and informed the not so nice lady that she really had no other choice other than going to a court to gain a warrant which he advised her she would very likely only anger the judge. This was easier than what the people in the School Board meeting faced as I was in my own house, not in a county building where they have right of ownership and dominion. Eventually, if things continue in the direction they have been sliding, we will all be faced with this choice at some point and likely sooner rather than later. The attempts to steamroll over the public making the citizenry submit to the powers of the state have grown in numbers and in scope. The extent in which government had encroached into our daily lives has become frightening. Watch the video of Robert Small’s simple desire to ask a question which had not been vetted or censored to assure its content would allow the state’s representatives to give an answer that served their purposes and ask yourself if this is something that shocks you or is it simply that Robert Small was out of line and deserved what he received. Mr. Small was initially charged with second degree assault on a police officer but the charges have since been dropped. The sole reason those charges were dropped was the video going viral, putting too much light on the actions of the state. Fascism works best in cold darkness of a silenced people.


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