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August 19, 2018

If Politics Trails Off into a Leftist Sunset


The trending became evident in the British 2017 elections where the Conservative Party of Theresa May lost thirteen seats while Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party gained thirty seats. As ominous as this may sound for the conservatives in Britain, the rest of the last election should have scared them to the bone as parties on the left generally gained seats in Parliament while the parties on the right lost seats in parliament. Additionally, polls show that Theresa May lacks that little something which excites the base to get out and vote. Since these elections, the whispers have claimed that should Theresa May continue to head the Conservatives, then they can expect that Labour Party will surpass them and form the next coalition. So, for argument’s sake and remembering the old saying that Irish writer Brendan Behan stated in 1960, “There’s no bad publicity except your own obituary notice.” The gains made by the Labour Party with the presumably questionable public commentaries and outrages over the problem with anti-Semitism in the Labour Party and with Jeremy Corbyn as their leader still resulted in impressive gains. Either these gains are proof of the above quote or because anti-Semitism is becoming more popular and a driving force which may produce political gains. We do not need to break into a sweat figuring out which was responsible for the Labour Party gains as it matters little. What matters are their gains which will likely continue, as the controversies over anti-Semitic problems within the Labour Party and with Jeremy Corbyn and these problems will result in coverage and a constant stream of their names being bandied about by the media. In the meantime, Theresa May will continue her style of steady and quiet leadership not rocking the boat very often and unless a crisis arises, she and her Conservative Party will not have near the media coverage of Corbyn and the Labour Party. Mathematical projections show that the next coalition could very readily place the Labour Party as the central party of the ruling coalition which would make Jeremy Corbyn the new Prime Minister. Where currently the next elections are scheduled to be on May 5, 2022, there is always a possibility that the coalition could collapse and elections come even earlier, thus this potential eventuality is worth discussing as a central part of the increasing anti-Semitism across much of Europe and even its acceptance politically.


The most obvious result of Jeremy Corbyn rising to become Prime Minister of Britain after some coming elections between today and May of 2022 would be a sharp turn in British political direction to the left. Such a result would potentially signal a leftist wave across the Western World. There is also the potential possibility that the Democrat Party will find a candidate to defeat President Trump in 2020 ending the rightward shift in the politics of the United States. This might actually make the rise of Jeremy Corbyn as a follow-on shift leftward rather than the initial step. The more likely result would be for President Trump to be reelected and then a Democrat winning the Presidency in 2024 following Jeremy Corbin. The year 2022 also will have a general election in France where it is possible that Emmanuel Macron will be reelected. As it is very likely that Marine Le Pen and her National Rally Party (formerly National Front) will likely once more represent the right political French electorate, this will again result in whichever of the left leaning to full leftist politicians will be the resultant winners. It will become that the person to follow Emmanuel Macron, assuming he does not win reelection, as his style is dry and quiet, much like Theresa May, will be the most populist with their relative political leanings being of less consequence. The political pendulum in much of Europe has begun moving back to the left in western Scandinavian and southern Europe, the region which has been deridingly called Old Europe. On the other end of Europe, the former Warsaw Pact nations, the pendulum is moving rightward and towards nationalism which has brought these nations and their leaders much scorn from the established mainstream media starting with the New York Times, AFP and BBC and moving across the remainder from these sources. This will lead to a bifurcated world making the United States elections of 2020 and 2024 potential focal points for the world while the British and French elections of 2022 the focal point of liberal Old Europe.


The truth is eventually the forces which shape much of the reality in our political world are largely of a desire to move the world leftward, install greater socialist programs, and move those nations they are able to influence into socialism and away from capitalism. One might ask why they would ever desire to force such a drift into socialism when capitalism has made so many wealthy by comparison to any point throughout the history of our planet and relieved so many populations from what is real and bitter poverty such as the poverty found in the third world. These elites are desirous of regaining their complete power over life and death of their subjects, the rest of us. While the Middle Class continues to exist, they do not have such complete power. Middle Class individuals act on their own, decide their own life choices, and often decide where they wish to live, who they desire to socialize with and have free time in which they engage in activities which are beyond the control of the elites. The elites were once the land-owners who held titles such as King, Queen, Baron, Baroness, Count, Countess and other titles who permitted the serfs to work their lands and these land-owners took most of their produce leaving them sufficient such that they likely would not die but also not have the energy to rise against their “betters” seeking freedom. The elites remember when freedom was a concept which was rare and the majority of people had no rights and even whether they had food and lived or died was decided by their nobles. These serfs were occasionally fortunate and one showed spirit and some abilities with weaponry and was placed into the noble’s enforcement guards and if they showed great valiance during times of conquest or in defense of their royal, they may be granted the rank of knight which carried with it privilege which often would be passed from father to son. These were the ideal days when the people were tamed and would never revolt or act in any way which was not in service of their “betters” who ruled them. The elites hope to return to that two tiered society once more.


This is part of the move for a guaranteed minimum wage with jobs promised by government and even if no work is found, the wage will still be paid. The elites realize that the Western developed world is coming closer and closer to a pivotal era. There are numerous ways this event or groups of events are named such as the “Singularity” or the “Age of Robotics” as well as “Artificial Intelligence” and finally the “Age of Total Information” which refers to the ability of the government and business world to have so much information that they will be capable of knowing virtually everything you will do before you actually do so such as in the book Minority Report. All of these ages have one thing in common, low employment and very high unemployment where the reason is simply the majority of the people will not have either the intelligence or the education to be capable of being able to perform and work which would make them receiving a salary higher than the guaranteed salary worthwhile. The reason is simple, the machines and computers will replace people in almost every line of work and further, almost all the jobs which exist today will no longer exist. This Age of Total Information will exist as we will be under surveillance everywhere and anywhere unless we take special efforts to find some place where we are not being surveilled. Even in your home you will be, at the very least, listened to, as your cell phone, even if it can be turned off, will still be able to be activated and the camera and microphone turned on. You can be careful and place your camera face down but the microphone will still be capable of listening to every sound anywhere in your home unless you are locking it in a special box suspended in the center and a vacuum formed by evacuating all the air. Then again, as in 1984 our devices could have built in cameras without out knowledge and be utilized to spy upon us. Further, if we are of sufficient interest to the powers that be, the technology is already available to monitor you almost no matter how far one might go to be off the grid and beyond detection.


The next thing which would make sense would be that when the Artificial Intelligence and robotics reach a point and merged with biology, the elites would then be capable to transfer themselves becoming a cyborg, a being with both organic and biomechatronic body parts. Their minds would, whether remaining as a biological brain or an imprinted brain onto a robotic AI specialized computer, remain and depending on their choices, possibly continue to change normally or be enhanced artificially while their physical bodies would have been replaced with a robotic body with vastly greater physical abilities and immortality would be achieved. Then there will be the ability to enhance oneself through biology altering one’s DNA or through other means. Children could be engineered to be the strongest, fastest, most intelligent beings possible through bioengineering. Many of these technologies are currently at the cutting edge either already here or soon to arrive. Manufacturing has already become largely automated and online sales has been computerized to such a point that these companies are getting very close to not requiring people as employees. Service positions including the fast-food industry will very soon be using robotics to cook and even serve your meal. There will likely be specialized locations, mostly restaurants, which will advertise that they employ human beings to serve you if you prefer to be waited upon by a human being; there will always be Luddites. The Police will be robots, the stock exchange will be automated, and if we are fortunate, the government will be run by an Artificial Intelligence replacing our elected officials who could be accused of artificial intelligence. People will be free to do whatever hobby they please and work will largely become something out of history.


Clash Between Potential Futures and Their Base Underpinnings

Clash Between Potential Futures and Their Base Underpinnings


There will be a select group who claim that no matter how advanced Artificial Intelligence becomes, there will always be just as many positions of employment which will require a human being and be beyond the ability mentally of any Artificial Intelligence. This theory holds that the human mind will always be found to be superior to any Artificial Intelligence as the imagination and ability of a human being to take two separate pieces of information and combine them to reach a third concept loosely attached to the first two concepts and because of the leap in logic, no Artificial Intelligence would be capable of such jumps of logic. Personally, our concern will be to really start to worry when we have Artificial Intelligence psychologists to serve other Artificial Intelligence units which have some psychosis. Imagining potentially psychotic Artificial Intelligence units which were designed by other Artificial Intelligence units and the factory making them designed by more Artificial Intelligence units and manned entirely by robotic units designed by Artificial Intelligence units all of these being twenty-four-thousandth generation of Artificial Intelligence designed units so that humanity has been so desperately left in the Artificial Intelligence’s dust that by comparison we might have the comparative intelligence of a dog, if that high. Once the Artificial Intelligence begins to design their own replacements, then within a few months, a year or two at the most, we will be at best their pets, so practice chasing a ball thrown unbelievably far. This world will become one where the Artificial Intelligence units will be responsible for not just keeping us alive, but growing our food, or at least printing our food, and providing everything we will require and we will be completely dependent on these Artificial Intelligence units who will soon consider us no more than ants unless we can advance our minds to retain an intelligence close enough to that of the Artificial Intelligence that they will always find people at the very least, amusing.


The question is can we as a civilization retain our economies and inventiveness long enough to reach this presumed nirvana. Whether it will actually be a nirvana is something which can be debated, but if we do not continue to defend modernity, then we may find it being deconstructed by fanatics who believe that our advanced society is filled with degenerative dynamics which must be destroyed and all temptations to commit evil destroyed. The following are considered to be evils and sins beyond forgiveness: music, dance, television, movies, videos, immodest dress, and any technology which does not serve their idea of a supreme being. Their world is one where all joy is to be denied oneself because life is supposed to be difficult and hard and life simply eking out an existence serving those who are exalted as religiously pious individuals and those closest to a supreme being. We have our own thought as to which would be worse and would prefer to cast our fates into the hands of the machines and simply pray we programmed them well.


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April 18, 2016

Netanyahu’s Risky Response to World Threats


There have been the usual threats and accusations along with rumors and rumors of rumors all of which indicate the possible move announced through trial balloons may be the biggest threat of them all. The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has again found no problems in Syria, well, one general denunciation of the needless violence, no such complaints or other commentaries on Iraq, Iran, Cuba, North Korea or any of the other spots on the globe except for a number of mentions of supposed Israeli wrongs. Israel was blamed for spousal violence and honor killings in Gaza and the Palestinian Territories as apparently the presence of IDF troops assisting in keeping the calm and Abbas in power in the Judea and Samaria (West Bank) was the driving cause. There were other minor complaints which can be generally placed under the same old same old perfidies accused of Israel all stemming from the mere existence of the Jewish State.



Obama and Abbas together again and plotting on what to hatch on Netanyahu who is necessarily wary


But the United Nations has been busy on another front, the front of historic and significant places. UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) has determined the historic relevance of the Temple Mount, the Mosques, Churches and Shrine upon it, the Western Wall and Plaza and all surrounding areas are of solely Islamic origins. Apparently the wall built by Herod in the years before the start of the Gregorian calendar was actually built solely for Muhammad to tie up his first magic steed which transported him in his dream to the farthest Mosque, which happened to be present despite not being built for another two to three centuries where he strode upon second magical beast which carries him through the planes of Heaven where he met Moses, Gabriel, Abraham and a who’s who of Biblical greats and Allah as well where he was bid to write the Quran which would eventually be understood by the great sages of Islam instructed them to spread Islam across the face of the Earth until it was the sole religion putting to the sword all others in a final struggle.


Such decrees from UNESCO are not new and have the same weight as a feather blowing in the winds of war in Syria had of ending that carnage any time soon. Still, when these are added to the rest, we wonder why the Catholic Church and the other Christian religions who are bid to care for the holy Christian Churches on the Temple Mount which were included in the general gifting of the entire area and transforming those as well into Muslim shrines are not up in arms. The same can be asked of the Israeli government and Jewish Chief Rabbis; where are their protests and indignations? Meanwhile there is the idea that the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) may be pulled from their presence in Area A of the West Bank where they have assisted the Palestinian Security Forces with subduing terrorism including any attempts by Hamas, Islamic Jihad and we can guess potentially the Islamic State from toppling Mahmoud Abbas and setting up shop launching suicide bombers and rockets into Israel and other violences including the favorite pastime of hurling rocks through the windshields of passing vehicles in attempts to crash the vehicles and kill its occupants. One can only wonder where the impetus for such an idea could have arisen.


There was that interesting idea flushed out in the Huffington Post article titled To Save His Middle East Legacy, Obama Must Recognise a Palestinian State Now written by Ibrahim Fraihat, a Senior Foreign Policy Fellow at the Brookings Institution’s Doha Center and Affiliate Scholar at Georgetown University in Qatar. In the article it was put forth that President Obama should recognize Palestine declaring its existence and potentially its borders as a final stab at preserving any legacy for President Obama in the Middle East, to finally earn his Nobel Peace Prize apparently given him in the promise that he would establish Palestine, and make a final, in your face, insult to pay back Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu for his insults and actively campaigning in the United States for the Republicans against President Obama in his bid for his second term. It also stated that the United States would eventually recognize Palestine and why should President Obama allow such a great prize slip through his fingers and fall to some subsequent President. The piece de resistance was noting how once leaving office Presidents and other high officials from the United States government had all readjusted their positions on Israel and the Palestinians after leaving office and no longer falling under the pressures and influences of that eternal damnation (extra descriptors from our impressions) of the Israel Lobby. The prime example coming from that fairest of judges, Jimmy, Israel and the Jews be damned, Carter who never missed an opportunity to pile more grief and shames upon Israel at every turn.


Add the UNESCO rulings, the Human Rights constant irritations, the Huffington Post floating an idea for President Obama and the pulling of IDF troops from Area A allowing for the possible declaration of that area, the one guaranteed the Palestinians in the Oslo Accords where Area C was preserved for Israeli expansion and Area B was to be donated as to who got what and the then required borders which such would imply. The immediate reaction came from Yair Lapid among others who view themselves as Israel’s next Prime Minister warning of renewed suicide bombings, buses exploding on the streets of Tel Aviv and throughout Israel and a terror wave of unprecedented proportions as these attacks could now be organized and launched without the usual IDF and Shin Bet intelligence warning of the imminent attacks. May these warning be nothing more than political maneuvering and second guessing, there still is a grain of truth but Israel would not likely be the initial target, and there is the fly in the ointment. Without the IDF and other intelligence gathering there is a distinct possibility, some might say likelihood, that Hamas, or worse, Islamic State could launch a successful coup potentially using many of those exact same Palestinian Security Forces to assist their takeover. Where would the United Nations, European Union and all the other myriad of forces be in blaming Israel for such an eventuality and the instituting of a true and recognized terrorist takeover in the Palestinian governance? This would result in the unbelievable response where Hamas would be recognized as now being the new democratically chosen leaders and Gaza would no longer be that threat thus leading to demands for Israel to lift the embargo. But wait a moment, was there not a mention out of Turkey that Netanyahu had promised to lift the embargo and assist Turkey in building a sea port in Gaza as part of the reconciliation between the two nations. That simply places the cherry atop the giant ice cream sundae which apparently is in the offing if all these floated ideas come to fruition.


As to how much of this is valid we can only guess. The IDF pull back from Area A is very doable and would not particularly be a disaster and actually only an inconvenience in the loss of intelligence which would be nowhere near as serious as some have implied. The real danger of an IDF pullout is the possibility that Abbas would lose control and be replaced by somebody or some group worse than the Palestinian Authority. One must remember that the actually elected Palestinian Parliament has a majority of Hamas and allied ministers which would imply their having the real support in the West Bank, or at the least in Area A. The latest polling out of Gaza show the majority of the people asked actually called for the replacement of Hamas by anybody more attuned to their needs and less concerned with terror tunnels and rocket construction and more dedicated to rebuilding their homes and shopping areas and the rest of the destruction which has been all but ignored as the lion’s share of the concrete and building materials have indeed gone into terrorist infrastructure and largely tunnels which have been collapsing with an unbelievable frequency. It is notable that the people of Gaza have tired of the war every two to three years against Israel where Hamas assures the maximalist damage and the minimalist repair afterwards such that the next conflict starts with great photoshoots of destruction already in place before Israel fires their first salvo. How absolutely convenient if you are the media seeking a story condemning Israel or Hamas assuring their narrative of woe has a maximalist effect with the aid of the media.


All of these items start with the truths of the United Nations through UNESCO and the UNHRC and their decisions condemning Israel and all Israeli claims especially to any religious or historical sites. The declaration of the entirety of the Temple Mount and surroundings is right in step with the Cave of the Patriarchs where Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, and Leah are all buried in the cave which Abraham bought using foreign monies so as to differentiate his claims from that of the Canaanites. That along with Rachel’s Tomb and Jacob’s tomb have all been designated Islamic holy sites if memory serves us correctly (validations or corrections would be accepted and appreciated). The article calling on President Obama to recognize Palestine though containing numerous and generous falsehoods is real and the rumor of an imminent IDF pull back from Area A is also real. What they all add up to is anybody’s conjecture and one is as good as any other unless you possess the demonstrable predictive powers of a Nostradamus, through writing in cryptic quatrains assisted in his being applied to any and every situation or event or more. Finally, any conclusions which imply the end of the Jewish State are great exaggerations with absolutely no connection to reality as we are not going anywhere, period. Lastly, the future is the one item where any prediction is usually malleable enough to at least contain a grain of truth otherwise who would believe them other than those already firmly in the camp from whence such preposterous prediction arise. One of our favorites for consistency is indeed former President Jimmy Carter who will always denounce Israel and praise Cuba, what a man of foresight, everything he represents is basically upside down and consistently so. He and the United Nations are two institutions where you can hardly ever go wrong opposing.


For your viewing pleasure, here is an outtake from the latest CNN Democrat Presidential debate where Hillary and Bernie square off over Israel, enjoy and do not take anything said by Hillary as denoting actual policies she would enact. Enjoy!




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February 13, 2015

It’s not the Humidity it is the HUMINT

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Often in places I have lived where the summers are hot and the humidity rivals the temperatures with both in the mid to upper nineties you often hear the phrase, “It’s not the heat, it is the humidity.” Well, when it comes to the heat being generated out of Washington D.C. and particularly out of the White House the high temperature of positions and equally heated debates and accusations we can only point out that this time that phrase would read, “It’s not the Humidity it is the HUMINT.” If anything the humidity, if there is any, it would be the result of the cold water being thrown at the invitation to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to speak before a joint session of Congress by Speaker of House Boehner by President Obama and his faithful helpers from his echo chamber of Czars and other sycophantic advisors along with the mainstream media, the liberal punditry and much of the self-professed Jewish Israeli supporters who choose to support only those Israelis who cower at even the softest of whispers from on high in Washington D.C. and who bow and claim before any Democrat President, “We obey and we listen.” The real reason that the White House and their hordes of supporters and the President in particular do not want to have Prime Minister Netanyahu to speak before the Congress and the media is that he might say some truths which the White House and particularly the President are hoping the Congress and the people, especially the people, prefer they never hear about the point at which the Iranian nuclear weapons program has attained, how so very close they are to the breakout point and potentially actually have passed that and need but six to ten short weeks to become a nuclear power with multiple warheads perched atop ICBMs capable of striking anywhere in the globe. Further, the White House is completely aware that the Israelis have something the United States does not possess, HUMINT which stands for Human Intelligence or people who have infiltrated the target system or units to a point where they are able to gather data, information and specifics which are impossible to ascertain with satellites, aircraft, drones, or any other form of externally controlled intelligence systems. Israel very likely has people within some of if not most of the Iranian nuclear and military research facilities and units who have full knowledge of every last detail including what the nuclear scientists had with their morning coffee. There is very likely tangible hands-on information which the Israeli Prime Minister would be capable of giving the United States Congressional members in closed sessions or in one-on-one meetings. Of course such HUMINT cannot and will not be spoken of in public or before the media unless it is so important to making the Israeli case and the urgency so viscerally understood even by a casual observer that it is central to the reasons that The Israeli Prime Minister is suffering the sling and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing, end them. Thank you Mr. William Shakespeare who said it years ago and it is so opportune to this situation where Netanyahu likely did debate to himself, “To be or not to be.” He has chosen to be and to face the ridiculous and outrageous slanders because he also knows that he is among the few who know what must be said and that from amongst those knowing these facts, that he alone has the credibility and standing to state these truths as these truths are not self-evident.


Israel has spent years, nay, decades slowly working intelligence officers up through the ranks and often having to commit acts they found abhorrent but do them they had to in order to remain a viable agent. Dead agents only mean that the information that often is so vital will not be able to be witnessed and passed along until another agent, possibly one already planted within, can work their way to a post with access to the desired secrets. There was a story of an Israeli agent who eventually paid for his love of country with his life about whom this take has been related. The Mossad spy, Eli Cohen, who had attained high rank in the Syrian army, I believe he reached the rank of Colonel, was reviewing the new concealed emplacements for artillery on the Golan Heights when he noted the unnecessary stress and heated conditions the Syrian soldiers were being forced to sustain being in the sun during the hot summer days and suggested that a tree be planted to provide them with shade. During the Six Day War the Israelis simply targeted the base of the trees and presto, no more artillery emplacements on the Golan Heights to target their advancing armor and ground forces. After relaying this I realized it sounded a bit impossible, so I researched corroboration and found some here and here in Wikia Military site. I can personally attest for the two separate people who relayed this story to me with one having been in those units charging the Golan Heights and possibly alive to retell the tale thanks to Eli Cohen, the one part of the story I am relying on Wikia as the story I remembered, the name, well, not so much.


I told you that true story so I could show the solid benefit of people in place to influence decisions as well as to report items they were privileged to hear or learn through their positions and report those things directly which are important enough to risk such communications or to use less urgent and more secretive methods which are the more usual routes for reporting items. In rare cases such intelligence operatives may break their cover and flee in order to report something so urgent that there is no other way in which to report their hot information. The truth and reality is that a person within the enemies military or other sensitive departments can learn so much more than even the most technically advanced surveillance as high tech surveillance cannot build relations by which to gain secreted information normally hidden deep within the layers of government, especially items such as the most clandestine nuclear facilities which Iran is operating unknown and thus not under satellite surveillance and such can be built if care is taken to avoid leaving evidence viewable by satellites during their regularly scheduled overpass. Human within the walls, so to speak, also are privileged to rumors and can take advantage of other foibles such as weak links or somebody known to brag about their placement or other intangibles which only exist on a personal level. These are the avenues which the United States surrendered when they brought to an end their HUMINT branches being permitted to employ people whose personal character may be seen to be compromised or unsavory. This was part of the Church Commission demands made to make the CIA and other intelligence collection agencies and departments more respectable. The most egregious demand made was for all agents to have clean records and ending the use of people with any criminal background. Back when this was discussed I thought to myself that wouldn’t there be a number of criminal activities which would be preferable on an application to be a spy living in the enemy lands and operating within their enemy’s government and possibly their military or even their intelligence agency. Being able to break into a locked and secured office or other building, being able to lie convincingly and numerous other abilities which any normal person would find objectionable would be assets for a clandestine operations officer. But the Church Commission would have nothing of that, no sir, none. With little human assets within Iran, if any, the United States intelligence community has had to rely completely upon satellites and electronic eavesdropping and wiretapping along with electronic intelligence using communications monitoring ships and other assets to listen to the entire spectrum of RF electronics signals and other high tech means for grabbing information and other data which can permit making intelligent assessments of the state and degree of the Iranian nuclear program. Using these systems to their utmost capabilities, the United States was able to detect the Iranian nuclear weapons program about fifteen years after its inception in which time Iran already had a number of enrichment sites and was building a heavy water reactor to produce plutonium for another route to nuclear weaponry.


They had little if any information on the nuclear sites, researchers, developments, military operations and other related items such as rocket research including missile development, arming systems, guidance systems, interceptor avoidance software, missile propellant research, missile ranges, mobile systems, missile silos, anti-missile systems, and various other research and development areas and deployments. It is information such as this which is the driving force behind Speaker of the House Boehner inviting Prime Minister Netanyahu and the reason the Israeli Prime Minister accepted the invitation while this had little if anything to do with insulting the White House or President, making a campaign plea to the Israeli people or any other political ploy affecting either the United States or Israel other than providing the United States Congress with access to intelligence and to ask questions as to the fears and needs of Israel, an indispensable ally of the United States no matter what the mainstream leftist media has tried to spin things and nothing more. Prime Minister Netanyahu would probably have been better served by campaigning in Israel than he will be served giving meetings and closed briefings relating intelligence information and other things which by their very nature are not conducted before the cameras or in any way which can be divulged to the general population, the worst venue for campaigning is any venue which is held secretly for the reasons of security precautions. The only person making this a political affair has been the White House who, had they simply remained silent, would have allowed for Prime Minister Netanyahu to speak to the combined session of Congress, meet with those members of Congress requesting such meetings or whose committee had questions for the Prime Minister or those who will travel with the Prime Minister to answer questions for the members of Congress directly.


The Prime Minister will make a bigger campaign splash with his address to the AIPAC Conference for which he was likely to have been attending in person even if he was not speaking to Congress, especially to use it as a campaign speech as well as speaking to American Jews and others at the convention where there will be far more Israeli media coverage than will cover his speech to Congress and there will be no media at any meetings and private briefings the Prime Minister gives leading to absolutely no gain for his campaign. President Obama is the one using this as a campaign setting if anybody is and President Obama is campaigning as hard as he is able and in every way possible including deploying his national campaign director from the 2012 Presidential campaign to advise and utilize the same blanketing targeted areas to get the votes out and influence as many as can be reached knocking on doors with thousands of volunteers, potentially some from the United States but that remains to be seen, in an effort which they refer to as the campaign for Israeli government change. It sounds almost to be hope and change, well, I guess it is Hope to Change the Israeli government, but those working on these efforts are calling their efforts the “Anyone but Bibi” removing any doubt as to what the President directed them to work to accomplish. With their announced nonpartisan campaign, as they claim not to be supporting any candidate, which is true in a warped way, they simply want to prevent a single candidate from winning and my bet there are others they would also oppose. Can one be said to be supporting a candidate if they oppose all of their competing candidates? V2015 would claim the answer is ‘no.’ V2015 is attached to two groups in the United States, one goes under the name of V2015 or V15 for short and the other is One Voice. One Voice receives funding from the United States State Department and numerous other sources outside of Israel which are planned to be transferred to V2015 in Israel just before the actual election to allow them to pay off their debts and leave a minimum amount of time for any legal recourse to be deployed and acted upon, which was covered and reported by Haaretz, but solely in their Hebrew edition for reasons that are unfathomable, well, except that any Israelis from the United States or other English speaking nation might react smelling something rotten and not from Denmark. Something is definitely giving off some strong aromas that might not be pleasant and that hint of a smell of election fraud despite the decision thus far by the Israeli Attorney General’s initial decision. We will see what the Israeli electorate will think of such American presence stomping loudly trampling their elections for their government this March 17.


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