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May 7, 2018

The Coming Failure of Trump’s Deal of the Century


There are some concrete reasons why President Trump’s Deal of the Century is going to fail. Before we get to the guaranteed reasons for its coming failure, allow us to delve into some of the particulars which are guaranteed not to pass the simplest of tests. His plan is, according to limited sources largely from the left, to have Israel surrender four presumably Arab neighborhoods in Yerushalayim, Shuafat, Jabel Mukaber, Isawiya, and Abu Dis. This would be taken as something dangerous by Israel but they would possibly, and begrudgingly, allow such to pass. Then there is the amusing idea for the Old City and Temple Mount to be recognized as international territory, again according to these sources. That will work about as well as when President George W. Bush promised that the Philadelphia Corridor between the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula and Gaza would be an internationally monitored area in order to assure that no weapons, warfare materials, terrorists or other items which could be used to attack Israel passed into Gaza. The European Union promised to provide monitors at the approved Rafah crossing as well as servicing the cameras by which Israel also could monitor the crossing. The European monitors actually made it almost two weeks before retreating to Tel Aviv and then back to Europe leaving the crossing to the Arabs to do as they wished. When Egypt and Syria threatened to attack Israel and closed the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping leading to the Six Day War, the United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF) troops assigned to watch the Sinai Peninsula and Gaza to prevent just such an attack simply packed up at the request of the Egypt government and flew back home. So, we have examples of exactly how such an international zone will be kept international. Please do not even try to breach the idea of the United Nations, as we all know that is laughable.


This international zone would see Arab rioting within two weeks with rock throwing initially leading to firebombs and eventually the retorts from AK47s would be heard. The entire time that these assaults were occurring, the Israeli government would be warned not to interfere with the neutrality of the international zone and that these Arab demonstrations would pass and all would work out just fine. The United Nations, European Union, Russians and President Trump and his administration would all be singing the same song while the monitors or whomever was to be tasked with making sure that the world had universal access to the internationalized areas of Yerushalayim were getting ever more nervous and then fleeing for their lives with the Arabs pouring into the international zone and that would be the end of the international zone. Does anybody believe that the United Nations Security Council would pass a Chapter Seven resolution sending troops from the five permanent members’ militaries to liberate the international area in Yerushalayim? Well, are you going to suggest that the European Union will send troops to liberate the international area in Yerushalayim? Should we expect that there might be United States or Russian forces will come liberate the international area in Yerushalayim? Perhaps China forces are going to be sent to liberate the international area in Yerushalayim? There is one thing all the above mentioned will agree upon, that Israel had best just accept the new reality that the Arabs now control the international zone and they will continue to permit anybody who desires to still visit the holy sites. When the Arabs send in armed troops and erect barricades and prevent any non-Muslim from visiting any of these holy sites on the Temple Mount or in the Old City, these same governments around the world will advise Israel to simply live with this as it really does not matter that much and is not worth fighting a war over. Eventually, the situation will return to how it was before the Six Day War with snipers from the higher buildings and on the upper walls of the Temple Mount shooting into Israel making no-go zones out of sections of Western Yerushalayim. Israel has seen how the world keeps their promises when the Arabs decide to make a mockery of those very promises and will not lose access to Yerushalayim, any of Yerushalayim, and definitely not the Temple Mount and will not watch our rebuilt synagogues torn asunder by Arab mobs once more.


Fortunately, none of these situations will ever cone to pass. The Arabs have already given their answer to the Deal of the Century and it was a resounding, “No.” Their voices have already been heard and they proudly desire to confound any peace in which the Jews remain governing themselves and subjects under Arab rule. The PA’s official news agency Wafa quoted Abu Rudeineh saying, “All the plots aimed at eliminating the Palestinian problem will collapse because of the steadfastness of the Palestinian people and its adherence to the basic principles and legitimate rights. Our path is clear and we stand behind Abu Mazen’s historic leadership, in order to oppose all the suspicious plans.”


While in Moscow for talks, Abbas told Putin, “We state that from now on we refuse to cooperate in any form with the U.S. in its status of a mediator, as we stand against its actions.” Abbas added later, “For instance, ‘the quartet’ plus some other countries like the model used to achieve the deal on Iran.” This has been the main drive by Abbas for the last few years with his becoming more adamant since the election of President Trump, went onto an overt tantrum level with the recognition by President Trump of Jerusalem as the Capital City of Israel, and started the gears turning to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem. Abbas aims to have an assembly of nations similar to the General Assembly of the United Nations to force an agreement upon Israel. In order to reach such a level, Abbas realizes that the General Assembly cannot achieve this on its own as making a resolution which is more than a suggestion is beyond the General Assembly’s powers as set in the United Nations Charter. Abbas realized that in such a forum, Israel has no reasonable chance of surviving their decision as such a gathering of nations has proven in the General Assembly to be ready to denounce Israel at any opportunity and he believes if he were allowed to present a plan where the Arabs take control to rule the entirety of the lands which were originally set aside for Israel where they would take kindly care of the Jews allowing them to remain living as dhimmi, this type of assembly would approve it with such an overwhelming majority that such would become an irrefutable reality. We would not be at all surprised if Mahmoud Abbas would assemble a group of friendly nations supportive of his desires and claimed their decision serve as the new and proper solution to the Arab Israeli Conflict. He has shown signs of having lost his attachment to reason and reality making even more bellicose accusations as time is passing.


Abbas Gives Peace This Much of a Chance

Abbas Gives Peace This Much of a Chance


Azzam al-Ahmad, a member of the Fatah Central Committee, declared on Sunday, April 29, 2018, that President Donald Trump’s “deal of the century” meant to bring an end to the Israeli-Arab conflict would not be implemented. When Mahmoud Abbas addressed the United Nations Security Council demanding that Israel be brought to basically heel to the Arab Peace Plan and that all United Nations decisions be fully implemented, which in his case includes every denunciation by the General Assembly and advisory resolutions passed by the Security Council meant to be advisory, while also demanding that in order to bring about peace at a pace which would prevent further Israel obstructions that the State of Palestine should be immediately recognized and admitted as a full member to the United Nations. This demand would use the General Assembly recognition of the dreamed of borders Abbas dreams of in his wildest dreams with the pre-Six Day War lines set as borders of Palestine with all of the Old City and Temple Mount within his Arab Palestine and all the Jews deported. We will defer on making comments and instead allow the video below to answer Mahmoud Abbas just as was done at the Security Council. Enjoy the show.



But Abbas, Fatah, Palestinian Authority and the PLO are not the only Arabs denouncing the Deal of the Century and President Trump, especially his recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli historic and eternal capital. Senior Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar also has claimed that it is impossible to implement the “deal of the century” or any plan being put forward by the Trump administration. He restated that the “March of the Return” proves that the processions demonstrated that the Palestinian decision would remain in the hands of Hamas and the resistance organizations until the liberation of “Palestine.” Zahar said Thursday, May 3, 2018, “The attempt to instill fear in the lives of the settlers has already done its part, and if we look at what is happening around us, we will find that they fled because they are thieves, and what happened to them will happen in the north of the country as well.” He added, “The blood of the Palestinian people, spilled on this land, will go from here to Jerusalem.” Restating that the intent of these attacks on the Gaza border are intended to destroy the fence, erase the border and proceed in a mass mayhem of blood and fury sweep all the way to Jerusalem.


It is the belief of Hamas that if they simply continue to make threats and attempt to intimidate Israelis that the Jews will be chased off with their tails between their legs as had the British, the Crusaders, the Romans and every enemy they have faced. There has been a repeated claim by many Arabs that they are a desert people with more patience than Europeans have and that the Israelis are Europeans just like the British, the Crusaders, Napoleon, and every other European interloper which they have outwaited. There is one mistake in their reasoning, Israelis are not Europeans, we came from our exile in Europe as well as from almost every Arab and Muslim nations from which we were dispossessed. Our origins are from here in Israel where our ancestors settled after spending forty years in the desert simply biding our time before completing our exodus from Egypt to our Holy Lands of Israel. So, you are a desert people and are going to outwait the Jewish People, another desert people, a desert people who have waited over two-thousand years to return to out ancient homeland. Does Islam have a concept of the patience of two-thousand years? Of course you do not, as Islam is not that old, it is a mere one-thousand-four-hundred-eight years old and the Jewish people have waited between one-thousand-eight-hundred-fifty years to, for some, two-thousand-five-hundred-forty-five years with the Ten Lost Tribes having been gone even longer and some are just now returning. So, if this is a waiting game, this is one long wait you will lose.


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