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March 31, 2015

The Hidden Secret Weapon of Iran

It is well known that Iran is behind the Houthis in Yemen, Hezballah have virtual control over the Baca Valley, South Beirut and the lands south of the Litani River giving Iran control over Lebanon and Iran had taken command of the forces against ISIS in Iraq officially claiming the lands in the southern and eventually central areas of Iraq ceding the northern areas to Kurdish rule allowing the formation of Kurdistan with their accepting that Iran was the Islamic nation which saved them from ISIS and thus being indebted to Iran. Assad will prove victorious winning a Pyrrhic victory allowing him to rule over a shell of a nation. Things will be in such complete ruin that Assad will even need to relocate the capital as Damascus (Arabic: دمشق ‎) will have become uninhabitable. The reason for this sorry situation will be due to Assad having fled the Capital, Damascus, for the Alawite, also known as Alawis (Arabic: علوية ‎), regions after baiting his enemies by stating that he was determined to join the fighting, if that proved necessary, making all the forces against Assad to gather and unite to make that final push into the heart of Damascus for the final battle for Syria. Almost all of the troops will be involved in this assault and they will meet with strong resistance but inevitably they will appear to be mere moments from winning their final victory over Assad when the trap will be sprung and a series of prepositioned substantial nuclear weapons will end all resistance in a matter of seconds and turning Damascus into a radioactive wastelands. This will force Assad in his Alawite enclave to be setting up the new Capital City from which to declare his victory and naming the new Capital City of Syria most likely the home city of the Assad family, Qardaha (Arabic: قرداحة‎), or possible Idlib or Aleppo if Shiite forces can become predominant in either of those two cities. While this definitive ending of the war in Syria will be followed by the defeat of the remnants of ISIS in Iraq as ISIS forces from Iraq will have been pulled to assist in the final assault into Damascus as victory there will be determined by all forces fighting Assad to be of sufficient importance that they lay aside their differences and for that one time fighting together with each group retaining command of their forces thus making taking the government stronghold in central Damascus a race to see whose flag will be raised over the Syrian capital city. The resulting truth will prove to be that nobody’s flag will be raised over the city as Damascus will have been made inhabitable.

After the detonation of the nuclear weapons and the dropping of a series of tactical nuclear weapons around the suburbs of Damascus taking out the command and control centers and the leadership which inhabited them monitoring the progress of the many varied forces who had just been eliminated in a singularly greatest conflagration in the history of the Middle East, there will follow a series of condemnations from numerous nations as well as the alphabet soup of alliances such as EU and NATO as well as by the United Nations and its numerous individual fiefdoms and especially by the Security Council. Amazingly, despite the carnage resulting from the second tactical use of a series of nuclear weapons being detonated in the ending a conflict, the first being the United States use of nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end the War with Japan and with that the end of World War II, there will result no denunciation of Iran or Syrian Dictator Bashir Assad by the General Assembly. It will seemingly be a reaction by the majority of the member states of the General Assembly to the drastic measures utilized in Syria and the devastating results that they will shrink before such a complete breakdown of normative thought that there will be no need for any condemnation plus with Iran along with their allies and made clear their intentions to vote against any resolution feeling none was necessary due to their having learned and knowing there was a hard and difficult road ahead, they will decide to decline to support any condemnation in the General Assembly.

Most of the world and almost all in the western world will depict this fairly extensive use of nuclear weapons as being a one-time event not ever likely to be repeated. It will be then that the unseen weapon, the Iranian secret weapon, will begin to assert itself. It will begin in Egypt where the Shiite candidates win a fairly significant number of parliamentary seats. Many of these victories will prove to be the forewarning of coming changes in the distribution as slowly at first and then with less excuses and more bravado individuals, then families and lastly entire clans or towns were trading in their long histories with Sunni religious branch of Islam and starting to freely claim their allegiance to Shiite branch of Islam. As this phenomenon starts in the Sunni majority areas, the initial reactions will be complete surprise followed by denial and even violence against those announcing their intention in some locations. With time the numbers of Sunni adopting Shiite Islamic practice will become more accepted and even anticipated. What no one expected would be the result starts to creep into the consciousness of some Imams and leaders as they realize their nations or those attending their mosques had become sufficiently Shia that they demanded that Shia services be provided. This will lead to the next stage where many Imams along with their congregations announce or simply quietly adopt the Shia form of Islam. This will be true whenever the majority of the congregants and the neighborhoods they serve were becoming Shiite and it became the only manner for them to continue to serve their communities providing them with the leadership they were seeking. Currently, according to some, there is a core of people in Muslim nations across MENA (Middle East and Northern Africa) which is gaining momentum of Muslims privately practicing Shia Islam while continuing to appear to be actively practicing Sunni Islam. This shift of the balance of power from Sunni Islam being predominant to Shia Islam and it is uncertain as to how far this change has progressed.

There is already a pushback against the overt Iranian backed effort to encircle Saudi Arabia as the Saudis have intervened against the Houthis and are attempting to place the government back in Sana’a (Arabic: صنعاء) after it was forced to flee this past week. There are some worried over whether this assault by the Saudi forces will result in their supporting the al-Qaeda forces which are also vying for control in the same area. The problem in Yemen is that there has not been stable governance for quite a while. There is a history of rebellions in the north by the Houthis while al-Qaeda has occupied the southern area with the government sandwiched inbetween the two forces. President Obama had recently pointed to Yemen as a place which represented the outreach and working to support stable governance in the Middle East. Perhaps this was not the best call for him to make. What makes that even more ridiculous a mention is that currently he is doing absolutely nothing to restore the Yemeni government he was so proudly using as the bases of his efforts for stability in the Middle East. If one were to attempt to place President Obama into the Middle East formula it becomes an odd thing to do. President Obama is responsible for the lack of order in Libya after removing the government forces of Gaddafi. The President supported and even touted the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and wasted no time condemning the removal of that government by the Egyptian military when the people began an uprising against the implementation of Sharia Law in Egypt. The President originally supported the rebels in Syria but while he spent precious time seeking the perfect faction to support, the radicalized forces had replaced or defeated most of such forces. This was now an international fight between the two extremist forces, those favoring al-Qaeda and other Sunni terrorist factions such as ISIS, while the other group consists of a Houthis supported by Iran. The real victims in the fighting in Yemen are going to be the people just as was the case in Syria. How far the Iranians are prepared to back the Houthis against the government and the al-Qaeda forces not to mention the United States has a refueling center in Yemen where ships from the fleet could refuel and which is now in the hands of the Iranian backed forces. There has also been an exchange of words between Turkey and Iran. Where such animosity might lead is impossible to predict but animosity between the two nations are high. Saudi Arabia and Egypt recently called for a Sunni Arab International force and the Arab League appears to be ready for the implementation of an all Sunni NATO style alliance of the Sunni nations, largely Saudi Arabia and Egypt as these two nations are the most stable and have the largest armies in the Middle East. Also joining this alliance will be the GCC members plus Jordan. Appearances are that the Middle East is breaking into three main camps, first is the Iranian forces which include Iraq, Hezballah and what remains of Assad in Syria and the Houthis, then there are Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the Gulf States and probably any Sunni elements which are not aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood, and thirdly we have the terror forces such as ISIS, al-Qaeda and the tribal forces in Libya which are interested in destabilizing governments and then taking control after compromising the government. The Middle East is becoming more dangerous place than it usually is, and it is well known for its intricate and complex interactions, and on the other hand, Israel has begun to look like the safest and most stable government within the borders of the Arab world surrounding her. That may be the strangest thing of all.

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March 15, 2015

Palestinian Arab Assassination Incitement

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What would be your reaction if I now explained that this is about Israeli settlers placing wanted dead or alive posters of Mahmoud Abbas and other leaders in the Palestinian Authority around their areas inciting for these people to be targeted for assassination. You would immediately condemn these acts as depraved and illegal to be roundly condemned by every sane and rational society and that the people responsible to be arrested and tried for being accessories instigating violence and for violating the human rights and a litany of other offenses. What would be your reaction if instead of posting such tacky posters it was reported that they had placed an exhibit as part of an exhibit on Judea and Samaria a picture of Marwan Hasib Ibrahim Barghouti sitting in a prison cell with rifle site bullseye on his head and another in the middle of his chest. Again you would be rightfully enraged at such a grievous act of inhumanity and demand the people responsible to be arrested. If any of these were to be true I would not only be joining you in your calls for people to be arrested for such vapid displays of inhumanity and criminal instigation expressed as some warped and weird form of art but actually merely expressing a hate-filled inhumane message which should lead to arrests of the people responsible for the entire exhibit and the authors or artists responsible for this and such display to await trial on charges of hate crimes and assaults on the human rights of another human being, I would be trumpeting the call for trials for acts violating the human rights of Marwan Barghouti. Fortunately such exhibits or posters are not the case and would very likely never be the case and should such distasteful exhibits and behaviors ever be exhibited by the settlers or any other Israeli, they would be arrested by the Israeli police and put on trial for their heinous deeds and the offending pieces removed from public display.



Yehuda Glick assassination exhibit at new exhibition on "Jerusalem" at the An-Najah University in Shechem (Nablus) made up of anti-Israel incitement, expressed through pictures and other displays.

Yehuda Glick assassination exhibit at new exhibition on “Jerusalem” at the An-Najah University in Shechem (Nablus) made up of anti-Israel incitement, expressed through pictures and other displays.



But such acts have been placed on display including the pictured above piece which is an actual depiction of Yehuda Glick in an assassination display at new exhibition on “Jerusalem” at the An-Najah University in Shechem (Nablus) consisting of anti-Israel, anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist incitement exhibits expressed through pictures and other displays. This exhibition includes the assassination display and comes a mere five months after Yehuda Glick was shot at point-blank range receiving four bullets into his torso leading to his extended treatment in the hospital where he received numerous surgeries to repair the damage and save his life. This disgusting call for further targeting of Yehuda Glick for assassination comes only weeks after Yehuda Glick was finally released from hospitalization and having regained normal body function which was in itself a true and real miracle, Baruch HaShem. The shooter, we should say assassin except for his failure, Baruch HaShem, was sent by Islamic Jihad who desired Yehuda Glick murdered because of his actions to permit Jews their right to pray on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and currently under the supervision of the Jordanian Waqf which forbids all prayer other than Muslim. This ban also is applied to Christians and other religions and not just Jews though their application and enforcement is strongest against Jews. One might believe that the Arabs Muslims who make up the Jordanian supervision are afraid that Jewish prayers coming from the Temple Mount which was the site of the first two Temples would have special treatment and be heard by G0d receiving immediate fulfillment and since such prayers might invoke the desire for the rebuilding of the Temple that such might produce a completed Temple falling out of the sky and replacing Islamic buildings. If only such would occur showing the might of G0d and His love for the Jewish People and through the performance of such a great and unmistakable miracle, have it understood that this miracle was for all Jews throughout the world calling upon them to return to the lands G0d gave us after he took us from the house of bondage in Egypt. Such a miracle would make belief that the Covenant with the Jewish People still exists and is as real and miraculous today as it has ever been and that this miraculous act of great love by G0d would make His continued performance of the greatest magnitude showing love for the Jewish People and preparing Israel for the coming. It was for protesting for the Jews right to pray upon the Temple Mount for which Yehuda Glick has been targeted for assassination and anyone who is able to murder Yehuda will be celebrated as having committed some great and noble act and there will be dancing in the streets in Nablus and throughout the Palestinian Arab areas of Gaza and Judea and Samaria (West Bank) accompanied by music and the handing out of sweet cakes and candies. Such are the kind of acts which are celebrated amongst the Arabs. These societal laudable moments revolve around murders of Israelis, especially Jews.


Imagine if as depicted at the beginning of this article that such exhibits were placed on display in some small but well-known museum; say the hall of Middle Eastern Studies of Tel Aviv University which they use to sponsor displays pertaining to historic and modern-day exhibits included pictures of well-known Arab Muslims from Hamas, Fatah and Islamic Jihad, even terrorists who had the blood of numerous Israelis on their hands, with targets on their chests and heads calling for their assassination. The media throughout the world and the heads of states of European and other Western nations, the Arab League, the United Nations, Russia, China, and probably all the nations in Asia and Africa would all be denouncing Israel and placing complete trade embargoes on Israel until those responsible for such crimes against humanity and complete disregard for human lives as well as hate crimes against the Palestinian Arabs and their leaders who were so mercilessly targeted in the exhibits and the museum curator and other heads of departments and the President and other officers of Tel Aviv University had all been indicted, tried, found guilty and given decades if not centuries of time in prison for such a heinous display of tasteless and dehumanizing displays. Yet with similar such displays being sponsored and offered for public viewing by An-Najah University in Shechem has yet to raise so much as a ripple of effect across the world with a complete absence of protest from the usually sensitive Europeans, the ever-aware and responsive President of the United States, the presumed nerve-center for the world the United Nations or any leader, public figure, mainstream media figure, academic, human rights advocate or other normally so sensitive people, institutions, religious leader or nongovernmental organization has stepped up to condemn or even merely comment about this display of incitement to violence including the singling of one person for directed violence intending to depict a call for the assassination of an Israeli citizen and political human rights activist.


The propensity for the world to simply accept any hate-filled message, display, language, or even political act calling for violence and murder of Jews, not just Israelis but all Jews as is part of the Hamas charter, the Islamic Jihad charter and the PLO charter, the same PLO which changed its name but not its ends desired transforming their name to Palestinian Authority which absolved them of their previous sins and cleansed them of their terrorist roots, and to simply stand aside from such hate-filled vitriol and displays such as this An-Najah University presentation is simply astonishing in the most disgusting manner. You might ask for what do the world leaders and human rights defenders and activists wait for, and we will tell you. They wait for any Israeli reaction which they will then become incensed demanding the head of the Israeli or Jewish response calling for the removal of such offensive material especially the calls for Yehuda Glick to be targeted especially. Such calls for the termination of this display, if it were to be made by any Israeli or Jewish leader the world official conscience would respond with righteous indignation at the effrontery of an attempt to censor a rightful and deeply moving display of artistic and emotive presentations expressing the longing and love for Jerusalem which the Israelis and world Jewry are denying the Palestinians their rights to visit and pray at the Temple Mount (Palestinians refer to the Temple Mount as Haram al-Sharif الحرم القدسي الشريف‎) and who are denied a decent life or even peace which the Palestinians long for but are constantly denied such by the Jews. Never mind that the Palestinians and any Muslim is granted full rights to pray, visit, picnic, play soccer or any other activity and may utilize any of the gates to enter the Temple Mount while non-Muslims are restricted to a single gate, are searched for any offensive items such as religious books or symbols which are not Islamic and if Jewish kept for special treatment which includes open hostilities, denials of the right to pray, denial of any action which is detected and inferred to be religious such as moving one’s lips without speaking, speaking, looking skyward, kneeling, standing still, clasping one’s hands possibly holding one’s breath or breathing as well as being set upon and attacked for which the Jews who are being assaulted and are the obvious victims are removed from the Temple Mount, not the offending Muslims and Palestinians.


With such reinforcement of their rioting being sufficient reason to close the Temple Mount to Jewish visitation and assaulting any Jews who do ascend to the holiest place in all of the world for Jews, the Jewish police will remove the Jews as the Jordanian Waqf had defined rioting Muslims as being rooted to having been instigated by any Jewish presence on their holy land which the Jews are to be deprived despite its sacred importance to Jews. Eventually the assaults and other acts of intolerance by the Islamic world will cause a reactive eruption which will bring everything to a critical boiling point and the results of such are impossible to predict. Should there ever be an assault whereby rockets rain down unabated and not intercepted causing a number of the tallest buildings to burn or even be destroyed toppling them into heaps of ruinous twisted steel and broken glass infused with hundreds or even thousands of victims corpses beneath the rubble, then the reaction will be beyond imagination but it will bring the end to any claims by the so-called and mythical Palestinian people, nation or rights and claims to any lands between the river and the sea. After such an unbearable loss, which would most likely be the eventual result of a peace treaty in which Israel would surrender and almost all of Judea and Samaria as well as East Jerusalem, all the way to the Green Line, with minor swaps of land by some formula; the cry for relief from such attacks merging with a promise of a permanent end would result in a war in which only one side would prevail. This inevitability would be far from the first incitement as that would be the publically displayed destruction put on Facebook and other social media of Kever Yosef (Joseph’s Tomb), Kever Rachel (Rachel’s Tomb) and numerous other Jewish Holy Sites including numerous Synagogues throughout East Jerusalem which have been rebuilt since the Six Day War. Another effrontery would be the refusal by the Palestinians to honor their agreement for Jews to be permitted to enter their areas to visit Holy Sites even the Western Wall, the Kotel. The assault with such a rocket barrage that it would prove beyond the abilities of Iron Dome Batteries to intercept every rocket and missile and too many would strike Tel Aviv and surrounding areas destroying many vital sites and buildings as well as an unacceptable number of slain civilians. The world would scream for Israel to hold their fire and to show restraint but even Tzipi Livni or Yitzhak Hertzog would be pressured to respond, though meekly and without any real change in the status quo, but such attacks would soon bring a heavy hand across the Palestinian lands wiping them clean and forcing those within to flee likely returning to their families’ original home nation never even considering a return to Israel. Such would bring finality to the peace process as it would produce an actual winner and that is the only solution which can be definitive as truth be told, either Israel is destroyed or the Arabs denied their beachheads in Judea, Samaria and Gaza as this is the real choice the Arab world and the Palestinians have defined as the only end. Actually the Arab world depicts the end of Israel as the only acceptable end, it is just they do not wish to provide their own forces and take casualties which fighting the IDF would produce, thus they invented the Palestinians to fight the war for them using guerrilla warfare and other means of asymmetrical warfare to wear Israel down to the point they simply surrender. “Never Again” means never again will Jews not have their nation and never again will the Jews be vulnerable to another genocidal maniac and their desire to rid the world of its Jews as has been tried and failed over the past four or five millennia, and it will not happen now, “Never Again!”


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February 24, 2015

A Fundamental Difference


There was an episode of Star Trek titled “The Savage Curtain” where a molten rock creature named “Yarnek” decided to learn what the difference was between the forces of good and evil. It pitted Spock, Kirk, Abraham Lincoln and Surak representing the forces of goodness against Colonel Green, the Klingon Kahless, a tribal savage woman named Zora, and evil incarnate from Earth history, Genghis Khan representing the forces of evil. After good finally triumphs over evil Yarnek argues that it sees no difference between the forces of good and evil. The difference pointed out was what each side fought for, their root cause and not their methods of achieving victory which was defined by a base and simple reality of the contest. Yarnek is satisfied that it understand and returns Spock and Kirk to the Enterprise and returns to standing motionless happy in its new found wisdom and prepares to stand motionless is some prop room until Yarnek gets a new role in some ‘B movie’ in the future.


The simple premise depicted in the episode was a basic principle for the studies of history and philosophy which prepares college freshmen to critical thinking on a not so critical basis in 100 level coursework. It also can be utilized to define the root differences and similarities between Islamist Fundamentalism and other driving forces throughout human history, but for simplicity sake we might wish to limit the discussion to what would fit into a single Star Trek episode. We might even simplify the discussion to Yarnek style simplicity and examine what each driving force behind other philosophical movements in the past and present.


Let us first look at Fundamentalist Christianity and their desire as it pertains to the goals set for Christianity. The end goal of Fundamental Christianity is to live a life which is beneficial to mankind and to spread the words of G0d as defined in the New Testament and fulfilling the new Covenant defined within. Christianity is a proselytizing religion where they are pressed to spread the world of Christ, the sacrifice which Jesus made in the name of all mankind, and to persuade all people through their actions and the introduction to the teachings of Jesus as defined by the Apostles depiction of the teachings and life of Jesus in the New Testament. Initially the Christians were a passive force spreading their newly found faith by word of mouth and by their actions and ultimately their passivity and refusal to lift up arms against their oppressors. This changed after the Roman army fought under the banner of Christendom under the Constantine. After Constantine had his vision, his revelation, the drive for conquest, which was a Roman concept, was married to the message of Jesus and Christianity. This led to the new definition of what could be called an Imperial Christianity. Christianity carried forth with it now being the accepted religion of the Roman Army and thus its new defining principle to spread Christianity over the world and convert all to Christianity. This continued until the Reformation of Christianity which introduced those forces which introduced competing definitions of Christianity. These new and supposedly more pure forms of Christianity ended up married to governments of Christian nations and then began the attempts of each strand of Christianity to become preeminent. This continued until Christianity was purged from the political attachment it held to governance until then. Once Christianity was stripped from defining governance a remarkable thing happened, no longer were wars fought between Christian nations to impose their particular brand of Christianity on the others; Christianity now allowed for the separate forms of Christianity to exist, though the version practiced by the reigning monarch did tend to receive preference. The wars continued but were now no different in their aims, to conquer the known world and rule all mankind; it just was no longer performed in the accepted name of Christianity. The splitting religion away from the state and thus from earthly politics allowed for the birth in Christianity for freedom of religion which is the present state though the attaining a complete break from imposing Christianity rather than spreading Christianity through example and teaching and a total reliance on persuasion and devoid of the means of force is a concept still being perfected. What can be said is that Christendom has made great strides towards the allowance of freedom of religion and equality of all religions before the governance.


If we now investigate Fundamental Judaism, a force that likely only existed for a few short periods; we find the target of this early form of Judaism which spanned from Abraham through to the conquest of the lands which made up the kingdom of the two most heralded rulers of the Jews, King David and his son, King Solomon. The initial period of Jewish Fundamentalism was during the becoming a people through realizing their goals of conquering the lands they believed were granted them by G0d. The period of Jewish History in question stretched from the start of Judaism with Abraham, their Exodus from Egypt and their forty years of purification and change from a mindset of a people under bondage to a people enjoying freedom with Moses and on until they had conquered their “Promised Lands” under the leadership and marshalling of forces initially by Joshua. Once these lands were brought under Jewish rule their designs on the world were completed and the rest of their mission, their desire to live as G0d had intended, was to be a force for good as defined within Torah, and to study Torah and divine from Torah what being a people of goodness actually required from them and by living a life defined by Torah, the Jews were to be a light unto the nations of the world, an example of living a holy and blessed life. There were no designs or desires to rule the world or over any peoples once the Jewish state was established. The second period of Jewish Fundamentalism could be defined as the modern Zionist movement which has defined their purpose is to reestablish Jewish rule and autonomy over those same lands as are defined in Torah as the ancient homelands gifted them by G0d. There is no desire to conquer the world or to convert the world, but only to live in their corner of the world and be as a light unto the nations, a representation of goodness as defined in Torah. As above, there are no designs or desires to rule the world or over any peoples once the Jewish state has been established nor is there any desire to convert anybody. The region under Jewish control will have a religious theme and basis over the governance, or at least is supposed to have such, but is still instructed by Torah to not only allow freedom of worship, but equal treatment under any Torah ruled kingdom thus the concept of freedom of religion is one of the basic ideals of Judaism. There is no driving desire to convert others to Judaism unless a person chooses to seek conversion and even then there are stringent requirements of any convert but they would be welcome within any Jewish society.


Islam has a more original belief on the ideals of conversion which will ultimately lead to a world where the survivors are all Muslims as there would be no room for anything else. Islam teaches its adherents that their religion had replaced Judaism and Christianity. This is the concept of supersessionism. Christianity believed they were the replacement under G0d and they had superseded the Jews thus negating the Covenant between G0d and the Jews and Islam believes they have superseded the Christians and through that, also superseded the Jews. The Muslim believes fervently that the revelation by Muhammad to be the final revelation and that no further revelation is possible as Muhammad was actually the restatement of the Covenant between mankind and G0d and that Islam is the true path while Judaism and Christianity had corrupted the words of Allah and thus perverted religion making their versions of worship an abomination and their sole hope for paradise was through Islam. This is an important part of Islam as it is necessary in order for Islam to fulfill their Covenant with Allah. Islam tasks the Muslims to fulfill Jihad which is defined as the Greater and Lesser Jihad. One form of Jihad is the perfection of oneself under the rule of Allah and the complete and utter surrender of the self to Allah producing a perfected person. The second form of Jihad is the conquest of the entirety of the world for Allah in order to bring the perfect religion of Allah before all in the world allowing them the opportunity to realize their sins and to repent and surrender to Allah and thus become a believing Muslim. Each person is to be permitted the offer of joining Islam and surrendering themselves before Allah willingly but should they continue to reject Islam then they are to be presented with one final choice, Islam or death. This is instructed in the Quran where the Muslim is instructed to spread Islam by the sword if that is what is required. The finality defined by Islam is a world where all believe in Islam and Islam rules the world according Sharia. Nothing less than the complete subjugation of the world by Allah can be accepted as Islam is currently defined and since the Quran cannot be altered there is a point of contention which is not capable of reconciliation between Islam defined by the Quran and freedom, only one can survive. Islam defines the perfection of the world as the supremacy of Islam and the sole existence of mankind is to surrender to Allah and obey the Quran as defined under the Sharia and nothing less is acceptable and the end result is you will ultimately have a world that has been conquered by Allah forever with any person expressing even the most innocent free thought not defined as acceptable under the Quran to be defined as an apostate for leaving the true faith of Islam and who must be put to death.


Under Judaism the world continues as it desires with the Jews only insisting on ruling their little corner of the world which is a nation not quite the size of the Philadelphia to Boston greater megalopolis, Christianity desires to teach the world the message of Jesus and hope that their actions are of sufficient influence along with the loving words of Jesus to persuade the world to follow their teachings and Islam simplifies everything and boils it down to conquer the world for Islam and convert all to surrender before Allah. Well, at least that definition just might fit into the basis of a Star Trek episode, nice, compact and simplified to the point of absurdity. I could see Spock correct Bones and Kirk who were arguing, explaining, “Simply put for your understanding, Doctor (glance emotionless at Dr. McCoy); Jews are content in telling only those who ask, while Christians burst forth telling the world, as where the Muslims are simply commanded to conquer and purify the world of nonbelievers. (look with slight smirk at Kirk, sharply turns and returns to his station on bridge)”


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