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March 3, 2016

What Could Israel do to End the Stalemate


The Western World constantly holds Israel responsible for the failure of the two state peace option which is at the center of every attempt to make peace between the Arabs residing in the areas under Arab semiautonomous control, also known as the Palestinian Authority (PA). The problem is not that Israel had not offered sufficient concessions in order to reach peace. The Zionists are blamed for the lack of peace as they keep drumming the drums for Israel to take the lands. Their claim that the Arabs will be better off under Israeli rule, though likely true, foes against the leftists’ demands that Israel must be held responsible and until the Arabs accept their peace offerings then Israel obviously has not done enough to soothe the Arabs. There is a simple problem, and that is the difference between what the Europeans are selling and what the United States is selling and what the PA and its Arab ruling elite desire. First off, the Western World needs to understand that as long as they continue to reward the PA with monies and full out support, then its leaders who benefit the most from this situation will force the situation to appear hopeless and the Israelis are encroaching on Arab sacred lands and must offer more. The leaders are cagy as they never exactly define what they demand as more. Is it a state of their own? Obviously not, as they could have had that really easily for the nineteen years when Jordan illegally occupied the lands they today claim is all theirs including the Temple Mount and Old City as they sit in what has become known as East Jerusalem. Israel does not want to surrender these lands as they realize just as sure as if the Islamic State held these lands that every vestige of Jewish historic presence would necessarily need to be uprooted and destroyed. That gives us a hint as to why no peace can be fashioned that the PA can be willing to accept.


Israel could offer everything the world claims the PA desires, which is interesting because the PA has never made a claim that would end the incessant demands for Israel to surrender more and to give more. The thing is these demands are not necessarily true as the Arabs will not have become satiated even were Israel to give them everything they have demanded. Even meeting their every demand as interpreted by the rest of the world it would not be sufficient. Israel could unilaterally surrender all the lands just as Israel did with Gaza and the PA would gobble up the lands and continue to demand that Israel is on precious Arab historic lands. That would not be sufficient. The problem is the Western World’s definition of the PA claim being limited to the areas which Jordan controlled is too small a claim. The PA demands total removal of Israel from the lands originally held by the Ottoman Empire. The PA has no desire for a two state solution or even a one state solution where they are rewarded for their intransigence with a reward of all the lands and even then they would not form a state. They would start to demand that the lands they now controlled be made into a perfect Islamic area and that would be insufficient. The PA will never bring themselves to form a state as they would then have to claim they are satisfied with the state they will never realize. The Palestinians want a zero state solution. They want Israel destroyed and to climb atop the rubble and demand more as their real claim is everything from the River to the Sea to become the center from which the next Jihad will be launched. They want their area with Jerusalem as its capital to be the central pillar in a new caliphate which will stretch across the entirety of the globe. They further will demand that their areas which would necessarily now hold equality with Mecca and Medina and would cleanse the area of all undesired entities. For the record, that would mean Christians as well as the Jews would need to be removed. The entirety of the area would even need to be cleansed of even the wrong kinds of Muslims. If the area is to serve as the center of a world caliphate, then it must be made clean and pure. That is why the PA is only interested in what must be termed a zero state solution as their area is to serve as the central capital of the New Caliphate. That is the reality which nobody is willing to identify as the heart of the reasons that no peace can be reached with those who promise to continue the struggle until, and there lies the problem, the PA has never and never can or will define what they demand as they know not what would be sufficient to be worthy of their idealized claims and therein lies the problem.


The problem goes far further than just the PA demands as the Muslim groups throughout Europe, northern Africa and beyond into the Americas where they are demanding rights and privileges all set towards spreading the areas of society under their control or influence. Every bank offering Islamic loans has bent a knee to Allah and thus has surrendered. It is just a matter of time before they come completely under Sharia and can only use Islamic approved loans and practices. The secret is the entire world is their oyster and the PA desires to be the pearl stealing the top spot from Mecca and Medina and centering it on Jerusalem. Or, if Jerusalem does not please the rest of the Islamic world, then at least Damascus would suffice, which did serve one offshoot of Islam as their location for the Haj to be met and performed, as Mecca and Medina were off limits and Jerusalem held insufficient nice weather being located in a desolation which had spread over the lands. We now know today that the desolation which held the lands surrounding Jerusalem was in response to the lands not being in the hands of the chosen people, the Jews. This has been made even more evident with the return of the Jews and the fruitfulness the lands have provided Jew and non-Jews alike. The fact the lands which belong unto Israel only produce for the Jewish people has stood the test of time as every occupying power from the Babylonians to the present day has proven incapable of getting the lands to produce without it being populated primarily by the Jewish People. Populated primarily by the Jewish People does not necessarily mean a majority as it means as a place where the Jewish People can work the lands and meet their obligations in serving Hashem. The PA would rather the lands become a fetid and putrefied wasteland of no value or use to any sane people; yet, the PA would sacrifice the lands of milk and honey, when the Jews are present, into the barren wastelands resembling the nuclear wastelands describes in so many futuristic novels. That is the PA solution; the Zero State solution.


One need look no further than the destroyed greenhouses left with the Arab workers who had assisted the Jews in fulfilling a multi-million dollar per year industry providing goods for the Europeans. These were the greenhouses of Gaza which could have produced such wealth and profits but as they had previously belonged to the Jews, these multi-million-dollar ultra-modern greenhouses were ransacked and destroyed with terrorists ripping out the PVC piping and metal pipes in order to fashion weapons of war from them. One can only wonder how long it took the terrorists of Hamas and Islamic Jihad to learn that PVC pipes make equally poor rockets as they do launching tubes. About the only good use such items have is as a bomb casing and even then they are not a sufficient fragmentation device. Still, the greenhouses and residences and every last vestige of the Jew had to necessarily be destroyed as anything less would only serve as a reminder that at one point Islam did not rule over these lands, and such a thought must never be allowed by modern Islamic rulers. As the Islamic State barbarians have provided ample proof that they have wantonly wreaked havoc while destroying every last vestige of ancient precious works as the fact they predate Islam is a thought they are unwilling to admit. This was even proven in spades when while Egypt was under the rule of President Morsi there were discussions on how to best remove such icons as the Sphynx and even the Great Pyramid as artillery was known to have proven to be insufficient. The inability of Islam to recognize anything predating Islam despite the Quran actually stating that Christianity and Judaism existed before Islam has proven too difficult for the leaders of the Islamic State and their followers leading them to destructions reminiscent of the Mongol hordes. The PA also suffers from a similar malady as they have used heavy construction equipment upon the Temple Mount in attempts to destroy any remnants of the First or Second Temples, the Temples of Solomon and Herod.


Arab Palestinian Sets Self on Fire Attempting to Throw Molotov Cocktail

Arab Palestinian Sets Self on Fire Attempting to Throw Molotov Cocktail


This will be the symptom of Islamic preeminent thinking as they spread their contorted form of modern Islam connoted by the acts and wanton destruction in its wake wherever it has raised their black flag signaling their conquest. The current extreme of Hamas and Islamic Jihad who have made the claim of their intent to destroy every vestige of Israeli existence by simply setting about destroying all inferences that any civilization other than that which Islam built ever existed upon any location on earth is just as evil and horrific as the destructions carried out by the Taliban of the ancient Buddhas or the Islamic State destruction of Palmyra. Both show the inability of Islam to permit any inference that it is not the only force ever to exist and the beginning and end of all that is, was or ever will be. Such belittles the history of man and the accomplishments made in the name of science. The Church took a similar stand against science and eventually lost as it brought on the Reformation which challenged the very right of the Church, then named the Catholic Church, which has stood until modernity, to reevaluate its stance against science which led even the most backwards, flat-earth believers to slowly be dragged along as science broke down wall after wall until the light of day and scientific advancement shone through to even the darkest corners. Now there is Islam threatening to force mankind into yet another Dark Ages and this time there will not be any celestial rock striking the Earth leaving behind a winter which lasts for a third of a decade before finally lifting to put mankind back into an age nobody should desire return. Unfortunately, such has not bothered the Islamic State and would not bother the PA, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and others if it served to place the entirety of the world under the banner of Islam. Destroying much of scientific knowledge rendering mankind back to an age where darkness filled not only the night but also crept ever slowly into the day until the last spark of scientific curiosity was surrendered to Allah, then it would be for the better as surrender to Allah is what Islam is all about. No free will, no freedom to discover, no freedom to be unique, no freedom of thought; only the Quran and the knowledge contained within would be accepted under such a state and that alone would force the deaths of tens of millions from starvation and disease that currently are preventable, but that does not matter as long as everyone has surrendered to Allah even if that requires their surrender of their life for Allah as that is the ways of Allah, to worship death and shun life.


Five Pillars of Islam


The difference between the Islamic State and Hamas is negligible and Hamas was born out of the PLO just as was Fatah with Hamas being the religious Jihadi wing who have only grown more violent and more extremist while Fatah began as the Statist (Fascist) Jihadi wing which has from necessity slowly but irrevocably drifted into a religious Jihadi entity who have become all but identical to Hamas. Where Fatah’s goal is the destruction of Israel with the death visited on as many Jews, Christians, Baha’i or any other non-Sunni Islamists while Hamas matches that bet and raises it to hunting down and slaughtering every last Jew on the planet before setting into the final purification through Jihadi slaughter of all non-Sunni/Shia on the planet. The efforts put forth by Western governments and organizations to try and differentiate between the good Muslims and the bad Islamists is a game bred in futility as there is only one Islam in the final equation. There is this odd occurrence in Islamic neighborhoods which goes something like this: the Muslims who first establish the neighborhood are middle class and do what they must to assimilate while still practicing a benign form of Islam which repeat quotes from the Mecca Quran. The neighborhood grows and at some point things begin to change. The call to prayer creeps backwards from 7:30 AM to around 4:15 AM while the final call to prayer creeps from 3:30 PM to 10:45 PM and with each five minute increment the volume jumps a good five to ten decibels. That is quite a fair jump especially when it approaches 100+ decibels (rock concert and almost jet engine range). Sermons by the Imam become more radical or a new Imam arrives and produces the same result with the former Imam obediently following the new Imam and translating his decisions to those who do not speak Arabic. While this radicalizing of the prayers and the Mosque and all other Islamic activities, there is another effort to grow the outreach to the youth to strictly follow the teachings of the new more radical Imam. The lessons turn to how Islam is superior and must become the sole religion and political entity and the youth are instrumental in achieving these goals. All the while more and more verses from the Medina Quran start replacing the milder Mecca Quranic verses until the services become radicalized calling for Jihad. At some point along the way there will be one who objects and let us just say that person was the last person to resist the new order. The violent Jihad will have replaced the quiet and peaceful Jihad. Now Islam is preparing to take their proper place as the dominant religion and political force. They will infiltrate certain areas of the governance starting with the education departments where they inject critical Islamic views and practices in such a manner as not to startle parents but to get their children acclimated to Islam. They will demand that local branches of banks implement Islamic lending practices which, contrary to some have claimed, still permits interest but instead of being a percentage applied over time, it is a set price for a loan of so many months where paying it off early does not save money and there are penalties for late payments. The bookkeeping for Islamic financing is easier and requires nothing more than looking up the fee for the loan on a chart when the loan is taken and that’s that. Soon women walking in the neighborhood are required to wear head-covers, and then more modesty, and more modesty, and then require male relative escorting them and the women who do not comply must be harlots and are treated as such. Rapes of non-Muslim women becomes commonplace to the point that every non-Muslim girl whether modestly dressed or not is rape target if not escorted by sufficient male forces to prevent such. This may require five or more men escorting any non-Muslim women. This acts as an incentive for women to convert to Islam at which point they are married off to a Muslim man and if lucky remain in their native country and if not they find themselves as part of a harem where as the only white woman being treated extremely poorly as the outsider who does not belong. They may even end up dead. The entirety of what Islam uses to impel and compel a slide from Islam is peace, just read the Mecca Quran which is all about cooperation and coexistence, to eventually the Medina Quran, which is all supremacy, violence and destruction leading to replacement of governance with Islam, as Islam is about surrender to Allah which includes surrender to the whims of the Imams. A simple summary can be read here with numerous links offered in comments which answer many of the questions one might have, all in all our readers have grown this essay into a complete history.


The end result is that an Islamic oriented community is little different than any other community in a new land. The first immigrants are coming to escape the old ways or seeking a better life in the new lands be it Australia, the United States, China, Italy, Spain, New Caledonia or wherever and their highest desire is to be accepted, to fit in. They manage to do just that and this lays the foundation for the next influx that are mostly interested in a better life but are less inclined to completely melt in the melting pot. They refuse to melt entirely and begin mild agitation. These immigrants bring another group behind them and this group has sufficient numbers to make-up half of the community and they brought the old world with them. Now you have confrontation between the old world and the new world. In the past the old world was willingly discarded in favor of the opportunities and progress the people of each group had managed to make. With the Islamic neighborhood the first big wave which now made-up half the population arrived with as much if not more money than the existing community. This gave them weight that was not at the disposal of most other second wave immigrants. These newer arrivals slowly but inexorably moved the community towards being more radicalized. Eventually these newer members of the society were found to be activist instigators and influence peddlers. They actually had paid position from the homelands to sway the youth, use the youth spying on their parents to find where the resistance was and eradicate them by heavy persuasion or even violence, but not quite to the point that law enforcement were involved, or at least rarely. These newer arrivals and the continuing flow of newer arrivals drags the community towards an offensive group which demands preeminence and take over one area of the political arena after another. They start with education and flow on to housing where they can provide their own with the best places and begin through assigned housing and other actual government programs of which Section 8 housing to convert new neighborhoods to Islam. The end result is the Western World, Europe in particular (which some have apparently figured out, even more than those who read the above article, though we like to believe it made a difference, that this is the threat) is the threat that the entirety of nations are coming under Islamic control and if steps are not taken soon, and these might even lead to open confrontations, which may not be as bad as the alternatives, then entire nations such as Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, Finland, Sweden (who probably deserve what they get after their threats and declarations concerning Israel) and who knows where else, just look for Islam jumping ugly and you will know and that is where to start. Pushing back against the Medina Quran and demanding Islam live by the Mecca Quran ( see link) as given above and learn and then use what you learn to see where your city might be and whether you need be concerned. Our claim is be afraid, be very afraid, but do not let that ruin everyday life, just demand that your style of life not be destroyed by foreign fanatics; it is that simple, so go for it.


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December 4, 2014

Another Day Another Terrorist Stabbing Attack

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If things are as I remember from my times outside of Israel, then very few have likely heard of the nearly daily terror attacks unless the attack results in numerous fatalities or has some particularly grisly results or an extraordinarily newsworthy angle, the news does not reach even all of Israel, let alone the rest of the world. My misfortune is that I make a special effort, as to me every Israeli is my friend if not my relative, and in many ways Israelis do make up a large extended family. Today it was a stabbing at a grocery store which would have been far more newsworthy had not an off duty security guard been passing the Ram Levi grocery store just outside of Jerusalem and shot injuring the knife wielding terrorist. There were two gentlemen reported to be in their fifties, one who was stabbed in the head and the other stabbed in the shoulder and both received emergency medical treatment at the scene and were then transferred to a hospital. The terrorist was also transferred to a hospital to receive further treatment as his wounds were also not fatal as were fortunately not the wounds of his victims. Once again the terrorist was from East Jerusalem just as were the two terrorists who murdered the four Rabbis during their morning prayers as well as a Druze Israeli police officer who was the first to arrive on the scene and attempted to rescue others from within the synagogue last week in the Har Nof neighborhood in West Jerusalem. These terrorists from East Jerusalem are former Jordanian Arabs who have been granted Israeli citizenship as a result of Israel annexing all of Jerusalem after the Six Day War. What is even more distressing has been the fact that these terrorists are celebrated by others in the Arab neighborhoods of East Jerusalem and the mother of one of the cousins who murdered the Rabbis and the Druze officer recently appeared praising their actions and lauding the blessing they were to her as she bore one and was the aunt of the other and she could not have been more proud and was celebrating their martyrdom. These Arab citizens will be voting in the same elections coming to Israel in mid-March as they are as Israeli now as I am.


Still these attacks continue daily with two, three, even four succeeding in serious injuries and, unfortunately, a number of deaths have occurred and the number unfortunately continues to rise. Today Islamic violence against non-Islamic victims occurred when a thirty-seven-year-old kindergarten teacher from the United States was knifed to death by a burqa-clad ‘woman’ in shopping mall toilets in Abu Dhabi. She was a kindergarten teacher who has 11-year-old twin boys. Our condolences to her family, friends and all who knew and now will have a hole torn in their lives. Their loss is one all too familiar to many in Israel and they should know that many across Israel will feel sorrow in her death and the unnecessary deaths which have struck so many lives short, across all borders in all too many nations. Yet despite these effects reaching across the globe there still is no agreement from the affected nations to work together to end the deaths of more innocents in the coming years. That begs the questions as to for what are the nations of the world waiting and how many more must go to their deaths needlessly before the nations affected by such deaths finally band together and demand justice and an end to needless deaths?


The truth is that this is nothing new in Israel as such has been happening ever since the Jewish People originally began returning to their ancient homelands around the middle of the nineteenth century. Initially the Jews came and drained swamps and removed boulders and stones and began to transform the land making it productive once again for the first time in almost two thousand years since the Roman expulsion. This was met by Arabs moving into the area from neighboring countries initially and as the land grew and prospered the Arabs came from further and further afield with some coming from as far as Morocco and Yemen. By the end of World War I the Zionists had initiated sufficient callings for the recognition of the Jewish homeland that the Balfour Declaration was issued. This led to the San Remo Conference where the Balfour Declaration was adopted by the main allied powers from World War I. By the 1920s there began to be Arab discontent largely brought on by the plans to establish the Jewish state on lands which the Mufti of Jerusalem and many of the Imams sermonized was Islamic lands and must not be permitted to be violated by the presence of a Jewish state. During the 1920s and through the 1930s there were a series of Arab riots stretching across the lands with the most famous ones being in Hevron and Jerusalem. The rallying cry then, as it is now, was that the Jews were going to destroy the al-Aqsa Mosque, or destroy the Dome of the Rock and build their Temple in the ruins of the Islamic and Christian holy places on the Temple Mount. There were no plans to rebuild the Temple but that was of no consequence as the Arab leadership was going to drive the Jews from their lands and not permit the Jewish state to even be born. This is the rallying cry today and the rioting is no different today and neither are the stabbing attacks and other assaults by Arabs against Jews. The next step will be Muslim on Muslim violence against Muslims who are seen as not supporting the fight against the Jews.


Such violence will repeat itself century after century until it is forced once and for all to be put to an end and Islam to be moderated by those within Islam who desire to live their religion in peace and allow others to enjoy the same privilege. Such is possible as all such would require would be for Islam to follow the teachings within the Quran which were written while Muhammad resided and originally preached in Mecca and to place the Quran from their holiest city to supercede that written in Medina where Muhammad wrote verses from a far different perspective and standing within the society. That is something which must be decided within Islam. Until then the rest of the world needs to recognize that there are two completely separate viewpoints within the Quran, one benevolent and the other malevolent. The practitioners of Islam need to be persuaded by whatever means are necessary to choose the benevolent verses of the Quran and hopefully banish the malevolent supremacist verses such that Islam can take its place amongst the world religions and not be dead set on supplanting all of the world’s religions with Islam as the sole surviving religion permitted. Hopefully such does not require the violent confrontation which will ensue should the current path be continued on into the future and the eventual confrontation be forced upon the world resulting in another world war as such will very likely this time demand a sacrifice of treasure and modernity which may place mankind into another dark ages from which there may be no easy recovery and that not only our children but our grandchildren and their grandchildren as well will live in a far less comfortable world still recovering from the horrors we will end up wreaking on all the world’s societies simply over whose religion is permitted and whose is forbidden. Have we not learned as a species that mass murder on a horrific scale is no way to guarantee a better life for our children going on into perpetuity? Choices need to be made and made now, not after the next horrific terror attack or the one after that or even far later down the road after nuclear terrorism has struck and some cities across the globe are smoldering wastelands uninhabitable for the next century or more. This is one challenge we must not force our children to live with or else we will have failed them miserably.


Beyond the Cusp


April 19, 2013

Hamas Destroys Roman Temple for New Training Base

Hamas is in the process of constructing a training facility in order to train more youth to attack Israelis, civilians or military as Hamas sees no difference. The location of this new base will require the destruction of an ancient Anthedon Harbor which includes the ruins of a Roman temple and archaeological remains from the Persian, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine eras. Thus far almost all of the world mainstream press has been silent including much of the Israeli press much to their disgrace. The one news outlet Aretz Sheva has given it coverage as well as much of the new media. The seeming regularity with which terror groups destroy archeological sites is very disturbing. We need to remember things such as the Buddha Statues of Bamiyan which were intentionally destroyed in a malicious act of hatred by the Taliban in early 2001 simply due to their not being of Islamic origins. The real irony is the United Nations agency tasked with the care of such historical relics is UNESCO, the same agency which was the first to allow membership to be bestowed on the Palestinian Authority which was utilized as further certification that they represent a recognized nation among nations of the world.

There have also been sermons given by Egyptian Imams calling for the destruction of the un-Islamic relics of false gods in Egypt with references to the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid as well as the rest of the Pyramids bordering the Nile River. This is simply a continuation of historical records which document Islamic transforming religious buildings, temples, and cathedrals into Mosques and the destruction of other historical sites, ruins, mausoleums and other historical landmarks simply due to their lack of ties to Islam. Another modern such disregard for historical sites of great importance occurred recently when a new dam floods lands which include numerous Persian sites including the burial vaults of Cyrus the Great along with some sites which date back up to seven thousand years. The world should make all efforts necessary to preserve these important historical sites from senseless destruction simply because they are from a history independent from Islam. How much has to be lost permanently of our collective history before anything is even said and maybe possibly acted upon? Are our heritage sites and other treasures really so worthless that their destructions are not even newsworthy? A civilized world would preserve its historical sites, as few as actually survive to modernity, and take whatever measures required collectively assuring their futures.

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