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January 22, 2019

Rising Anti-Semitism is Becoming Too Common


The best means of starting such an article is to quote some well-known and respected Rabbi, so we are going to quote Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, who is the President of the Conference of European Rabbis, who says that terrorist attacks on Jews in Europe and “attacks on religious practice” show that “anti-Semitism is back in vogue.” His entire talk on the subject can be heard at the end of this article. He refers to a number of surveyed Jews with one of the more troubling ones being taken by the European Union’s Fundamental Rights Agency, published in December, which found that forty percent were considering leaving their home countries because they no longer felt safe. We have been on this bandwagon having recognized the rising anti-Semitism; well, to be honest, before we even started writing at Beyond the Cusp. Myself in particular used to try and call people’s attention to the rise in levels of hostilities against Jews and the people who most ridiculed me as imagining things or seeking the bogey man where none existed and a plethora of other equally insulting references back in the late 1960’s and through well into the mid to late 1990’s, until I simply gave up and buried my efforts in writing here. Now I find that the majority who get the message are the non-Jews. I often wonder if my fellow Jews are supposed to be so smart, why will they so often not listen to reason and instead attempt to pass any unwanted information off by attempting to belittle the messenger. I seem to remember a similar reference by Shakespeare with something in Hamlet where he changed the note calling for his own death replacing it with a note calling for the execution of the bearers of the letter, which happened to be two fools named Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. I always felt sorry for those two as they were the classic innocents who die all too often in plays, novels, stories and even, on occasion, in the real world.


President of the Conference of European Rabbis Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt

President of the Conference of European Rabbis Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt


While most of what we can reference about the rise in anti-Semitism in Europe comes from cold statistics, studies, news reports and other means by which the facts have been related; this is simply cold empirical evidence which lacks any real feelings beyond being upset at the return of this hatred to Europe so soon after the end of the Nazi reign of death which should have had a more lasting effect on the people, but apparently it did not. On the other side of the pond, what many British call the Atlantic Ocean, I have had more interplay with the numerous and varied forms of anti-Semitism. Growing up I resided in a community which was heavily Catholic and the majority of the Catholic kids went to the local Catholic school system. This made the period around Easter particularly difficult for the Jewish kids, especially the boys, as there would be numerous fights where the Jews were accused of murdering Jesus. My earliest run-in with this was when I was five and I came home and asked my mother who was Jesus and when did I kill him. To this day, I do not remember what her answer was, but I seem to remember that she got upset and it was not until later that I began to understand why. She was not upset with me as much as she was that I had to go through something such as this unnecessary hatred. But I learned that Easter was a time to wear my running shoes as there were four times as many Catholics as there were Jews in my neighborhood.


This ratio remained fairly consistent, if not optimistic, as many places I have resided across the United States I may have been the only Jewish family for many miles with the longest distance likely when I lived in north-central Wyoming. These varied living conditions and locations allowed me to meet quite a number of very colorful people and also more anti-Semites than I care to admit. I also met something which still makes me ponder why it is such that people who admittedly had never met a Jew could hate them and hold them responsible for so much of the evil they see in the world. Such a conclusion is senseless simply if one takes the numbers. Jews are approximately 2% of Americans and 0.2% of the world population and yet so many believe that the Jews control the world, are responsible for all the conflicts, control the media, banks, businesses from retail to stock market to manufacturing to almost anything you could imagine, and believe that they have some special power which allows the Jews to hypnotize people into assisting them even against their will. There are many who believe that all Jews are wealthy, and not just a little wealthy, but exorbitantly to the point of avarice wealthy, something I was able to disabuse them of rather quickly when informing them I was a Jew and obviously not wealthy. If Jews had so much power, I would always ask, then why have we found ourselves at the wrong end of so many events throughout history. That was never answered; I just got this deer in the headlight stare as they mulled that over. There simply is no means just due to the degree that the raw numbers spell out for the Jews to do one-thousandth, or is it one-hundred-thousandth of the numerous things they have been accused throughout history. The Nazis claimed the Jews were the Communists while the Communists claimed the Jews were the bourgeoisie and behind the Nazis and both agreed that the Jews required being exterminated. Fortunately, the anti-Semitism I have witnessed in my life has largely not been of the life threatening variety, at least not my life, though there have been a few closer brushes than I care to remember.


What is distressing about the latest anti-Semitism is that it comes from different sources and yet they appear to be complimenting one another each making the other more virulent. This is of an extreme case in much of Europe as reported often by Giulio Meotti including in his most recent article. The combined anti-Semitism displayed and conveyed by many of the recent immigrants from the Islamic world has found fertile ground in Europe and has amplified the return of anti-Semitism by the native Europeans. One will never know whether the native rebirth of anti-Semitism would have been so virulent had it not been for the Islamic hate-fest against Israel and their spreading of their vile hatred of the Jewish People into Europe where it apparently is being all too eagerly absorbed and regurgitated by many on both ends of the political spectrum. That is one thing which must be stated about Europe, they almost always manage to get the most disparate groups religiously, politically, socially and even across the financial spectrum from the wealthy to the poor, anti-Semitism appears throughout European society when it surfaces. The most disgusting anti-Semitism which is rearing its ugly head both in Europe and across in the Americas is the hatred by people who are in academia and are presumably intelligent people educated to a high degree and yet falling to the most base hatred known to exist, which is probably why it is the oldest, anti-Semitism. When you hear of college professors teaching anti-Semitic propaganda one is left shaking their head and wondering whether these people actually bother to listen to their lies and do they really believe them or is their some reward which we Jews are never told of with an awards ceremony and big paychecks given for the most ridiculous reason to hate the Jews. Yet, there is one form of anti-Semitism which hurts more than any other, that is the self-hatred shown by many Jews against their own people and often for the most shallow of reasons. That is the one form of anti-Semitism which can never be excused as it is the most damaging as it gives fuel to all of the rest of the world’s anti-Semites.


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September 14, 2018

The Jews Did It, All Over Again


We’re sorry, but we just couldn’t resist quoting Yogi Berra, “It’s like déjà vu all over again.” Yogi was a man who always found a way to confuse those listening and amuse those barely paying attention. Unfortunately, the all over again is all too familiar to Jews, especially those with any knowledge of our history. What is sad is the numbers of Jews without a clue of what is happening or of the history it so closely mirrors. The odd thing is those of us who know some or most or the rare few knowing all the history of the Jews, they know that this is all part of a repetition of events dressed up in different clothes with the same hatreds underneath and the same assimilated Jews who are clueless. These are the Jews who think, and some even say, it is those other Jews, the ones who wear their Judaism all over with the little funny hats and the strings, not Jews like me, professional and accepted in all these clubs and the Rotary Club and a member of this prestigious country club, they don’t mean those of us who are part of the accepted ones and we even vote and support the politically correct party and they love us. Well, they are partly correct, they do love you, as long as you pay dearly and then when they can simply take it from you, then they do not like you as much. For starters, please allow us to quote straight from Rachel Ehrenfeld’s article

“Political Islam” and “Extremist” Terrorism;

Said Rageah (سعيد راجح), the founder of Sakinah Community Center in Toronto and the mosques Masjid Huda in Montreal and Masjid Aya in Maryland, who is Chairman for the Journey of Faith Conference and serves as an instructor for the AlMaghrib Institute, has claimed “what happened in September 11 [2001] was not a work of Muslims.”


Further in this article it states that Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who in March 2015, told members of a Chicago mosque, “It is now becoming apparent that there were many Israelis and Zionist Jews in key roles in the 9/11 attacks.” He further claimed, “the root of terrorism was not committed by Arabs or Muslims.” Ms. Ehrenfeld referred often to a talk titled “ISIS, Violence and the Politics of Deradicalization,” whose video we have included below. The entire article by Ms. Ehrenfeld is well worth reading.





The article got us thinking about many of the not so wonderful things we see coming at us at an ever-increasing rate. There are always the reasons behind the Islamic radicalism and why to claim that there is nothing to be alarmed and Muslims are not to blame. One escape is that 90% are moderates and are totally against terrorism and violence. They do not support violent Jihad and because of these moderates, Islam cannot be blamed for the terrorism. The one question they never ask these moderates is, “If a Jihadist knocked on your door and asked to be hidden for a week so they could perform Jihad, would you take them in?” We have covered abrogation and how Islam used different verses in the Quran from when they are a small minority to when they are the majority in our article Islam from First Muslim to Total Control, Five Stages of Islamic Conquest, so we really are not going to go into that again. What is scaring us are the signals from many, uncomfortably many, in the Democrat Party who believe that Islam is their path to power. They see Islam as an ally simply because they believe that Islam desires ridding the world of the Judeo-Christian ethic just as the leftist Secular Humanist believers desire to do. They believe that once they have used Islam to destroy the last vestige of the Judeo-Christian ethic, then they will simply redefine Islam along with their Secular Humanist ideology. Secular Humanism is actually a religion though they claim that it is actually an anti-religious movement because they believe in science and rationality. For people who claim to follow rationality, they have some strange ways of acting and whom they choose as allies.


The problem now is that the far leftists are slipping further and turning to violence to implement and establish their positions and eradicate any opposition. This has become all too evident on numerous college campuses where should a conservative speaker be scheduled, the reaction has been extreme violence. What is strange is the far right or alt-right blames these violent people as being controlled by the Jews. The far left claims often that it is the Jews who are the ones responsible for bringing the right wing and conservative speakers, because of their support for Israel. The extremists from both sides have often displayed problems with Israel and through their hatred of Israel, they broadly brush all Jews as pro-Israel, period, no matter how many groups who are run by and memberships are Jewish such as J-Street, New Israel Fund, Anti-Zionist Neturei Karta, and Jewish Voice for Peace. What was really telling was the reactions to the recent Nationality Law passed in Israel. The main problem that the American and European Jewish groups, numerous congregations and numerous vocal individuals including Rabbis had was mainly to the fact that Israel had the gall to re-announce that Israel is the State for the Jewish People. Why did Israel have to go out of their way to restate the fact that it is Jewish, why did you include us in Europe and North America because of our being Jewish, now everyone will think of us as being part of Israel and responsible for things you do. What they are forgetting is a little something called history. When the Arab and Islamic Worlds sent the majority of Jews packing with minimal possessions and pretty much with no funds, did the European nations or the United State or Canada rush to take in these 850,000 Jews? The answer is not one they wish to recall and will hem and haw and shuffle their feet in order to avoid the uncomfortable answer. The truth was that it ended up that Israel was the sole nation willing, not willing, desirous to take in these Jews despite being a young nation without much in wealth, jobs, or even places in which to even house these Jews, but they were welcomed. Immediately preceding the expulsion of the Jews in the Arab and Islamic Worlds was the refusal of much of Europe to take their Jews back into their former neighborhoods where Jews heard the stories of their former townsfolk and even friends were refusing to allow the Jews back simply because they had taken over their homes and businesses and did not desire to accommodate the returning Jews. Where did the Jews end up? Many in camps on Cyprus held there by the British. Many of us have heard of the ship renamed the “Exodus” and picture Paul Newman and the ship arriving in Israel and the Jews being welcomed. The reality was quite different. The real SS Exodus was turned back from disembarking in Israel and the Jews ended up being held in a former German camp, some reports claim it was a former concentration camp while others claimed it was an embarkation camp, but either way, this was the worst possible result. But the hundreds of thousands of Jews who were spit out by Europe and offered only Israel, unless a relative in the United States or Canada signed an affidavit that they would be financially responsible for their relatives, came to what was then, is now and always will remain a safe home for every Jew. So, where did the majority of these Jews go? Israel is where they went and should Jews find they are residing in a location where they feel threatened, where are they going to go? Again, the one nation willing to take them without too many questions is Israel. The reality is the number of Jews coming into Israel resulting from desperation and fleeing situations where they felt threatened is increasing. There are reports that as many as 35% to 40% of British Jews are ready to emigrate to Israel should the Labor Party win the next elections and Jeremy Corbin become Prime Minister. Sweden and France have witnessed the beginnings of an exodus of their Jews and the vast majorities are coming here to Israel. Should the United States turn in a direction in which the Jews are threatened, where does anybody believe they will be heading, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America? They will be heading for Israel and they will be welcomed because Israel is the place of last resort or first choice, depending on one’s level of Zionistic feelings and also rationality as going anywhere else does not solve the problem. Torah says that Israel will one day be where the Jews, meaning all the Jews, will reside. That is the truth no matter by which direction it will occur.


Hate Crimes Motivated by Religious Bias in a Short Graphic History

Hate Crimes Motivated by Religious Bias in a Short Graphic History


Either all Jews will voluntarily or involuntarily return to Israel where their forefathers founded their state after the Exodus or they will become so assimilated that they will have forgotten or were never told they are Jewish. Only, it is claimed, 20% of Jews left Egypt with Moses, and it is said that only 20% returned from the Babylonian exile, none of the Ten Lost Tribes who were conquered by the Assyrians ever returned until modern times, so, this time, we are already doing far better as by now at least 35% to 40% and some like to claim 50% of Jews have already returned to Israel making the modern return the most effective. The four nations with the largest Jewish populations after Israel are the United States (5,700,000), France (465,000), Canada (385,000) and Britain (269,568). Israel has a Jewish population of 6,589,000 according to the same place where we took the lowest estimates. Anti-Semitism is rising everywhere in the world and alongside that, the hatred of Israel is also rising. There is a direct correlation of these two hatreds as one is a reflection of the other and both a growing in identical fertile soil. What will eventually be the main reason that so many Jews will not see the turning point when the nation where they reside turns that corner from which there will be no return is actually very simple. The point in the public sphere from where anti-Semitism will rise is the same one from which it usually appears, from the extremes, both left and right but in Europe and North America it will be the left. The Tzars were far right as Monarchists, the Communists were leftists as international socialists, the Nazis were leftists as national socialists, the Pharos was about as far right as possible, the same applies to Nebuchadnezzar, Haman in Persia was right wing law and order fanatic who desired purification of the society and as there are few Monarchists or leaders claiming to be gods in human form and the largest amounts of anti-Semitism are coming from the liberal parties across the boards in Europe and North America as the leftists are aligning with Islam extremists as the leftists believe they can use Islam as their shock troops when they decide they are taking over because the people just are incapable of electing the right people. Find that impossible to believe, spend some time with no filters active while searching out on Facebook and searching for, “blame Jews,” “Jews did it,” “Jewish control” and “hate” just to sample what is there. Warning, these searches can be done generally on Google but any such search will be frightening, especially if you actually believe that anti-Semitism died with the Nazis. Simple truth, Jews are victimized by hate crimes more than Muslims in the United States.


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June 13, 2012

Iran Nuclear Talks Conducted by the Blind and Deaf

Somewhere a decision was made which placed European Union Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton in the lead for the P5+1 negotiating team who are presumably talking with intent to curb the Iranian nuclear program before they attain nuclear weapons capability. It has been reported that the Iranians have graciously granted the P5+1 mediators another meeting in Moscow in order to discuss the demands regarding nuclear uranium enrichment and the offers to Iran should they comply. This was accomplished after Lady Catherine Ashton held a one-hour phone conversation with Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili where she managed to convince him to allow the meeting. This meeting was originally scheduled during the negotiations in Baghdad last month and was touted as a great achievement as it was the sole accomplishment to result from the meetings. Since then the Iranians, as stated by Ahmadinejad as well as chairman of the Iranian Parliament Ali Larijani, Iran claimed that to continue with the negotiations with the P5+1 was simply assisting the West in wasting time. This is what made it necessary for Lady Ashton to beg for Iran to return to negotiations and resume their meetings as scheduled in Moscow. I am sure this will be touted as a great step and a sign of progress and the seriousness with which Iran is treating the negotiations. Does anybody outside of the governments of the P5+1 honestly believe that any amount of negotiations with Iran will produce any results other than an eventually nuclear armed Iran?

Today there was a report coming out of Iran where the Fars News Agency published a commentary that stated, “The Islamic World should rise up and shout that a nuclear bomb is our right.” Since the Fars News Agency is under the complete control of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, they often are utilized to release trial balloons as a method of releasing official views and judge the reactions before formally having the Supreme Leader the Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei or other high officials announce them as laws or objectives. For some reason I find this statement released by the Fars News Agency to be more than just simply troubling. Stating that the Islamic World needs to fully insist and achieve possession of nuclear weaponry makes the efforts by Lady Ashton to be simply a waste of time. This information should leave the P5+1 with no alternative other than to place a direct challenge demanding Iranian immediate complete compliance. This Fars News Agency statement is nothing short of a direct statement that it truly is a complete waste of time holding negotiations with Iran. It proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that Iran is negotiating simply to talk endlessly and never actually make any progress. Their previous actions have been proving this ever since the entire charade started back in 2006. Despite this being obvious even to the most casual of observers, the P5+1 have chosen the Lady Catherine Ashton to lead the talks. This is the same woman who sounded like a love-struck teenager when describing how enthralled she was and what a magnificent gentleman and accomplished statesman the Iranian head negotiator had appeared to be in her judgment.

As far as the Islamic World having to demand their incontestable right to produce and stockpile nuclear weapons, it is a completely ignorant demand. The Islamic World already possesses and has a stockpile of well over one-hundred nuclear weapons which are located and owned by Pakistan. The truth of their declaration has nothing to do with the Muslim World possessing and having available for Islamic use of nuclear weapons. They are not demanding, or requesting if you wish me to be more polite, for Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, Somalia, Eritrea, Syria (though they might settle for Syria), Sudan or any other Islamic Country to attain nuclear weapons. Their demand is for Iran to be equipped with their own stockpile of nuclear weapons, and not simply a few but sufficient nuclear weapons to intimidate the entire Islamic World into allowing Iran to establish a new Caliphate with Iran as the sole and unchallenged leadership. They want sufficient nuclear weapons for Iran to completely obliterate Israel, the United States, and any other country which they feel is not showing the Iranian leadership sufficient deference. There are those who hold some power within Iran who would even like to have sufficient nuclear weapons to cause a complete and total conflagration throughout the entire globe in order to cause the conditions necessitated to cause the return of the Mahdi, the Twelfth Imam. Yet we still are allowing Iran to talk and talk and make promises that they only intend to break.

Just to add one last example of the fruitlessness of dealing with the Iranians was made evident this week. Over the last few weeks the IAEA has been holding talks in Tehran in order to attempt to coerce Iran into allowing them access to both the known nuclear installations and also to gain access to some military controlled locations where it is suspected that work, research and possible production of nuclear trigger and high explosive shaped charge tests have been conducted which are necessary for both gun and compression style nuclear weapons. Late last week progress was announced and hope was expressed that possibly the clean-up of one of the military locations may not have destroyed all evidence the IAEA sought. Over the past three days Iran has come up with some preconditions and then excuses and finally a total reversal reneging on every agreement the head of the IAEA had announced to great fanfare last Friday. This was announced by The Hindu who wrote “Iran has announced that it is ready to open up its Parchin military facility for inspections by the IAEA.” This has been the exact modus operandi from Iran throughout the entire tortuous, strange, fruitless excuse for serious talks. It has been two steps forward, three steps backwards, install ten more centrifuges. I must honestly congratulate the Iranian negotiators as they have thus far resisted breaking into uncontrolled laughter right into the faces of the negotiators of the P5+1. Such restraint is a rare talent, even if it is being used to conceal through and through deceit.

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