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August 17, 2012

Israeli Dissent Somehow Feels Different

Israel and her government are no strangers to dissenters and opposing opinions being presented, even in the halls of power, as arguing is almost an innate part of being Jewish. This has even been true in previous times of imminent peril as there are always those who are ready to pounce without bothering to see what and where they will land and those who will refuse to answer even the shrillest call to arms, this is normal. Yet somehow the sides seem more antagonistic towards each other than just people debating the next move. Now, in some ways, it appears we have more to fear from each other than from the outside threats, and that is not normal. I realize Jews will tend to argue, after all just look at the commentaries on the Bible and you will see examples of such. But usually when facing existential threats Jews have tended to gather or at least a core group gathers to fight the imminent threats even if others continue blithely on or seemingly ignorant to the problems and catastrophes happening all around them. But I fear that Israel has fallen victim to a disease which for Israel could become a fatal illness.

In previous times of peril there would be debate, often very spirited debate, but when the time came near that a decision had become necessary, then an uneasy quiet would fall over the country as they awaited the decision from their elected government. This is not to say that individuals did not discuss among themselves, but those in the halls of power no longer fought their differences out in public and did so in the closed halls with earnest seriousness. Today Israel has those who demand to have all discussions out in the public where they know that some of the most vital pieces of information are forbidden from discussion and often even kept from common knowledge as they are vital secrets which cannot be loosed in public. This gives one side an obvious advantage as often the most crucial points on which dire measures may be required often come from knowledge of just such information. But things have changed and now those who favor inaction even when facing the most dire of possibilities are pressing their advantage in ways previously unthinkable. This has been troubling me and I believe I can pinpoint the exact actions which initiated this anything goes as long as my side wins attitude that those believing Israel must always compromise and that she may not defend herself if it means resorting to violent means.

This event to which I have traced the origins of this dilemma dates back to the times during the administration of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. The crucial event was the Oslo Accords. Ever since the signing of the Oslo Accords there has existed a growing group within Israel who favor negotiations no matter the threat, no matter the situation, no matter even the whole world catching fire. One of the leading proponents of this doctrine is none other than the man most responsible for the accursed Oslo Accords, Israeli President Shimon Peres. Making matters worse, as President, Mr. Peres is supposed to hold an entirely ceremonial position yet President Peres has often acted as if he were the Prime Minister speaking for the Israeli government and countering the position of the actual Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, when talking with foreign leaders such as the President of the United States Barack Obama. The members of this group, though not officially an actual political party, act as if they were members of an elite progressive political party with the total support of a vast majority. What makes those within this group most dangerous is that they do not care what acts they must commit to accomplish their goals, all is fair in support of their positions. They have an almost Messianic bend to their actions and are not limited to Israel. These are the people behind J-Street, an American NGO which supports almost every Palestinian position yet claim to be a pro-Israel peace camp support group. Within Europe there exists another group with very similar convictions called J-Call.

These groups are also intertwined with other extremist progressive groups such as the Occupy Wall Street Movement, now simply the Occupy Movement as they are attempting to become universal in their mission, ISM, which has also renamed themselves the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, and numerous far left progressives who support to some extent the end of nations in favor of a world body which will be selected by those who have the proper qualifications for such a weighty task. Surprisingly, or not, those people are the same leaders of these groups, who would of thought that? Returning to the effect of such groups upon Israel, they are aghast at the idea that Israel be identified as the Jewish State as the one thing these people find more offensive than nationalism is G-d and religions in general. Their religion is the State and the State must be universal in its power, control and scope. This makes any idea of defending Israel a double dilemma; it is both pro nationhood and pro religion, what could be worse than that? The danger these people pose is due to their belief their cause is inevitable and as such they will be those who decide who committed any crimes on their way to power and as such they will be able to forgive their any transgressions. This allows then, in the name of inevitable progress, they are progressives after all, to do, say, destroy, attack, defame, and eventually break those few necessary eggs on their way to making their omelet. This is rapidly becoming obvious to many Israelis and their supporters worldwide and such awareness cannot come a moment too soon. These same people who oppose any Israeli actions addressing the Iranian nuclear problem are the same as those who support any and all actions against the Israelis who live beyond the Green Line. These are the people of BT’selem and other groups who are their comrades in protest who have supported false claims against Israeli settlers bringing charges of assault, land theft or other crimes while seeking out Palestinians who they assist in making claims against the Jewish settlers. They have been known to facilitate rock throwing episodes in order to film any reaction and then edit the tapes and releasing the edited version on U-Tube claiming it proves that the Jewish settlers attack the Palestinians without cause or reason. This is known as there have now been a number of these incidents where the entire event was filmed showing the entire set-up and the provocations being directed by the members of these groups. They, along with the no war for any reason and other groups use the emotions of many who are honest pacifists but are exploited for the ends of these progressive groups.

We have seen these tactics implemented whenever the government is conservative, nationalist, or even not progressive enough for these extremists’ fancy. Unfortunately for Israel and the majority of the people, these groups all seem to reach an accord and meeting of the minds when it comes to Israel, especially now with the government headed by Benyamin Netanyahu with a religious and nationalist coalition. The truth of the situation is this government has one of the largest coalitions in recent memory, even without Kadima, and this is something that drives these progressives totally off the deep end. It would not surprise me that should Bibi Netanyahu be overheard commenting one morning that the sky was a nice deep blue today that by noon there would be a thousand people demonstrating against calling the sky blue as that is one of the national colors on the Israeli Flag and thus that was an attempt by the Netanyahu government to claim Israel owns the sky. This is now an integral part of the coalition of those opposing Israel, or in some cases any country, taking action to prevent Iran from completing their efforts to attain nuclear weapons. These groups are so against the current situation where there are numerous nations not under one universalist governance that they would welcome complete and total anarchy or anything which might lead to a complete destruction of the present situation possibly leading to allow them to resculpt the world closer to their heart’s desires.  To the ardent progressives, anything is preferable to the world they currently inhabit and they are willing to put everyone through whatever Hell it might take to change the world. There is a particular subgroup who is dead set on beginning this transformation by destroying Israel by any means necessary, and they are loud and insatiable. Should these people ever get their wish I will be booking my reservations for the first manned launch to the outer regions of the galaxy.

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