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October 8, 2016

White House Complaints Echo Aid Difficulty


What is wrong with the thirty-eight-billion or so dollar aid deal Israel had all but forced upon it without permitting any input from Congress and placing all power over how Israel aid can be allocated within the White House? Now it has become a potential weapon as the White House will react in predictable manner whenever Israel does not mind its actions and check with the White House and get approval before acting in any manner. This was made clear when the White House erupted when Israel announced plans to finalize the construction of housing, mostly apartment buildings, beyond the Green Line which was approved well over eighteen months ago. Israeli building methods force construction, especially any beyond the Green Line, to go through numerous steps with their being announced each step of the way. This has led to the White House under President Obama to throw conniption fits at each juncture as if they had no idea that the announcement was coming. This is complete nonsense and has become so predictive that it is bordering on nauseating here in Israel. Many in Israel are siding with Ron Paul in calling for aid from the United States to be pulled and negotiated on each weapon package as is done with other nations rather than continue to have this Sword of Damocles hanging endlessly over Jerusalem’s head. That is another problem, the White House would insist they are not holding anything over Jerusalem as they hold things over Tel Aviv and would never ever hold things over Jerusalem as they are fighting alongside the Arab Palestinians in their drive to replace Israel with an Arab binational state where the Jews were to be driven out or to be slaughtered if they refused to depart.


The United States seems to continually have faults with their memory as the military aid package they provide Israel did not come into being until after 1967 and the Six Day War which got the attention of Lyndon Baines Johnson. Unbelievably, before that United States aid to Israel had been nonexistent. The final straw, as we have discussed repeatedly, was the Israeli plans on building a fourth generation fighter jet called the Lavi. This would have been in direct competition on the world arms market with the F-16 and possibly the F-15 in some markets as the price would have been lower and the purchasing nation would have had the potential to include some of their own avionics which could have made the Lavi even more attractive. Instead of compete, the United States gave Israel an offer she could not refuse of F-16s to replace the Lavi Fighter Jets Israel was in the final stages of development and F-15s as icing on the cake. Further, the United States promised the Israelis unfettered and unchallenged air superiority in the Middle East through American air power being sold to Israel first and usually exclusively. That promise has, like all such guarantees through history, cooled until the United States now guarantees to use their promise now as a way of controlling Israel through threatening their ability to have air equality, let alone air superiority. So, perhaps the time has come to make our own way here in Israel and develop our own fifth generation fighter jet in-house. We could start with the Lavi frame as Israel does not need an aircraft with the ranges and specific and broad capabilities of such as the F-35 JSF.


Israel should proceed to produce their own fifth generation jet fighter in exchange for revoking all aid agreements with the United States and promising to refuse any and all aid even should Congress override a Presidential Veto to provide military aid to Israel in exchange for United States guarantees to continue with any other support in other areas and even joint development programs even in avionics and aviation projects. Further, aid from Congress approved by Presidential signature or by Congressional override of a Presidential veto with a moratorium of three years on military aid allows Israel not to be held to return aid received over the past four years. There should not be a full divorce between the two allies but a legal separation with shared custody in mutually beneficial programs and development. There are many programs where Israeli expertise has improved or even led the way for United States programs such as drones and anti-missile systems. The relationship between Israel and the United States needs an adjustment and that was the most telling and potentially productive result of the eight years of President Obama’s Administration. Such a change in the current relationship would free the United States from the suspicions that they are attached to Israel at the hip rather than merely allies often of convenience. Such a new relationship could prove to be as lasting and deep as the current relationship but without the abrasiveness of any feelings of imposition or reliance by one side or the other. Such a clearing of the air could only be healthier for both nations and in the end lead to a better understanding and relations.


Many people from both Israel and the United States claim that Israel could not long survive without the unwavering support of the United States. When it comes to the United States guarding against one-sided resolutions in the Security Council, the support of the United States is invaluable, especially concerning any Chapter Seven enforceable resolutions. Israel could likely survive lesser resolutions which do not force sanctions or permit enforcement through military force. It is not like Israel is not already facing drives in all areas and continual assaults through the United Nations General Assembly where the Arab, Muslim, and allied nations hold an undeniable majority and animosities from numerous nations and countless NGO’s worldwide. Israel would not expect support from the United States in the Security Council any more serious or of any deeper quality than any other ally of the United States such as Germany or other NATO nation. Perhaps Israel could finally apply and be granted membership in that organization providing sufficient pressure could be exerted on Turkey who had vetoed every attempt by Israel to join NATO.


There would also be one last benefit from such a separation, the United States would be freed from being the go to nation when the world demands Israel be pressured. Israel would not fear the potential loss at a crucial point of military backing and thus be vulnerable to United States pressure; some might say blackmail, simply for building apartments in Jerusalem.


What many around the world, and apparently in the State Department, do not understand or even have the slightest clue is that the Arab Palestinian Authority officially still claims that all of Israel belongs to them and that the Jews have no history or claim to any Islamic lands anywhere in the Middle East and that the Jews all are from and need to, as a famous reporter once put it, “return to where they came, Germany, Britain, United States or Alaska or whatever nation they came from.” What is less well known is that around half of Israelis are descendants of Jews from the Middle East or North Africa with quite a number who can trace their families back over two-thousand-years right here within Israel with some having resided in Judea and Samaria (West Bank) until 1949 when Jordan ethnically cleansed the area after they illegally occupied the area for the next seventeen years and many of whom have yet been permitted to return to their homes as the Arab Palestinians have autonomy over some of the areas within Judea and Samaria. That is correct, there are areas where the vast majority of Arab Palestinians reside where Jews are forbidden from living and if the world had its way then Israelis would be forbidden from residing in much of the lands which were all part of Israel at the dawn of the nation on May 15, 1948 immediately before over six Arab nations invaded with the intent of genocidal cleansing of the Jews and any Arab who refused to fight with them against the Jews of Israel who the Arab world believed from the very beginning must be murdered so the lands could return to the service of Allah. Apparently Jews are not allowed to reside on lands belonging to Allah while the world apparently demands that Arab Muslims be welcomed everywhere in the Christian and Jewish worlds, interesting. A little aside we may discuss another time, Allah and Hashem are not identical or even near the same.



A map of Israel should any of the nations of the world actually be honest and truly be seeking peace which can only be attained should Israel have the most defensive borders imaginable.

A map of Israel should any of the nations of the world actually be honest
and truly be seeking peace which can only be attained should Israel
have the most defensive borders imaginable.


Perhaps it would be best to simply state that there may be benefits to both Israel and the United States if Israel was returned to being responsible for their own air superiority instead of having to hold the United States to their promise of the late 1960s. The one thing which should be learned from President Obama is that any United States President can redraw the American relations such that any promise is nullified and knowing that it would be irresponsible for Israel to continue to rely solely on the United States for her air superiority and thus her safety. Since the F-35 JSF will likely not be combat capable until 2020 to 2025 thus Israel would likely be capable of producing a fifth generation fighter jet within Israel before that date or soon thereafter. That is the reality Israel needs to measure the future as at some point she will be required to produce her own aircraft as the only peoples to remain near the top of their creative abilities for century after century through the millennia has been the Jewish people, so perhaps that should be the wellspring from which we depend. Nothing against our friends but perhaps the day may come when we will be the ones helping you just as you have assisted us. It will be our pleasure as we are to be a light unto all nations, especially all nations who remain our friends.


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