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March 28, 2019

And They Are Astonished and Shocked People Found Fault


One of the most shocking articles we have read of late was titled so appropriately, “Um, What?! Sarsour Is Triggered…By Those Condemning Omar’s Anti-Semitic Remarks.” The article included Ms. Sarsour’s Tweet over her shock and amazed astonishment that people were actually “piled on Representative Ilhan Omar” and that this had “incited a hate mob against her” claiming further that Ms. Omar had received “assassination threats” demanding that people “reflect on how you contribute to Islamophobia” then demanding it be brought to a halt. The problem with her Tweet is that it is so rich in the usual excuses, the same old threats and the attempt to turn the tables making the victim the threat and those, or in this case, the person, who started with threats, is now the victim. This is classic Taqiyya, lying for the advancement of Islam and protecting its delicate little terror inciting against those who would dare question or criticize any Islamic believer. This is almost as rich as the first and most used phrase spread as Taqiyya most ardently by President George W. Bush after 911 when he came out and stated repeatedly, “Islam is the religion of peace,” and went further with another Islamic canard stating, “This (referring to the 911 attacks) is not representative of real Islam,” which he would then cap off with the first example pairing the two together. The methodology of Islam in their efforts to replace any governing body with Sharia which is a body of law from the Quran and Hadiths which places the true believers over those lesser human beings who have yet to adopt the sole faith permitted. We discussed the Islamic path taking them from their initial contact on through to total control and all that entails in this article in relative depth. We even included a nice attractive illustrative version of the steps utilized.


Linda Sarsour’s Tweet Expressing Shock Concerning Reaction to Ilhan Omar’s Anti-Semitism

Linda Sarsour’s Tweet Expressing Shock Concerning Reaction to Ilhan Omar’s Anti-Semitism


So, Linda Sarsour was triggered by the protestations against the hate speech by Ilhan Omar before the House of Representatives. Triggered, unless one is up on the newspeak which has been introduced so as to limit our ability to communicate any political or social positions the new masters of all that is good wish to eradicate, this idea of triggered may be a new term, so here we will provide a short definition. Triggered means more than what one might attribute to it initially as it is obvious it means that one reacted with shock and amazement at some act, speech or other human activity or even something as commonplace as the wrong type of person appearing where they would be unwelcomed and unexpected. But this word goes even further as it is reserved for the use by those who are to be our overseers in the near future and only by those who are identified with the left and the radical left at that. Islam is about as far left as one can get, or so they are touting themselves. Social justice warriors are often if not perpetually triggered by almost everything they see, especially in the United States. The greatest triggering item is the personage of President Trump. Many people claim that simply hearing the name “Trump” is sufficient to trigger them. Some people when triggered go on the attack as Ms. Sarsour did with her Tweet, while others go to their “safe space” where they can use coloring books, pet puppies, listen to soothing music tailored to their tastes, receive counseling to help calm them plus anything else they may need. When President Trump won the 2016 election, there were entire colleges which were triggered to the point that final exams were cancelled to be rescheduled after everybody had received the proper and needful counseling and had recovered from the excessive shock they had suffered. The interesting thing about those events was that they naturally assumed that every student was on the left supporting Hillary Clinton if not the Green Party and that with the fine education, read indoctrination, these students had been provided, read subjected, they would naturally follow their professors and their teaching and have become good little leftists. This is something which should concern anybody who believes that making a profit is not evil and that with greater position and greater responsibility comes greater rewards or salary and do not believe that everybody has exactly the same worth and thus a brain surgeon should not be paid any more or less than a stocking clerk.


Linda Sarsour is herself a piece of work. She is an subversive Islamist who works to facilitate Islam becoming the ruling elite in the world with her specialty being the United States. Her immediate call of Islamophobia is textbook leftist, Saul Alinsky tactics straight out of Rules for Radicals. There it teaches that if attacked for something which you are not capable of defending; act hurt and pretend that you are the victim and never the accuser or initiator of anything controversial. Further, if one can use words which will place them within a protected group, in this case followers of Islam, then all the better as then one can insist that they not be criticized as they were simply doing what was normative in their culture, and all cultures are equal as we all know (smirk). That was exactly what Ms. Sarsour was doing with her reference to Islamophobia. We really like the overuse of “phobia” and specifically with Homophobia and Islamophobia. We cannot speak for our readers though we suspect that only the tiniest of a minority of them fear homosexuals and probably only a slightly greater group are afraid of Muslims as a rule. When we grew up, words had exact meanings which were never supposed to change and you could figure out the meaning of many words by breaking them down and looking at the independent parts. Today the world is full of Humpty Dumptys who believe as did he that, “When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean-neither more nor less.” Through restricting vocabulary through the use of “Whole Word Recognition,” in the school systems and redefining words so they no longer represent what they had a generation previous, the left is slowly making debate on the issues they stand behind completely impossible for the next generation who will be horrifically stunted in their ability for free thought. This is not an original idea as it was explained in George Orwell’s classic “1984” where the word newspeak received its definition. In the fascist, leftist society in which the book is set, Big Brother oversees all and monitors all. The schools teach the children only the words they wish them to use and they have dumbed down the language by ridding the vernacular by ridding it of obsolete and unnecessary words making everyone happier and simplifying their lives. The story reveals that the government regularly will deem a word offensive and dangerous making its use forbidden and into a crime. This also makes work for people going through all books, essays, films and other forms for communication and removing the offensive word replacing it with the soft new word which might actually alter the meaning of the sentence or even the entire work making it fall within accepted boundaries approved by the government, Big Brother.


The next part of Ms. Sarsour’s shock at people objecting to the anti-Semitism expressed by Ilhan Omar was to claim that there had been threats on her life. This is another ploy performed for two reasons, first to gain sympathy and second to label all who comment against her speech into murderous villains who are assisting in the future killing of Ms. Omar, something which is highly unlikely to ever come to fruition. Further, there have been no recordings of these threats, no call for police to investigate such threats and absolutely no evidence for such threats as they are unlikely to have happened. People who are Conservative in their politics are often reserved in their lives and are not the type to make physical threats and especially not to make death threats; these are the people who believe in intellectual debate as the best means for settling differences, not elimination of their opposition, that is a fascist concept. But this is all part of playing the victim. The new means of gaining power is to be the most attacked and prejudiced against person in the room, then you win. Life has become very similar to a form of poker called Low-Ball where whomever has the worst hand, wins. There are no straights and no flushes so Ace-2-3-4-5 is the best hand possible unless you are using the jokers which gets confusing, so we will skip that part of today’s lesson. Yes, we know this is not a lesson but simply our one-sided start for a discussion which can be further carried out through the comments you may wish to add. Where this article started and will go, we expect at least one or two upset leftists.


Religiously Biased Hate Crimes 2012-2016 Anti-Semitism and Anti-Islamic


What is interesting about Linda Sarsour’s attempt to silence all objection to Islam defined for all to see is easily attributed to her efforts to cast Islam as the religion of peace and where terrorist acts are forbidden and place these two pillars as the base supporting everything else she states about Islam. Ilhan Omar opened up a can of worms for Ms. Sarsour as she had to come behind Ms. Omar and clean up the Islamic reality spilling out for all to see before anybody had a chance to realize that Islam is about conquest and domination and not peace or acceptance of others. Ms. Sarsour was hoping that because Ilhan Omar’s target was Israel, Zionists and Jews that people might be slower to realize exactly what she was stating plainly, that Islam must be the central guide for the United States and the world. She was saying the exact same mantra we hear in Israel coming from Hamas, Fatah, Iran, Erdogan and so many other Islamic leaders that here there is no escaping the truth. This different perspective about Islam is a large part of the disconnect between Israeli and American Jews. The interesting reality which became so excessively evident by the watered down and weak admonition which the House passed as a resolution called for an end to every version of “hate crime” that they could possibly think exists and equated Islamic hate crimes with anti-Semitic hate crimes. There is no comparison between what is called Islamophobia and anti-Semitism and despite what all the caterwauling and kvetching about Islamophobia, hate crimes against the Jews are committed at a rate over three and a half times as frequent as hate crimes against Muslims and even higher compared to any other group.


Hate Crimes Motivated by Religious Bias for 2016


The thing is, we actually applaud Ilhan Omar for coming out into the open and announcing her hatreds for all to see. We wish every anti-Semite were as honest in their hatred as Ms. Omar so we would know who they are. Yes, hatred is a terrible emotion to hold, especially without cause. We are willing to wager that Ilhan Omar has never been victimized by a Jew and that even a majority of the Jews in her district supported her against her Republican opponent. We do know she was graciously received by Jewish groups when she met and spoke to them telling them how she held no hatred towards Jews and supported the same ideas and ideals as they held. Do we really need to even tell that these were words spoken as Taqiyya in order to gain their trust and their support through their votes. We did not think it was necessary. Now that the cat is out of the bag, there has been an urgent seeking of somebody to run against Ms. Omar in the Democrat primaries within her district. These efforts have not produced one willing to try to defeat her and this is likely due to the excessively large number of Somalis who were placed within her district such that they are close to being a majority and are definitely a plurality. We have heard from people here in Israel and from contacts and friends in the United States claiming that obviously Ilhan Omar as well as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will not be reelected in the next election. We have once again needed to be the bearer of bad news as we believe that both will probably be with us in the Congress for the foreseeable future and will defend their seats winning easily. The only hope of unseating either of these Representatives, as well as a few select others who have drawn criticism over their overt acts, would be to defeat them in a primary for as long as they are the Democrat candidate, they are guaranteed of a victory. Things are changing faster and faster. As we have noted before, we have seen these changes approaching since the mid-1960’s when people looked at us and simply claimed that we required psychiatric help. It is a good thing we do not have the inclination to confront these people today and ask them if they can see the writing on the wall. Unfortunately, if they are like the majority of American Jews and all too many Israeli Jews, their reply would be, what wall? This has been the reaction consistently and we do not see this changing until they are confronted with the inevitable results crashing into their lives in a violent manner. It is a form of willful blindness and there is no cure for this affliction. The main difference between Israeli Jews and American Jews is far less when one removes religious observance from the picture. Both believe that America is the new Promised Land along side Israel, that the two nations will never part their present friendship, that life in the United States is more comfortable with greater wealth and a host of other truths and fables about America. The difference is that American Jews believe that residing in Israel is inviting trouble and far too dangerous to even consider leaving the warm, loving, adoring life in America for the troubles and threats faced in Israel while Israeli Jews reside in Israel and know that the dangers are mostly over reported which blows them all out of proportion and that if, just as in America, you keep away from those areas where danger is more common, your life is rather safe. This is validated by this report which compares numerous crime statistics and is surprisingly revealing.


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