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December 28, 2013

Why is Kerry Forcing Deal on Netanyahu which Abbas Rejected?

Currently the United States has Martin Indyk in Israel pressing IDF generals to not only accept the latest and touted as greatest plan for peace by forming a Palestinian State and sacrificing Israeli security in the process but to go forth to the Israeli media and regale them with the wondrous and splendid qualities and the benefits that will pour forth to Israel once they have withdrawn from Judea and Samaria and turned over the Jordan Valley to third party troops who will assure Israeli security just as well as UNIFIL has secured southern Lebanon from any Hezballah buildup. Yep, that is the bedtime story being sold to Israeli generals and leadership and what Secretary of State Kerry will be spending January, and more if necessary, shoving down Netanyahu’s throat come what may. What makes all of this so curious is that this is the plan that upon hearing the terms and other particulars of the plan, Mahmoud Abbas not only totally rejected the entirety of Kerry’s proposition, and held a press conference specifically to reject Kerry’s plan immediately after Kerry had returned to Jerusalem, but also called an emergency meeting of the Arab League so they too could totally reject the entirety of the Kerry Peace Plan which is a combination of the Arab Plan (originally called the Saudi Plan) with the Alon Plan (which was originally rejected by the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff who proposed a solution in which minimal Israeli requirements to achieve security as guaranteed by United Nations resolutions including United Nations Security Council Resolution 242). So, this whole affair begs the question of why are the United States administration officials pressing so hard to force Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, the top IDF generals, the members of the Prime Minister’s cabinet and many of the most popular and respected Ministers of the Knesset to accept this deal which the Palestinians and the entirety of the Arab world have completely and utterly rejected and refused all tenets of the plan?


The truth can be revealed as these incongruous efforts to force Israel to agree to a suicidal plan has become evident beyond any shadow of a doubt. President Obama, first off, has no love lost regarding Israel and would not lose any sleep over the complete annihilation of the Jewish state. President Obama also desires to earn a Nobel Peace Prize to match the first one he received simply for being elected President of the United States and the hope and change that they had in his momentous victory. The Nobel Prize Committee probably were shocked that a person other than an old white man of privilege was elected President in the United States thus President Obama had to be granted their highest prize, the Nobel Peace Prize. President realizes that if he can force the establishment of a Palestinian state then he may just win that second Nobel Peace Prize and will have definitely validated his receiving his first Nobel Peace Prize. President Obama realizes that he does not require Mahmoud Abbas’s signature or support of a peace plan that forms a Palestinian state. As long as the agreement which causes the formation of a Palestinian state restricts Israel from a defined area which will be considered to be the Palestinian state and this area relatively matches the general ideas and definitions that most believe is required to be considered Palestine, then President Obama has formed a Middle East peace, formed a Palestinian state, and made peace between the Arab world and Israel. It does not matter that in reality there is no peace and that all President Obama will have accomplished is to reset up the initial conditions for a replay of the unsuccessful Arab assault on Israel to, as Egypt President Nasser stated in late May of 1967, drive the Jews into the sea. President Obama will have set the playing field for the next Arab Israeli War and nothing will prevent that war from commencing within a few short years at most.


President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry, and special council Indyk all do not really care what Mahmoud Abbas desires as long as they can force the Israeli leadership to agree to sufficient suicidal concessions which the Palestinian leadership has demanded previously which will permit them to claim total success, present the United Nations Security Council with the agreement signed by Prime Minister Netanyahu and then join with the rest of the members, permanent and those assigned, of the Security Council in voting to admit Palestine to full membership in the United Nations. This would be followed almost instantly with a similar vote declaring the same Palestine as a full member of the United Nations. This would in turn be followed by close to two hundred nations recognizing Palestine with its capital city in East Jerusalem (while everybody will still claim that Tel Aviv is the Israeli capital by continuing to station their embassies in that city), its borders as the Jordan River and the Green Line (some may even go one step further and claim it reaches from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea replacing Israel) and nations will rush funds in aid to celebrate this wondrous event while businesses rush to build and form trade with this newest of nations.


It will not matter that many of these factories and offices placed in Palestine will be rejected as infidel exploiters and face terrorist strikes and bombings. What will matter is Israel has finally been forced to give the Palestinians their state and the horrid apartheid occupation has finally been ended. Of course President Obama will be hailed as the greatest and most effective diplomatic President in the history of the United States, no, the entire span of humankind. Mahmoud Abbas will have no choice but to accept that Palestine has been formed, recognized and now he can proceed to the next phase of the eradication of Israel by steps and start planning the next Arab war to destroy Israel. One can only hope that Abbas will face rejections and other difficulties in gathering together a force to finish the replacement of Israel with an Arab Muslim state. Unfortunately, I fear that such a task may be the easiest task Abbas will ever face as it is likely that the Arab and Muslim leaders of the world will be knocking at his door offering to aid him, for a small concession, of course. All will desire to take on the glory of being the new Saladin.


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