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August 21, 2018

Hamas Rejection of Peace Could Actually Save Israel


We are baffled, confused, concerned, distressed, perturbed and rightfully frightened and scared. What we cannot figure out is who are the crazies in the Israeli government who believe the terms leaked thusfar for a peace with Hamas and the declared end of violence on the Gaza border are at all acceptable and will tend to the betterment and peaceful existence, if any existence, of Israel in the future. Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman (Yisrael Beytenu) has to be the initial suspect for even giving this obviously flawed plan any consideration. Next is Prime Minister Netanyahu (Likud) who has to take the credited blame for permitting such a disaster to even reach the point of floating trial balloons, after all, have we not had enough of incendiary balloons, and this peace will result in things incendiary falling over all of Israel in the near future once implemented. Here is a link to an article with the essentials of the deal which became public. The two things which we found most distressing was permitting Gaza, meaning Hamas and Islamic Jihad, to have a port on one of the central points of the Suez Canal located at the city of Ismailia which sits on Timsah Lake which is a central part of the Suez Canal. Anything imported through this port would be transferred into Gaza through the Rafah Crossing which would be reopened and remain open continually. The deal also requires that Israel open the Kerem Shalom crossing. Finally, as part of stage-one, this plan actually has five stages which we would predict would never reach stage-four before a real war breaks out from Gaza, and this would be a real to the death war, there would be an airport opened in the Sinai Peninsula for the use of the Gazans, read Hamas and Islamic Jihad getting imports from Iran, large and heavy imports.


Stage-two would require Israel to measurably increase the electricity it provides to Gaza. Read that carefully as it has no provision for Gaza to pay for any of this electricity but should Israel cut it off it would be breaking the agreement. Even if Hamas were to explode the high-tension power towers, Israel would be found out of compliance because the electricity stopped flowing. Further, there would be a complete opening of the blockade around Gaza. During this stage, Israel would also allow import and export of everything into and out of Gaza that Hamas and Islamic Jihad desires without any limitations, inspections or any form of control. Stage-three would include the United Nations executing humanitarian projects it previously promised, including an airport, seaport, general rehabilitation of Gaza, and the construction of a power station in Sinai. Somewhere between the stage-two and stage-three, most likely during stage-three, Hamas will have built a modern fighting force with artillery, tank corps, armored personnel carriers, fighter jets, attack helicopters, troop carrying helicopters, air assault capabilities and a navy which would include corvettes, destroyers and a submarine force all complimented by guided ballistic missiles with many tens to hundreds of kilometers of range, warheads with tonnage of high-explosives and accuracy of within fifty-meters of aiming-point and potentially even worse, a few nuclear warheads with twenty or thirty kiloton warheads. All the while, the economic situation would worsen and the crisis known as Gaza would have worsened and the world would continue to blame Israel claiming that we had not done enough to help the poor Gazans.


Hamas and Islamic Jihad Banners

Hamas and Islamic Jihad Banners


Well, we have a plan which would help the Gazans who desire to live well as our neighbors in peace and harmony. This would require finding sufficient Gazans willing to live in a modern multi-cultural democracy where everyone has equal rights and the driving force within the government and amongst the people is not attempting to blame Israel for every misfortune and constantly call for the destruction of Israel and the death of every Jews who exists anywhere. We would challenge the world to actually produce such a core of Gazans who number over five-thousand out of their population of over one-million-eight-hundred-thousands. We would hope that is not too much to ask before trying to rebuild Gaza as a functioning population with rational leadership, something totally lacking currently. Of course this plan would need to be a well-kept-secret as its implication would depend on Hamas doing exactly what they have been doing for the past going on five months, attacking Israel, destroying livelihoods, destroying fields of crops, burning down forests, burning up wildlife preserves, targeting civilians and especially targeting kindergartens and schools. After Israel would have cleared Gaza of its vile leadership and removed all leadership, members and supporters of Hamas and Islamic Jihad along with the criminal elements who have gotten wealthy on their black market and weapons smuggling, then we could build a functioning establishment starting with those individuals found who love peace and wish to reside in partnership under their own leadership.


Of course, we fully expect that the United Nations, European Union, numerous countries from the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, third world and anywhere else and of course the United States State Department all to condemn such a plan giving every reason except the truth, that they want Israel destroyed as it stands in the way of a single world order run by those who truly know what is best. Who are these people that know best? Well, they are the same people who have gotten the world to the state in which we find it currently. They were the people who almost as soon as Israel was a concept and was to be brought back into existence in its ancient homelands after over two-thousand years of exile, insisted it not be allowed to be born and once born that it not be recognized and once recognized have yet to miss an opportunity to attempt to dirty her reputation or demand her being expelled from the world of nations. These are the forces which convinced the Kurds not to declare themselves a nation, which they heeded which was their greatest mistake since trusting the British. We understand, as we trusted the British and were also told that declaring our statehood was inconvenient and that we should wait until the State Department and others gave us their blessing. Had we heeded that, we would still be waiting and in the meantime the surrounding peoples would have been doing everything to erase us from existence and the State Department would have declared us terrorists. Thank Hashem we did not listen, as Jews we have often survived by not listening to others telling what would be best for us, it seldom would have been best. We survived barely listening on occasions which all resulted in great calamities and conflagrations which have often almost purged us from the world’s population, but we had a secret weapon, Torah and Hashem.


The alternative to finding rational non-Islamists to govern Gaza replacing Hamas and Islamic Jihad who have taken what could have been a tourist haven and a delight and turned it into a complete pit of torment and suffering with the sewage treatment plant regularly overflowing into the streets in such surging tides of morass that people have been killed. Almost the entirety of their multi-billion Euro budget is thrown into manufacture of rockets, incendiary devices, bunkers, interconnecting tunnels, rocket launchers, mobile MLRVs, weapons of all sorts and infiltration tunnels under the border into Israel which Israel destroys upon their detection making these tens to hundreds of thousand Euro tunnels a complete failure wasting their funds which could build homes and apartments and built a functioning economy. The school system teaches military tactics and hatred of Jews and Israel. Summer camps appear to be closer to basic training than a summer camp. Hamas and Islamic Jihad with their supporters are basing their entire governance upon hatred and the destruction of Israel by any and all means possible. They claim to have great support pointing to the tens of thousands, often an exaggeration repeated warmly and enthusiastically by the mainstream media, when the reality is that the vast majority of the people were not protesting violently or otherwise at the border and many who were there had been paid to riot. Hamas lays their claim to govern on a single closed election where the choice was the Palestinian Authority which were the incumbents and present government which the people despised and would have voted for the devil himself if that were the other choice, and in some ways Hamas was the devil itself and the people chose Hamas to replace the Palestinian Authority which led to the civil war between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas allied with Islamic Jihad for control of Gaza in 2007 and Hamas won. Elections since then have not been held, they won one election once, Arab democracy in action. Eventually, Hamas will cause sufficient damage to central Israel, and this is unfortunately coming sooner if this peace is accepted, that the only choice the people will give the government of Israel will be the complete and total annihilation of Gaza, wiping it clean and simply doing something the world has not seen yet this century, a completely capable and trained military going completely Biblical against their enemy, doing to Gaza what Joshua and the Israelites did to the Canaanite kings who came against them. The Israelites came into the lands and gave the Canaanites three choices; they could live peaceably by the Noahic Code which contained seven principles for basic civilization, second choice was to pick up their properties, flocks, families and members of their household and leave to restart their lives outside of the borders of Israel and they promised to leave them to go in peace and not chase them down or they could choose the final third choice, to make war, make an absolute and complete war where at the end only one side stands. The Israelites had been instructed that for those who chose war they were to kill every man, woman and child and to slaughter their sheep, goats and all animals and take all their idols and put them to the torch and smash them into small unrecognizable dust and to leave absolutely no trace of their existence having ever dwelled there. Gaza with Hamas and Islamic Jihad chose war, complete and Biblical war of annihilation, which is exactly what the Hamas Charter demands them to do to the Jews. Eventually, this war will happen and only one will remain in the end.


Beyond the Cusp


May 30, 2017

Jews Who Are Counter-Productive on Israel


The extreme leftist Jews love to protest their self-proclaimed Israeli occupation of Judea and Samaria. You talk to any of them and they will proudly claim that Israel has no desire to pursue peace. They will tell you all about how Israel is illegally occupying Judea and Samaria under International Law. They will go on about how the area of Judea and Samaria are the Palestinians homeland and that Israel must return the lands immediately and stop stalling. They will claim that it is Netanyahu who refuses to meet with Mahmoud Abbas despite any and all evidence to the contrary. And their favorite pastime is protesting Israel loudly and proudly claiming that their Jewishness safeguards them from any charges of anti-Semitism. With their sanctimoniousness, it is difficult to have to deflate their confidence in the complete faultlessness of their arguments. The one thing that is even better is most of the claims in the rest of this article could mostly be applied to virtually all the students protesting Israel with the exception of those instigators and inciters used by NGO’s to lead so many students to protest Israel using pseudo-information that they know are pure propaganda mixed with unadulterated lies with an occasional statistic or fact mixed in for the sake of making everything else credible.


One of their points is that Israel took the land in the 1967 war. This they actually have correct. They claim they stole it from the Palestinians who were not even combatants in the war. This is tricky because if there were actually any people by the name of Palestinians at that time, they were not combatants. The problem is there were no Palestinians and the closest thing was the PLO which had no claims to Judea and Samaria but did claim all of Israel within the Green Line and was sworn to defeat the Jews driving them into the Sea to drown or killing them where they stood. The area of Judea and Samaria at the time between 1948 and the Six Day War was occupied; let us get this straight, that is occupied illegally, by Jordan. Jordan took control of this land during the War to Annihilate the Jews fought by over a half dozen Arab Armies against Israel starting on the morning of her birth. Jordan held half of Jerusalem and the areas of Judea and Samaria which was part of the guaranteed areas west of the Jordan River which were to be the State of Israel after an agreement reached with the British upon allowing the formation of the Arab State of Jordan. Jordan illegally annexed the land and their action was recognized by only two nations, Britain and Pakistan. After the attempt at destroying Israel by the judgement of the Peel Commission, Britain trying to help destroy Israel at every turn is quite believable (see map below). Fortunately, the Peel Commission was rejected, as was the annexation by Jordan. Even the Arab and Muslim world outside of Pakistan rejected their annexation. Also, in the War to Annihilate Israel which raged on and off through 1948-9, Egypt gained control over Gaza though they never attempted to annex the land. Jordan and Egypt both threw all the Jews from their homes and lands and Jordan went further and gifted land to many Jordanians of presumed merit though most never utilized these lands. This was a means of removing all Jewish claims to the lands. The Jordanians also illegally forced numerous Jordanian citizens to relocate onto the lands they illegally held against International Law and gave Jordanian citizenship to all Arabs living in the area. These are truths that these protesters ignore likely because they were never educated in history and were never curious enough to seek the truth themselves.


Peel Commission Truncated Jewish State of Israel and Expanded Transjordan

Peel Commission Truncated Jewish State of Israel and Expanded Transjordan


These wonderful and wide-eyed leftists right out or still incubated in college or university take on complete faith their professors tales of the crimes committed by Israeli Defense Force (IDF) soldiers which are just as big of lies as was Mahmoud Abbas trying to pass the Palestinian incitement of which he personally has taken the lead as educating their children in peace to President Trump, a lie which has been revealed using Abbas and his own words. What their professors never taught their young charges was Jewish history and the Twelve Tribes of Israel and that Israel held both sides of the Jordan River and for her northern border she had the Litani River which is inside Lebanon today and holds the Hezballah terrorist army between the Litany River and the Blue Line, the Israeli northern border with Lebanon (see map below). The Tribes of Israel included the best snow skiing in the Middle East on Mount Hermon and the medicinal waters of the Dead Sea. The Golan Heights and the Kinneret were all within her borders. What do these snowflakes from University know of this history? Probably little or nothing.


Eretz Yisroel from back in the time immediately after Exodus and before the additional conquest by King David and King Solomon with the original division of the lands between the Tribes covering both sides of the Jordan River. The Israelis and Jews in general could attempt to demand that Eretz Yisroel, the Land of Israel be made whole as was First Apportioned by Hashem.


Israel is not reluctant to make peace. Israel offered to give Judea and Samaria back to their illegal occupiers, Jordan, when the two nations reached their peace just as she had offered to return Gaza to Egypt and both refused, as there was an Arab plan to hatch. That plan was to invent a new Arab people called the Palestinians who were going to claim that they had a history in the lands. Inspect their claims and then read the Jewish history and you do not have to take modern Israelis view, read the Old Testament, the Torah (Five Books of Moses) as well as the rest of the Bible which includes Kings and Prophets and Judges. Read the entirety of the Jewish history written in the time in which it was made by those who lived and saw it in real time. The Israelite, the Jews, beginning in these lands came when Joshua crossed the Jordan and sacked Jericho, defeated five armies at Ai and then conquered the south and began the conquest of the north which had to be left for those who followed to complete, but the promise was kept and Hashem laid the land open before the Jewish People and they swelled within. Saul was anointed King and then David ruled and then Solomon who built the First Temple and the lands flourished. But it all started when they crossed the Jordan River and Joshua led the Army into the lands and began the defeat of the Canaanites, not the Arabs by any name and especially not any Palestinian Arabs who Abbas or another official once claimed lived in the lands nine thousand years ago. Well, then the Canaanites must have driven them out as they were not present for Joshua to conquer when he entered the lands just over three-thousand-five-hundred years ago, that is around 1489 BCE, in case you were wondering. (His route to the conquest of the holy Lands and the start of the nation in the Promised Lands can be seen in the map below.) The history is quite remarkable and probably a far easier and more interesting read than your chemistry books and mathematics books, at least as I remember them from my days back in the stone age.


Cities Conquered by Joshua as Recounted in Kings In the Hebrew Bible the Old Testament

Cities Conquered by Joshua as Recounted in Kings
In the Hebrew Bible the Old Testament


The realty is quite a bit different, as the area known as Judea and Samaria belonged to Israel under International Law and was illegally occupied by Jordan from 1948 up until the Six Day War; Israel did not conquer the area as Israel liberated lands that belong to Israel from Jordanian occupation. The Arabs residing in the area were holding Jordanian passports and identifications and were citizens of Jordan which meant that by International Law Israel could have made them relocate back into their country which had forced many to move into these lands; they legally could, and maybe should, have sent them back into Jordan. Having sent them all into Jordan immediately and reclaiming what was legally Israel would have saved Israel all the headaches they have faced ever since. The reason that Israel did not relocate the Arabs was simple; Israel is not a normal nation but a nation of people who are supposed to lead by showing the world a better face for humanity, a better way of treating one another, simply to be a light unto the nations. Unfortunately, Israel is located in an area where civility is seen as weakness and mercy as a form of surrender. Israel’s enemies know that the Jews are not a cruel people and use this against Israel. The professors in the universities know the youngsters in their charge are neophytes as far as historical knowledge and that their words are unquestioned by their students and thus they use them as their personal weapon against what they believe is the greatest evil in the world today, their own nation. As leftists, they cannot help but find that religious people are inherently evil and unthinking and all the things they despise most. This is why they tell lies about Israel and the Jewish People, their own people. Their little charges will grow as they enter the world and meet people with different perspectives and more knowledge which was not provided back in all their years of schooling, which is why it is known as the College of Hard Knocks in which I am working on my doctorate and that takes a lifetime. Learn whose land it was under International Law before you decide that someone is breaking International Law because when it comes to Israel, the world is attempting to coop and break International Law day in and day out, and they are doing so against their favorite people to blame for all their own ills, the Jewish People. Again, read history throughout the ages and remember the admonition we received from the All Knowing, in every generation there will be one to rise up against you. The one was not a person as much as an enemy, and this time the one is everyone and they have used you. Learn history, learn International Law, learn from the sages through the ages, and learn about the Jewish People and when you have learned a lifetime of learning, then we can talk. Learn, most important of all, on your own and trust very few, just the few who have proven that they will not lie to you and are not going to candy coat the truth even if that truth is difficult to swallow and goes against everything you think you know. First, test what everyone says by seeking out those who hold the opposite opinion and then check each one’s sources. The first we would recommend is the Bible as it holds a few thousand years of knowledge in a single book with some tremendous stories which will amaze you.


Beyond the Cusp


March 14, 2017

America and Judaism Share One Great Concept


Most nations and religions trace themselves to some great person who was responsible for their greatness and in some form or another deify that individual. For nations the examples are legion. Rome traced to the two children raised by a she wolf, Romulus and Remus, China was unified by a leader who was born of a dragon which brought him to China where he unified the separate kingdoms forging a great power, England has King Arthur and the Camelot myth and so on it goes. Christianity gave us Jesus, Islam gave us Mohammed, Buddhism gave us Buddha, Taoism came from Tao and so forth with each religion traced to a person who is raised above other men and in some way deified or immortalized. What follows will likely not sit us well with many readers but is presented for thought and not as any claim that the two seminal foundings were directly related beyond their emphasis on the sanctity of the human spirit and its enabling by the Creator, by Hashem.


But with the United States there was no one individual though George Washington is regarded as the father of the nation nobody would claim that he founded or singularly established the country. His greatest feat was giving up power when he could have continued as President until his death thus establishing the temporary power of the office instead of making it into a form of elected monarchy. The American idea was the world of the Founding Fathers, a group where though many people may choose one they prefer, none is more vital to the forging of the United States than the others. Sure we credit Thomas Jefferson with writing the Declaration of Independence but this only came about because John Adams deferred and chose him because he was a talented writer and an amiable person where, as John Adams is credited with stating in persuading Thomas Jefferson claiming when Jefferson claimed Adams was the stronger writer and better at expressing himself claimed that was why he could not be its author because he was far too disliked and anything he wrote would be torn apart by many of the others. James Madison is credited with crafting the initial wording of the constitution but again it became the work of all the signatories in some means or another. The United States is not traceable to a single person but instead to singular ideals expressed in that Declaration of Independence and a form of governance delineated in that Constitution and those are the two pillars upon which America rests.


Judaism is similar in that there were great people but no individual can be credited with establishing the religion. Granted when Hashem altered Avram’s name making it Avraham and Sari became Sarah, this would be the seminal point where the Covenant would be made and circumcision the sign of the contract which was to be undertaken by every male; yet the religion itself is transferred through one’s mother and not the father. To be a Jew one is required to have come from a Jewish mother. But Avraham received the Covenant with Hashem; he did not codify Judaism and did not write the Torah. Torah was transcribed by Moses which was why he is referred to as the lawgiver. But Moses transcribed Torah and led the Israelites from Egypt which is told in Torah in Exodus and retold in Deuteronomy. Moses went to great lengths to refute any deification including assuring that he would have no burial location which would be known so as to refute any worship giving all due credit to Hashem. Joshua was the leader of the Israelites when they conquered the Promised Land. Hashem kind of left out that after leaving Egypt the Israelites were going to have to conquer the Promised Lands but that was the way of forming a nation and claiming your place among nations in those early days of humankind. There also were numerous Judges and Prophets who ruled the Israelites but none were greater than the others in reflection and thus none were ever made to be more than wise and knowledgeable men. King Saul was the first Israelite king and was deficient in many ways but did preserve the nation passing it to King David more by default than any other means as the battle which claimed Saul’s son and heir to the throne also threw Saul into such grief that he took his own life, not the most glorious of endings. From King David the throne passed to King Solomon. King Solomon was regarded as one of the wisest of men but also had great failings chief amongst them were the inadequacy of his children who brought great harm upon the Israelites or Hebrews.


Torah the Founding Document of Judaism with Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights Founding Documents of the United States of America

Torah the Founding Document of Judaism
with Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights
Founding Documents of the United States of America


What is less known by many is that the Jews were the remnants of the Israelites. The kingdom ruled by Kings Saul, David, Solomon and so forth broke into two kingdoms with the northern Kingdom called Israel and the southern Kingdom named for its larger tribe, Judah, named Judea. Israel consisted of ten tribes and their priests and was conquered by the Assyrians and never actually heard from until modern times. These became known as the ten lost tribe of the Jews but were really the ten lost tribes of Israel. Jews are the remainder of the tribes of Benjamin and Judea and the Priestly classes, tribes, of the Levites and Kohanim. These two tribes basically merged into the entity of Judea and the people were the Judeans, obviously. With time people grew lazy and did not care to actually say Judeans so it eventually shortened to simply Jews. Judea traced back to Judah and Benjamin to Benjamin, two of the sons of Jacob. One need remember that when Judaism relates to Avraham it is almost always referenced as Avraham, Isaak and Jacob as these were the Patriarchs buried in Hevron in the cave bought by Avraham in which to bury Sarah. Still the story of the Jews hinges greatly on Jacob’s twelve sons but one was responsible for the survival of the entire family, Joseph. This was one of the more unusual stories amongst many unusual stories. Joseph was sold into slavery by his jealous brothers but because of this act he was in the right place at the right time to become a favored one of Pharaoh and was placed as Chancellor over Egypt second only in power to Pharaoh himself. He managed resources of food saving Egypt from a great famine and saved his family as well. This led to the eventual enslaving of his family which was then brought forth by Hashem through the vessels which were Moses with Aaron. As is said, the rest is history except in this case it is more accurate to say the rest is the Hebrew Bible or the Old Testament and then history as that story has had a rebirth which was foretold in the Bible with the formation in a single day of the nation of modern Israel in its ancient homelands, though that is still being contested the eventual forming of Israel will include its ancient lands even if that takes a thousand years.


Judaism and the United States owe their formations to many individuals with none more vital than the rest and neither would exist if not for all of these great people all of whom were guided by principles and forces beyond their comprehension. Did these people know they were a part of something far greater than themselves, of course they did. But each group had the guidance of great people when required the most and both claim that Hashem is an integral part of their formation as a nation. Neither deifies any individual and instead when they use the term Creator their reference is to the Creator of all things as told in Genesis and both Judaism and the United States of America claim to owe their creation to that very same Creator and both claim the view that mankind was imbued and “endowed by that Creator with unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” These principles are found throughout the laws and preaching in Judaism and were carried forth in Christianity and found their place in the Declaration of Independence where they were once again ensconced in the human mind and established repeatedly but most forcefully in Torah and thus made available for Thomas Jefferson to include in his declaration.


Beyond the Cusp 


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