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October 1, 2016

Khamenei Frightening Regret of Nazi Defeat


Iranian Supreme Leader and Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei in a speech on September 18, 2016, while denouncing President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani calling for more investment in the economy rather than increasing military spending also made commentary which was far more disturbing. Khamenei lamented the results of World War II and insisted that military spending continue to be the highest priority even if the people are made to suffer economic hardships as Iran must not suffer the same fate which was the fate of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. What makes this all the more threatening is for Iran to suffer such a fate would require their placing themselves in a similar situation threatening other nations to the point where warfare is thrust upon much of the world in a determined effort to resist the threat of world conquest be a single minded nation led by people determined to commit genocidal cleansing of the world of all who are not subservient to them and their philosophy, or in the case of Iran, surrendered to Islam, and that would be Shia Islam. Khamenei was disturbed by the forcing of Germany and Japan into submission and forced to be disarmed which was, according to the Supreme Leader, a humiliation which Iran must never be made to suffer. Khamenei lauded the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) as the key to the success and completion of the Islamic revolution which was started in Iran in 1979 and is expected to enforce the Quranic call to conquer the world for Allah. This was the cause which Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ruhollah Mūsavi Khomeini set as the purpose of all efforts and dedications of the Iranian people onto perpetuity. Khamenei has reinvested Iran in the dreams and goals set forth by Khomeini thus making more than their names sounding so similar as so is their dedication to the supremacy of Iran and Shia Islam.


Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ruhollah Mūsavi Khomeini

Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei
Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ruhollah Mūsavi Khomeini


For most nations to be led by a dictatorial leader with dreams of world conquest there would not be any serious concern as it is unlikely that they could build sufficient military to potentially pose such a risk. Muammar Gaddafi often made speeches telling his people that their suffering would be alleviated once they defeated the nations oppressing them and denying them their rightful place as leaders ruling over much or all the Earth depending on his feelings of bravado on any given day. After pushing his terrorist sponsoring too far he faced a severe kick in the ego from the United States when President Reagan struck Libya responding to a Libyan terrorist strike on the “La Belle” nightclub in West Berlin which killed three people including one American Serviceman. The American and allies response came on April 15, 1986, in the early morning hours striking numerous targets throughout Libya including the Bab al-Azizia barracks, Murat Sidi Bilal camp, Tripoli military airfield, Benina military airfield, the air defense networks in Benghazi and Tripoli and Muammar Gaddafi’s house in an attempt to kill the dictator himself. Muammar Gaddafi, with his family, rushed out of their residence in the Bab al-Azizia compound just before the bombs dropped. The warning phone call came from Italian Prime Minister Bettino Craxi. Among the estimated sixty killed was one infant girl who was used as an attempt to vilify the American raid. Her name was Hannah and she was displayed before Western reporters with the claim she was the recently adopted daughter of Muammar Gaddafi. All things considered, this raid ended any claims from Muammar Gaddafi of Libya being a world leader and destined to lead the entirety of the world. Libya was never actually a threat to attempt world conquest and that claim was made to excuse a retrograde economy and the suffering of the population from the failed economic state. Iran has sufficient oil which as long as the price per barrel remains above approximately $50 to $75 Iran makes a profit from a percentage to all of their wells as their oil is thick and of poor quality thus costing more to draw from the ground. This is part, if not most of the reason for Saudi Arabia pumping out close to full capacity oil production to force the price per barrel below that $50 price. This has the additional effect of starving Russia from large oil profits and makes American fracking no longer cost effective thus having a deleterious effect on every oil producing nation with whom the Saudi Arabian Royals are having difficulties.


Still, Iran is currently cash flush thanks to the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), better known as the Iran P5+1 Nuclear Deal, plus other additional payments made by the Obama Administration with a reported four-hundred-million dollar payment for presumably a broken arms deal with the Shah and definitely not a ransom for the released four American hostages. But wait, there is rumored to be more as that four-hundred-million dollar payment for the arms deal has been rumored to have been followed by another payment more than three times that size; a staggering one-point-three-billion dollars claimed to be interest of the original payment. As this payment was delivered in a secret aircraft delivery in actual American cash, thousands of hundred or even thousand dollar bills, hard currency, something unimaginable but somehow true. One can only wonder whether President Obama is going to further finance the military build-up before leaving office, and if so, how much more will he send? Additionally, even by the assessment of President Obama himself, the Iran nuclear deal will allow Iran to be within a few months of attaining nuclear weapons status after the ten year deal expires and there will be nothing to prevent Iran from building a nuclear stockpile challenging that of the United States within a year or soon thereafter once the deal has expired. But don’t worry, Iran will have calmed in that time and will no longer be set on world conquest in a decade or so. Just because Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei just declared the need for Iran to be so militarily powerful that should they set out to conquer the world they will not end as did Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan and be humbled in failure a full thirty-seven years since the 1979 revolution when the military path was first set upon. Sure, of course Iran will be a happy and cooperative nation in a decade or two, sure they will, right? Well, time will tell.


Still, one has to understand that Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is seventy-seven years of age and in unknown health as such is a very secretive piece of information. Besides that, in a decade he will be eighty-seven (higher math skills paying off) and even with good health that is an advanced age. There is a possibility that he will have stepped down and a new Supreme Leader and Grand Ayatollah have been selected by the Assembly of Experts (aka Council of Experts) and now setting the direction of Iran. There could be a turn around and the next Grand Ayatollah and Supreme Leader will decide that the economy and the lives of the people are far more important than the destruction of the Great Satan (United States), the Little Satan (Israel) and/or the Wahabbist menace of Saudi Arabia. You doubt this? But President Obama has set the hopes of the free world on Iran becoming another nation happy to be a member of the community of nations and live in harmony with the rest of the world including those mentioned above. Come to think about it, you are probably right and things will probably get dicey. How dicey will depend on what the rest of the world does and the outcome of the Islamic infusion into the Western World and whether they assimilate or set on conquest, and the reaction to whichever path is chosen. The leadership in the Western World and beyond over the next decade or two will be very important and revealing on the importance for the continued freedoms of the developed Western World. Why am I so seriously concerned over this outlook?


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September 5, 2015

Americans Are the Only Force That Can Stop the Iran Deal


When we hear claims that America can stop the Iran deal if Congress would just stand up to President Obama and override his veto as a way of taking back their power we all should realize that such is not about to happen. I am unsure what it is that President Obama holds over the heads of the members of Congress, well, at least the Democrat members of Congress, but whatever it is, he does hold their undivided attention and they snap right into line as he demands. The fear shown is palpable unlike anything I have ever witnessed or anybody else we have spoken with. But it does not matter what President Obama has that holds the members of his party into obedience at his slightest whim because there is a force far more powerful than anything in Washington. This force made Coca-Cola make a complete U-turn and find a way within weeks of reproducing something called Classic Coke because a few people got upset and demanded their old Coca-Cola back. All right, it was more than a few people, it was tens or hundreds of thousands of people, and Coke does not even hold elections other than at the cash register. They could have said we changed and we are headed in a new direction and tried to leave the people no choice confident they would just get used to the new Coke.



Lausanne in Switzerland which sits on Lake Geneva where much of the ill fated Iran nuclear disastrous negotiations were held and Secretary of State Kerry sold out his country again

Lausanne in Switzerland which sits on Lake Geneva where much of the ill fated Iran nuclear disastrous negotiations were held and Secretary of State Kerry sold out his country again



So, there are a number of Americans who are about as thrilled with the Iran mistake from on a Swiss Lake (the talks were held in Lausanne in Switzerland which sits on Lake Geneva), better known as the worst deal in treaty history and it is a treaty which is another whole issue in itself. We know that any Republican President attempting to pull off such a bag of lies would never get away with claiming that it was an Executive Agreement as if the United States government was a business and the President of Company America did not necessarily need to put every agreement to a vote of the Board of Directors, Congress in this case. And if a Republican President attempted to take a treaty to the Security Council before Congress, the Senate in particular, there would be impeachment proceedings and the Ambassador to the United Nations would be demanded to veto the item before fifteen minutes had passed. Congress can function when its fat is on the fire and some things done by the wrong party get the media, and thus the people, all steamed up over the most minor of ‘infractions’ and that ain’t all Jack. We know that the media has split on this Iran deal into three camps. The first camp has about a hair less than twenty percent who are writing daily about how horrific this Iran nuclear deal is and how it will allow Iran to produce nuclear weapons by the dozen within a year or two and the inspections to prevent such are ineffective and ridiculous, and that’s the good side of the deal.


There is also the billions and billions (as Carl Sagan was famous for saying) and billions of dollars which will be used to amplify terrorists world-wide throughout the Iranian proxy infiltrating military wing foreign legions division of the IRGC. This includes such terror groups as Hezballah who are in control of Lebanon for the most part, assisting in the war for keeping Bashir al-Assad in power in Syria as well as aiding the Shia in Iraq to murder the Sunni in Iraq and even put some teams in Yemen assisting the Houthis in their assault to take over the entire country and control the Red Sea Straits of Bab-al-Mandeb. There are also a number of Hezballah and IRGC units which run terrorist training facilities at the tri-border area where Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil borders meet and each claims the other two are responsible, keeping all happy including the terrorists and other criminal elements which all also run their Americas operations which includes, you guessed it, the United States which they infiltrate through the Mexican border, but you already know about that as it has been the one thing from the Republican Primaries for the Presidency the media had deigned to cover as they cover all Trump all the time. Every republican Presidential Primary update begins, end and all but solely spotlights Trump. But that is for some other rant; we want to rant on the Iran deal and the apparent response from the Congress to take it lying down. Well, at least thirty-six, and probably closer to thirty-nine Senators folding like a cheap suit before the President’s pressure.


The next set of the media, somewhere around fifty-five percent or so are all gung ho about covering every single one of the shootings and demanding more gun control. And they are also praising President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry for their unbelievable deftness and ability to make the most incredible and wondrous deal which will prevent Iran from enriching Uranium past anything beyond five percent. They will not be able to enrich it anywhere near the levels necessary for making nuclear weapons and everything. Plus their efforts that will bring Iran back into the community of nations gaining them the mantle of civilized behavior which they will now have to live up to due to all the expectations of the rest of the nations of the world. That was breathtakingly brilliant which will further so much more because this deal will have a taming effect bringing Iran to become peace loving and accepting of the same limitations as other nations. They will no longer desire to spread Shia Islam to the entirety of the world by whatever means necessary or to destroy Israel or the United States. They will still chant “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” but they’re only joking and don’t really mean anything by that.


The remainder of the media are saying very little if anything about the Iran deal as why get people all riled up over such trivial items when there are so many more interesting things to get all worked up over. There is the who is being seen with whom and what this must be doing to their flame from last week not to mention the outfit she wore, oh my heart be still, it was like hideous. And that new hairstyle, what was she thinking. And then the divorce has him so overly wrought he even has been so impossible on the set and just not taking it well. The gossip and tabloid media have even covered the Iran deal as it means that the price of pistachios will become more reasonable once the Iranian crop hits the market shelves, and talking about Pistachios….


The media has failed the American people, who have the great sense to, by a respectable majority, come out against the Iran nuclear deal. Their elected President has shown repeatedly since his initial election that he cares very little for what they believe, hold sacred or almost anything else. He had shown complete disdain and insensitivity and spent more time tearing the nation apart through any difference possible, race, gender, charges of police use of overt and unnecessary force, criminal charges before actually knowing all the facts and whatever else could be used to turn people against each other. There were the complete incompetence and ignoring of the law throughout the Administration with such gems as Fast and Furious running guns across the border and then losing thousands of automatic weapons delivered to the cartels as just one prime example. Then there appeared to be a real propensity with e-mail difficulties. A problem servicing veterans in the VA Hospitals was kept hidden by using two sets of records, one for performance review and another for actual appointments. The IRS somehow had the idea that any organization with such words as patriot, liberty, tea party or other pro-gun, libertarian, or conservative labels in their names had their reviews for tax exempt placed on the impossible train where all sorts of additional questions and forms before they were approved or disapproved or placed to be reviewed for their tax filings and all of these additional burdensome and timely disturbances such that as many as possible were facing these difficulties which crippled their operation during the six months leading to the 2012 elections cycle. There were also other suspicious troubles and additionally Benghazi. All of this and there still has not been a single special prosecutor appointed to look into anything, go figure.


Future of the Middle East from Legacy at Any Cost to the JCPOA to Nuclear Iran Followed by Nuclear Everyone Eventually Leading to Nobody Left at All

Future of the Middle East from Legacy at Any Cost to the JCPOA to Nuclear Iran Followed by Nuclear Everyone Eventually Leading to Nobody Left at All



But now we all have reached what we hope will end up being the pièce de résistance with the Iranian Nuclear Treaty that’s not really a treaty but an agreement sort of executive agreement type not quite a treaty so we can blast through Congress requiring merely one third plus one instead of two thirds plus one as a treaty requires. That is why the magic number has been thirty-four instead of the sixty-seven a treaty would have required. So it was Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland, who has her reasoning listed on her web site which can be read here, who was the thirty-fourth senator to support Obama and put him over the top. Enjoy, I didn’t. So, the challenge facing those in the world, and I am assuring you that includes people in more nations than Israel alone, as President Obama is fond of telling people, as Saudi Arabia and Egypt for two who have the same reservations as does Israel, talking about strange bedfellows. Unfortunately for those of us outside the United States there is not a whole lot we can do to change the situation and we are all going to have to count on the people in the United States who, like us, are worried about the whole Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or the JCPOA as it has become known in the media. To put this in perspective, the JCPOA will probably prove a larger disaster than Benghazi as Benghazi, and the entire Arab Spring, murdered countable numbers where a nuclear armed Middle East and nuclear weapons spreading even further will eventually leave countless numbers of dead. The only power which can prevent the United States from gifting Iran with the over one hundred billion dollars of unfrozen assets is the average American, and we will all look to those Americans who might actually stand against this deal as honest brave heroes to whom we will owe our admirations. What the Americans need to do is set a date before the vote tentatively scheduled for September 17th which is a Thursday, so perhaps for convenience Sunday September 13th or perhaps Sunday September 6th to allow more time and hold the biggest across the country demonstration in every major city all at the same time such that every demonstration are simultaneous. The one thing which has to be assured is that these demonstrations are massive with the totals in the tens of millions if not even higher because otherwise President Obama will use any city having a paltry or anemic showing to prove that he was representing the true desires of the American public. This could be a difficulty as many major cities probably generally support the President without any concern for the actual issue while those opposed might need to travel to any demonstration; but that might be the cost of preventing a bad treaty resulting in a nuclear armed Iran leading to a generally nuclear armed Middle East which can only end badly.


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