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January 24, 2014

Kerry’s, Obama’s Paranoia of Jewish Influence Borders on Anti-Semitism

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A source reportedly close to President of the United States Barack Obama and many in the Administration, especially with Secretary of State John Kerry, claims that the two leaders have expressed their being “uncomfortable” with the “Jewish activity in Congress” which they allude as being orchestrated out of Jerusalem by the Israeli government. Israel Radio has reported that their sources have told officials in Israel of leaks that the two American leaders are quite a bit “disappointed” by criticism on the government by Jews in the US. Assuming the reports are true, and considering the actions, statements, references and intimations made by the two men, it would seem to verify such; they are approaching dangerously close to the same blood libel put forth in the Czarist propaganda publication which they used to cast aspersions on the Jewish people and blame all the ills in their society and the world on the Jews. This belief, or at least the suspicion of such, is not as far-fetched as many would have you believe as reprints of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are still alive and condemning world Jewry today through much of the Arab and Muslim worlds as well as within many NGOs, hate groups, supremacist organizations and anti-Semites around the globe. President Obama has spoken about the difficulties he and people from his Administration have faced in their attempts to negotiate a peace between Israel and the Palestinians. The President’s actions, such as his demand to impose a building freeze on the Israelis, stating his support for using the 1949 Armistice Lines (also referred to erroneously as the 1967 border or lines) as the basis for negotiations on setting the Palestinian State borders, his many comments, especially his “hot microphone” derision concerning Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu responding to French President Sarkozy’s complaints, and the fact that President Obama has made no real effort to pressure the Palestinians into making even the smallest of gestures to show their desire for peace with Israel despite a litany of demands upon the Israelis, have all painted a picture of someone who believes that the Israelis and Jewish support for Israel are the main problems blocking an agreement while holding that the Palestinians are truly interested in peace and are making minimal and honest requests.


As far as Secretary of State Kerry is concerned, he has never been referred to as being all that supportive of Israel, though he had spoken of support for Israel whenever pinned down by reporters on the Middle East or when speaking to Jewish audiences which would be obviously necessary for anybody seeking election in Massachusetts considering the large Jewish presence in and around Boston. Secretary Kerry has further demonstrated that he believes that in order to forge a peace in the Middle East between Israel and the Palestinians that Israel must be pressured far more than the Palestinians. This is backed by the deployment of virtually all his specialists, advisors and other personnel of the team to pressure Israel while almost entirely ignoring the Palestinians. Furthermore, Secretary Kerry has stated when referring to the diplomacy going on in his efforts to forge a peace that it is Israel that requires pressures and that he fully understands why the European Union and many European governments are threatening Israel with boycotts while making no reference or demand for continued support to the tune of hundreds of millions of Euros in aid to the Palestinians, not even a single demand that the Palestinians actually cease and desist using European donations to finance terrorism or that there be transparent records of where the donations are utilized. Secretary Kerry has reportedly gone so far as to express support for the preconditions being demanded by PLO chairman Abbas and other Palestinian spokespersons even providing them with a document guaranteeing that the final treaty will include reference to Israel complying with and meeting every one of their preconditions. Meanwhile, there has been very little mention, let alone pressure, made to the Palestinians pressing them to at least make minimal efforts by recognizing Israel as a Jewish state or by reaching some compromise placing limitations on the “Palestinians refugee right of return.” This one sided pressure pressing Israel almost exclusively by Secretary of State Kerry and it being performed with the full support and backing of President Obama lends complete credence that they would believe that the Israeli government is the main source of the difficulties with forging a fair and balanced peace and that in order to resist the pressure that the Israeli government has dictated orders to the Jewish leadership in the United States to lobby and pressure Congress and anybody willing to give a favorable ear to rally support for Israel even if such support would necessarily mean opposition to President Obama and his agenda, thus working to undermine the efforts of the United States to make a lasting and good peace and the ability for the United States to carry out their foreign policy goals in the Middle East.


The proof of where exactly President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry stand will become more and more evident crystalizing before our eyes in these last few months remaining in the agreed to nine months of renewed peace negotiations. Despite the nearly constant coverage of diplomats and politicians in the mainstream media claiming that Israel is unwilling to make necessary compromises, the truth is rather different. Where Israel has been compromising almost constantly since the end of the Six Day War of 1967 and the Yom Kippur War of 1973, the Palestinians continue to stand fast on the very same demands originally made by Yasser Arafat, arch terrorist and founder of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) that the Arab state of Palestine must be formed by the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea and that this state must be both Arab and Muslim with any non-Muslims permitted to reside as a Dhimmi peoples. If anything, the position of the leadership of the Palestinians has actually hardened over the years as the application of the PLO’s original definition for reacting to any Israel position has been constantly applied. This position is that any position or principle expressed by the Israelis will immediately become a Palestinian demand except that the recipient of any advantage will be changed to the Palestinians and the Jews will become those who must further compromise. This is how the so-called Palestinian right of return came into being; it simply was the distortion of the Israeli Laws of Return which was established to allow the Jewish people be facilitated in returning to their ancestral lands. The Jewish claim to the Biblical history was twisted into claims that the Palestinians were the original inhabitants of Canaan and had a history going back nine-thousand years thus predating the Jews. There were the numerous rewritten Biblical stories which stand from the Quran and Muslim lore claiming that Jesus was a Muslim, Moses was a Muslim, Abraham was to sacrifice Ishmael and not Isaac, the Temple Mount became the foundation of the al-Aksa Mosque and even Noah was made to be Muslim which was going even further than the Hebrew Bible which states that Noah was a righteous man but as he lived before Abraham he could not have been a Jew. Apparently being born to predate Islam and Mohammad is not a problem in one being Muslim. In closing allow me to list one of the most recent reversals of an Israeli demand; Prime Minister Netanyahu has insisted that the Palestinian recognize Israel thus ending any continuation of the terror war against Israel. The Palestinians refuse to recognize Israel and demand that even should there be a peace treaty establishing a Palestinian state they reserve the right to resist and protest the continued occupation and presence of the colonizing Zionist trespassers. The definition of resistance is violent terror and a state of continued aggression until all of Palestine has been liberated and the accursed Jews driven from all of the lands. As the Palestinians simply continue to include additional demands and never have acquiesced or moderated a single demand since 1964, even before there were any presumably occupied lands by Israel though the world then recognized the West Bank as occupied Judea and Samaria and Jordan as the illegal and occupying power. The real question concerning Judea and Samaria is who really owned the title to these lands and the answer is that those from whom Jordan was occupying those lands is the real owner and that happens to be Israel. This was based and is still based on the Churchill White Papers and Article 80 of the United Nations Charter.


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