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October 13, 2014

Donors Pledge Palestinians Billions Despite Difficulties

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Whether it was the mainstream media frenzied efforts to paint Palestinian unity government as the dawn of the transformation of the militant Palestinians from Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the other Gaza terror groups from predatory terror-masters into well-dressed gentleman seeking only peace or simply the Pavlovian response which afflicts most of the Western world and beyond to open up the floodgates of funding answering the Seirenes’ song calling to them to pledge unending funds at every call by the Palestinian governances, the totals pledged approached the Seirenes’ demands clearing five-billion dollars falling a paltry quarter billion dollars short. Ignored in the frenzied pledging to rebuild Gaza and relieve the distress of the Gazans resulting from the recent conflict was that Hamas violence of abducting and murdering three Israeli teens followed in rapid succession by a withering barrage of rockets approaching a thousand per week fired into Israeli cities, towns and kibbutzim initiated the conflict with Israel. Ignored was the recent Hamas coup attempt in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria), which was foiled by Israeli intelligence agency with assist from the IDF in exercising the arrests, aimed at replacing both Mahmoud Abbas and the continued leadership and control of the Palestinian Authority by Fatah replacing them with Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Also ignored was the murdering of over a dozen Fatah leadership and possibly even more Gazans immediately after the last ceasefire took effect with these summary executions being carried out unilaterally and without the formality of trial and were performed openly in full public view of the Gazans partially to reestablish the authority and power of Hamas and their intention for such to continue despite the large scale destruction and potentially appearance of having lost the conflict with Israel. What was witnessed today in Cairo was yet another Western love-fest where a number of fools and their money were once again soon departed. What was evidenced was that the Western nations accept that the recently established Palestinian unity government is the turning over of a new leaf promising an end to the Hamas and Islamic Jihad reliance on terrorism and the constant cycles of violence and wars against Israel and the coming to the fore of the Palestinian Authority and its leader Mahmoud Abbas who is reputably the only partner for peace for Israel. But was this view one consistent with reality or simply the Pollyannish evasions of truth by rejecting any and all evidence to the contrary.

Hamas spokespeople have recently made numerous statements for their supporters’ consumption and reassurance of their continuing efforts to destroy Israel and continue in their war with Israel until all of Palestinian lands are freed and the Jews living within eradicated. The phrase which was used to sum up their continued efforts was, “We will fight till the last drop of blood.” This was made in reference to the recent violence and rioting by Palestinians on the Temple Mount. This phrase became the watchword for Hamas and their supporters when calling for continued support and riots on the Temple Mount as a way to prevent Jewish visitation to the site, the holiest place in all of Judaism. Many of the rioters have hurled rocks and fireworks at police on starting Wednesday, ahead of the first day of Sukkot, with the first day of the rioting resulted in the wounding of at least four officers. This was eerily similar to the rioting during the recent Jewish High Holidays of Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur. This rioting is in addition to the violence by Palestinians against Israelis across Jerusalem, in Judea and Samaria in the Jewish neighborhoods often referred to by the derogatory phrase of settlements, and even isolated events within the Green Line within pre 1967 Israel. Hamas has recently initiated a program in which Palestinian youths were given four to five thousand shekels per month to study Islam and attend prayers on the Temple Mount centered on the al-Aqsa Mosque but the truth was revealed during questioning of the youths arrested for assaulting officers attempting to cause injury on the Temple Mount who revealed the payments were made to those throwing rocks at Jews visiting or Israeli police patrolling the Temple Mount in efforts to keep Jews from visiting. Jordan rubbed salt in the wounds by condemning Israel for acting against the rioters further accusing Israel of clearing the Temple Mount of Muslims to permit hordes of Jews extremists to storm the Temple Mount denying Muslims their rights.

Another Hamas leader, Khalil al-Haya, recently insisted that Hamas “would not abandon its weapons” further boasting that they are actually closer to defeating “the Israeli entity and its leaders” more than ever after the recent conflict and their joining the unity government, a move seen by some as Hamas surrendering to Fatah and relenting the struggle and accepting the peace process. Khalil al-Haya continued claiming, “We say to those who brought the Jews from all over the world, we are now confident and believe more than ever in the implementation of the promise of Allah, that we will not keep you in our country. The option available to you is to leave the country for its native residents.” In conclusion Khalil al-Haya insisted that “If the international community wishes that the situation will not blow up again, it must step in and resolve the situation and handle it through a real and serious removal of the siege.”

But Hamas has not been alone in these comments calling for the end of Israel and the establishment of the one state solution of Palestine without any presence of Jews remaining showing the lie that the Palestinian Authority, Fatah and the unity government are partners with whom Israel can reach a real and lasting peace. Deputy Secretary of the Fatah Central Committee, Jibril Rajoub, on the television program Personal Encounter which was aired on the official Palestinian Authority run television on September 30, 2014, stating in the interview that, “the weapon of the Resistance, is sacred to us.” The video appears below or can be viewed here.



A week earlier Jibril Rajoub had made similar statements on Palestinian Authority run television September 23, 2014, excerpted in the video below or can be viewed here.



The above videos translated and made available through the meticulous and tireless efforts of Palestinian Media Watch. Does any of these protestations and threats sound like partners for peace or murderous intents of terrorist entities which have not altered their faithful beliefs in replacing Israel, not living with Israel.


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May 13, 2013

How Can One Compromise with Those Holding Such Positions?

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One of the leading representatives with Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority, Jibril Rajoub, was giving an interview on Lebanon’s Al-Mayadeen TV when he allowed the truth to leak out. Mr. Rajoub when queried as to whether the Palestinian would ever plan to return to negotiations with the Israelis replied that negotiations would be considered only if the Palestinian Authority’s preconditions are met. It was in further explaining what he viewed as the Palestinian Authority’s desire in place of negotiations that he stated, “Listen. We as yet don’t have a nuke, but I swear that if we had a nuke, we’d have used it this very morning.” Rajoub is the Deputy Secretary of the Fatah Central Committee and chairman of the Palestinian Authority Olympic Committee. This should make for some serious doubts as to the sincerity of any position including compromise with the Israelis the Palestinian leadership express in interviews given to western media outlets. As many other as well as we have pointed out, if only the world would take the time, investing some effort even if only to satisfy curiosity and translate what the Palestinian spokespeople express when speaking in Arabic translating and placing them in their reports with equal prominence they give their articles denouncing Israeli efforts at self-defense, the public would be well served in making an informed and balanced evaluation of the realities of the Palestinian-Israeli peace process. Unfortunately, it appears that truth and honest reporting are the first two casualties in the mainstream media coverage of virtually all things concerning the Middle East and its relevance and importance to the current world struggles.


In another recent television appearance, another senior PA official, Sultan Abu al-Einein on Palestinian Authority TV stated about the recent stabbing murder of Evyatar Borovsky by a Palestinian terrorist recently released from Israeli custody, Salam al-Zaghal, “We salute the heroic fighter, the self-sacrificing Salam al-Zaghal. He insisted on defending his honor, so he went against the settler and killed him. Blessings to the breast that nursed Salam Al-Zaghal.” Such comments being broadcast on Palestinian, Lebanese, Egyptian and other Arabic broadcast media are far from being the exception, they are by far the rule. It is solely due to the willful negligence of our Western mainstream media that prevents such claims from being widely known and the hidden truth behind who are the true impediments to peace being more broadly recognized. When covering the Middle East much of the media either omits information or represents misinformation unchallenged as if it were fact. There is a near constant drumbeat claiming that the presence of Israeli communities on established Palestinian claimed land which prevents any possibility for peace and stands in the way of negotiations. What is not explained are the facts that the Palestinians not only claim the areas known as the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem but also the rest of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, the Galilee and all of the land that makes up Israel, every single square inch. The Palestinian leadership reserves the right to continue the resistance until all of Palestine is freed which is an actual declaration that the terrorist attacks must continue even after any peace accord which may be signed in the future. Whenever this fact is admitted in the Western media it is portrayed as belonging only to Hamas and Fatah and the Palestinian Authority are represented as being moderates who are willing to make peace. The unfortunate truth is that the Fatah, the PLO, the Palestinian Authority and the entire Arab League all hold fast to their claim to replace all of Israel with an Arab state and the eradication of any trace of Judaism as their only acceptable goal. Since the Khartoum conference of 1967 the entire Arab World has held to the Declaration of the Three No’s; No peace, No negotiations, and No recognition. Such a position does indeed make holding peace talks rather difficult.


The truths which are lost because of the ruse known as the Palestinian’s claim to reconstruct their ancient homeland called Palestine are that there never was in all of history such a place as Palestine, the British used the term Palestinian to describe the Jews who resided within the British Mandate, The Balfour Declaration addressed the rights of the Arab populations residing within the British Mandate, Transjordan (currently called Jordan) was created as the Arab State for those Arabs living within the British Mandate and required the Jews to relinquish their legal claim to 78% of the British Mandate, Israel was not required by UN Security Council Resolution 242 to relinquish any of the West Bank but to relinquish only those lands acquired as a result of the 1967 War that were not determined by Israel to be vital for secure borders. Of the lands under UNSC Resolution 242 Israel has already relinquished well over 75% of the area by returning the Sinai Peninsula to the Egyptians, and lastly the original conflict was never between the Israelis and the Palestinians but between the Arab World and Israel.


Even should one look at the Oslo Accords one would almost immediately draw some interesting conclusions. The Oslo Accords drew three distinct areas within what is often referred to as the West Bank, and was historically referred to as Judea, Samaria and Benyamin (which kind of explains why those wishing to prevent Israel from claiming these areas had to rename them), into three separate areas, A, B, and C. Area A was given over to complete control of the Arabs under the auspices of the PLO and Yasser Arafat. Area C was given over to total Israeli control. Area B was jointly controlled by both the Arabs and the Israelis. This makes an obvious demarcation suggesting the intended solution originally was that Israel required all of Area C as their minimum needs to have basic security and the Arab population already, as it existed, was concentrated within Area A. This left Area B which held some concentrations of Arab villages and farms, some open lands, and some lands claimed by Jews who had their lands confiscated by the Jordanians after the 1948 war which the Arabs referred to as the war to eradicate the Jews and Israel calls their War of Independence, which gives some insight to the perspectives of the two sides. Since Area B was placed under dual control one might be led to think that these were the lands disputed between the two sides as originally observed when the Oslo Accords were enacted. It also would be prudent to believe that the negotiations should have been over where the border should be placed in order to fairly divide the lands within Area B. Instead we have muddied the original intents to the point that there have been discussions of granting the Palestinian Arabs a corridor across the Negev Desert so that their areas near the Jordan River have easy access without entering Israel to Gaza and the Mediterranean Sea, never mind that by doing such Israel is cut in two and is no longer contiguous, as long as the Palestinian areas are contiguous everything should be wonderful. There was a period when Mahmoud Abbas felt he had such a strong position he began claiming the entirety of Jerusalem as the capital city for the Palestinians. Fortunately, somebody managed to disavow him of such a felonious concept. All of this is a prime example of how far removed today’s perceived realities are from the original ideas of the Oslo Accords, let alone from the decisions, treaties, conferences, and even the White Papers which were all ratified soon after World War I and blessed by the League of Nations, the United States, Russia, and even the leadership of the Arab World, King Faisal. Sometimes time worsen wounds, not heals them.


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