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December 27, 2017

The Race Begins


We now have a second entry in the move your embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem Race. It was assumed that the United States would win this race potentially as its only entrant. Then we heard about the information that the Czech Republic might be joining the race and now Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales has announced his baton’s intent to join the race. Then there is the other race where Turkey has been joined by Malaysia in announcing intent to build their embassy to the State of Palestine in Eastern Jerusalem. So, now we have two races claiming the same city for opposing entities which may result in a very confused pair of announcements all pretending that they are deciding some great question in history. The interpretive nature of this versus the literal legal perspective offers a rare but insightful view of the world today and the divides which rule us just as much as with whom we believe we are friends.


The equation is simple, move your embassy to western side of Jerusalem and you support Israel and everything the Jewish State stands for or move your embassy to eastern Jerusalem and support a Palestinian State simply because of spiteful feelings that Judaism is supposed to be dead and Islam supreme or simply you hate Israel as well as likely Jews who are religious or all Jews just over principles. Simple stated, Western Jerusalem, favor the Jewish State, Eastern Jerusalem, favor the eradication of Israel and possibly the Jews, leave your embassy in Tel Aviv, favor timidity and refuse to take any stand just in case it proves to be costly in the end. Those are the choices facing those with embassies. Those without embassies are most likely strongly anti-Israel and the Jews, so if you even play in this game, your vote will favor the Palestinian Arab side and the destruction of Israel; so you will place your initial embassy in Eastern Jerusalem voting against history, though you will see this as your affirmation that Israel is an illegal entity and that there need be another Arab state simply so there cannot be any Jewish existence anywhere on Earth. We could call this “Embassy-gate, the Battle of the Embassy Placements.” Pictured below are typical images of the Pro-Israel and Pro-Palestinian demonstrators in support of their respective sides. What is never revealed in the media coverage, outside of a few Israeli sites, is that the pro-Palestinian side is more in favor of the destruction of Israel and the annihilation of Israeli Jews than they favor any Palestinian nation being formed. Even the PLO stated quite proudly before the June 1967 Six Day War, when their target was unequivocally Israel and all of Israel as occupied Palestine as Jordan still controlled the areas of Judea and Samaria they renamed West Bank, to rid these locations of their Jewish identity and historical realities, made very clear that once they had destroyed Israel and cleansed the lands of any Jewish presence, they were going to turn the land over to Jordanian rule as they had absolutely no desire for governing any nation, their speciality was destruction and terrorism.


Pro Israel Demonstrators and Pro Palestinian Demonstrators

Pro Israel Demonstrators and Pro Palestinian Demonstrators


The reality becomes even more stark as to the legality of each side in this Embassy-gate, the Battle of the Embassy Placements as we get into the specifics for making good on each side’s threats and promises. The very first item up for consideration is the purchasing of the grounds upon which your embassy, consulate, or other structure you desire to build. Purchasing land in Western Jerusalem follows the same rules as much of the developed world, you decide on which plots of land you wish to build, research what plot locations define the area and who owns which sections and then buy them and file the appropriate papers for each section and build according to codes after procuring the necessary licenses and contracted with builders and build. Trying to do the same or similar in Eastern Jerusalem could prove more difficult. Should the land you need for building your dream embassy belong to an Arab and you are not a Palestinian Arab, then their selling you their plot could cost them their lives as selling Arab owned land to any non-Arab would result in your being sentenced to death by the PA* as guaranteed by Mahmoud Abbas. Then there are the other costs if Mahmoud Abbas or the PA are able to extend their reach as technically, you building in Eastern Jerusalem could be as simple and straight forward as it is in Western Jerusalem provided you are willing and able to conduct your business with Israeli officials. But if you are building an embassy to support the destruction of the Jewish State of Israel, then dealing with the Israelis just might be problematic.


Even should you get past the land purchasing dilemma, then comes the building permits, utility hook-ups, public works and all the other necessities for operating a modern embassy. Add onto all that there is finding a contractor, which if it is in Eastern Jerusalem could mean going through Mahmoud Abbas and the kickback schemes which he and his friends and family have in place to guarantee their financial security. Then again, you could work with Israeli contractors, unless they are on your list of enemies. Actually, finding a like-minded Israeli contractor who would gladly assist your embassy dreams in Eastern Jerusalem dedicated to serving the Palestinian Arab state might prove far easier than one might anticipate. But the specifics and technicalities are less important than the political and diplomatic fallout coming from the coming events. The result of the Battle of the Embassy Placements will have less influence on the far future than it now seems it could have. The far future will depend more on silly little items such as international law and the reality they define than on the emotional interplay and the coming Battle of the Embassy Placements. For Israel, as long as they do not partake of any other diplomatic disasters such as the renouncing of all claims to Gaza, this means that eventually Israel will have full control of the lands from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, just as defined in the Mandate System, the San Remo Conference and enforced by Article 80 of the United Nations Charter.


The current score in the Battle of the Embassy Placements is all tied at two embassies each. The United States and Guatemala have stated plans to move their embassies to Western Jerusalem with talks of possibly the Czech Republic also relocating their embassy to Western Jerusalem. On the other side, we have Turkey and Malaysia stating intentions to place their embassies in Eastern Jerusalem. The next step will be the long wait to see who decides to move their embassy, if anyone desires to do so, and then to which side of Jerusalem, Eastern or Western Jerusalem. Then there will be the logistics of each move and the battles over sites and licenses, construction contracts, lawsuits in the Israeli Supreme Court most often used to prevent any nation from constructing their embassies in Western Jerusalem. These will often be brought by NGO’s which have spent much of their time formerly pursuing the BDS** support largely though the United Nations and European countries, those same European nations and the PA, PLO^* and sympathetic Arab nations. The resistance to any nation moving their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, specifically Western Jerusalem, will be ever greater with time and as more nations attempt to commit to such a move. At the same time, those expressing support for the Palestinian Arabs will find their moving of an embassy to Eastern Jerusalem being given worldwide support during every phase until built, then they will be on their own, especially during the next announced “Days of Rage” when the Palestinians start destroying everything within reach. But they will declare any price worth paying to stand against Israel when what they mean is standing against the Jews. Those who survive and persevere through the entirety of the ordeal and manage to claim their new embassy in the Israeli capital city of Jerusalem, even if they couch their bet by using Western Jerusalem, will receive no great accolades for their stand with Israel and will instead reap the scorn of those siding against Israel and the Jews and other Zionists who support the efforts to reestablish the ancient home of the Jews bringing their Kingdom back to life and doing so hopefully for the final time. If prophesy meant this period of history for the reestablishing of Israel and the building of the Third and Final Temple, then nothing done by mortal man will prevent such from coming to fruition, and whether these embassies move supporting Israel or not, in the end Hashem decides the result and Hashem has promised the Holy Lands to the Jews. Israel will be glad to work with those desiring an Embassy to Israel being placed in Jerusalem, anywhere in Jerusalem for Jerusalem is a whole city where her citizens are free to live where they choose. For now, we wait and see what develops, especially with President Trump and the inevitable fight with the State Department which will likely attempt to delay each and every step for relocating the embassy claiming every step makes such a move impossible in the hopes of outlasting President Trump so the next President can return to the normal six month hold signed every six months thus escaping the inevitable. That is what the State Department is already doing with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson playing right along with his announcement that it will take at least two and possibly more years thus placing the actual construction to start into what would have to be a second term for President Trump and should he not be reelected, then the State Department can order everything to halt and stand down while they await the signing of the waiver by the newly elected President right after he is sworn into office. That would be a very sad end to this entire incidence.


Beyond the Cusp


*PA = Palestinian Authority

**BDS = Boycott Divestment and Sanction Movement against Israel

^*PLO = Palestinian Liberation Organization (terrorist group)


April 18, 2017

Middle East Peace Made Impossible by Israel


Yes, you read the title correctly though I cannot take credit for that phrase. That has been the attitude and agreed policy of the Arab world as declared by the Arab League in Khartoum, Sudan on September 1, 1967 (one day before my birthday, what a lousy present) when they unanimously approved the Khartoum Resolution. The most famous quote, if only due to our usage of it, are the three No’s, No peace with Israel, No recognition of Israel, No negotiations with Israel. When Egyptian President made peace with Israel in direct negotiations with Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, the Arab League soon afterwards removed Egypt from the Arab League. Egypt was subsequently readmitted as the Arab League cannot really claim to represent the Arabs and not include the Arab nation with the largest population. Having Jordan also make peace with Israel did not exactly help the Arab League as evicting every nations for breaking the three No’s rules would have left the body denuded of much of the Arab nations in time, and they realized this. Their hope when they drafted the Khartoum Resolution was that in a few years, after they had rearmed and initiated fixes which would make their militaries more effective, then they would all come together and bring about the destruction of Israel. This was their reaction to the June 1967 Six Day War, where the war was initiated by Egypt and Syria, at that time under a form of alliance and conjoined leadership under Gamal Abdel Nasser, which started with war rhetoric in almost every broadcast as well as massed troops along the Golan Heights and the across the entirety of the Negev-Sinai Peninsula borders.


Israeli intelligence had come across battle plans that denoted a presumed time for the initiation of hostilities and Israel planned accordingly. Very early on that morning the Israeli Air Force launched their preemptive strike, an action permitted in the Rules of War allowing any nation the right to act offensively when facing certain and immediate threat by hostile nations and still considered as a defensive move. The Israeli intelligence went as far as to denote for the pilots which planes on the airfields were dummies and which were actual aircraft. Pilots were told to memorize the positions, especially of the dummy aircraft as they were rarely moved, and to strike any aircraft that was not in any of those positions. Reports on the effectiveness of the strike vary on the percentages of the Egyptian and Syrian aircraft destroyed, with numbers ranging from two thirds to over ninety-five percent, with the main thing being that in this one strike the Israelis had won the air war and now had total air superiority. What is important to remember for the debate raging today over Judea and Samaria (West Bank) is that Jordan was not one of the initial participants. Upon King Hussein bin Talal hearing the glowing reports coming over Radio and Television of the Egypt and Syria grand victories, he paid attention. The further news that they were crushing the weak and pathetic Israel forces with the Egyptian and Syrian forces to meet in the center of Tel Aviv imminently, he could no longer resist. Well, King Hussein bin Talal also wanted to share in the glory of being amongst the destroyers of the Zionist Entity, Israel. The Israelis pleaded, begged him not to believe the lies and propaganda and to remain neutral. King Hussein bin Talal thought that assuredly the Israelis were losing, why else would they plead so pathetically for him to stay from the war. Jordan attacked on the second day of the war. Israel diverted one division to meet the Jordanian attacks, sent some air cover, and armored troops. The rest, as they say, is history and Israel retook, liberated is a better term, the Judean and Samarian areas that Jordan had illegally occupied since 1948. Yes, you read that correctly, Jordan occupied, Israel liberated, the land was supposed to be part of Israel since the agreements made between 1920 and 1925 and formalized in numerous treaties, conventions and declarations. Got that? Good.


The Arabs, or at least the Egyptians and the Syrians, did not have to wait very long for the rematch, which came Yom Kippur morning of 1973. This was probably the greatest and most favorable of conditions for an Arab victory, which appeared inevitable with their initial gains and the Israeli confusion. With the majority of the military and nearly all reservists at Synagogue for High Holiday Prayers and nobody answering telephones, listening to the radio or watching television, how were they to gather the troops? The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) had to resort to jeeps traveling from Synagogue to Synagogue with loud speakers mounted declaring the emergency. As the soldiers scrambled to get their gear, they faced another problem, where was their unit joining up? IDF soldiers began forming their own units with the others who were available even to the point of arming clerks and other non-combat soldiers and headed for the front lines in whatever formation they could establish. With time, they formed up units and Command became aware of what facilities and troops they had and where they were located and began reorganizing into actual strike groups. After taking horrendous losses and losing large numbers of troops, the remainder was gathering but too late for those already facing dire situations on the front lines. Some units fought to the last man but most, faced with no alternative but surrender or die, surrendered. The forces gathered under emergency conditions though somehow held a secondary front with some tall tales told, some even presumably verified. The IDF prevailed and the end lines of the conflict did not change. At the end of the conflict, Israeli troops were within a few miles of Damascus and closing on Cairo and Alexandria. Under pressures from Russia and Israeli “ally” the United States, Israel returned all the way back to the Golan Heights and the Suez Canal.


The official position of the Arab League is stated by the Palestinian Authority leadership. The Arab League meets with Mahmoud Abbas, and before him Yasser Arafat, and the rest of the Palestinian leadership on a regular basis where tactics and other necessities are discussed. Usually the most pressing issue is the one any normal person would not expect, the need for more money. The Palestinian Authority received billions of dollars and Euros of aid from the United States, European Union, United Nations and numerous individual European nations all on top of what the Arab nations such as Saudi Arabia gift to them. They have received sufficient funding that made Yasser Arafat a billionaire, has made Mahmoud Abbas a billionaire and kept him in power against all odds simply because he has bought the support of sufficient numbers of commanders in the security forces and other leading figures in the Palestinian power structure. Many of these people are multi-millionaires and some approaching, of not breaching, into billionaire status. Proof of the excessive funding of the Palestinian Authority is evidenced by the planned meeting halls, barracks (one must plan for safety in one abode), and living quarters (rather lavish living quarters) all for Mahmoud Abbas to be built near Ramallah (pictured below). The complex is expected to cost thirteen million dollars and include four thousand square meters of building space sitting on twenty-seven square meters of land including parking lot. The structure is to be referred to as the Presidential Guest Palace. Nothing too ostentatious about that title, is there? Abbas in meetings with the Arab league usually runs into difficulties when he has been meeting with the Israelis in events referred to as peace negotiations. He has regularly informed them there will never be any peace and that he is simply leading the Israelis down the garden path collecting concessions and land while step-by-step pushing the Jews westward into the sea.


Mamoud Abbas planned masion estimated cosr of thirteen million dollars but will end up costing far more after required kickbacks


These words are just the beginning of what Abbas has said in Arabic, when he speaks in English, the worlds are inconsequential, as he has explained to the Arab League and to the Palestinian people. He warned them that when he speaks to them in Arabic the Westerners do not listen or understand as they are too lazy or unconcerned about Israel to go to the effort of translating these speeches and he is free to speak truth. On the other hand, when he speaks is English he simply says sweet words that they want to hear and smiles as a smile and sweet words will win their affections and empties their pockets. He gives the West exactly what Islam demands of him, Taqiyya (defined below in graphic). He uses these deceptions to steal their money just as Muhammad did to the caravan merchants and is constantly moving Israel towards a position in which they will be unable to defend their lands. His only aim is the eventual Arab conquest of their lands from the usurper Jews, the Zionists who stole their lands. To hear what Abbas really says one need only go to MEMRI web site and search for videos, news articles and whatever else you might want to find out what is said in Arabic. These clips, televised speeches and articles, more often than not, never seem to appear in newspapers or discussions amongst Western politicians. The few who do mention such items end up needing twenty-four hour a day protection and live their lives in hiding or close to it with some requiring untold protections such as Geert Wilders and Ayaan Hirsi Ali.


Taqiyya defined in plain and simple easy to understand terms

Taqiyya defined in plain and simple easy to understand terms



Back on subject, as the title says, Middle East Peace Made Impossible by Israel is a true but hopefully not valid statement. The problem is not that Israel will not accept some compromises, she had made offers considered generous even by President William Jefferson Clinton and, in this case, Yasser Arafat walked out of the meeting in Paris, returned to Ramallah and launched the Second Intifada. In that case, President Clinton had met with Arafat receiving what he demanded for making peace. Arafat gave him a presumably lengthy list of conditions, a group of which he knew Israel would never accept. He made one vital miscalculation, he was offering peace, real peace, or so he had stated. President Clinton then met with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and by the time everything was said and done, the deal was accepted by the Israelis. Arafat walked out because he had been caught and had miscalculated how far exactly the Israelis were willing to bend to reach a peace agreement. Conditions Arafat saw as back breaking unacceptability were in fact hard and difficult sacrifices, but in the end, peace made the Israelis to bend past their breaking points for peace. There were a few more offers made which were called the Taba Summit. The efforts terminated, which coincided with the Inauguration of President George W. Bush and the elections in Israel, with the changes in leadership and Arab intractability leading to its failure. Israeli negotiator Shlomo Ben-Ami stated about the efforts, “We made progress, substantial progress. We are closer than ever to the possibility of striking a final deal.” He perhaps was correct, but closer to what will always produce a negative response, as the other side is unable to make any peace that leaves you in existence is a fruitless accomplishment. On the other side, Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat stated, “My heart aches because I know we were so close. We need six more weeks to conclude the drafting of the agreement.” There exists a problem with Mr. Erekat’s words, almost all of his words, as all one need do is negate the meaning of what he states when he says peace and replace them with the ideas of total victory and the elimination of the Jewish State. The one credit people need to grant the leadership of Hamas, they mean what they say. There is an agreement between the Palestinian Authority who never removed from their Charter the stipulation that they exist to eradicate Israel. The difference is that Hamas goes one step further and simply means to eradicate Jews everywhere.


Camp David Talks on a Break as President Bill Clinton, Yasser Arafat and Prime Minister Ehud Barak Stroll the Grounds of the Complex Located Ten Miles North of Frederick, Maryland

Camp David Talks on a Break as President Bill Clinton, Yasser Arafat and Prime Minister Ehud Barak Stroll the Grounds of the Complex Located Ten Miles North of Frederick, Maryland


The means by which Israel makes reaching any peace impossible is that Israel exists as a Jewish State with a majority Jewish population and governance which holds to Jewish values, which is to say Judeo-Christian values as the differences between the two are minor when one weighs their politics and relations with other nations. The Arabs will accept an Israel with a majority Muslim Arab population and claims that the Jews would be safe as Israel is a democracy. The truth is the existence of election and rule by majority votes does not guarantee safety if the majority deem one group no longer acceptable to live on this Earth. With an Arab Muslim majority population Israel would be very similar to the description in James Bovard’s book, Lost Rights: The Destruction of American Liberty (1994), on page 333, where one reads, “Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.” In this case the Muslims would be the wolves and Jews the lamb. That is quite unlike Israel today where the Jews and the Muslims are equal citizens within Israel. Claiming that the Israelis have anything to do with the rule of the Arab Palestinians is false as they are ruled entirely by the Palestinian Authority and the reason they have not had an election in over a decade is because Abbas knows he would lose his office and the gravy train that comes with that office. The fact that if he did not leave fast enough before the election results and loss of security forces protecting him would also mean he would lose more than an election. The interactions between Israeli political entities are through negotiations. Security is applied solely for two reasons, first, to prevent terrorists from succeeding in any plans to harm anyone including the settlers who legally reside where they are under current international law, and second, whenever Palestinian Arabs are entering Israeli lands for protection of Israelis and to assure they have a valid reason. For all intents and purposes, the crossing out from the Palestinian Authority controlled area whether into Israel or Jordan is the same, they are basically entering another country. This is even more natural for Jordan as a number of Palestinian Arabs still maintain their Jordanian passports and have citizenship identification proving their being Jordanian citizens. Still, Jordan considers them Palestinian Arabs even to include those they forced to move into the areas after they illegally annexed the lands after 1948.


Israel is not going to meet the final two demands the Palestinian Arabs, the Saudi Arabian Peace Initiative and every other dealing with Israel contain. These both have the same end in sight, no more Jewish State. News flash, there is but one Jewish State just as there is one French State, one Japanese State, one British State, two Chinese States, two Korean States and twenty-two Arab States oops, well, you understand. The truth is the Jews in Israel have nowhere else they can go. Half, approximately, of the Jews in Israel have either one parent or both parents who came to Israel after facing either harsh treatment or threat of death from the rulers of the Arab state in which they lived throughout the MENA* area. These nations are not about to take back a single Jew, especially those born in Israel. The same is true about the European nations and Russia; they too will refuse to repatriate their Jews and especially their progeny. That leaves the United States and here too there would be a great problem as there is a record of how the United States acts when faced with near to one thousand Jews fleeing a tyrannical nation bent on their eradication. This action was taken by Franklin Delano Roosevelt regarding the ship the MS St. Louis. May 1939, also referred to as The Voyage of the Damned, which was also the name of the 1976 dramatic film based on the book written by Gordon Thomas and Max Morgan-Witts of the same title. To end the suspense, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt decided, after Cuba refused to permit the Jews from exiting the ship, that the United States had no obligation for the rescue of these refugees and they can find safety in Europe. One must keep in mind that the leaders of both Britain and the United States knew fully about the Holocaust and decided that by allowing it continuation it would weaken Germany, as resources would necessarily be diverted to murdering Jews instead of fighting allied soldiers. The claim was these were tactics, allowing the mass slaughter of approaching if not exceeding twelve-million innocent people simply because they were different or handicapped. The list of those to be exterminated is an easy one to compile, Nazi Germany targeted Jews, Roma (Gypsies), mentally challenged, handicapped, political prisoners, Polish, Russian and some simply because they upset some high German official. The Jews of Israel would receive the same treatment today if Israel fell and they were facing annihilation. Not to worry, we know this and that is why when forced to we fight with every ounce of our fiber, all our lives depend on that. The Arabs can lose as many wars against Israel as they instigate, as Israel is not going to take their lands and the people living there. That was part of the reason for returning the Sinai Peninsula, Israel did not desire taking in the people or defending the lands. Israel is not expansionary. All Israel desired is that which was promised us, which includes Judea and Samaria. We do not desire being refugees in another land, we just want the land and freedom to rule ourselves we were promised. All the Arabs want is that promise rescinded and the Jews removed by whatever means necessary.


Beyond the Cusp


* Middle East and North Africa, also often used to describe the core of the Muhammad Empire, the lands conquered and colonized turning many into Arab majority nations.


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