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May 18, 2015

A Test of True Zionism, Yerushalayim

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The true test of a Zionist and of Zionism generally lies with the answer to a single question, where does your heart lie when you think of a Jewish State. There is but one acceptable answer, ‘My heart lies with Jerusalem and with the building within of the Temple, the Throne of G0d.’ This is true as we proclaim every year at the end of our Passover Seder in every Jewish home, “Next year in Jerusalem.” The final truth lies within Psalms in the powerful words within the lines to the “Song of Babylon” written in Psalm 137 which reads:

1) By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion.
2) Upon the willows in the midst thereof we hanged up our harps.
3) For there they that led us captive asked of us words of song, and our tormentors asked of us mirth.
4) How shall we sing the LORD’S song in a foreign land?
5) If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning.
6) Let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth, if I fail to count Jerusalem the greatest of all my joys.
7) Remember, O LORD, against the children of Edom the day of Jerusalem; who said: ‘Raze it, raze it, even to the foundation thereof.’
8) O daughter of Babylon, you will be destroyed! A blessing on anyone who pays you back for the way you treated us!
9) A blessing on anyone who seizes your babies and smashes them against a rock!

This is the test which the new Israeli government led by Prime Minister Netanyahu as there will be calls from much of Europe and the Western World with a few notable exceptions; Canada will oppose such a demand be lain upon Israel for as long as Stephen Harper remains their Prime Minister and likely carried on for as long as his Conservative Party holds on to power in the Canadian elections. There is also a strong possibility that Great Britain will also not favor the division of Jerusalem providing the Israelis put forward a strong face of determination to never allow the dividing of their Capital City or the loss of the Temple Mount and all the importance which that holds. Other than these two it would fall to any conservative or traditional party to take the lead for any other nation to oppose such a demand. The crux of why this may become an immediate crisis belongs to President Barack Obama who as the leader of the United States will be left to direct and dictate the manner that United States Ambassador Samantha Power will vote and whether or not she would utilize the United States veto power to block any Security Council Resolutions which would call for Israel to return to the Green Line which describes the armistice lines from the 1948 – 1949 War launched by over a half dozen Arab States to annihilate the nascent State of Israel which divided Jerusalem. Many wish to demand that Israel grant Eastern Jerusalem to the Arabs to use as the capital for their state, ignoring the fact that Israel annexed the entirety of Jerusalem after reuniting the two halves of Jerusalem in 1967 and by doing so included all the Arab residents who had resided under the Jordanian occupation permanent resident status which makes the individual to hold all rights as an Israeli citizen with the exception of political rights. The Israelis actually are only required to grant any Arabs or other non-Jews all rights but withhold political rights according to the San Remo Conference and the British Mandate, both included as valid by the United Nations Charter in Article 80. Israel went as far as to grant the former Jordanian citizens who were included in the reunification annexation of Eastern Jerusalem partial political rights when they were permitted voting rights in Jerusalem city elections. This one further indication proving that all of Jerusalem belongs to Israel and it will never be permitted peaceably to be torn in half; to this too do we say “Never Again!”


Any government which would permit the division of Jerusalem will find itself on the wrong side of the people of Israel who in polling have supported and demanded that Jerusalem remain unified and the Capital City of Israel for this time and forevermore into the future and never ending usually surpassing 75% and even reaching over 90% in numerous local polling. Thus we can easily conclude that any platform which supports the division of Jerusalem as one of their main planks in their platform can forget gaining a majority no matter what their social programs or other money promised to particular groups in order to convert their opposition to splitting Jerusalem muted while they are a part of the coalition such a party might manage to make. The problem is that such a government would be extremely unstable for as soon as a vote came to permit the splitting of Jerusalem or the making of Jerusalem an ‘International City’ presumably managed and run by an agency of the United Nations the promises made not to vote against such a resolution brought before the Knesset would probably not be honored by a significant number of Ministers from such parties who would vote against any such resolution. Furthermore, the Israeli Supreme Court has recognized the annexation of Jerusalem and thus they also might step in to invalidate anything passed through the Knesset and signed by the Prime Minister making any such deal void and without support by the government without opposing the Supreme Court and facing dissolution of the government and new elections. This would place the central issue of the ensuing campaign the division of Jerusalem and losing any possibility that the rights of Jews to visit holy sites in the Old City and around and on the Temple Mount as once the Arabs have control over Eastern Jerusalem such attempts by Jews to visit these sights would result in their death as soon as they were identified. This situation itself, and such extremes required to visit other holy sites described above, are sufficient to reject any proposal for peace which would preclude access by any Israeli to the Temple Mount or the numerous holy sites of Judea and Samaria.


That brings up the other point which is often claimed about the universality of the holy sites and their access being guaranteed for all peoples. This was part of the claim made when the IDF was pulled from Hevron and the majority of the city was relegated to Arab control. This required the strong presence of Israeli security personnel to keep the Cave of the Patriarchs, the Cave of Machpelah, in order to make it safe for Israelis to visit this holy site. The worst case scenario comes from Joseph’s Tomb, Kever Yoseph (Hebrew: קבר יוסף) which is located in the outskirts of Nablus and is completely within Arab areas of control, as they enjoy an almost completely autonomous region within the parts of Judea and Samaria (West Bank) of Area A and B, which according to all agreements is a place of holy pilgrimage or visitation for prayers and other religious purposes and is set apart as to be made available and safe passage to and from this holy place of great importance to the Jews. The reality is something completely different. There is one visit permitted each month, with permitted being very loosely defined, which is arranged by the IDF were one or two busses, heavily armored made bullet proof and strongly reinforced to withstand mines, and a convoy of IDF troops fully armed for security who escort the few fortunate visitors to the tomb somewhat after midnight and steal away back to the safety of Israeli governed lands making very sure they have left at least an hour before sunrise. Even with this covert action there have been times when the convoy was set upon and for reasons of security the trip is cancelled and a retreat to safety becomes the main objective. The trip can be cancelled right before they were to depart if IDF intelligence reports that trouble such as an ambush is a definitive probability. Part of the time spent at each visit is used to cleanup and repair as much of the destruction done to the tomb since the previous month’s visit, whether it was a single month or three or more months since the last visit. The tomb is violated every time after the Israelis try to make it presentable and given the honor it deserves and the Arabs apparently do similarly but have little respect or honor felt towards Kever Yoseph.


The manner and security required for visits to Joseph’s tomb, Rachel’s Tomb, Kever Rachel (Hebrew: קבר רחל), which is a place where women will visit for special prayers the first of each Hebrew calendar month and also require heavy security as it is located northern outskirts of Bethlehem which is within the disputed areas and under shared Arab and Israeli security and Arab semi-autonomous rule and this often leads to the Jewish women being assaulted with rocks and other items hurled at them which most often do not strike within the high walls placed around Rachel’s grave and the women are completely safe within the rebuilt dome which grants them freedom from assault as they pray and neaten the area making the tomb a more honored place. This would be the requirement and limitations placed on the Temple Mount and the Western and other walls of the Temple Mount, the final point of defense in days which are hopefully permanently behind us as Jerusalem deserves a future free of strife and sacking as has been its unfortunate history and may Jerusalem never again feel deserted by her faithful servants whose hearts are gladdened by a visit to her ancient walls and its grasping for a degree of modernity. Israel must demand that all of Jerusalem remain under complete Israeli rule as it has only been since June 1967 that every religion is permitted their rights to visit the Temple Mount and witness the city, both its centuries old buildings intermixed in areas with modern structure thankfully mostly in a style which has them more blend than clash with their surroundings. Let us end with the most remembered lines from Psalm 137 lines 5 and 6 as they speak strongly and resonate at least in this Israeli’s heart, mind and especially and primarily my soul.

If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning. Let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth, if I fail to count Jerusalem the greatest of all my joys.


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February 5, 2015

The Israel the World Refuses to Acknowledge

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Ask most of the world’s presumed leaders and especially the United Nations, European Union, Arab League and most disturbingly the Obama Administration whether or not East Jerusalem, Hevron, Bethlehem, Jericho and Shechem (Nablus) are part of Israel and the answer you will get might amaze you if you are familiar with the Bible, by Bible I mean the ‘Old Testament’ or especially Torah. There unified answer of ‘No, that is the part of the lands that is reserved for the two state solution and will most likely be a vital part of the Arab state which the greater world desires in their haste to make Israel as vulnerable as they were before June in 1967 which so enticed Gamal Abdel Nasser to amass the military forces of the United Arab Republic (UAR), the mutated superstate constructed uniting the nations of Syria and Egypt, on both the northern and southern borders declaring their intention to drive the Jews into the Sea and liberate the lands as the Jews existence was blocking the interconnection of Syria and Egypt claiming that Israel was the historic connecting land which had to be liberated to complete the unification of the two ends of the UAR. This threat is what led to the June 1967 Six Day War which resulted in even more lands separating the two ends of the UAR and led to the dissolution of the UAR back to the separate nations of Syria and Egypt. That war also led to the liberation of Judea and Samaria from Jordanian occupation as a result of Jordan entering the hostilities on the second day causing the diverting a brigade of paratroopers who were heading to reinforce troops in the Sinai Peninsula to intercept the Jordanian forces who were driving through West Jerusalem. These were the troops which stopped and prayed after they liberated the Western Wall and Temple Mount and the announcement that all of Jerusalem was liberated sent a shout of joyous celebration and thanks to the Lord for such providence. Eastern Jerusalem was liberated from what the world recognized as illegal Jordanian occupation from 1949 until liberated by its rightful owners, the Israelis during the Six Day War in June of 1967. Judea was liberated from what the world recognized as illegal Jordanian occupation from 1949 until liberated by its rightful owners, the Israelis during the Six Day War in June of 1967. Samaria was liberated from what the world recognized as illegal Jordanian occupation from 1949 until liberated by its rightful owners, the Israelis during the Six Day War in June of 1967. It does not matter that the Jordanians retitled the area as the West Bank any more than if I start calling roses tulips; that area was still Judea and Samaria and was illegally occupied by Jordan. Jordan claimed to have annexed the land and made its Arab population Jordanian citizens after the 1949 Armistice was recognized by the British and Pakistani governments and refused recognition explicitly by the United Nations and numerous other nations including the Arab League. If Jordan was illegally occupying these lands, from whom were they illegally occupying them from? The answer is a very simple one, it was occupied Israeli lands. When Israel took them back from Jordan in the Six Day War, Israel liberated these lands returning them to Israeli possession and this is what the world has been denying out of spite and hatred ever since. This denial was made so as to appease the petrol-forces which demanded that Israel be denied any land gains resulting from the Six Day War. Once Israel conceded any of the lands gained when they made peace with Egypt returning the Sinai Peninsula, the rest of the world took this generous gift and used it to demand that Israel surrender every square millimeter of those gained lands and even invented a new people who did not exist ever in the storied history simply to deny Israel the liberated lands which was set aside for Israel by the San Remo Conference, League of Nations and Article 80 of the United Nations Charter but denied simply out of anti-Semitic attitudes which permeate much of the world’s leadership.


There are a host of fallacies which permeate the arguments and discussions referring to the Arabs in Gaza and residing within Israel in Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem. Israel has granted the residents of East Jerusalem citizenship and they will be permitted to vote in the coming March elections along with the rest of Israeli citizens. As for the Arab residents in Judea and Samaria, they mostly live under the autonomous rule of the Palestinian Authority which was to have held elections in 2009 but those elections were placed on hold by Mahmoud Abbas as he feared losing his position of privilege as President of the Authority, Chairman of the Fatah Party, leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization PLO and, since the United Nations gift of recognizing his representative as an observer state representative, he has adopted the title of President of the State of Palestine which he claims the borders of the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea which includes all of Israel which is defined as occupied lands according to Abbas. The reason the Arabs, who claim to be Palestinians, in Judea and Samaria as well as in Gaza have not voted in elections has nothing to do with Israel whatsoever. In Gaza Hamas rules and does not plan on holding elections and in Judea and Samaria Abbas refuses to hold elections. Israel cannot and should not be held to force Hamas or Mahmoud Abbas in all his titles to hold elections. If the world wants the Arabs who have autonomy by all aspects along with the benefit of Israeli Defense Force (IDF) protection should anybody attempt to invade their lands, including from ISIS should they make good on their claims of a desire to replace Mahmoud Abbas and his ineffectual confronting of Israel and replace him with a more active force against Israel under ISIS rule; my bet is that there are many Israelis who would love to have the Arabs in Gaza have the right to vote and decide if they want to continue with Hamas as their leadership or Islamic Jihad or al-Qaeda in Gaza, ISIS in Gaza or any other criminal or terror entities and families or perhaps some Gazans who have nothing to do with terrorism and who just desire to live and let live into the leadership. There are probably Arabs in Gaza who have grown somewhat to some extent dissatisfied with Hamas and Islamic Jihad pressing Israel by raining rockets into their civilian areas every two years forcing a response which destroys much of their neighborhoods directly due to Hamas placing their rocket launchers next to their homes and on the rooftops of their apartment buildings. And it is likely that if elections were held for the Arabs currently being ruled by the Fatah Party of Mahmoud Abbas they would not select the same management going forward and that may even be the driving impetus for Abbas postponing elections for what appears to be the remainder of his life. I believe it could be claimed that Hamas and Abbas between them run a pair of dictatorships where elections are not even fixed, let alone held. And as far as the Arabs living in East Jerusalem, well, they will be voting in the Israeli elections come March 17th this year with the rest of Israel. There is a reason that turnout in East Jerusalem often do not vote is as a result of pressures from Abbas and the groups of Arabs who wish to claim East Jerusalem not be recognized as annexed by Israel and thus cannot abide allowing these Israeli citizens from exercising their legal right to vote in Israeli elections. Despite this, there are a fair number of Arabs who manage to vote despite the threats from other Arabs for them not to exercise their right to vote. In numerous polls which guarded the identity of the participants when sampling East Jerusalem Arabs they by a ratio as high as of three-to-one desire to remain as part of Israel and almost always at least two-to-one wish to remain as part of Israel. These polls show a very different picture than does the protestations and demands made by Abbas and the other Arab authorities claiming to represent the Arabs in East Jerusalem as well as Judea and Samaria, claim to represent the same people they refuse to allow voting to choose potentially new leaders to represent them. One might be obliged to question the validity of these so-called representatives who have not stood for election for over a decade with what appears to be a permanent freeze on election apparently for as far as any can see. The Israelis who desire to retain all of Judea and Samaria also support granting the Arabs living in Area A and most of Area B full autonomy while remaining under Israeli military protection from invasions or other similar threats while they otherwise live under their own elected leadership and granting the Arabs who reside in Area C and any parts of Area B which Israel retains, which is legal under every United Nations decision, would be granted Israeli citizenship or would be allowed to move into areas under autonomous Arab rule with a generous purchase of their properties and an additional stipend to cover the expenses of relocating. These are the realities which are blurred or even discarded and replaced with propaganda serving the forces against Israel. The reality is a far cry from Israel is refusing to permit the Arabs to vote for their own representations when the Israelis have given all the Arab and other populations in East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights full citizenship and voting rights in municipal elections exactly the same as the rest of the citizens of Israel but are not yet authorized to vote in national elections and the Arabs living under Hamas in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority in Area A and much of Area B in Judea and Samaria in complete autonomy and secured and policed by these entities as well are dependent upon Hamas and the Palestinian Authority for holding elections and permitting them democratic elections for their leadership, and since the supposed unification of Gaza placing it also under the autonomous rule of the Palestinian Authority still rely on their Arab leadership to hold elections and there is no control or option that Israel can perform to force elections in these areas. So, next time you hear anybody claiming that the Arabs in the ‘occupied territories’ are not allowed to vote please tell them that it is their own Arab leadership, namely Hamas or Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority which have denied them the right to elect new leadership or validate their current leadership who are denying them elections.


Beyond the Cusp


May 7, 2014

Misconceptions Concerning Zionism and Against Founding of Israel

There are numerous misconception and erroneous thinking concerning both Zionism and the reality about the founding of the State of Israel. Probably the most common misconception is that Judaism is strictly a religion and therefore the Jews are not deserving of their own nation, after all, no other religion has their own nation. The protestation that no other religion has their own nation is so patently and obviously false that it is almost laughable that so many anti-Israel and anti-Zionist protestors will repeat that almost as a mantra. Some of those making these claims actually live in nations which have as part of their national definition that the nation supports one religion declaring it as the national religion while still demand that the Jews be denied equal rights. France still defines itself as a Christian and Catholic nation, England claims to be the national home of the Church of England, numerous Arab and Muslim nations claim their nations are Muslim States and place the condition that their laws be derived from Sharia, Japan is closely tied with the Shinto religion and there are numerous other examples with many religions being the nationally recognized or favored religion but only one nation that claims to be the home for the Jewish people. A closely related falsehood is that as long as Israel claims to be the home of the Jewish People precludes Israel also being a democracy. This was proven false immediately after Israel declared her independence in May of 1948 as they did not have a majority Jewish population for the first half-dozen years of her existence as it was sometime during the early 1950s before Jews made up over fifty-percent of Israel’s population. The Jews were a plurality of the population as the rest of the population consisted of Muslims, Christians and a plethora of other religions and those who claimed no religion at all, but the Jews were the largest of the populations despite not having an actual majority yet Israel still had open elections and managed to maintain its Jewish qualities.


This next claim is so easily disproved yet so universally maintained that one has to believe that it is being utilized to bludgeon Israel as having nefarious roots which played on the human conscience and that because of this Israel has no true legitimacy and should be removed from the family of nations. This claim is that Israel was brought into existence by the European powers in order to ease their consciences after the horrors of the Holocaust were revealed. Those who claim this as true and also claiming that they have proof that such was the origin for the formation of Israel are wither dreadfully ignorant therefor should refrain from speaking until they attain some relevant education or are bald faced liars who know full well that the main drive spawning Zionism that led to the formation of Israel began in the mid nineteenth century. They are correct that the European powers were largely involved but the reason was to repay the Jewish People, particularly the Zionist Jews, for their loyalty to their home nations and their active support in high percentages in assisting their country through their volunteerism and participation in the First World War. This becomes obvious when one remembers that the initial document which began the actual steps which brought forth the nation of Israel was the Balfour Declaration which was ratified by Britain in 1917, just slightly before World War II or the Holocaust began. The next main document was ratified by the European nations, the leaders from the defeated Ottoman Empire and the leadership of the Arab nations led by King Faisal which produced the San Remo Conference which was critical in that it was the formal adoption of the Balfour Declaration by the victorious Allied powers from World War I and further defined the Mandate systems run by the French and the British and the nationality intentions for these efforts. This is not to try and claim that the final offer to divide the remaining twenty-two-percent that remained of the British Mandate, after the formation of what is today the nation of Jordan which initially was intended as the state for the Palestinian Arab populations, was not potentially influenced by the horrors of the Holocaust. This offer was produced by the General Assembly of the United Nations on November 29, 1947 which presented a nonbinding and unenforceable plan which, if and only if it was accepted by all parties otherwise the suggested resolution would be nullified, would divide the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea evenly between the Jewish State and an Arab State. The division would have presented lands of which the major portion was the Negev Desert for the Jewish State and the rest of the lands including much of the prime farm lands for the Arab State. The Arab League refused the offer which negated the offer making it void and inapplicable in the future, as is true of all General Assembly resolutions, making demands that the resolution be the basis for a new settlement and demanding the formation of an Arab State today to complete the establishments from that resolution invalid. Still, the decision by the United Nations had already been promised under the wording and application of Article 80 of the United Nations Charter which gave the full support of the United Nations behind the Mandate systems and their goals.


Another pernicious claim is that Israel is a racist or Apartheid state which denies rights to Arab Israelis. This is another lie which many who make this derogatory claim either are completely ignorant of Israeli society and laws or are bald-faced liars. There have been Israeli Arabs serving on the Israeli Supreme Court. There are Arab Ministers of the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament, even to include Ahmad Tibi who was once an advisor to Palestinian Liberation Founder and arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat. This would be the equivalent of allowing Ayman al-Zawahiri or other al-Qaeda leader to serve in the United States Senate should he manage to be elected. Minister of the Knesset Tibi is far from the only Arab serving in the Knesset as there are others, some who appear to work against Israeli interests such as one which was part of the Mavi Marmara passengers during the ill-fated attempt to break the Gaza blockade, and those who support Israel accepting it as the Jewish State and comfortable in the fact that Israel still remains an open and free society granting equal rights to all of her citizens. Arabs as well as Druze and Bedouins all serve side-by-side with Jews in the IDF. Arabs and all non-Jewish citizens of Israel have businesses and are doctors and nurses in the Israeli hospitals and the same is true throughout Israeli society. Israel recognizes and allows complete freedom of religion. The closest that Israel comes to restricting religion is the imposition of restrictions against prayers being spoken on the Temple Mount by any non-Muslims under the rulings from the Waqf which is granted control over the Temple Mount and is answerable to the King of Jordan. That’s correct; the most evident religious discrimination in Israel restricts Jewish prayers on the grounds most holy in all of Judaism.


Another malicious lie is that Israel in committed to an organized ethnic cleansing of the West Bank, the area renamed West Bank in order to remove their historic names of Judea and Samaria as those were deemed to be too Jewish. The lie in this case is easily refuted simply by looking even casually at census data over time. The Arab populations in Judea and Samaria have steadily grown at a steady rate which has, as in other populations, slowed in the rate of increase as their standard of living and education levels increase. The fact that the standard of living for Arab residents of Judea and Samaria has steadily increased as has their levels of education as they are given access to Israeli colleges as well as they can attend the colleges in their areas, a number of which were built be the Israelis. The electrical grid along with water and sewage systems were built and maintained by Israel until the Palestinian Authority took control over areas in Judea and Samaria and became responsible for these services. The electricity and much of the water are still provided by Israeli companies and despite their payments are millions of shekels in arrears the services have not been interrupted at the insistence of the Israeli government. This has had a deleterious effect on Israelis of all stripes as their electrical and water rates have increased in order to make up for the lack of payments by the Palestinian Authority and, believe it or not, the lack of payments from Hamas and Islamic Jihad for the electricity Israel provides to Gaza. The Palestinians have some of the highest standards of living and levels of education in the entire Arab world.


There are numerous other falsehoods which go about masquerading as established truths about Israel such that this article would become even longer, bordering insufferably longer, but why not list one last item. The claim that Israel is occupying areas against the Geneva Conventions and International Law are ludicrous. Even if one were to believe that the 1967 Six Day War was initiated by the Israeli preemptive strike of Egyptian airfields and military position of the Egyptian troops massed on the Egypt-Israel border, that does not carry any weight when considering Judea and Samaria. Before the Six Day War these areas were occupied by Jordan, yes, I said occupied. Jordan gained control over the areas of Judea, Samaria and Eastern Jerusalem as a result of the Arab genocidal attempt to destroy the newly founded state of Israel and drive Israel’s Jews into the Sea. After the armistice was signed bringing hostilities to a close, Jordan announced their intent to annex the areas west of the Jordan River it occupied and grant citizenship to the Arabs living there and demanded that all Jews residing in Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem surrender their lands and move within the Green Line and Israel. Of all the nations and world organizations, groups and alliances, there were only two nations which recognized the Jordanian annexation, Pakistan and Great Britain. Even the Arab League voted against recognizing the Jordanian claims and the United Nations denounced the Jordanian annexation as an occupation. After the Israelis responded to the closure of the Straights of Tiran, a valid and recognized act of war plainly defined in a treaty between Britain, France, the United States, Egypt and Israel after the 1956 war over the closure of the Suez Canal and Straights of Tiran by Egyptian President Nasser, Syria joined in the attack as they had already piled troops in the Golan Heights in preparation of joining Egypt in the destruction of Israel. Jordan was not mobilized and had not shown any signs of joining the conflict. That changed after the Jordanian King and his Generals heard the reports of glorious victories and the pathetic abilities of the IDF that were broadcast by Egyptian and Syrian radio. Israel begged Jordan not to believe these broadcasts and not to attack telling the Jordanian King that the reality was far different and that it would not be in Jordanian interests to enter the war. The Jordanian King, Generals and advisors chose to believe Egypt and Syria and thought the Israeli pleas were simply a result of their already losing and losing badly. The result was the IDF diverting some of the troops which were headed for the Sinai and the Egyptian front to head east to counter the Jordanian troop movements. This resulted in the Israelis military taking control of everything west of the Jordan River and routing the Jordanian offensive while dealing crushing defeats to both Egypt and Syria. Since Jordan initiated their confrontations with Israel, the lands taken west of the Jordan River were taken in a defensive action, which also has been the determinations of the lands Israel acquired as a result of the defeats of Syria and Egypt according to the United Nations determinations after the armistice was signed. This means that Israel would be within her rights to simply annex the lands west of the Jordan River and that there was no other nation which was in legal and recognized possession of the lands of Judea, Samaria and Eastern Jerusalem. Check any map from before 1967 all the way back to the beginning of time and find any nation which existed predominantly between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea or any other nation which had Jerusalem as its Capital City since the beginning of the modern calendar, any of the modern recognized calendars. The only nations you will find are Israel, Judea, and the Hebrew Tribal Nations which were unified by King David.


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